The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 2, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1964
Page 2
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i*W% A**n IMMI ft. MsYtOtt PUILIIHIi «•** MM* !*»*» •»!• t. tlMCtMMB i..l«.H Met*** D*M> 14 wr«M, *nt eM Ma**. |t Mm A3 a<S l*»lll»lleai iaiaMl I* *>•»» MM** n. MM, * •» rm £*t *« cmgren * nan* «. wm THE WOfilD TODAV LBJ slacks off in attacks on critics MX JAMES MAHUW MMH Jot»mm, «rlll<iliw<t tor Itw wir tw crtiicifwl hi* eri- ««•, i«* MMI* r»**r*ii>- •4 with «h»ni »f«. And Mi for*t«n pnlley f»r B«irth«i*l Ail- Mranrt* • IHIU htm ominuui, RirlUrr, nft»r tad |«mp»<1 "C hi* palter, J»t»n«"«! ""<•• •" ""• UWH)Hff Ulk t<> *-/m. (otwra- m«fri *mpl»)r«« II* dMn'l m*Mlo« R*pul)llc>M. Bui h* hit «l hu erltle* u "tbrmlirt* iwt pxipl* who Ilk* hi |ucnp (in lh»lr »ov»ro- m*irt." H* e»ll«d tb»m •* "much of • pf'ibtom ** ow Oth*r «i»ml»«" «B/l«il<l"G«l <of|lT« lh*m, for lh*r kn*w not »h«l lh«r *»." II* liraerllwd llwm i«"b*l- l»Heh»r«" •ndl»Mhl*ll*l««- •r* "w* ir* • mucli l»lov*d Ihil lhl« l»p* < <J*««*ro»« al*tr. wi* h* ilmiw *l <*» Chin*** R»rt* '<* *•'* •!*•« Uw North VW4MIMM UK**? WM h* Jinrt IhMlHt <>< U* HoHh vm»»m*»«T Of ••• l» htntlM •« • «"««» '" *"•'• ion pollcr in VMt K«m Md t much fi»re*r «»r, p«rh«i» «*rrl*d into ComniMBl** U*- rltory? II* I'd • I>*<1 r»icllon, ptrtto- ulirlx for l>rH!k*tiBi hi* erltlo* "with nur <A\»t ••• •ml**." Th* l'r**l<l*nt look • mueh ililtormt HM Tliurtdiy nlfM in • «p«*«h to IMntoertlc I* Mliml wlwn It* **ld "to IbOM who cry htvue «nd ihuut tot w*r, w*mMl|lv*uad*r(U«l- inf. W* h*v*ilwiyiw*teO(iM4 <||M*R|. W» would not murntj* >llin(rc*m*nt." II* RliotooktlouthlliMtail w**k In * c»IIIornl» tp**«h— •(•In wlllxiirt nimlni R>m*i— wh*n h* ilruek it IhoMi r»- »pon«lbl* for In* i iwrrlltt war igalnit In* Ainvrlaio-baotod (owrnrncnt of Inulh Vl*t Nlffl. "Th*** ntMxl In oitornil dlr*ellnn «nd«u(n i lr,"h***W, "wouM dii w»ll to r*m*mb*r THEWOtfRYCtlNJC i>t*rpr*<*d by *onvi •• W- dlcillnf • to«ig»»r poiwy toward Korth vi*l V»m, Ita bo- finning >if Amcrlein p*yeho- lo«ie*l w >r f«r« a»ln** I'.*** 1 •nm lh*l U.S. r*prl*»tomlih» b* in (tor*. Th*n In* RIIMIM* cot into tn* »d with • wtrainc to UiU country not ta*«<*wllhorwr- rillt wir intn Rod IMTltory. to OMh * «•*•, Ihoy MUI,thty would h*lp UK North VMM- m*M. And, Uth*ydtd,ltmHM h*i) tholr *plll with Rod CWn*. Dot U quickly taHin to »P- p*ir th*t thli tdmlalilrillon dida't b»»» *ny now policy on vtot Him for it emlod • eommlttoo UU« wook toonm. IM UM problem ond Dofonoo B«wroury Itobori B. McH»- m*r* U folng «»ro to owtn- Ino It ok>M-Bp. And Thwoday SoeroUry nf SUto D»«n Ruik«t*oow*eon- forone* diimpod cold witor on My MM of invidlnf Worth Vlot Htm now. lloulduyquoillon of etrrylni Ih* wir into Rod territory "I* for the Muro." Thl* Minded mueh milder than johMoa'a warntnc to thote unnamed people that they were "ptaytai a danforoun Kim*." Jfe. --. ••* Simple facts help most sterile ones WORRY MONDAY EDIT Hetty's problem also faced Sarar and Itannah