The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 19, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 6
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THE DAILY HEWS, RtEDEKIOK, »., SATU1DAY, PBuaMBEfc 19,1931. PENNZOILSTOY WIMOCALA'S Frederick Team Completely Outclassed By Visitors. BRUSHING UP SPORTS . . By Lauferj G8ESAPS RIFLES DEFEATED i i la a g*sse derold at thriUs and Jea- ! taxed on!y hy the splendid plapa* ^ tbe rtstsors. the Frederick A's, :ia city s newest pjolessiosa: basketball team. 7^/v. its debut at the Statr Arracry ytiday'aight by tK^S outclassed ay the Ciere^rid Perusal Sy a score of 36-25. Several hawired fans tarsec oJt ^ to eajoy a Bomaa holiday, but 1.1^ --r-s ( »te the wross people. M:s«a :;i the j dst half it became evident that the j A-B were no match for the Pcrinsou ! «nd the customers settled COTC In '.."-eir leatt aad displayed little -stbusiasai tbe rest ol the game. ', Ed. Harris, siaaager o.' the A's. like ·^ilf Grore, pUot o! Frederick's other pio quint, asast, take steps to oolster bis te9TM *· fee expects to attract the tans to the games. The A's were completely oaKiassed Fnday night by the jyaruoifc, who la the latter stas«* of the Jray toyed with them by handing them the ball under their own basket. living them open chaacts to score. Tae 3i- started oat weU enough and in the first half managed to keep abreast of the visitors, but it soon became evident that the Penazo'^s woti* win handily before the game was ha-' completed. Fluliy Team. The Pemuwtt* *r* oae °* ~* best teams to show aere since pro basiet- t»H came back to Frederick.. They passed with deadly accuracy and wsen set on shots rarely missed. Severs: ol the members oZ the t«am are rros tae "We time." such as Roeqalst, All- American lineman at Ohio Stale Dni- ·rersity last season, who Jumped center.! and Lamme, a French-Canadian, a dead basket-shot. Several times in tne last a*K the PennzolJs passed the bail SOT as niach as a minute without the A* touching it- Ralph Becnie and Duie Allen, former members o! the Fadco Bis Five. appeared to the lineup of the A's as fcd littte Joe Gavin, captain of last Mason's Notre Darce quint. O! the So only Eenaie did commendaole -rork. He played a nice floor game and ^ ^-^ ' h .^-^ ipo:led thc pocketed several exceLent long «bo- ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ 5eBM u«»a: such as endeared him u .tx-a* lans las.. ^^ ^^ l!gh , pr by hammering out »e»son- i a dec's on over thc pD'.orfui Liver-more The game started tasv and both teams i ^j^p^. i-, 10 rounds at Madron sparred tl* first minute lor an open- Square Gardcrs . Ing when Lamme caged one from be- i jocd tbe foal zone. Alien tied the ( Kore a lew plays later on a "peep" . ·*~~TM . - .. - n__. --1. _ IIMI *n . «. J -- BRUNSWICK AND F.JLC. TO PLAY AT M'CORDY FIELD RailroadersStrengtheningTeam For Came. dove// 8E ITS M£MSE?5 ViCW'i AKD 10T OF ivlIED To FILL Tr£ tJO!GhT W- .MORRO'JO FROM K^ CF THE ·USFFfJ-SS Trie. TTME-K'eePeR. AT LORD P -OF . ATviit\!C V JAO (v« IftCX 4AO To Z£ ?