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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, July 3, 1948
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Today's News Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forecast Fair tonight and Sunday. A few degrees warmer Sunday. VOL. LXV.--NO. 221. Pr«ss Rua Today i News--7.15O 1 Post --8.625 '.Total--13.775 FREDERICK. MD., SATURDAY, JULY 8. 1948. EIGHT PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS Holiday tj Traffic Mounts To Start On Freight'Slips' British Ask Sub-Base For J^"^"*TM RussToLift No. 1 Runwav ,,, p*TM, E DSO X e " Blockade By PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent Continuously Since Last Night. Police Report; Fourth To Be Quiet Here Heavy holiday IraEic rolled Phase Of Airport Work Begins Tuesday; CAA Handled Entire Original Contract Immediate Talk With Commander Of Soviets Also Is Requested Berlin. July 3 U_A»er 125'Ft. Washington. July 3.--(NEA)-"Slippage" :s the name given to the newest racket i:s international trade now bothering U. S. export control officials who are devising new control methods u beat i:. Steel exports offer an example. They may be shipped out of the Installation of the sub-base for felted States to a ces::r.ation in conference, which the British said was to discuss the Russian blockade of Berlin, was called tonight at the shio- residence of Soviet Marshal Vis- Poland or other sily D. Sokolovskr. iron curtain. tools shipped Berlin. July 3 t.-P---The British find their way military governor demanded today "?-"·-""'"" l " ^^ 0 " 1C '""""«» ; mmvav. which will be paved for " J o Czechoslovakia and beyond, that the Russians lift their block- OK traffic At the Square Corner. 5 b t 3 M0 f aoproved for ' Farm machinery for No.-th Africa ade on the highway to Berlin at ' it was said tae traffic had been con- sub-base s'one" Ci'v En ° ' may "° :o Yugoslavia, or to Svria once. He suggested an immediate 'T^Po*^^^ conferer- -- -- --- -no acc^denis of any conequepce ' morn * n S- l * is understood that thus ' P £ rt %. F . r _ °. r otner foo dstuirs "-ander. UD to la»e r.ori^e far no serious soft spots have turn- ^"-'PPed 10 Cuba or Brazil may up to la.e ...orn...g. ^unwav a!so end U P :n Extern Europe. - Business was exceptionally brisk «» up ^»n tnis run\va\. What pa-" of U S poctva- ex" Cumberland. July 3 -JP,--N ations between the Cumberland plant of the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company and Local 26 of the United Rubber. Curk and Linoleum Workers of America tCIO* were at a deadlock todsy. The company withdrew its offer of a 11-cent per hour wage increase yesterday. The union announced a mcmber- hip meeting to discuss the situation tonight. May Use New The Nation Draft Act To l Totfa Halt Strike .By JAMES MARLO1V Albania Is Accused By Yugoslavia m to warmer temperatures and ; it was learned today, as filling 'of ed :n Antwerp or Ro:terdam,"how- e possibility of scattered thua- , soft spots which have developed on ever, the goods mav be iransshio- [ - - - conference with the Soviet com- \ 111 Time At Plant Swedish Foreman, When Paid Off, Buys e New Auto Here i Washington. July 3 -A' --Pretty ! soon Democrats and Republicans | will be rushing up and down the j land, calling names, heaping blsme. I and making promises ] Some people won't have to ; \\orry about listening to all the big talk. They've already decided which side they'll vote for 1:1 November. But it's going to be tough on those who'll wait to listen to both Washington. July 3 -P--Govern- sides before making up their minds, ment attorneys took a long look at u you're m that group, you have the draft law today to see some job trying to figure out whether it gives President Truman which side is right, the power to seize steel company K you have any doubts about ilavia . ha s ordered Yugoslav cul- coal mines if next Tuesday's threat- how tough it's going to be just tural and trade missions to leave ened strike occurs. remember this: l h - P011IliPV ,, j.hiii 4«t hmirr The steel firms squared away The rise in living costs is sure lh * ««»»' * rtl » B «*«»«* ;.vesterday for what looks a to be one of the main arguments l h c bro;ld ^ ls «- monitored by the major tussle with John L. Lewis j in the Presidential-Congressional official Yugoslav news agency Taut Closing: Of 'Captive* Mines Would Stop Steel Output And Delay Defense Program 'Offensive Acts* Charged To Nearby State; Warned Not , To Repeat- Them London. July 3 C-P -- The Belgrade radio said today Albania, breaking trade relations with Yus»- . , d up on this runway. 