The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
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Last Edition T HE WEATHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND: Pair tonight and probably Thursday. Continued cool tonight. Slowly rising temperature Thursday. VOL. LV.--NO. 183. (AT) Meu» Associated Press. Fan XEA Service FREDERICK, MD.. WEDNESDAY, MAY IS. 1932. * * * f » t -- I . V J TEN PAGES PEICE--TWO CENTS Fear Curtis May Attempt Suicide; His Movements Night Of Kidnapping Of Lindbergh Baby Being Checked Action Against ManJREORGANIZATION Perpetrating Hoaxfl-AN PROGRESSES DeferredEarlyToday !FORCENmTRysi It's All In A Fireman's Dav Will Await Outcome Of Continuing Examination, Schwarzkopf Says. More Than Half Of Deposits Signed Up Give Approval Of Proposal. WAS QUESTIONED ALL NIGHT NOHBER OF STAT10NS 6IVE Hopewell. X. }.. May 18 (AP).-Action asainst John OVER 75 PER CENT. BACKING Hughes Curtis. Norfolk shipbuilder, who confessed to perpetrating a cruel hoax on the parents of the murdered Lindbergh baby, was deferred today pending: result of continuing examina-' i 80 Per Cent. Of Amount Of Deposits At Time Of Closing Must Be Subscribed. tion. In his mid-morning news bulletin today, Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, superintendent of state police, said questioning of Curtis, who faked a story of negotiations with the baby's! kidnappers, continued during the night and was to be continued todaj% Company has been signed up under the Xo public developments resulted from the night's Cues- plan of reorganization, it has beer, an- tioning. Colonel Schwarzkopf did not say what further informa tion police hoped to gain by their almost continuous examination of the Norfolk man. BY POPE PLEASURES Samples Of Mud From His Green Auto Are Sent To New Jersey ; Urges Them To Abstain From '' -Entertainments And Amuse- Wife Says He Was At Home When Child ! ments. However Lawful/' Was Abducted. GREED NAMED BY HIM AS . ONE CAUSE PRESENT EVILS DOUBT COMPLETE STORY TOLD ! Head Of Roman Church Again i Criticizes Centralization Of ! Wealth. ; Vatican C::y. May 18 (AP --Pope I PI.IS XI ir. an encyclical i.\sjei today F^mes leaped and crackled, ar.d firemen, precariously suspended or. a !a*- ! called the a rd to prayer, penance and Norfolk. Va.. May IS (AP).--The Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch . *aid today liuit John Hughes Curtis, hoax negotiator in the Lindbergh kidnapping case, had requested Colonel Lindbergh i to deposit S2.~j.oiHl in a Norfolk bank as an evidence of good faith ami a down payment on the ransom for the return of ] Lindbergh's baby. I The paper f u r t h e r declared that Dean Dobson-Peacock, an' other of the Norfolk negotiators, flew to Hopewell on March 27 to advise Colonel Lindbergh of a demand made by the alleged , kidnappers for "earnest money.'* CONDON INSPECTS PHOTOGRAPHS 3It. Vernon. N. Y., May IS (AP).