The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 4, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1918
Page 2
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u' VAcm TWO. THJ5 HUTOfitNSON NEWS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1918. 5** \ JOHN D. SNYDER AUCTIONEER Phone 1459J, my expense for dates September '). I. h. Dttnsworth,3 miles south, lX west Voder September 10. S. C. & D. L. Gaston, 7 miles southwest of Hutchinson. September 11. S,_C. Robinson,9 miles northeast Hutchinson. September 5. C. K. Palmer, Mariou. Poland China Hogs nnd general farm sale. Good furniture ot nil kinds at 1,1 and 107 South Main. Hutchinson. Phone 13G2 If you hare anything to soil. ONE was lonrncd today. Violators of the ro- quest here wore few last Sunday it was said today, but It Is proposed to make observance 100 percent in future. <S> f> 4' -i <t- 'i> * •» •»• •& <?' <•> * <•' «• <•• 4> YELLOW FOR SLACKERS. « <J> ' <g> A, <s, * .;. .;• * <i, .>. * .j. Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 4.—A selj^ nppolntcd "VIRIIIUICU committee" is sponsor for widely eireulated throats here thai nulomobllists of Memphis Who violate the Sunday eaMllluo sav- iiiK request nf the fuel administration l»urily grocery or return same to the •will be stopped and painted yellow, it I store. 4-21 Notice. The party that took a package con. tainlng a pair of slippers from the Commercial National Hank, Tuesday by mistake will please notify tho TAX IMTff NOW $1.91 This is the Total-for the People of Hutchlnioo flHs Year. IT tS A BIQ DECREASE From Last Year, When We Paid $2.20 on the Hundred Dollars Valuation. fmmeVBM different from $2.20 lust year-. The genaWtt fund was reduced from $.125 to $.laf -Uie county Interest and smiting fund $.027 to $0.25; the county road $.0116 to •%<>&•, county bridges $.0S to $.03 and the tjfcnty high school f.NW. to $.028. The rjfttchlnson Municipal Band will not need as much money this rent aeennse thefp Is almost a suffl- elent sum left In the trensury and thoreforn the levy for this year which Is btrt $.fft which will raise about $2,500 Last year the band fund yielded something like $7,000 nnd not alT of thh> amount was needed for the band inalntalnence. The city commissioners of Hutchinson and the county commissioners of Reno county are to be congratulated on their good work In keeping the tax rate down. It Is proof that they are working hard for the Interest of the community. The county commissioners made a bis change In the levies, saving a large sum In taxes. The big decreaab In the lax levies this year Is welcomed by »)1 of the tax payers ot Hutchinson, especially when it means a reduction of 2D cents on *the $100 valuation. The greatest reduction occurs in the levies tor the state and county for this year as compared to last For 11)18 it is 41 COMB while last year it was 00 cents on the $100 valuation. There is also a noticeable docreaao this year in the city tax levy which Is reduced from 85 cents to 75 cents. The school le-jy remains the same and of course thjs la natural because where there might be a saving effected in one part or other, Increases In Uie cost of materials and supplies and a larger enrollment than ever before make, no decrease possible. Much Reduced. The grand total for this year"^t» $1.01 on the hundred dollars which Is The Purity Serves Winter is coming on and the PURITY GROCERY AND MARKET will be called on to give credit to hundreds of laboring men and women. This the Purity is ready and willing to do, but it will be necessary for all to pay promptly at the agreed time unless sickness or other good reason makes it impossible, in which case the Purity will' extend all possible help. The Parity sells more eats for the money, cash or credit, and everything guaranteed. John and his wife will testify to this. Phone 1320 Goods Delivered Daily HAD SOCIAL TIME. W. M. a: O* the First United Brethren Church Entertained. The W. K. A. of the First United Brethren church met yesterday afternoon for their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Walter Ragland of North Monroe. The guests were; Mrs. Sarah Hemphill. Mrs. Mahala Carter, Mrs. S. A. Howe. Mrs. F. W. Mctlrldc and Miss Rebecca Kelgley. Later In the afternoon the hostess, assisted by Miss Rebecca Kelgley and Mrs. M. O. Morrison served a delicious lunch. VOTED THE ASSESSMENTS. Cffy Commissioners Decide to Pave Ash Street. At thajneetlug of iho city commissioners yesterday they voted to determine the special assessments that are to'bc collected from the property owners for the pavement of Ash street. This would be better known as Walnut because it Is one block east of Main street" In Crescent Park to' Twentieth street. MONEY FOR SEED GRAIN Some Supplemental Instructions for Fanner* Who Want It. HOW TO OEf TUB MONEY Three Hundred Dollars is the Limit, but Any Less Amount Can"be Secured. For the Best Dry Cleaning wagon stop. We have a First Ct^tss Tailor, prices are right. Bring- in yottr repair