The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 3, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1948
Page 2
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Ft*4*rVk. ML, Weekly Church Services County Churche* Jtor B*r . All Saints'-- 10 a. ' I ,TM*: s Children s ; 11 a. m., Holy communion ·Ml «*nrwo- . *~*r **«· ckmrc |, of Tae Brethren p Scbildt ^ charf e . Sunday school. 9:30 a. m.: »erv- FABJt PROGRAM North End Civic Ajoci»tion Band Sunday Evening. July' 4, · o'clock S. Fentoa Harris, director. John lasley. soloist. "America," Audienc*. Them* S cng-"In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree." AJstync. _1 "Chicago T r i b u n e " v-nicago Grand Patriotic Potpourri--"Cost, ^f"--* -; "T ; ice, 1O:3U a, m- By «ev. ». K. n ey- ; i umbia ·- Compiled and Arranged Holy communion; 10 a. EV. church, bright; Children's services. 7:45 by Georfe D . Barnard. *=*«»*· . . f.. ,,,__, _, ' P · "· March--' Semper Fidelis" Sousa. St. Timothys Chapel--8 a. m.. *"= S*. Baraab Chap*l-» .. * ic*, 10:30 a. nu by Rev. S. R. Wey- Hob' communion; 10 a. «., church xfcutmont Church of the Brethren school. : «The Time DST' -- Rev. Chester Royer. pastor. Calvmrr Xetk*di»t Chart* · Sunday school. 10 a, m.: worship. Rev." J. Franklin Haas, minister.. 11 a. in. 9:45 a. nr.--Church school: 11 a.; BuckeystewB Meth»di»t Chnrch Bt, worship, subject. "The Way Of j Rev. E, A, Sexsmith. minister. Wonder;" 7:3t/ v- ^ K - Baker Park [ 9:30 a. ni.--Church school: 10:30 service:' Mon., 2 to S p. m.. West! a. m . worship, subject. '·Dwelling Washington District Methodist I In Pleasant Places:" 7 p. m.. Twi- SabillisviUe Reformed Charge Youth. Fellowship picnic at Great;light service, subject, "Fisherman' Falls, Mi.: Sat.. July 1C. 2 p. m.. j With Broken Nets." Youth Fellowship will go on a hay [ Lime Kiln -- 2 ride to Glen Echo. Goodly Heritage." CeBtetutUl Memorial Evangelical i United Brethren Church Rev. J . K. Schmitt, minister. . ,, . _ , ,, . - fr.30 a ni--Church school; 10:45 Providence Church -- Worship, a. in. worship, subject. "Christiani-, *« a - m - Sunday school. 10:45 p m "Scenes from Opera- land," Al Haver. Solo--Mr. John Insley. Selected. March--"On The Mall." Goldman. » Community ringing. March--"The Star Spangled Banner." · The Time DST» Rev. Claude Corl, pastor. p. m.. church) Jacob's. Fairfield -- Worship. 9 , school and worship, subject, "A: a . m . ; church school, 10:15 a. m. St. Stephen's. Highfield--Church school. 8:30 a. m.: worship, 10:45 Kemptow-n Methodist Chars e R« v - Chester B. Smith, pastor. a m s , John s SabiUasviUe-- - Church S 30 a. m.: worship. 7:30 tv and Nationalism Partners or a - m. Rivals'" 7'"Q p m Baker Park : Montgomery ' " Church -- Sunday , Thurnont Reformed Charge «e'-vtce lu" ph ' bv the " Church Of The Brethren P»-e«bvterJ3n " school. 10 a. m.: worship with vaca- j Rev. Wm. H. Groff. pastor. Uion school program. 11 a. m.; Youth' Apples--Worship. 9:30 a. m.; Sun. meeting. 3 p. m. ! day school. 10:30 a. m. Pleasant Grove Church--Sunday · Mt. Tabor -- Lutheran service. Sunday school. 10:30 UNION SERVICE IN BAKKR FAKK 7:3* F. M. In Charge of the Presbyterian Church. W. Merva'i Weaver, minister. j Dr. C. E. Wehler. emeritus. : Rhoads Lewi*, organist and choir director. 1 Prelude, Instrumental Trio Con- 1 cert for fifteen minutes. Mrs. Lewis, pianist, Joseph S. Stephens, violinist, H. David Hagan. violincellLst. Invocation. Hymn Singing. Scripture reading. Psalm 107:19, Rev. Samuel S. Johnston. Anthem. "My God aod I" Sergei, Choir ; Evening prayer. Rev. William C. · Royal. Announcements and offering. Rev. J. H. Schmitt. Solo. John D. Shorrow. ! Sermon. "The Christian's Jour) ney From Jerusalem to Rome." | Hymn. i Benediction and choral response. ; JeRrr»on Meibodist Church 1 Rev. J. Harry Hairies. pastor. ' 9:45 a. m.. Holy communion, sub' ject, "A Faith For Troubled Days." 1 Point of Rocks--11 a. m.. Holy ; communion. ; Doubs--7:30 p. m . Holy communion, iubject, "Understanding ;the Bible." Radio Program ]$· S. WOR WMAJU WBAL. WFMD TODAY'S PROGRAMS ABC N»C Plan Vacation Bible School At Mversville ·i The Myersville Union Vacation Bible School will be held July 1930. Monday through Fridav, from 9:30 to 11:30 *. to. i-00-- Summary ot *C*ir*-- -nbe t Kv*ry l*»y-- b» Music Time -- abc Ta»* a *:15-- Art oJ Living-- nbc In Aly Opiuion-- ciis Fronts of Prayer-- ate r Sytnphcor -- stc Barber Sports -- cbs ry Wismer Sports -- abc laac« Music -- nos-east Tra« or Kali* -- rabs-west · :*5 -- N«'«s a4 Commentary-- tLi Jaci BcaU Cocirswat-- abc 7:93-- St. Ljoxia Opera.