'with a two-day business closing; Furth er tests will be made on coming eral try and customary city or rural deliveries. ; ^oma gei unaer way xuesaay and , Wartime Controls Relaxed The Fourth is expected to be j indicated it wasTioped to continue ' Durin* the wa- all U S exoo--ts another or.e of those quiet Indepen-i steady thereafter with the work. " we r e " unde^ t^ht control first dence Days which have been the j which has been delayed for some: " " '"' rule here since stringent regula- j time, tions outlawed firefvorks some City Engineer Walter said he did I over his union shop contract with i campaigns coming up. the rest of the soft coal industry, t Living costs have gone They asked the National Labor R e : per cent since June. 1946 lations Board to seek an injunction ; to blame for that: Democrats or agaiiibt the union hop provision. Republicans? The steel company mines produce If you don't know the answer , pens nave been slipping awa\ one-tenth of the nation";* bitumsn- now it's because: I ous coal--but all of their output 1. You've forgotten whom you blamed for it IOIIK ago. jus. said I'remier Marshal Tito's Foreign Ministry had sent Albania, a sillily worded note protesting the severance of trade as a "gross violation" of international law. The Bri:on. Gen. Sir Brian Rob- ' ertson. also demanded in a letter · _,,,. . , , .., -- Marshal Vassily D. Sokolovskv. ' l,f- OI me " tr ° m the , ,, . . , SOV-M rnmmanHor *h a * »he j Chlmne Company of Chicago ; goes to fuel the steel mills. t o . which this week completed c o n - j Thus a strike at the "captive". 2. Or. you've always been con- acts" to destroy Yugoslav prestige 01 a l_5-ropt stac^k o f , mines would quickly become, seri- fused about it. and. with a pointed reminder of warned should this London. July 3 -/P'--Yugoslavia has accused Albania of "offensive opening communications. The Socialist years ago. An occasional 'cracker 1 may be heard or sparkler seen but the noise will be nothing like the deafening racket which not know whether the soft spots; on runway three, which are report- ! ed to have developed "mud holes" t - -- ·-- . f _ . , - * - -- -, r _,,__.. ,,.,.,,,,__ fcj»t*_»jj*jjwi*ifc*ik^-\_ s'ltirp noiG3 Tele- « forema » layi-ng most of the tile. , stc f I * or basic operations. you? handed the Albanian embassv in **·=- i-.-j .u- = _i_ = = -- . . . . . , The stepped up national defense ' Yet. the rise in living costs will Belgrade yesterday. The notes ly one of the many arguments , were broadcast by" the Belgrade many things thrown at you ! radio list night and picked up here politicians from stump and by the Yugoslav news agency Tan'. Jug. The paper said Sokolovsky's pur- " used to as deep as eight feet, were caused i as fast as possible. Trade was to t up J y and y CAA Job He did say that the original . wno wanted to ship goods abroad was entirely which adver- : five and a half inches of orecipita- I tised . foi \ bids ' award ed the tion. Every month except Febru- i t r a c t and a PP r ° v ed the finished; work, before turning it over to the ; city. A New York contractor did ! is un- i tractor has failed to produce on ; Under the law OPA. which had . Packard, schedule. ; kept prices doxvn pretty well dur- ' Thc ' wcrc the !atest develop- Freder- j This provision was inserted at ' ing the war was to die June 30 mcnts in a Balkan neighbors' quar- that he i the request of Senator Russell tD- . 19-J6. unless Congress passed a law ' rel developing since the Commun- . !/~_. i.... .