The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 12, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 5
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Lloyd Mangrum Wins Bing Crosby Golf Tournament Sc in the proamatcu,- u ° illed second lo Hoe THE DAILY REGISTER, HABMSBUBG, ILL., MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 1948 r PAOB mm RED RYDER Sootted him in the bank- Ml isn't making a runaway of ?L moncv (ierbv. however. Ilogan ght off hard" luck yesterday to i?tP third Place in the singles 'nd pair w.lh veteran Johnny Daw- SJ P of Los Angeles to. win the netted him $2.000, which JS to l»s $2,000 first-place money at Los Angcles.^kcpt him J the dollar lead by-'a narrow "second lo Mangrum in the Cros- bv professional division was darkhorse Stan Leonard of Van- couvcr. B. C.. with a 210 total- five strokes off the title winning effort of Mangrum. Hogan came in third and Bobby Locke, the South African shotmaker, was fourth, one stroke behind Hogan with a 212 The movie stars, such as Crosby, Forrest Tucker, Dennis O'Keefe. Edgar (Slow Burn) Kennedy and John Hodiak. didn't fare too well jn the competition although they drew the major portion of the galleneb, estimated to total 5,000. Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Parts P-orpi Smice On Repairs Robson Radio Electric Service 206 E. Peplar ·'"*" PI*"* 17;R1 Fuller Brushes Phone 678 HENRY L. LIGHTFOOT LOANS Signature and Realty Collection Adjustment Service Skajres Bldg. Pho. 893-W INCOME TAX SERVICE Keaster Rujr Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer COLLECTIONS e fics* :«·. eat acownu, mln and bad r No collection, no charge! i'-Vw 1 ? 1 ' Collcclion Agency ° 2 E - Walnut Phone 113 MOTSINGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 1" S. MAIN ST. Phone 655R *-" »**·» J E.'Ptte~R«e D. A. LEHMAN E*E. EAR. NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted 203 North Vine Slreet suite 4--Harrisburg Hospital GOODRICH TIRES »asscnj;cr. Truck, Tractor BATTERY . Poplar Terms 174R1 Insurance Harker Miley GENCY cu'S -«**" Old Number By Fred Mormon . tyi, nMffv^ mvict IMC T M lift tf-i.lAr.gtt. - . LL HOLD UP THE TRAIti CURVE 1 / 1 ^--vX'isS^sSrt'ia * The Holdup HELP FRCfN frit BEAVER-' I'LL J?1DE AHHAD 5tQP THE 1 HOLDUP ·ff/Jfg*Jfil{fttfftf*1*J*"*"""' '" " ' -"«- r,.f.- By Rene Ryerson Mart copynghtb, OTA SERVICE; INC. THE STORY- It all started | the script--nothing at all. Jut a after 1 hid b-cn in Hollvwoad mere onlooker at this little con- fhrc'e montis,'Writing the movie fab. And then sudden when script for one of my own mystery books--and letting Jeff Haverson help me get over Oscar Craig. Jeff was director of my picture a very attractive m?n. U . a shock to learn that he had been married for some time to Avis Vaughn, our glair.or star, and that she refused to divorce him. Jeff wanted Madge Narney, who looked like Avis, to play her sis- icy in thc film, but the star in- sibtcd on doing fcoth roles herself. Liz Lcydcn. my unpleasant collaborator, suggested a small party at my place that evening when ho would try to talk Avis into changing her mind. On the way home, I stopped at Ra\clla's shop lo pick up the special lipstick she had made for me. KavcHa had also made one for Avis and asked if I would mind gi\ing it Undefeated Wisconsin Ploys Unbeaten Iowa Tonight for Big 9 Lead *"^ r'TTTr' A nn Tan 1' i.CtU. *1HV1 (,*»*-»· ww.w -- -- ,,Avis wasn't looking at him, he \\inked at me. I decided then to keep my mouth shut for the time being, anyway. He was buttering the bait for Avis. \nd she swallowed it. It wasatj long until he had her believing that to play the part of the sister as well as "that of the wife would ically detract from her big role. Then I suggested giving Jeff a loig and having him join us, "Since "everything is settled." ,Avis bridled at this for a moment. But she gave in. While we waited for Jeff I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee and fixed up a tray v-ith some crackers and sliced cheese and stuffed olives. It was the best I could do on the spur cf thc moment. It.was just after 1 reached the Collinsville Rated Tops In U. P. a^KCu II 1 wuum mum o" *«o " 11. was juoi m.i«-i ^ *,,.....