--Accompanied by three signatures committee, shows that while ties. nhere the closed bank and its eleven branches ^ere located. The p^jp/yirvre*-rvpnt T made ^ocay by Benjamin 3. Rosecstock, secretary of '-he executive committee for reorganization. and assistant secretary of the pioneer New York detectives. Dr. John F. Condon, Lindbergh negotiator, arrived at police headquarters today to view rogues' gallery photographs. §50.000 in small bills over a cemetery wall in the Bronx to effect the ransom of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., while Colonel Lindbergh waited near by. it is impcxssilxe to compile definite Sg-ores except as of a given time of reports, the reaction of the past two or three weeks as k became known . . that the plan is saining confidence. Dr. Condon was continuing his search xor a picture that brought sufficient signatures to pass resembled "John" or "Axel" or "John Axel," to whom he tossed j th ^[J a ^,f^ tora ^ 6 ;^-p aasea in the reports of April 28. Since thea the committee reports that much impetus h;»s been gamed in towns where the trust company had branches- Every place, outside of Frederick. There the plan has been presented, has passed the halfway mark. with, the exception of Smithsburg. the committee headquarters reported today. The com- t muniaes of Ellicott City. Sykesviile and j Poolesville have not yet been canvassed. It is planned to organize at the two A number of stations have over 75 per cent, of deposits signed, the commit-tee reported. The entire list of 19.000 mm LIFE; I.IDOE i COMMUNISTS TRY TO 1 INVADE APPEALS COURT State And Annapolis Police Balk Their Efforts. (AP).--Bearing Annapolis. May 18 ! pla,carcis and banners conviction of Yuel Lee. negro, for orotestirur the! Depositors, representing 25.000 accounts ~ \ in the Central Trust Company at its sisying of a Worcester county farm Mrs. Annie G. Johnson, Colored, '^j Plunged From Structure Near Buckeystown. , . ; family and . cemanaing: tne decision ae close, has not yet been covered, and not all depositors hare been seen in -^.ies »here the response uildir.^ and rovernor's mansion. A detachment of more than two scor . hg i Branches of the Central Trust Coffi- I pany. in addition to those above men- 725 ELEMENTARY PUPILS TO GET CERTIFICATES AT EXERCISES HELD JUNE 10 For this purpose he st*, !i5:c a per- txl of ei^ht days for ··r-^" on the oc;a-.e of t:io Foist ·-·' llw Sacred Heart J-.:r.c 3. He abjured the laithful to abiiain during the e:a!; days "at I-.-art from en! tert:i!n!iie::ls ar.d anvoscmon'.s. however lawful." and urged that '·those ir. easier circuittstar.cfts" give tr the poor "tne pr»xrvxs of this retrcRchmertt" Ir. th* enryclica! he lists th? causes of ti: prvser.t "e\:ls that arc pressing | nOl'BLE-CROSSED BOOTLEGGER | Jlineola. N. Y., May IS (AP).--Inspector Harold R. King, "of the Nassau county police, said today that one hour before ; John Hughes Curtis confessed his whole story about the Lind: bergh kidnapping hoax he was confronted in Hopewell with a ; Long Island bootlegger who charged him with having double- cros.