The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 4, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1918
Page 4
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' '-I w«Mii8^y <'MHiMWittri) MM; if THE HUTCHINSON NEWS OFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. V. MOBOAN, EDITOR, ESTABLISHED 1*74. Knured at the Poatotflce IB Hutchinson. Kau., tor traimmlBiiion. through the mail* aa s*coiwl»ciass matter. THLEFHONES. fiuslneaa Ofdco Ho. A /.dvorttsliif JJepartment No. % Udltuniu ltoums K". (01 Bocltly Kditor No. 14 IM TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dally edition delivered by carrier to any part ui Huielitnaon, 10 ceata m week. By moil, one year Hy moll, six montha i-nw hy mall, wires muntJw • »o lly tnnll, ode month .• •JO YVcsi./ tiawa, uno yuar. W TO CHANUE ADDRESS. T ho.e«^r »« M .O R ^ ,» lulvcrtlsiug •'""^ftVo'SS^l any advertising Urti it' m •» order i.4 IUoi.iM.ui o 'O .ri*. ur dutconllnuea thank*, obltuiuy ^'V, 4 "^ i',L,tu r e" notlcea, oMy niul ol""" l > •HSVSi iMcupt bundni calls Mr church ^.Sverllslnd MCritioul uru r-HWtueriiu «- HMI will bo carded "or- lh i, u»uw are at The litmlojii olitena ui iv'i, vV.rH City. aiid lluoin.* 9J*-af5 »}»"'* f ,M* v KaJisas gUr^i. ^\ i ~'"Aii!lf« g A S e»oy •. eh A3KrlWn« rata, tyiulo known on aPP»- llooins. No. <M » r l * M MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PHMB The A«uc.«W> V 'V ^^bncSo. ol". lu i ^l". or .To h "rw °io c'«l- ,,U i"rr'i.hl'."'"'"' ropubMcatlon of *<=!»> 0 ,»;. 1 a..:!! , « h-roln are =U »o reserved- The SMIinjer Drug Co. PRES'^KIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone Bl. Wo. 17 North Mam Street, Hutchinson BETTER DAYS. can Soldiers all the way there to tnftke It Hiiro and certain. It might mean battles ovt>r htmdrcdB of miles of Del-; glan and German soil. tint the actual capture of Berlin by the troops of our allies and the soldiers of America might not bo necessary. Military defeat of the Jlun armies along the way might bring about an end lo the war. Getting the Germans out'of France might make some political difference at home for the Germans, such a difference In fact that would hasten or actually bring an end to the war. lleachlng German soli along the niiinc In the populous manufacturing cities might also weaken the morale of the people at home as well as the suldlcrs In the fighting line. And a weakening morale means ultimately a defented nation unless the Germans In some unforsoen way should be able lo gain the offensive and win some land victories. Its a long way lo Berlin but It Is a road that must be traveled by the armies ol the nations fighting Germany or by men representing them, after the fighting is at an end, That Is, it must be necessary to control Berlin politically and economically when the fighting Is over so as lo be able lo decide on the future or the world. Merlin must lie touched by the Allied soldiers or by the polltlcul power of the nations represented by these soldiers. The war Isn't over. It Is nu time lo linig. It Is the lime to set the teelh hard, take the losses In men along with the gains in battle, slick to it lighter than ever with a determination lo see it to the end, once and for all. The rritiit gains have been great, showing ihu resourcefulness of the armies fighting the kaiser. But there Is much more ahead. And it must be finished Job, without a chance 'for reaction when the end comes. Q Abe Martin A knocker alius starts In by sayin' "Oh course, I don't want t' knock-.' What's become o' th' promoter that used t' git up camp mcetin's jest t' sell pop corn balls? ami sail, "reserve; was bad, worse while winning For ino/iths the news was grim we learned the word oh. every day Hie news ami next day it was The gods seemed smiling 4 on lite Hun, while we could hut * retreat; he plied bis snbre and * his gun, and uever met tit-real. We * look oar hitlers' a.s Ihej' came, * K'mtl spoils I hope we wen * TeutoUK played Iheir v * name, ami filled the air with (ur. 4 1 used In hear lite hoys remark. * '.lust wall—the tide will turn! * The prospects now .look pretty 4 dark, but we have faith to hern. * Just wait until our Yankee lads 4 get busy wilh the foe, and shoot * llietn through Iheir liver pads, * or where their whiskers grow!" * And now the better days have * come, Ihe news is lit lo read; we 4 march along to beat the drum, 4 and Huns are snickersneed. By 4 Yankee pep, on which we banker, 4 with Krencli and British force, * the kronprlnz armies have heeu * spunked, and they are howling 1 hoarse. 