in th* Dlble. Hundred* ot supposedly etcrile couple* throughout America have later obtained children by following Uw simple methods outlined balow. Dy GEORGE W. CRANE, Ph. D., M. D. CASE S-401: Daily C., aged IS, ha* been married for 12 yeara. "Dr. Crane," she asked taatoualy, "my husband and I hav* had our hetrla Ml on having a baby. '•Out I have never become pregnant. Yet our family doe- tur aaya h* canflndnoorgaato truubl* to eiplaln our ehlld- teaaneaa. ••Dii yuu suppnee II could b* itu* to Ih* fact that I am an identical twin? For my twin altter has been married for 10 year* and ah* also has Ian children. '•la there anything eUe w* can do in increase our chanM of letting a baby ot our owoT" I'HKONANCY FACTS In the Dtble you may recall tKal Sarah was desperately *ag«i to bear Abraham a ton, but never got pregnant for many year*. Th* same thing wa* true at Xaeh*l, Ih* favorite wife of Jacob. And Haanth, too, waa dla- IraugM because *** OOttklBt coiweive sad bear a child. Yet aU ikrM of thuse *)*•* finally ted efclkfren. And thtiusands of *uppoBed> ly sterile American eowBlea •ow have also learaed how to obtain babte* of their own. Suincllmea mooawn OTHga help. Uul in tnaey c*M* the fuHowtag data will bafttoh a tanlh -a cMldteaaaes*, U there haa be«« no urtanlc ob- atacle to prevent cmcepUoa. (I) There I* ueually a very brief epaa to the entire MoaMt when a wet* can caaeeiv*. Sum* r*M*r«h*s Mas* uu* way be limited tooftly Hot M hour*. And the tmhairt's sperm may toe* Martf vigor vithuk • ta II hour*. Thus, by BteresiinM ata**). many etMipeM nay be Hurried for 10 to 10 yeori and Ihua mite Uw vital • to ta-houre period when conception can occur. (I) Thl* Ukely pnfoaBoy day le retarded M probcfcly the 18th before Ih* onaet of the neit menatrual period. To ectlmate when that next period will occur, a wife •houM keep an accurate record of the part yew or two, fur Uw normal woman fluctu- •te« eewral day* In the wnfth of her period*. (9) Aoldlly U often • factor in auoh chlldbMa caeeo, too, for eome women'* bacterial flora are more, teldle. And told atop* Uw activity of UM male •perm cell*. to fact, UwuMaleontraoep- Uv» HquWa and )*UI*« now OB Uw market ueually eootale •ome form of nekt. to order to (uarantee abettor «*MMO of ooneeptlon, therefore, It le wlae to uee a •UtMly ttkalUM doueh*, aeoh u «** be prodaead with one tMCprjMfttU of baklm eoda per qiMt of warm water. If. boweirer, there I* tome orftnte obetaale to eoocep- tlon, Uwntwh matter* aetlm- tec and aartlly woMMobvtow- ly not remedy the nutter. But I have h*4 hundred* of letters from women Ilk* Betty who have later reported that they become pratM** by fol- tk4t THE BRAZOSPORT =ACTS OWNfON Jim Bishop Repofter Jo* always was head of the clan B*LM MMCH, «B,-tM* sJtariMO* was <•*"« the ftM MM Culatrj CWb, (M MI brttM was soft ot woo* dtrtog . MM, *bowd it AP SPECIAL REPORT Dow project shows good-guy aspect of atomic radiation By FHANK CAREY Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Jeckyll and Hyde atom le en- hanoUw the