-ed him in a deal involving a substantial sum of money. I The man's story, according to King, was that last December he · paid Curtis a substantial sum of money with the understanding ' that Curtis was to use it to purchase influence for him with the 1 authorities at Norfolk. This, he said, Curtis had failed to do. nounced today by Acting County Sup- j Kajar Raymond Son^a. Jr.. William erintendent of Education James C. j Edward S:haie. Jaaies Sier. Nellie BiehL The elementary commencement-Shelhorse, Haze! Anita Shipley. Virginia exercises Trill IK held June 10 In this i Beil Shipley. Jjhn Record Slavic. Mar- citr and in school centers of the c-ran- ! earet Virginia Stauffcr. Hasson- ty. hands of a small group of individuals, j exaggerated nationalism unequal dls- and of wealth. "the revoit of man against God." From greed, he said. ari--*s "the Gasburt Sresart Margaret Louise Sane, i mutual distrust tha: costs a blight on a:i human dealings." Turning the point of his criticism The number of prospective graduates j James William Stoc'-tnian. Mildred from the rar'ous school centers is as j Stul!. Jewel Ada Study, Ruth Emily follow: Frederick. 333; Midd'.etora. 92; i Themis. Evelyn May Ur.-leb^-er. De- equally upon ~ .-, -.- -r- j Emmitsburgr. 42; Liberty. 62; Thurmont. ] lue Walcisclimidt. Mayr.ard Worthing- I tors, the Pontiff said a small sroup of j 75, and WaikersviUe, 71. Since last j ton Was'.ler. Mary Frances Wert-enbak- holders of the world's wealth "n Hopewell. N. J.. May 18 £AP).--John Hughes Curtis, fake ! Lindbergh baby negotiator, is being watched closely by the : police for fear his "remorse" may tempt-him to commit suicide, a h : ,rh official revealed today. j Curtis" every movement is being watched, it was stated. i At the same time it was revealed that Norfolk. Va., police r.u. John Ed^arti { year a junior high schoo: has been or- I er. Don ganized at Brunswick, and there wil! [ WiUiaais. be 85 pupils completing the seventh j Cr.ureh Street grade there, but they will enter the , Jr.. E-.elyn v:-- ir.:a Allison. Ethel Vjr- j -Fronting by so much economic dis- eighth grade next Fan without receiv- j giaia A they. Rutn Lily 3~cr. llare!: i tress." he added, "and so much moral ing diplomas as elementary graduates. ! Biker. Mary Jane Baker. Helen E. Ban- · disorder, the enemies of all social order. { late the markets of the worid at th»:r | o -t- n ca p-j ce t-3 the jaimense !-jrm of Sa-Jtft Abrecht. | t he The commencement be held in the various s exercises will , sris. Grace Gladys Ball. Earl C. W. B?re. j be tnev called Communists or an-.- other chool centers as ; Jr. ILldred Elizabeth B:erlc-?. Charles name, W:d!y set about breads through jSajlor Bonn, Chester E Bsor.e. i eiery restraint." At Frederick, pupils from Bas'seys: Jarn.-s A. Bj.vars. A. Jane Bnyne. Mel- Referring to the ur.»qual distribution town. Point cf Kocis. Adamstowr!. ' in Dani?! Borers. William " " Parkway School. Church Street School. · Brandenburg-. E^rtha. May B: -- , t'o^d. -e-e a.z Smmitsburg. Middle- Crbana, New Market, IjamsviT.e. Kemp- · Marsaret S=t-el!e Bruchey. W;lllarr. 