Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1953 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1953
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

WW1TIN ALTON EVSNINO TBLEORAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1081 THURIDAY, AfUS, 16, ifSd DAVID THOMAS TINDALL (center), with jerry Colona (1) and Pat O'Brien fr) during a recent visit of the stars at North Island Navy-Air Base, at San Diego, Calif., where Tindall is a member of the wrestling team. Tindall, aircraft mechanic third class, is a member of the base's wrestling team which won the 11th Naval District championship. A son of Mr. and Mrs. David Tindall oMIO Eighth St., Wood River, he wrestled in a heavier class than the 135-pound group before the coach, advised him to reduce his weight to reach the lower class. ' Korean Road of Death Has Longest Mile, No Speed Limit , By JIM BECKER WESTERN FRONT, Korea—There are gaping iholeg In I he camouflage screeh that attempts to hide the road they call "Chink Alley." Chinese shells put them there. No one wants to repair them "Chink Alley" Is a steep, twisting road that snakes from Allied main positions forward to lonely outposts where gunners are dug In waiting to blunt any Chinese attack. Its sister road, to the east, is called "Death Valley." Both of them are shell pitted and it makes for rough riding. But there is no speed limit on either road. Before a driver starts a trip down either he checks his gasoline supply and makes sure his motor is operating well. Then when he tops the ridge that shields him from the Red gunner he tromps the accelerator to the floor and curses his vehicle for not responding "more rapidly. Longest Mile At the supply truck topped the rise and started down the longest mile in Korea, Lt. Joseph iJLuger, St. Paul, Minn., pointed to a mass of forbidding brown mountains just across a frozen ribbon of ice that glinted in the bright afternoon sun. "Joe Chink is watching from those hills," he said. A brutal, bone-chilling winter wind whipped through the open cab of the truck as it hurtled around the curves. But the mile was negotiated without incident. Except for the huge holes torn in the green and brown camouflage screen and the splintered poles that dropped every few feet, there was little to indicate that the road is a favorite Chinese hunting ground. Little, that is, until the truck reached the forward position of an anti-aircraft gun. Called "flak wagons," the fast-firing, ack-ack guns are used on the Korean front lines to spray their heavy streams of lead at Red bunkers and trenches. Huddled beside the flack wagon, bundled like an Eskimo but still pink-cheeked an shivering from the cold, was Pvt. Kenneth Thomas of Russell Springs, Ky. He peered across the valley that is owned by no one and pointed out the Communist trenches across the way. Sheila Arrive "We've had several Incoming rounds this afternoon," lie suid. He said the-Rods were firing mail- ly at a tank position some dis- Heart Trouble Need Not Keep You from Job NEW YORK—(NEA)—Afraid that a heart attack would make an invalid of you? That you wouldn't be able to work any more? Well, the evidence says you are wrong. ' . Cardiacs can work. The person with tickker trouble, provided he's under medical supervision, doesn't have to leave the labor market. In most cases, he has many years of useful employment yet ahead of him. i Doctors have known this for years and patients are learning It rapidly. Employers are tougher to convince, but thanks to the Cardiac In Industry program, they, too, are beginning to learn it. The evidence Is Well-documented. Studies show that cardiacs do just as well as non-cardiacs when 1 working on the same job — provided it's the right type of job. Ol'lon they do even better. Yet many heart patients, whose condition would permit them to work, are thrown on the industrial scrap heap. Perhaps they got bad advice from their doctor, who told them not to work. Perhaps they've been turned clown by employers. Or maybe they're just afraid to get a job for fear it will mean their death sentence. Whatever the reason, the work capacities of heart patients are not being adequately used. And the Cardias In Industry program, supported by the American Heart Association Is out lo retrieve them from idleness. It's a battle against misconceptions. Most persons, Including cardiacs and employers, are certain that a heart condition and working don't go together. If a person has heart disease, they say, and does anything heavier than needle-threading, he's merely hurrying his funeral. ALTON BVBNINO TELEGRAPH Not Ken) Danger The facts, however, refute this. A person who discovers his heart tance to the left and an observation post to the roar. "Joe Chink knows that llak condition early and follows the \\agon is here," ho said, "lint orders or his doctor 1ms every he's leit us alone so tar today." rhance Tor n long and useful life He eyed the Chinese trenches ! s l' an - Many live 20 or 30 years gouged out of Iho brown hills in • ilfu ' r diagnosis. And this is not front and suddenly there was the ; J " sl '".'"'^"y,. il ' s a fact well angry clatter of an Incoming artil- ^ "^^or^e. lery round 50 yards behind him along "Chink Alley." The majority of patients — 80 to 85 per trill — don't even have to A dirty smoke cloud boiled up i change jobs. Most others can be and bits of metal dunged off locks. "That's a l'<!0 mortar, 1 think," Thomas said. There was a general movement to crouch beside the flak wagon. Thomas pointed out the twisted brown-charred hulk of a tank about 120 yards to the lelt. ''They knocked that out yesterday with six rounds," he said. "Luckiest bhooting I ever saw." Tank Mown I'u shifted to lighter work rather easily. In short, the only lime a cardiac is handicapped from the job angle is when he works beyond his capacity. Hut that's true of non- cardiacs, too. There are now, in the V. S. alone, some 9,OQO,000 persons with cardiac conditions. With many of them idle without reason, the iituation is a personal dilemma for thousands and an economic challenge to the nation. To recover these „ ... ,- ., „ . -- sidetracked He explained one ot the Ued , asw.'ts, the Cardiac In Industry rounds hit the gas tank and the. i people are pushing an educational whole tank caught lire. The attack. Employers, doctors and men scrambled out sali-ly ,tus' l'atit?iits themselves are being before their own ammunition ex- ! t " Utjht ,,, thal c> a rdl acs are employable. Ihe emnhasis U switching and blew the entire front off the lank. "Tanks are their favorite targets," he said. A battery of Allied artillery guns ''carroomud" far behind and the soft rustle of artillery shells pass* «d overhead. Occasionally brown dirt clouds showed where they landsd in Red territory. ThflO another Red shell crashed near the observation post just behta* "Chink Alley." It seemed Uk* • food time to^p. On w stomach-sinking ride up "Cbini Alky" Luger "This it the spot where the first round landed. I nope you don't mifl4 tte houjicuit; if i speed up t lit* bit," side, too. In several cities, notably New York and Cleveland, work classification units have been founded. These are clinics which examine the patient, find out just what ha can do, tben fit him to a suitable job. Helping break down the barters U the knowledge that industry needs the cardiac as much as the cardiac needs a job. World War U put the cardUc problem in th* "urgent" category and the current defense effort has kept it tb*r*. Government surveys report that 1,500,000 handicapped persons are needed for defense work. 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