The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 8
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TMHE FTG1IT THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS." FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 14. 1924 WISE A NO OTHERWISE lly Mrs. W. Y. Morgan. Call Telephone No. 4400 and nek for Society. (Items tor this department must bo In by 10:00 a. m.) TIIM mi 'iiibershli) illnner dnnre nt, fanry work and conversation, and flu 1 Country dub this evening. pr"niis'*-s to h»» si very smart nffolr. Mr. am! Mrs. Euaiarf Smith. Mr. nnri Mr*. .Inlin Hivhm, Mr. and Mrs. II. \V. llMRi-nmnnlPr anil Mr. and MfR. A. S. Cain will r-celTe as I IO M H antl hostesses. a 'ull flowors and autumn leavos will bn In the rlproritlon of thu I'tll room and on the dinner tfiblpfl. U Toral wi;ll anpolntod dinner parties are hidllK piven. Mr. and Mrs. Hal (I. Kvurls will ltavi! a.s llinir dinner ftuosts this i-vrniiur. the followinj;: »|..-v.-r« nn.l llurrr Tlilil M >-r .l »m.->< - i". w. B. W. '.Mi'.S'anlitPn A. C. Malluv It. I l*ni'''' Ynuni." I'.iMtin'' Smith K. \\\ M.-yi-r H. 1>. S-Mntl -Ptt r'laili's i 'iifv It. '.>viinl M.-i vlii'.' Si in KBln -iilM.'V liiwlw .\. II. s.'hliiiiill .hum's> ttirk i'llHlinpra Knir Ai tli'ii' I..' IU'llvr, It., In, .1 ('. Mi Nalihlm M'-nry l''T""- l'l S:uu Muu ^tMii .Mr. U". K. VuliiliT •IV-. .Mr. and Mrs. .Indd Itonson will enii'i'taiu uith a small dinner party for Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Beyer of fiiithrje. Oklahoma. Additional guests will be Miss Constance Kin- Ual, MI SB Dorothy Gage, Mr. Leo Wanting and -Mr. S. U. Horrell. Tt lias become the custom at the club to have "Hutch" tables, which has Income unite popular. One c.f these parlies this evening will t^i(lie members of one n? ihi- bridge clubs and their hus- baiifi;:. M' ft- ! Hllll .1. A. 1'. IM 'I :> nit Kill wilii .iin K. ;iv |l. 1: M r- V. i lank' W. A l-'ialli" lli-iii '. I '.iUt mm:. I.i II. I-' CltC.-lK inriciictl I.. T. I 'llllil i •. I!. IKrrfnril Si .'It Chirk llrfi;ni? Ilimitirie I tin- in vis i'. i;. Ituinprl lliiny l"i:i\lt. I'.lilinii.nil. Mo. Mrs. I 'hui'Us I 'hrispin.. l'.irliiniuiil. Miv at another "Dutch" treat •it'-ri.. r.. lioupin'-fl five o'clock, the hostess (served refreshments. The hostess was assisted by Mrs. !'. P. Sidv.-oll. Mrs. ('. A. Lovell was the only guest of | <?>— t—\—'i- Ibe club. The next, meeting will bo In one week at the home of Mrs. R. \V. Mustoc, 91S North Poplar street. Announcement has been received here of the marriage ot Miss Ellen Klckemicr of Qulncy. III., to Mr. Ned M. Hlder. a former Hutchinson voting man, which took place Nov. 1 in Los Anueles, Calif. Mr. Rider is a son of Mrs. Jay Harding of Abilene. He will be remembered here by many of the members of the M. fl. rompnny, 11!" Inft. of which he was a member, Mr. and Mrs. Rider will make their home In Los Angeles, Calif. The members of the Columbine club gathered yesterday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. A. H. Dolzell, 415 Ave., II east for the regular meeting. The time was devoted to fancy work and conversation, and at five o'clock, the hostess served refreshments, assisted by Mm. D. A. Nichols. Miss Luclle Brown was the only guest, of the club. Mrs. W. R, Brown will entertain the ladles next Wednesday nt her home, 318 North Maple street. Mrs. Etta Bowman entertained yesterday afternoon at the Yoeman hall, for the children of the members of the Pythian Sisters club. The hours after school between four and six o'clock were Bpent with games and the stories told by Mrs. Fannie Armour were enjoyed. At. six o'clock, luncheon was served at one large tnhle. Mrs. Bowman was assisted by Mrs. Will Rlckert and .Mrs. Arthur Kngland In serv- twenty-flve children. will entertain at dinner, Thursday evening, Nov. 20 at their homo, 118 Sixth Ave. east. li. \v i| nK .