footl-fuy elde of tlw, be* ly from heavily ihwkwd solid material*, which are made radioactive by being placed to nuclear meter*. Th* most commonly used material I* I'JtotwS- one* Jacketing MITW type of atomic radiation thai le feared to A- bomba and H-bomb* li con- tlnually ftodlnf new UM* to Industry. Such development* ere oe- currlnf, UM Atomic Btwrty Commlaalon *iya, to the relatively new buitoe** of pro- eeie radiation, which already I* • ISO-million annual bual- ne** for • few American and foreign firm*. New todMtrUi chemical* tre betofj created, and pro- oe**e* for produetof certain otner* »re betof Improved with Uw aid of atomic ray* which can Influence chemical reaction* to varlou* way*, the commlwlon aald to It* annual report to Conirosa. The tame type of raya- produet* ofnucl*arr*actora- aleo are bl»g u*ed to cterl- Itoe varlou* material*, euch M medloai Mpplle*, and even to proc*** vegetable* headed for market. The radlatloo come* mo*t- to tetttof Coflgresa of UM progre** to date to ttds field, the A EC credited Uw American Chemical Society with helping round up many of Uw detail*. Goat hair sterilisation by mean* ot atomic radiation wa* listed to a society publication a* being an enterprise of Uw Westminister Carpet Co. .of Australia. Th* firm treat* 2,850 tons of goat hair each year with radioactive cobalt; _ Th* goat hair must beator- HiMd-to assure that it to free of germs of anthrax, a dlMas* recognised chiefly to goats, cattle , sheep and horses, but transmlaalbl* to human* Both UM animal and huasfJUsMM ar* relatively rwr*>'to UM united State*. "•*?'•• The ABC'* own part of UM round-up described: */ -UM of process radiation j by Canadian government^ •dentists to prevent spront- tog of potato** dMlgned for DAILY CROSSWORD AMt thav* met MOW* of BW**BB» moth*** wtwalam otrl OB lector* tow, who are grateful to bsvebeblesotuwur OWB altar 10 to M year* of att*r*M BtarUtty. So *Md tor the booklet ••r**ta About rr*g»«n*y aad Pnetor CWWrea," esaloaiag » hag (tamped, return en***»», phMt*. eAsy/) ^au ^ **»* I. Tray for i2" ! print. .VBIrd'abaak 0. Mated at a focus 10. To revoke: law IJ. fUaplratory orgsw) is. Let 14. On* nun- dredaa,. meUr* 1ft. To pea* by, aatlme It. Babylonian city JT - ChrtaUan And*r**n I*. Nourished M. Trusted n. Property: ».0oddeaa of harvests: It M. Court M.Boa: Bcotch •reAii 1*. Canaollda. tWA St-Oaddea* of deatrucUoi SI. Secular U. Roman "tl" M. Dissolved W. Ukely ST. Watered ailk U Bmall flycatcher to. Chang* II, Pitcher* il Affirmative vote* 49. Examination DOWN l.JProgrew 2. Skin dUorder 3. Droop i. Elevated train* a. Formal danc** a. Notion T. Children'* game It. Tenant B. Aptitude 11. Merited rewards: I5.rtotah IT. mat of theroee 18. Roman money SI. Plan 24. Old Chin. kingdom 23.rjrm.