1 wonder how lhe TeutB 4 will stand the strain they're under * now—lhe homely Teuts who till * lhe iantt, lhe peasant and Ills frnu? * 1 wonder how the German towns * will stand the sick'ning ihud? * They liked the ups. and now the * downs will show their sporting * 4 blood. 1 doubt It Teuts will stand • * Ihe gaff, their sporting form is 4 * cheap; they cannot force n smile * * or laugh when they're Inclined lo * •weep. —WALT MASON. ' Watch out Tor peace propaganda from Berlin, via Vienna or some other seaport. All such things are touched with poison. The only way to be free of them is to pay no attention to them, unless it means the complete hack-down of the present pro- kaisers and lhe rulers of Germany and the complete crushing of tne military system of tho Hun nation. It is isn't often that all the water In the Arkansas river is hidden beneath the bed of that stream, but that is the case this year, the river being absolutely dry Just above Hutchinson. But that's nil right wilh a threat or a rainy season right at hand. Besides ever-flowing Cow creek and Salt creek and the Nluescah river are booming along the same as ever with no shortage of water. • « • 4 THE FINE RAINS. The grass roots are tickled with Joy, mixed with much moisture.' And thus the dry days of Ihe summer time fire at an end in Kansas. The recent rains have touched the spot, gone down to the place where water was needed and found a way to boost along agriculture. Kansas is doing her big part in lhe way of sending men to the war front in Kroner. It is her duly and she is cheerully doing all lhat is asked of her and more. But Kansas also has another duty lo perform in her fight against the kaiser and his advisors. This Is because she Is a great agricultural commonwealth. This year she produced a hundred million or so bushels of wheat without which lhe Allied armies and lhe Allied people would be short. To do Die same thing again the coining year means sowing another large crop (his all. And tills is what the rains will help It do. The moisture 1 B soaking up the soli, filling it with the moisture lhat will be stored away lor autumn and winter uses. And this menus wheal and wheat means u large distance on the wny to lhe end of tho lighting. The rains have also helped the late ' itlfalfa and other feed crops and there will be abundance of QI!B for the live stock of tho state. The pastures will be up and coming, extending their use illness lo Inter in the season. All ol this means more pork and wore beef and uioio mutton lor the men lighting the Hun, and their fuiutlico, u sure guarantee of a sufficient supply of meat for the com(n« year. The I'fUns have boeu wonderful. They put tho wltolu country ill tunc \vllli itself, bring cheer to everyone and uttko us ready to <lu more than our part In fuinlBhlng tho supplies and tho money {or the carry!ug on of jUie war. ___________ The Allies have taken more than 150 towns and villages In the last, two months and there are still more of them wafting to come under the flags of the nations fighting the kaiser. No day passes, just these limes, without tho rormer inhabitants of some French city celebrating its freedom from the German tyrant. after more than ten years of mar- rinse The emphasis, I trust you under stand, Is on the lime element, not on lhe conclusion. How coulti a woman have lived wilh a man over ten years without having realized that he was the sort of man who could not be driven, no matter how right and, in every way, desirable the path down which one wished to drive him. I say "the sort of man" as it that were- nn unusual kind of man. 1 belle the truth. 