work) the. Phone 1783 • CAMfOEU/5 1 "ClOniES 8H0F No. 3 North Main Street National Dry Cleaners STARS AND STRIPES FILED. Complete File of the Paris War Magazine Received at Library. A complete file beginning with number 1 of the Slars and Stripes, a war magazine ot world-wide circulation, has been received at the library. These are considered so valuable- that Ihcy are not put out for general use but will bo bound. Those who re­ ceive tho Stars and Stripes lh their homes and who wish to do 80 nrn asked to lake them to the library for table use. Cb.ildren Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA If you are suffering from skin trouble and hivelried various treatments without success don't be discouraged, Resinol Ointment \nd Resinol Soap bring speedy relief from eczema ana other itching or embarrassing eruptions, and ..usually succeed in uxalung the skin clear and healthy again. Yota* drorfM carriV» Resiaol Otntamt »ni Rami Soap. Trjiktimt '., New Students Enrolled in Salt City Business College Monday • # _ i i This, we believe, is the largest one day enrollment in the history of any Business College in the State of Kansas. The "old Students" are largely responsible for this record. Last spring a student drive for students was launched and,the old students have worked hard and faithfully to accomplish this record. EVIDENCE OF FAITH v Surely, this is a great expression of fiath—fatih in the" accomplishments of former Salt City Students—faith in the abilily of Salt City to traiur—and we appreciate all. enrollment dates are September 9th and 16th, Make your arrangements now. The Salt City Business College ..(j CI xy J- H. CONARD, President Hutchinson, Kansas Topeka, September 4.—Supplemental Instructions to county ageuts and to the public have been forwarded rrom Washington J. C. Mohler, seef*- tary of the Kansas Council of Defense regarding Certain points to be observed In making and vertlfying applications for seed grain loans. Leon Estnbrook, of the Bureau of Crop esUmates says: iSeed grain loans will be made to applicants at the rate of |3 per acre for not exceeding 100 acres, making the maximum loan In any ease, $300. If the applicant desires a loan for less than $300 he should specify the number of acres at $3 (Ver acre for the amount he Rslrcs; as\ 40 acres for a loan of |i:0, 50 acres for a loan or $1S0, GT acres for a loan of $200, and so on. An applicant may sow a larger acreage than that specified in the application with seed purchased from the proceeds of the loan, but the mortgage will apply only to the crop grown on the acreage specified. The government must have a first lien on the crop specified iu the application. Applicants whose applications Indicate that the land specified iu the application is not owned by them, who pay a cash rental and can ] give a first lien on the crop, should so state in the application. Cash tenants who cannot give a first lien on the crop should furnish a waiver from the landlord. Tenants on a share basis can obtain a loan at %?> per acre, on not to exceed 100 acres, only -when the owner signs a waiver of his first lien on the crop. Blank forms ot landlord waiver have been supplied to all local banks ill the counties affected. The waiver should be attached or pinned to, the loan application. Without a. waiver ot the landlord's first lien, a tenant can obtain a loan only for such part of $3 per acre on the acreage specified In the application, not exceeding 100, as bis undivided interest ,is in the entire crop; that Is, if his undivided laterest is two-thirds, he can apply fqr a loan at the rate of %t per acre .(two-thirds of $3) on not to exceed 100 acres; or, if his undivided '•• intereirt .-AUi;' three* fourths, he can applj^for' a loan at tho rate of a $2,25 per acre (throe• fourths of $3) on not to exceed 100 acres. _ 1 ' If tenants, cither on cash or crop share basis, have given a lien on the crop to any-person or firm other than the landlord, a waiver of the.Hen from such peraoa or firm should also Ije.attxiclied to the application. Loans can be made only to farmers who have, suffered two successive crop failures and are without cash or credit with which to purchase seed."Where the-real and personal property ot the applicant is shown to be mortgaged for about two-thirds or throo-fourths of its estimated value, It may be assumed that the applicant has exhausted his credit. Where, however; it appears that only about fifty per .cent of its estimated value is mortgaged, or where the difference between tho mortgage and estimated value is considerable, an explanation-should acco'inpany the application, preferably a statement by the local hank to the effect that Ahe excess valuation Is not regarded as a commercial basis of credit locully. Otherwise the application will have j to be denied. In every ease the applicant should give the names and addresses of the persons or firms who hold mortgages against the property. Where farmersHiavo unincumbered property on which