3er,- stat« and Annapohs city police m a i n - . Aubrey j o * ·a-calth. he recalled that pre'. lously rijrht^'ell. HA had advocated energetically "a more taiaed order, having been lier when information was sent from Baltimore the Communists were on! their ~ay. j ·re of the paraders. headed by , equitable distribution of the go^d? of "" j town, Myersv^e, Monrovia. Walkers- j town, Knsxville, Jefferson, jrorest · ;arr.m Bruchey. Francis Datrow Brj- I tce ea? -h" to restore health to "the Grove. Prospect. Lewistown. BlooaifieZd, ; oer.c. W.lliarr. D. B^rr.-jrhf. III. John | a ^; ng social body." Brook Hill, Feagaviile. lit. Philip Frar.kl.r. Burkholiir. Cliarlcs Arthur i ~ . Mid-letown center: Middletown. For- ; Btusjrd. R-?;^:a I/^ts? Car'.jiviih. ; ft , MTrnTlin rrtflM QUID res;, wy.fsville, Myers-vllle. Harmony. Burkhart Oitle. E LoPoy Castle. J 31 Mibolrlu rI\UM Olllr Cnarles ! ear ~! vile, Thurmont and Union Bridge. Wet Weaiher Aided. The recent rainy weather kept farmers indoors and gave the committees 2YE10LOBABY, FOUND -v, e \ temp's Delight, saoi.lasvi.le. 3 i Thurmont. Catoctin Furnace. Mrs. Annie G. Johnson, colored res- dent of Hopeland, was found drowned In the Monocacy river, near the Buckeystown bridge, shortly befor o'clock this morning by Leo and his sens, Irving and Joseph land, colored, as the trio was on its · - . . , ,, « vay to work. Following an investiga- j Appeals Court to Pfesent tneir p.ea . ^ tion by Deputv Shenft B. Fran£ DoE., to_Cntef Jua S e Carroii T. Bond. Gov- | dep ^ ,., he tru£l company at Magistrate John F. Keller and Dr.. T. j e--°~ tL-^^J ^^ f-^ -- Annapo_j5. _ , tm , e of ; ._ c - ;o _ ;:lg j^. September 3 ! Thurmont. C Clyde Roctsoa. of Bnck«vsto*n. who! ^^ ^-^«= Berger t.-ia. Jucge ; b£ ,,^..5^ ^'.ore a new bank ! Walkers .-Hie center: Woodsboro. Xets ·was called tn -r* S««P. "a verdict of · *°w ^ ^ '** =» n=a a " c '"- ^ \ suicide The 66 years an abou cording tion, and bridge bridge into the water which was reported about 15 feet dee? --here the i body -was found. She had been in i£ j __ . ,, ^, health for some ume ar.d was belleTed ] . = _f?_ ? rea:n - aKM Respondent. Due to the "ocatlon a t ' " Kemp Vicla D.r.rDW. Margaret ! Helen Margaret Dyer. iJirjar-'t E Dyer. Preston Rer.ald 5-.rr.5t. Vutcs - Passengers Ignored Fire Bells Aboard Georges Phillippar. Paris, May 38 (AP- -- Xine'y-or.e por'ins w n ^ were aboard the Frenrh par. when n Somali- ihe todav. nists and specula- j had been checking the movements of the shipbuilder on the night of March 1. the date of the Lindbergh kidnapping". Mrs. Curtis at Norfolk said that her husband was at home that night. Mud scrapings from a green sedan owned by the bankrupt shipbuilder were taken to determine whether any Jersey mud clung to the car. Governor A. Harry Moore, of New Jersey, announced today thai "all po- 1'ce work, state and federal, is now coordinate and all forces are swjjgmg alons the