The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 10
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OTE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MP.. TUESDAY. MAY 17,1932. The Watch On The Seine! SALES TAX GETS SMITH'S SUPPORT Former New York Governor Out-. lines 10-Point Financial i Program. FEARLESS DRY LAW STAND IS ADVOCATED BY SHOUSE Connecticut Convention Today To Name 16 Delegates To ; Chicago. Xwr Toric. May 16 --Alfred E Srr.itii ; for the IVroocrstle prril- nomliuuioci. tonight advocaurd j of the proposed ir-armfscturers i tu. D. Young, who has been point- ' ed SO frequently is rtcent «eelcs as a likely Dwcoccatic candidate for tn* ! presidency. few hc-urs earlier stg-'ed i Ja unequivocal terras he wxivs nx ac- i wpt the rocnlnation ";f» " , Young, chairman of the board of the ' Geaeral Electric Co. had been con- · cidered b? manr as one of the principal i -dark faors*" if GOT Frarskl'.r. D ' Roosevelt failed to got :he f-rv. ballot j noaunartoE. his supporwrs prrdle- ! Weeks ago Young raid he v.-as not a candidate, but recently th»re ha-.e b*-r. ! jn*l!shed reports of a b-xm lr. his behalf. La* ·sreek be tas reported to have j told o» of Roosevelt's associates he i voukl not allow his name to go before j tbe convention, but the rumor cculd | not b« verified. In financial circles,; at Tammary Hall. In New Jersey polit- IOBI ^Tnp*. there has beer. :ruch tali at Young's avaiiabilitv. But today he wrote to an old friend, j John Crosriey, publisher of the Little · T*Bs O*. Y- Times: J "I say definitely and finaay that I ' cannot, for reasons which are so con- ' FEDERAL AID Ex-Nominees Hosts To Young TO GET K Coast Guard Says Identity .Of j Schooner Used By Gang is ! Known. .CONDON SAYS HE SAW BUT · ONE MEMBER PERSONALLY Delivered To Him $5O,OOO In Cemetery In The Bronx. (By The l»so«ialrd Prrs More federal assistance *as «iierda:, ^i the -AOrld'i grea»t man- ^nt for tne it-dnappers and i.llers of tne L;r.d3rrgh infan:. j The Ne* Jeremy police s^pennter.c- ' en: Sell-graphed to tr.e V. S. Treasur requesting rcnr-.ved \ig.lancc in tne natch for the oiils an:ch "co2ipri5r tne S50000 ransom paid Apr:! 2 : Tne commander of the Coas. G.iard 1 in the New York area sa.i the identity of :he schooner used by the pjrportd kidnappers in tneir n^-.jjt:auons xitn Co! Li:idberga's ag-.-r.ts vras known and ' that :; had been in Ke» Yori ·*'3ters ·Aithai the past r*o MARYLAND'S AREi ; Shrinkage Of 26.79 Squat Miles Shown By Figures. CODUm TOTAL IS GIYEj Maryland is shr-nkir^ -- or « le; t-ie figures just; compiled by the Mar jlamd Geological Surrey g:\e the to?] area of the State as 2679 square sz'-l' iess than all pretioiis t-cial caic ha-.e attributed to the Siat*. IQ2 " COMPROMISE REVENUE GARNER ACCUSES HOOVER BILL WINS FIRST TEST: OF CONTRADICTING SELF · I ! i cost ban personally _boac S200 000 and ! .Jf 7 *1 """. 5 .". ' * ·, t t vT H s" «·-(v«i ' · i '*"· attend tr Wartime Income Tax Rates Are . Offers New Hat To Anyone Dis- '^' O wmsaaimo"~- Th- oa:e~ said ! Xew Yori c " y Rejected. ! proving His Assertion. Tne nic-n »ho -.vere tr.e Democratic s-.jr.:ard oearers i:: 1924 and 1928 : man %ht is promiiieritly mentioi^ed f^r the pr6sic^?ntisl noniinatlcxi m 1932 ' ·xriil gather at i;*e same table "Ahea John \V. Davis i upper rljh: i and A! Smith i r iloxer right) serve z± hoy-s to Owen D. Young t«eft ac a " Victory Dinner" 2n i j^L,, T Washington Though .'. was an^oun;ed that the p-irpose o: the dinner ·sras to jr,,^ The B.'coklyn Eagle said :t had learn- discuss -sanipasgii funds. political oiker.ers saa significance in tha naming of j : from a tijii source that Col. Lmd- ; Voting as tne guest of r.onor to!d one of the _ intermediaries , · j Maryland group m co-operation -z was "oroie. t.-lsv tne searcn naa i «,,,,,,,,«,,,, ·-.n~ni.