The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 2
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,THE PAWS NEWS, ^TUESDAY. JULY 10, 11S4 Oil Company Asked to End Interference and Texas Com•patty Told to Stay Out Of Elections i t.—Contend- in* the Phillips Petroleutn '.-om- pjisy of Texas and Oklahoma violated the petroleum code an- tfa« 'National Recovery Act. : K -? petroleum labor policy board Tues- dav asked the firm to refrain "Irom any further efforts :o secure, the establishment of Jts own company employes* "^ ior "^_ : The action was taker^ ^' T ""^ a ^ employes at the company's r^a-nts at Border and Ps Texas, ar.u SeTninole. Oklahoma. *1t i* the deliberate poMcy of •the Phillip? Petroleum company to interfere actively with the em- ployes' rigrht to <r ' r ~ ar ; :z ^ f '^^_V lective arc to _ c ° n ~-' ^ : he election itself^ 'Vith respect to a company union the board said: : "It is for the employes freely . to choose such an orsaiiiz&tion i" | they prefer it, and any election ^ ihat pu-rorts to s:ive er-.-splvy** an opportunity to express their cfcoiCx- , must provide" an opportunity tor ihe employes to vote on as mu.ny _ ^"rgar.izations or >cores*ntatives as; . »».^. e-T-ployes may \vant to choose | ->"oai and "n:ust net be confined or | ! rc . str icted to a vote on the em: Paver's proposal alone, ; l —r>e ejection should be *>y se - crei baHoi, cir.c must not be con- i d--ed by an asent of the com:>ST*V. It" should l:e supervised by \-^ "faction conuvittee chosen by -he en-r-loyes and representatives o' d-ffe-er.t organizations WALTER HUSTON IN A NEW ROLI ,.. V., upon by . w ->h ill panies?. B oar. not ^e arranged. •f "in 1 . Lxibor Policy board ,, c - : v e election. Only ins'er Wr. a fair anJ free •j^j.-k employes be secure^ reflective barpriiinin?:. respect *o '-he specific ^ fc __. fore, * action voiri >°«. CO >DIERCE LOCVLS -y;>/"": AND NEXTS BRIEFS o' ? . emi>!oy*P r r .." r meet!n?r« " picker is JTI v5p'E Article ~ -f 'he pct *nd- Secrion 7-A of Industrial Hcrev?ry A -ATid the company cease these sctivities _ _.. .-,,•,.. Vp— <i*'<T-— r<: "O from ar..> i^..:;-. « e...-^ — s the estabi^hmrr.t of ^-.ts OWTT compar-y en-ploye?' "^on, The oil^:-a:to3 ?a:a j^ 'board's ruMn?: ^~?-s *-^ "--••' j; ~ of a preceficrit, The board a£-<:sed 5?-rr«tat-y Ickes. the oil at»rr.; ; : _ r IV''=""''-•• M ; eh.. to secure a rew ',. ^ l V : "t^ -•=•--•'• vra the At- 09 Strike Threatened A gener- "it »oz ac- entire FOKT WORTH. (& al strike is threatened, tualiy impending:." in the petroleum industry. The tional Oil Worker, offlcial publication of the International Association of Oil Field. Gas AVeH and Refinery Workers of America, says Tuesday. Tl:e Journal, published here, predicts that "unless satisfactory SHAWKEE BROWN DISTRICT AGENT Replace* \V. A. Green Wt»o Has Temporary Federal Appointment H>AB£U Okla. — Shavraee Brown, McCurtaia county farm :. nevcly appointed district ageat assumed his duties this week, takins the place of W. A. Green, former district agent, who is at \Vashinston. I>. C.. working with the A. A. A.- division of the Guns Pop 111 j Kansas City — Gangster Tuesday in hotel. with fci» wife, Marie, Charles Carolla. jLazia. &a,<i lust stepped, from, the car. He, fell to the driveway. "Mrs. .Lazia^and Carolla the bullets. Witnesses said tlie two roen. ran to a car in which a. third man was at the Tarfceel and sped away. Lazia was two blood trans- KANSAS CITY, S12*SI-s'Jr^^snitat*—~ «•"*•— -»•«•—' brought down John Lazia, North | a«»"«"" "!"*!-.« he ivould Uve. side Democratic political leader, i . . „ with,wounds which may prove fa-! Selects from Friends ^ , isity found nine hugre ~ mi of T. J. <Bisri almost rib bones serve the 15 counties of Southeastern Oklahoma. IIS s are reached within a. i —— short time," there will be "wide PARISIAN IS THIRD si>read suspension of work that will involve and clo»e down all the la»-*-e refineries an* many other b ra %,-hes of the oil business in all! AUSTIN'. (^—Georse Debes of oa-s o' the United States." j Houston Monday br^Ke 100 ^ovk,^ are takins strike vores! »trai K ht targets for a total score at man^laVw, the paper eontin-l «* ««_ «> «i» the Texas a^teur ues. on claims of non-observance of contracts, violation of the recovery code for the petroleum industry and the "blockinj: of efforts at amicable settlements and the adoption of working