The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 19, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 5
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YSS DAILY BZWB, FBBDBBIOK, MD., tATOBDAT, XMBOKMBEK16. DEATHS Annie Larinia lotlwr Miss Asnie LsTlGis Leather, tins- c.ty J;rmeriy o' HysitsW'svn. i:«i a: the hrme oi her niace. Mrs. P. F. 0u:rw 833 North Market street, os. Friday :;igh: at, 10.30 o'clock. ai;er ar. illiw^ c-i T2 la""5. Her d£e ·*'£. 75 y?irs. D. W. aai itargare-- Hagsn Leather. She is surrivea by one brj-her, M. F. Leather. Frederick, anJ a. number o: niee:s and nephews. Fuuera.; iranx the hoine at 2-30 o'clock with burial iu the Hyat'-S- twa M. S. eemetr.-y. M. R. Etchfeon aal Sor, risers! cire-.-:crs. Mtes Fannie A. Duirow. Miss f^2r.r:c Arr.elii D-tro*'. 75 yes:s ^cl-x'e.. a- :hs ha-T-e o! uesr B:cid Hun. o: a She ^ survived oy f»v ;.inera; ·*-;: Vss ?iz:e - rvicrs £?··· R--V Joi:^ S. A^x, o: CSra: RcKr:r.cO i ^rch. Mid--cXJTti- 1--' --3"-*2: '.'.-. "·'·· -'-'.".- eran ca:cr.cry. JKc£e'.o^ii. C. T K. Twelve Specific . . . S Where WEDDINGS ! Smith--Stockman. ' Llcyti J. Sautii, son of the laic Ca'- i vn S:i::'.h -.^f BuritivtsviHe 1 , arid Mi^3 j G'v-*. - X. ifvjrkjKitn, daughter of Mr. * ._·:?. M:.-. :*s-\?y N. M. S'-x-taean oi ' · --jr 'B:cr«a H.;::. Yiv-ri- anrrxxi 03; :he · _ ' «.-*iu^fcr O- r^*c\ j *i'Ot'i" !, jt ix^ ;-Oin,c o£ . LOCAL MENTIONS Food Salt. Tuesday. Dewralwr 32. No. 5, North Market Mxae*. aexi Frederic* Cbunly home-niatk- cako. pies, candy, llf. dressed ciwfceiir. et-. Benefit Mt. church. LOCAL MENTIONS i WHl Stuped Pin* Tnws For I Priced 40c op. Fr*e DeUirtn C. W tOCKAJRO. 1»- 1 3 Nurth Martc'. er. I'horw 54j HeJp !'S Urgent. -,,,,,..«.,, , ,, r l j r r . n ( J H R I S . S A b t'HEER The v? -.lit- Py:iu*u *Urre will be h«id »l the PyUaaa CissS*. Monday aight, De- x^a;i*-r ;:, »« 7.50 p. jr.. p. ZIMMERMAN. M. R C. jSbop w aU ask."* »':tij Y'.i'.euuo CJ jy. G.Ii* *id Novell!*!* of laiv ti»»ti: ·Jinn ler suvritmsts nr.d t*v«rv M uausui! Sti'ne ojei: cvviiing^ aii LOCAL MENTIONS CbrwtnuA Trw*. Biil.tum Fir ar.d Ci!'"'.« u Pints. the k;i;c: th»t »i" not fa '. ·'·"· jAtii-:* Rou'.*ah:'. C::i: H r.stzahu Jr l0! E. TH1KU .si RKET. Nat;. «. .i:id aud U uvin.., Krdu 1 ' ·.·-· -Vc r ''j i CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK i W« are AnnMtacenrat. tO miCiMlce tillbC. Mr. : oi SL" %V. Pairici feed Sale. s-cay, Deceariwr 23ru on NV NASH-- THE XATIOS'S TAUOR. the Ru. rt-!ls. ptes, :!U:J lit iO o'fiuck. Guild. R*I»?r:i«sl Chur.h. t'liC HY RODXEV DITCHES XtA S«iic«- Writer. ::U". *'.-::'-. ~Df-\ '.3 -- V*ry ,~«A FUNERALS 1'hs fMneral oJ BcaisssiE Grists, w?.u jfo. !---S..% ch.'er-.::. rar.;'..-.- a^i suddenly cear Harsony. "~ take mc-r-.tii w i y-.-^rs ·:: = ·.. · place Jrom Bethe: church, near Gar- r:-:_:; ·.:_-:...;..-. :/.--.-·- . i:r!f.. S'-indiV aftcrsitx;:: a*. L' ^Vj^rk. ;;;.; ;o i e -p id;:;.:y ,..-.-.:--r. ir.yer. iBtersnen: in tiie cemetery a--- : v:a2rf l:^u::.:.-.·:.: · · . . .::.-·.. :_ ; joining tis chape:. C. T. K. GladhtU, /; ; :!e _ "funeral director. * K . 3--, :\-.'.~ ^r:d four PERSONALS . «pg ^---^ Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Staler. 9 Rite- . rj::~hy ;r. .-.-. ::'·-'· :r. -! -.-· :^ ·=-. moa* avenue, are receiving congratubs- - ir y.