Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 19, 1942 · Page 1
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 1

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1942
Page 1
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TWO—THE MORNING AVALANCHE ^Lubbock, TiiexgSf Thursday, February 19, T942_ 4343 for The Avelq'nche-Jou'rno! Offlcin x rpHERE is no cosmetic lor homely 4- folks iike character. Even the plainest face becomes beautiful in noble and radiant moods.—Hslli.i. The most wasted of all days it on which one hac not laughed. * * * IN THE MAIL D EAR Miss Turner: Our plar»s for conservation and collection of used vital materials haven't been organized enough to be practical. I am offering a plan that may turn out the same Impractical way. Here it is: ;• Tin may become scarce. It is my understanding that tin cans which are not battered, bent or tarnished, may be re-used. ' One woman I know relacquers tin cans and uses them a second time. An other woman tells me that she can use standard sizes, No. 2 and No. 2*4 cans, if the tops are cut out, not off of the cans. She says that lacquered cans (those that look like gold or gilt insidel are especially good 1 for corn, which is difficult to keep. ' My idea is that those of us who buy so much of our food in cans might examine them when emptied, • wash, dry and store them. Then pass them on to someone who raises a garden and has the necessary apparatus for using tin .cans. J Certainly there would be thousands of tin cans ready for next summer. Wouldn't that be a saving? » There is danger attached to the practice of using old tin cans when the inside is rusted or tarnished. Such cans SHOULD BE THROWN AWAY. • Why don't you consult Miss £lara Pratt. She might be able to develop, approve or disapprove the plan. ?• Perhaps some individual could make a small business of handling cans. No house wife will want her kitchen cluttered with empty tin cans. I am passing mine on to a woman in a small town. She raises vegetables to can. Other >-omen might do the same, i If you find anything practical in this idea, please tell us about it ii The Woman's Angle. Thank jou. .• ; Most sincerely. - Mrs. Earl L. Thompson, ; 2321 Eighth St. . P. S. Fulton Lewis, jr., said <*There will be sufficient materials for new lids and rubber for our home canning." D EAR Mrs. Thompson: Thank you for the suggestion on conserving tin through .saving cans "We have not been able to get in touch with Miss Pratt who is a busy as a regiment' but' when we do we will publish her reaction. » * * D EAR Miss Turner: Would you please print a request in your column that the girls who entertain the soldiers from the local air base refrain from removing the insignia or the medals from their blouses? .; Perhaps the young ladies think the insignias are issued to the boys but they are not; the boys bu\ them. If they want them for a cuvenir why not ask the boys for hem? My brother is stationed here. He aid the boys appreciated and en- oyed the entertainments very much but received a "let down" eling when they^put their blouses n and found everything had been emoved but the buttons. I know the bo.vs go to plenty of arties where nothing is taken. 'at on the other hand they go to lenty of parties only to return omc- minus their "jewelry." I am sure the girls just haven't topped to think of the Jnconven- ence they cause the soldiers. Sincerely, A Reader. * * » WOMEN, here's 2-Way relief! I.