The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 2, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1964
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BRAZOSPORT FACTS MONDAY, MARCH 2, 1944 10* t» «Mha>*tt»* «' !<»«-*««••» IS< DISTRICTS HOT VALID vigil remains mysfery fw>r*nw Court *mn«*<ft '"• dar * d*ft«to» thai T*n* itatatvt MtaMithlfif (>>* DELAY SEEN BUT. I By POLLY O'CONKKLL •£ rRKBPORT-for Ite past Mo morthe a f ntfdten ebow <Mf has maintained n m. *oe**Wg Watt at WM Eighth and Lotuat In teeptat tte intersection under I Tte doc ra^ team a grassy open spot Jtoar ttw carter of Peppermint Park. During 9m* iwaaai Trtjld Belli* r and smattering of 1£»W ftates, during froaty nlghte and emU- .ing rains, ttw chow reftoe* even to tate shelter from Uw weatter by golngt»d*rtto ' r scout HOUS* in Uw perk. Why doM to k**p watch *p and down tto tfttwtt? flOV llttM nil fMMH^pl to MR7 fft»M Urn tte QWMtion* that pmgu* U* l>e«Bi* living near tto perk. spnk HHTU e* mo w*st Eighth, «ro«a from Uw put, aaya Uat DM first thing ant naldMtedoaifiBBJotatof tttoekoat tone* if tte chew is still tter*. He saM tto dog is only gone briefly from tte spot-aadrmty manage to Mt from gar- Uw doc tm (HM^ttM wHmtl 1»M w> HUtta ettted to uw ptrt by rtportt iMt by death. But each time, tte <*o» lit* to etoa* capture. Wton tte daagar I* over, ite dog return to hi* •pot in Uw park, waiting... Was ite chow toft behind by t family that moved? DM Uw dog manage to tract Uw family as far as tto park ' for their return? or did tto dog, Inteppteraayt, pany a ehlW to tte park, andM human companion will return? If a* eta* COBM o«iy «*»-« k* rauld «»3y tiwd MMM IKM an tt» rtwotw MUM M* Titil-ttw myatavy «g«M to attlwd. Ai Uw aaatMtk of wUtN* w Uw de« •« «M* prtth <» «« to •toak to ••• bf May ar« "Wa Tlwa Ma toad dtwnpa *nm wttrlly *«d to raata ttor*. etm vain** Pwate *tawt«t Ma rta»dfaat wait eaa oaly top* (hat Uw parwm Hw eto* lovaa to •we* wtu rHmrn, twfor* It la loo tot*. And Hwy eaanol tolp vUMn« UwywvraUtalptr- trttt* »r» •nroMtiimtMwl. H» W»> cwirt »ahl lit <»rl - atM *aa wtflmot pr»n»lif» to UW MfM of Mat* official* In apply, <>T Aprti I. to IN- i H. DtatrM CMH M IfcMHte* for "fnHtor ««lt«bl» rvltef tat MfM at pma*nl Ruling jolts state lethargy Bayou effluent foes will help find sewerage plan THE VIOR. a etow dot toa toan teaptof «W about two mootto la a Franport park baa toan undaunted by frtftd waalhar. Wtora Uw dof oama from and for whom to to mrtttnrtffm«ia»my*l»ry. .a *• " '-', SKATERS TO Bastrop Bayou property owners have organised la topai of blocking a proposal to dump aewerage system effluent into tto bayou. But at tto Mm* Urn*, members of ttw Bastrop Bayou Association (BBA) recognlM that If ttoy ar* successful, ttoy ar* creating another probtom they should help aolve. Tto Retort E. Pta* utility Co. of Houston Intends tobtttM a aawan treatment plant to •cm ttw otonwood Bayou Sttbdlvtatoa. A permit tea teen applied for with 1 tto Texas Water Pol- luttoa control Board CTWP- CB) to allow effluent from thla ptont to go Into Bastrop Bayou about 3.B miles east of Highway 288. A tearing on tteappltoitioa has toan tot for March 5. Last weea*membara of tto , BBA waat to -Austin to 'good times' _ j*OM-Ctta* ar* aponaor- inl a akatlag party to pro- IJJH aid for tto Crtopin soils family of Fraaport wMle Solto undergo*a In in G*J«*ston , -<W """• • %to party will to told at lib* R*ynokls Skating Rtok t, on old Highway snatciute s oai Wednesday night Per' will to admitted for ig on bringing two of food, JayoM-Ette I PfwtUJent Annte Mae Wtl- «tars said. , Persons