-- cl« Chal:ense Jo 1'ukos -- abc .Hawaii Cali? Musicians -- nibs 7:5O-- Curtain T:T.« Drama -- nle Vic Samon« STena«le -- co* Kajiiou* Jury Trials -- abc ^,'oJU* of Sons Quiz -- mbs 7:*S -- H. Carocichae! SoBf-- bi *:QO-- The Llf* or Kiiey-- nbc J^njr It Axain Ju« -- cb» Quiz -- a:b» 31* fee i By WILLIAM E. GILROY. D. D. ItM ke There are certain boolu, known ·It fctfas the Apocrypha, that were ia- j eluded in the "Authorized Ver- jsion" of the Bible, the version that today, .. .. . . ,,. . under, a community or union c h u r c h Ue amhonty of King James I of j xhool prc ^ ^ tte childrea inland. , from Jhe kindergarten through the They have been omitted from the j sixth grade. x»cal pastors will Old Testament as most o* us know ; direct the school, with Rev. Karl it. But they can still be found in ! L Varner, chairman; Rev. Samuel Tweaty iMrcn vt »: «.«·"« . . school. 10:45 a. m.: worship. 12 in. i 9:30 a. m.. S 9«\ ^ihu-Tschi" 11 a ! V««io» Bible school will begin a. m. S.» a m.--^n» scnooi _.i a., at Kemplovvn MorM jay at 9 ». m.. Thurmoat-- m., worsnip, suojec.. ine nigne. . »,-,.:.«»,.-» ~ ni t pi~.,«,, n « r: rn u» ; a m^ no m«n -Sunday school. 9:45 m., ^orstp .. . . {{jr Providcncc and pi easant Grove i a. m.s no morning worship service Patriotism: second_wee* of Bible; chil(Jrcn £rom four to f o u r t c e n ; o f f Sundav: Youth Fellowshin school. Mon.-Fri.; Tucs.. 8 p. m.. [ ch *V dr * n official board at the parsonage; Fri., j - c s ' 8 p. m.. program at the church; Trin - . Evan Ueal marking the closing o£ tne Bible | Am| Reformed Church schtKI ' (The Time DST I Rev. Morgan Andreas, minister. Evangelical Lutheran Church . 10:15 a m ._Church school: 11:30 Rev. Dr. W. V. Garrett. minister.: a m Lord's Day worship with the S:45 a. m.--Sen-ice: 945 a. m. · sacrai yj ent o f Lord's supper being church school: 11 a. m.. service, j administered. subject. "Finding fourteen · off Sunday; Youth Fellowship. Tues.. 7:30 p. m. at home of Helen and Martha Mackley. subject. "The Happy Nation:" 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park: Mon.. 7:30 p. Full Fellowship:" 7:30 p. m.. evening program of worship with Bethany Methodist Church Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister. 10 a. m.--Church school. Brook Hill--9:30 a m.. worship with sermon by pastor: 10:30 a. m.. church school. i Germantown Bethel-Blue ; Mountain Churches Of God I (The Time DST j Rev. Clarence McGaha, pastor. ! Germantown Bethel -- B i b l e : school. 9'30 a. m.: worship.'10:30 a. 1 m.; C. E. 1 p. m.: worship. 7:45 ! p. m.; prayer service, Thurs, 8 p. m. \ Blue Mountain -- Bible school. 19:30 a. m.; prayer service, 8 p. m.; prayer service. Wed.. 8 p. m. L'tica Evangelical And Reformed Charje v . ».... ^-..^. ,,-.... --.^ -- .-. nine program ui \vursiup wmi , ,, , , _ _ . m.. Boy Scouts: Wed.. 5 p. m.. Markot £ c hrome slides in charge of the « ev ' l " ie . F - 7t? Ilin £? r - P ast tin Luther Bible Class picnic: i Women s Gulld: T ues.. 8 p. mj ^'°«. Charl^ville-Aorship. -r! -- .-SA _ .» «». A :^ ^nV, A ^r*^T u . . . . . . . . £a. m.: ounuav scnooi. 10:30 a. Thurs., 7:30 p. in., choir rehearsal. Evangelical Reformed Church Rev. Paul L. Althouse. pastor. Dr. Henri L. Kieffer. emeritus. 9:45 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. m.. worship, subject. "The Essential Dignity of the Individual." by the pastor: 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park serv- Myersville Evangelical ice: WedL. 7:30 p. m.. Women's j united Brethren Church (The Time DST» Rev. Karl I. Varncr. minister. Myersville--Church school. 