Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 19, 1998 · Page 15
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 15

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1998
Page 15
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Friday. June 19.1996 Page 14 GEORGE NASI CONSTRUCTION, Inc. BiuMrr//Wrr (715) 561-4741 316ViSUve*St. P.O. Bos US Httrtey.Wia. Homes •k Turn-Key Construction available it Choose one of our many plans or bring in your plans • * All Residential and CommeK iai Construction EVEMMO »:OQ pm 14 A Goofy Movie Arwnated. Goory drags his leervage son aJong on a vacation. Voices o/ a* Farmer. Jason Ma/sder>. 1995 (CC) 6:20 pm IS So I Married an AM Mur- 7:00 pm 17 Volcano 18TheVaiacMl>aperaMobMefsse«n from informer Joseph Valachi's viewpoint. Chart«s Branson, Lino Ventura. 1972 22 Murder a* 1600 Trw presidents son is implicated in a secretary's deatti. t>V«si»y Snip**. Oitnm Lan«. 1997 (CC) 14 Marlowe A private eye pursues • stripper and her murderous husband. James Gamtr. G*yt* Humicutt. 1969 34 F«M Tbne Three prankish students cross pattis with bar* robbers. Aftc*»y Ftourkt. Stepften Baldwin. 1995 40 You Can't Hurry Love A jilted man from Ohioheads to LA. m search o) lot* love. D«vid Padter. Scoff MeGinntj 1988 7:20 pm 14 Air Bud A tonefy boy discovers a dog with a noso lot basketball. Micteat Mar, Kevin 2»<f«rs. 1997 (CC) 7:30 pm 35 Gunsmoka A stranger must prove fits worth before he is accepted.: Au&a Murphy. Susan Cabot 1953 »:00 pm 6(6) 11 (6) 12 Dying to Belong A freshman crusades for justice after a fatal hazing. Hilary Swank. J«nn* von Oy 1997'14'<CC) 15 Honeymoon In Vega* 28 Orphan Train Slum orphans are transported west to find new (armlies Jiff a*an6«fry. Kevin Dobson. 1979 32 Die Hard An officer stogle-hanciedly takes on a band of terrorists. Bruc* Wiiis. Bonnie Bactote. 19*8 (CC) 8:45 pm 17 Ambu*h*d 9:00 pm 22 Truth or Coneequenc**, N.M. Furtive criminate abduct a couple and head for New Mexico. Vincaof Ga«o, «y*«rti WMamson. 1997 (CC) 40 Crocodile Dundee An Australian hunting leg«od braves the wilds o4 Manhattan. Paul Hogsn, LmOa KoriowskJ. 1986 *: 05 pm 34 They Onry KiH Their Maalm The murder oJ a dls/eputabfe divorce* is investigated. James Gamtr, Kattitrin* Rota. 1972 \ 9:10 pm 1 • Once Upon » Time bVAmer- ica Sergio Leone's sprawling portrait of Jewish gangsters. Robert D» Mro, James Woods. 1964 9:15 pm 3« Pory««ter Suburban kf« becomes too much for a flamboyant horn- em akar. Divir*. Tttj Hunter. 19*11 9:30 pm 35 The Omega Man A germ war survrvor Is be»et by plague-spawned vampires. enaction Htslon. Anthony Z»n». 1971 9:35 pm 21 The Jerh An incredibly stupid man stumbles into good fortune. Srev* Martin. B«m»derT* Pet»rt 1979 *: 40pm 15 Low* Story 10:30 pm 32 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Cytxxg* battle lor a youih who holds the key to me Mure. Afraid Schwarzenegger, Lind* Htmtilon 1991 (CC) 11:00 pm 22 Movei Deelree A writer and his archrival fmd passion between the pages. Caroline Mont&th. Tytor Gains 1991 2* Orphan Train Stum orphan* are transported west to ftnd new famdiei Ml £*ent>eny. Kevin Oo6*oo 1979 40 MwM* It on Rio A businessman ha» a fang wrtfi hit besl Mends deugMer MKheei CawM. Jotepn Botoym 1963 11:0» pm 34 The Defeermen Pang Doberman pinscnen are trained as bank robbers Byron Ma£«. Ha/fl**d 1972 11:1S pm 39 Tenan an4 lh« Hun«re«a Tarzan defend* his home from a ruthless female adventurer. Johnny WeV&s- mu*er. Brtncta Joyct. 1947 11:20 pm 1S The Ctty o« UMI CMkdnn 11:30 pm 17 Men in Black 11:50 pm 21 Tarzan, tft* Ape fttan A savage white man abducts an Engfesn- woman in Africa. So D*r*fc. Kcfifni Hams. 1961 12:OOam14Thelncre<m>*e Journey Two dogs and a cat set out on a dangerous trek home. Bodper, T*o. 1963 (CC) 12:09 am 3* FaM Tim* Three prankish students croea pat* w*h bank robbers. Mpc*«y«ourt». SMfiOen S**Awr). 