who wish to aid i tto family withfood without * attending tte skating event mSy can Mrs. Walters at Bl 3-1837 to have tte food jpftkadup. TSolto has been 101 for sontUme to John Staly al wtere Mveral transfusions tav* WASHINGTON _-. Senate-House Economic Committee today predicted good Umes in 1884 as tax MVtnga spread through ttw economy. But It cautioned that either prleea hiked by private pro- duoera tw weesslve budget cat* by tto government couW apott the" plctore. All Uw Republican minority of • tto commute* accused prcaMent Johnson's admln- lstr»Uon of unduly testing up tto economy thla election year, add thua risking a bust later. Tte committee of Mnatora and HOUM member* presented ite atua> of tte Pmldwrt'a annual •eoaomle nport Intwo •Jurply contrasted sectloas, with tto Rapttbltoan criticism ruealng ttaost three times as .long ssljw majority doeu- majority prosparttyte "tn ite anxiety to Insure a particularly good economic performance In UM, tte Johnson admlnlatratioa. . . offers. . .SB economic policy which, by Ite own admission, will teat up tte economy thla yaar. mor* than three Umea greater than to any other peacetime y*ar," tto Rapub- llctnaMM. lUZORIA-Witb atocUb* at hand, tto Brasorla (CouxU la istulnsarc- that ttor* la an or- agalnat pUelag i of toadbUto oa pub- inatda U». utty la tto* timing of tto tax cut •tutted teat waek,Myint It "will aoeatorato an aitatiag ccpanatoa'laatoad of talng caltod upoa to eountoraet r*- , 'Tte oimoent* Mid Joto- •bn baa abown that aooaomlaa can to ratda whlto Mill to- Uonal naada, tad ttwy ••• paclally pralaad d*t*na* n and rUard But ttoy atoo Mid "an la- EBCOBEDp JR., after aurgary to Hospital. .. *4MKT CUT8HALL RUTH «TBV«»a Of U, Tto tto ptUaf tto anlatai i poltoto* and poltotod'of 'teprwvtoM at «om- «telog o( TAHOE VALLEY, CBllf.- Atl 88 parsons aboard an airliner were dead wtou search. era found ttw wreckage on a Sierra peak today. Otter major air crastea since Wednesday killed 88 In-LontolaM, 30 in Japan aad 83 to Austria. WASHWOTON -TaaUmony from a Las V*g*s, N*v. hotel awter and gambling fatlnoop- •rator was du* today to tto Bobby Bator Inveatlgttlon, with Sen. Hugh Seott charging tto gov«mm*nt to trying to FRAHKruRT, Cennany- Tto state proseeutot's office innnimiM tw Or. Oarhard Botoe, charted with murder ,ia connection with Waal "mercy WHino'', tea toonBrrest- ed to BKaaoa Aires, Argentine. ATHSRNf, TUMM - King Fault ot oiwaec suffered an- ott-r •fHsJBP •!•• "9 ^aHMf|M|e aMnw*>*T, *•*• «2whonaatS«T|(UioM. j tWLEY ANN IWAU-of If W* -Tto Aaswlattoa *ttya^to**ittiwiWrt»W «t t'WB. teajgM. aillUea, • •'- 'wST-to ktra. ' * own* Ta» attorneya to repreeentttem in aakiag reftual for Ite permit. "AH we are doing," *aya BBA PrMktottt M. E. Etor- spteter, "U buylag enough time to coma up with a aolu- tlon to tte probtora." Flnt of all, Ma group intends to btoek ttw pending permit for effluent dlaehtrg*. Tten it intends to work Just as anergetteally in search of com* geteral saluUon to tto Mwtge disposal probtom, Etorspactor said. Thla probtom will continue to lamaae, to MM, with tte creating of new residential ar*aa. "Of COUTM, w* waattopro- teet Bastrop Bayou. W* hav* a larg* iBvestmea*' here, aad w* want to toep It clean for ourselves. "But we cant Ignore otter people'* probtom*. W* dont wairtjto Imaajl growth." ^i, «^.j^L- jf-., fAea^t*MMr tat *Wl¥lMBi VaV UaT|!Vr aa poUMtBta. Ttowfcr*, tow wouU Uw propoaad cOlwat or*ato a probtom? Ebarapaetor aiplataad that uadar propar coKUttoto Uw trntnMM wouM r*«mw bto- toglear poUuUat-Uw aCflutn* would aot etrry dUMMgarma into tto atraam. Howaw, to MM, tto affliMM baa an odor, awl tto matoftala la It aUrautofct tto growth of a gr**a allra* that oM*ra tto water. Tblt !