9:45 Young Peoples choir at the par- j~^TM' : Jp u " da) :.f. ch ° o1 - 10 i 30 «- TM' sonage for the monthly busing» St Paul s. btica-Sunday school. Thurmont Episcopal Church , ·The Time DST ' Rev. Oscar F. R. Treder. pastor, i ! Harriot Chapel. C a t o c t i n-- \ ; Church school. 10:15 a. m.; even! ' song and sermon. 7 p. m. : i St. Stephen's Chapel. Thurmont j 9:30 : --Holy communion, every Sunday, j 8 a. m. meeting and rehearsal: Wed.. 8 p. m.. Youth Class at home of Miss Martha Woerner; Thurs.. 9:30 to 11:30 a. m.. Jr. C. E. v?cation school. Guild meets in the church par-| lors: Fri.. 6:30 p. m.. Voluntas Bible | Class covered dish supper. j ia. m.; worship. 10:45 a. m.; YTCW. First Baptist Church j 7:30 p. m. Rev. Wm. C. Royal, pastor. j Middletown--Worship. 9:30 *. m.: 9:45 a. m.--Bible school: 11 a. m.. j church school. 10:30 a. m. worship, subject. "The Cleansing and Dedication of Life." the Lord's supper will be observed; 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park service. Rev. W. Merval Weaver, minister. Pleasant Walk--Church school. 2 p. m.: worship. 3 p. m. Wolfsville Evangelical United Brethren Church · The Time DST ' Rex'. Albert Snydcr, pastor, i Woifsville--Worship. 9:45 a. m.: j Sunday school. 10:45 a. m. Garficld--Sunday school. 9:45 a. 9:30 a. m.: worship. 10:45 a. m. Grace. Pleasant Hill -- Sunday school. 10 a. m. Jefferson Evangelical And Reformed Church 'The Time DST) Rev. G. Ermine Plott, minister. Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.: worship. 10:45: meeting of consistory. Tues.. 8 p. m.. at the parsonage. Woodsboro Lutheran Parish Rev. R. C. Myers, pastor. Woodsboro -- Sunday school, 10 a. m. Haugh's -- Communion. 9 a. m.: Sunday school. 10 a. m. Rocky Hill -- Sunday school, 10 i a. m. i Chapel -- Sunday school. 9:30 ; a. m.; communion. 10:30 a. m. j Graceham Moravian Church (The Time DST) Sunday school, 10 a. m.: worship, ! 10:45 a. m. · EdJtewood Church Of God I Rev. Robert Easterday. pastor, j Sunday school. 10 a. m.: Christ- I ian Endeavor, 8 p. m.: Bible study. [Tucs.. 8 p. m. Oak Hill -- Sunday school. 9:30 3. m.: preaching. 10:30 a. m.; Bible jstudy. 7 p. m.; Bible study. Wed.. 7:30 p. m. Bark Hill--Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.; preaching. 7:30 p. m. St. John's Catholic Church Rev. James M. Hogan. pastor. Rev. Herbert R. Jordan, assist. Rev. Robert A. Bozel. assist. Sunday--Masses. 7. 8, 9. 10. 11.30 , m .: worship. 11 ». m. a. m. | Pleasant Valley -- Worship, 2:30 i ^ Miraculous medal novcna devo- ' p. m. tions 7.30 p. m. ! Week days masses--Visitation i .Middletown Christ Evangelical chapel 6.45 a. m.: church 8 a. m. '. And Reformed Church Saturday confessions--4.SO to 6 (The Time DST) p. m., 7.30 to S.30 p. m. I Utica Lutheran Parish Rev. E. K. Hclwig. pastor. Bethel--Church school. 10 a. m. Creagerstown--Holy communion · service. 9 ». m.; church school. 10 Utica--Church school. 2 p. m. Walkcrsville -- Church school. 9:30 a. m.: Holy communion service. 10:30 a. m. .Rev. Warren A Breisch, pastor. Grace Episcop ,, church Grace Evanjrelical And Reformed Church Rev. R. E. Wilhelrn. minister. 9:45 a. m.--Church school: 11 a. m.. worshio. subject. "Divine Guidance." 7:30 p. m.. Baker Park sen-- ice, in charge of the Presbyterian Sunday school. 10 a. m.: worship. ! 11 a. m.. subject. "Sitting Pretty." Rev. Leon P. F. Vauthier. rector. New Market -- Church school. Middletown Zion Lutheran Church \ 10:3 ° a m : evening prayer. 7:30 (The Time DST) \ P '??' ,, ,. ,, , 0 Rev. W. Ernest Fox. pastor. St. Paul s. Poplar Sprmgs- Sundav school. 10 a. m.: worshio. i MoTMin K prayer. 9:30 a. rn 11:15 a. m., Dr. Harrv F. Baugh- St - Jamcs - Mt - Airy--Holy communion. 11 a. m. church: Wed.. 7:30 p. m.. meeting i man. guest. o£ the Consistory in the church j Harmony--Sunday school, 8 p. m. j Jen - crson Lutheran Parish BurkittsviHe Lutheran Charge i _ J The ^ im f ^Ti (The Time DST ! Rev - Morns G - Zumbrun. pastor. Hev. Dr. H. C. Erdman. pastor. ! St ' Paul's--Sunday school. 