Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 32
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 32

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

PAGE €40 ALTON EVENING TELEGftAFH APARTMENT 8*0 DOCTORS SAID IT WAS A CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE/IT WAS THE MNP WHICH OCCURS IN VOUNS 1 PON'T RECALL WHAT THEV CALLED tT- WHEN *» ENTERED THE NOME WITH THE POLICE? By Alex Kotzky VtS, THAT'S It/ 1 CALLED MR. PRICE FROM TM6 HOSPITAL/ IT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT THIN0 1 EVER HAD TO DO-'TO TtLL HIM SHE HAP PIED/ HE'S NEVER BEEN QUITE THE SAME , SINGE -- AND i DON'T THINK HE EVER WILL «/, 13 THE WIZARD OF ID *»y Parker and Hart FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry IN A FACTIONAL WAR. I THBYUSEDTOESUN'Sl ENERSICS TO PESTROy EACH OTHER/ ANP AN ENTIRE CONTINENT Wf&BURICO BENEATH , THE SEAS. r . YES, NIMOR THIS WAS THE FIRST OF ATLANTIS/ MSACHEP BY us TO BE PART OP COR 6AIACTIC EMPIRE, 6NCH AU THE MMEH79 OF OUR fV/BICfil SCIENCES' FUSHEP THEM TOO TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By BUI Yates DONAJJ) DUCK By Walt Disney 80 THATS VVHX 1TM UATB! W8SLU DO VQU THINK I'M pideiN6Pj~^g ; WOUUPN'T PUT ,,.»THA$WIDBNBO THB CRKPIBIUITX . BBTWB6N US. 1 THBX KBPTA ON ttX. UNTIL WE WERH G&yr ON TH8 PBSB«T/ o THB8C BANK e A! Alfred AtfftMI* Tell. Me .. ear you BEtTER SLEEP M6XT POOR «. JWBt TO BE ON THE 5AP6 Sit*/ By A. LEOKUM Who Were the Cave Men? Win The New Book of knowledge (20-volUmes), Send yOur questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" cate of this paper. You must include your Zip COde. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is:j Annamaria Riggs, 11, Norfolk, Va. Ancient man used caves as a place tO live. This is before he lerned how, or needed to know how, to make dwellings himself. An interesting thing about the use of caves as homes is that it took place in many different parts of the world in ancient times. Neanderthal man, who lived I between 150,000 and 30,000 years | ago, was a cave dweller. They bgean to live in caves when their climate changed with the coming of an ice age. As it became colder and colder, they took to caves and used fire to warm and protect themselves. Remains of man even older than Neanderthal man have been found near Peiping, China. Once man discovered he could live in caves,-he didn't use it only as a temporary shelter. It was really a "home", and he often decorated that home. In the Lascaux Cave in . France, there are beautiful drawings done in color by Cro-Magnon cave dwellers over 20,000 years ago. •••;• . Many interesting caves of ancient man have been found in the Near East. In Iran and northern Iraq there are caves with implements that go back to the Stone Age. One cave contains evidence that it had been inhabited for more than 7,000 years! Cave dwellings have also been found in South Africa and India. .,. What about places like the United States? Several caves, have been excavated that showed they were inhabited by human beings as long ago as 25,000 B.C. Near Las Vegas; Nevada, is Gypsum Cave. Tesj s show "that -human beings lived there.- about T 10;000 years ago. In other location, such as New Mexico and 'western Texas, caves that were occupied more recently than that have been explored. Actually, .the cliff dwellers o the! southwestern United State, were a form of cave men. Their dwellings in Arizona, New Mexi co, and Colorado were quite elaborate. The buildings had several stories that were con structed in large shelter caves So you can see that over the centuries, man has used caves to live in many places and in many different wiays. FUN TIME The Riddle Box -I. What is'worse than raining cats and dogs? 2. What goes up white and comes down yellow and white? 3. What does a 200- pound mouse say? Answers 1. Hailing taxicabs. 2. An egg. 3. Here, kitty, kitty! CROSS WORD PUZZLE Joan Mattes, 11, Middle Village, N.Y., wins a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for this cross word puzzle. Make one up and send it to "Cross Word Puzzle", Tell Me Why,, with your name, age, and address (give zip code). :mssssfiss» sss. RIVETS By George Sixta ACROSS. 1. Rear end of a boat 6. Indian tent 7. Electronic particle used in a battery 8. Staff or stick 9. Lock of hair DOWN. 1. Begin 2. Singing voice 3. A Greek poem 4. A color 5. Necessities Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip node. Today's winner is: Janice Armstrong, n, Gamdem N T . : '-• ',>•'••".'" • , " * .J* "' '• ' '•• ;.'... X KNQWH6 IT' ^ -THAT WAS RERUN. I SHOULD RELAX AND NOT EVEN WATCH By Carl Grnbert ' " THE BERRYS fPETER/YOU SHOULDNT TALk • THE OL GROW : SHE OH,SURE/TAKE HEft YOUR CONFIDENCE AND TROUBLES W«_L ALL OVER TOWN . SAW OL' HATCHET PACE DUCK OUT OF HERE JUST NOW WHAT W&S SHE GRUBBING FOR, A LITTLE LOOSE DIRT .51—? i' By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures HORIZONTAL 56. Work of music 57. Entrance 58. Oriental coin 59. Interest 60. Has 61. - West Of* THS CASTJ-M'. CROW FU-AVFUJ-)^/ BUZZSiS A SHEEP. Want Ads Pack Power! CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffer LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE . 4. Gardens! 8. Memento 12. Head oovei-irig of sorts 13. Case 14. Work for 'artists 15. Commotion 16. Limited 18. Composer , 20. We're agin' it 21. Labia 24. Kent 28. Not unsure 32. Goad 33. Eggs 34. Growing out 36. Lord Jeffrey, .•for'one. ' 87. Allows 3q. Earlier time 41. Handle > - ; 43.vl?pok 44. Not agin' 46. Legally prevent 50. City sight 55. Before VERTICAL l.At a distance 2. The Swan 3. Asian sea 4. and Fall, etc. 5. Japanese surname 6. Weapon 7. Perchea , 8. Backbones 9. Son —— 10. Employ 11. Berth, for one 17. Be ill 19. Yalie S2. Sewer 1 * need 38. Avow 25. Samoaa 26. Intoned' 27. Shore §8. Blockhead 29.— Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 3UHU ocas] aaaca ciaa uaiaa aoaaa time of Dilution: ISmlnutei. anon 80. Kismet 81. CoHar 35. Holdi ta affection (obs.) 88. Least uncertain 40. Letter 42. Young oat 46. Habilitate anew 47. Responsibility 48. Molding 49. Brandy portion 50. Male iwaa 51. Imitate 62. Frollc'n companion 53. Tier ! 54. Charged Barticle • I 16 s n ,. N 21 tl 2o 17 85 si; 10 4 II It' 1 VA DOCTOR. (f JIW, KlBf FHturM Qfll Off I* ?JN, PATIENTS lac.)

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