-n- pus M. Mother: chlld'a term n. Burfac* hollow: beat S*. In. marketing. Such Irradiated spuds were first approved for human consumption to Canada during 1980. -Development th* Uw Esso HeMsrch and Bagto*ertogCo. , of a radUUon proce** for tb* P***^?";* MW .V'j** ul f' can b* broken up by normal, harmHBA bacteria in river* and other *tr*ams-thus preventing the undeclrablefoam- tog other detergent* have produced to th* past. -Us* of radiation by th* Dow Chemical Co. to help produce ethyl bromide, an Important organic intermediate product employed to th* synthesis of a number of chemical* and Pharmaceuticals. -Development of plastic wrapping and UjulaUon material* with tb* Mlp of atomic ray*. —Promising rtMarch, aid- c1 by ABC fund*, to further I. ->rov* th* protMM of pro- bM. Jig wood-plastic combinations, ustog radiation a* a binding fore*. Shoe lasts, furniture, door*, sporting good*,' and special chemljal processing aojupmant ar* en- vistonad u poMlbl* products growtog out of such research. -Progrei* to rcMarch looking toward radiation to Uw cracking ot coal. Suc- c**s to this fteU, Mid Uw ABC, "ooaM make th* conversion ot coal into liquid fuels an economic reality." DtvM IMS HMB a mlla from MM eoMMry eWb, I wonasred WM «M right Mdng-or ttw wrone tttog-todo. nouM had **a» th* flr*t copy of "A Day to UM Uf* of prertdeM Kennedy,' M* M pretenstoei* to grtstnam, bat I waa fMling that UM first oopy-tb» very find copy to the twice**'* parent*. But MPPOM It aadd*Md thsmT » ahouJda't, eoneern* OM of th* test hsppy day* of hto«« Mth, l»». But wtipBM? A boc* caa baa sharp blade, a storahouM e* tortund momorlMj « «*n mah* the htaH a* botiyant aa a Wrd, or fill It wHhtoad. BuppoM... Kelly reeatted that the Pf«SldM*»* wlfa bad ft d**p affectioa for her fattwr-to-uw. "Juirt low html" she had nld. Her face radiated an almost childish Joy whenever the name of JoMph Kennedy St. came up. Maybe then, It would be proper to pr*MBl Ih* fir*t copy to Joe and Sam drove'through the back entrance aad up UN tot toward th* Ma. W* followed him out of the ear and walked through a couple of kitchens st th* back entrance sad around to a den off the living room. There, on an odd chair, MM* K*B- n*dy **t (Ming her husband. She wa* small and part and bird-like, aa you knew she would b*. This woman ha* *ueh enormou* faith In Ood and her church that it almost Insulates her from grwf. jo», WHOM frland* call him th* ambasaador, sat to a big chair facing th* candy strlpts of sunlight coming through UM window. Hto head WM bent forward, hi* hand* were curled on hi* thigh*. H* wot* plaid shorts and hto teg* war* ten from »hort trip* on hi* Dost H* had sustained a Mrabral hemorrhage, and It has deprived him of a tot ot locomotion and speech, but h* can make MmMtt understood and hi* mind . to charp. The ambassador always WM, and I*, UM leader of th* Clan Kennedy. He's UM boM, Ilk* most tetehmanwbo make It th* bard way. to hi* youth he was tough, mere!!