-;rr;-;a ^v-,.v -~: - ! V --- .'-" S.OSS utx3T. the birth of ;i caueliter, ; "·· o.--N::;·:· ·.:;..-aren .. Creta ilarie, Friday, at the Fr«Jer!cii cr.'.y en ^rt-:.r::--_v^rj.. City Hcsoita!. -'':'· " · · · ; - - - '··'-··'· ~_' v Mr. atdllrs. Maurice Berrj-. of Sykc*- : ^: -·]'-- 7 "_/ ; · · . ^',: · : " ; ' J. the'birth of a iaLgl;ter at the Fred- *·-·. ~ - -- S - ' . - M u: ;/.:..-.;.- eri^ City Hospital en Friday, Mri. "-i:-d c!: :r-.-r.-. .\ .:.-.. ^..·..-..:. Berry before her marriage v.-.-is Mas : wn to su;.-"rr: :.-·-.·:::.-. Rachel R!p:ey of this city. ; yoiir.?£-r brorl^ri^i:::: ~^;'- r ;- Mr. Prank Reynolds, oi 1 Va.. has been \-tsittag hi= ;'-'J Clare and Jane Reynoics, Tawi-. has aUo beea spending several \ :o tup;;erl rs-.-.--.:'.er -i:;; : . :.-. days with his sifters, the Misses R?y:i- : i-hilin 1 ::. oliis. Tea latter plan to close their : Xo. :i.--V-ri-.L-r -.-."..; .-:-. hO»ne z£ter Chrisanas arid so "· Dsltoa, : r.-^^:; o:at-.?t c-:-. ·:·; v. ::-:-. Pa., natll later in the year. : x%. !".--Fitlti-r.. n - :-;:rr Sir. Joseph E. CuriHisJi. ireshman at ; v..^?,., U; S ,'. T auiu; the State Js'ornial School. Frcsibi^s, j ·MB arrive December 23 to speed '.he . Christmss vacation T,--th his parents '. at Sab!Has\-H!e. - He is a graduate oi | the Thunnont Eigh School, cla^s ol i 1931. and will be one of the soloists in Marriage Licenses. tiie annual carol service to be held in '· R£-:;h "VV. Sr.c;;;, "4. and -· the Sta4e Norms' School a-.iditoritunj : r ~ c If. '·::·:- ': L Frostbure, on December 21. | va. - ^_ v i CI .. ec B! . rC ; sUO _ -7. ^ : -d V r.;svor- :-. c'.-.-r j.:x;*-. :rw. th ,, ^ - i : .---.^c -ii -ir.-a:cU-'y !?.- s-r.e Deaso- ' ·Tr^·.:--· 'j^siisitiiJK--jsiy sc^xr".- than ! Prviidsr.v K-?v«r has adajitted hs ob- j .:o\ii cwire » sucsree4 hiaistlf. Aad! a Hrje ass-nmect of Demorrsisc poii- J ·.U'ians, atthc-cigh scon* of thejn se«a ' ·.·· ;.»x!i tiiii 'i'ay or that, arv i'.Ui oa ! Tis* ^--a;-o»! O5«eling o! Use Ufe oere of t!;c t^Meric-JL County AgncuS- Cirai Svir^e-vy v;l'. be hrld m ihe Oomi Hou£c, ui Prerirr'-rs Csiy, Msryiuu!. iU'.iiriisy, Ja!!u*ri ;, 19X", »'. 1! o'cjck ». nt tuee eitven jnanasvra »'JJ be :o -Ti-'uiit tbe afialr* of the Society for the year 1933 and $uch other b»oal!*e» cra:jsacte4 » may rcc- Mlsr'.y came before '.2f '.nf^-ssg ABRAHM HEMP. President. GUY K. MOTTBK. (Secretary. GrelT. The :»£'or: buying; yaur CJir'jisn'.^s «;xv .-r.i pot rlanli, H* ^ so much -..'s-a ..r.i :Jw vu-riHiattihip far .-U!V-r;-ir. -«'.t!o. !VJ N. Mars." f^l K B . ;i K. Pa'.-vk ^'.r Furniture Fttnshin- Aud "r::-..- Ko.*o;ssV'lv. W "k Ct d Kui tBo:a:E w. Hi'NiciisrN. ·fa K. i-Var'jj st. 'I'horiis ;S-M. LOST AND FOUND. CHICKS FOE SALE. i We bave a taricd i up vreatt-A anrf IctiU; yotu | W* «'Ci gladly hold yvjje ; aad de'.uer jcoordmg to your fu: ct made o «u;rs A . e C U L KOS-. AM- !:».-»!. S!B pir »:*« THE , CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK 1 OF FREDERICK, MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SLKIM.US $800,000.00 POTTS QRTFFIH. i WZ CAN GIVE YOU INFORMATION j ON ANY TYPE OF PROPERTY ! ^ ' SALES--EXCHANGES--RENTALS j APPRAISALS--MANAGEMENT LIST YOXTP. PP.QPERTY WITH US i KOR 'JALK OR EXCHANGE POTTS . GRIFFIN REALTORS 'PHONE SCO FEE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO- VA'..ICING TURKEV. - t - X;;.?. ·.:·.