-».-- to her. Liz was thc first guest kitchen that the lights of a car to arrive for my party that c'.c- Hashed along the drive outside the kitchen windows and in their glare I could see the flower bed Liz seemed to feel that the occa- ^ere my poor cat had died the ning. sion called for a truce m hos tilitics and some slight homage to the social amenities. "Nice p'acc you've got here," he observed in his thin voice. He walked over to the big studio window that gives a panoramic view of Hollywood below and took a look. "It belongs to Henry Osgood-furniture and all. I'm just subleasing it." "Yes. I know. I used to be up here a lot before Henry went in the army. He and I worked together." I offered him a cigarcl and asked him if he'd like to mix thc drinks. "I'm not too good at that sort of thing." He said, "Sure." When I started to show him the al«-ove with its bar he brushed me aside. "I know all about that httlc night before. Then the lights went off. I thought it was Jefi arriving nr.d went on with my preparations foi a snack. Lu Leyden came down and helped me carry thc tray and the coftee up to-the living room. Avis and Art were sitting on the ria\enport when we went up. Sitting close together. Art had his arm around Avis and her hair was ;,ll mussed. "Where's Jeff? I atked. looking around the room. CHICAGO, Jan. 12--OJB--De- fending champion Wisconsin and challenging Iowa match undefeated Big Nine basketball records, and two of the league's top scorers, at Madison tonight in a standout clash of the week-old Western Conference cage season. The title-defending Badgers have won three straight league w-i.ivii.~i-~.--, 111., Jan. l^J. (U,P.)--Collinsville climbed into the top perch in the weekly Ijnited Press rating of 'downstate'"prep basketball teams today as the "top 15" took one of the roughest shakeups of the season. The one-two positions were merely reversed, with Collinsville changing places with Pekin, leader in the last two ratings. But there were more drastic changes farther down the line. La Grange, for example, tumbled from third to eighth, and Decatur slipped from 10th to 15th. Canton 1 ' and Duadee were pushed clear out of the first fifteen and replaced by Galesburg and Glenbard. " Salem advanced from eighth tp third on the basis of impressive wins over Fairfield and Mt. Vernon. and Robinson climbed from ninth to fifth. 11 Straight Wins Pekin's loss of the top spot was almost inevitable after it dropped a surprise decision to Streator last Friday. 52 to 51. The Chinks appeared to have cooled off some- Marion Wins 52-40 Tilt From Bull Dogs Locals Display Poor Passing in Conference Loss Harrisburg's impressive record of two wins and a loss in South Six conference play fell to a couple of wins and three losses over the week-end, as the Bull Dogs bowed to Centralia and Marion on successive , nights. The Orphans took the Bull Dogs, 67 lo 48, at Centralia Friday night and Marion kocked off the local boys, 52 to 40, in the Harrisburg gym the following evening. Harrisburg had defeated Marion, 57 to 51, in an earlier game at Marion but it was not the same Bull Dog team on the floor Saturday night. The local lads displayed a poor passing game and let a rushing Marion quintet break up their attack time to