The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 4
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FACE FOUR THE f ARH NEWS. , unr Society Churches Club s in F* vi tr v* & Isabel Bridges Becomes jW.J.Oakes, |j Paris News Of J. W. Abies, Jr. Grant, Dies | Pattern The marriage of M:ss Isabel Bridges, daughter of Mr. *•*<! Mrs, R. C, Bridges, to J. W. A Me* Jr.. *on of Mr. a**.*? Mrs. J. "W- of Blo**'.^:;. f.>ok pls-.-e .v-.-r.diiy eversinr at ? o'clock at the home of the b — 'ir-s srrsrd-r other. Mrs. K. S- Cro-vvl-y. SI"' C~arks-:l'e street with the Rev. J. M. Con- al'v ^astf-r of the B!«>sysom Method tst church, officiating. in the livers: room before an 1r~- cf "s*"hir h •» as placed Is^ct* candelabrs v/:th lighted -amite tapers. Or. each ssde ard a little to ihe front of the altar -* ere star.ding baskets c-f pink jrlacioh. The brid* 8 - •s-bo sister, TV ore a white lace gro'-^n ivi*h insets or stiff r;?". S're curled s «ho*. v *?r ':-••••_- cu^t of white rosebuds and lilies?of-1 b e -valley. Miss Martha Bridges, the br'.de"* sister and only attendant, -wore fjarec skirt, and a large cart Veteran Member of Doaks- ville Masonic Lodge Succumbs Mondav POPPY IN SIMPLE LAURA WHEELER CUTWORK DESIGN Mil HUGO. Okla.—Funeral will be held at the Methods:? church at Grant "Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock for \Vi!!:a!u James Cakes, So. who died tit his hosie there at 1:30 a, rrs. Mondny &ftrr & Ions: IMru-ss. The Rev. L. C. Littlejohn of Grant cJmrr-h and the Rev. John R. Abernsthy o* Oklahoma City. jrrand orator of The Grand L«>ds-* of Oklahoma Mason? ^ ill officiate. Intc-m'.er.t •A 111 be beside Mr. Oases' •w.-ife in the Grant cemetery. M r.Oak.c-?. mo^re familiarly known as "Uncle Sin." was born 1?49. Ir» IS TO he was ruarried to Miss Je_gs:e Salder in Bolivar. Mo., three y^ars later com in? "o •.vhat -.vas then the Choctaw Na- 'ion. In 1S75, the family moved TO Paris. Texas. later returning to Oklahoma Jn ;SSO and locutirier at 'Frogrville, Since IS*"* 1 -' the family had lived at Grant. Mrs, Oak&s d = ed there in 1922. Survivors are two daughters. KatheriTie Mrs. Kate Smith of Grant.. in whose borne she died. Mrs. Mabel r in the rtiorr.;r.= Mrs. J. Melntosh. Tiilsa: one brother. Toir. \V pr'zr-s "s-vere ~-v: 1 " by ^Misses Is same material. Thiel-'n, Martha Hutc-n: ; r.5 o: H score u "Wa;k6-r ai:<i sorn attended the groom as best mar=, ctiar-tet corr.posec of Mrs, Frank Parker ar.d Irving McCIasahati course. sai*^ "Seesuse." ana Mr?. E. H. : j.r>e Jiayes saty^ "I L/c-v» Tou Truly": • £>;isa l! ? both, numbers -a-ere accompanied cr M;^~ by Mrs, Troy C, Thompson •s'ho ---'-Si- —- I- I^v-. TT". n-otiier of ihe bride- Oakes of Edmond; two sisters. ^ : e.t. and Mrs. R. K. Fi^r.ey. the Mrs. Amanda. Browdy. Topeka. ~oc.>rr,"s r;-. other. 3~d Miss Eliza- Kans.. and Mrs. Charity Rains of beth l-sr.-- j-.