1 think at least the majority of men are that way. j The older 1 grow, the more 1 see : the resemblance between a man and a! certain beastie who is famous for setting himself firmly against doing what anyone wnnts him to do. Men are supposed to be the reasonable sex, and doubtless they are more reasonable than women, If reasonable means able to reason. If It means amenable to reason, that's quite another matter. Most men are much more amenable to tact than to reason. They may perhaps be guided in Ihe palh you want them to go, If you have that dellcftte feminine talent of being able to guide without letting your guidance be felt. Women arc a hundred times move patient than men. One reason is because they have bad to deal with chil­ is that they have had to deal with- men. They have always had to learn to get what they wanted \>y indirection, and indirection breeds patience. And now I wonder what the people who still persist In believing I nru a man, think of that broadside? _ Mon-ls C. Vandcrjajt, Cedar drove, Wis. Dlf£0 OF ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Patrick J. t)oy *B Worcester, >Ia*9. Privates r, Norvln \V. llowlln. liirdrlck, town. I'ilmer t-eatfr Kreshor, U>s Gatns, Cal. Albert W. Ixircll, River Houge. Mich. William P. Meuile, Brooklyn,- N, T. . Nicholas J. Tnrkaackes, New York, «. DIED FROM AIRPLANE ACCIDENT) Lieutenants _ Alexander Blair Thaw, Mew York, N. Jlohcrt II. Wood, Jr., f'harlotteavllle, V«. WOUNDED SEVERELY!* Lieutenants Jesse C.Coldlron, Wakeeny, Kan. Hnrolil I. Pair, llruoklyn, N. Y, llnymond Ororgc Turk, HmtVn CUV. Mich. Harry D. rtrown, T/iwell, Mass. John l-\ Voffe, Applrton, Wis. Serneants Hush L. Allen. Waco, Texas. Pre« Dora Ml. olive, HI. Iicwla H. Williams, lirlilgeport. Conn. Erncat Kccbtcr. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theodore Hlchnid KutaehliiHkl, Oranit Itnplds. Mich. Waller !* price, Kllsmillcr, Md. Hurry Emerson Pcoti, tlrantt Haplds, Mich. l'"rank tlrahkar, Moroueha, Austria. Frank D. McCrank, Mice l*ko, Wla, ' John Partner,, Tnrtuipot, Austria. Frank ltoltcnnan. Hnskn, Hungary. Corporals William Bardt-n, liiiUiumpolfct tnd. .lames OhiUmh, YYulerburjr, Conn. Fml M, Drake. Springfield, O. Nlla C. Erlekson. llrouRlyn, N. T. Frank Gondck, Milwaukee, Wis. George W. Lancaster, Greenville, 8. C. Victor Magoon, Karre Hlntns, OklA. l'hyfor 15. Pitt mini, Tyrone. Okla. Peter Ha.wt>Yll, Milwaukee, Wla. George D. Srtner, t'eliiitibtis, O. Harry Strickland, llruuklyn, N. 1. K»rl J. Watts. Kniin Valley, l'a- Wllllam J. l.'intiliiiiit-h. GlourealPr, Kicnnrd K. Clnidohlia, Sheboygan, Wis. Wllltam A. Koit. Anlivtne, h>. Joseph K Me .Niiihen, t 'liil.lutlphlH, l'a- Alpliuna Nle-ioth, Hut Spnuk-S Ark. J<uepti Mehl .ider, Oemilo, Wis. ^ lainiu fcA-ereti Shniiu-r, ivtiluiniuoo, Mich. niwx tiprngue stotflel. Ann Arbor, Mich. IMiwal'd J. Devlnu. liurllngton, VI. J«diin rugate. AJ-.V , Ky. Uemttrd l'atnek KiHrtiiaugh, Kalamn- *IH >, Midi. Jjenjiuimi P. Mt.'l?ormlek, Conway, S. C. John b'renuui Mace, Hhlunonu, Mich, 'i iu-odoic Milter, ducato 1 . ill. Benjamin A. Ahu-eliiml, Moansvllle, Va. Henry l-\ SunderliiKe, Mavltson, Wis. Grant Seymour \Ytlimui», Hudson, Wis. l',dwai-d C. * a tea.- Ohicagu. HI. William -Klndttrt", West Deuce. Wis. John Kuthowskt, MUwudkvie, Wis, Bugler l'.iul Forcha, Oiuieaum, Texas. . Musicians Leroy B. Gray, Atpenii, Mich, JoSeph-.Orctonc, Philadelphia J ' V- .- Mechanics John *f. JncQbson, Chlsholm. Minn. Ueorg« V. Summer*, Kthv.1, Mo. .;- cook 'Arthur Murl Morris. Dlll'und. Mich. Privates George A. Aber,. Ihinrord, Mich. Harold J. Adams, l'coi'in. ill. Charles ' Henry A/ten, Jonln, Mich. Hoy J. Allen, Georgetown, Miss, ldmce A. Anderson, Mlndoro, Wis. t'tttjl Amlrtiazklewicg, Detroit. Mich- Georee Cornelius Arts, Marinette, Wis. lilton J. AumouRher. ltattle Creek, Mich. Ivlmer G. Italn," Tortage,., Wis. Hubert \v.V * Bancroft, . Wlndsorvlllo, COIHI. *• .Sieve c. Barber. Springvlile, Pa. Alfred Brlhioinlnl, Clllniso, III. Glen Ber«er. Therniopulis, Wjro. - Musician William V. twvldaon, Chicago, HL- Mtchahle : John t>. SlbrmK Aniiovcr, N. Y. Privates Kellls Ayros. Mrooka. W. va. Norman netr. Cleviiaml, Ohio., . WIllnM I'. Mfllrtney. Keypbrt. N^-J., Antonio Marino, Stjiio, Italy.. l/>uUt Sobel, Mc» ^'ork, N, V, ' Mhlard !