time. Cummins Bottled Up The only time the game was close was in the final minutes of the first half and in the first couple of minutes of the third per- Marion completely bottled up Herb Cummins, Harrisburg scoring ace, and the fact that they could do this probably accounted for the 12-point difference in the score. Harrisburg was really adept at making its free shots Saturday night The boys sank only 12 field goals all night but they did jonnect with 16 out of 25 free .hrow attempts. Marion sank 20 caskets from the field. of the game in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, when Marion held a 10-point lead. i Buckner High Scorer Vinson, Brown, Cummins, Jones and VanderPluym were the Harrisburg starters and Coach Virgil Wilson of Marion started Buckner, who was high scorer of the evening with 16, Mazurek, Cagle, Connell and Hill. Coach Ralph Davison used ten men during the game but Wilson used only two substitutes. Vinson started the scoring at the outset of the contest with a field goal, but Marion tied up the contest. Jones' two free throws BREAK CLEAN, BOYS! Northwestern's center, George Maddock (3), gets taken out of a play by a \\nsMock as a Western Michigan player helps Raymond Compton (right) keep possession of the ball at Evanston, Illinois. The maneuver was to no avail, for won, 63-46, thereby breaking a six-game losing streak (NEA Telephoto) for the Wildcats. iH, HAKKT GRAYSON. N NEA Sports Editor' , N EW YORK-- (NEA)-- Joe DiMaggio's new one-year contract at a j ven in these inflated · times -- -reported $60,000 represents quite a boost even in these inflated · s-- one of. $16,250 to be exact. - -- . ; . -- . , . - -- . Perhaps the most astonishing thjng about it, however, is that it is: DiMaggio's first raise in six * % $· ^rnsburg^ addition to -nyo*er S ,,,v, 0 ^ will cank a free shot and : . . _ . _ ,,.- » «_ things. Messrs. Webb, Topping ana: when Hill sank a free shot and Buckner flipped m a basket for j n thc A i m y accounts me uu ^^"""^ pllf ^ir a 7" two points, Marion took over me have won three straight league lead ^ hold it until ^ly m the games scoring the last at inm- d when Harrisburg tied ana Saturday, 08 to 54 while Iowa v ^ ^ ^ went d flipped m a oasK« tor, - m no smal , measure yet its, Marion took over the , the fact rema|ns tnat his salary hold it until early m me . , .. .. ,,.,, u«;«-t«^ cir,TM VIP undefeated "in eight contests, won; is second loop scrap from Purdue, at home, 60 to 49. ' two teams rank one- 23-23 and went ahead, vinson - s free throw. KCU. loosing uiuuuu «··"· «.w-- peareu 10 nave tuuicu wii .,«.··».- "He hasn't . . -" Avis began. w h a t s ince the holidays--during But just then thc doorbell rang| wh j c h they were idle--but they and it was Jeff. Liz let him in. showc( j peoria Manual Saturday t^te »«*:I A ^I it »«« onH cam * 4 HollO _: M u* *u«4 «iist«***-** «/\t Avor*tlv rnln ,,. 14 smiled at me and said ' Hello ;,!! around and took a second look at Avis, making some sarcastic cicck about its evidently having been a rough party. Avis sat up and began lo do things to her hair. So 1 didn't ask him until much night that they're not exactly cold. Collinsville's 42 to 33 win at 'a?fesr*±« The door bell chimed again and I went to answer it and this time fore. Wc sat around and munched Avis» and A 11 en, kenTandf cheese and drank the ami v r i l having any. it was rtvib \au»im «··« - " - I -- -- r, ; ... n - n 't i co I ice---AVIS \\«j»u t ^ -· 't'Snt Art into the living room ^c demanded^whisky and^soda to join Liz and led Avu, bac* lo mv guest room. She sal down at the dressing table and bcaan to touch up her fscc. although there wasn't a . thing wrong with it that I could sec. And that reminded me. ^llv VV*'«** U ^ V * " * ir-slcad--and broke the news lo Jeff lhat Avis was willing to give up thc sister part He listened ra- quictly for him; m fact later when I thought about it I felt that he had been preoccupied all eve" l B S ut that's thc trouble with looking back on things. .In the light arhcrVhop^s evening to gel one j c f . w h a l happened = _m the next she had made for me and happened to mention lhal ou were going lo be here." 1 wcnl into ray roam and got Uic package. "It's al*«t lime." Avis snapped. If I'd had this today things wouldn't have happened." Supcrslilion thy name i^ Hollywood, I thought flippantly-- «a- vc-lla had said the .Mai would \tlsmc her for Ihe day's misfor- Ivncs. seemed different t-.vo a hours everything inevitably (To Be Continued) UiinoisCloss D League to Remain With Six Teams BELLEVILLE. 111.., Jan. 12-- rr_Thc Illinois State league ol ,Vx class n baseball learns was ! « X t today for thc com,n| ; season Officials met yesterday and hadn't · been hoisted since he helped the New York Americans to the Woild Series for the fifth time with a terrific year in 1941. Thus the two teams ranK one-.g"-; two in the standings, and,« ·:' ner of tonight's tangle should n :H hold the first place spot at least until mid-season. Wisconsin's standbys the Hawkeyes will be reliable Bobby Cook, and lanky Ed Mills and Don Rehfeldt. Cook, who won the * T,S«S£: "TMe -pS-Ki 1 with to 9, against Score 23-20 at Half connected 19 ball- crs. the gieatest-a' , player alive' toiled for $43.750 per j annum, give or take nothing at all. 'HERE were two icasons for IT vCIULdUt v»Ul/l»j w i i v »· v»» ».*·«· i/aorn^uj **j ·*-*» « · · · - - j -- . - « isie Nine's individual scoring lonis and a free shot by Cummins championship last season with 187 narrow the gap to 23 to 20 as the points, is leading the 1948 race «"·" --*-·» Marion ran up its lead to 21 /to -*- this. DiMaggio joined the 13 in the second quarter, but two armed forces after belting and baskets by Brown, one by Pave- fielding the Yanks to the World now 'with 56 counters in three games for an 18.7 per game average. Good Height and Speed For Iowa, the mainstays will be Murray Wier, a sharp-shooting tor- half ended. Scries for the sixth time in 1942. He suffered from stomach ulcers when he returned in 1946. faced Three free throws by Vinson t h e problem of rehabilitating him- and one by VanderPluym gave Harrisburg Its one-point lead, 24 to 23, as the third quarter commenced, but Marion started scoring at that point and led by seven points, 38 to 31, when the period ward who was well up in scoring £ d d ' The Williamson county last season and who is tied-for-g" increased their lead slightly total points Presently joysi ^ ^^ third in . with 45. and guard Jack Spencer, who probably will be assigned to watch Cook. Wier's average of 22.5 points per game ties Jim Mclntyre of Minnesota for the highest in the league. . Both teams have good height capacity house was on hand to'see Marion and Harrisburg battle. - In the preliminary game between the freshman-sophomore teams, Marion won, 46 to 44, in a thriller. Harrisburg led. 34 to 32, at the end of the third quarter. self as a ballplayer. Jet alone a stickout as such. Last winter there was the operation for the spur on his heel and the subsequent skin- grafting job. DiMaggio in 1947 threw a grand year under frightful handicaps. Breaking in befoie he bhould have wearing a specially made shoe, he took it off in an effort to swing into full stride. It was well along in thc summer before he could things, Messrs. Webb, Topping and: Weiss are rewarding DiMaggio for j meritorious services in the past. : In the nine years the matchless! center fielder has been with them,: the Yankees have been in seven; World Series, which makes him{ the winningest ballplayer since) ^ Babe 'Ruth and Frank Frisch. - : «^ It is'highry Mgniflcant that'the; ' Yankees have won just one pen-. 