The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THZ DAILY IfEWB. FSEDEBICK, MD., WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1932. TODAY £7 AN WORLD WAR NIVERSAR OPINION ON PROHIBITION a E. Pmthia't VtcetUrit Progress Made With Construction At Ceresville. PLAN 9 MILES OF SHOULDERS BEAD THE STORY, THEN COLOR THE P1C11KE When all the play man* rugs were :o;.-s 1- tight; erc.aime.1 the don*. we« Scouty said. 'Say' That :ran th* exception of a slight delay s to the 'aorfc CM: the approaches, no is- ' conTenjence «"ss caused to the progress of the construction oi the new iron and, Keel bridge crer the Monocacy rtrer at Ceresnlle. by me recent iugh waier ! The approaches nere part^r flooded tor { baci Yater for a day or t*o and grad- ' fcsg *as siispencee ;snli the «ater re- ' ceded. Workmen are roir b;i;!d;r-g the saper- Rzuccure. Both trusses ha\e been plac- j ed in position on the abutments and ' have teen, belted and pinned sad are ' ready to be riveted. After the truss : work ts up concrete cecks »ill be laid · for she floor and the ste^i sides plated in position. I: is believed that, the brklge j it!l be completed within the next wo ssocths i Road -sroric under the supervision of , Thonias M. Linthic urn. district engineer Howard co-rr.iiss. is moving alone ' ' Some muscles that w*-t su on Plans are beir^ made t; lay three feet i ***· *'* now as acii-.e as car. b» TJS of concrete shoulders on each side of j T *~ *e roshcd th; .pb alJRj caa« It the road between LiberrytoTm and Wor- · i* getting late " mug's Mill, a distance of about nine j The play man ser-.ed them porr.dse miles. The road a; present is fourteen J J'cir fret A real nice r.ap jou .-e s^'^S feet n-ide and the additional six feet ;'-o g*'.. All oJ you r^a into my he .I**, sbodderins -srill give a driving space of j ·srhere you w.U !tad a bed twenty feet. Plans for this proieci are | "Come on. r.onr. jmile 1 Don t 5* being -K-orked out. j forlorn. Ill !**. jou snooi* till early Concrete Ss being laid on two oiher mom Wee Duncy can sep linger roeds in this county for about one mile · "cause he is a »!e?y head ' on each high-si-ay. One or these stretches i * * * is from Creaserstown toward Ley's sta- | So. while the daric r.ight ca.-r.'' ar.e tton and the ether froni Mkldleto-a-n to- j »en:. a very pasant t'.me -A.-IS spent ·ward Jefferson. About thirty men are j by ali the oat Tillies Ther. the ' osd One ntlle of ; s^n rose. So d:(! they ! and another tnJc j The plar.v asan served them porrVjge ' in the locality of Baconian's Valley, j hot and every Tiny at« a lot Th»r. i OIL TA»«KER SONG. t 0= May 18. 1918, Ogbtis* on the j »esiem front »as cocfiaed to raiding act.vities by both sides, -grith none of the raids beir.g made ^ such fx-ce as to a:io» t.-ie attaciin? troops to nold i--~;i p-.-slticr-s is th*ry :s«iz«i. Aawr.tan o^ sanker, Willian -'-js:~. a as torp-do«d and sjik oy a Gernur. lu'osianiie. »ith the loss Q' thre* !:-.« i Manchei'^er Guardian anr.o^.c«; ·ha 1 . ·..".» treaty between Engla.ii F-^:.c* P.-^f.z and Italy, oy » It- o. f -r* A..I-S. had seen abrogatei ani ; rep.^c^d by a r-*» treaty. T«: of -ne treaty had b-en uubluh- Praextt«d To Mctbodijt Coofenoce 87 Board Of Temperance. Allan tic City. S J. May 17--The board of temperance, prohlbltloa and pualic morals of tae M*thodjt 'Episcopal church today enured oe:ore ' the general conference an. opinion on ' prohibit-on d^erest froa: tnat adopt-! 