Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

PASS 041 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNE 2?» 1568 Calcium gesiion Bj IDA BAILEY ALLEN CALCIUM is imperative in fnaifiteifting a body that keeps the characteristics of youth; yet scientific studies show the American diet Is likely to be more deficient in calcium than in: any other mineral element Calcium forms 90 per cent of the skeleton, Including the teeth; is necessary to normal heath action and to the coagulation of the blood; plays a part In nerve conduction and nerve contraction; and works together with phosphorous in the absorption of the end products of digestion and in retarding in- estinal putrefaction. Vitamins C and D are required to enable the body to make efficient use of calcium. ' Best Sources Milk and cheese are the best sources of calcium. Other foods that have lesser amounts are: entire wheat, apples, cabbage, green or snap beans, carrots, lean beef,turnip greens, eggs, and almonds. Dried skim milk Is. an excellent form in which to introduce calcium without adding extra fat and liquid*, to the diet. ;A double quantity of dried skini milk may be added w.hen making bread, cake, mashed potatoes, or cream soups. Raw meat bones of all kinds contain large quantities of. calcium; they should be cracked and used in m a k i n g concentrated soup stock not only for use in soup but also for use in gravies, sauces, escalloped dishes, etc. A half-pint of fresh milk, acldophiliis, or reconstituted evaporated or dried skim milk a <Say; a generous serving of whole-milk cheese; plus the milk normally used in cooking, and a generous serving of cabbage or green vegetable salad should supply the necessary calcium TOMORROW'S DINNER FOR GUESTS Italian Antipasto. Flatter with Pickled Beets and Sliced Scallions, Radishes and Small Marinated Shrimp on Shredded Escarole with Not-Sweet French Dressing Boned Roast Leg or Shoulder of Lamb; Gaper Gravy, and New Potatoes : Lemonized Asparagus Spears Creme Brule Coffee Tea Milk Measurements level; recipes ••"'•' m ^ RED ftlPl SWItT WATERMELON E«Kh 79* GROWN PLAVOR! ARKANSAS TOMATOES • 39c FANCY CALIFORNIA THOMPSON SEEDLESS GRAPES . • 39c CALIFORNIA NECTARINES .... -39c FLORIDA SWEET CORN . 5 Fir .39o U.S. NO. 1 ALABAMA RED POTATOES., 10'69c LARGE CALIFORNIA VINE-RIPE CANTALOUPES,.,. 3 100% PUKE IEEF TOM'IOY Flavor Was Cube Patties 10* 2-Ot, Each It's here! One of the big events of the year! There . will be celebrating and this always calls for the finest in foods, Start early on your plans for the big day. Here are listed many of the foods you'll need ... all at money saving prices worth celebrating. Cut From Hunter and Krey Fully Cooked 18 to 20 Lb. Average HAMS... TOM •BOY COUPON MANHATTAN j COFFEE .[1 69c i LIMIT I with coupon and pur- | chase of $2.50 or more excluding • tobacco, fresh milk products and I coupon Items. Coupon expires | Sat. nlte, June. 29, 1968. | Limit One'Coupon Per Family. LIMIT 1 with coupon and pur- I chase of. $2.00, or more excluding | tobacco, fresh milk products and • coupon' Items. Coupon expires I Sat. nlte, June 29. 1968. I Limit One Coupon Per Family I GOLD MEDAL ! FLOUR TOM • BOY COUPON CREMEBRULE 1 qt. light cream or half 'n'half 8 eggs ,.-,,- '.,,«.'' 8 tbsp. granulated sugar Itsp. vanilla % c. light-brown sugar Heat cream in a 2 qt. double- boiler.Separate eggs. Reserve whites to 'make a white cake or meringue shells. Beat yolks until light with granulated sugar and vanilla. Stir in cream. Pour into an 8" x.6y 2 " oblong baking dish Ii4'¥deep that can go to table. Place dish in a large pan; pour in boiling water to the depth of .2". Cover- loosely with aluminum ioil., Bake 30 min. in moderate oven, 325-350 degrees F., or until a wooden toothpick inserted in center comes out dry. Cool; Regrigerate 4 hrs. or more. < . Then sift brown sugar to remove any lumps. Spoon it lightly and evenly over top of creme Jn^a thin layer. Place creme under broiler, 4" from the source of heat, which should be low (25G degrees F.). Leave broiler do,or. open; watch and do nothing' ejse. This