· ; . -. .-.,. v, .«,. ;*:. .·' .·3-r-:'_ Y-. EDWAKD H 5HARPE. 'Phono «i. . Mostcr A*e, near 9th St K3-4U NiU»ni! Com- '· :::.::er :::cc::r.? t»r* or. January 9 ·»'* | i:rs-::'^th of Governor S. -.·t N-.-A- Y.x- ^r.c o: t~e op :5 ^sr;;":,'3c-t. A:;d a nur»- Cuury Bini*. Sir.ftrvy Cazury Birds. Br.dse. Ta'jl* aud Bed Lampui. H. E. FREEMAN. A LMitnc Xauui GU*. The Evcredy geci^mftl Radiauir ;:!!·!£. Jjr ite«m ar.d hot wat*r wdi- NOTICES. JOSEPH D. BAKER, CAatrnuzn o O. BAKI*. KOTH'S. 336 K. church S;. Art bis' pany 923. U-w inec. De!iverc4 'Phone Tr.e Evertdy Corn- Ask Jar Mr. B*er. 111 t'-f I': Ui'-'t l . - i ! i : ...- i a « I » ' r . . - ..I M»-. 'Kill i s d ' b y W=ar.=.' Court News il. Kauie- AMONG THE SICK hS ^^CLJ H. Keller, an. emploj-e of : S/rs 5 ^ 0 ^ 1 ^^;! 0011 -; «* j s^ss s=.^^s^i 13? ~ir. L-ewis W. McSride, of WJrn, 5s suSsrir 1 ^ frcm an infected ; -"__. On V^.;Ti JVTM "-'i't:'''-'^-"-.;-. 6 l f r :"cot, which -tras cai^ed by a plask ; ^i^LovJ":"rSx^ivj r7s;:::;:.'"ri7er by faliinS on tiie foot ami ;!S one j^s-^j- -,ii : -.-·"- · \v;-:'i- Ar:"=--is S^^E": ·?f tiie toes. , · _ : r;-c::»:lc-. " A T :''-3 C-crsey: " re;i-:a:i=!n, · Mf-rh; ?ov;?:;: =ja:::a:i, "W^;- 1.^ Ssixa Mr. J. KeEer Smith, formerly or ; c;2U5''' £---·-;"· si-"'.".;. ''H;3r The G:^C Mfe. Airy, ^rho b=s been a patient at ; 3 * 6 i^- ; re: - t .= ^ n , "H; : .v?;vra Fisher; ex- the State Sanatorium, near Sabaias- .;, :.::.·- bey. ir.d r^-rls: d-;?: an;; vllle, returned to his home i:i Mt. ' -.lunu, "T~;-- Wu-e :-.:?r.'o Q-.:e.i:.." M; Airy, Twesday. ; cniir.-i an:i :,lr.-. ?:.··.-·:.:: e::?r-.--:-. reri- T. McGleery WHes, -s-ho ^g-t been re: raa G-:='-J-: .-;r.c;.-.j, "Jirj.r The Bells." riding with Ills son, Claggctt WiitiS, : a-.-e br-ys: reel*.-'.::·-·::. "sr-rsr-r-i. Svi::: near JeSerscn, -»vas operat-eri upon, at : sir.jir,-. ; 'T;:c :.rc-.?.^r; .-·: TJ-.e A:i~.j-:": the Frederick City Kvs?ii?J, and is ; reri:?.:-'n. L:-"i.'-i TV,-..~i:·::·: C:2l-_»3U-. getting sloag as »ve:I as car. "·- ex; J:r.g:r.c, "H'-'.rk :;· J:-y:v.- i:i:-i^r.i i i.r.- pected. ~~ Sirs. Eelea Cooke, or VTashiagton, i "Siurnbsr^ Sons"; p:r.y:jt, ,::;r.t ^i-ar- ttrho has been vis-'tSng Mr. ar:d ?»Irs. i acten: cJos'Ji? sir.c, ··^.=L:,. a.: -di- Dudles' Page, this city, WES caii?d ta ! * Washington early this sfteraoon due ; Ws'J.torsvHIc ^t. E- Service- to the critical illnsss of her brother.' A ;p-;-:::il C:*.:;*-?^? £?-:".'« "ill ':: W. J. Nicholson, of that city. Mr. . Uf-'ci in :".-.c Mr:;;ori;t Hpiii-opr.". church. Kicholsar;. ivho was paraiyz-ed severaj : vVi!'i:-rs-,-l:;£. r.icl:: it T o'clock rconths ago while Is Colorado and ens Fe;:ur-:s ?·: :I:f ;;-r.:;;- -·;'.: ce .«:nrlr.u- flnce been ill. today "-vas reported to l:-e ; "-" "'"^ .-".:n:or -:r.-xr a-:. .~fr. s .'"vr-s. i~orse. Sir. Niciolson J E :i brother oi ; H?v. T. ",V. i-..v-d ; r pri=:-.-r. Admiral Kesi^sla N;;h-iU:r;. of Wash- ' * ~~ -nFtori. J-in^cr T^f^r'v ^-CTrrcd. " ^ T .V^i'^ £."^^i:i".^ --- -" : u"-^-Zcrir. =; iii- me Faaeral Rites For Health Officer. jPuiiSrs.! services ic.r Dr. V?iHisni T. Pratt, Jleatgorrte-y cousty l-.e-altr. oi- - ficer and. fir rcary years ore o; thai co-iatv's iead^s physi^iai^. -- ho -iec -\.»-..n D. B_;k-:-r. 1: -.vii: be .'