9:45 Burkittsville -- Sundav schoo i. : a. m.; Holy communion. 10:45 a. m. 9:30 a. m.: worship, 10:45 a. m. j St - Luke s--Worship. 9:30 a. m.: Knoxville--Sunday school. 10 a . j Sunday school. 10:30 a. m. j Mt, Zion--Sunday school. 1:30 ! p. m.: Holy communion, 2:30 p. m. Presbyterian Church * Rev. W. M. Weaver, minister. Dr. C. E. Wehler. emeritus. 9:45 a. m.--Bible school: 11 a. m.. church nursery: 11 a. m.. worship, subject. "The Sacrament ofirr,.: worship. 7:30 p. m. the Lord's supper:" 7.30 p. m.. Bak- L ,, ,. ---7 ,,, ,, er Park sen-ice in charge of this Locust ^ a l l c v Church Of God ; K .,, church, topic. "The Christian's Rev Clair Ebersole. pastor. I Lutheran Church Joumev from Jerusalem to Rome" Sunda - v scho ° l - 9:3 ° a - m -= w ° l " «..!"««.t."I th , ship. 10:30 a. m.: C. E.. 7:30 p. m.: ! prayer service. Thurs.. 7:30 p. m. Trinity Methodist Church Rev. Thomas Morgan, minister. ' 9:45 a. m.--Church school: H a . i zittlcstown - Sharpsbur* And in., worship with message and Holv j Antietam Churches Of God communion: 7:30 p. m_. Baker Park! The Time DST service: Fri.. 8 p. m.. meeting o f : Rcv ' W m ' A - rf erpich. pastor, the Board of Trustees and Stewards at the parsonage. Rev. Richard H. Miller, pastor. 9:30 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. m.. Holy communion service. Mt. Tabor--9:30 a. m.. Holy communion service: 10:30 a. m.. Sunday school. iXew Market Methodist Charge Rev. K. D. Swecker. pastor. Mt. Carmel--Church school. 10 Zittlestown--Bible study. 9:30 a. m.; C. E.. 7:30 p. m.: prayer and j praise service. Thurs.. 8:30 p. m. j Sharpsburg -- Bible study. 9:30 j a - TM' : worship. 11 a. m. a. m.'. worship. 7:30 p. m.: prayer' Ncw Market--Church school. 10 and praise. Wed.. 8 p. m. j a - m Antietam -- Bible study. 9:30 a. j Parkway Church Of God Rev. C. O. Sullivan, pastor. Bible school. 9:45 s. n worship. 10:45 a. m.: spea er. Mr. Evan Becker. Balti-' m : worship. 10-30 a. m.: prayer more: Baker Park sen-ice. 7:30 p. and praise ser%-:ce. Tucs.. 8 p. rn. [ Manor Lutberan Parish rn.: meeting of the committee on Central . m. Church school. 9:30 Myersville Lutheran Charge Rev. R. L. Markley. pastor. St. John's Church Hill--Worship. 9 a. m.. sermon by the pastor. "The Salt of the Earth;" church school, 10 a. m. St. Paul's. Myersville--Church school, 9:15 a. m.: worship. 10:10 a. m.. sermon by pastor. "The Young Man's Pleasure." the junior subject. "Good And Evil-From Whence Do They Come?;" midweek service. Wed., 6:30 p. m.: Myersville Vacation Bible school, July 19-30, in church of the Brethren. St. Mark's. Wolfsville -- Church school. 9 a. m.: annual picnic, Au|gust 21. near Wolfsville. | Brunswick Lutheran Parish i (The Time DST» | Rev. Ralph H. Miller, pastor. 1 Bethany. Brunswick -- Church i school.- 9:45 a. m.: service. 11 a. m. j 'The Time ESTt Luther Chapel. Petcrsville-- Church school. 10 a. m.: vespers. 7:30 p. m. Brunswick First Methodist Church Rev. Geo. K. Bennett, minister. Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.: worship. 11 a. m.: Fellowship hour. 6:30 p. m.: worship. 7:45 p. m. i Brunswick Christian And i Missionary Alliance Rev. T. C. Latshaw. pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. m.: worship. 11 a. m.. communion: evangelistic service. 7:30 p. m. Brunswick-Lovettsville Evangelical And Reformed Church | i The Time DSTi j Rev. N. H. Fravel. pastor. j First Church. Brunswick -- Wor- iship. 10 a. m.: church school, 11 ! a. m. j " 'The Time EST I St. James. Lovettsville. Va.-- j Church school. P:15 a. m.: worship. j 10 a. m. or MaJon* *tt-s i!c. Gat Show -- nsbs f:OO-- -lilt Parade. Sicatra-- ntc Joan Davis Comedy-- cbs Uang Busters Drama -- abc T:iree for Money Q-jiz -- niLs J:3O -- Judy Canova Show -- nbc Vauyian Mo«ro Show -- cos What'* iJy Xata« -- abc 10:OO-- Radio C:tr p«aj housa-- nbc To E* ArsKo-jnceO -- cbs Pmi. Quiz-- abc-basSc C!i!easo Theater -- Rio* 10:JO-- Tb* Grand O:« Opry-- .