same purpose in view." j Governor Moore said it was probable j that Curtis would be arraigned today I after a complaint had been sworn ouc j arairtrt him by the police. A state ,' charge, if made, the governor said. ! would probably be that of making false BruiS2fJ On Forehead But It W i l l ! statements "which ia *fr«t- meaas hamperir.j the cnos of justice. There were reports here today that Curtis would be chaigc-d by the federal government with hampering the functions of the government or. th2 Elrer.sth of his story the Coast Guard vja'.rolled the ccsst. WHICH BURNED AT SEA Recover. ENGINEERS TO MEET GranteS Divorce- licuication, sticn as must follc-- Harriet-te 3U. Bro^-n. thro-jgri her at- as rt-'.ealcd O. M?y IS 'A?'.--Half an hour after bc.r.? staler, from his cr.b. t7.o-yenr-:.l(l Ej;c-r.e Swcaringfa j A rc . port . dijs:minaiec by a found last r.::ht D^h:nd a rail | Eer-.-:r^ mat the Associated Press), that fer.^e 50C- vardr frtm h_«; home at War- ' Curtis list! actually atierr.pted to take h-5 iifc. V.-ES officially denied at tho State Hoasc-. riay. '· husband, is survived Henry Margaret Holland, 3al*im- Mrs. Katie Spencer. Funeral arra-ge--ents will '"h:p. ar.d -- hich -- c-uid bring- upon be as;o ~ £ "- Sherman P. Borers has o«n der0 ,. wrs a trenl er.dyuc loss wtfr^ut noticed : 3 ter. Aioert V. TX-on, f ~ - · SW-ea ^ ^csolute cirorce^frotn .an- - eral director. j n - ngs ^ Bro "-- ar - c rne ·.-?-:; · --, ] sro:? ner maiden name ci carr.ettc FOUND DEAD IN BED f^ ^'^ ^ -^- ^ c^--^ 1 -' B«L=5 bees:." " Features of Plan. 0.-; y°. the ir^in features of the plan 1 Stiiel Naomi Arbo^ast. Err.^t '. Ausherman. Marietta B^c-r. Johr. n:.- .-.- r'au-.r.c Jan' liim 3rc-=r.u£. Jarrys Robert Carlin. ?;--rr.r. R.rl-.j.rd "3T.:. - tcr ?Z··:."·:r. ^'.l! George William Dror.-^-D-jrr. Dorothy clrc-i J- air.:-r.e Kc:r:=. K-.· .vrir.-? :-.:ar- · Luctle Fo'Jihe. Ralph Euzer.e Frv. Kath- tr.i Krcr.r/-r. Err_lv 1--,,..? rya Lou^* HofTman, Anr.a Lo--se K*p-· :,:irr?.r;: V L.-.-..-. H- -,-·-- L.r,.r;r.T. Henry Bfeer Observed Birthdav Sundav. THE WEATHER TODAY j Carroll County Farm Sold. 8Ist j xhe pub!.: sale of the Charles W Kin; : farm, rear Mayberry. Carr-~ co-urry or. Saturday, was *ar^e.y at~enceCi i ne Lwson Henry Biser was f-*und dead fsrm --as "t-*u^ht oy A. W. P'ceser. ic bei at the home of his son. Err»ry Taneytxj--r.. for S26oO per acre, the C. B^er. ::5 West Fifth street, about prspfrty c itair^r.; ab;ut 2:0 acr^;. 7 o'c^ocS th^ rr.orrjins- The cause of , death was proncuncei as heart fa--re ; by Dr. H. I^wrer.;e Fahmsy. IXjputy !. , Sheriff 3. Frank Doll. State's Attorney Waiter S. Sir.r.. and Justice Alton T. Ber.nett deemed an inquest unnecessary The cs;easei had r.ot beer, in til health as: o"3wr-.-ed his 81st bjr.hday Henry ani S-^oh.a rlout^ar-n B_sr. c^f Middletcwr.. He is survived by ~o sens- Erncry C Blser. Freder.cs: Maurice H. 3-s-jr. Frankfort. O. two dau;h- ' ters, Mrs. John Haculton. *ad Mrs. Cime Boor.e. tlso of Freder- ] ick: also twc s^ters, Mrs. Jem-e Keller \ and Mrs. Emma Mldd zie^£Ti o.tar.i.c. ^^w_s ."i;o- l.t;!' Company, to be controlled by the ce-f--'·-""_ ,, ^C^trS'S^m?