£^TUBj^t TOLEDO U:S ,'\SSl£KCF i! TO THE A WOLe 8V -To 6-ST COT Cf? A Brunswick's chjOnge to the supremacy of the Frederick Ath«; · Club wlU be met at MotMrdy F"^3i I ^·bere the green-jerseyed locals nil! j se; the Railroaders at 2-30 o'c-ock , Sunday af seraoon. The game was! scheda^d when Brunswick insisted that j e Frederick team could not lay clear : v -tim :o the semi-pro grid champion- J ship of this section nM Brunsirick \ was playet Manager "Nig" Grove ac- ! cepted the challenge and is permitting ] " K RaUroatfeis so "pad up" for his ·. team. , '. So anxious are tSe Brunswick lads ' to win, they are scouring the countryside in search of players. Several from Martinsbarg and Harpers Ferry have been secured to bolster the visiles team. Brunswick has a big. heavy line, whxh should hold its own ver wei: »ith the powerful Frederick forward wa^. If the Railroaders ge-t several fast backfleld men they i^-- make . it interesting. i The Frederick team w^l be minus the services of Tim Racey, big Vermont lineman, who Is laid up with a badiy- sprained ankle. Grove, however, will have the rest of tbe same team in action that smashed Harpers Jferry last Sunday. 20-7. Dick Butler. Ray Johnson. Bu:k A Zander and Grove wUi i m comprise the Frederick backfield. with . B Parson takhig the place on left end va- . · cated by Raoey. Summers. Steele, Da- j · vis. Rea. Esterly and Ogle wii: Siush ' · out the line. :2 LOTiA HOKDVi Do You R. member One Year ABO T»da --Emle Schaaf. i WIN EASY VICTORY BrunM»ick Independents Wallop Harprr | Ferry Team. Bristle Department Wins. · The Bristle Departmrnt bowling team won two of the three games from the Block Room, but lost the total plnfall in an Ox Fibre League match roiled on the D'-amond alleys. A hun- |dred point majority in the first game offset the victories scored by the Bristle ' Department in the last two iays. The · highlight of the match was the 201 ' score of Vlrts in the'lirst game. j The score i j Bristle Oept (1592) '.Harrison 100 92 -- iFox .« 84 102 Clngan 91 129 Stockman ,, 109 117 - ! Smith 1« 138 JLambright - -- -- I 2? *··*·····»«·······»!$£ · (FYROIL) s|| S Greatest winter lubricant, top oO · | %jf A for valves, B for crank case, g j %6 transmission, differential. One B I Qf qt. each by panel post for S3.00. · | ^ Maryland PYR-OIL Co. "j^P DIsTKIBl TORS f i tyf Poolrsvillc. -Md. B i ftjf SALESMEN WANTED · Phone 16-J F. O. Box 47. J WE ABE NOW FORMING OTJR 1932 Christmas Saving Club With Classes to Suit the Convenience of All .25 Per Week .SO Per Week $ l.OO Per Week 2.OO Per Week 5.OO Per Week 1O.OO Per Week 2O.OO Per Week 'Prepare to IJave the Money Yon Will Need Next Christmas, By Joining Onr Christmas Club. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS'FOR OVER 100 YEARS 1828 1931 - ^ · · B a B B B a S B H B H B H B B f k «»»' Totals Block 526 578 Kooin (1637) j Stockman 96 ! Lipps 96 The Brans-x-lck Independents opened . Harding 99 Worm Turns. tnelr season a;isplcious!y Friday night by deleating the Harpers Ferry Inde' pendents In convincing fashion in the Brunswick high school gymnasium. 2911 So superior was the Brunswick c. re a few Plays iater on a ^ . w Ei ^ orf N y golr _ J. but Lamme was r!« M !**·££ ^ a 69 ^ t h c n a al rxuni ^d ·Kith a long shot to ?u, the Pennsui , ^ _ ^_^ n ^ ,.^. a , ,,, ., R7 c .- v .-^ e t, ahead again Bennie made a loul goaj lor Frederick and Alien put the iocais ahead with a long shot. Gavin pocketed a neat pot shot, giving Frederics a lead of 7-4. Ross put the Penrjzoils : jn the running again b batting A C of Martinsburs Wednesday night ; Block Room ._ 19 --_. | Machine Shop 20 Harpers Ferry Ten Years Ago Today--Tommy G\^- Big Boy Pcteram. who'acnleved some th »- " pulled its regulars at the end |note bv taking it on chc chin from of the first pen^d. Tne winners passed ' D - r- TM«^ .,nrf r.