•', Adarmy-B. St. l^lils, III. George A. BedflsTi, Hyde 1'ntk, Masi. t'arl T, Cnldrone, Wllkisharre, I'a. Isaac W. Hooker, tlnlon C'lly, Ml<h. Wllllft-m Thomas MeCune, Jr., Newcastle, Pa. Dnlc F. Henn, Gnsport, ind. I->ed Hevlah, Mason city. Neb. Henry Drake, Aqullla, Ton. Hov S. Bekhaitlt, Monmouth, 11L Getirgo R Karrar, Vederal, Vu. Iclward FfPtiev, Brooklyn, N. Y. John M. Kellahd, Itothsny, Minn. Charles Fleming, I'lUshm-ah. Pa, SulllvaA Forte, W'nterbttry, Cvwn, All>ert H. Fowler, !,yhn, Mns». t?harlle A, Henderson, Jacksonville, 111. . _ James P. Hleks. Canton, N. C. ' lllehard Ontnt Hill. Passaic, N. J. Art Holdermans. flottciiliim, HollaiiH. John C. Horn*, I'llsgerahl. Onf Chaille n. Hubbard, New Orleans, La. Haskel Iliiial, I,lne, H. Dnk. Arthur llernard Johnson, hlttlc Falls, Minn. Bniory Leonard, Geneva, Neb. Heyman t.evlne. Newark. N. J. Joseph Charles McMullea, Brooklyn. N. Y. ^ ,, Joseph Wflllam Mnhon, New Yufk, N. T. , Andrew- Maratitf. Monte To Forte, Italy .loo Anionic. Martin,^ Batik! Creelt, Mich. Andrew Mott. Amity, Mo. Alexander Cohh Mottiey., Hheppnnl. V.i. Henry Mell Nicholson, Krlthvllle, lji. Charles lllehard Nlekerson, Jamaica, N. Y. Chester John Nowakowshl, South Bend, Ind. Verner Klster Nunley, AbltiKton. Vs. Hugh llliifklinrn Odneal. prairie H"iiie, Mo. HenO' M. Pne^, Cnnli-MR,., 1'n. I.lnwooil Peai-soe, Vni-l.-onouth, Vo. I'.-iiil Ciolln Polmb 'XIer, i .'iiillv-, K.%. Peier VOTI-O , Ciisolie, Italy. William J. Potts. HiirtlnKtun, Neb. Jnlm H. Psenclk. Meretn. Texas. Wllllnin'lleeae, plllahurch, I'a. Ilavlcl II. Held, BrldKenolt. Conn. Thomtis II. Ueynolds, Hkiiuealeles, N- Pa. 7\ From lhe looks of things all the eleel In the country, not In actual use in some necessary industry, is to go lo government use in fighting the war to a successful conclusion. Winning lhe war Is the biggest thing we have lo' do these dnyB. We are to pay a third ot tho expenses of the war in cash, through war taxes, and two-thirds on borrowed money, borrowed of ourselves, on ldberly Bonds. But money is the- one thing the United States can find when it comes to conducting a war like the present one. Here is what William C. Cora- well, editor oT the Baeha. Revievy, says in a recent issue ot ibis publication: "Tho greatest danger today is from peace. It is Impostibic to reach Berlin with our armies litis winter, and talk of peace before that is treason." / Lens wns a long time falling, but there come a dayj^hon tho Germans were not BO strong, three years ago. ns thoy were * <«''.*?# # • * 4 A UONG WAV TO BERUN, The rood 19 Berlin la « lo(i# one, When we talk ol "unconaitional BUn-epde-r'' ot the Germans u m»y {)% * WHY WOMEN ARE MORE <e> * PATIENT. * * •<•> <?• By ltuth Camerou, * «• . . .•• «t • <i> <v <i' 4> * * * * * * i"'* "Ami if I'd a»k him to do that he would have probably thought it was a dreadful Imposition. Ho might have done it, but he would have fussed hi* head off about it; and then, again, he mighi have absolutely refused lo do it."' A wire who had been married upwards of ten years, was speaking. Her husband bud recently done a very kind thing, involving considerable personal effort (that which many of us who are generous of money will often rofUBo to give) for some of hor people, and she had just heard of It. She was pleased, and yet In a way emsporalod. "If you kuew," eho went on with a gesture ot helplossness, "how stub- bprn ho has been when I'o asked him to do some slraplo little thing for tb«m, so we times. Well. I begin tp think tne paJy way Is not to try to wake M IR flo. Mylhlnr.'' ' "" ^IMWF? lo «>»« wucluitou v ARMY CASUALTY USlj The rollowiiiBtaiualtici ale're'#6rted by the GonrmaJidtng General of .the American t;xpedltloniu-y Force. 