^ ^ M ^1^^4^5'*' Tz-TM"*^'^ 1'"_- Zl-r..-r Sirr.- ~ Funera! fro Fif :he "r.-sme of his son on 3ct Fr:-«nv af-emoor ' 'at 2 R^f.-.--r.^i c;n-,ct:rv n and Son. I-o-tra; '-- Nv:c- M. R. : Precipitation fcr 24 ho=irs at i m., t-;cay--sor.*. Prcctp taticr: May to cat-e--S ".2 Ir.cltos. X^rai-; May prec.pit^t.on--3 80 inch- 1--245 -.riches. H:rh serr.pera.ture yest«rcay--72. High temperature a year a30--79. Ixjw t-emperaturc last night--43. Low temperature a years age--5i. Sun sets toiay--7 20 p m. Sun rise* tcmarrow--4 54 a rn. Mccr. --·« torn^rro' --6 57 p rn, ilooa s«ls torso-row--3.57 a, a*. to tr.e r.ew ^an^ t-^-e cox; asfets. ;ee. ;,~r «h.;h the depositors w.ll be p^-.d by hav.r.g entered to their cred.t j.-.are ~- the value cf the r»d as=?:s. a5 assesjeci by t.-.e appra-^al committee. Tlie rema.r.-r.~ assets will then be roa.- .iKsi on frr trii? bsu^nt of the cet's- ' ·-; £,-.:.. Mar.c O B-. r. Art.-, -r , er.rcr in stKS of the r.eT ban.. c-r ; .-asr. for the.r ber.efit. tlie amount jf ] 'r.e a;a.n.=t all of the stock- i holders, compr^lr.g the«-ment I ?roap. ar.d al^o the col'.ectiole value, a^ ! dt-;rrmi::-d by the appraisal commute-:. of oo'.;2'.oro assumed by the mana~^- , mer.t group, irclud.ns stccS purrria^ir.? Bal-ter. M-:-lv.n Murphy B-.-trr. M.lirec :^"a Fr-.r.~'3 V. 1-r. H?r "·" M . ' - l ^ 3ar,nj. Harry Di^nl 3a;nt«ari- J -,r E "--'-'· r.»r. IH. Grace Hebtrca B.i. A'...--1 D- -- -.-V rZj-.-.; V.r?:r.ia B.r?5. Charl*^? Hotv*rt 3/jrn- n'^^c^.l M'-rc^ Vjrs:.r..a Bjircv. Hu'h Jar.e C-:. Jcnr. O Mr.-- Mel-.-r. C-^il-:.'es Ixr:- C:-'s. ??;:" E.---1 Beatrice ODO':. Stanley Ambros" Cr.m- :,v D ?-,r-;r.. ?;.j ,r. · V.--.r.% p--v,_ll r-..::. Heler. Scber-a Culr. J ;' ?-^-.l -,; Virr.r.--; ? - .: \ ·- r 1 R.-i Delph--y. Ga.r.e^ W.lliam Dead. Ka-rv ^--.-r S P.-~ ··-.-.:··-:·-. C";jr.--y M. Del3-j Fea;a. B'.rbira El'er. Kal tr. J-^rr.^ W S..-.r.-. ·- V.r.-r. C S.-arry. Lucille Elizabeth HsSmar.. Mary E.'r. Clar^n e J N" - c .-. .'... A'.:.n S.--.-r.. Ma-d- X.r-^lj; Margaret Gran^- ::---; 1. ^_-^- 5:r..-~ W."..- ?.t'l-..n RAT Kitffer, Gilmore t.efcalot J r . =t:~.;r J .-.- W -r S^.- W Beatr:ca May Llnton. Els.^- Elizabeth S-r^-. Jr Ma-^.'a N Spite r. Mary Mahc-rey. Rebecca MrLartr., ? S"-'.-;.. E.-.rl P St«.rr. Pa-;'_r.^ M-.lcrec M..ler. Mary Hinr»tta. El.z. : -..·· h S. r.- H.l-r. \j. ;·_« ;aurr., David Dut- t"Tr.-.-r Ch,r5 ·wer. Or;h. III. C-,--T.e J .·=:.- E1.7^o*-h Association Confrrcnrc HcrV Saturday.". of tr.-- Mirylar.d As.v;- Kcy HC't-1 Ma;^r F T Nc-rcr-^-. of Wa=.-ir.C-r. D. C . or^.c- nt rf tr.- as- .-··'r.. "? *11 pr-.£.ce. ar.Q ''^D.C^ cf ir.- T-* f s-~i or twer.ty cr.z.r.^^rs fr^rr. c..fT;-r.t ci-iis of Maryland H. G rimr.c. forrr'r ch.»: -T.suv-r of Bal'irr.or" are expected " a'fr.d. ar- ccr-;:r.r ts Elrr.-?r S:C. Ma\we;;. Fricler- N- 'r" a br-i-se j 3 .:; re:u' "r. i.dr.appinz fcllo'ic.-i d-;ai.