The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 23, 1986 · Page 28
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 28

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1986
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

SO» Strake rethinking GOP resignation SttV CLASSIFIED By IHE ASSOCIATED PKESS State RepabiiesE Partv Chair- mac George Sendee is recflc- sidenng tes flposmB to step dove is June. fore spokeswocsss says Strake Had amKsoneeti iaie last year rh3* be wocki not seek re- as fhairma*! so he cooki •JevQUe more T JTTV. TQ hi~ fs.— -ifh,- anc b±i Houston oU bsismess Hugaes. Strake'; spaces'* omar_ said. "He is recQcsi serins and * 'HI make a final QfiCiSiar. HUG &r a -iTvatiTVff TTVPTJT 21 roe erni of the •* eefc. Strafce tolc Toe Associated Press Tuesday nigs.: be has =cn&3iiied a press conference Thursday in Austin RT^ »-oujci . permits ed by countries thai dent aikw asraesazneprivileees." Trftrkf. aSso a Democrat. proposed adpmg 50 eems to each restaurant bifl for food contaiii- isg preservarrves- wake Soar or grease. He saM thre woaid raise S2-77 baiiac.. Locke. a NJ--H Antonio eaatrae- tor. suggested a 550.000 annual license fee to be paki by banks for each "automatic raooey" ^sTTTTTKr. and said the state shoiiJd set $2 on t**r* returned I' o:ner Texas politica^ Jonr. PotLanG ia>c ou: ius "nar:: r^ll" :>oLiC} 10 ~~-az>d'j.e : .<L "•'•oate Booby Locke rei eased ta_\ V- l^- make ;t ~i rirrry.-p' ,j- 7^ rr&Tr- tair. oar domestic production." r'OU.anC sa.C. "it aiaG ~^g"-~ :r JJ =: i: a country doesn't alio^ Ari-encar:- to ao busmen; -here. •ie =ijoulcr.': aiiovi tha: Pauline. £ Democrat. said :: check, with banks getting aofhiryc This would raise £2.315 bSBosi. be said. A 50-cesi coarse per credi: carti transaction would bring ir S±.5 billion. Locke said. In other developments. some prKrunent Austin I>emocrati are unnappy 10 find rhfv are ueiptag finance the campaign of a Republican candidate lor Con- ing, operating ana transm;-- iormer Austin r^ayor Carole Rylander. w-hc' recer-tly =»;tcfced :o tee Repuzcicar party, reveaiec she naa transferred money con- tnuuted to her old poLiticai ac- mayor. to her presen: GO? campaign. She seeks the sear nov he:d bv U-5. Rep J.J ••Jake" Pickie. "a -'1 certainly CJ^OT:': gjve her any money to run agams: Jake PicEie." "saia State District Judge Bofc Perstms. vs ho gave -*10<j ir I3K2 to tne mayor's fund "A. lot of people thought it was a qaestionaaie ethic= calL'" said iOnner mavor R.OV Sutler. Khadafy's position unclear since attack — nov. to be r-uec bv ^ 'u^ta tr-a'. t, ifc; Last "*ee£. out z grig-r 1 reoort said Wecmes- tnai i'^acia:;- =:Dparerit-\' eer, forced to ~hare power tner rniiitarT. officers. ' % a r. o f f 1 c i a ] s aisert afy L- jn full controi rr. aipioriiat:: In Tr:poii 53} rior,': Kno-.v uhetber the 15 U.S a;r atrike hurt afy":: hold on po^'er. and even Libya's Arab oly aon't have £ 1 '.Tie "*A fesi&rr^ dipionia"_ ir. Tripoii. -*'bo spoke on conditior. he not oe identified, said it is posHirjife Knadaf rea-^ n- Lioya m tne aftenr.ath of the American air raid — ± coliectrk e :•:' "One thing i^ ~niip_er oa^n . i ^c L.ori<ior. Kiiadary as the nation's ri-jm:na. ieader but which hai i:~. ested aim of his exclusive contro. over the country. " it sai_ The report by Rooert FISE from Tripoli saic. "Coi Kr.aciaf". now perfonr.^ the tas£~ of ^ figurehead rather thar. tne s-oi-e political anr mLjtary leader." The Tinte; said the :>>jr other members ',•: tne repor.ed junta maaciant H"s eii; aj-riam-eci. the -— } • ----•'- B jri-r arjc trje inspector seneri. of tne Eirm'i. Mu^taia Ja^ouc. ant not J-Lhadafv. gave tne f;rs: official h-gh-level nev j conference following the L .i Domoing raid. Jaiioud nas >ien tne No.i man u: Lib;- a'; soyernmerr. Judge to rule soon on dairy cattle slaughter LUBBOCK Di strict Co:_irt judge may ruie next week on Texas catti-ernec's bid to hail a federal dairy catUe program they say has Hooded the beef marker and pushed prices to an eight-year low. Several witnesses testified Tuesday that the government's plan to cut rruik production by slaughtering a million head of dairy cattle is devastating beef prices and producers A suit filed April 8 by several cattlemen and cattle associations seefcs an injunction against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, alleging that the buy-out plan has had "the max- fm«m conceivable adverse impact on producers of beef "" TOe plan has "created a tremendous amount of uncertainty" in the cattle naarfcet and caused a sfearp decline in beef prices, a commodities broker testified is Lubbock federal court. "Following the announcement. tbc market opened sharp- l iawerv" David Hotchins of "The market con- t» ^eriinr through the am should la-ted. week." as one of several to lectify in 2 bearing U-S. District Jcdee O. Woodward to determine whether the government bef The aeanng concluded Tues day afternoon, out vVcKx' ruling ^- not expected Befor next week. The buyout program, no'jnced March ta and Aprii I. involves the Siaughter o: dairy cattie over an 18-month period. Cattlemen contend that the USD A has not implemented orderly marketing procedures for the program and has glutted the market with bee: and depressed carde markets. "We're in tne 22nd day of the program and *e"ve seen nothing but catastrophe in the cash market and tie cattle futures market." argued Way-tie Sturdivant, an attorney for the plaintiffs. Five Texas cattlemen, a Montana producer and three beef industry groups claim in the suit that during the first week of the program, the actual loss in the value of beef cattle sold was more ttv*n £3 million. Daring the same period, the value of the national inventory of beef cattle declined more than $2 billion, an amount which exceeds the USDA's estimated $1.8 billion cost of the program, the plaintiffs contend. 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Ij:r(trui!- n' lac TACz =-«ur. i*nc n-.a;. -jt afiect-c atr contain : '^i*; aroposw; iicu^r> tr.a- aricg frun: lae boarc for nunnc mus: n* Ttr? l! state a*. Ine uaiijes prnposeft S7IKTMAL '-•»• neanct Coconwmj : lo tne arr .j^ tne proposes projetr. aoc 5t»u»i sat cmitj-.i. i^nd m> art oevonc tncf . of tne TACB Afl asr • TTW — '-T*OCV or r _3G s Pteose cofl the M Adnwss<ars Of«z or {71T» 4ZT-M*S ** us wntfflf l>5 May z; I'J«fc »•:!: w mDSidem: try tne ^oarc o> TTtaymy us f "* jt on mew application All ! be a^aiia&ie for puolic at OK TACB oifice 321-1774

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