4 s , nant without either Ruth or Di-; '£/ Maggio, and that smack dab in the, '· middle of the war. __ _ ' ! Especially in these distended- days, it is extremely difficult to! measure what a ballplayer appear-; mg day in and night out attracts) at the gate, but there is no ques-;. tion but that the Yankees wouldr suffer at the turnstiles ^without- DiMaggio. ~ If Ted Williams of the Red Sox; is worth $75,000 without a pen-, nant, DiMaggio is worth $60,000, with a string of them. Tnis is par-: ticularly true in view of th« fact; that in the past two campaigns the- Yanks have attracted ^7,090,000; paid admissions. The ful) value of DiMaggio, the- poker and- playmaker, is not visi-- ble on the surface. He is th« club. i, W n. ».«...« --- -- ~- !,,,._ at uie enu ui -"«; ULUW ·+*"***--· and good speed, and both have ^ {ourth period Roper and showed enough Balance and poise foulcd Qut with ^eg ed the top spot for Virgil Fletcher's club. The win gave the Kahoks a record of 11 straight this season, and got them past what probably, was their most critical contest Their schedule · does not appear too dangerous until they meet Ed- wardsvillc again Feb. 20. Thc ratings: Team Won Collinsville 11 Pckin 8 Salem 15 Paris 14 Robinson 12 Lawrcncevillc 8 East Rockford 11 La Grange 11 Pinckneyvillc 9 Galesburg 9 Glenbard 12 Pana 10 Waukcgan 8 Edwardsvillc 11 Dccatur 8 iJiUWtvi «im/w*» v *-«---. --- » to win on foreign floors a hard assignment in the Big Nine. Wisconsin won away from home at Indiana, while Iowa knocked off Ohio State at Columbus. Two other league games are on the program tonight. Michigan also undefeated in league plav with one victory', plays Northwestern at the Evanston high school gym. while Ohio State travels to Indiana. Michigan Beats Minnesota Lost 0 1 1 1 Logsdon fouled out with minutes remaining and Marion went on to win. Logsdon was high scorer with 18 points. W. Frankfort Here Friday The Bull Dogs have a conference game at home and a non-loop tilt away this week-end. Friday night the West Frankfort Red Birds. 50 to 41 victors over Harrisburg in the opening game of the season, come here for a contest. Saturdav night thc Bull Dogs trav- i" i i_ /-_*_..:,,.- TLT;II«? Tho noinhhnrs cruciating pain. On top of that, he had a sore arm. which he kept to himself. Mow thc heel has healed com- ^ swing n bat or run w.thout ex- ble on the surface. »e »sin«,,««. ^..rintinir nnin. P ro * wh ° m *C Others look UP to - chips h a e been and lally around. 1 As Ruth went, so went the Yan-. kees. As DiMaggio^goes, so go the Yankees. When the big fellow is; nlclelv ana Done cmps n«i\t- utc-ii 1.0^TM.*.*. ····--· ~ -- .,,. _: removed from his elbow, and the ! in high, the Yankees arct up..When; nrcat DiMacfiio. perfectly sound, | he's down, which is seldom, the looks foi ward to starting a season. I outfit islower than a snakes hios. for a change. :md having one of : Joe DiMaggio is "his biggest at 33. '· of thc Yankees, f ichigan Beats Minnesota ,, j t Ca - rr i cr Mills. The neighbors Saturday both Wisconsin and ciw v.^^ ^ ^ m playcd iwa won with ease. \Vicr Pwh- . Dcc 6 _ OtUUluiv ««"·" · · -- , - . ., . · Iowa won with case. \Vicr pitch-j ed in 27 points to lead the Hawks to victory- and Purdue was never 0 0 1 RnildinK pi,^ 67g Avis unwrapped the package and looked al thc lipstick and dioppcd it carelessly into her la_s, Icovins thc \\rappi2igs on *?fftfjK?