- Month after month, some wome go on .suffering from periodic func tional pain and discomfort. The they learn the help of CAKDUI! '• Pr DU1 increases appetite and th Probably that is because CAR Several Groups Have Informal Fellowship Hours -^EAR READER: The writer Is -' sure nothing she could write vould influence a girl who wants nsignia bad enough to take them vithout permission, although the nly party given for soldiers which ve have attended we witnessed no pilfering of which you write. We know this does present a roblem to the soldiers \vho must vear their ornaments and who had setter not be caught without them, •specially at inspection time. The case is not local because our voungest brother stationed at .angley Field, Va., told us once hat many girls nagged the soldiers constantly for their coat ornaments and that some of the soldiers gave heirs up and later tried to "swipe" thers from their buddies' coats. Perhaps the girls do not know hat they can buy replicas of the nsignia at the dime stores. Grace ialsell "shop looked" for us and discovered one can buy crossed annons of the. artillery, crossed words of the cavalry, crossed ifles of the' infantry,. army wings f the air corps, an Suttons that ay "Enlisted for Service" at the ostume jewelry counters. Really you can't blame the oung girls too much for wanting he insignia, can jou? Our brothers supplied their sisters with vings, bomb squadron pins, quar- ermaster corps pins and the like. There's something about a soldier's nsignia you know. * * * D EAR Margaret: Your readers gave several ways to remove leel marks from floors, but here is i way to prevent them. When ihoes need new lifts, replace black rubber with brown. The brown rubber will make no unsightly marks, even on linoleum. Mrs. Truman Green, Spur, Texas. Party Is Courtesy To 50-50 Class First Baptist 50-50 class members were honored Tuesday night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John R. HSU, jr., 2317 Thirty-first street. Mrs. Tom Harlan, social chairman, was assistant hostess. Mrs. Lee Jackson directed games. A George Washington therne was carried cut in red, white and blue candles on the refreshment table and miniature flags of the United States were favors. Guests were Messrs, and Mesdames Lloyd Mugg, H. B. Riza, James O. Simmons, Mesdames Earl Langley and Gilbert Woodside, Mr. Leo- "Waite, teacher of the class, Messrs. Jackson, Harian and Hall. Clubs Are Planning Socials For Future A variety of programs were featured at the meetings of study and needle clubs Wednesday afternoon. Socials were planned for the near future by several organizations. "Caitr Of Trees" "Care of Trees and Shrubbery" and "Flower Bed Arrangements" were topics for Mesdames E. E. McKinney and W. E. Crites at the Plain Dirt Gardeners club meeting held with Mrs. A. C. McDavilt, 2110 Twenty-seventh street. Mesdames H. E. VandeWater and Ray Livesay „ were special guests. Members present were Mesdames Crites, McKinney, Lofton Burnett, C. B. Lawrence, Hugh McKelvy, J. L. Adams, J. L. Downs, and G. L. .Park?--. Party Planned Honoring their husbands, the Sew-On club will entertain with a dinner next Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at the Mexican Inn. Later the group will attend a theater party. Mrs. Wesley Witt, 1612 Sixth street, was hostess for the meeting. Members present were Mesdames Cecil Sanders, Lee York. M. S. Craig, \V. E. Morris, Ben Jenkins, Eugene Knox' and Preston Smith. Members are being urged to attend the March 4th meeting at which time officers will be elected. Mrs. Morris Co:-: will be hostess. Theater Party As guests of Mrs. Si Schoolcraft, members of the Dozen And One club attended a theater party. Later the group had drug store refreshments. Attending were Mesdames V. C. Walden," Raymond McClure, Elmo Duke and G. G. Stringer. Mrs. Jess Davidson was a guest. Mrs. Stringer, 702 Avenue O, will be hostess March 4. Needle .Work Featured Needlework was featured at the Sew-A-While club meeting with Mrs. O. L. Mrridith, 1809 Seventh street. Members exchanged gifts. Those attending were Mesdames John Truly, A. L. Adair, Cliff