-\r.i '-jr 5500 nude upan his Tlie 3-r-r.t.' Mr. ar.i Mrs G:or;a :i;d s.' i c-:i ·sra:ch-r.; the 5in:e kitir.ap tnrca: notes · ~ -" recc.'-d : .TO ·XC-C.-LS a^i I^t-e last i :..^lr. the- iiiard a r.o-M tli^v at- , -.»:··' irr.rr.2J_itcl;.. V."r..-n tr.oy to ' ~.".- cr:h t::o chilvi 7.^5 z'r.e. : cnl.r: V..'A--; of a;-^' 21.? -^r- ' tun: .-i ;·;: _n a '--^r:h ana -h: .r.2 .:..r.r -.-.; f.-r.r? Of- tne - i.lti ~:'~.~.:T hid b«n -· _.o. d"3ra:n.r.; f _ - " j'r a threat Thinks He Was Not Told AH. Norfolk. \"a. May 13 AP).--Chief of Police S W. Ironrnonecr said tzjday ha c;d r.ct b"L.eve that John Hughes Curtis had made a complete confession regarding his fake nesratiat-ons in the Lindbergh case and thai he has withheld ··someth.r.g important." Ircnmor.;cr sou'.d not give any indication of the nature of the information he said he believed CurUs has withheld. The pclice official also refused to =ay whether he h^d learned thai Curtis had asioc.a:cs v. - oriir.g with him to faec the s;;ot!2ticrj;. Xo nc-w .nfcrmation. he said, had been nbt"..ned hero by Xorfc-lk investi- ca-.'-rs. r.ho have suspended their -work until development or requests ."rorr. Xew Jersey authcritles. Story False. TV;- Vork. isray 18 AP.--Frank M.ithrrr.atir-; f Icb rirnic. P'.rryc.i v.-.-o s\:d y« - r-i2.- hs --as one cf tr.e '-f the Lincoergh baby, cor.frs.-ei tocay that his story ^»as false. EXTRA POLICE GUARD IS PLACED AT WHITE HOUSE ar.d a social hour. ,._.,...,, --.j-.-.^n- .-.= -.--d AS -.-.-.3- Wa.5hir.-tor. May :S ''Api.--An es- --_ ^j --.,- j ~ ~ . v dcl"--' s ':ff c' r-=--.^i ·? :r.o Wh.t« Hcuso today after H,i^ri---^"r -^v£ ""r-.- -- ,r.-. V "of t - j c-r- """ha - r**-ched t~-.Dre tft« a group ·· "zz£ · Harry Clay Perry. Jr. H.-n Trer.e, icelca .?.: 6 .rr.rr-.-.- I...-.r. Grace ON PAGE 4^ __ iPhelps, ilUared Cordelia Quins, (CON'TINC^O OX PAGE 5) Vnion Charch "^crvic^ Th; S^r.^ay ^. r..r; c n-.m .n. ·:- -*er* .c; .r. B.ik-r; A :cu.=: Co i-.l". r,^ :n rlvir^' --f C ."·.?-? ".t E cr-'ir'!-. ai^c WIA j:i-^r; rrfav T-- ?.r.r.-. :r:ce--T,; of the o.^'o.t -n M .r.dp.v ccr .rrrti C'jr- St-x- Dr G. E.l^ W.Kia.i. cnalnrar. M · its' u 1. - r.o .s'at- 5 -; t^'.y iha: -'r .-c A-it j*t 25. p-.^r t^ ar.- ncement of the uates on Monday. .. . . . . [^ c-^cer. in r.urnocr. vvre trn.r.forniec of 'he r'imber or inter.' cf the demon- Market Rcm.tiR5 Hesitant. strat^rr-. X - - Y:r-: M ~ v ;·* \?--~.-° fto-:' White Hf-^e secret rr.en cb- " :· ·. .· fi-e . .r .r. .......r',.0". wpr-o no. C-mntun-fts. Tli- l.t t '.-d . ". .-. t - c.-rl-. £:a' r --3^ rimrred ,i-.e purpose of the *i:-:^t-a ·;.! .at'-r .-. ~.'e and .ntonc«.c dtmonstra.ion cc-n:ered upon a.-air. .-."..· oti ...-.:.:- ·.-r.oe:-;:--s .r. "r.e tne bonus c,i.n,txn. ·^rlr.- a"cr.-v. S-.f.:d sell.r.r ' » -- r.-.r. ;--, .. .- li'. d _«^ .«. C.V.. rr.or.- Mrs Etf." ROcf-nstcck wlio has been .: 2 _ r..-ivr.. ?. r..i.g c^jki -.orv ill at h n r liome. near Frederick, £L~. $3.C7 : ., up I \ ce~"^s. ' sis reported today M bs jgjirow.j.

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