- r- cnndon also I Thes? bar* nr.-or-rrovprvc 'acts st!l! i the hycroeraphic branch of the Unit* '. Under the ne-.v survey the State ! composed of 9.8T0.32 square «siles land and 2.42989 square miles of i ter. a. tots! of 12,300.2! square surface, as compared » the fors:i "cffx^l" total area of 12,327 squa ( miles. i Mere Water Than Land. , In the total area of St. Mary's ecu :y there 2s more »a:-er than land. T n^'ures are' land. 365 04 square 03 i urater, 434 40 The water area ' Asne Aronde! county is h»3f sa« ar 1 ;of the land. The figures art: Lar j 419 90. H2ter, 20994. Dorchester coun'.y's total area jrreater than that 01 any other COL in the Suite, being 943.52. mcludi* both land and water, as compared Jan area of 70243 for Baltimore conn 1 4 I which is nexc m s^e. t Bait-more county's area is divided ' i follov.s: Land. 60743. «.-ater, 95.C; j Dorcheste-'s ^: Laud, 580S4: trat-'* 362.58 In the mau«r of land "' Garrets and Frederic i largest ui the State, 's area is divided as follov 664 74 square ic:les; water, 3 i square miles. ! The nem survey was mad* by t r ..e paper ! tantorroT*' Dr. Condon also | These bare us controverted facts the daily police lineup us j left open to conjecture the question of ( States Geolcgieal Survey. It gives on the theory tnat either l Tr.iether the criminals in contact with I District of Columbia. 62.64 square m extortionist nugh: be a professional i Dr. Condon were one and the same as ' of land and 7.37 square mJes of wa wham John i .L 20.000.000 residences in _ r.on. May 16 --The billion | Washington. May 16.--Offering Three Farmers Get Letters DC- e ° :lar compromise revenue !«r, success- buv a new hat for an\or.e who ! Ur-ited States are wired for electricii manding $1,000 Each. IN SAME SECTION Itilly ."; flr^t rest in the Senate ·xiay ··. IT. lyi b:-;arty stippo-ters re- Jectsn? an attempt :o restore the wartime income tax ra'.ei Elated at the \.ctorv. Chairman tradicted himself In any 10-dav for the past six months. Speaker Garn- j er declared today that as long as Mr .-^^^ - -- -- ^-^ - ^ that President Hoo\er has not con-'of other kind, and that the Morrow family, of which his wife is a member.' has wealth running into the millions. have told nun there were four other. ]| seen and a urcman. The shadowy fg- I if made." Smiiti. the "happy warrior' of N York Democracy, who to date ha» 46 convention votes pledged :o him. t»vk Jl^".,' F'ed--''-i; a positive stand on the sal-rs tax and BMay other governajental'ers in aa address ±c he o-itLr.-d a !0 point -fl-j»nfiaT program for tne pres- eot crisis." rti^r. plot, in R.i.rh o.a-s- TI-c of Sen Couz-ns. Repub- , : - of tne chlof executive in a press con- ! :nally re-er.l-sted the ^;de-3jng forces! ""''" pro:l! " . - lr - Mi-!'-'-^a:!. to b-w income tax , fcrcr.ce after his attention had been di- I of the goiemment in the task, of I dcniar-.ding r lle , !0 ; i le hlghe-it le-.c-l in hitiory and i reeled to the statement \esterday bv ' avep.gj-.g baby Lindbergh. j mone\ or threa:enin^ harm, is bcL-iK t i t-lirmna'r- f-om tne bill in their place j Sen Moses. Republican. New Hamp- . Dr. John F. Cor.dan. the educator.! STICKLER SOLUTION o:: ausiness »as. s hire. assailing one by him Saturday . ^ ho came out of virtual retirement a t ! in which the Democrat contended Mr ' 72 to assist Col Charks A. Lindbergh. thorouihly i:r.est:ca:"d b oiinty a'.:- -:;c ipo^!ii i \cjse )res . '-r.»rit!es d-.'·-ated 49 »n 3! i n vihich the Democrat contended Mr '72 to assist Col Charles A. Lindbergh. ! The three rountians kr.o'An to ha-.p | Sea Cir.nallv. Domx-ra' Texas, then | Hoover has "frozen the confidence" o'' today peered at the rogues' galleries of received the letters are Ha,ivey S ' «Kicht an -.r.termKi.n rv !e\el betT.een.the people. '.-ails and prisons in Wes- Chester plea Waiter. B'ooniflcW and Ir* 5 Stul!.' the Couzer.