-h'.i-^ knt-rv-rd out ; * e!1 and displa-ed excellent teamwork Ftve vear, A S o Today^oe Turnesa. I P"TM^^^^^^ ^ f es led the Brunswick attack. «,ih onst-' Orleans. Big Boy s. manager mu«t tiavc ·- Po !n « eH l££ tourorssVr^w'to^ai been reading the papers t, him about ErMck next meet the Interwoven the first annual Sacramento Op-a at ! some or these _ football upsets Del Paso course. Edciic Loos of Chic- j » · * · · * · ago trailed Tiimesa for second money, i Grimes-Homsby? ' Grirnei and Honiiby didn't s: t n'or.^ ·.cry well when thi-y were together with the Giants Now iliat they arf tn.o'*i tftiether again rn tho Cubf. they wjl. get along r.o bcitcr than they did oe- iore. rc.-t assured But Grimes is a different fei'.o-A from Hack Wilson, and he v.ill p!trh t'no best baU he :s capab!? of v.-hethcr he gets along or r.ot. -* * * Xotc On Fame. You don't have to be the star halfback on the college clever, to get vour r.anie into the papers now. JU5t join the ·.cltorial sta" of the college Journal and attack football, coaches and whatever ·"".be comes to m:nd. And. while you may be remembered as long as Pudge Hcircinnccr -All: me. you".", ha-.e a lot of fun out or !' an\-way ar.d stir ·,i- ?. Bit ol talk Redmond Vlrts 13-i 201 95 116 116 76 154 83: 126 . 73 83 84 · ...626 557 Totals OX FIBRE BOWLING 1 LEAGUE Yesterdays ResxT's. Bristle Dept. defeated Block Room. i* IB Rap'cs. Gibbons opened cuts over Madden's c\cs;, ;r. the fiqh» and easily v.or-. the r,c?.-.sp.'pcrm-:i'= /I ·Tbau" through on the rebound, tokerl j Sons. St Pa-:! "light heavyv.cish: v,on slicked through the Fre-derick defense ' a 10-round r."-decls'on bout trorn ^or an easy goal to put the Cleveland ! Bartiey Macdca of New York at Grand ciub ahead again, 3-7. Ross made a ' ---'-=- -··---.- f«iV shot good and Larcrce came bacs on the next play and caged an easy goal. Colby shot a foul goal Just s the quarter ended. :i-8. Bennie started the A's oE with a CEC corner goal ano Bckert duplicated thc feat a minute after the start o: the second period. Bennie aga.n SCOKC. . from midfioor, ana Gandmp sunk a fool. BeniUe also made a foul goal. but Etkert was ba:=c on tne next ?:ay ·with a field goaL L«mrne dribbfed in for a goal and Ga^n dMmp^i one ir. from the center ol the Socr as the halt essied. 18-15. The Cleveland club began ta show i:i superiority hi the thirc Quarter. Ross. Bcsecmo:! Leaame and Eckert siade Scld goals in quick succession for the visitors and they then began to Uke it easy Passing the ball around bidding speed much to the cons'-err^itior. ol the A'S. the Pennzoi^ gave a great exhib.- tJon of chucking the balL A ksiig iho: ay Russell was Fredericks only score in tie third period. From tnen on i: ^35 jxist a question as to the Sml score Manager Kams aanousced ;ie ·wCl not play any more games here ·asm early m January. He tonnes tak- ·ag hi warn on a barnstorming t;ur of Sew England next week. He expects to strengthen the club by brlngi-; in jSshoney. Cahill asd Taune from .s*' season's"Cleveland Fa%orite Kn.ts quint Jewelers Win Preliniinary The Cresap's quint crorped Us third game this -seek when it 5o-- ed before thc Kay Jewelers cf Hager?town in the pre^mir-ary game. 23-18 After pl^ag up a lead of 9-0 :n tr-.e f-rs: quarter, the RiHemen wuted ar.d permitted the Jewelers to overhaul t'r.err. The lasi period was a do? righ Wentzeli. f ' Nuicc. ' Cummings. Daiiey. s Manuel, g Siaubs. g . .Mills, g ... ; Rowc. g utals (11) G. 0 . o C 1 _ o o 3 ._ 0 ._ ,, o 0 Brunswick i29) G. 1 team treimffd ;."* M%cr?\.lU A.. S' :n all three san-.o-s ar.d "o^k ;^, of three can'.i_\s iron-, thr Kaufman M Coaspary 1:1 a d^ti'J'.e nia'.o.i rolled scares were rolled in t^",:i f *.mes Thc scores Ronej Motor Co. Crcr.e 1CS Morgan I'-S · b -.31 134 34 93 Totals 647 Kanflnian Motor Co. Hamer - '-3-« Grove _ - ".33 Koncy Motor Co. .'