local banks decline to make loans because, they have exhausted their funds, it is sus- Sestod that the local bank apply to tho War i^nance Corporation, through the Federal Reserve Bank, for an advance of funds. The War Finance, Corporation bu» indicated its willingness to muke advances to bonkers lending monsy to fanners and stockmen. The cerUficates of verification immediately following the affidavit ot tho applicant should bo signed by tho county agent; or, if signed by a member of the local InspecUou committee, the county agent should concur In the recommendation by adding { his signature. Much delay "will be avoided tf this detail is attended to before tho applications ore sent to the Wichita office. Bankers associations and clearing house associations of the larger cities of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, have agreed to assist local banks in extending temporary crodit to farmers for the purchase of seed, by discounting farmers' nates taken by local bunks supported by attached state- incta from thu Federul Loud Bank to the oflect that the loan application bus been approved, the farmer to pay the (Ust'ount from the proceeds of his loan,' Thin is necessary aB the Federal funds cannot be advanced until the seed Is In tho ground. The Federal Land Bank at Houston will act as the fiscal agept of the government for seed loons in Texas. Loan applications should be mailed to me at Wicblta, Kansas, care, ot Federal Land Bank, for examination. The approved applications will be sent to the Federal Land Bank at Houston, watch wjll mall notices of approval to the local banks, Certificates of planting shovld be mailed by County Agents direct to, <M Hoitstotl Laud "Mudding" a Well is Like Plastering a Wall. Weather Report Kansas-: Fair and contlned cool to. nioht. Thursday fair and warmer. Th« nlmptest moUiod of ncaltni; nfr Rtia siuwts so that tlin vapor will nut tw» released from its stratum of earth IB o nil the holo which has been ilillled .with a mud-laden fluid lust vious to-the tlmo tho hit la ilrlllo.l Into tile Ki"> anu/l. Iho drill\.i then worked throuuh rthe mud into the formation m "ywevious tortile tlmo tho Mt drill Vl then worked thmtign .«..* - - -which the gnu lies. As thin Is done the mud permeates the porous gas-produclnir rook ror ipdto a distance in alt directions from the hole. This effectively atom tho escape of BUS . w Hon the walls of tho well are Uiorouimy plastered .the mud Is removed and the operators may continue to drill to th« deeper oil or sua annds without Interruption. I'rncUcally none or the gns In tbo ahullow sand liaH been wasted and all requirements of conservation havo been met, WICHITA NATURAL, CAS COMPANY. Come to Our Greatest Midsummer Clearance Sale Fair Warning! PLAY WHILE YOU PAY Now yon can owrrthat Piano, Pianola ov Player Piano at a great saving to you. But delay is^dangerous. The greatest stoek of special sale priced quality instruments we ever hud is vanishing before eager buyers. But you can still make the great saving if you homy. You need music, so does your'family. Why pay more later? Enjoy'M'usic Now—Buy that Piano, Pianola or Player Piano Today. : .. Wonderful DUO ART Steinway Among Our Pianolas and Player Pianos BRADBURY—Used Player Piano, "«C1 rt ' HH fine condition. Pay $15 monthly..«|IU IU Jgf. STROUD—Fine used genuine Pianola in Ki^A. .fl ^H mahogany. VCQR Pay $20 monthly «4 »vlOJ AEOLIAN—New Player Piano. V/IQR Pay $15 monthly :«p't«W KRAKAUER—A beautiful Player VCQC Piano. Pay $20 monthly ijlUvlU ~ While you are looking at these and other Clearance Sale Pianolas and Player Pianos, don't fall to hear tho New $375 Stodart Pianos ,$265 Quality Higher Than Price i New $350 Schaff Bros. $255 Quality Higher Than Price New Knabe Bros, upright grand , $355 New Knabe Bros, grand $590 New*Qeo. P. Bent Grand and Others Specially Priced There's a Used Piano .Pianola or Player Piano for every taste at a price to suit every purse (Here are a very few of them) WM. KNABE & CO.—Used upright grand, fine condition; easy payments , ..$260" KIMBALL—Used upright grand; easy payments .$90 OPERA—Used upright grand; easy payments..., |>50 SCHAEFFER—Fine used oak, upright grand; easy payments :$225 STANDARD—(Hardman make), fine used golden oak, .upright grand; easy payments , .$2t0 KURTZMANN—Used, but fine, upright grand of this splendid make; easy payments ..$?65 NEW ENGLAND—Used upright grand; ebonlxed; easy payments.".".$180 MASON * HAMLIN—Used upright grand; easy-payments $145 BRADBURY—Used light oak, upright grand; fine condition; easy payment* $290 CAMP eV CO.—Used upright grand; ehonlzed; easy payments..$125 CONOVER BROS.—Upright grand; very special V»lue; easy payment! ...,..$190 SHUBERT—Used upright grand; big full tone', easy payment* $155 8TEINWAY—Fine used upright grand; (a number of moro unusual Steinway bargains;) easy payment* ',. $4»6 Quality * Service Satisfaction CALL WRITS Carl r, Mttle, Mfenaptr

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