1 *: ICIlled -In action. 54; ntls^lng In action, 76; wounded severely, 10"; died of disease, '15: wounded, degree undetermined, 78; died of wounds, 7: died from airplane nceldent. 2; died fi-om accident and other causes, 6. Total, tilt. KILLED IN ACTION: Captain Frank M. Leaehy, f^iwrence, Mass. ' | Lieutenants Itfty Kura Uosttck, Manton, 'Mich. ' Harry M. Ktlser, Chlcano, 111. Sergeants ; Fred Amanita, .Molitlcelio, Wis. Clyde Clifford CUnefeller, Coldwater, MltOl. I'klwnrd Alexander Cotllns, Port Huron, Mirh. Frank Gardiner, New York, N. Y. Harold Johnson, Menominee, Mich. Dewey N. 1-aPage, Superior, Wla. John M. Nownk, Milwaukee, Wis. Corporals Claude William Alcrman, Bronson, Mich.' Peter Joseph Ilovln, Menominee, Mich. David i&irl Cllne, Toledo. O. Gordon M. Giothers, llockford, Mich. Gilbert D. Karstoii, Keelapd, Mich. John lackey, Nemus, Mich. Coa>[i;a>r No^us Leveaux, Ludington, Mich. • Herberl TJrndy Marlin, Warren, Ark. John M Miller. Spring Valley, Wis. Bugler Alfred Branchial, Iron River, Mich, Mechanic Jacob Brzozowskl, Detroit, Mich. Privates Frank Harry Allen, Norlh St., Mich. IlaJph Allen, lilmduJe, Mleh. William -liaker. Menominee, Mich, Itobert Ilanalsler, t^tpae, Mleh, . Honry I'Yanels Bashore, Marine City, Mleh. itajpll Bender, Tiro. Ohio. Kmery Brady, Merlin, Ontario, Cannda. Walter Braowakl, llnmtrnmck, Mich. Karl Bmillck, Otiwego, Mich. Joe thinker, Mllbtink. S. D. Avery Campbell, Sparta, Mich. Hoy Canavan, Ylcksbui'K, Mich. William McKlnley Huff. Sand Luke, Mleh. Sliinlsliiw JnnczysV, Cleveland, O. Jaeob Jaworakl, Hiunlrfimck, Mich. Stephen Jaworbkl, Detroit, Mich. Alfred Johnson, Oconto, Wla. Nicholas P. Kapuros, St. IAIUIS , Mo. John Kalopodes, Ann Arbor, Mich. Itouban Krull, Thrq»..Klyers, Mich, i William Uppert, Pliirka ltd. Ky. I„-iyton Ixingan, Colirornla,» Mo. Giovanni Loreazl, Plstorla, Fenen2l, Italy. ""•"•- •"•..'••-•• ••• -••--' -•«'-' ••• •--•- ---J- Otlo J. I^uiid, Blooming I*i-rilrie, Minn. Frniic-ls Miller, Jackson, Mleh. - N^tsnr Mudakew,: McKeesrocks;. Pp* J*sllu c, Pearson,. Duncan, Ky- -Guiaseptii y'plloaerp, Kenosha.Wis.- o. p. Price, Pollock, I^a. Adam Iloman, Natrona. Pa".' V ? lltilllo C. BlieUno, ISaat Spalls, Ohjo. GeorKC Thompson, Pallon, wis. .. Joseph Hohn, Westmoreland, Kan.< DIED OF WOUNDS) Captain . "', William H. Coaoher. Mllohell, S. O, Lieutenant Mdwln B. Thorsen, Ashland, Wis. , Corporal William C. StekelberB. Mlddleton,"WD. Wagoner George L. Btalon, Wells, Minn. Privates Vaalo Alemoff, -Kx«rt, Macedonia, Greece. Andrew Molenoek. Hniontown, Pa, Ixila L. Owenaby. Klotclier, N. CJ PIED OF DI8EA8E Sergeant James L, Stork, inilliuielphla, I'a. Bugler Wild W. Jackson. Success, Mo, Cook Albert While, Washington, D. C, Nurse Iviitherlno F, Irwin, Exeter, N, H. Civilian Daniel Lainont, London, England. Prlv»t*« William Edwin Courtney, 17 W. 14th St, Lswrsnoo, K«n. Alfred D. Harmor, Philadelphia, y», Stave lloxenus, Perth An)boy, N. J. Charles F. Johnson, Providence, ft. J, J«nte> F. MoOann, Bt. Paul, Minn. —c»p)evlile, Tenn. td«,.C«Uf. - '»Bjir _h, P». Georce L. Ulggleiiian. li.d.^ville. W. Va. Siwmiel Koth, PnaiHlc. N. J, Joseph Htibln.. MilladelDhln. Pa. Cliatli'v 11. Itusseli, Conway. Ark. Harry n. v, sundhrrg, St. Chnrlep, ttl. Frank Sanders. Newark, N. J. ClMiiles Fretlerlck Sehmuti, Urooklyn,. N. Y. _ . . John J. Sholwell. Bering. Texas. Arthur Thompson. Oelvale. Kan. Norn-an K.. Wolffenbarh. UnffaUi, Js". Y. John Yttnin, Jersev illr, N. Jt ' John lhiogl, Phllndelphla, I'll. Trunin C.elle.ltl, Home, Holy. Louis Ch.irlev Conrad, Natoma. Kan. MISSING IN ACTION P-at. Sot. Ma lor Frank W. itsv-rnond. clileaso. 111. Serqeants . ' Joseph Oeflrou, Minneapolis. Minn. Jrtt- hrldgea, Englewodd,' &tr>n. Herrnan KocrrTer, Owehstiovo, KJ-, George Nelnis, OentTnlln, 111. Sherman Hlppnrden, Omnhn, 111. Michael Solomon, Brooklyn, N. 1. John Wlsiilc*«kl, Toledo. O. Cerporala Herbert Arnold, Owetlsboro, Ky. paiilck Bt-eeh, Tlppernry, Ireland, ljiwi-ence Brlngenberg, Nese.kopek, PA. Illley J, Cownrt, McDonald, On. Frank Di-tlloppcs, l.'orlito rerllcnrn, Italy. Kievrin Dxiiltimky,-Elisabeth, N. J. Samuel E. Fowlkes, tlrlrfltlwMlle, W. Vu. Jacob It. Gnhell, Hacker Valley, W. Va. 