***, a danear, a playboy, a raconteur, a busiMMman with a beady blue eye on a buck. H* married ROM Pitsgarald to October 1»U, and they bad nine children. Jo* to an •normous suoeeM economically, socially, politically. At age 75, his good fortune has bMn peppered with misfortune. Tb* fighter wbo never asked for mercy, nor gave any, to not on hla knees, but he ton't on hto feet either, Jo* jr. was kilted to th* war. Kathleen died to a plan* accident Another daughter has been mentally retarded slnoe birth. Jack achieved UM highest honor of all-became President of th* United States-and lasted two years and tan month* when all the lights went out. The ambMsador looked sideward* at Sam and nodded. Then b* nodded at m*. He Mid "How do you do," slowly. I told him that UM President had Invited me to th* White HOUM for four day* In October, and I had written thl* book. "It's a happy day," I Mid defensively. "It tells Just about everything the PrMtdent did from UM Urn* be got out of bad until h* retired. Also, all th* thing* th* First Lady does, and th* cWldwn." RoM-s»t,wtth her bands composed to tor lap. wa* placed Oh th* ambassador's knee. H* looked down at tb* flgutJB* MS.BOB, and hto b*atitlfttldadghter-lh-law * "weitf ln« a^WMta lace mamlll*, and UttI* carotin and John- John. Ho looked htrd, and the lower lip began to trombu. Then UM tears cam*, slwntly and *poradlcally. They dropped on Uw bar* thigh and I knew at once I had done Uw wrong thing. Ills wlf* took th* book, and read the Inscription. "Thank you," sb* said. "You're very kind to think of u*." I turned away baeauM no man wants to b* wabihed by another man whan h* surrenders to grief. Mrs. Kennedy took us Into the big beamed living room. W* MW UM portrait* of kings and queens and popes. At tb* far window, ah* pointed to an empty swimming pool with a rim of white concrete around it. "They all grew up right there," aha said. Tb* pool wu amply. The surface WM still and bios, m her ayes, they war* still there, Jo* pushicj jack Into th* watori Eunice running *cr*aralng before Pat and a wet snapping tow*!; Kathleen, with wgs dangling, talking Mrlonsly to Ted and Bobble, the little brothers... Mrs. KauMdy smiled and w* want back to Uw den. The ambassador WM composed. I kidded hi* ancestry. "Th* Bishop*," t said, "also came from Watford. But our people were city slickers. Your* ware farmers with dung on their boots." He turned UM head sidewards to look at m*, and than th* shoulder* began to shake M he chuckled sllsntly. H* understood thl* kind of needling. Joseph Kennedy i* all man. A* we moved toward Uw door, Mrs. Kennedy Mid: "When the President WM In inland, all th* talk wa* about Uw Kennedy *ld* oJ tn* (amlly-hardly a word about th* FiU- gerald*. whan 1 M* tn* President, 1 mean to apeak to him about it."... . "III. i: .-!.»] 1''. I 111'.' :i * '1 -l.'i I 1 Haiatsar'e Aaawee SB. An elm or maple You're Telling Me! By WILLIAM RITT Hal Boyle's People »Mi$x&^&tti^V:ff:VsiKK-y±w Dog apes master, but cat has none MONDAY ON TV CHAJfWt O «*f«!jg BjWC-Ttati «tt" rr - TT t»' AFTMNOQN , ,vtd nnnm*y EVENING APTilNOON <• flMMMM Brail KriC Mid C0mtdy . . O*«rh»M: G«v Rl. -~ Q Nrm: Nick JJ'ownl Blellsri Trie- cmir*c _ —__ eai ffnrt! Larry near**. Twn BB v**"' ~"jC-_ rv~- Jarrtel:i B jrti i Otnr Ilir IMS UW • Dr. M 1 * PHtt Nrw la tool wofmn wMthtr. John Wl«lni»r WWM TWw: Dtek Oottli.b •JO OB 0««r «*»««' "•>•* "I*:" )K .muwmtnl p«* «l»« t«e •cluilly likw all for outer Till UM Tnlki Bud 100 with imnte pnd s P»ul fitimltt, snnt •how RO- Kvln, KW. •. Dtn Dtltajr. «' cmdr - MS B '*°t • ««nl: Oirry Mi MTa Mak* A Dealt CBBD CRMWa) .aWOWf I • Dar*tn Oaerii Courtroom • Aft tfcwMteri BJasiiiii Gt Outst eatabritt** and Khan children _ — —•-*!