1995 12:45 am 16 Ba*4c IrtaHnct 12:50 am 22 Aden An outer-space slowa: way attacks intarsteMar miners. Tom SA'emrr, Stgoumey We«v«r. 1979(CC) 1:00 am 16 Atlantic City A numbers runner take* possession o< a drug shipment. Burl Lancaster. StMtnSjutndon. 1980(CC). 34 The Daring Oobermane A pack ot CXibermans is trained to comrrvt robber»». Cnartes Knox Robinson. Tim Con- s«tr» 1973 35 Artist* and Uo<to4a A cartoonist bases a new strip on his roommate's draami. DaanUartin. J»nyL*wis. 1955 .40 You Can't Hurry Love A jiffed man from Ofito heads to L A. in search o< true love. David Packer, Scott McGinns. 198ft 1:1Sam 15BulM 1:30 am 32 We Hard An officer sJngte- handerfry takes' on a band of terrorists. fioce Wda, Bonn* O*d»4j. 1988 (CC) 1:55 am 21 Howard the Duck A laser beam transpods an outer-space (owl to Cleveland Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones. 1986 2:00 am 2 Undertow A psychotic husband menaces hts wrfe and a stranded loner. Lou Diamond Pfv*ps, Ua Sara. 1996 9 American Gigolo A hired companion ' lor weaflhy women is framed lor murder. Acnartf O*r», Lauren Hunon. 1980 14 No Oepo«M, Mo Return Two children suge thew own kidnapping to get attarv bon. DavtfNrvoo. Sartxaoi Ftkton. 1976 (CC) 2:10 am 17 Raven H»wt 2:15 am 3t Poryeeter Sutxjrt>an We become* loo much for a flamboyant hom- emakar. Orvrw. Ta6 Hurt*. 1981 2:50 am 15 Traveller 16 E very Whteh Way but LOOM A man and his orangutan pal pursue the girl they love. Clint Eautwood, SonOrt Lock*. 1978(CC) 35 Raw Wind In Eden A couple en route to a yachting party crash on an island. Estfw WMtmt. J*H CtmnOee 1950 3:00 am 1« Extreme Me*eur«« 34 daughter A former O<een Beret declares war on hi* parents' luKen. Jun Brown, SMrU Sl*v»n*. 1972 44 The Big Uft Two A.-nencan sokften fall prey to a scheming German woman Montgomery Citrt. PmJ Dougtu* 1950 3:40 am 17 The Ore* Whrte Hype 4:00 am 22 Warning Sign An a xperVrwrt gone awry Impents a Midwestern town. Sam kVaferslon. K*trt*fn Ourtten. 1965(CC) 4:30 am 15 80 I Married an AM Mur- 35 There'* Mo Bwaine** Uhe Shew Bueine** A benefH reunite* a pn«*t with hts vaudev** hMTWy. £*>eY Merman. Dor»U O'Connor 1954 4:50 am 16 Rape A rancher's yocng son ie acc>d*nta>y ktted by poi*on gas OfOtyt C Scott. 1972(CC) 'Remember WENN' Watch this tender, funny show By FRAZJER MOORE AP Tet«rvi»ion Writer NEW YORK (AP) — "Rem*mb«r WENN" isn't jurt. a comedy about radio, act in • radio station. This is a show that also dearly love* radio. APonTV ~ So do the talent and staff who keep Pittsburgh's struggling WENN on the air with iU everything-but-the-kitchen-sink schedule of live programs. For this is 1941. and WENN*s .tiny staff swells with wonder exploring what radio can do. Viewers watching "Remember WENN- will likely succumb to wonder, too. This is a show that casts a sweet, funny spell. "Remember WENN" returns to American Movie Classics for a new season of 13 weekly half- hours Friday at 10 p.m. EOT, plugged into the lineup of vintage melodramas and comedies as if it came from a film vault sealed 50 years ago. Explains producer Howard Meltzer, "AMC wanted to create a show where viewers tuning in couldn't immediately tell if it was one of th« network's classic movies, or original programming." Accordingly, "Remember WENN" takes its cue from those flicks, replicating the exuberance and ideals in which Hollywood once costumed American life. In WEN>Ts studio make-believe thrives dramatically. And beyond WENN's cozy biosphere, a larger world we never glimpoe (or need to) sweep* staffers into wartime intrigue and other global misadventures. It's a pretty exciting vantage point for B«tty Roberta, WENN's pip of a writer and th< viewer's surrogate. Played by Amanda Naughton, she's the girl next door (if next door happens to be in Elkhart, Ind.) and first among equals in the band of daffy but endearing regulars. The a«r is thick with artful bickering from thespian-lovers Jeff (Hugh O'Gorman) and Hilary (Melinda Mullins), with the many voices of announcer