-be it Pays to £« Ijjnorjiit-- cbs Hayloft Hoedoivn -- a!x: 11*0^-X«w». Variety. I hrs. -- cls New* and Da^cc Hour -- abc Kora's * Krackin" -- mbs 11:15 -- News Variety to 1-- nbc 1 1 :39-- Diore Shows -- :nbs 12:00 -- Dancins Continued -- abc-WMt SUNDAY'S PROGRAMS Afternoon '*0 -- America United, Talis -- nbc To K« Anuouiiceil-- cbs l^ani I'ettingiil Talk -- ubc-baslc To_ K* Announced -- njbs 1:1^-- Editor at Ho:n« -- abe Th« Music Sox-- mbs-basic 1:10 -- Chicago RoundtiMe -- nbc Te!i It Asait:. Drama-- cb» National Vespers-- abc Cu::t«njiiorar" iluslc -- mb% 2:00 -- First Piar:o Quartet -- :il,c Vou Ara There Drama -- cbs Week Around World -- abc Air Force Siiow -- mbs 2:30 -- Robert SlerrUl Concert-- nbc Xews Commentary -- cbs ilr. Pre«iil*nt-- abc News: Veterans' Panel -- mbs 2:4S-- Opinion Comment -- cbs 3:00 -- Music Parade. Comment -- nbc Symphony Show-- cb.n News Broadcast -- abc Summer Melody -- nibs 3:".5-- American Almanac -- abc 5:M -- On* Man's Family-- nbc Dance Half-Hour -- abc Lire Begins at SO -- mbs 4:03-- Qui= Kids. Jo- Kelly-- nbc To Be Announced -- abq Housa of Mystery -- mbs 4:15-- cal Tinney Talts-- abc 4:30-- Netr.«: Living tS4S-- nbc Ma!ce Mine Music-- cbs Milton Cross Records -- abc Leiect!v» Mysteries -- mbs S:CO -- To Be Announced -- nbc Personal AutoRrapii-- abc Under Arrest L'ramo. -- mb» 5:15-- Phil Davis Orch.-- cbs S::0 -- Frank!* Carle Band-- cbs '"^Tinier Snv Drama-- abc What Mak^s YOU Tici -- inb« Evening 6:OD-- Catholic Itr.dio Sen-ice -- nbc The Family Time -- cbs iJrew Pearson Comment-- abc Thoso Websters. Skit -- mba 6:15 -- News Summary -- abc S:30 -- Hollywood Preview -- nbc Slimmer Guest Concert -- cb* To Be Announced -- abc NIC* Carter. Detective -- nibs 7:00 -- To Be Announced -- nbc Tha Uane Autry Shoir -- cbs 1 Love Adventure -- abc Mystery Playhouse -- mbs 7:33 -- Pat O'Brien Drama -- nbc Elondie and Da^rvood -- obs Bill Goodwin Comedy -- abc U.I brie! Heatter Show-- mb» 8:00 -- The Shavr Chorale -- nbc Sam Spade Adventures-- cbs Stop the Music tjuic -- abc The Mediation Board -- mbs 8:30 -- RFD America Quiz -- nbc Tha Man Called X-- cbs Movies Commentary -- mbs 8:45* -- Twin Xe^s Comment -- mbs 5 :00 -- Merry-Go-Kound -- nbc jlit the Jackpot-- cbs \Vaiier VVInchell Time -- abc Meet Me at Parky's -- mbs S:i5 -- Hollywood Comment -- abc S:30 -- Album Familiar Music -- nbc Strike It Rich. Quiz-- cbs Superstition Dramas -- abc IL'S a Living Sho»r -- mbs 10:00 -- Take It or Leave It -- nbc Miekev Stoqney Story -- cos Comedy Writers Siiovr -- abc Voices ot Strings -- mbs 10:20-- Horace Heidt Shoir-- nbc Kscape Drama Series -- cbs Commentary on Movies -- abc Clary's Gazett* -- mbs 10:45 -- To Be Announced -- aba "·00 -- Xerra Variety - hrs. -- nbc News. Variety. Dance 2 hrs--- cbs News and Dance Band -- abe News. Dance Band Z hrs. -- mb» 12:00 -- Dancing Continued-- abc-icest i many pulpit Bibles and in many of j D - Lindsay, secretary, and Rev. ; the large "family Bibles" that used ; Raymond L. Markley in charge of ' to stand upon parlor tables. ' publicity. | The 39 books of our Old Testa- ( Miss Mary C. ShepSey. for some 1 aient were regarded as "'canonical"'; years a teacher in the public jby Jewish authorities, and they | schools and who will leave in, -_~_. I have been so accepted throughout j September to prepare for the work ! more · Protestant churches. But the · Ro- s of * Deaconess in the Lutheran : man Catholic Church at the Coun- ' church, will be dean of the school. ' . cil of Trent in 1546 set the seal of . Sessions will be held in t h e .its appro%'al to 11 of the Apoc- : Church of the Brethren, beginning ' ; ryphal books, including them in the ! Jul * 19 and ending July 30. the . i recognized canon. 