-nni i w.iiii i I ;••,-!• in Tlic home of Mrs. Will S. Thninii- nil. i'.17 Ave. .\ ea.-i was the scene u: a snmrt. one o'lluck luii'-hcon IO• ay. wliei! the t'lUeriained a num- I• T if ir-niLs. Luncheon uas s.'iviil ill iiuarli t talib's. each of uiiiili v.a-. renii'ivl with a crystal l'ii'hi-1 of MKii'dnt '.-Hiis tied with pink uillc. 'I'lic ai'ii.'inoon was .spent iilayiii;* hiiilu". '1'iic aliens: Tito young ladles of the H. O. O. club formed n line party to the thi'ater last evening, later going to the homo of Miss Winona Miller, a5l) Ave. A east where bridge was enjoyed, Refreshments were served at a late hour to the following: lllw- Pannifl linriloii llllila < Marie Manning Marcelln McMillan Klort'iicc Manning Marie Rowland Margaret (tllvs A PERSONALS OF bOCIETY. *> f ^ <$• flw Miss Virginia Martia of Los Angeles, Calif., was a guest here today of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carey enroute to her home from Springfield, Mo., where she hns been visiting for a month. A, <j, Miss Marleta Hippie, Miss Betty Hippie, Miss Helen Hulse and Mr. (}. C. Hippie motored to Lawrence today to spend the week end and attend the Oklahoma- Kansas football'game. Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Hereford of Odessa, Mo., will come the first of the week to be the guest of| their son, Mr. C. B. Hereford and Mrs. Hereforu, US Slftli Ave. east. * <J> * Miss Msheila Luclle Mann went to Wichita today to spend the week end visiting Mrs.'Charles Claui and Mrs. Charles Nnglny of Mllroy, Pa., who Is visiting there. ... <8> i*v Mrs. Wlllard Welsh and small son will return tomorrow from Garden City where she has been spending the paat two weeks. Mrs. H. M. Payne went to Kansas City. Mo., today to spend a few days with her cousin, Miss Minnie Dlngee. <j,' Mrs. Harold Hoke ot Kansas City. SIo., will come Monday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. fedd Schall. Tiii'lca Ju Meyer i"laire Allfn ii.-'.en Marie r'nnnln Wiiii-ilia Miller Knit! MeAi e CHURCH NEWS. Na I'i. til. Oifin C. II. Huml'ltr* > s i "iirl Sa'.vlr. II. K. I;:!(!. A. II. Si lllil '.!.1t William K"ily K. I'.. S.iiln-v i irnrc.' i,nun .1 V I'-'iilrnn llarriii r-urnliairi )-'ri "l l'a,rn r V.. .1. n lanin-l Hnlton II., .> 1'ianli ("nllmlliy .M^.i .Urilii-: ColluilHy ?!l. and .Mis. It. It. Smith and IV ni:.l .'It'.-. F. M. U.iines entertained liit'nriu;'.li> last evening at the Smith re iceme. '.'lii Bust. lilth ttt\'i';. '1 !K ' evening was *4 |ient at bridge, the prizes golnts to Mrs. L. i'. I'r.ilz. Mrs. IVank Cnllup. Mr. J. c. I! 'In.';.is and .Mr. A. II. Tut lie. Lin:: h . .n \ias M *:vcii. when ihe cards v.-i.V" laid aside. Tin.- iuvitid PIU:.IH: Mr '• v . ..• •! 1 ''. H. ,'i,n.-f • lines Itvl.. I., i'. I'i at/. I.' A. -A..II T •!•<•• .1. II, !>• . !. llitrii >'"i t:..r A li. TM...--iri r. li I 1. II. J. •' in- . ' V'i' ' Ni'l- \"1 i I'i--. pc' a a I i; •• ho - .ink Caiiuii i:--". ' li-fe ii the aniiuuni e.... ll :• iMi'.r.':'-" of Miss Rulh 'i::rn uf 'i'lcajka and .Mr. tan I-' i in in;.: of Hutchinson, i lan's piace. Nov. :i at Ihe I t .'iMiyi i'-, ian church in To- 'i I: • I.ride is a daughter of •ft! v I.-. Max Witikeltuan of cy tied sjamt must of ber girl­ ie .