'IHIUIS H. Gordon. Itlehmonil, Va. John H. Illichtock, I lump ton, Mass, , M1tchi-ll 0. Huffman, nctldles Itlver, M, C. - , Hugh V, O'NeP, Brookllnc, Mass. ' Foster K., Paul, Sprlngfh Id, MOSB. _ Ki-nnk H,.nohln*un, Springfield. Mnsu. l*ri M. Sntllii. Hnrbor StulnCT, Mich. : William A. Smith, Hnrbor, Springs. Mich. . . ..Charles SUhlBeiilch, 'Brooklyn, N. V. Mechanic James F#. Swangune, Ashvllle, N.. c. Privates ' John Archer Alberta, Philadelphia, Pa. Attlleo .nahaasl, Indianapolis, Ind. John Uartusavtch. Dr.trott, Mich. George llntiinan, l-Iilladelphlii, Pa. . George Benl, Gary, Ind. John C. llelsswanger, Jr.," fteadlng, Pa. Joseph BIMko, Cloveland. O. John IJm-kea, Trcntos, N. J. Jessie A. Cnpps, Harlnn, Ky. Charles H, t'nrletnn, Splrn, Okln. Franklin C. Clnnr, Clnysburg, PH. ltnlph Colelhl, New York, N. Y, C.hai'lea R. t:naby, Htiscintillo, Ind. Henry H. Belaney, Jr., 81. I^uls, Mo. Kverctt B. Iicttmahn, Verdon, Neb. John N. Dill, Sclnia, Calif. CunlsK Donaldson, Washington, Pa, Wick McKlnley Donohew, Tulsa, Okla. Alfred William Doyle, Weaton, ,Mo. Charles Diienkle, Shart>sViurt(, Pu. James H. 'iclllotl, Wild Cherry, Ark. William S. Fair. West Middlesex. Pa. Alfonso Farlnosl, Mntmrield, Ghlo. 'Philip Flnitel, Ml. Vernon, N. Y. John t> Gundy, Tupelo, Mlas. Alli 'Kl Gnieln, Tlenn Aniurllln, N. M. John tlx nleliinhkls. Gary, md.- Ysaljel Granlllo, Omaha,' Neb. James S. Graver, l.ns crnees, N. M. Fr.'tnt 'lM M. Harvey, Viola, Ark. Jitnn P. llerrertl. Taos. J*. M. Chester llnwin-d, Hrodhcnd, Ky. Joseph L. Iliigiies, New York.' N. Y. Ilnro'd J. Huntley, Jackson. Mleh. Vlnre Ininan, Williams. Ind. Gnidy I.. Jenkins, Sleeky, Ga. Axel Johnson. Fi-eilerlekslmld, Norway. Hnrry K. Jnhhson, Chesterton, iml. •Hairy F.. Johnslon. Malta, Colo. Khelburu Klncatd Mlddletown. l.'onn. I.nnrence A. Knowiea, nuffnlo, "Mo. John Konch, BltiRhamton. N. Y. Joseph Lnhnrbera, Br .rKiklvn • N. Y". -Virgil L. Lnmson. Van Wert, Ohio. Jacob T. f-enimens, jNewurk, N. Y. Wllllnm'A. I.Hch. Lynn; Mass. Mnklolu l .oi ''k..Plllal>uri!h, Pn. Waltei- I.eesnk. MeKeesnort. Pn. Previously Reported Killed In Action Now Reported Wounded. .Lieutenant; Frank A. Marwood. utehliioml. Va. Pivvlously Reported Missing In Action " MNc^foSoried W6-oH8J*1. ' • , - ' Sttoeant. ., •-'Irving S. Clfllr, I nlladelpfili>,:Plli-. ..'.•'. Corporal. " - , ... Aaron T. l,laelmwit«. MahAhdy CUrvr*. Privates..,,-, • Julius ncOker, Sliirgis, Mich.; i» . \yilllitm Derrick, Cleveland, ^J, M6S Koblnson. Philadelphia, v MARjNE CASUALTY LIST Summary ot casualties to Dates * Oftlcees—Deaths, M; woundefl, <0j mlssniK, '. Sub Intnl. 98. ... , KmlsieiC Men-Meaihs, «7lii wolindedi l.HV^i-ln hands ol enemy, 10; missing, 123. Sub lulitl,. :'."l),1. Grand loiol, ?.'ifl.- 'I'he followniK laiaiallles. arc reported bv Ihe i.'om.-nivnding in-nernl ot the American lOxpFilllloniiry Forces tlncltllled In nlmve ttiinl): Klllnl In netloh, 8; tllefl of Wounds received In notion, 1; wounded In action, severely, I; Wounded In action, degree niiileterinlned, 2. Total.'7. : KILLED INACTION! Serueant " Hills M. Miles, Spokane, Wash. Corporal James D. Johnson. Hlythevllle, Ark, : Private lOilwln M. Gonnnn, Onkwoc-d, Texas.' DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTIONI Private •- . Jon MeF. Hiimler, lonlsvlllo, Ky. ' WOUNDED IN ACTION! f&averelv) Scrneant Morion Oreen, Saulle Sle. Marie, Mich. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Degree undetermined) Privates Ilohert F. Gill. WcHtcl, Tenn. WlliliMii I k MeNenl, t'rtuinn, Ohio. Jiffiea F, Mon»W) Isaac Paine. c»pii,,.„., ... Wilfred U luiey, Alameda, •jtndo Bdckslaele, Ston'tale. Manitoba, Cuiutda. Dolphv Brockmaii, Monett, Mo. OUn Albert Bullock. Delroit, Mich. cuius Carpenter, Antlgw. "Wis.' - Arthur Cha-tfleld. Si. L'hai'1«a, Mich. Francis FltiNlrlek, (Vhkosh, Wis. Ira A. Fowler. Clarkavllle, Fla. W. Ufhr, Brodheort, Wis. Vincent George. Wlnneika,. 