1 *d by the conference ntec's council; It cis»voi»ed( r.s-Jy the stit«nent o f : Pro.' Gwrse Cr-jft Cell. Brc»~n Cr.i-'.T. -..131 MrthTdjta 'c?=fesi FADA KAO1O fBO-NE M»--3±«W ECUABIX EA01O SEXV1CS ROGER F. LIPPS CXRJIT KAD1O StKVICE. BOCSC WIK- LNO. niTv«£s AND KEFAIKS K» J*» T« Eull--N«ac T» Me* ·· Oc r*am4. I^t B* fill JTMI .rder IK ttei Mcm.rU! JHy «ttn». rhrac ··«. thick*. BBtTCHEY'S mm * oc * ·**·** w w **** ·»· ° Cut rf Ken Smitli Stract. Had Melancholy Blues to die she £e!t so blae acd virctcteti' Doo'r let craaps run 5 our good ti=*3. Lrcia E. Piskhan't VigctaKc Cb:npoa=d gi^ss oa rcua. and itr^-.' j-. i^i^e .31? D £-_art Pa'- terson. ^i an adcjte», ass tied tae txard miii^s ' n^ i_cn 4ii!-is.o^ of a 'trugic Llurider " and *j.Wi.l^d "At 1 , yro- cf Ar^Tica a^ ojxjffca to pr jh ^.'.cn P-"'-f O;i'.i .v 3t..i.":.t, c;, :!.- ::.tix.s cx;-^:-c.. o:: fc iixiay as its cl- i i v i ^ l c'XV-im^'iit, sdi^ t..** cry --)ht^^ * ^.tn its £scl£ to .- gra-.e fear ) Repons rr^aj Russia said that Ger- I un troopa aere continuinj tr.e^- ad- j »L- into the Ukraine, despite protitts · JS?::;^ cc;i- advir.-.n as · snare 01 exercise ·pull dr*Ti th* lc-:: plan'« Make " Tries, o^t :,,TA sr.a s/iites and ^·jch Th* play mar. sa;! ' N'o* p'^-ase ; "ve TJO: while -*o a." 5' around ] YJ'J set-, y^ti '.^ tr.i I out a.l tnose iOjS I cities it 15 bou:;i ' j (To b-- c- p.tir.-od \ · Copyr-sht. 193:. NBA S--r-.:-e. Inc) 1 lar.d 24 c Ix-or Ser.a Consider Bewr Tax. May 17 --The . for decision the proof Sen. Tydlngs. Democrat. Ma.-. to finance a S!.500.000.000 pub!., rjction bond issue by a tax of ·n*-s a gallon on 2 75 per cent The \ote will be the first the /e *.sx hacJ on oc«r since At the Thursday »-.-enin 3e:r.el Tiberi-acrle en VV-=st V.-tor G Ply=i_-e. eais-.5na se y to ice in stree:. r.jrscay -*eek n:s.-; On Friday is en 45 -^.e leassr.t 1 .r. Stevens meadoa. ?!jr_s w.»n E".angeli3t Bet'v Btvlo ir-ston preach..ig T.-er; -Aill be a c:n- cert before the ser.-.ce NEAELY ONE-HALF REDUCTION IX ROUND TEIP FABES Every Week-End until September 3 Tickets loU brlwtcn all peists »s BO- Sj»t«n and nuaerau ether dnu- r.iUon, in tut and M'ddle U«xt. leat- IE£ from noon FruUr, t« m:dni£ht S»t- urdjvs ertam leztre drslioauoo nntil mtdrifht followinc Moadiv. Good «a ali BALTIMORE OHIO Stieff's Silver ROSE. PURITAN CLINTON PATTERNS FCIX LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLDSIVS AGENT FOE FREDERICK J A M E S E. DOLL Jeveler for Over 50 Years *MR. SMITH (Old n-,a^ . \; i y t--:is ·..-. T-SJ a stor Women'. Bible Cta« Meet, T , 1( . j,., ,,.,,.,--,,,. .,,,,..,.,, ,,» "" err county. ha%e been concre'^d to the . He led them through his b:s front I , e eitcat of one mile each. The Saiprtn-ed , door and then the Tmi*s heard him , e gaps intersect other state roads. Only ^3.^ · oh heres iny truck! Help load ' et · damage to any extent was caused j -where Is the bis Truck'" Coppy ' ^ o'c ' ' ties water from the Monocacy River i and creeks overflowed the roads and in ' several instances interfered briefly * ith ! traffic. Adjcinins fields and meadows! were inundated and in some places' fields were badly washed The water on the roads receded without causing any i material damage. i y i Tuesday in Septe:ajcr. Soviet Leader's Wife. ComraSe Kalinin a. wife of Michael j Kalumxa, -a ho hXcs an office in Rus- r sia. comparable to that, of president ;n j other federated republics, lives on and ! runs a h-i?" r-:.ate farm near Novos:- j birsk. She has en'^re responsibility for i sowing, plantmg and tending to crops, j She has no tune for "official entertaining" such as her position would give [ her Is. any cc-^ntry exc^it Russia. I ROUND and SQUARE DANCE at STATE ARMORY TONIGHT 8.30 O'clock Admission: Gents, 50c--Ladies, 25c. It's Right If It's WHITE For Slimmer Chic! 