'Jast *** to feature a showing of ! To describe the Apocryphal j h » adw » k TM d ««· activities. \ books, or to discuss the issues con- : 'cerning them. wouW be impossible ; Mrs HilJa H junior.'Mrs. : here. But their chief and deep in- -- - - terest is in what they tell of the " history and religious life of Israel j during a great part of the 400 years : between the periods of the Old psctive schools. Those unable to register then may do so mt a later date. The kindergarten and beginners will study "Let's Go Out Of Doors:" the primary s e c t i o n . "Working With God In H i s World:" juniors. "Understanding God's World." The groups will vac for study cooperative texts pre- ' pared by the International Council of Christian Education. * FERRY DAMAGED Slatapeake. July 2 -JP---The Chesapeake Bay ferry Governor Nice stripped a gear coming in for a landing here today and crashed into the terminal pier. Xo one was reported injured. The accident, however, caused vacation-bound traffic to back up than three cail-s at the Sandy Point terminal on the western shore. 4 Mosses are essential to many higher plants, conserving moisture and preventing eros:on. Recreational leaders will be: Beginners. Mrs. Roland Lutz: prira- Falkenstein. Teachers and : assistants have been named as fol- j lows: j Beginners. Mrs. Helen Rice w=th ; Mrs. Esther Summers and' Mrs ' | Testament and the Xew. j Clara Kline as assistants; priniary" ! | It was a time of tragic happen- | Mrs. Esther Grossnickle. Mary El- ' · ings, bitter and ruthless struggles \ len Miller and Mrs. Grace Brand: j for mastery among those aspiring i enburg, as assistants; juniors. Mrs. J | to rule, murders and assassinations.! Raymond L. Markley, and assist- : j terrible persecutions and intense · ants. Mrs. Edwin Falkenstein. and ' ) sufferings. But there are inspiring i Mrs. Mary Pyles. The pianist for .' j records of faith and courage on the ! the school is Mrs. Ear! Mitchell. . I part of those who dared to stand j whose husband has recently been : · for their convictions and resist the i chosen executive; secretary of the I I powers that sought to corrupt and I Eastern and Middle districts of the *! paganize the purity of the religion j Church of the Brethren. The Mit- : ; of Israel. That purity was mani- ! chells moved this spring from : i fest in the nobility and beauty j Westminster to Myersville. '· . . . . i Featured each day in the school ! [ will be the singing of hymns, j music by chosen groups. ' j hand-work with a religious signifi- i i that religion had attained during ! j and following the exile in Baiylon. ! i -,, - - _ , j . as revealed in such scripture as the ! \ latter portion of Isaiah, and in many ' of the Psalms. · The Books of the Maccabees, . particularly, tell of that brave re- jsistance to the Hitler-like tyrants ·and dictators of that ancient day ' who sought v.-ith ruthlessness to j pollute popular religion with pagan · ideas and practices. That the true I faith of Israel was preserved is evi- jdent in the remnant of noble and i faithful souls in the time of Christ. j like Simeon "waiting for the con- ·solation of Israel." j But the faith was preserved at j terrific cost. In the persecutions. 300 Pharisees, then the sect of the most earnest and sincere, were crucified in one day. When worshippers in the temple protested against the. profanation of its worship, soldiers were loosed upon them with sabres, and 6.000 were put to the j sword. j Yet the faith survived, and Israel | has survived. The land of tragedy j and glory is a land of tragedy again. What will the future bring forth? I We may well say. "Pray for the j peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that lovt thee."--(Psalm 122:6.1 cance. Stories dealing with Bible times and customs will be told by! the teachers and assistants. Par-; eats and friends of the school are! invited to attend one or all of the ; sessions and give such assistance. as possible. ! July 4 has been set as a day for; registration for children of the res- i I ; CASH in a · HL'RRY? Just Furnish us with a few i simple facts--tell us how . much to sec aside for you. ] The money most likely i will be ready for you by | the time it willjake you; to reach our otnee. i $25.00 to $300.00 I LINCOLN (OS W. Patrick St. Phone 127* BETHEL TABERNACLE WEST NTCNTH STREET REV. LINWOOD A. HTJBBARD, Pastor Bible School, 10 A. M.; Worship Service, 11 A. M., Sermon Subject: "Citizens Of Heaven." C. A. Meeting, 7 P. M.: Evangelistic Service. 