.!-:· p.ili:;;;ans ind a iigr^lican: eUrav- . ^::i^r. Jc-hr. J. Rissoi'i eSoris v nxaXe · :l:f coni^:;:e; declare ;^?i; agiiaat · · : :-;r.b;-.:j::. T.:-.- exier.-. lo v.h;ch Al ! ^:;t.:h Is rrerar;;: :.- S?h^ the ::cc:ir;- ' .UC3 Of Roo^Ve-:!- il^y a U j rrfider'-ii 1 -!;' 3"r:;^s, when Hoov- ; :" anci !?'»_-tit 3?-- likely r .o be snioi:- ' ··i;:- v^:'.;h is c -si_-uei '.o make you a ; ! ··.v-3;:i;^-d. -TO;-* rstreon if you ever j .si^r-t-" :;; '' r - ---"·' have::'; t-:e:i too busy j ·vi:l: public affairs to give evti! a ! ".:'.· o* re:io3!:E2Jiin as a sialtfir pf ; course and R-'-i«vc::'s rtoliucal Jr:ecds ; ::^.ve brer. :'.-in:m; a^surancas of de:e- | ,:?.:ts for Kar.y a:ori:l!s. but both tee j ?r-;'=iier.; and ihe governor will admit ::c-ir eariSidaci-is ir. such a '.vay as to :r.a' : :a it appear thai, they bow :o pop- j iilir ciajr.or and sre being drafted rath- j ^-r than follo^'i"? iheir ??rEonai irj-?lin- * T;:'e Srst areas should come in Ohio, ! :·* it did i:i -928 Then Hoover flret i adittittcd :!is cnr-dida-ry for noniinaticai ' by fil::i~ for -he r-rimaries there. In Oh;o a car.dicsri has to file :n peisoa :r. Fe^--.i-- if he --an** any debates. I The primary is in Marsh. The track Trill | be clear for Hoover. But the sinisdon j ii likely to be different for Roosevelt, j JV- " -^ - i Ohio is the home stste o' Baker, i ·'ho je:-ES more widely jupport«i for I :he r;oaiinati-'jn t h a n anyone except · Kossevelt. Eaker hss refused to suriporfc | sr^paign in his behalf. Ho i v.-.-,ulc be just as ple-ased tc be President i ,, - HcrijrY^lt or any of the rest o. us, '· '-···:- he TMon"L start a fight for ir. If he ! his made sny subterranean efforts to- j ;z~j "^olicv^s that ho has. Eater has Just given his support- to : :h-3 "favorii-s ton" candidacy of Gover- : :.~-r ~. r hite of Oh:?. Thai seems to be -;,· prevailing :d?a an:ong Ohio's or-: vr.izaiion DemotrratP. But no one ex-! ·.:6;ts White w be nominated. If the ! .s:--t--3 ssnas her -iS delegates p'.^d^ed to ; · o-.c for W-ute on The nrss "33:101 jr . ··-vo, those 43 waulc be a sp'ondid prize ] ; ··- one o- the Iciai-j c.-indid=.tes when j -.he favorite sons began- to disappear. ; S.'.ker. of course. v.-o;iid be much tnore ; I'.-Kly to ce; thesi than KooEevelt. ", Roosevelt --oulu be unlikely to 3Ie ; if Bsier filed, fc-r he ^rould siand to | :^l-:c a bad lirkln?. But he niay or j rr.-.y not file ag?.iii."t Wloit-2 and try i - -T:. a.' ir.-iTiy OhiD rfejjjates as he i .·sr». The- proip---:t5 unquestlonaty are i "-.-r^i st-ucllea by his political managers, -; ···;:3 m-jj-. ciccids what can be hoped for i .-. :h.-y do snd u'iia-, if they doa't. Bu:, by th^.t, lirjv there --.LI: bo little ;:::r;j ir. coiicoaling one's candidacy : in," n:c-rs. In Tvfarch ths pnmsry sea- ; -:-:i «t3r-s off -~l-h a r^h and 19 ' PnsierUrk's sieaest, and ntcut pro^res- £-vu ttdvert^^x :Uid:o, U ready to serve you in auy and ai! branches of the advertising JH!J. Our itfn tleparunoot is up.iicr libe ifldiiagemtnt of U-Otlo-C- ·«":egand. We're as 7 N. Market St.. : ! C'pposiie Kc^i;)'*. Pay us a visit. J E. RICE. General Mpr Telephon* 397. Shuts Repaired \VhUe U Wait. Best Work : Mrn's soles and rubber heels. $! 35 | L-tdiSi' sok« -and rabber heels.