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And the closer yon inspect the new low-priced Kebinator "K'" Model, the more you will realize that here is a real, qnality electric refrigerator at a price so small anyone can afford to own it- Just look at these features--porcelain cooling nnh--large ice capacity--heavy bar type shelves --porcelain interior for easy cleaning--eicht freezing speeds--chrome hardware--legs, high enough for easy cleaning but not so hieh ther spoil the beautiful lines of the cabinet--automatic electric lijht 'porcelain models)--Triple Control Panel vrjth overload and defrostinc switch--robber Fleio trap--table top--heaw Kelvates insulation--the tune-tested and proved Kelvicator compressor--and the finely constructed Keivinator cabinet Herr are features that guarantee complete satisfaction, dependable and economical operation, and rears of deep enjoyment with yonx KeJvinalor, There arc 8 Models bom which to choose. Come in and let us show yon the feurg-esr value in electric refrigeration. Small dovrn pavroent and coBTenient terms on the KeDisCo Monthly Budget Plan. IMPORTANT your final cioice i* * KoJvinaior or «orae otbcr clcctrjc rcfnjrimtor. select a irWcl that u Ixrjre enonch for ronr f-ornre »s wcl] as present Deeds. And since an electric rrfneer*tor n a IORC- tirae urrcstejeot. cboo»c one that is maimfactnred bj a reliable company, with proper experience ia the refngxration field. "Orphan" prodoctm of cnv kin: are poor inTestmeiils. Aai ihe ciicapcst prodnct become* tbe moM rrpcnsiTe if it fails to perform ihe »emcc for which n was bought. A. E. FISHER 13 East Patrick St. Plumbing and Heating Phone 210 Frederick. Md. Kelvinatof White Coats S5 $10 Polo. Sanr.el a^d basket- Trea-.e fabrics. To wear Tvr.. m e "r colored Tr^kj Sures 14 to 20'rc g-?.r.i CUTS at S5 ar.d S!0 KEMF'S--Second Door White Gloves 69c SLOO n-v:. r? WrilTE jl.--or-5 of KEMP S-- «trert Floor White Bags SLOO \\ Hi ; K :3.:t 3.--Z leath-r Strctt Floor KEMP'S "On the Square" A TELEPHONE CALL 'it a *m em f or those waiting-room blues. Instead of a trip down and back to find your man isn't available, a telephone call does the trick in a few seconds. Telephone service is necessary in these hurried days. And the corf is way down--within reach of the scantiest-lined purse. You can have a telephone in your home for only a few cents a day. The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. of Baltimore City (Bell System) 10S IV. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. Frederick 9906 Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO. 1 XORTH IVIARKEI STEEET Wiiere Banking is a Pleasure ANNOUNCEMENT New Prices For Ice^ Effective at once at new ice plant on East Street, between Third and Fourth Sts., until further notice: Retail Prices For Ice Delivered Anywhere in City Limits 100-lb. block 40c 75-lb. block 30c 50-lb. block 20c 25-lb. block lOc 12^4-lb. block 5c Platform Prices 300-lb.. block 60c 100-lb. block 25c 75-lb. block 20c 50-lb. block 15c 25-lb. block lOc Plant Open Day and Xight Phone 839 Sincerely, T. S. MICHAEL ICE MAJfUFACTUBER AND DISTRIBUTOR

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