-niii'i i- a Santa l-v opera- i' M"I u f Mr. and Mrs. Lewis v in' Hutchinson, anil will iita.'f.n-d after December 1 Mr. n.l . v i! ; . Fleming will their hiiii:i-. The regular meeting of the (loldcii Ulow club was held yesterday afternoon with a one o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. Ersey Cooper, 721 .Sixth Ave. west. Sweet pens In Ihe shades of pink and blue were used In the centerpiece. The afternoon was spent with needle work. The club will meet in two weeks with Mrs. Chester Muns as hostess at her home. 912 Fifth Ave. east at which lime, the annual Christmas grab bag will be held. The members of her bridge club gathered at the home of Mrs. L. K. Siegrlst, 90S East Sherman streel, yesterday afternoon for a one o'clock luncheon. The after- Hnon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. C. .T. Palmer . winning the prize. Mrs. Roy Spangenberger will entertain the club in two ! weeks at her home, on West 22nd ; street. i Mr. Kmemon Caiey will have as his week end guests, at the country home. Wlllowhrook, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boone. Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Hyde and Mrs. Harrison.! all of Kansas City, Mo. They will arrive tomorrow morning. Mrs. H. K. McLeod and Mrs. Paul (!auo have cards out for a one o'clock luncheon at the Blsonte Hotel. Saturday, Nov. 22 followed by bridge at the McLeod residence, aim Ave. A east, Mr. and Mrs. Clark 11. Hereford The Missionary society of the Trinity Methodist church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. M. Stewart, 110 Twelfth Ave., west. Mrs. C. L. Park had charge of the devotlonals. Mrs. A. E. Henry was appointed to have charge of the thank offering, Sunday, Nov. 23. Mrs. E. Ci. Ashe had charge of the lesson, and Mr*. W. S. P. GUI gave an address on "Temperance." Refreshments were serv. ed at five o'clock. THE DAILY RECORD D«edt. Gertrude Foley to J. II. Wolf, lot aT Kast Ave O Handya add Hutchin­ son Albert It. Popp to Juliua Popn, NW>J of NKI4 15-55-5 11 .00. Julius Popp to Albert H. Popp. N 1 ^ of Mi of NE'i 32-24-4 $1.00. <1. W. N'orriii et al to Itoyl S. am! Florence Ciunn. lolj 13 14 15 bk Hutchinson mv Co 1st add Hutchinson 14,000. .1. H. Simmons to Harry W. Harris, part lot 5 K!j ot SEl; 27-2«-4 164.40. Hert B. WriRht to E. E. Marshall, lot 2; bk 6 Ecclcs 1st add Hutchinson J1.00. . The mllllulum for the women of Ihe town, has dawned. | For many yours tney have made ! plana and dreamed dreams of owning a home for their civic and social organizations. Last night they wen- given one. The giver was Mr. Kmereon Carey. Through his generouslty, they are to have a well appointed place, where all their organizations may meet. For years the women have helped on every project that has been put over for the betterment of the town. For years they have given ot themselves to forward every good and progressive movement. Never In all that lime have they had a place to meet. They have ; met here, there and every where. Always they have dreamed of a 'some day" when they might have a home. Some of the club women gathered a fund dollar by dollar- hoping for a streak of good luck to befall them, and a 'some day' when they would be rewarded by being able to buy a simple home,, for their meeting placet Dollar by dollar effort Is a slow one and to date the most that any one organization has together is about tv» thousand dollars. Imagine their pleasure and surprise at being given a comfortable home without money and without price. The fact almost took their breath Bway They had to pinch themselves to know they weren't dream lng. And when they were sure it was really true, they began making plans to take care of the gen erous gift. What their own home will mean to them, can't be told In words are measured by anticipation. Ono thing Is