-- St.OO · SAM MILLER, 33 S. Muricet St. Announcement. Tiie Mrylnci Industriii Pinaiice i Company. M Vjfl Patrif!c Street, uiH' fc« open evenings fium 7 w 9 o'clock aj! j ·."iuritxs Ciirisunai week. FRANCIS PBTROTT. Treafi. Special Sale uf MiUinrrr. cur ihap !or useful and pravucal gilts lor Christniivs. An cxx:ier.t c*;- iec'.ion ot Lineu SeU. To'.vtLs. Handit-i- chiefs. Hand and Bveniiis Bags, Ji'wciry. navel::*?, laJnts Saoquea. Pi!loa-5. Bibs. B'jclila Model [«ece.s ',i olt '.VACHTER AND HLLDEBRANn. 8-'i \v«t Patrick i:. V.- ut,r- !. 1«:. -:.''..-·· r - T. -.'.'.-. -'t · .,".. J'.'UN U. Viee-1'reitiifift. JifSM-M McUivrr. Vu-e./'reyuifnl. WII.LSAM G. Z I M M K K M A N . J. TtfS PEO»:,£S PINAN'CS OO_ AUTOMOBILES FOE SALE. L G. DUVALL. ,\f*isiar.t Citfh'.f WANTED. aiu! For Sale. Cruaranteed Singert MRS. C. M. DIXON. 501 Elrn St. · Xmas Greens. iul \ve;:-bcrr:s4 Jto:iy. H-J.LSC r.- Wreaths. MBS."JOHN H STALKY 'Phone I802-F-21. O? flKSl i l v f r l S t i Of CKEU1TORS. r n lis^ : 'ir: 1 :! t '·' ;rl -. I *':c t-'!'.'."-.^ S; :-' ! !r,- H i M . i - t .-: -.T , · [ . . - : ! · Itave You Evw Tried Dc-l:cious Boij Sons? Special Chr^ft- ' sias assonment. usequaUed hi the ctty ^ £r price and quality. You wjji not { rejret placing an erder for your Javor- j :tc centers. Be sure oi havta? them.; fresh. i ?rir«c at 50-r, 70c and SljDO per Ib. · Asic for our special Cnristmas i»s at j VphoUSerinc, K*fini»bioB. Repairing, Cna;r Caneing--Rattan Work. A. H. MAPLE. 3 Gn»r S:. Thane 3'.*1-J . . . I *: »;-.;f!l :;ili» .:!:! !·: -. ! lildi- ^i*.cbd. I.T-VC I'l.-.r i Tr-Jit»« or Tru»ti-r. ?.«..·.·, , .--'J cr«-d:(iT5 I v.i. .s;in.;;:t i ! "::·. D-inkrupt i ' Kent-A-Car. AH clow- modeU Gas and aU free Rates as \cm as 10o per :ni:c. For intormation 'phone 1378. FRANCIS SCOTT. KEY GARAGE. II* West Ptorick St. - . . IIQS.UEN a HELTON, U1RECTORS i D. BAKEK 1' H. HAU.EK. CUAKUUi 11. CONLKY. M. U.. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES It. GAMBRU.L. J«.. UoLiits D. UAKEK. DANIEL BAKES. JR.. JOHN U. BAKEH. EL!A3 B. KAMSBUEGIJ, ARCHIBALD B. FISHKB. 'H. HUV :-,'. O Jf.V£'-!'-; Of ALi. FOR SALE. SALJT T'VO PKDitjHEED IRISH r£P- . «. ; r ...-i ^':r':u'i W i J t i i rfGgi, 5rItSd- .!lh 'i'.r.lntesi. Ir-r.e S. Cuer.i Citrus Fruits. Another truck of oranges, grapefruit, and laugerines will arrive from Florida, Tuesday, December 22. WUI be rolri by b'ashe! or crate. Will also have pecans. Give orders now. Will deliver. S. L. RSM5BROG, 'Phone, Bransv.-;ck Z. Best Fountain Service 10 rtu Citj. ?EXDPLS'S SERVICE DRUG STORKS Notice. The Board of Managers of Mount Olivet Cemetery hereby offer a reward of $25 for information, leading to the arrest and conviction of anybody steal-- ing fron the graves and grounds of the cemetery, or $50 for the arrest and conviction of anybody founts guilty of ihs aforesaid offense. iSisned ROBERT A. KSMP. Secretarv. Trappers Take Notice. Full value and highest prices paid (or raw furs at my place of business Shop bettretn Third and Fourth Sis Chapel AU*y. I also have all fclnds of second-hand pipe, good as new. from '.--Inch to B inches for sale. Phone 383 FREDERICK JONK COMPANY, Prank Gastiey. Prop Residence 215 E. Third St. 'Phone 383 HELP WANTED- THE FHEUEKICK COUNTY NA'noX/Vl, HANK. The A!:I-.U;I! ..Iccting lit (tin 5!ock!lo!d«3 ·~:i :h:n h^r.k !o- tin- tl'-^lie-n 'if directors for tj;« fr:-.i:'r.