8 P. M., Sermon Subject: "The Whole Gospel, For The Whole Man, For The Whole World." The Full Gospel Fully Satisfies -- Everybody Welcome HAMID PTER DAMAGED j The Million Dollar pier in At- ] lantic City, which is owned by George Hamid. Jr., was damaged by fire Wednesday. The blaze was far out on the pier and attendants had a difficult time rescuing a number of animals. j Hamid and his father are well ! known here, especially among Fair j Association officials, as all the j grandstand attractions of the Fred- j erick Fair the last several years | have been booked through the ' famed Hamid agency. . boundaries, appointments, and ^JThurmoni Evangelical pervision ai the church. Tuesdav . United Brethren Church 6 p ~j " : 'The Time DST' · ] Rev. Ivan G. JCaugle. pastor. iThe Time EST Rev. A. G. Null, pastor. St. Matthew's. Church Hill-Church school. 10 a. m.: Holv corn- Thurmont--Sundav school, o^o; m u n i o n - Julv n - at It a. m. * . _ . : c* T-»»-t.-".. T"\**,,Wr- Christian Science Society Pythian Castle. Court Street--' *- rn.: Holy communion. 10:30 a. m t Church service and Sunday school.! Deerfield--Holy 11 a. m.. subject. "God:" testimonial a. rn.: Sunday school. 10 a. m meetings, the first Wednesday o f ' each month. S p. rn.. jecond floor Thormont Lutheran Church Pythian Castle. lThc Timc DST Rev. C. H. Corbctt. pastor. Thurmont--Sunday school, a. m : worship. 10:45 a. m. St. Mark's. Doubs -- Church communion. 9'school. 10:30 a. m : preaching. 9:30 i a. m : Holy communion. July IS. \ 10:30 a. m. j St. Luke's. Point of Rocks-\ Church school. 10 a. m.: Holy com' munion. 11 a. ITS. decided to hold a picnic at Braddock Heights. July 27. for the members and their families. A social h o u r f o l l o w e d , Mrs. Lillie Waltz, won the guess prize, and Mrs. Edward Foy. the door prize, after which everyone was invited out on the lawn where a weiner roast was held. There were 18 members and seven guests present. i Brunswick First Baptist Church ; Rev. L. D. Carmack. pastor. i Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.: wor- jship. 11 a. m.. subject. -'Freedom ; In Christ:" observance ot the Lord's ' supper: worship. 8 p. m.. sermon. '·Liberty or Toleration:" observance jevenini. C;ily -i. 7:45 p. m. DSTt.- ; of the Lord's supper: Mon.. S p. m.. i Brotherhood meeting: Wed . 8 p. m.. prayer meeting. SERVICE SUNDAY j Tne Rocky Ridge Church Of The I Brethren will hold its annual Chil- ] dren's Day service on Sunday; RELAX AND ENJOY THE HOT WEATHER Fishing Tackle Tennis Rackets Golf Clubs and Balls Softball and Baseball Equipment Swim Trunks Picnic Jugs Electric Fans D . F .SlflffS 103-105 X. Market St. Remember always the ideals for which our loved ones made the supreme sacrifice. And, in tribute to their memory, in deepest gratitude:, make their monument a reminder to future generations of these ideals. You will find our advice helpful and understanding in planning a monument, large or small. Let us tell you why (BAR iti) Barre Granite is worthy to pay tribute to our honored dead. HAMMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK, MD. HAGEKSTOWX, MD. THURMOXT, MD. WASHINGTON, D. C. QUALITY Markell Ford Phone 2O2 Church Of The Nararene Hev. John T.. North, psstor. Sunday school. 10 ?.. m.: worship. Sabiliasvilic -- Sunday 11 a, m.: Young People's nieeijng. 9.30 a. m. 7:15 p. m.: evangeiisric service. 8 p. m.: prayer V.'CG.. 3 p. ^n. 9.30 . Glade Charge. Evunjelical And school. Union Gospel Mission Sister "KTiitbeck. pastor. Fellowship service, today. 3 D. in.: Sunasy schoo:. 10 a. rn.: cvar.- geisstic srrv-ice. Sun . 8 p. rn. Chnrch Of Jesn* Christ Of Latter Day Saints Sunday sc'.iool. 10 a. m. thirc! \ floor of the Pythian Castle. North ', Court street: testimony meeting" Thnrmont Catholic Church will be held at 10:45 a. m. · 'The Time DST Thnrmont Msthcdist Charge · The Time DST Rev. A. E. Grim, pastor. Smiriitsburg -- Worship. 