-; ratos and those in the com- | Moecs has counseled that If Garner county. New York ' Bt:h-;. f a i m i r x ar-.d j n-..m!se bill He a-sked for the 1921 i wants to help the country, he should He aas aopeful he might find the . "forget for a time that he Is a cand:- j l.keness of the extort-onis; who ap- , The day s proRrrss er.courased lead- i date for the presidency, to remember , peared to be a Scandinavian and was · Hartford, Ooon. Mav IS tba* Democrats unite .n a stead on the prohib-tlon question u \s ' Ci-.arles A. Rice. Moar.t-ilnda'.e .s:ore- tanigbt by Jouett Shoia«. riiau-- ' keeper, -xho res.d'-s near Lev-i=;'.o'A':i. of the national execut.i\e! The letters dem.\nd(vi SI 000 from ___ ri to bt*Ji'\c tlie viav as bri^nt for early } that he is Speaker of the House and ' known to him only by his first name, i tee. ta'op^g^'^'rty-s'staVcon-'eac^ Thc'v | ^^pw'-»on of the o::L , from that lofty position to make a pub- This nas the man :o whom he ?ave , Teutlcc. ' v, sc ; anra-en"" been 'abo-'ous'v -- Ted T ' 1£; conl P ! " om: se !il! increases the ad- He declaration that he and his fol- S50.000 in a Bronx tXew York city! The convention tomorrow all; elc-ct ' «,'·'· VvS 'and. v.fc i""-;'"r.xi '"iri'ruc- ' VJ " ces mad - Q ' the House to a sched-; lowers in the Houy would give sup- cemetery--$50000 supplied by CoL 18 deJegatea to the national convraJorJ ,!.,/' ^v^b- -he T;"~cv"-as C b- ' ::V " r 3 pf ~ ccn: ca the m--:£ S4 000: 6 i port and co-operattoa in the early com-. Lindbergh which the colonel ra^ed. 1 """ " " ' " ' " ' -- -he next S4.000 and 9 per. plction of the remain'ng part of the · according :o one published account, fay rrowing 325 000 .. ^-..- t ^u.. cilLil ^.'i 1-iC * U'U.i.-.«vttJ ..njiiv^* A..*-.' , ' had apparent:.- been laboriously pr.n:«l T " s comprom»ebi.! increase -»· -ri" «-^v-«-* ' ^ t j _," - T » .,. i ^Jr.ces made bv ihe House to « A iii jOtCv t jj" |- \ T v t *i^d \\^**c i 1 w ****2' f »pQ lust rue ~ ~ -*»««.*, ^^ 1 convention. ' . -15' »Vrebv the nso-cv v,as to b^ ::V ' J '' 3 per ccn: 0:1 thc Rr ^ fish every indication they ulli be in-UT^ at a certa'-n Vvi- "nt a desisnat: ' cr ee: " ^ R thc next s4 ' 000 and 9 V* r ', p!ction °'~ thl? ^main'ng part of the. accordmj ·truotfld lor Alfred E. Smith for the [ ^ I me" we-e sf 'o--n CCM "' ;nconle - s mf ~ S8 °°° ^ !th a Icon^ruc'ion program of the President''Mrrowini preddentml nominaiwon A of wac"'c- a-.d's-J- were threatened , " r ' :tx :n " :n " ur:a ' t °'_ 45 vcr cent - I . ._.. _ Ar/O N Tlie large Idlers, in fcoiii of ibe above wotils, are tiie voweLs tiiat vere missing in the original Sticker. HENDRICKSON'S usher in National Cotton Week With 500 Fresh New COTTON FROCKS I tie group, fsioring Gov. Franklir. D. ttsth b^-K- harm if the moaev T as no: '' Roosevelt wir; be aDo^ed » -ote as It j .'orlhconiing while Rice said the letter chooses on other conversion ques'.ons "This a no time for straddling or pussylootlng.*" Snouse sa.d in hvs s-tcy- cote address. "In worcs nobody ran misconstrue, jn-sunderstand or r 1-ji- terpret. we irtist plccge Oiirse".-. cs on prohibition, resmrd'.ess of the Circumstance that all our parti -s not ir. accord." he mo-'i'.ed notified !um that ho .-.ould b? s::ot unl.v the requ.rements were n:e: He fo ir.d tr.e le'trr. a four-page opxstie. in hu-. parasc ^liS'.e it ?