con- in his body as two gunmen opened j fire on him in front of his hotel,' the Park Central. Police arrested Joe Lusco. a North, side political rival of I^zia's for t championship in the day meet concluded here. AV. H. Hicks of Houston the state professional ship gets. won l;> of I^usco's followers • questioning. I Detectives said they also were 1 working on the theory that Lasia i may have been the victim of i gan^ster-s front other cities whose I enmity he had gained. j j The shootir.g caused a furore in j "J. | political circles to which, calm had 1 ! been restored following outbreaks I municipal NOT1CK TO WATER COXSUMIiRS \Vater bills must be paid on or before May 10th in order to secure the 10 per cent discount. ;.SUPERINTENDENT OF WATER \YORKS The paper declares the charge j has been made "that Wond Win 135 hits and Ed Lin«-hvhen four were slam and man* sav third with 1ST. injured. \iions the professionals Wicks La«a recently was convicted .of - s jwas hi=:h on 250 targets with 244 U failure to make a federal in- LC- s y.j. s w hile Alston and Lindsay | come tax return and sentenced to jlatins gasoline and other oils j finished in a tie for second, each ' a year in jai!. but has an appeal rar-idly as possible in order} v.-ith 237. j pending. j TWO men, one reported armed with a machine sun and another OR speed and sponsored by the on a. plan for or ployes' assoc:at:r. not given an orro~u:-.:ty to express their view? (•-. sny other -ype of orgs.Tiiza.-ion- It saic if a proper election co-uld sot be arranired it ^vould c-n£t:ct Vps Strlia Mono, head of the - r . v ^ C '.- 4 a^^ co i- e j- e _ leaves Friday for -^c-^NTM'.'to join a ?:r^p study•^ ^ n aer Aisxandre Kosrur.^a^ ":s? B=":e Bate* of Den ton will :u: i jy. ' the Commerce Rotary club passed ; T'r* srave! over to Sterling Hart. newspaper editor, ' when t>.» club 'i convened for its weekly luncheon. • T"*~ie co~ditiori o_ A~iarry ^ jvr-ii: ; who haS z.~ operation for appendi- .-ii-.s last week ir-. Texarkana, is reported steadily improving. Waiter Huston of the stage and screen Is shown gsrbed as a«d his wife, the former Nan Sunderiand, as Desdemcna. in ro; «.•:>! pirv in the forthcoming summer play festival in the eld tcwn of'Central City. Colo. ( Associated Press Photo) that they may have a supply on j hand in case of cessation cf work" ' land quotes unnamed union ofti-| 1 cials as saying: "the workers do ! i not inter.d to permit the employ-} ! ; ers to carry out their plan to tide | '. over the peak season and then | ; precioitate the trouble." ! TERM AT PJC WILL OPEN MONDAY i Sl ^S^rT *" 1 busies when he drove up to the s MRS- DOUGLAS LONG DIES AT HENDERSON ^>as been received nere of *--f Henderson. ^ 'hieri occurred, a* 4:30 o'clock en \\~ednesday aftet-- yi-on Julv 4- "She nad been ill sboiit two months. The funeral was held at the ••-•-. ;r,e Henderson cemetery. PERSONALS 1 KL'OO CAR STOLEN ! HUGO. Okla,—A 1933 Chevrolet 1 sedan, license nun-.ber 3S3-352, be- 1 lon^ir.s: to Joe A. \Voife was stolen ! Monday nisrht wnilc the family at- I tended the show at the Erie thea.- i tre. The first six weeks summer | term at Paris Junior College i closes Friday, Mrs. W. B. Kendall. the registrar, announces, examinations being held Thursday and Friday of this week. The second half of the summer session opens nexe Monday morn- :n?r. July "IS. for enrollment. A i large registration is expected for ' the new term. CALL 401— We will buy or tra£«» lor 3ld furniture. Come in to Tor the £est x^al^e* in« fur- -.vh ; "-^s, ' D. H. Baker Furn. Co. j Fcr " * "Miss Helen Closely has returned from a five weeks' visit in Austin. uruttett Miss Mary Elisabeth Moore is -.:ns: in Goose Creek for a few Mr, and Mrs. Charles Ka§"!«r have returned from a visit "in Dallas and s. hunting; and fishing trip t o Oklahoma. Miss Margaret Burke is spend- wf'b the family of her uncle, Alston Gowdy. usands of Dollars Miss Ld!lia,n Baker will leave on Friday for Mexico City wh-?re she .,..--,; ,;-,-:- fr-ie-cs there for a three weeks" visit. Hvelyn Seavers Price who ent ar. operation at St. hospital '-n DaHas three s.~c> is r^pcr-ed in^proving 1 . Tremendous welcome of new "G-3" - marvel tire that gives 43% more non-skid mileage — keeps Goodyear factories and dealers on jump! ^Irs. Bab Green, of Caviness route I. underwent a major ope- rattDn at the "Lamar hospital Tuesday snomir.:r> .,,..