^ v^y.r «'.;! '^- in?' 1 ! at th- | ban'siiiE Utjiis'-. No. 1 N-jrti! M a r k e t tlrc-it. j on Tuftd:iy, J.iMUjrv \i, IS33. fce'.wecn the ' !xours uf 10 :: ·;;.. *;»(! rj iri. f v.'l! D. XIMUERMArl, '· Cuhler. i : VOH BALE OR t«EHT-- FARM. i rw" tv - 53 -icre', ltyv.i!:?, en hard i : tii-.:!i(;:::y !.«Mttd. Acttlrtss IT 'jillODS r. :'.;c:-.3--:. \vjitr.---,i::r. MI. ; JXiR BALS. TURKEYS AND OLD HAM6. i m ' '' *" "'"" '' ' " i2-:«-12t POK S.VLK :no r-oKCD POLAND CHIKA 5hrrU3. A'sn riibbits all llses. JC-ia Sa-.U!:. 31 V.':!;rh!---'.T street. 17-SS-lllt* N O . 4sr,« i r : s . . In The CJrcu:'. Crur-. Jror Prrdcrlck SALES. GEOKGE W. PAijE. K - f t i v c r ;f til' CENTRAL Ti'.L ! .-T Ci..'!t'ANy OF MARVXANP. E iori;. eoriiorute. \~-. GEORGE O. DALIiOUSE- "UBLl^ATI^M. USEU s*UK?ilu»e. i\;»iJ*^»*.^i_w I 1::r :n t!'.;.= c:\sr !s !IIi-i1 I-y Gfin?r ; PREtflHT, INCLUDlNCi BED KO-3U FUR; VV. i-asi-. Hccclwr c-f !!ic Cirdtral Tru?: NITDRE, DINING ROOM ·"tom-niali I fQK SALE OK HENT---THREE STORY , ¥QR SALE. i i^T"Vi ;1 U-'' ! b ! tt«n«!' J 'Si ; on 0 oS UiSiic-ZiSs. ; CHRISTitAS yURNlTUBE i jj a ' rv C u( )!" 1 F»r"pirllcuUr3. apply to O. Si! ! r,* rvERY Kt.ND AND DESCHinTIOH AT j Ahuit, 335 Prospect Slrf=!, York, Ps- [ "" ~ QNHEAHU Ol" PIUCES. ! _ IJ-18-dcr ' HC?L? ETTECTS^ J W£RB' J *SD SAVE ovsa ! ron SALE.--CHRISTMAS TREES. PIJIB. - H A I y * j .ipruc? cr rciiar. Two steeds, corner o^ "WB'CARRV A FUli LINE OP NEW Arm ; w and Bems sueeti *ad 133 West USED POHS'ITUBE AND USCLAJMED F i f t h .-.'.rtirt. P:c^.jr.r.3b:y pr'.CSi!. C. E. T~TM 12-!7-J6t« FOR SALE---TURKEYS. GEBSS. DDCSS l RAILVTAY MAIL CLERKS.--MEN 18-JS. i Cammeace SI58.00 taocUj. Steady. ; vacations. Early examinations expected · Common education suS!ci£nf. F:i!! partiai- iurs with sample coaehinst !r-t. Wr!'.* today sure. Box 10798. Giv- Tour Auto 3 Christinas Gift. A new coat of Nickel or Chromium i v,-iil acake is look like new. Low prices : now. Piione Tne Kverecy Company, \ ?23. ask for ^£r. Ktchison. The Idea! Xmas Gift. Ail Diamond Rings, 1-3 Reduction. REMSBERG'S JEWELRY STORE. MISCELLANEOnS. -^^*^»^^-Wf-^^-^^^-^^^--s^-W-^---N^--ST--S.-- WE WILL FINANCE YOU.--IK A 8ALES- 3gezcy buslnr^ to yir'd nn inrom'! lu rr- ·ire :n flve years' tinip. Firm r=tab!i.shcd -fBTs. Popuiar Uisr s-;!l illrfct 'o wi:. No sfiUng experience a?-3cd be reliable and rfsp.'=5:b:r. Succ--« ed. Write B. P. Go:uciu!! Co.. Harr^burg. v, dlt" . asi-. c c c w r c- ic i r d r a tv'.l NITDR . Compativ oi Mi,ryi,.!:d. a ^ a l T i s l Gcor;;.- ti. j UVING ROOM PUUNtTURE, KITCHEN Ualiio-sf. acd 2"ri;ci ti)at :s:non-; tfcc a.-.- ' f URMlTURe STOVES. BUGS. OUD PISCES " . AND UOUSEHOUD i SS5-R. £ !!:i I!-c-,-lv v -r of the i OF ' Xow On Dbplay. Beautiful lot of Ma!ne Balsam and Spruce Pir Trees and California Firs.; Ma£ rour selectwa notv. Trees from 3 | to 14 feet higij. | J. MARSHAL!. STAUB. ; ^-larkc-i. at Fourth St. ! i . PIANO TUSTSO AND RADIO REPAIRING a Epsc^Uj- Aibert C Falser. Phonr 9rW. 8 Ws«t UU street 10-SO-UU ..-i3-fi?. morning follc'^irij an il:n£ss oi or^Iy a ie~ hours, -- arc Ijeld a^ Hc-D-r.-ii'.'e cpse;3: C Be". Claries T. Warner. -:·* 5:. A;- ; evsnia?. Euria: ^r^s ui the circct-sry a~joir-ir.