.S^i M'orga- -·= '-3: -S Zircrr.^ . ... "- o ^ BaMrball AdmLisions. Bai: players ir. the rr.'.jors. asked to accept salary cut5. are bc.r.c quoted as comir.E back v, .;h tl:e q'ici't on. "And arc the prices "" adrnisf:cn to be reduced :or^" As a raattcr of fact, pr.ces of admission for baseball have ·· ar.ed ·.cry little in ti-.e last 15 ycar.=. rarsmg iron-, about 50 cent* to 5- The top in Yankee Stadium. I think. -.; SC--ar.d do ·-oj kr.o» -,\h?.t t -.--u'd be .' mistier, fee had SV\T» raided surat^ly \\'.;h :h* sa'.arj cf. If Gecrjc K Ru'.h" Viral Oklahoma: One cf the smart gestures cf V.r.11 jeascn can be crcci:'od tc 75 or. :"r:e c".·.".· r«: of Oklahorr.a team A t t t r a disastrous srason. a carr.p'j' -.-'.'..rn dcrnar.drd tliat Coach Adrian " :rdj.-,v bo si'on t'.-a g-itc. The olay- ·-r ritaliit^d tv ccmar.d r.g that Wal\ ~ Errery, cvicr. of Oslahoina s ds- »t r.; '.earn ar.d .'^-h ". c-- mentor cf D.i s li,- b- T.roc: bocauw ^f.~ ra%c failed to ^r^a.i.-f .x n.riner" It .^·ms :"r.3t :hc d-bat.r.c toarr. r.ot oh!" Burch. f Haglc. f _ Day, f Jones, c -- _ Smith, g-f Kice. g FlcCtWCiOG. C --Freeman, c .._ Ne-R corner, c .._ 1 S^r.amel, rf 0 Marlev. g _..,,..........,,._ 0 V.'.lliarns. g 0 Brady, g _ 3 F. 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 F. 0 1 0 Standing of the Clubs. W. L. 11 10 14 16 Pet .633 .66". .576 51o !' Tp i Office 17 oj · 3 WILSON EXAMINED i 0 | 0 I Once Home Run King Says He Docs Ccod Evening Did the Mrs. Say . . . . Don't Forget To Order BISZR'S CLEAN COAL PHONE 287 AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FIRE THEFT PROPEKT* DAMAGE LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER The Best Gift IS A Bulova Watch FROM McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market Street Frederick, Md. 7 | °i o! Not Want To Be Traded. Columbus, Ohio. Dec. 18--Hack Wilson, who changed from one of base- ba^'s leading sluggers into one of the 11! game's "bad boys" while a member o! ' tbe Chicago Cubs last season, was here , today for a physical examination and a conference with Larry McPhail. ' president of the Colurnbus American 2 Association Club. Wiison resentl? was acquired by the Hi fellers= look at tnis ier a bike!' Tp 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 "Y" RESERVES WIN St. Louis Cardinals. The Coluocbus club is a Cardinal farm. Upon Wilsons physical arid conference with McPhail will depend his future with the Cardinals, it 0 I was understood. Q 1 The former Cub player asked that 01 the Cardinal raaragement give nim a 6 j "fair" trial daring spring training and | curing the 1932 baseball season He ·g 1 said he did cot want to be traded to j any other team. WUson declared ae j had no ailments which could not be ! corrected before the 1932 season. He Defeat Church Street School Quint, 23 To II. A fairly close first half ended in a complete rou; Friday aft^jrxxjn when the Y M C. A. Reserves defeated C.-.urrls, Street School in the Church Strcc: gymnasium, 29-11. The teams ;^;ht on even t«nns the first two per- .005. but the Church ~ " ' Bjssard ran wild ·vrccv the ;o^ers Th ·.·:; i:pP"r hinc at intermission. 12-S 1 said he had spent his time hunting and conditioning in West Virginia, abszain- i^5 entirely from alcoholic cnnks. After talking McPhail for several hours be returned to his horce at W. Va. i:ssard cct aim A" as rrar.y field ? Churc.i 5'rcvt i:d p-^ints, to star thj, year pcrtsnlties to score. The scczre: Clrrriand Pemrzoib S6) G F. Myersviile Ail Stars 1.611 Bcteri, f Boseqrist. c. Lamrae, g. Oandrap. g. rsr RcUirt Co Vsnr-s fc^^I --^o' cat ctis ·-TCT. up :."