111. John D. Goodwin, Knltl; Mont. George HolcDihpe, Kocltroart,. GB. ' Ilobejt Johnson, v;hfcago. 111.' Alexandcr-.Kabak,' Brooklyn,•"N. Y. Fred F.~iKa*sSle&- J»ew ^ oik, K. V. . Elmer-WvJ>aU*re, Culver; .Hani I'etcr Klev*r^SjjiisboTp;:-N.-P,:.. - Hajry C,'.'Lo4fcley,-a'aoll. Ind. Chniles U l^onord. Woikervilln, Mont Svunla-A. Llndgren. .Cambridge, Mass. Jack ijpshlti. KobriP, Russia. John J. Lundstrom, Little,- River, Kan. Simon B. Machurskl, Milwaukee, W». Chester Mlcluilak, Milwaukee, Wis. Charles IS. .Hitler, Anaconda, Mont. Andrew Molenock, Unlontowh, Pa. William Mulliiii Akron, O. James V. Murphy; Ilasl Winfield, X- Y'- Wrlo G. Nelson, Hudson,-Wis. Hlmer O. Anderson. Dejr.Moines, Iowa. I-vmmett 15. JJankston, Independence, La. Axel Berg, Nesjestrand, Molde, Norway, Frank H. Bergslrom, Itrlstow, Neb. Jol\n Bergslead. Thomttson. Iowa. Chnrlej* Dl MarUno, Philadelphia, Pa. Arthur M. Donaldson, Lordsburg, N; M. John H, iOvereii, Mikado, Mich. - Csirl P. Hodges, KlngHton, Tenn. , George Holder, Wlnaton-Salem, N. C. Herman £3.. >larn,::"Sa*nmervUle, N. Y. John KaranUlas, :Cecopver, Korintos, Greece. '• J vaut-hn Kelfer, Stockland, Calif, Harold T. Jy?oimrd, New Yoilf, N. Y. John J McGiann, Norlh Walpole, N. H. John N. Meade, Chicago, III. Joe M. Parker, Stems, N. C. ja .tr .es i'^tward Powell, Coviiiglon, Ky. Paaqualc K:ino, • Lowolivllle, O. Leonard Kdwnrd Keinow, Marshficld, Wla. Aionzo Boark, Claxby, Mo. t:arlea H, Itogau, Windsor,. Wis. •Henry J. Scheopner. Fllot Point, Xex. Anion Schilling, Milwaukee, Wis. Henry F. Schwujboch, Scotcii Plains, N. 'Joseph Sosriowakl. Milwaukee, Wis. Joseph Shapiro, iloxbury, Mass. lloseph J. Sky, Odunah, Wis. Thonuis .Stureliun, Oshkosh, Wis. •* lllehard Id. Warner, Genoa. Wis. Bert IX. llowen, Newport. Mon., Une. Ora V, DeWitt, Weatherrord, Okla. Orville J. Ktslngor, Arlington, Ohio. Albert Gundersup, Northwood, N. D. Harmon Hatched, Harlsville, S. C. Gulelnio Mu-rsulli, I H vc^ Cumlgllani, llaly. George C. Metcoir, Klagpond, Tenn. Abraluini Nemo, Detroit, Mich. Igmitlous G. Ocnos, Alugnesla, Turkey, Asia. WUliam pohror, New Y'ork, N. i'. Alvin Toellner, Shawano, Wis. Albert Schitdllch, 14 Manistee, Mich. James F. Shoemaker. New Hope, N. C, William Smahl, Huttsbjusoru M("Jt- Natale Sterlne, Windsor lAcliu, Conn. Michael A. Stevens. New York, N. Y. - Obbl Ttiumiison, Waynesboro, Miss. k Charles Vcrlln Thuftjbk .pig Haplils, Mich, ^John Oscar Vcneino. (JrajnV - Rapids, Mich. .r» . r Lloyd Aiiguala Wlnkleblack, Kalania- loo, Mich. Daniel Oaks. Springfield, Ohio. Clarence OrvhL JJonneuu, fi. C. Bolcslaw Pajede, RUxobeth fark. N. J. Clarence E. Beynolds, Vajlonla, Ind. ltklward Norrts Sayors, Detroit, Mich., l^eotmrd J. Holler, Wausau, W'is, Mike Smith, Ashland, Wis. Orval StnlUi, Allegan, Mich. Will Smith, Sprlngrlcld. Ky. Eui'cne H. Springer, Jllooniington. 111. William Sieffko,' Wyandotte, Mich. ISmery Clement Stewart, Woodvlllc, Mich, ciaudn w, Strpllng, ML Vernon, Tex, Clyde I* Strong, Bust Jordan. Mloh. Kdward Swcenoy, Gonou, Mont James li. Tockabprri, Saull Ste. Marie. Mich. William F. Thornhlll, Loulavllle, Ky. Frank, Gordon. Wis. Clinton C. \VcddelI. Startup, Wash. Henry Willis, neadwood, B. D. Boss Yielding, Bayou Chicc, La. • WOUNDED: (Deoree Undetermined) Lieutenant Bobcrt Bailey Kephart, Charlotte, M. C. 8erp,eante Samuel Joseph Comolle, Detroit, Mich. Harry L. Kiupphell, PlttBbtirgh, Fa. Henry Charles Appcll, EvansvHln. Ind, Frederick O. Brown, Warren, 0. James B. Macelroy, Worcester, Jdass. Carl Fi cdorlek lUcharde, Hartford, Wis, Csrporali • . Michael p. Brannahaii, Westfleld, Mass. Mairshall J, cliuney. Coalmoot, fa. Haas V. Loughran. South Beach, Ore. WilUaw 0. UBBflliat TfcVIIkoAlwrro, P«, ^'Is the demand\ zzrof-to-day In the Health and Strength \ the Wives and Mother* Rests Lhe Future Integrity of the Nation. "We must preservo our womanhood. There Is new!, greater than ever for strong women. Apparently, the raco is not as sturdy as formerly or oar women are victims of an over-civilUatlon and less Able to resist 1 disease* Thouianda • niter ami thousand* mo*« are d«itlned to, >iua«r from that moat lnaldlour- of dlaenaca. eaUrrh. Nlootjr-eovan,. per cant of the poopla havo cat^xrl- It ia not confined to th* head, nose And throat aa naany aupuoae. ' Catarrhal tntlammatlon may attack the: atom- ach, bowala or any portion- oC tha body vrbere there are muooua 1 In Inga. It la no respeclor ot paraona cr poaltlon. H very one ia liable to attack. Mre, Mary- Prlcko, 607 Borhmnn Bt., Belleville. 