^ . . _. . . · . - ist international Information Ba: ports becaire skimpy. An exporter. If correct, this would mean the , generally buys a new car every [Ga». but there has been no official | renewing it. , Russians planned to, make a formal j year but last year, instead, took a '· opinion yet as to its possible appli- i At the last minute Congress did. rcau chastiscd Tito and other Yu- ary has had ai and June's total was 4.77 inches. about half an inch above normal. The rains have muddied the rivers to such an extent that it was questionable whether much bass fishing will take place over the holiday. The Potomac, it was said. may clear sufficiently for fishing by Sunday or Monday. the job. _ . ,, . J knows he is engaged in a danger- ' *° e steel companies said his union j bill. He said n. vtuuiu K.IU me -- ·*··«-,.«. ........... ..^v..^ ^c»,.v» or _ *"= 1 ^ ovl " l ^*", a ,, n ^l^ a £^ ! ous job and intends to enjoy Kfe jf. h °P, clause TM°? 1 ?. fo . rcc them to I P ublic - He said it would legalize , last nightan unidentified plane had it would kid the ! Greek military source said · ^^ « f** _ » - » T » j t _ * - t _ » ' uuo J\ju di.iu JilL^ilU^ IU CIIJUV 111^ i - -- i - »»·_·*« » v j £*MUA*X.. America, one copy of the ; Tae fl sc! ?e Rundschau aescribed , whu h H came to the i v i o l a t c the Taft-Hartley act and j inflation. i-Ij-in ,..-- -- ^4^-w.^ -- j ·* * _ , tVfrlfltt*jnf* *vnr«*ccr*nc nf r*f\nt+t*m I · - » -- *!-«.»· --.^..l^ » _ . - _ t » mi . _ ' -^. ·*= jvu. ; -*.-«· --·- ----- · _ , . _ _ ' xi»im.^r tic. v.diii. JLI^T Uctillc ill I'lti Another city official said he was i W*TM*TM TM stamped "Ap- - ^rtom^^de express ions of concern Uniled s ^ es frQm Eur abou , , , , t DrOX ed a^o DPfarpf* an pvnrn-r 1: - O v P r iilt^ D l n P K a O P 3? n (Trpnr Mil^v ^ told tnat some fence-posts were ' p ' Became an export found in one of the deepest holes which develoned on cense. in connection with the Erst j tdiner* i grading contract it was said. i_ over the blockade as ; and cry." develop- a great hue ** i four years ago and travels all over . bombed Bitolj. Yugoslavia. Thurs- la-e John P = w h , . j P. ,«lOi "^ yattS " ' they would not yield. They said Democratic leaders in Congress . da y night and the town still was they were willing to meet his other ; urged him to sign the bill into ! without electric power. Bitolj is i the country on similar jobs. He terms --° ne dollar a day more pay : law. They said it was the best about 10 miles from Greece and 30 ' was engaged in bricklaving in Eua an cxtra 10-cent tonnage royal- bill they could get through. miles from Albania. ! rope before coming to the United i t y -- m a k i n R il -° cents a ton--for a j But. still, he vetoed. And he Thc same source, at Greek Seccia «om. m aiav m oeniii uiey j ,,. . _, .-_"__ __.«___,_!,, . · 5100.000.000 a year pension and , said the three parts of the bill he ond Army headquarters at Kozaae. times shipments were must accept full re^onsroility for States He is an exUemeI fast , weUare fund I regarded as most dangerous were · Greece, said 13 armed Yugoslav It was ?en P r.»lK- ac rr P ^H -h=,f fn^ ' ma6 ~ a ycar or more after the ex " . K °° O ^L ^ lr °5 cu P at!on ! . t . . _, . " ; Sparked by U. S. Steel Corpora- , sponsored by Republicans- Senators civilians surrendered yesterday at i «oft ro"^ ^S ^brfnt fill^rt ' P ° rt " Cense WaS Canted. -sectors and the welfare of the pop- i A report tnat during the chim-; tion. 18 steel and coal companies j Taft of Ohio and WherW o£ NeTM ' » Greek border post. Whether K . Jf -D ! Thls § ave the crooks another ula " on - ; ney construction tlie Swede went | whose mines produce entirely for iraska and Rep. Crawford of Michi- thev were for or against Tito was o me KUS- | chance to clean up. An exporter inere was no hm.. in the edi-j to the top m the morning and stay-j hungry blast furnaces filed unfair 'gan : not indicated add to the cost wou]d get a license for say 12 tons torial as to when the blockade | ed there all day was described as j labor practice charges with the i That Presidential veto killed : The reports were not confirmed of flour to Cuba. When this was would be lifted. ; untrue. He traveled up and down { NLRB. j QPA, dead, on the spot. With' all ' ^om any other quarter. They asked^ for a quick deter- j controls thus gone prices screamed ! Italy's No. 1 Communist. Palmirb Togliatti. criticized Tito sternly town, in Frederick