? cudf'. w.'Ii : v .r C^ cr the losers. The srcrc. Chnrrh Street School C Crsrr.-rr. f . .- . : To Play Funkstown. The Frederick soccsr team of the McFadden League should remain at ;he - "V.*"~ itop Sundav afternoon after it plays ^d 7 ' C ii4 e s^! Fu=k * t0 ^? "' "" e vrash:i: s to = C3un ~ to almost ?c»o=a^y ijXT'Jco-^e'.i-oa ln ';h e Srs: round and * \. M. C. A. he^.. ^ si , OTC ;;;t , e S3: p rOTe!Be : , ;ace ! "he second half started. Brunswick. ]?ch£?duled to meet Smiihsbure. will take __ · · _ t | : h e gase by forfeit since Sm.thsb'-rg D "-'- scorv ^-j cropped frora the league last week , Ov--er g^mes Sunday ..n-*. Clearspring I at BoonsSoro. and Hamilton at Wil- What Boy or Girl Would'n Want One of DELPHEY'S Quality BICYCLES fox Xmas A comr1?;e line of bicycles as' 3 children vehicles ~-n display. These prescr." ".al-ce healthy and Lowest Prices In Twenty Years Open Evenings J. PAUL DELPHEY THE HOME OF THE BIKE y 5? y s y S y w » I Give Practical Gifts GIFTS THIS YEAR SHOULD BE USEFUL ONES For Him Mansfield Shoes $5.00 MADE BT MAKERS OF BOSTONIAXS High Quality--High Style THE BENNETT SHOE STORE g EXPERT SHOE FITTERS I i. i § -- i £~ S Totals - IS Frederick A's (05) It's the sa-rc "-3' =sa"5 tr.c f-sh. as enc^ «c.. ST. *r. For a s_pr; ! rr..ird--r ' T.-.e - R e d ir.d Black" Cf ' vt - I'^.'T ?f Gcc"_i t".arr.'-s lacs .-: -.ra.r.r.c f.v ~^c r irr-r "f fa-3'..t.t' L'r.-. -rs.'j cf S^-.-hcrr. Cal-forc a s. \. 7-i.... 4. C Cramer, g Bercie, f . --- *n«v c. _ BcsseH. g. -- O»2jy. g. - i '? *" ""*"""" "" - . . . s came cf h- Ur.'.rcrsity Y. M. C. .V. 6 4 " 6 Crsrr., g A i. -- T-'als _ riv.-jr- r^..v Miroor. aprees t.h3t D.'.}". f 4 ~-K!..r.r r. stro-- " W.-ll t -ore y-vj arc G 0 Totals Keferee-- Qdaa. ______ 10 5 23 Timer and Scorer Kav Jcwrlers IS G Tp / " 1 n : : 0 , f * I C 0 i 1 IS I 0 2 | 0 = | | Let Us Help You make your dollars go further and give more satisfaction. DYEING LADIES' DRESSES AND COATS S2 50 tro Cresap's Bifles (IS) G. F. 1 0 __ 0 0 ~ 1 1 __ 0 3 Bartmas, c, 1 0 Shook, g 1 0 Bmchev a. __.~_-. TM_~ i 0 "*"*·**·" J V* **" " '"""TTM-""·" TM Bruchey, f. Eagle, f. Etefer, c. 13 'K. Sees". '- - --· 3 2 s*=der, c 0 0 S1--S-S-, c. .. 3 2 r-oser.ber;. p. . . 1 3 " Roa.r-S~n. c 1 2 - 2 Totals '. J IS Did Too Know That-- f-assarfi. c ___ S S'-me ol th« -sr^-lt-r^ .r, ;ie cast arc Killer, 5 _-. 1 Ip i.=ir.J tc rr\*''-.d .-.-'.= It s presf- r.--rr.cnr.?n. g _. . 1 :; Car; H-.--rrar. O"..i ? - cap- Totals .. -4 1 -9 · : ta.s at -:_ri.-rc. .= :^- f.r-t -.cdlc'-rej-- Relerec -- Fcrrusor. Timer -- Moser · 0 trr-r to .-d ·!-,,- Har.arcs .r. II r*ars Sc.-rcr--Sr.c-^k. · 2 sreak in thc ~oi-:d that Ar.d - H.g:- c?t i * 2 --hen tr.e Card; son: him to ^e Red.-. Maple Ltafs u one of the few Jewlsli |2 -- --3$ it "· Kts: 1 ! had .r.-irrcd 'io players in hockey the cr.Iy Jewish | -- C3 i.yplcasare -. ;.-.' Card n-.Ar.ager.--~t player in M-.e Nat i»-al Ko-kcy T-^ague MEN'S SUITS AND OVERCOATS CLEANING AND PRESSING Ladies' Plain Dresses and Plain Coats, Hen's Suits and Overcoats, 83.00 Referee--JOT»~CS. Tuner--JoJnson.'. Ales L«-.inskr o£ Use Tcror.ta · . . . and he Syracuse, N. V $1.00 QUAKER CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST BIGGEST A N D BLST CLEANERS AND DYERS ·········HaaLBBKIfc I F it's Sales you're after, we'll power your printing with SALES IDEAS. · If it's Distinction you're seeking, our taste and typography will reflect refinement. If it's SERVICE you demand, we'll deliver on the dot. 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