• parboolarly trot of auefcalag. gta^BtraamaaBaatrop Bayou, toaatd. "To in,lfttoatr*am«MU« and U oo««r*d with alima, it la polluted. Paopto would to afraid to awlm to it, or •at a flab caught la it. All Uw MfttoUo «alni of Uw atraam la goto." Tto BBA It aaklag tto tolp of aporteman latto Immediate atruggto to to«p Uw affluant parmit from tolag laauKI. Etarapaetor MM ttor* ar* about 300 OWMM of proBartv In wwirtalon* and ladNMtt! toti adjaoant to Baitrop Bayou. Ottttr BBAofttoaraaMJota Buattear, a^toralary, and j. B, MeKantia, trvaaurtr. BMM- «t» eommlttoa mtmtori ar* Larry Parka, Fr*d A. Palmar, Mr*. R. H. Morrow, (tta. J. E. w*taiHg*r, Roy BrujM, Mr*. Z. Chrlrta, 8kt Uvantt Rowtott. PUBUC SCHOOLS WEEK OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE ttetBBA will aaek tolp from tto Brasotport'tad Aagteton Cbamtora of Commaro*. •aid bla group raaogalaMttiat tton muat to a maaaa of dtapoitog of waste*. tfefflMM doea not go optaly into, a str*tm from a traatmaat ptoat, It will evaatually r«t«b tto stream from nearby, individual aepUc tanks, , Tto immediate atternaura to etnuent dlspoaal InBaatrop Bayou, Etewpaah*r,B«M,wa« dumping It into Oyster CTMk. Tte BBA doss not flnd this satisfactory, he MM, although oyster Creek Is alraady pot- toted. Time may be running outfor general solutions, tosaM.Hte group was toM by TWJCBaad State Health Oept offlcUla that "w* can't ke*p daaytaK ttoaa permlte forever. Som*- wtor* w*'va got to flnd aa alteraaUv*." A propwly-optrated MW- ag* disposal ptoat jworktog within Ite otpaclty la toteadad to rtmova from awwage tto proptrUea usually regarded Wtttow Drhro Tto etremtateac*!!. tto «u- prem* court Mid. Include "tte Imntmac* of MM forth, coming tlretlanaad tto opera- MOB of Ito ewHton «*efeto*ry of Taama Mted pravtoualy by tto Mml Dlvtrkt conn in Hoavtan to aa optoton," Tto hlgk tritoMl atoo or- d*t*d conUaatd a atay to tto eta* gtBtod by jwtto* Hugo L, Bto«k oa OH. IS. lt«3. Thla atay, Uw eonrt ordered, will eanttnu* "pending tlawly appJkallon" for Uw nltof nMMloaed pr*> vtoualy In today's order and tto final disposition of Ih* eta* by tto axleral Dial net Court In Houston. Tto Houston court, in a t-l decision, found tto TsMsdU- triete bvralM, over ebjtettom by Oov. John COBnatty and otter Tnat stole nOlelate. TtoM offlelala appealed to tto Supnin* Coort wktnt reversal of tto District court decision. Tto high tribunal acted, by eotncldaint, oa Texas' Inde- paiMwac* Day. On Manh i. 1836, Tasaa proetototed free- deal from Mexleo. Tto Supreow Court't un- algnad order In tto Twia* caae waa followed' by a ao- tatioa that Juatlce Tom c. Clark, a Teian, Jolnwl in today* action, "But upoa the grouiKto stated la htsseparai* opinion" to tto Suprem. Court's decision two weeks ago In t jtongreseloMl dto- Oaorito. isaMmttetca** dlstrteta T. wVOg«Bto( A. P.W WKDMBffipt ' UBtoriiBMt CLUTB-4PW* KiripatlKk, M, otfill Aigtetan Drttw, was dMdoa arrival tt a local toapttal attar totag taton ttor* by tto Lato Jackton KMcrinney Car Monday ntontag. H*WMarrilr*dDow Ctoniwal Co, optrator. Tto body to total ant to, Madi«on- AUSTIN (AP) - Slut* official* **M today th* Su|*r»m* Court rutliHt onlh»1>i«ii«H)fl- greaatoaal redtxtrlrtlnc cue* apparently allow* To** to delay tte o«torc«m*M of ite ralta* until alter IM4 *|*«. lloat. Several nfflelalt, who atked not In be quoted l»)r Mm*, MM th* d*el*lon I* In tin* withitw utat*'* requtut l« th* high court. Th* official* *|!p*renlty at praMur* for a «i*«i»l