Dale, Raymond Land, Earl Elliott tod Steve Stutter. Mrs. Craig Bond, 2207 Avenue Q, will entertain for the club March 4 at 2:30 o'clock. Fit And Fashion Mrs. Sam Leifeste entertained for members of the Fit and Fashion club an her home, 1905 Twenty-sixth street. Mrs. J. W. Refd of 2415 Fifteenth street, will be hostess March 4. Those attending were Mesdames E. M. Barnett, M. E. Witt, O. O Williams, C. C. Cox, Ishmael Hill S. C. Eskridge, Henry Elder, Rogers Orr, Dixie White, R. W. Matthews and G. E. Dawson. . In Jolly Home With Mesdames G. B. Walden and S. H. Scott as hostesses, the Kongenial Klan met in the home of Mrs. Pebble Talley, 150B Ave nue R. Members Todays Events . . . •^ Klevei Krn'.t Klub, 3 p. m., A. B. e'.iieclce, jiir. J9th St. Dcub'.e Six club. 3 p. in., Mrs. 'Ben Noel], 2501 24th St. Amiga club, 3 p. 3323 13th St. m., Mrt. R. n. co'.e. TecU Newcomers club. 3 p. m., Mre. Ltwis B. Cooper, 2024 17th St. St. Jnhn s Me-.Uodtst W. 8. C. 3., 9 to IS a. .11.. Singer Sewing Machine com- Rpd Cross sewing. V. T. W., »ux!U»ry, ' Hebfkah !od/;e, 8 p. :30 p. m., K-P hall. TO., lOOf lull. Altrusa Intel-nation*). «;30 p. to.. Hilton hotel, Belt Sigma liikon hotel. Phi BoroiKy, T.tS p. m. Roscoe Wilson P-TA, 3 p. m., ichool, Founders Day program. George M. Hunt P-TA. 1 p. m.. Mrs. Sumon Rhet. 1627 18th St., te» honoring past presidents. Dupre P-TA, 3 p. m.. Anbury Methodist church. 1339 Bible Studs* group 3 p. m., Mr*. Waiter Clark, 2711 21st St. Dutch Card club. 7:30 p. m.. Mrs. Bernie Howel! hostess. Thursday Luncheon club, 1 p. m., Mrs. J. K. Hankins hostess at home ol Mrs. Pebble Ta!!ey, 15!0-B Ave. M. First Aid course, sponsored by Dupre P-TA: 7 p. m., school; Cyril Batten, Instructor. Red Cross First Aid course, 3 to 5 p. ., snonsored by Junior Htgh school P-TA; ooms 107 and 209: lte."dames C. E. Robrts and Isabel Garrison, instructors. Workshop theater, ! p. m.. Senior High chool. "Abie's Irish Rose" to be pre- ented. Queslers Wives. 6:30 p. m., Mrs. R. A. tudhalter, 2311 18th St. Tech Wranglers club. 7 p. m.. Hotel Lubock, smoker honoring rushees. Southsldc Neighborhood B:bV- Study ass. 3 p. m., Mrs. W. D. Click, 1521 33rd reet. ilow of gastric juice; so aids digestion, and helps build up strength, energy, physical resistance for rnany. That's one way it may relieve periodic pain due only to functional causes. "• But it may also help relieve periodic distress if you start taking it by directions three days before "your time." Remember, modern facts and 61 years of popularity invite your confidence in CARDUI. Adv. Red Cross Center Has Yarn For Sweaters, Says Mrs. Kennedy According to an announcement by Mrs. F. A: Kennedy, county production chairman, yarn to be knitted into sleeveless sweaters for men of the United States Navy has arrived at Lubbock county Red Cross production headquarters. She said there have been many calls in the rooms for the yarn which has been expected daily. Material is also available for cutters, she added. Headquarters is at 1714 Thirteenth street. present were Mes dames D. N. Stalnaker, George R Bean, J. H. Beard, J. B. McCauley S. H. Hood, H. W. Sims and E. B Harris. Adelpha Club • Adelpha club members me with Mrs Frank Skinner, 130 Avenue R. Those attending wer Mesdames Charles L. Stevens, Wil liam McCreary, B. R. Brady, S. Johnson, A. M. Hall, jr., Steph en A. Clay, and L, E. Hudgens. Mrs. Brady, 2510 Twenty-sixt street, will be hostess March 4. Hostess Honored Meeting in Mrs. E. K. Hender ill And Scroll To j Luncheon Today Will Have Banquet Friday "Purposes and Objectives of High School. Journalism" and "The Field of Opportunities for Journal- ises" will be topics of discussion for Joseph B. Cowan at the initiation banquet of the Margaret Turner chapter, Quill and Scroll at 7 o'clock Friday night at the