-i-ec the briace piay- Colo: 1" jcrandchil- Mary. Margaret and Martha Smith s w-=re M«*s o f Grant are grandchildren. -. ^-'^-'*? ? : -esi Xo other man iti Oklahorra lia= of Fc--t TR'c-rth. : been a ntore active sr-.d cor.sist- t ar.d hrr house ; i. r .r rn-=-n?ber of the Masonic lodsre of Houston, was ?rrs Star, and of Indian Cor-s^t"-?-" j N"o. ". McAIester. ~or the T>ast ; "_n years he- -a-as Grand Bible Car- { "Uncle B:*r* mis? a meeting- *•>' '• A Readers' Views la.ce no '•with a beautiful four-tier ^eddiriz: cake and a* each end ~as placed daisies ard srrs •: p:rk z-n:as Q n Birtkda^i ifrs. Charles Fu'»er. a cotisin of -_ T _ S ,~ e .~-_ 0 ," the bride. -«-ay in charge of the r-:^i»" i"of"~th" ..... •^"e-ddinsr csk* and Mrs. Csr* Haley . ,_>, ..-- j,-,^ P i;— ;-c-^ ^---pv-- «>* The" "srere assorted in ser^Ir.^ by hor:-,'? or Ciarksvllle street ;n hc-n- >ilsses S"elyrr Tanc-y. Haze!' f» r O f -he e:s'n-"-fo'artn birthds*-" Hutchison a?id r>onna ^reairer. tnr-.iversarv of "ner aunt. Mrs. J.. Or arrival, tJ3« from scniirer T. Con-»-a~- "by yedsg' Miss Heb-eoca. Abies an«5 crat?c •s.-;~.h ^arafri flow-are. The Master Te-d ^'err.ple. rreice and d:r;-:-r rx-^r:: tab-^ ^?s cover*.*! SO >rE FACTS ABO ITT SINGING C- BridE-e-S, Mrs. J. TV. Abies. Mrs. r-la--e-5 on a r=-r.error, a-i at each 3E. S. Cro-arley anc Mrs. Fr-d £-•- ^^ beautif^birrhSar ca 1 -?-' I>ri5e"s boc-lt ^"here ths euests -'^ — es. on . :.*.:-. .'j. - ; — -». ... -^.r- regist.ered -was located ir. the :r?r Ir;e s .t^rr.oc-n puri^,. -."-as soSe,ritJTH and "w&s in charge of MJSS .R«SE.moT5d Morgsii. Mr. and Mrs. Abl-s left :rs- ^^^^X;^" mediately for z. iris to Hnt ''"' °**^^~' SprinsTE. Arkansas, and OE their ~" t: """ "" rerur~ •»•:!! be at bcrn-e :r 3:0^- : s-.jrig' service tr. our churches, ^"s I?r ' som. Tne bride's trav-rling' er- DeltCL SstG ^ISTTlfL ; s : ,r.=: the samr cM sor.g-s that -"- STpb'e Tsrai o-f '•"-a'* -^^^-r--*.* 1 e;i'_- r^ - »-» ' G'-3"^na. a.^'' G'a.r'ima sans. "We „ voile \riirn, e c Vbr^l^VS ^^f^^ f!-?"^,- - kno^they are good, but lets hav* ! ^^ \VKICK GlVf^ A NEW bLANTT ON CHIC Pattern i817 By de id-c very in February o' eari> in its ca.rre-r to Take a dias:- c-~a'. roa5i to •'-rj; i ~. It :?n"t until ' it g~ts dv'.vn to th» skirt that it • d«--»s anyt hirst straiarhi. And at ths r . i* rrisnasres to fa-e a frc^-k that- Surfacing Of Road Starts tail expenditure of a considerably sum of money and will b* a *r*a.t improvement to that portion ol th« highway^ only a few «jrtr* i workmen m-^re employed for th* ; job. FORTV-TU-O CLUB MEETING The Lucky i'orty-Two club will Surfacing about a half-mil* of < Highway *4, through the north! _ . .. _ part of the city wa* begun Tues- ' meet \Vedne»<lai' at 2:30 o'clock day morning. The «ntir« surface: at Brook Hollow with Mrs. L.uiher of the highway from curb to curb > Hicks at hostesc. «;}S be covered with asphalt. The j right-of-way vraa made wider sev- ! M12KT POSTPONED eral months aso and rock shoul- : De The regular meeting of