^ ; the Methcctii Ciitrci a*. P-i-tcrcac , : C Mesibers of T2r;c-i5 rr.edi:^.: orecrjiz-2.-. T -Vr.r.. r,; Tions to whi^b Dr. Prait ";w"cr."o:i sen.'- I^rT-c-r. !^-;' ca as Iionrrsry r^-'-'-v^r^r." -^:i".:::::tr ·". To Htzr Prof. Dipal. voci?b:;rc P. T. A. -v:Ii give ta Keeps aanu! Tax :.:i~:o:e;--57.--s tax rate, v.'hicfc for a.; ::~c«r of ?e^rs has bee2 Sft? cects . -. the 5100, on both real estate and ?r53-^: property. ·E-iH remain the ·, ;me for the jt-ar 1932. This ·was de- j d-:a t:por. at tie rnaiing of the an- j ,^i.i ;;·.-.· ihi.^ ^eefc by the B'^rge^s and · ToUet S«te. Just the gift for her. 3 piect sets S5.80 and up. 10 pace sets $8.95 and up. R-EMSBSKG-S JSWELSY STORE, Fraucis Scott Key Hotel Bldg. Christmas Trees For SaJf. 20 S. FibM"H STREET. 150 trees, froai 50c up. Injnrea While Or*raSiDS aw. .1 S-iwara M. Crone, o: near Mi. Tib.:- had his left hasi severed ia.r^red T.-'ni:^ : sa.'sria? wood st his hosr.e Monday, ·s.aen The iiand cejr.e in cor:a;v ·with a clr- ' FASHION S Pfiond Ea^lc Killed. A ~.~.:-:^ b^c!-; ca^Is ^hich I-.a-d b^cn , .!::r.v :-.:-r a T.-«-l: ar more on r/onl- i . :.-:::-. ol Gee-re-:.- Mo.~sr- by Ba'.ph i :-V.i--.r.o.-r. Tt:r c.-.?:" meas-.:rv-d 6 feet ' ir.r.-.-i from :^ '· ^iy of wzr.r. and i Cnristmas Entertaininent. The Hocky HU! Grace Lutheran Sunday Khool iritl hold its Christmas entertainment, Sunday, December 20 »t 7.30 p. m. P1JBLIO SALES _ i MISCSL-LAHECUS SALE I One Pathes Horn-- Mov.»; caro^r* sr ; ti pro- jeo.or. »!'! aumh»r of ftims. Ccg . chair. Utc new; I Si*-'.cway .ir.t! 1 Mzj high-grade upright piano, Utc r.fw: : sood o-gsnf, 1 clcclric tonic rcr.:ar raic Jlraoft new. 1 cl;c'.r!c vac-iuic r-ccper. ! 'jKnor-i'Taifr: 1 ?ray-wfa'.'? r:;itn?:rS !-.:?!1 grade gas rang*. iiXi new; ! r'.rxtr.c tloor ; sa-Str.; roncain'-. wi'S ;'"!:;h::'.s heads, Sfvrr lised; 1 RCA 18 Pcrtah S.:p*.riiftcro- ; dy^i ra^ilo. Severs; g'X^l ccn--or.. t '.ra'orr. In ittwy-os«rat«l sen, and rcojt ar.j c:«tric sets, at a real saving. Or.e PrrsS^a ihor- 3-jghS-ed cat, sci severs! hundred secUacs fits Socej. APPLY 8 WEST TKIRTEEKTH ST. ASSIGNEE OP MORTGAGEE'S PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE SWELLING HOUSE PROPERTZ" FACING BAKER PARK. »OS. 104, 1M AKD 108 M. BENTZ STREET, FREDERICK, iJD- Rhodss :n Vh» i u r n V : ST'S/f^ '·-· ':'=i'iilicrf:;: ! WE \VTLL TKADE IU YODH OLD F0R- r.:' tiT. S p;r "t'nr, "f, ir "''ronfc^wi""^"^^'^^ i " -A-B^ARE NOT COKSECTED WTTH AHT ; G-.,!jb:cr 3 J i . - . !:-:::L 35-.- U^TC.-!:-.: 3IC copv o f t h i j^Cs-ui":: 'si:'- I u-'!-':··.- --..··;! oa' i OTHER STOKES. ' ' :i:r ja!:! Ci..-nr,. c a. r.iJ-!.-. :! ^ VlA«"-i~i 1 UPEN EVKHY EVENING. S. ^tC'iEt! ;jrf'::' t -i'T or -'-[·ai'ri "i'-!*""«'--" ··! I VODR CHSDIT IS GOOD I»ERE. Cl. Of rURNVTURB 3LD EFFECTa. I O R SALE. --S !! !'. (lASOLIN'E uNGITCE. ?. LUTHER RICE. LATZS1 OPPCRTUNTTTES- ! ::: '" . T:;.:,-: ^'-.VrrT.*'" "* :V-;·?-';:·=: ; hofly forp-ori'^ j Ironi nj ;i , c*";;i l. : ,'''. ! :* T r»"-'^' '"' V. " LATSSI OPPCKTUMTTES. · ' :: '-'-'. T:-.:::"--'rf^"~ :'--.·;-.:·?·. "1*.*.'. Vi'^-l! e ?"'1 '·".'^.""^ · ^"" atrcct. o;oti^ra toon-.e. Ideaj location. ' -- --^ , -.!^'";*^.^^ i ' i:il " !:1 ; -^-fr^ f.'^w' ""''""" """ c ' " s ns - 0 - *~; ) V ;; ;"""''j;"- l v:/;;^'lV;:ii\^/-"^' : ""'' iPA "'" V;,.," l^":' ,';',';,"'"L""'.-' " " · Prr-ijcr;:r.