Mackie Bloom (Christopher Murray), with eound-effect* wizardry by mut« Mr. Foley (Tom Bockett). Lik« any radio station, isolated yet always reaching out, WENN lives by it* words and ideas. Dreaming thes« up is Rupert Holmes, the Tony Award winner who authors every script, aa well as composing the serie«' score and songs for the occasional musical episode. "One thing I always loved about his writing was how it was so layered," says Meltxer, who sought out Holmes for the project. "I also happened to know that he's a complete nut for the '30s and '40s." When "Remember WENN" premiered four seasons ago, the year, was 1939. "It was an era where America was still young and naive, while Europe had started going through the war," Meltxer says. "We wanted to capture the fe«l of what was going on in the country at that time, and in the world, and in entertainment. A radio station lends itself to all that perfectly." Thanks to Melticr, Holmes and fellow "WENN"-ers, the tone never strays, neve hits a false note. Shot with a single camera on a Queens sound) stage, the look is an art deco feast. The period wardrobe is a treat. And names like Mackie Bloom and Maple LaMarsh ring as true to their time as the 1939 Life maga- rine in the station's waiting room. With no laugh track to slow its crackling pace, the dialogue is snappy and the wordplay delicious. Hear the irate diva Hilary giving Mackie what-for on the air (never mind why): "I've been reciting the 'Miaah of Farewell'," he trie* to explain. "You'll be missing your legs ar saying farewell to arms when I*i done with you! You'll be a colon tura soprano with the Eunut Tabernacle Choir!" Who could fail to love this saf hold of smart threads and clevi banter, of scrappy resolve ar goodhearted teamwork? WEN is a tender place, where ar harshness from the outside is a< milled only in selective, mai nered doses, just to spice thirij up. "Remember WENN" also ca; lures the wistfulncas of an et broadcasting on borrowed tin- Even station manager Set Sherwood (Kevin CXRourk imagines a gadget that would 1 like movies in .your living roo: like radio with pictures. In an e isode last season, he dubbed "viaio?" On the other hand, wl could ever build such a thing? Watching from the '90s, < know someone will, and soo And we know TV will gp< WENN's demise. But the char of "Remember WENN" is,- tl characters don't know and aret worried. In truth, they dot worry about much. Just abo each other, and what's next i the air. That's worth remembering. Editor's not*: Moore can 1 reached at fmoore "at" . Louise Woodward faces battle to rebuild life ELTON, England (AP) — Amid the yelUw ribbons, banners and welcome-borne cakes decorated with photo* of Louise • Woodward's face, the people of her quiet north England village wondered Wednesday if the former au pair would ever truly be able to resume her life here. "People will always say, That's Louise Woodward," said one, doubtful resident, oil worker Thomas Doyle. "The name is infamous." "She has said she wants to go to university, but if I were her, I would cbxxwe London — it's more anonymous," Rachel Park said as she pushed a stroller along the main street of Elton. On Tueeday, the highest court in Massachusetts cleared the way for Woodward's return to her hometown, upholding a rulii that fre«d her immediately aft her conviction in the Feb. 1997, death of 9-month-old Mi thew Eappen. Woodward's lawyer said h passport was returned Wedn< day and that she could be head home by the end of the day. Few here really know the 2 year-old Ms. Woodward, c scribed as a quiet woman frorr clooe, churchgoing family who c cided to travel in the Unit States for a year while she < bated whether to go to college. "I'm sure she just wants to home and try to get back to TV mal," said Julie Smith, propric of the Rigger pub, where the ca p*ign to secure Woodward's lease was born.

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