the- de-rs built from the concrete slab; Vl'eatrninster Gulla will not be held to the curb on either side. Sur-1 Wednesday; It has be*n po*tt>OB«d facinj: of the slab arid shoulders j until a iater date, the time of wil! give an e-xtension of- North, i which will be announced later. Main street paving for about half, ~"~"—""" ' Traffic over the highway from YOU CAN I ELL IT rhe north is beinu detoured east ^. J *« • and south around t-amar District D'Y I I ^ VPADlL I •• I Fair park, down North Twenty- D I I I «^ Wl /\I\l\Lt 1 seventh street to Pirse Bluff, and | -A^st. to North Main. Markers 1 were placed alon? the route )ai<* 1 Monday by thtr highway depart! ni^r.t. j , The high-pray ts expected to b» j closed for about 30 days, accord| jnr to the local district highway j departr-«rnt office. It Is expected j to take that long- to complete the j work. CUTWORK LINENS PATTERN Kere is a cutuork pattern that .. •woman a chance to make some will appeal to every ueedieworinan : chosce articles. who loves this tvpe o f e^broiderv. j ^«ern T«4 comes to you with a " ; ti'ansfer pattern of four 5 1-2x10 Because of ihe simplicity of the <3e- j ir!Ch ^, otifs> two and two reverse sign, it s'ands out clearly in eon- [4 1-^ inch corners, four 3-4 inch tarts to the back-ground. Its spec- i inch banding: illustrations of all ial feature, though .is that it !s ! stitches used: directions for doing mad-? without bars, exc?r i t for a ~. outwork: material requirements fe*.v in the leaves which add a deco- j ar.d su^sestior.s for uses of the rative touch to them. The design i motifs. I^nds itself to a g^reat variety of ; SeT'd l n cents in stamps or coin larce and small linens that are as ; <co;n preferred* for this pattern to decorative as they are practcia!. jThe Paris Ne-vs, Nee-ilecraft I>ept.. these n-.otifs offer every needle- SC Kisrhth AV«*.. New York. N. T. FDR On Way To Colombia • van:ed by a party from Cooper. f stopped in Paris. Tuesday morning- on the way to Oklahoma for a fishinar trip. tn,r people of "Palestine coro- «--i!I pr^s-rrnt a plaj" at ; r-«>-A-'!erly Friday night. "The ABOARD THE U- S. S. GI1-- Th:rd ruston^r," arcordir.g to .V MK avconjparijing Preside r. t c> '•'• Dunrnan. The play ^-ilj be R<..^.=v~-i- -J 1 - PT-»»>U-' = ri it ' A thre^-a-.'t affair, A strsa'I * ^ . • V-r- ~ *• - 1 ., T~* ° i ItttllViiri \J. cruised alon" '^-^ *~~<m- s*on charge wiii be ntad-. -r o -j-vj«. Xe-x-c- 5; „_;__- : e r^a life Of Tr.unit" a"d church ti'o Mfc.ill like ... in fact, the more exacting the more she likes it. That niocsi-boi'Vo ^s young and : ---••« becoming, and not ons-third the 'seveit. cruised alongr the c^ast South Asneriea.ii Tuesday to pay .i first visit as President of the nited. i;La.ieH to a neighbor conti- I> RTVKR. CTTIZKNS MARK ABv<ENTEK BAT,IX>TS he cruiser Houston moved tc trouble a real one is to make. And historic Cartegena. to enable -Mr, CLARKSVII.L.S. — -No Red ivor county voters