-. ur. Part i-,cr:-.ic. SDS £35: 4lf: ;--:-;-L-;-- ^'."".S . : .""_ i """,i r; ';"'j. /** ; A rcc-:r.; Crsp c: SS.liOO en U::; ir-cccrr. £;-' t-vrr.l. ; i s:7f- . :r-is-.:51' LOCAL MENTIONS Why Take a. Chance. Le: Etelphey get your 1932 motor 7e- rac'.s Uceiise lags, chauffeurs cards, ;-:c. DaUy ter-.-j're. Infonnaiion and application blares furnishec! sr.d fi :ri free of charge. J. PAUL DE^PHSY. "Hoas of the Biic. Open wv Market Prices Grain. Lire Stock and Prod ace. Heifer ,,, 3-; to 4~br Steers ·Tic t- 5-~c .^,-^-5-1 cood tc ctoicc ., .- .C'";-- t" 3~ C.=:-·£.-. c':o;oe. :?0-2« ".'-=. C5".vc=, choice. 1C" Ic5 ;K. Christinas Wrcsths- - tie Floret, has tie £;:*l and ft^at ~ reaths la Fredr ricS. P-Jt up bv ore -srix) is in artist f,ff-T~.--?. Dc.n": t-o ieKivea by in- Franklin Sav.rps Back t-* Liter 1^ H-. Ko. »2. at !o.:os ^5S. i_:,-., c-f r* -Jsc Land Rrfflrs s of Frtdc.-:.-';: C^-jn'-y. rJ^aeerfi premis*; at *hc C-nrt ii^-jic dr.rr. F«der.-k Co-jr.'y. Marrlsr-.tJ or. MONDAY, JANTJARY 4TH. 15K. II OtlOCS 3. a., !S£ Cr.--. Ir.t r,T ps-- c! aitri : " ir;.i-~ * "'^i.-; *;' * " ' "=*- i-": ,',ii. T ' ' ' · * '!··- j - r i T . - i n ; ' : '- '',': -s.\ f .:'. ! f · / ; -- - ; ^ · : · "j ^-5 · NOAH E. CSAIdEE SON. AN OrrCiMTL : :;iT . . ! - : . - - ;' " '.'.· '··". · '· "- ·· -.:I-':-.-IT:.'» -nr 5C.WV; Tn.s ti.-^r. .- ; - - - l . . iviris Prrsilcpr Actr.s. A- Ed^-rfu". "s" rocs'"- " tcre, 1-53 v. Mariel S: GROF? 1 . Ths Korv'. Oe'" 'r r ^: tt~;f'- 7. r;*: !;?.*;:. ca'*tl J-j;.^ -'-j :n L.ccr ?. ". U '.-· - . . . . - : : , i : i ' ' = . - - : - ' · : " :.i.:r_. .-·'.- T_tr- Is s ; ,,. , .:^--. r:::r.-- :n .- - " :c. Ar^v J. :.r. . - . . . . . . , . ... : - · · :e» -·'. i : :y;-. ;-j 2 - r ? . ;.-sr^;b-r v:^ r - - , . - '-.'i.£-; j - - :.;,;,- -·'-.,* " " ' " - ' : - =Tts '.'. '. r 5 -...Ti'-r -ind. !?3..src? -'-- ·-!-·'. * --:--'-'it · ·' ' - ·'·'-·' c-.vv»:;-. T;:.- ^ ^ s f r j' "ii.-s. ; 3^ ".E.-.-r.--.^GUI--.:; ST~-ftCOU BSiCK · : . - - - -i U - . r ; - ' - · : --T.r::v ---.;: .;:-.c .- '^ rs,^ j:^-K). M .-. - ..-,. ;;; E ;, 7 ;; :_ * -- .; :;3 E 7- S^. ·'--·: - r r:^-..-:-i : ::r i' -r'-'i^-t- _ ; ;;-:;-LiT- IV. ,\. K. IV-n. Opwraetrbt. war* S. liofefriy End Zo-jr".e S- lis^r «:fe. dated .'.p-; Kri. ii^-S. :-d r*c-:r L-ber S. T. K. N'.. 3R3. s: f.-.:.r-' I 1 -". -:r. Psblic S«J«. eri wli: iei: -.aluibl? :-:v^:..v-i: ana --; r ' f-^~ =';'.* ^:"~-^ .c-:»^ir.- rm ^xTiiiotneiit for "X'ilhaTn E. Sum- I*/.".', " ^.^^'v*.'v,". t V ·"!,'',",' " e c ' v ^ ' NOAH K. CRAMER * SON, -c-pr PTRTST. FS»DERTC~. M T'HONE !C?. JOHN N. CLAEY. . . . - src. ^r; -f.-i.--.^: -?t:::n Fiir ' s'Otk RoXT.-- -SLX SOO!4 l^OL'S^ O^ Xt-ji'jTS i l^rif St Ar^.y ;c C- E. Si::- i ":s K Msrs« :.:T*-.-'_ ::-:-^ti , roi: :··-:-7--yon: os P:VE KCC" jjor;- Best Quality *»! S5 00 per wn cash a-," o-.:-. D .-·. --j-i .:. Wa *ioci fourteen o'Jzt: -.'ir;*:'"* at a-tt(^:i-.e t-.tfr.tiar. rf »-jr e ri :;o*.:.? r..r ;. .:- V." T1AVK HE.MOVEO OUR OFFICE ;. , v . ; _ s ,"_.,-- : " | I ,.r,M - -A--T rATRICK ST. ' ""'' '^^ ^'^ :' TO HILLSIDE COAL CO. '?".-".; 39. Yarc or; ·-Va'.cr St. vOMTi; coi'Ri i-Ti-iK.-ri _ . \ ; . rj {V: . ? :: r V"" ^: c:: *- A; " ; ' ;r Scratch Pa4s an«! sc ·/; 10.: a pounfi. f~HE "SWS-?O5T. A -' ' · ;.,**»

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