Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 14, 1972 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1972
Page 6
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Who CouM W*dn«sd»y, Jun«M, l»72 At 81, Groucho Is Still Groucho ^Mj»,».. *-,,,.».* -l^..,.. ,. t .. T-' I-.. J.'..j,..; t .,.; ... .T^^-Vu.^'^..^':,.-^. .%»»•> • 7 V- r »' 7 »"'»g|gS»"-''"'?i" •y?»'-''y~» .-*.V->|MM^V 1 '.'•!,'-"•, *•* .-....Farm Income Expected To Set Recor GALVESTON. Tex, i APi - "If there Is anv trow in this was up 21 per cent and the re- come." he Mid. By IRA BERKOW NEA Seerta Editor NEW YORK-(NEA) Groucho Marx admits to having been born at a very early age. And it's apparent he was not born yesterday. At age 81, his lecherous lope has been slowed and stiffened into a rake's little shuffle. But his eye and wit are still cheerfully nasty. He remains preposterous. When the manager of the Regency Hotel here introduced himself in the ritzy lobby, and asked how he liked his room, Groucho rasped, "It's all right, except for the dog in there. Get the dog out." The stiff fellow blinked, then struggled on with decorum. "Did you enjoy the wine we sent up?" he asked. "Of course not," replied Groucho, "the dog drank it all." Groucho Marx was in New York recently to give a one- night, one-man concert at Carnegie Hall (sold out on the day it was announced in a small newspaper ad), before traveling to the Cannes Film Festival to receive an arts and letters award from the French government. At the Regency, he appeared at a press conference in the banquet hall and tinkled at a piano which was covered with microphones. He wore a $165 blue blazer and a new pair of $8 blue jeans for the occasion. He also sported eyebrows and gray mustache of uncharacteristically average di- GROUCHO on stage again mensions. He is shorter and wispier than one would imagine. But his brown eyes, behind brown-rimmed glasses, are more alert than one would imagine an octogenarian. He can be as salacious as he was in the 1930s when pursuing the buxom, arch Wallace Holds Margin Over Rivals In Texas SAN ANTONIO. Tex. (API- Supporters of Alabama Gov. George Wallace held a definite margin over other presidential prospects in a straw vote of delegates at the Texas Democratic convention Tuesday. A tabulation of the opinion poll of delegates, which will be used in selecting Texas' delegation to the National Democratic Convention, showed Wallace with 1.270 votes or 32.9per cent. Sen. George McGovern. D- S.D.. had 1.061 or 27,5 per cent; Sen. Hubert Humphrey. D- Minn.. had 613 or 15.9 per cent, and the uncommitted were 846 Sissy Refuses To Support New Party SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Rep. Frances Farenthold threw cold water Tuesday on the Razd Unida party's hopes that she will lend her support to the fledgling party or at least to its gubernatorial candidate. "My whole approach to state government has been to bring reform within the Democratic party. I am still committed to that," she said in an interview at the Democratic state convention. Ramsey Muniz of Waco. Raza UnIda's candidate for governor, said during his party state convention here Saturday that he would seek a meeting with Mrs. Farenthold to ask for her support. "I will meet with anyone and express myself," she said when asked if she would be willing to talk with Raza Unida leaders. But the Corpus Christ! legislator, who was defeated by Uvalde rancher Dolph Briscoe for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, stressed she is still committed to the Democratic party. Mrs. Farenthold, who received an equal share of applause and boos from the crowd as she took her seat at the convention Tuesday, said she can understand the "basis of the creation of Raza Unida. I sympathize in many areas." Her main goal now is to help Sen. George McGovern, D- S.D., win the Democratic nomination. Mrs. Farenthold said. She added that the McGovern caucus here had chosen her a leader of the McGovern group to the national Democratic convention, provided she is named a delegate. INDIAN COLLEGE IBANADO, Ariz. (AP) - The College of Ganado is a two-year community college serving Indian populations in Arizona and New Mexico. Fifteen of the 18 members of the governing board of regents are of American Indian heritage, according to Dr. James N. Moss, college president. A Navajo, Roger Wilson, is regents' president and Wilmer Kavena. a Hopi. is vice president. The college was founded in 1970 by the National Missions of the Presbyterian Church. or 21.9 per cent. There was a loud roar of applause when Wallace's vote was read and chant began of "We want Wallace, we want Wallace." Officials pointed out that Humphrey's total of 613 might not reflect his true strength because he had asked supporters to send uncommitted delegates to the state convention. State Democrats, operating for the first time under a presidential preference plan, met in state convention Tuesday with the first gavel bang coming at ,.11:52 a.m., almost two hours past, the announced starting • time.--'-•••-'•;• .•.-•.