took advant- the ha smart, and the not ually end later Mrs. :-v her daughter. nd which have smal con>ns because of the lack of good a^ir.n^. ,. e ^ e '%^; m ^ e " o:n ' n? ' • • •.f i ;T rly " slu r : ;'! >s the open: 35 dsy Sunday to b^crttee haiiots for the July church, the oreacher were to lisa the same test to preach frorr*- her accessories ?re of white. After graduating from high school here Mrs. Abies attended Texas "K" r s College tr: Fort Worth and CCT a srra,duate of Slossom l^Irh school _ •wedding were ^TisseE Marce'le •.-Jones «.r>d Margaret "Cr r ;~vr r .f " „ K. Hayes cf Grcer-vil!-. :-fra. J'/ Hayes is remerr-. x =re-i here s> .-':~- J v i?«.ry Frances V.' dau^ht*r g.» of the Hev. a?:i Mrs.- "^r. T. ^."h ••«-.- ~r' s:de> *orrr:--iy of Pa^is but re-*- i!a a new < I>et's aw; of s-onsrs jusi cur grar.cp--i.r- ersts 5arg them. If w« are going :hev did. ran--3?arer,-.=. a:to- the ox- The smartest warm weather ^b.ions, the newest fabrics, and o?!fft:e Dto 1 ^ a^ -jj n 5ur-;mer seasor.'s otjtstanding accessaries are iilustrat-d a~d de- dead churches ~;-ribfrd irt the NEW ANXE AD- o !::> ar.d many A MS PATTEIRN" BOOK FOR EUM, J vV_" > "X'r'^v -' v 'i: a-e r.c- rnaV::r.r a.-y pr-' =-re E .=. MER. OKDKR YOUR COPT OF xT-T-"^ *"!'-"•' cc_: r .d' be brcvrr.: bi-k to activity THIS HEI-PFUL. X£V/ -SUM M EH v^.--^- "vV-t .' by pr-rer cho^r cirect;«s ar.d u^- BOOK. PRICE OF B r 'OK Fir- *'t-' ; -~-T-'i,'-r^k ' '-~Z son-.* rew sr^ss a_s -a-'e ro . TEEN CENTS. BOOK AN'D PAT- '' * Marsy '. b Roosex^elt t<> take luncheon with • age ti= at the bottom are ther-~ for President Olaya. Herrera of Co-: t , Kii a, ^^^^^ °0n'^he journey to South Amer-| ^—^- J>ut ^several ticket ^rere ^r>. ?'* Stun- sea from the V'irgirs Islands ihe • fl ' a - 5 "'*^"d -vi'jTtcii''-* sty citiK'jns w-ho pres-ident. displayrc espectai inter- i Aspect tc- c-e out of the county on -est in reports fit the torispshores- • July 2 S. The absence* voting r^r- mens' strike in San Francisco ' -'-^ extends until July 25. the whicli were re'-aysd to him from county chairman, R. D. Guest, Lh* tVhiie House. i says. The Houston and her convoy ! —-———• ; .—— desTroi'ers ploughed i'onday sight through a heavy sea. wavee splashlr.i: over the. decks in a bright, starlit tropical r.ight. The. southern cross was clearly visible in the heavens. Aftsr his reception at Cartagena. Mr. Koosevelt wt]S proceed to the Panama exp-ctiDg to arrive in Cristobal harbor at 2 a. m. "^"edrseaday. The canal trarssit will be. rsday and the Houston Thursday for Hawaii. ^- CSXTS (:5 c} In (coina ,, r4f err . d , for this Anne Adams pattern SVrfte plafnly parris address and st v'e nuiriber. BE SURil TO STATE Entertain* For ,^15 err. bnde-e> n^-y u-;th fv-j a,nd a kJ-T'r hot? what of it! YOU'LL forget all aJboot tbe temperature -when you sit dovro to a breakfast of Kellogg"* Corr> Flakes -»*itli sEced banana* cream! Cooling! Refreshing! £!or=r. Just do this and -*-a."