county, \vere ; of the finished job. sold this morning at 3. public sale i Runway three will be paved for j approved, it was no trick to'raise ' As Robertson's letter went out. j the bucket cable along the stack. held on the premises. One tract of j 3.000 feet and will have sod for a [ the license to 120 or 1.200. planes roared over the city in the , As soon as bridging apparatus is ! mination of the legal "tangle thev upward five seres improved with a four- ' considerable additional distance. It j The reason these good business- ' expanding British-American at- i installed the new stack will be con- { are in. That meant they wanted Later--in July tp Shuttle food from West- ; riected ivith the boilpr: at thf nlnnf NLRB General C.nnn^l -Roh^r-t w naccorf ^nthn,- K:I"I room log house was sold to Mr. and ! «:as graded for 4.200 feet The J men to whom Congress' wanted tempt | nected with the boilers at the plant ! NLRB General Counsel Robert N. *" " " complaint seek a court 1946--Congress . yesterday in the Rome Communist passed another bill to continue OPA newspaper Unita. He said Tito's for another year. Mr. Truman ouster from the Cominform, should signed that one into law. although , "strengthen our lot." ducted the ^ale as trustee with U make sure that license agreed with ' American and British officials . Grant Hooper, auciicr.eer. seO.OOO From T.. S. dock release, export declaration, indicated that the shuttle soon ; . . ' "Washington. July 3 (.·?..--D. W. bill of lading, or original applica- would be increased to more than NOT CLOSING NEXT WEEK ; Rentzel. Civil Aeronautics Admin- tion. 500 flights and 2.000 tons of food . The Price "Electric Corporation is istrator, announced today a pro- A few violators were nevertbe- · a day. and barred from furth: , trading. But there was ,, , , , _,_ _. .year started July 1. no penalty, so by and large they Cumberland WOMian IS Almae . wiu give added draft _________ ot among the Frederick" industries i 2 ram calling for the spending of i less caught : hich will take vacation next '' S73.819.455 on 455 airports in the er export tr " not which ·\veek. Employes o' this company · vacation period i s l i n t h e sum- rner. The firm had been incorrectly of Fed- · Congressmen Get "iVise 173 ' When Congress came SStr ^ ^-? ^^ ^^ ^ l°l£^ S ^ a ScTtl Sai^ T^lr ffi£ j TM TM*?* S15 f° *«« T » I *% ^TM*^TM^^ XMll Close dov.n ,or the A ,.-^ _« ,,,_,,, ,«,..^^ .-_ ^ ._,,, Manv congrcssincll were | W asmngton county court jury last I J endino a ^ it again , t a Fre a fay' transshipments to\TM*She , hadf ^ . Wl ' lbu 5 , M -; county couple in ihe Baltimore , , - . i » - l t / * r l * » T ^ r s * ^ rilc-*^ ftf I'-ri-rrlnnrSln-n.^l -fff\f~ * · I- ·" -- -«.- w-m.-,v -- A list of projects included in the control, new program, giving the commun- , bothered | Baltimore Couiity S15,000 Verdict La^T er Sues For Fee Hagerstown. Julv 3 t--Mrs. Hat- i A B f !tim . orer COUn Jj n lawy ^ has tie H. Valentine." of Cumberland, j ^^red suit for S00 in Circuit. : Court alleging tnat he has not been de- ! Flames Sweep I Ship Off Coast i Of Delaware union and its he said it wasn't much better than The Cominform, formerly head- the union . the bill he had vetoed. | quarters in Belgrade, began pub{ Nevertheless, it was late to lock lishing its bulletin in Bucharest, the door. Prices had soared. The Romania. The first Bucharest Ls- backbone of price control was · sue carried the Cominform's reso- broken. . lution on Yugoslavia. And by November. 1946. xvith one I "Offensive Acts" control after another removed. · O" e of ^ e Yugoslav notes said OPA was all but dead. And prices Albanian authorities had committed, shot up some more. , "gross and offensive acts aimed at Do you blame Mr. Truman? Or : destroying"' Yugoslavia's prestige-do you blame the Republicans he including pulling down pictures o£ blamed? ' Tito. How can you--without a sharp ', Tne second said they had halted knowledge of all the technicalities . construction of a railroad to the in the bill Mr. Truman vetoed--i Yugoslav border from Scutari.about really kno'w where to place the · ~° miles inside Albania, and stop- : iry. the present and proposed air- Russia and her satellites. , port class i figures, with Regulations w e r e j Buchanan, also of Cumberland, for therefore : S50.000 in the death of her husband 1 .