9 a. m.: Sunday school. 10 a. m. Tom's Creek -- Sunday school. 9 a. m.: worship. 10 a. m. Thunnont -- Sunday school. 1Q a. rn.: worship. 11:15 a. rn. Catoctin -- Sunday school. 1:30 p. :p 2: 3o p. m. Church Kev. Dr. E. F. Hoffmeier. pastor. St. John's. "Woodsboro--Preparatory service. 9:15 a. rn.: Sunday school. 10 a. rn.: consistory- Thurs.. S D. m. at the church. Glade. "WaJkersville -- Sunday school. 10 a. m.: Holy communion. 11 a. m. : Brunswick Church Of : Rev. Clair E. Ebersole. pastor. ; Bible school. 10 a. m.: Young ' People's meeting. 7 p. m.: worship. · 7.30 p. m.: prayer service. Wed.. 7:30 p. rn. Rev. Roger Wooden, pastor. ' Mass. 9 a. m.: Sunday school. 10 a - The Bethel Tabernacle Rev. L. A. Hubbard. pastor. a ^ 10 a. rn.--Sunday school: 11 a.' " '" m.. worship: 2 p m.. service at i Beaver Dam Montevue; 7 p. m.. Young People's ! Church Of The Brethren service: 8 p. m.. evangelistic serv- Rev. Harry Gardner, pastor ice: Wed.. 8 p JTU prayer service. , 10 a. m.--Sunday school: 11 a. Rev. B^sil Grossnickle. · m.. subject. · Jesus' Message For 1 Us." Middletown Vallry Chnrch Of The Brethren · The Time EST Rev. Samuel D. Lindsay, oastor. i Grossnickle--Church scnooi. 9 a. ira.; worship. 10 a. m.: B. Y. P. D.. , 7:30" p. m. ' Myersville -- Church school. 10 m.: worship. 9 a. n-.. Harmony -- Church school. 9 s. m.: worship. 10- a. m. The report of the annual conference will be given on Sunday morning in GroRsnickie church bv MISSIONARY MEETING The regular monthly missionary meeting of the Mt. Pleasant Reformed church will be held Sun- day evening at 7:45 o'clock. The program is as follows: Piano soio. Jean Burricr: reading. Marybelle Ramsburg: duet. . Mrs. Herbert Duvall and Reber . Garst: piano solo. Diane fchnauffer: reading. Mrs. Clarence Cramer: duet, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Main; , reading. Charles Wastler: piano solo. Diane Schnauffer: duet. Millard Crum and Master Jack Crum: , reading. Mrs. Paul Frits: song. choir: duet. Mrs. Herbert Duvall and Reber G a r s t ; address. U. Grant Hooper. Quinn A. M. E. Church Rev. H. R. Tomlin. pastor. 9:30 a. m--Church school: 11 a. jMt. Pleasant Evangelical And m.. preaching and Holy com- j Reformed Church munion: 6 p. m.. A. C. E. League: 8! «The Time DST' p. m.. worship and Holy communion: Mon. 8:30 p. m.. official board meeting: Tues.. 8:30 p. m.. AH Men's Club meeting *t the church. Rev. Merls Sollin^er. pastor. Church school. 30 a. m.:- missionary program. 7:45 p. TTI.: Ladies' Guild picnic. Tues., 10:30 ». m., »t Fishing Creek. Myersville Evangelical United Brethren Church Rev. Karl I. Varner. minister. Myersville--Church school. 9:45 a. m.: worship. 10:45 a. m : Y. T. C. W.. 7:30 p. m. Middletown--Worship. 9:30 a ni.; church school. 10.30 a. m. Pleasant Walk--Church ichool. 2 p. m.; worship. 3 p. m. CI..VSS MEKTS The Florence Traver class of the Evangelical Lutheran c h u r c h school held its regular monthly mecting June 24. at the home of Mrs. Charles U'iles. west of Frederick, with Mrs. Althea Walch. Mrs. Lillie Waltz, and Mrs. Wiles hostesses. The meeting was opened with devotions by Miss Joyce Wiles. Mrs. Roy Zimmerman, the president presided over th« business meeting, *t which time the class Watches Diamonds Jewelry and Silverware Doll's Jewelry Store 9 SOUTH MARKET ST. FREDERICK. MD. DO YOU WAXT A FIXE CAR? 1946 Chrysler Windsor Highlander 4-dr. Sedan This Car is Perfect MAROON FINISH -- LOW MILEAGE Sale '2295.OO Le PAGE MOTOR CO. N. MARKET ST. EXTD. PAST EBERTS FREDERICK, MD. IREEDOM -1948 We take the opportunity of this Holiday, July 4, 1948, to reaffirm our belief in America and the American way of doing things. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 100 YEARS 1828 194S Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOLD ALL rOUR U. S. SAVINGS BONDS AND PROTECT TOUR FUTURE SPAPERf

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