-a-s re- rrertec that thc others had beer, piaced .n county mail boxe-^. In thc Waeliter case, he was tjld lo plsc'- the money in a bag and leave it at a certain place some distance WANT VOTE ON LAW Labor Demands Right To POM hlchtccnth Amendment. Vpon AN OPEN LETTER TQ OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS IN FREDERICK AND VICINITY » » Trenton, N J. Mav 16 --A primarv election campaign unustial fcr :"s lac'-v of «£at«-wide contest, closed tn Jtew Jersey today. Balloting :n the election tomorrow Irom all Indications. wUl be ihe I'-^htt^t to years, except in a fe'sr , ties where the of co'-emn:"r.t-il econoiny arid taxation are e\p xr'«l to bnng oa; a larce -.ote President Hoover fr". the 3S TWOS of the Republicans nnr. farmer Oov. Alfred E Srr..:n -,ircc»"b-e-Ily ·n-ll be given the Democratic c^ s-stn'.or.'s 32 votes. Cumberland. May 16--Suomission of ·no nmendmer.t to the \ o t e j ^' t h - people was demanded todav by i ^ · ·-· Mn-jland State and District of Friday :ii?lit.*Mav 6. a base *as stuffed C ...:ab'a Federation of Labor holding! w i t h oaper ar-.d hidden at the spot ind-- » ' -rie-da;, con\er.tion here j cated' A short distance a*a\ Sheriff \ e r.s-V.u::on. passed by more than : i cXeiraies from all pirts of Mary- .-.· . and \Vashir.eton. faxorcd the re-' ·y » i; we dry l.i^r but stated it she old 3r~ompl!she_ bv the vote of the Ii has been found by the \Vh,te Hr^je Conference on Child Kea: h an-d Fr^- tecilon that. There are : cno Ocn -ch -'. tiifidren ir. the Vni'cd Stat-^s - .-h Tear or impaired hearts. ~k5 Cnarlrs V\" Cnim and se^era'. deputies concealed themselves No or.e appeared. .~:y» ei er. although thc ofl;cLils rerramcd at the scene for a iT.sth of time, All of the letters uerw rvei T .ei bv l!-» Ix'al person^ 'Aithtn the past rr.or.:ii and authorities have been ^sorkir.g itead'.lv on te case sir.'-e be.r-g ro'i- S"d wrethcr th"v Delete that e ·CX'.K! of :he three pcrs^-r^ :r.'. ol-. txi. A l«rt ! of sir.ateur b:a"kTrir.:l?rs or perjn"^ of unsound are bohirid the pl?t Jus r.ot b'er. revealtxi. Tno plot _i s^meWi.a- «irr.:lar to 'e - - :-rs rccei-. ed in Frederick cvur.'y. Va «-me a3~ wr.eri a ri-^n'ir.fn: W.r.- cn."itr tra-. was prd- - -"d '~ deros.t a -'"tairi s':m of itjrcv n' a c-"si?-.-a;xi plice cr s'-fTt-r the co-^ec,..e-.c-s It ss tvle. Tlis should bo dne. the rso'.u- , :,-n read, ' f o r the rt.i^f of sinemploy-J Ant ther nwasure approved the sale f biCOOO'ineoo In R^emn-.ent bonds i :.~iar ·«· n ibl.c \\ orkj. T.T- delecr.tes '.^ domir.rf-sl 'n.v S690 TOO ai'.?:ef to ar-, .and bv '!-c federal ;·ern.metjt exp^nd'-J irnmed:a:ely for public first instance «-f extortion plots to t~ a"-'nt."ri cf local authon- n s^me j Buys Ship For Polar Cruise - Cx---' Gjarc c - ."e- B t-a- ·:'l j I i ^ Naturally, this ever reliable store would have complete showing of the season's newest styles and materials by the yard. Always Acceptable! Dotted Swiss Dresses S 1.95 All White or Pastel Colors ^ Eyelet Batiste, Pique, Duralin and 5 ^ Lawn Wash Frocks S Great Assortment of Other Styles SLOO to $2.95 | | | 'ii Sizes 14 to 52 Special Feature Sale of A. B. C. COTTONS for NATIONAL COTTON WEEK! Assortment of Fast Color Materials, wear. Formerly up to 39c yard. For summer It for this week 2DC yard BIT YOUR HOT WEATHER N^EEDS--NOW1 m i | If it's made of Cotton--Hendrickson's has it i in stock. OUR INCORPORATION SALE offers many opportunities to purchase at tremendous savings... come early and make your selections. If the wedding isn't until June you'd be wise to buy your furniture now -We'll gladly hold your purchases for future delivery. C. C. CARTY INCORPORATED Frederick, Md. | SMOCKS - MIDDY BLOUSES - LISLE and I NET BLOUSES - HOOVERETTES - MAIDS | UNIFORMS - BED SPREADS - HAND-1 MADE GOWNS - BOYS 1 WASH SUITS I GIRLS' JACK TAR TOGS. BUY QUALITY AND HAVE NO REGRETS! ? i iniral R.charc E 3;,rc .-^ ·was areserr.r.r · - " · . - . f auct.or. «a5 .·.·-.: .-d T B .-.-. plans to sail .r. r ef A.-^T.r. n-.-.-.-.e mj;-':^. D..t c-'": · 2.\, _^=-'u "O tne explorer on i: *s SIC 1 '' 1 ) o.-d O-s-1'..vd Ci .: 2 ' :-' ff.f .«o a- IV I5SS 48-52 East Patrick Street PHONE 396 upoa ESTABLISHED 1877 ^^^^jS^m^r^f^f^^lf^^^^^ff^^^

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