-. 3. 1946. ! 5,000-Ton Swedish Craft Abandoned; Crew Is Rescued New York. July 3 op^ Flames b . een in co"*TM 1 o£ Congress. And ed out a Yugoslav colonel who was ; blame? Since 1947 the Republicans have ped all exports to Yugoslavia. The third charged they had kick- [ planned to be made into class i shown"*: sponsor's funds and Fed- county Circuit Court. Michael Paul Smith, of Towson. swept the 5.000 ton Swedish "steam"- sincc lnen M I". Truman" has asked in Albania as a political instructor Baltimore ' the law " er - sn te r ed the action ship Dagmar Salen today forcing for P°'- ver to P ut back price con- and "slandered Yugoslavia and broad trade area, A positive i-d Ohio crossing watchman, was I ^ Si^U^H^ Jte^ ! Sl^ th/S^^^ Sel 10 ' necessary 3 "' ""** ** ^^ U Hl,^" 3 * " W TM°* "^ countries, instead of , --' · are identical, only one figure is listed^: be shipped abroad was made up i down an incline in Cumberland by OIT. The compliance section and struck Valentine while he was 7^j ar lj an( j Baltimore 0"-5 SI - °~ CH^- which had been one man. ) on duty, mashing him into a pass000.000: Easton. 3-3. S20.000: i Frederick. 3-3. S60.000. and Salis- "oury. 4-4. S15.300. was increased to 10--stiil not ' ing train. enough. Gradually, the controls , Jlrs. Valentine's attorney con- are being put back on to keep in- ; tended Buchanan was guilty of vio- ; him the sum of S450 for de- ; a suit brought by Robert Owens, as surviving late Robert Owens. · .. against Mr. and Mrs. Brodow- · ,, , ., says ne filed tne necessary Part of the crew was reported in ,_The Rc P u bN«»ns ha\-en't given Yugoslavia told Albania such . . « - « ^ J - v r » » w « J » i L --__ 4 r » « * i-tn...«._ N tl * . . . 41. T_. « _ t * ! _ _ , * * _ . _ t * I Communists In j Finland Lose Helsinki. July 3 .·?.--The Com- , S4.000.000 i'orized an ' 480 to 690. Some new techniques of enforcement are being worked out. Instead ig approv; parking the wheels into the curb. tria i and participated in the hear- i nff \vhlrh r*=u]fpa in ^ H=rAr**«w? 3 n g - . w n c n T® 5 TMTM n a diTe c--ed Wo cai^ . «e saja mav be a poor third in the , . O n e - 2 i a t appeared todav. vv - new one. u appearea tocay une . ^ deciaration. dock re| of .heir newspapers suggested Rus- . lea£e d b;u £ , adins must .,,, j sia would not like tnat- Buchanan's lawyer said the de- it believed the after and a friend left it. He said Buchan- has been paid but S50 The suit an believed this because ne and his was entered through E. Austin party had remained ia the car for ' James attonvv is oroaosed so se / eral minute s ^ter he had park- j 1 have half the captain o and the rest close to thi lifeboats." or, Dagmar Just sit back and relax. You'll . selves responsible for the conse- j hear plenty of talk about it. And quences which might arise. The big Balkan country reminded neighbor O U re not rnore con 'used at the 3'ou are now. I",I miss a her tiny neighbor of Albania's economic dependence upon her. "Two-thirds of the volume of Albanian-Yugoslav cooperation agreed upon is purely aid to Albania on "the part of Yugoslavia." said one note, "and for this aid. which Yugoslavia has been giving ear. agree. With eight of 15 districts report- ° Tighter controls on exports are ; Use New Svsteni In 1 Clean Sweej By U. S. Of Wimbledon Honors burning ship ' The Perla captain added that a ' ^"£ CrCI | C ' A J H °° d U. S. Coast Guard cutter had ar- -I O LoilClUUC J rived to pick up the rest of the .,, iusu;5J «, vic , II1S oeej crev -"- One-hundred and eighty young Albania for the second v_ The Coast Guard save the loca- P e °P'^ ai ^d seniors of the Westmin- bania gives Yugoslavia nothing"' of the stricken ?hip as 30 stcr Fellowship of the Presbyter- miles south of Cape Mas-. N. J. ian Church of Maryland. Virginia. and 10 miles cast of the Delaware N ' cw Jersey. Delaware. New York. Bodv Of Pvt. coast. and the District of Columbia, have T One crev.