certain, It will broaden the whole scope ot women's activities Bnd It will change the trend of civic action lor the women of the town. It will inspire them to better work along every line, because it will give them the opportunity of knowing each other better and meeting each other more often. Every woman In town Is eligible to membership In this new home, It is the intention of Mr. Carey that all women ot the town be wel corned. Of course that means every woman who la sufficiently interested to lake'a membership- which will be at a very nominal fee. Last night one hundred and fifty women Signed for membership That was one hundred per cent of the women who attended the presentation. Next week will be used in securing members. Let's hope there will be a thov- sand women who will take out a membership In the Woman's Civic Cente*r Club (for that is what it is to be called) and becomeu part of the organized effort for all women to work together. A home for women's activities has been provided. From here on out, it is up to the women how much is made of It. The women of the town are grateful for the gift. But wordy gratitude will count for little. The Woman's Civic Center Club needs every woman's membership. Let's remember that and not gab without giving our name for memher. ship. The gift of Mr. Carey will demand the active support of the women. It needs their Interest. A long time ago we were warned by a wise man that 'faith without works Is dead.' It is juat as true today, that words without ticlloii J is use:e:;3. j How far reaching the Womans Civic Ceiiler Club will ba— depends | entirely on the woman themselves. Cro««. Answer to word Puzzle: Yesterday 's p UNlUlSlUiAl MALT Food sale and bazaar to be held bv the ladles of the Irwin Memorial church In the old Commercial National hank bldg., Saturday, Nov. 22, corner Main and Sherman. ' 14-3t Masonic Homecoming. The annual homo coming tor ttoe Masonic lodge has been set for next Thursday night, Nov. 20. The entertainment committee reported \ll " I ^\ ! " l lne regular meeting last night j|f*~ I «i that a good program of prominent I > *^' ' speakers, music nnd refreshments has been arranged. Tho9e on the committee are H. C. (ireene, chairman; Lewis Oswald, Frank Ralner, C. I., Klrby, John Atkinson. Claude Yaughgar and Frank Marble. Plan Joint Session. The Pythian Sisters made arrangements last evening for a Joint meeting and program with the Knights of Pythias Nov. 25. . Girls'Hi-Shoes f Highest Grade— | Best Quality- Low heel- Tan Calf- Reduced to • • Alcohol for your radiator, 188 proof, Formula :•, at Hockaday's. 14-3t World cotton area this year Is about 74,000,000 acres. Officers' Inspected. Encampment No. 32 of the Odd Follows held inspection of officera last evening at tho regular meeting time. Following short talks by a number of local metnbora a supper was served by the social committee. $5.95 Black and Brown Calt Low Heel Reduced to 94.ft(» rind «2.R0 FRENCH 8TUDENT8 ACT "THREE BEARS" STORY. Something unusunl In the line of playa was presented yesterday afternoon after school In the high school auditorium, by members of the advanced French classes under ,Miss Mattle Kent. "Les Trols Ours," .a one act fairy tale was the play and the cast consisted of: Le In answering advertisements.I Grant Our Buel Collins; L'Our please mention The News-Herald. | Moyen, Phyllis Holcomb; I,e Petite Alcohol for your radiator, 1SS proof, Formula 6, et Hockaday 's. 14-31 Our Carmellta Sweet; and La Petite Fllle Anna Atford. The story Is that of the Three Bears so well known In English. Other playB will be presented for the purpose of enlarging French, vocabularies and to accustom th« I students In speaking the language, i Let us get your car In condition for that Sunday drive by thoroughly oiling it and tuning it. Phone 69. Ragland-Klngsley Motor Co. 14-tt M.'