•••• -. - "I never plan to retire." Margaret L) u m o n t, who would take umbrage at his calling her "my good woman." "I don't care what your past has been," he says in "A Night at the Opera," "you'll always be my good woman." Today, Groucho travels with a 29-year-old redhead named Erin Fleming, who holds his arm as he walks with short steps. When asked what he does with his money, he says, "I spend it on my very private secretary—a euphemism for this girl here." She adds a stage wink. "What do you think of women's rights?" he was asked. "I like either side of them," he said. He also seemed a bit sentimental, lamenting a trip he recently took to 96th St. and New York Avenue in Manhattan, where he and Chico and Harpo and Zeppo and Gummo grew up. He said that their house had been torn down. He saw an old friend in the group of reporters, and asked with concern about other old friends, and reminisced. Groucho is now being lionized, for his own salty career as well as for being the last living member of the Marx Brothers. The honors come at a time when the Marx Brothers films are running wildly rampant as a youth cult. "Our movies have been discovered as anti-establishment—for today," said Groucho. "We weren't aware of it when we were doing the films. But the kids today have picked it up. I'm getting more fan mail than ever before." In one movie Groucho runs into a man who says he is a plainclothesman. Groucho counters, "You look more like an old-clothes man to me." Today, Groucho is unreconstructed in his putdowns of authority figures. On Hubert Humphrey, for example: "He loves to talk. He'd make a great wife." In "Duck Soup," the Marx Brothers lampooned chauvinism. Groucho's attitude on this subject is unchanged. About Vietnam, he has said, "We have a nice war going on. People in California are busy making helicopters and bombers to use against North Vietnam. I guess it's good for the economy if we wipe out a nation or two." He was asked if there is anything funny about the Nixon administration. He said he didn't hear the question. He has a small pink hearing aid in his left ear. When the question was repeated, he said, "No, the subject is too important, too serious. Any thinking human being would be too appalled by it to see anything funny." A question on retirement came up. "I never plan to retire," he said, pulling a long cigar from his teeth. "If I drop dead on the stage, that's the ideal way for a performer to go." One was reminded of the end of his autobiography, "Groucho and Me," published in 1959. He wrote that a woman hestitantly came up to him on a Chicago street and asked, "You're him, aren't you? You're Groucho." "I nodded," Groucho wrote. "She then touched me timidly on the arm and said, 'Please don't die. Just keep on living.' "Who could ask for anything more?" (NEWSPAPER INTimiJI ASSN.) SHERWIN- WILLIAMS We're More Than A Paint Store WVramor* than • paint «tora.. This month we're a Sports Store! TIMEOUT FOR A BONUS Free bonus when you purchase one of these house paints! LATEX HOUSE PAINT' . JL'i? V .i T e G 3S house P"'" 1 in '° a " lar Popular P' iced house P"int Outstanding quality latex paint. White and colors. shades and bright whites. in latex or gloss. White house ^imat a very low and colors. pf j c e. White only. Q25 025 759 ^J GALLON m.^m GALLON § GALLON ^^ ^^ • White-Onl White-Only 6.99 C79 J» GALLON %•»* CHOOSE A FREE BONUS WITH EVERY GALLON when you buy one of these house Oiimls ,H remil.u urn e ALL PURPOSE SPRAY ENAMEL Plastic Drop Cloth ALL PURPOSE PAINT THINNER 3/4" x 6O yd. MASKING TAPElMLU SHERWIN-WILLIAMS QUALITY PAINTS AT EVERY PRICE N. Hobart 665-5822 PAMPA OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY GALVESTON, Tex. Firm income will reach f2 bil lion this year-art all-time hifh-but the average per capita income of farm families will still trail the rest of the population, Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butt said Tuesday. Meeting with newsmen prior to addressing the Republican party state convention, Butz said farm family per capita income is only about 75 per cent of that for the rest of the population. Butz said a farmer now gets only 38 cents of America's food dollar and farmers are certainly not a cause of the inflationary spiral. ^^^^^_^ The heart of an adult is about five Inches long. was up 21 per cent and the retail price up 44 per cent. Food in the United States, he said, is still cheaper than in any other place In the world. "This year Americans will get their food for only l« per cent of their disposable in- If there Is any group in this country who has been counter- inflationary It is the farmer," Butt said. In the last 20 years the farm price of food has gone up only I per cent, he said. At the same time the wholesale price of food v^m <». «.« r _«_— ... U.S. Senate Committee Approves End-The-War Resolution the motion of Rep. John Bu- the war and another for a com- chanan, R-Ala., and reportedly come." he said. '•in England," he said, "it li 23 to 24 per cent. In the Soviet Union it is 45 per cent and they only eat about a third of the red meat we eat. In China it takes 75 per cent of their disposable income just for food." WASHINGTON i AP>-President Nixon's offer of U.S. withdrawal from the Indochina war in return for a total cease- fire and release of American prisoners was endorsed by the House Foreiin Affairs Committee Tuesday by a narrow 19-1§ vote. The President's language was written into the resolution on was supported by all but two of the committee's Republicans plus five Democrats. It was the first end-the-war resolution ever approved by the committee. The committee did not get to a vote on two other proposals- one for a cease-fire limited only to safe U.S. withdrawal from promise between that and the President's offer, The President made his offer for U.S. withdrawal four months after a cease-fire throughout Indochina and release of American prisoners May 8 at the same time he announced his policy of bombing and mining North Vietnam harbors to choke off war supplies, I OUR 100TM ANNIVERSARY YEAR CALL 669-7401 FOR SERVICE You'll find everything PARTS SERVICE for your car at Wards! INSTALLATION IMMIDIATIIIP1ACIMINT IATTERY OUARANnt 4 fiMfi to b. fro from 4ff*ct> In mt wtikmtHMf. H fMt k«!t«fy (oHi to hoM a chor ( < Mwrt- lamtf? W.rrf wild 1. For 90 4»jt from purchoio. ruloco rtw »«H«ry hot. 1. 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