Mexican Inn. Mr. Cowan is assistant professor of journalism at Texas Technological college. Mrs. Dick Cozby, sponsor of the club, \v4ll preside at the initiation ceremony. Pledges are O'Veta Morris, Jraunita Stimpson, Charles Brown, Elizabeth Schmidt, Jarnes Reese, and Mary Elizabeth Teal. Wilma Jean Freeman will be in charge of decorations. Howard Schmida, chairman, will be toastmaster. Honor Miss Dillard Honoring Miss Catherine Dillard, who will wed Lewis F.llis, jr., March 7, Mesdames Temple Ellis, Guy L. McAfee and J. W. Gilion of Rails will entertain with a luncheon today at 1 o'clock in the Hilton hotel. The honoree will be 495th School Squadron At Flying School Will Attend Dinner-Dance Warrants formally certifying their recent promotions will be Prided out to enlisted men of the 495th School Squadron of the Lubbock Army Flying school tonight at a dinner-dsnce in the Hilton hotel ballroom. Seventy-six unlisted men are ex- presented with a gift by the hos-1 petted with dntes. Master of cere -ubbock Chapter, OES Will Purchase Radio "or Air Base Barrack A radio for a barrack at the ubbock air base will be purchased by the Order of the Eastern Star, it was decided at the chapter meeting Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock at Masonic hall. Plans were discussed for a •"riendship night to be held Feb. 25 at 7:30 o'clock at the hall. Forty-seven members attended .he meeting. Mrs. C. L. Minyard Is Party Honoree Mrs. C. L. Minyard was honored with a surprise party Tuesday night when members of the Stitchaway club met in the home of Mrs. A. D. Leonard, 2211 Twenty-second street. Those attending were Mesdames A. L. Eddins, E. R. Fults. Sam Dial, E. E. McClatchy, Homer Harrison and V. B. Watson. Individual sewing was done a the informal social. The club plans to do Red Cross sewing when ma terials arrive. Supper At School Is Given By Mary Emma Mary Emma club of homemaking girls at Senior High school entertained Future Farmers of America club members with a supper Tuesday night at the school gymnasium. Mary Jean Wood was elected most beautiful girl; Henry Elder, sponsor of the Future Farmers of America, was elected best looking man; Frances Groce elected mosi popular girl and Basil Moss, mosi popular boy. Hostesses were Geraldine Massie, Dorothy Richardson, Wilma Jean Freeman, Melba McDonald, Nelda Booker, Doris Neal, Mary York, Jane O'Neall, Betty Man,um, Mary Jean Wood, Ella forman, Mary Lou Nolen, Jo 3obb, Connie Marie Wright, Genty Gallimore, Arlene Wood, Mary "ranees Karr, Frances Groce, Ella Vlay Leevling, Billie Louise Mc- bb, Eugenia Hopper and Opal Boldin. Guests were Delia Pearl Ward, uanita Ward, P. H. Cran, J. C. D erkins, Robert Weems, Leroy Weems, "Austin Reese, jr., Thomas S. McDonald, Phillip Perkins, Elon Roy Taylor, Edwin Earl McWilliams, N. C. Clark, Bobby " owrey, J. W. Clark, Glenn Land, Stephen Payne, Courtney Brooke, 3pn Mclnturff. James McCarthy, Billie Watson, Tommy Nash. John am, Jack Parks, Jack Erwin, James Robbins, Major Taylor, Basil Moss, Eugene Perkins, Paul Scott,.Mr. Elder and Mrs. Ameral Payne and Miss Elma Miller, sponsors of the Mary-Emma club. tesses. Guests will include Mesdames L. C. Elli^, Mary Dillard, mother of the bride-elect, S. C. Wilson, F. M. Mad.dox, L. E. Grimes, Fred Spikes, Lorenz E'Uis, Jack Parsons, J. A. Pressley, H. A. Davidson, R. P. Mnxley, J. S. Johnson, Neil H. Wright, Ed Ainsworth, W. R. Spencer, W. L. McAfee, C. J. Wagner, R. E. Karper, E. L. Klett, J. M. Lewis, Carl Roberts, C. E. Maedgen, Bob Bowron A. L. Winfrey of Rails and Miss Margaret Huff. Tuesday Night Group Has Book Reviews Mrs. E. L. Mader, 2909 Twenty- first street, was hostess and Mrs. K. M. Renner was assistant hostess for the Tuesday Night Readers group meetine Tuesday night. Mrs. F. A. Kleinschmidt