= ^r^, A , j. Koutt have ~*d to I-adonja after a few "r. and Mrs. -I>. E, Rc-ri?. -5. John Mosely and her r-rot'h- jesse t~a?r-y ar.-i family ol =on, T*n.n.. are vtsitir.c rr-!a- 3-.Z frt?-ds in Miss !-X>uLe Fleminc- has as of I>er;;so night for several days. -.nd Mr broth er. ar. c r G- E>. Mr?. Max- \ Rhodes of | f dollars are sp«3 repairs fcf motorists -?mo ''forgot^ to change InBrictnts «t the proper mileage intervals- For the first time vou can stop jcsgling speedometer figures, trying to remember the Tsrious lubrication requirements of vour «ntozoobile.The new MobilaLrication Service Record takes care of all tiiat with ai>- «ol-ate safety Because it shows a complete maintenance history. It tells at a glance vheu to change crackcase oil.-.vclien VOGT transmission aud differential should be refilled. -. vben your cha&sis should be Mobiliibricated- In addition it shows a complete service record of your front wheel bearings, clutch release bearing, battery* and oil filter- Any Magnolia Sistien or Dealer v>iH keep vour record up to date and remind you vhen fresh lubricants are needed. Drive in today! Nolan at p.<T' A 1934 success story that shows how the American people will buy when you build what they want E NK and angular he stood there — one of the nation's greatest research engineers. Conviction shone in his eyes as he spoke these words: "If it were up to me to whip depression, I'd put «. big billboard in front of every factory in the land, with this burning message r'GrVE US SOMETHING NEW AND GOOD AND WE WILL BUY rr-signed'THE AMERICAN PUBLIC'." There is more than psychology in that statement- there is truth — and here T s the finest evidence in the world— the evidence of sales, see the reports that rolled into headquarters at Akron. Excited dealers wrote, wired, called in by phone. **We*re breaking sales records! 1 " "We're swamped wtih business!" ""We're Mrs, ~r;ie .TaTT.^s "Or~n •"•".'* <:.'""• *~ t: T~T *i *- *~ ~ tvcrr a major operaticr at the I-a- For better Hot v/c»lHcr performance . . . Mobiloil S«i^- Mater x*-- »-as aill «•- co«*t " oss sa<" of the Stay with Magnolia and yov stay ahead i' : '^ of S Hc-i Hor^r > rh«j Or. T 'Jry -a ro. How m tire m ttmmpede Tec weeks ago people opened their rooming papers and read the story of a new tire — a spectacular tire— known by the factory job number "G-3". Eagerly eyes ran through the facts— for here was something the people wanted—*, tire proved by grueling days and nights on the test fteet— a tire with 43% longer non-skid mile- aged**™ theformer All-Weather — * tire that kept its grip twice as long as other tires tested against it. Then things happened! By the thou- s«nds and tens of thousands car owner* beaded for Goodyear dealers. All over the country they demanded the new After 15.000 ini!« of h*r of it « high "G-3" tires have pl«nty of tread Jefl- slo.SL, Portland, Or*. having the biggest sales in history'" "We're selling whole sets of the new "G-3'V "Sold 37 tires"-"sold 50 tires"-**sold 200 tires the first day/Van the figures from all over the country. Whmt you get fn th» "C-3 rr d here's what this gives you : A broader, flatter, heavier tread— A tread with an average of 2 pounds mere rubber per tire — A tread with 16*£ tnore non-skid blocks in the center— A tread with the extra-durability and extra-resilience of patented Goodyear Supertwist beneath it to stand up under the extra weight and strain — ,4 tread that gives 43% more miles of real non-skid safety at no extra cost! Any wonder this "G-3" is a scnssoon! Any wonder more people are buying the new "G-3" than any other tire in the world! COMTANV, This i« no cxagicmrioo. You should Such instantaneous success sprang TM* GOOO>*A* T»«r * A**o>. OHIO! A. p*r?.y of younjc •-»-.<ixy s'r*rr.oor for ?h Ask For Magnolia Products At The Following: W. A. CAWTHON MACNOT-IA Soufl>«nr» Pacific y«rtL«s ;mnc£ STATION. «* Cbarrh, Phone 2** MAt»X0UA SKRVICE STATION, 2S7 >» Main Jphone *OO To. *tb St. 91 y> P. 1JEAVY S«»3 Bonliam StTCCt \V. ;K. WHEEFJEK. 5th Street T. BitVAXT PiM>n« ars<4 Eakf-r. rk Ct'y from TO'<v Tork university. ;-f?he will b* h*r«r th« rem*.!JT!!*r '>r ?h* *yairJ3*?r with h<?r parents. Jfr. Mr*. E- f Th*. ] <-a.{T- u *', i* credit^ " wifh I j.7mxluc«4 ch«rry tr*e* in Ita1y> McCLAIN'S SERVICE STATION 40 LAMA* AVENUE PHONE 29S

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