••«*»*i Drama 7:45 Train: LUUU Joud Story." Uya. tertoua kllllngt terror!** town !• May) Oueata ar* Roberta Sherwood and her tan, Robert Lannlng, Mlat Sherwood and her *«* rent roama from Lucy CarmkhMl after Lucy and her Mend, Vlv, tpllt up ovtr a tiff about Uicy'i cooking ft Itavri Clrti "Thailand." -.„ BB Daaey Ihaaaaat Uncle To. nooae paya another vUlt and announce* hit rfeettlon to be- com* • Mg ahot In New York to prore he-i Mill th* famUy patriarch tM m A»*> Ortfrttki Atur hivea. Rating a aerlea of Ihefta at W/eaver-e Department Store. Sheriff Taylor nupecti thop. tlflara an the real culprtla SB Hattyweo* aari OM Btarei S 5n Location: The Night of th* Iguana." fllnu of movie company at work and ptay In remote Mexico village I Breaktag r*M) "Tide* of '^Jear .Bdmond O'Brien j aa widower whoa* only ,.„„ (Lori Martin) goMlnto ahock after being attacked 'B> Baal SI«e/We*t SMel Oeorg* C. Scott Man. , Alms With MH*kt MVMIng. evening and Joan- apd Bnga by Oeorg* Oenhwln 10:00 B Newe: Bay Conaway; weather, Tom Bvana; iporta. 1:00 Ward Bond laadilha wafw trato D 8*«r*t Manat Drama njMaitk Oaaiai O*n* Rij- bum horti far DaMlt Comtdy with Danny Tkoatai hunting frolM. • 00 4: " Sd^SrtSon, wiuTlUUrlk 440 0 MJtfcey K*e** Cnb 6:00 BB W*eiy Wartilikir BB Baa*** Ir Tlurd Strike" Tcraaet baUVaytr Was uw Mil tfclfl) ..... Bl BwdhMaMMaSit StapiticV Urn Nolan, BUI Calder, Bob Byron narrate OJO wyall «ar»i Hole 8 N*wai Ron Stone Newei Larry Raico; weath. er, Chrla Chandler; apart*. Dan Lov* IO:IS O late 8a*w: "Mlaa Suile Bugle." C45). Veronica Lake, Sonny Tutta, Ulllan Olih. Joan CaulfleU. A group o( medical etudenU board with Mlia Suale Slagto I0:» OB A*v»tarea In rar*4kw: •Ureain Merchant." A group of eolonlata t» aold a worthlen rocky laland. which wee rep. reamted aa a "pendl*e oft earth" ' 10:10 SB Venlshli BEBD Johnny Canon and 'gueau 11:20 O| New*! Bob Young 11:30 SB C**»wa» CaaiHMalai Ray •J Newti Walter Cronklt* gf WhaTa NewT Huntley and *:0» OB Nfwa Bay C o n away; Weather, Tern tvena: Sportt. Our Savage tnj Newa. Nick Oaarhart: Taathar, Bid .Lather «| "" *t Larry Haaco, Tom Sporta, Dan Lov* ..— SB Cana Conaway II-JS SB Walerfneli Cap'n John SB Wal charged with criminal nc«ll- gene* when hlf lug collldn with a aubmarlne WiiorlaWorld HeadUnn IM Nawareab Joe Hegtr; Wiather. John WuwOnger 6:M OB Oeeakatli Sgt Saunderi and hla men are .ordarad to remain with a BrlUih unit although It probably nwaitadeaui to them aU Maxel CartocOT -Promethean 11:00 U:OS B New* steal • MMallM Wit KrMla Martch With Marietta: and gue»< Wanted ey Ike ni TUESDAY MORNING ['chlWren-Jthow Teto- hoMa 1:00 onalea* Skew *• tarlk*) ] *-<*M of Uw Strong" Red Button* guatu u oyant aldaahew 6 a r k e r •B Joe promote* a phony illvir itrUt*lnaoadv*rUatag Khem. to MB J" > fJ*.p < * 1 ' •" •TfiaWMti ItaaMt «V*4* Now IT" JeaniMU* Nolan ttan W. Adroit SO. Cere. with SS.Uwk* U.Careaa M.F*mal* aheep TWO CANOtDATBC for the •ante offtc* in • munldpai ewo- tlon to Northern Rhode*!