The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 9
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htlPAY. NOVEMBER 14. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE NINE. ICCEPT OFFER OF CLUB HOUSE FARM BUREAU MEETS TODAY Women of Hutchinson Expr «M Thanks to Senator Carey • .. For Fine Gift. The goal of many years of the Hutchinson women la In Bight, a ttub houao whoro women can meet, hold club meetings and civic gatherings. And all through the gen< erostty of Emerson Carey. Last night 143 women gathered In the Chamber of.Commerce rooms to listen to the proposition which Mr. Carey wanted to make to the women of the city. Mnyof Walter H. Jones presided and Introduced Mr. Carey who told simply how, When lie found that the women of the city were contemplating buying a club house and had looked at his home property at Tenth and Main, ho told bis sons not to put the property on the market while he was In Europe as he had other ends In view. And this end was giving the home to the women of Hutchinson. Bart Secret Organliatlont. C. M. Williams, as attorney for Mr. Carey road the deed which Mr Carey has had prepared. This deeded the property to the Hutch lnson Woman's Civic Center club, consisting of the north 5% foot of lot nine, and all of lots ten and eleven at the corner of Tenth Ave., and Main street. The club shall consist of the white women of the city, shall be a non-partisan, non- aectarlan and non secret organisa­ tion, and no clubs coming under sectarian, secret or partisan rules •hall have memherships represent- do on the hoard of control. Clubs having fifty members belonging to the Civic Center club can have a representative on the board of control. This property can not be mortgaged, or sold and must be Insured at all time. In case of failure to fulfill the provisions of the deed, the property revertB to Mr. Carey or his heirs. Form Temporary Organisation, Following an Informal discussion as to meanB to go about the matter of organization of the club, Mrs. E. B. Yaggy was made temporary chairman with Mrs. Charles 13. Hall secretary pro tern. The presidents or a representative of all women's organizations, present were con, atltuted Into a nominating committee and they proposed the following names as a temporary board to build up the membership of the new club: Mrs. Charlea Bennett, Mrs. E. C. Carhart, Mrs. A. M. . Ward, Miss Pearl Lelghty, Mrs. J. W. Gowans, Mrs, George Gano, Mrs. Kate h. Brooks, Mrs. A. E. Fogelburg, Mrs. Adeline Stratton and Mrs, Albert Thomson. The first start on the membership was tbe signing up of entire 143 ludlos present. The membership tee, and other details will have to be worked out later, the more members the smaller membership foe will be necessary. As soon as 300 memberB, the smallest number possible to be able to handle the proposition, have been secured, a permanent organization will be tonned. To Meet Next Week. Next Thursday night the Women's Civic Center club will meet at the new club house, with a committee composed of Mrs. S. *\ Johnson of the Woman's and Mothers club, Mrs. G. A. Chlckerlng of the Delphian club and Mrs. Maude E. Smith, of the Business and Professional Womon's club, looking after the preparations. The chaliB owned by the Hutchinson Woman's club wil bo sent to the building to Seat the crowd. Mr. Carey has offered to furnish tbe cider from his Willowbrook farm as part of tho refreshments of the evening. Today tho temporary board Issued the "following expression ot appreciation for Mr. Carey's gift to the women of Hutchinson: "This appreciation is written to express publicly the sincere gratitude ot tbe women of Hutchinson for the most gracious gift of Mr. ; EmerBon Carey. The thoughtfulness shown by the gift Is characteristic of Mr. Carey. It will be the endeavor of the women, of Hutchinson to so use the civic center that it will bo an ever growing factor In the development of the Worthwhile social life ot the city." Signed: THE TEMPORARY BOARD. k HUNTSVILLE Annual Session at Salem Community Church—Agent is Shown Active. The fourth annual \ meeting ot .the Reno County Farm Bureau was held today at the Salem Com munlty church. Members of the organization from all parts of the county were present, showing the splendid Interest which is being taken in fnrm bureau work, which does much toward bettering the agricultural conditions In this county. Tho annual report of the Reno county agent during the past year which was presented, showed the Immense amount of work which has been done during the 'past year. V. S. Crlppen carried on tho work during the first 10 months ot the year, and R. W. McCall has continued In the place which he vacated two months ago. Kept on the Jump. The report showed that the county agent had traveled 9,721 miles during tho year in carrying on his work In this county. 1 . He made a total of 261 farm visits. The most Important Work, which has been carried on by the Farm Bureau during the past year haB been the boys and girls clnb work. A total of 410 Boys and girls were enrolled In .the clubs. Thore were poultry, pig, and calf clubs and some of the young people were actively Interested In two different kinds of club work. A two-day club round-up was held at Hutchinson during August. Demonstrations Help. The county ngent held 2i educational demonstrations along agricultural linos during the year. They were nttended by 271 farmers in tho county. The county also furnished tho judges for tho nine community fairs which were held In this county and also helped with planning and arranging the exhib­ its at the fairs. Ho also helped a great deal with tho annual dairy show. In addition to the outside work, the county agent completed a large amount of office work. He mailed out a total ot 7,142 letters during the year. Let us get your _ar in condition for that Sunday drive by thoroughly oiling It and tuning It. Phone 59. Ragland-Klngaloy Motor Co. 14-lt Alcohol for your radiator, 188 proof, Formula 5, at Hockadny's. 14-3t Fearl&Son Jewelers Since 1895 are recognized for their Integrity and Foarl merchandise is ALWAYS ot unquestioned quality. Family Washing All Ironed, Partly Ironed, or Wet Wash * We Use IVORY SOAP and SOFT WATER Model iaim^ DRY CLEANERS mmitSimi WU«rSwfc*.MSi PHONE 44 Fay Wightman and wife attended the Wheat Growers' meeting at Wichita last week. Mrs. Joe Canning returned home last Saturday. She had been visiting her home folks at Baldwin, Kansas, for the past four weeks. Hmmett Hall returned home from Grand Junction, Colorado last Wednesday. George Stlggins and Arthur Tucker were visiting relatives in Oklahoma last week. John A. Landls, of Wichita, U spending a week or two with \V. A. Cox. Norrls Johnson, who is attend ing the Automobile school at Hutchinson, spent the week em; with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. <.' C. Johnson. D. B. Hester and wife spent Sunday with relatives In Hutcnlnsou. F. M. Mahoney and wife visiter! at the home of Dan Meador, north of Sylvia, on Sunday, < Clarence Gantz and wife spent Sunday with Mrs. Oru Duncan, southwest of Aldon. Hurry Biulrie nnd wife of Sylvia, spent Sunday at C. C. Johnson's. The Epworth League gave a party at the home of George W. Huvorcrofi on Tuesday evening. The lluntsvlllu school will give a program, box and pie social at the school house on Thursday, Nov. 13th. Tho Ladles Aid of the Huntsvillo M. 13. church will hold a bazaar and suppor at the Huntsvllle school house ou Friday, November 21st. Alcohol for your radiator, 1S3, proof, Formula 5, at Hockaday's; 'I Read the Classified Advertise- netjts In the News-Herald. 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