«» one dn*^ * on £ fhcn "c joined them in rte ch»r -can,. _ . · _ _ . ^J «*«*thl"xllc I ! liiing room. Liz o{ appncau the lining room. Liz nmed highball -nc app»"«TM ^ ^s rejected, for us and vc sipped them before. o join ^Jcaguc ^^ ^ ^c did much talkms. It was Liz'Ucausc a " ^^y^. However, v.ho finally took the floor. »* * la J JC * ^ ' Cllv offers to join t-gan to tell about the changes w c i i f a ««° na ^ Iw0 xvccks, both were goinj: to make in Jhc script l y . i i n n inc nt. ^ applicant ;o build up thc part of the wuc. \-«"TM" a : dmi ucd. A.-ie nH;n/ivri r»ncc or twice, oui ( wouiu ·/*- « ^/c,/,/,rc \\tvrf re- »w uunu ui n"- i-"-- ~- ---- v,,« .yv..:/i lv» anmiucu. Avis objected once or t ^; 5 1 j! w °4 Ih c ^J JC officers were re- Li;, smoothed over her objections inc it.^ Howar d V. Miland began lo paint a glowing p:c- cicctcd inc. dcnt and tre?s . lure of what a starring role this lard DWJJjJJ ji of f m an. Belleville, would be when we finished wiin »M, V"f, ^ l; j. x c ji Moore, Ccn- · A i i»- «/* «./\nr!r.r what WAS \1CC prCSlHi-JU, would be when we finished it I began to wonder what «oing to be left for Madge Ximcy. I was burning anyway. The wa TJz talked one would have t"TM-^, that I had nothing to say aboutj Mattoon, and MU 2 3 Teams not far out of the top; 15 included Dundee. Danville. Kan- kakec. West Rockford. Maltoon,- Arcnzvillc, Breeze, Frceport, Vandalia, Centralia and several others. Contini Named Playing Manager of W. Frankfort Nine WEST FRANKFORT, 111.. Jan- 12--01E)--Harold Conlini, manager of the St Louis Cardinal-owned baseball club of the Eastern Shore league al Salisbury, Md.. has been signed as playing manager of we West Frankfort Cardinals of the Illinois State league, it was announced today. He succeeds Pclc Mondino. president of the West Frankfort Cardi' nals. who finished last season as field manager for thc club. Conlini has had a .300 or bettor batting average for the past two seasons that he has been manager and shortstop at Salisbury. Last season he led the shortslqps of the Eastern Shore league with in thc first half. Cook was held to 16 points against Indiana, but * the Badgers moved lo an 18 to 8 2 edge early in thc game and Indiana never could pull into a tie after that Michigan, one of the favorites for the title, but defeated three times in prc-league games, downed Minnesota, 43 to 41, at Ann Arbor. It was the Gophers second defeat of thc campaign and probably meant cliirj nation of the Minnesota five as -champion- conlendcrs. However, the ,,. w .itic Mclnlyrc ncltcd 16 points to" hold a 223 per game average, and his total for the night was lo more than he could drop in on thc Ann Arbor floor last year. Illinois Wins Illinois went without a Hem goal for thc last eight minutes against Ohio Stale, but the smooth Illini triumphed anyhow. 61 to 08. Wally Osterkom pilched in 17 points for thc Champaign five to lead thc scoring while NCJ! Johnston sank 15 for thc Buckeyes. Northwestern won its second contest out of eight for the season by dropping Western Michigan at Evanston, 63 to 46. Bill Sticklcn was the Wildcat leader with 20 points. Tonite 6 p. 20 12 52 23 Baker of Cartcmllc and Kilbrcath of Energy. Cartoon STANWYCK News of the Day In . The Big Nine standings: Team W L Wisconsin 3 0 Iowa 2 0 Michigan 1 0 Illinois 2 1 Purdue 1 1 Ohio State Indiana The Daily Register, 20c a-week, by earner toy. . , Pet. 1.000 1.000 1.000 .667 .500 .333 .000 .000 .000 High School Basketball Scores ! .11! By United Press Collinsville 42, Edwardsvillc 33. Freeport 50, Belvidere 42. Galesburg 55, Canton 46. Salem 60, Mt Vcmon 38. Pckin 55, Peoria Manual 27. Paris 32, Charleston (T. C.) 33. Bridgeport 35, Fairfield 29. Mattoon 56, Effingham 27. Vandalia 41, Springfield 38, DcKalb 47, Decatur 44. Tuesday 2 p. m. -- Wednesday 6 p. m. Double Feature -- 12c and 35c f

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