topping can burn fast. Broil 3 min., or until sugar melts to form a smooth caramel glaze;' Thoroughly chill atonce, • '"""• THE CHEF'S ITALIAN ANTIPASTO PLATTER Mesdaraes: The Italians have a high regard lor vegetables of all kinds, especially those that can be beautifully served: crackling cold on a large platter. They call this antipasto. At this season, their favorite antipasto includes crisp radishes, scallions cut ready to nibble, carrot sticks, strips of finochlo and celery, and strips of sweet geren pepper. These are arranged for sucqulent eating and tijey include plenty of cal- dlum, by tlje way, Straps of anchovy m often added to the platter, I recommend to serve with -this assortment: small shrimp nwianated in ravlgote dressing, ajjd nexted in lettuce cups; use lootflnicks for toe servicp. kw >• Ck>oking Cues Serve , tpaated walnuts with raisins and dates for a delightful dessert. To toast walnut .halves, scatter Uwfl am ft COUPON No. 6 FREE TARALENE Salad Bowl LIMIT I WITH COUPON AND $5.00 OR MORE PURCHASE EXCLUDING TOBACCO AND FRESH MILK PRODUCTS. GOCUD THRU MONDAY, JULY 1st, 1968. Delicious with Tom-Bey Applesauce! Full Shank Half I k or Whole! LU - By the Pite*—Hunters A.C. Pork Butt Roast 49° Largo Bologna - 49° Boneless Rolled Spiced Hunters CHOICE OF GRINDS MB. CAN (Limit 1 With Coupon) 5-LB. BAG (Limit 1 With Coupon) Pork Butt Roast - 59° Cooked Salami -69 Leon, Tender Sliced Krey's New England Pork Cutlets - 69° Pepper Loaf .Lb. Pine for Potties—Bulk Kreys Hostess Pork Sausage - 49 C Bacon Hunters Skinless Moyrose Wieners - 55' Canned Ham REG. OR MINT — MC VALUE — Crest -63 C Regular $1.09 value <10e off label) LIQUID PRELL ... 7 . oz 630 Regular $1.00 Value <7c off label) SECRET SPRAY .. 3 . oz 690 Regular $1.00 Value — Concentrate PRELL SHAMPOO . 3 . oz 690 PORK Your Choice White or Colored HUDSON NAPKINS . . B" 29c THESE FINE FOODS WOULD LIKE TO CO ON YOUR PICNIC | 12 in Heavy'Duty REYNOLDS WRAP . . 'iS Thrown ft Stuffed Manzanlllas MARIO'S OLIVES . . . «c TOMOBOY FLAVOR-PLUS Margarine 5 - 5 1 Kraft, Smolcey, Hot or Plain BAR B-Q SAUCE . . .3 18-oz. Btls. Bremner — Chocolate Covered JUMBO PIES . . . . Van Camp PORK 'B BEANS . . . 3,:;,:.79c Reads German or Mayonnaise Style POTATO SALAD . . . 2,^59c Llpton INSTANT TEA . . . . S? Mt I BORDEN'S "Elsie" CHOICE OF FUVORS Ice Cream Half Gal. 69' EV-R-ORI8P BRAND ICE CREAM CUPS 39' 48 in Pkg. For Dips — Sealtest SOUR CREAM ..... From Kraft VELVEETA Phenlx Brand SWISS SLICES .... Kraft Midget, Colby LONGHORNS Bollard or Pillsbury BISCUITS ...;..... From Florida — Tom-Boy ORANGE JUICE .... ,8-OZ. 9QA Crt. « 8 P Paper Maid — White PAPER PLATES , . . SL? 69c Reg. 8Sc Value GRISGO OIL 38-oz. Bti. Pkg. Mb Pkg 590 l -' b 690 "0 350 Dill or Kosher Hamburger Slice* HEIFETZ PICKLES ... . t 39c Helfetz ; SWEET PICKLES ....,„ 59c Twist or Stick TOM-BOY PRETZELS 2 £r 49e Non Returnable Bottles DAD'S ROOT BEER . . 39c Half fiAA Gal. °*P PLAVOB-B-PAC FROZEN Regular or Pink Lemonade - 10° Your Choice — Princes* CREME COOKIES . . . Chef Boy Ar Dee Frozen CHEESE PIZZA..,, lk Chef Boy Ar Dee Frozen Pepperoni Pizza.. P^r 69c Chef Boy Ar Dee Frozen SAUSAGE PIZZA .'%r* 59c General Foods — Aerated COOL WHIP.... Q , 49c CHICKEN OF THE SEA—CHUNK STYLE TUNA 3 No. I Cans PAMPERS ELEPHANT TOY MAIL-IN OFFER see our store for details Lorft 30 in REGULAR $1.59 VALUE 39c TOM»BOY 4c Off Label — Betty Crocker FROSTING MIX . . . ,„„. 35c GERBERS STRAINED BABY FOODS 8* J« REG. $1.49 Q-T Tanning Lotion 3-oz. $1 I A Size I • I V Nabisco Snack Cracker Varieties 8-c*. Rltz Stack Pack .... Snack Mate CheesB .... en. Flavor-Plus CHIPS 4 VALUABLE COUPON Betty Crocker LAYER CAKE MIX LIMIT 3 PKGS. WITH COUPON AND PURCHASE OF $2.50 OR MORE, EXCLUDING COUPON ITEMS — TOBACCO. LIQUOR OR FRESH MILK PRODUCTS. COU.PON GOOD AT ALL TOM-BOY STORES THROUGH SATURDAY. JUNE 2»th, 1969. Regular We« VALUABLE COUPON Banquet Frozen CREAM m IRnrw • Wtftt tift Mfti to tiu« dQ HOI, "W^r^ ^ff 1 I* u '\ Thank You PIE FILLER Realemon LEMON JUICE APPlf,,.

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