-man was reported in- °een attending religious classes. ** jured. The Coast Guard said it workshops, and recreation periods has dispatched a plane to return during their xveek's conference on tion T? T tr -KOUte l O Jtlonie The remains of Pvt. Wilson T. r-i *--i - » ^ , w . * « . ^ - v-»ji»iiti trjit_t; \jn f~t I T the campus of Hood Coliege which Larrnack - Jr - Kannony Grove, are _ _. _ -- · « - r ^ - -- * - » * w « » JkT^*-rt»^4*» **» *1_ -- T* z*. a f~ j .. * . f Guard cutter, the Gen- close? Monday morning after rted on hand to pick breakfast members from life- ~LsFt ni?ht was talent night at enroute to the United States from Europe for reinterment here, b!s father. Wilson T. Carmack. was the collece and 'following toat. a " Oli5ed today by the Philadelphia radioed th?t flames watermelon feast was held which r.g ;he vessel amidship concluded Friday-? events On Sun- J merit has about 200 seats -eonom ' Administrator Paul Hoffman wants The leading Popular Democrat to keep his own organization small. ] paper. Vapaa Sana, said a rever- He is depending or. Departrnersi o' ' sal of political power in Finland , Commerce export control machin- ] could not be risked by the Soviet cry to do the job for him. ready been tested on one publica- saret Osborne Duoont of Wilming- - "P towering billov.-s of smoke tion. v.-orKs this wav: - -- - ' '- bridge and sending day at eleven o'clock regular ^' as '"T ed ^ in .^ tion J n c-.vs of smoke church services will hf r-nn^ir-f.ri -Uecemder _. j944. ne the time. Depot. art infantryman, killed in action in France on. was 21 at ss un * e *"stod that a ,, . ton. Del . who was dethroned by ' Number of the cre-.v members or and at four o'clock graduation ser- , C rf rr3er ±, are glven a 1lst of - ub - Miss Hp.rt in the semi-finals. -whether -here were anv passen- vices will take olace in the chaoel S * ed four or five men i:1 scnbers. They take a corresponding Misc Brough's triumph, folio-.-.- ?ers aboard. -,,as not immediatelv The director of the conference hat hl l" ni *- at th « same time. magazines and deliver ing Bob Falkenburg's victory over ' known. " been Rev Richard M Mu^en uas- telegram said no definite date ihe magazines on the basis of the for ihe arrival of the remains can complain ! The election was the first since Finland signed a treaty of friendship and mutual assistance with Russia in the spring. Lt.-CoL David C. SchSIhns oi Selfridge Field. Mjch.. will 3eaci a test flight of 16 U. S. F-80 jet fighter planes across the North Atlantic from Bangor, Me., to England arid Gsrmnny. Colonel Schilling i-- a World Wa.- U .icv credited - with . d^truj ing 34',j German planes- Ao Paper Monday The News will no' be published Monday because of the two-day Independence Day holiday. The business office will be closed the entire day. The editorial office will bo open after four o'clock Monday afternoon. bers on the magazines. If this ohase of prove? to be a bugaboo may have to be junken. probably will be extended publications and A young , posta i authorities said. The Lewes Coart Guard station 13 TM 3 TM al ern France and interr Xegro Who Bit Off Officer's Lip Slain | Baltimore. July 3 -T · Xcsro was shot and killed early _^______ ! today by a poi'cc:ii3p \\hosc lower i lip he had bitten of! in a fcufTie. INFANT WANDERS OFF Arthur Peomrov. Frederick, was 1 booked on a charge of operating an i cidcnt were not learned. Officer ! Phillips made the arrest. Peomroy contract by Tuesday. J was released under SI, 000 bond for , FIRE IN AIR ' a hearing in Peoples Court Tucs- Rome. July 3 ·/?'-- Dispatches to j Copsey \\-as painfully, but not sor- mountain collage vet [ iOusK, hurt. i noon. then was on maneuvers in Louisiana and Kansas before going overseas Pvt. Carmack's mother. Mrs. Pau- HoiTman Carmack. is deceased. ' is survived by his father, his who has since remarried and in Washington state: one . - - . _. Orye. consideration being , daughter. Sandra Lee. who is with alter- Officer? Kanodc and Swomley and j said several carr-binieri and dem- around $3.000. according to reve- her mother: two sister?. Mrs Jane t held under S5 and costs. lonstrators \ \ e t e arrested. , nue stamps. | Smith and Miss Nancy Carmack. »- .. NEWSFAPliMflRCHIVE C

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