-s \ir".ini'i Martin of Los An' : c lie, was ihe honor guest it I 'Vimi!'.; at un informal dinner -t i le' i-i.unir'- home of Mr. and tl-.. Howard .1. .Carey. Willow- .in.-. A Mlvi r ha>:'et of bronze •r> t .le' lii'inilins ami randies in sikkh graced Ihe Ttie evening wu.-:. bridge. ..ii.i Mi«. At' .-"-l-i - ivi i- caliuic i::r •!• table. i p i.yili'i 'I'lie Rueate: itn i.'miUilii i.i-.e A.*l"-y I T '.'.ii i „rey >vny \\-^lih H lliniell i;n: 1 .Shiitin .Jll C'imj lime"!in'^ iho ladies of h ?r I'M !;'.' club. Mrs. Hoy I'rrtz enter.!).,) ..•• : .',. ! -,l;;y a f tCf 11C (. U With .1 •i • o'l.-'ti'-k lu'iehenn at the llora- :'ii':!i\Vi!ey Tea Room, followed l.y u'i afternoon of Bridge HI her i'HT.e. 739 West Fourleeiilh street. The prizoi for the afternoon's ;vimi> wen;' won by Mrs. Clarence l-'.-a'.l ami .Mrs. W. B Sheerer. .Mrs. Hur.-y Fearl of Del roil. Mich., v'is the only guest of Ihe chili. Mrs. Clan lice I'earl will he the ne'.t lii-.'i -s In iwn weeks, at her huilK', :<"!i Third A\'e. ettsl. The aiiproachinK marriage id .Mis,-, l.ucile Schall was the Insplra- 'fun of II miscellaneous shower and I '-.-ouitiK of brlilKi', when Mi.-a L'''r.a' eili Si-haideiii enlerlulneil nuiiilie;- of iriends ai her home, ".I KlM-eiilh Ave. west. Refresh i - -nt-'j \v;'ie iierved al Ihe close ot Ihe eveiiiu ;, lo the following ;;iie..t«r Attend Our $,£.95 Shoe Sale ,', : . H 'lll Inej*- it. I,', li'llfi -t 'lt 1 ' .Mi'Cuiniiiit Unroll] Wuldei'Uer ; ilnil llipituller .Misses— Marie Sti'ele Mildred Steele Nellie Carey Jlliiiu'lie Harmon A.l. In Hale Mrs. Ben Fanning presided a» 'io .4lfta« icsierday aflernoon to the 'iK 'inl.'risuof the Wltaf -so-evor club i -i her home. r.2t> Ninth Ave. east A nodal : ftei'iiuon was spent with New Satins— Patents—Suedes- New Gores— Straps—Oxfords 14 N. MAIN Hosiery, tool i Have U» DRY CLEAN Prese and repair your Suit*, Furs, and Heavier clothing our better way. Use the phone or parcel poit. IVjodclTauTiitey MYCUAMBU rewvik «iM«i wk «>>aM*B .M»i VWNC44 Much Suffering and v Distress i s Could be avoided if you would have your eyei tested and get the proper glatiei at the firit sign of EYE-STRAIN. I devote all my time to the letting of eyei and the fitting of glasses. H. S. 2INN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. HenrZInn Jno. P. Blrchflelo Saturday Special Pompon Plants in White, Yellow, Pink and Bronze. Regular values 75c and $1. For Only 35 each No charges—No deliveries oh less than three plants Phoni 3800 11 N. Main Don't mis; ihis event. The values are really remarkable. Coma Early! GOWEB PRICES UZgORTH MAIN % Tomorrow Only ThU Store dom oj Sat- urdaya at S«3* r. M. Open every day at • A. M- close CRM. i I An Extraordinary Selling of 1OO Plain and Fur Trimmed Fashionable Winter Coats 3 All Are Greatly Reduced For This Selling All of the Coats offered in this two days sale are of a much higher type than this economical price represents. These coats featured for Friday and Saturday are chosen from regular stock and represent a comprehensive choice of one of the finest coat groups we have ever offered. The coats in this collection are specially priced for these two days' selling and their unusual qualities will be easily recognized by women who seek a winter coat of character and who really want to save monev Featured are Coats in the Smartest New Shades—Dozens of Styles

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