reviewed "Young Man of Caracas" (Ybarra) and Mrs. H. F. Godeke reviewed "Return to the Future" (Undsel). monies will be First Lt. David L. Schurger, Commanding Officer of the squadron. Guests will include Lt. and Mrs. G. W. Shackelford, Lt. and Mrs. T. W. Potter, Lt. and Mrs. B. W. Goulding, Lt. James E. McDaniel and Lt. M. D. Snider. Christian Council To Have Box Supper A box supper will b ; sponsored' by members of the First Christian Woman's council Circle 3 Friday night at 7:30 o'clock a<;-the church annex. Traffic police of Lewisharn, England, have decided to keep pigs. CHllDS COLDS Relieve misery direct -without RUB DN+ >/A PO R US son's new home, 2505 Twenty eighth street, members of the Mis cellaneous club presented the hos tess with a gift for her home a their meeting. Pollyanna gifts were exchang ed among members. Mrs.,Howari Hunt will entertain for the clut March 4. Members present were Mes dames M. , H. Adkinson. Hunt Stewart, C. R. Cagle and B. "tt Scarbrough. COMPLETE FEMININE HYGIENE DEMANDS: Amicito Club Wil! Not Meet Today , A meeting of the Amicita club, scheduled for this afternoon, has been postponed for a week. India has eben supplying nine- tenths of America's mica supplies. "1 ruCH has been written about feminine ill hygiene. But too ofcen women over•"*- look hygiene in the REAL sense of the word — underarm cleanliness and sweetness. Von cannot be attractive vith underarms moist, stained and smelly. Use Anid, the new cream deodorant. 1. Arrid does not rot dresses, does noc irritate skio. 2. T>» T o •waiting to dry. Can b« used right after shaving. 3. Instantly checks perspiration 1 to 3 dtys, Removes odor from perspiracioo, keeps. armpits dry. •f. Arrid is a pure, -white, greaseless, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Awarded Approval Seal of American Institute of Laundering as harmless to fabric. Women use more Arrid than any other deodorant. Try a lOc, 59fJ or 59tf jir today at any score which sells toilet goods. RE ALWAYS OUT IN FHDNT! So, don I let iKcm fcecome narsh and uniox-ely from housework, office work, or play. Uie Giambcrlains Lotion regularly. Tiiis clear. Colden lolion driej win convenient quickness and Iiclps keep your Lands and skin soft and alluring. Buy il al nil Toilet Goods Counlers .riQmh erienns t 0 T 1 0 N- AGAIN "RUDY'S" BRINGS YOU VALUES THAT YOU CAN'T ^ AFFORD TO MISS! $12.95 Values! $14.95 Values! $16.95 Values! Sizeit s to 12 to 20 38 to 44 46 io 53 OTHER SPRING COATS AT— 57.95 JH.95 S19.S5 • ALL WOOL CREPES * WOOL AND RAYON TWILLS • WOOL AND RAYON FLEECES • SMART WOOL PLAIDS • ALL WOOL PASTELS USE OUR POPULAR LAY-AWAY PLAN UDY'S CINDERELLA SHOP HOS BROADWAY The kcyncfe of today Is work. And where you find work, you find a welcome for ice-cold Coca-Cola. In offices, factories and workshops the pause ihcr} refreshes with ice-cdd Coca-Cola is a little minute that's long enough for a big res! . , . contributing Io more work and better work. UNOEX AUTHORITY or THE CUCA.COIA COMPAMV »v COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY You trust its quality SWAN, the first really new white f/oafr soap since the Gay Nineties, is so different — ice double-dare you to compare it side by side with any old-style floating soap Use Swan! 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It's as mild as fine imported 100% olive oil castiles, too—ail of which makes Swan ideal for baby's delicate skin; for lovely complexions: for busy, soft, white hands. 1815 Texas Avenue Lubbock Dial 5529 RAOI IT UVK a*07HERS COMPANY CAMBRIDGE, MASS. TUNE IN: GRACIE AUEN George Burns • Paul WhlMman Every Tuesday, 6:30 P. M, r Slation KONC Save with SWAN , SOAP 9 DOES MORE WORK —COSTS rtd rWOHEI Two conv«n?«nf Jizej — Ltrrgs and Reguforl

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