* have n problem, they have the earn* name -CoanUM Muaoflda. Might aolve It by one of '«« changtag hla munleker to aomeUiin*; more unuaual. Ilk* John Smith. i ! .' VnlcfrtltH o/ WI. r**eiM «•(*«• ' end taut fkNarf«r«t*rii* elrf. W*atf M Tlknl jrJiU flA KAsaii4*a*ilraBBlal* wMctu mey put te we * <e<aWTl*i» aewee werkarV r*M*»W *fA*MM*y 4fcV NEW YOWC (AJ>>-Thtog ft columnlM might aavar know if he dldnt open him maUj American worktog glrl**r* going to town to a big way. Aroond IBOO, OM out of IW» •mptoyad woman *am*d bar pay on » Urn or ranch. Today oolyoMoatotWdoM. But Uw women an getting more vaUMMe-thsy now aw bwytoc «0p« *»nt«KaUn*w Uf* toaunM* poUctoB Usued toUttouMBBty. It hMbeM found that dog* reftect UM psraonaliU** of ttMtr owner*. Cate, OB MM •jnerallylBSdUMir covere*). A seta* On reading a Bl. Uula planned to during a brat* the b**eball head uf the *« hkM**) aw 8MB to their OWB *ttlt on* of Us aaast enaaulvai tow. Annual * w **^— K^B^^W^*^ ' •"'•*• f»^w^»^ an it .trtk.. MM ** a Hl Ilkil. ' ta*th at hto hnM**k*iMT sad thoM of B U* woman had tour fewer teeth, *o for hundred* of year* It was taken for granted that men had four mom teeth than women. Our quotsbta notable*: "A fanatic to *om*oM who cut chaag* Us mind aad went change UM •ubJeef'-WtastoB ChurcUU. Japan UbulldtoganewiM,- uiUlon imperial palace. It will hav* w uiuMrground garage far IN cars, a dlntog room that will Mat 800 parson* aad a front garden that will accommodate is,rop*rsoBilor afterBooa tea. ' rolUoret TO cur* B *or* threat, tto around your B*ek at ttedMm* .a f»'^^'»g; you hav* wont durtof the day. It you trim iw*wftog*rB«ll» OB Friday you wont hi v* a toothache tar » week. W*artog a alt v*r rise will h*b>DroteclyoufMm m*. • was rranoou RalMtato who said to hi* tut win and *B.Utat.9aiaT**Bat. **I MH MIlBaaatt 1 *BHBBJBB^»B*BBBBIH a) *>WV BM*BBt*M| f bav* BOtmtag; the r**t I wave '' Try and Stop Me ly BINNITT CiRF I an «l«tt-year-oU girl up north ot Boston whose J pasatonBt* low ol pastries and hamburgsrs has kept her waistline indecently overall*—and expand*.*. coaUnuoiuly iihlng her, "Pat girls find it h*rd to get husbands! PulS in that stomach of youral" The other day the poor girt cam*) homo from •chool bathed In tear*. "During Salute to the *l*c this morning," she sobbad. M I pulttd in my ctotnach 1U» you always tall m to and my skirt frtlotfl" * • • A ninth-grade student to *> 1*ca* high iHtm\ ended ft b*«*t report with thl* perceptive appraisal: "I think tb* »«<*" wm* ft pretty good writer not to make the book no duller thsfl A inenlfti circus tntip*. tilm Bfcy on* that ta» dwarf haJ Tattett Hiipf- *> W*. ajr Hewlett CJtif. PI«ltU>i>K4 fcy Klag r*««IM* tr***- 1 "'

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