leg- tatallvo MtBltW at one*, to realign coagreetloml dlatrlct bnundarl**. Oov. JohnConnal- Ir ha* »aUI to dM not want to call a special **atlon. m a brief ftl*d shortly after th* supreme Court'* Feb. 17 ruling i* tte OextrgU rwtit- trlctlng eta*, Atty. O*n. Waggoner Carr MM "indetcrib- abl* ctens" would result if T*w*' II eongreatmen were fnrced to run In tte stal* at large. Carr asked for a d*> lay of Ite effect of any adverse ruling until after tte elections. Tte Supreme Court's ruling, which affirmed ite Houston federal eourt't finding* that Texas ooftgretalonal <lla- trictt are unoonstltttttootl, Jolted a traditional letharcr which Ms tektr*dittrlctingt» 9 minimum In T*tt* for 30 year*. lost* boot is f orad .• port FREKPORT - A harbor •heck by tto Fwepnrt coeat Ousrd Station tocatadaeebto erulaar, ttw Wltyne, at»local marina Suadar after a boat and Coast Guard plan* ted Marched fur th* vesail. A itatlon tpotetman MM th* Wllyn* had called Galve*ton Coast Guard Saturday to say tte boat was lost, Galvetton sent a boat out to look fur Ite Wllyn*, with a plane sent out S unit ay morn- ail, Ite spukeimansald. However, tte Wllroe, "«n*d by Robert E. Taylor of Uaytown, had mad* It loth* local marls* . Saturday ewauac LAKE JACK8O»-<AlBMrteC required tofor* tto city formally w**** wiUaw Drive to Mtodatod tor 7 p.*. tonight aa the ctty CouaeU begins Us Nnitor mtetlag. Tto hearing tnKUIa ra- qutreroentf Mt up by tto lift Msstoa of ttw Twxaa *VKjt*> totara. tiendaiaeludeseaavaMtecof tto bond election Saturday] aeooad raatflag c« ttw ordt. tto ctty charter oa ttw Afrit etoctio* ballot) aadaprogrMa report en work totes dot* oa city water waJto. CLOTB-A Clut* MM. mtg])ftit towiaf horn* f uaday, h aaawaj^apt;-^^^^*^*. - Th* Mint) W«*«l*« of Ito A. P. ate-w*** wife today la»ft»Vatoa ajfajaldaa|| trte< to aa> • tory to UN. Tto aaaatiav wtu to *^» ^^^^^^ •" j* ^^ lle«, tto MB** iflttflrt *lth clna* to MW atlUtm pertnaa. Thla >ll*tr«*t fcM ilmi.nt a* man? tctoeie M At wmblwl Mil of tttv otter dlttfleu- I, J, 4 tad «-«« m«.«Hr rural *r*«t wtor* nx»u*ik» TH*** *xafltptea dittrtetut e*«ae *be«* »»«MM T*»* Mnriaiin*«i diatrlcta r«*alaed ate* ite mm* durlag tiw pt?»ed *lwe T*«*M Started t***tng r«tf*l ar*at to lit* M eltto*. Th» pr i taut dtotrteta ar* much Ite tern* a* liww ><t itM. TIM oal» redtetriettiii tiao* tton «u M I HI, »toB lluua- tan got a Mcond et*«r**»mtn •nd 1 1 modi? rural, eowtle* **r* thuffwd, toiVMc ln»*e* I! o( lh» 11 dlrtrtcU as ttey »*r* In IMi. U woman on Governor's committee Mr*, w. a Bebout of jMk«M kM bM» wnMd by Cktrarnaf J<*» Cawwlly to H rv* o» it» «l-m«n»rou»- .rm>r'« CofflfflMM » A(U|. rtrrt MltMtiftM) u«d»r former oowwor PrM« B«». t*l, Ihli commltt^ liek«rf*d with Uw plUOUC. lmpUm»». wltttt* oommnUir of MHUCT OltlMM. worklaa clonljr «tth UM Commli»to»» It * BlMflM CoramIMM m«mb»ri, laoWlB tort, t»*U of toy 8UU *••»- elM, wrt kiy ««|»ru !• UN fl«U of MMf. s«uior WtMmr RMMOT of Goaul**, elulrmM at U» at Da* latiMto, Tto ear|» *vTtetolflf «MH*t, IB( Commlttc* tor M*r«k •otto Md mltto* W mtd-AwU, U» d*t« la IM "to teecrdoM* «nnoo«»r» nor wort U> M< to htlp T«»»»' m«y Malar CIIIMM deal, ••M. lit •*»*» thai cwry •ffort WMIM to m«d» to in» ptomMt UMM protrwn* <* Uw local oommt«tty towl. Clly C<MMU "I p.m. fe*UM wtM M *!»•*> Oul UMladM tflMMtton ol IO«IM oi iiropnty «••< of Ite Klftony >M iHMtla^ Md MUOB a* • r*tt4«Mi UW «tty'» A «*!• It to to Ml «* <rfWd.odi.trt b»for« 111* cvwwii wtu t> «| Uw T*M* MtMMtao to |J»» UM 0> M* U fir* MMM, ««4 UW MMT Mt *)Mtn* «n« TWWltf* «MiMrtr W.

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