--h the TERN p Celebrates Birlficla BRIEFS About Town Ooontj A^ent A. made *. trip to the munity Tuesday mo Troy Busar-!! of Dc- p-ort brought a yourrs wr-'te rriar ^^.^ ' *o jail here late Monday on & ," : ,',, charg-e of burgJiry. Kay Griffin of FT. \Vorrh. ran- Paris Tuesday morning. Mr. Griffin spent Monday night her-. Vi»i?/>rs tx> farms ITT the Red r'ver bottoms r«r-ort atl cotion :» doinur ftne wtth « pro«pe*rt for better than rorrns* yield. J^a** corn ho'we: er, ia I5ff«dir.jc ra:n. Economical and Efficient The price is f *rr. Tben* b«ctu«« of its higb leavening strength you use oni v out Ifvtl teaspoon- f ui to'a cup of dour for mo*t recipes. For economy- aad Mtx»> faction u»e KC B*king Powder. Same as 43 Tears Ago be wtrskir.ff minnc-*' of Parts r *>•?!". a. ftHrss of ^-s; fis'her- ar« r.a.u*hr. J»*<» Git-hons or Yon c*a mi»o buy A nil I *• <K«C* ous f«r <•• rULL x« vane* C«A f»r Zf« Douo/e TtstcJI Dot/We Action I LATE MODEL USED CARS 1933 PJvmouth Coach 1934 Chevrolet Master Coach 1933 Chevrolet Master 4-Door Sedan See E. A. McCLURE, W. O, KENT HOWARD BRISTOW with HUGH PALMER MOTOR CO, CRTtTSU&R PI.TMOl'TU Scout News W, "B. Wheeler, D^Sta. county Tl rat* 5 Mac Ayr* 1 *, Bobry McGa,rvy ke Black. e^ f«m:; "Nothing Like It" Say Lovely Women »:.!»»;;* if KOii»». -J-X 1 "Wl:Marr,}ii'.>Ti. J:m Cav;ne** and Frark FT;:>T Jr. of Par:*: J*rr»* E. &ory. John Pr.'-e. «T!d R. A. B'nrinsrf^ld of C«arkevi:>; R C. Jeffu*, Perr> Ower, Jjsn Ow*=»:, AIv : T5 E. Wo*vj, _ _ ^ __ I>*ir: M«r?-j*. an<; Franc;* Hm:th hy exrl'-wsiv* French proce**. of Suiph'Jr Spring*. Quenrln Mil- : M.ELI-O-CI.O »t»y* on long*.-, Pre-' ier, C. Z> Swe*r;njrin. L/, G- Flob-;%entK !arg* p'jf'-^. *?o Brr,oo f .h an'J inf>r.. Bill Jte.rtJfv I^yn<JaJ! Han. ; tin', it felend* nator*!3y *"5»h any ar.d P«KJ» Hervey of Cooper; Brtce J compJ«s*!on ar.^ fftvef f r«»h. I>;edrt<~k. BU! 'Tfar'i»on. Wi'Jlam ! • -ouThfui fc»'oo«t. No JrriTation. No Gordon -and J •-k r>ju".»»re f,'• fJatcy or ua«Ty look. N*v«rr I*av«?« Honey <Jrv-r; «'Jto J*f*t« an<J Jhe » dri,'. 'ulaod fl.—Ad*. Now You Can Get SUITS, DRESSES AND COATS and CO ^^^V ^^j^r ^f^^ Although the surfacing will en- IN IMPERIAL-MARKED PACKAGES Cotton FROCKS S5.95 Values—Sale Priced 79 s- Voiles Laces Eyelet* 2 conl jumr:er dress for thi- remainder of the at Prrk'ns. Ever;." dress in this ^roup is smart- oifd of ex-ccHent qurljrv fabric snd was dc- 1^ srU frtr 55.^5. See ihrm . . excellent sh'c, sn-i <tyl; r^-^fs. Sale of SLIPS Regular $1.25 Quality 88c Extra q.ali?y ra>un crepe ?I?p5 in straight and Has oit snles. Some arc lace trimmed, others arc tailored, choose rr*>m V neck and 5tr.iir;hf tops in white, tearo5C «ir,d flesh. Sale of GOWNS Regular $1.25 Quality Flesh colored ra-,nn sjowns -*hh i'larcci bottoms. Choo«c 'ron* Uce trimmed and lailored st\^es. Extra values. Pg'fcin&Bjm ^»w»n« 1494~-TtM* D^imrtment, Score of Purts, Tc**»

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