111., waa one of KM ftctlma. She aaya; "I havn weighed as lHtle aa 100 pounda. For yearn I Buffered with my B torn sen, cramp* and severe headaches. After read- ifna; Br. Hartman'a Houlth Book, I ^decided to try Perunu. The flrat hottlo brought good r«aulta. but aa 1 -was bound to get -w«U, 1 took twelve. Fifteen years aso. I started with Porune and X wouldn't be without It. My wolifht !• now around 200 pounds, and I am halo .and hearty at tha agio of 63. I can do as much work'na my daughter.'' ' The uae.of Peruna for forty-five year a In the American family had proved Its worth. Jf you are alck, do not give up, try Per una. Wrllo The Peruna Company. Dept. D, Columbia a, Ohio, for Dr. Kartman*a Uealth Book. It ts free. Peruna la sold everywhere In Mould and tablets. Inalet upon having Dr. Hart- mun's Famoua Peruna Tonic. Aak your dealer for a Peruna Almanac* AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Sopply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY J14-116;Sjierman St East Auto Supplies, Toole arid Qarajj. Equipment. Distributors: Botch, Connecticut, Atwnter, Kent, 8trombero Carbu. retore, and Leak: Proof Rings. Phone 3000. ; 6 B ELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief RELL-ANS •#FOR INDIGESTION ARRH of the BLADDER relieved in 24HOURS Basil Osj sulo beers BMW q/»ewifeT>tf* McVAY LIVER* TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. -MYSICIANa. H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treetment .f Chronic Diseases ' Ensmlnollon »nJ Dlunosle rre«. IH West First St.. Hutchinson. Ksnes* Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with Dr. LoutKa F. UlctituUoxl, Hults Ml norabauvh-Wlley Dullalng. Phone 2B02W, TE8T1NO EYES AND FITTINO "SPECTACLES Is our epcolalty. Prices r»a»8n»ble; accurate service, . SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3389. —"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"THE »VanZandt '* p co DISTRIBUTORS • 13-1B>19 First East REO Automobiles > and Trucks HASKARD MOtOR do., 17«rslWwt Phone 243 W ICHITA Arnold Auto Go. HUTCH,N80N Marroon-—Heynee—Dodge Brothers Phon. J707 AWt«P0Wle» . » E«» Flr»i St The Salt City Motor Car Co, j^Shermwi>JB»»l Also gtwdebatar Pam and Service ElectricBattery&RepairCo. ojjjTBieMTOHi wi ^/VRO ST0Rt \QB B\TTERIBS UMd by «7 Pf r cent »'AH Manvfaeturtfl UABOSST SATTERY RiPAtR STATION IN KAgBf»„_, tH aherman Ca«l, . - -» pneoe »f-» , f^i II ^PvfliJN 9C ANY fATTfUY AT AKY Tlf>i Directory of the .-- . . • Rorabaugh-WHey Bldg. Elevator service day and nlffel. AKOHLTECTS MANNA n.iom'"s GEROVV phone alM, ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT AtUrn»y-«t-Law (08 U.-W. Dlilg. DKNTISTS I. J. JONES, D.ntlat, Suits (li .tl. Pltene SOW. iniYSiCli-NS AND' SU11GEONS Hi M. STEWART, M. O, •ulU ttl, '. tucclsl Attention to-Eye, Ear, Nee. and Throat aiestee Awuretely Fitted. . Dr. iSlta Mundell. Pr. W. N.HvodeU OR8, MUNOELt, Suite UI R..W. Bldf. Phone IMIW. 0. A. BUA8DEI. x PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON suite ttl. Office Phene 8?lt He*. Phpne |741 PH. LOUI8E F, HICHMONP, Suite I8ti 1 Office Phone ?««W. Residence temn O. A. CHIVKERINO,. Phyalelan-Sursnn. Be«. Trt. WIBi,,.. Ofjled 7f «J, m »W.r PR,, A, 0. B6AI.I. . Phyiltlan anil Surgeon SpechM Attention to pl»fB«*l«. phoDee: Room V)i Office 3399W. Bee. tm ~ Pr. H. 0. 8TBHRf|TTj ' ! >l PrucUco limited to Bye, 'tar, noso and .Ibrsal. ppom 8UJ, UorrMiitUp-h-WUey HWtf" >'A«W '«»' W BAVIB,

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