The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, July 10, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH £0R MRfHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA tf Yw r«ri. N*w» 1« Not On V+m toe* By 5:15 o'Oock, Call TW N«w» Offk* Before * VOftck For PNwpt 164 or 165. toettiti0 Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service VOC LXV NO. 224 (AND THE PINKER HORN) Complete Regional and Local New, Coverage HOME EDITION PARIS/TEXAS. TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1934 EIGHT PAGES American League All-Stars Win, 9-7 TO PROTEST FILLING STATION PERMIT; DECISION IS PUT OFF Members of \Recent Oklahoma Primary Noteworthy | Come From Relief Board | Because Of Many Shattered Precedents: Behind With " ' f\^~T 4 TJ rf~V% r A 4^*TTT?r-B— i JTW ^-*»_t_ T»-=>^r „ _ _ * -w^ _ .L ' _. _ _ 1 ^^*- ¥ » -M-%*A.,A OKLAHOMA CITT. (/P?—Ok!a- . "WHiiajas of Poteau, gave Kepre- j by a margin homa scanned official returns in \ sentative Wilbarn Cartwright the t reversed last week's primary Tuesday and I>emocratic nomination in of 59 voces which the unofficial count. ^South Main Street Building; | Proposal Brings Out jj Strong Protest j ~ Keeps Cool With 'Wrist Watch' By a, -vote of three to two the. | «ity>c6iw»cil Monday night decid- I *d to -«Ait another week before j £ruitint or refusing permit to..the •• JFlr*t ? .'VPr««byt«r1an church, to erect t A K»*oline filling station *t Slier- I mk«r;ajjd Soath Main'street.-to.b« i le*»ed to tne Sinclair Oil Company. | After hearing 1 testimony of many • persons, all of whom agreed that j «r*ction and operation of a, filling ; L. at that place in which la 1 residence section would be i objectionable. Alderman Payne j moved "that the permit be not j granted. This . was seconded by j Alderman. Harris. Alderman Moore j moved the motion be tabled and t the vote for tablinsr was Moore, ] Sraitlx and <3uthrie. with Payne j and; Harris voting no. i As there was no motion for oth- .; er action. Benton Fisher, who had \ conducted the hearing for the pro- ! testartts. suggested that if the ] council . wanted further time to j consider the question that it take \ all-tli* time it felt was needed— I that, as the appellate, courts had] adjourned and here would be no f inore decisions by which Ald«*r- j xrJan Gtsthrie smgbt be given tart h- 1 *r light on the matter, it mi-hi ; be • d^rei'T-ed until October when ' tb*j»e c*mrt$r reassamble. ' Bean Mooring, representing the: cJmrefe,- Fta.t«*d thai he honed the { would be made now—that ] J*- "hac been -conducting zl*<; cou- r fe Furdue university physicists dis- Hussion and Reed, Form* ally Resigning* Challenge Others to Follow third district. CariTvrisrht. along -with Representative "Wesley Disney, who won } gasped at shattered precedents in | th© lineup for the July 24 runoff. j ^Democrats voted 513.455 strong. J a new hi^u record. ; S. R. Hushes, coropration com-! poriry, and Josh I^ee. j niissioner, -withdrew at the last minute- rather than congest with Frank A. Anderson, bkmulgee negro school teacher, for his Ihe j The ejcample sec by Tom | !iz>, choice of Governor Murray. EXPLAINING ACTIN the first in witliera.-ss'ing from, the runoff ,..,... • T O SJ^e the Democratic nomirsa- renommation by obtaining a ma- j ^ on for gov &b Of to E . w . ilar . land, broke a precedent, and :alf dozen university of Oklahoma, public speaking pro- j ^t^r^e^ fesors, -who displaced Representa- : " t \' fc Partisan Politics C|:arged By Members As They Resign . - • - j»*n-et rive F. B. Swank In the fifth dis- j withdraw bllt ~ H u 5 hes v7as"he tnct. have no runoff primary | O3lly Ieader cf fcis race . Q retire Others were: The official reiums shifted Jess j Bert ^cBo-el. who retired from 1»,435. votes Larson, former Chickasha mayor, | lhe Democratic rac* for ^tate nomination to _ worries. trailed Sugaes in i Republican primary, 'to 22,362, thus became the nom- j intc the runoff against Represen- j a"uditc>r ""ciTins" zhe isee. ; zative Jed Johnson In ihe sixth j fe 111 Another withdrawal, by C. C.«district, instead of Tony Morris. » See PRIMARY, Page 7. CoL Big Inning Is Second Straight Victory For Star Players of Junior Loop 52.OOO FANS WATCR SENSATIONAL GAME I^afayette Mart and covered tHtett enoughrdry ico can be t Fnd., is'Shown wearing the In sij wrist, watch device to \ \vhile a closenp of the pellet is ! a person eooJL-soegardlcss of.-shown in the inset. (Associated- : i.Press vp&esio-.?". AUSTIN. UPy~ —Two member* of the Texas Relief commission liad tendered, their formal resisnations Tuesday. They challenged other appointive members: to follow their example, susrgestins: that rthe state legislature- replace thV e^cist- in^ relief agency -with one'that I would function, harmoniously; - I la:- a joint letter addressed, to | Gov. Miriam A. Ferguson ,-*nd t Coke R. Stevenson, speaker of the i Texas house ..of representatives. E<i 1 | Hussion , of .Houston. asd • . J. if. j Reed of Junction asked to'be ; re- : lieved of. iheir <J«ties on,: ih«r r coin- { mission. Hussion is-;• ^Governor ' Ferguson's only appointee-, on th-c board -while H.e-e*i Js one -. of tore-::named "by Stevenson. i "Political partisanship now fa- j thered by- the inaiority of tfe« j cornirsission"" was given by .Reed > and Knssion as the basis" for tfcelr | action- The rrT«ig:na.tions were- f sttbraitted subject to acceptance by j Speaker Stevenson and the sov-} emor. : •'...-' .. ' •. -. '' "' ' Criticism, -was directed in th ft let-;?' .-resi^natiojr..;..a*,.' Home Town Boy, Now Celebrity In Field ^^ •<§• <$> & & & •&''&•& ^<S> •^••^ •§> Of Humor, Is In Clarksville On Visit j Mel Harder Stops Nation* 4 - I al Leaguers In Innings of Game . S, JSu Ml with': the lattr^A, .. then city -soHcitor. when fused and -eras taken into court S by th^ Sinclair people, staid he had j not intended to speak but he de- \ ci4«d. he Fiioald sa^,- that he ; the coucil should not : to the suit bein^ dis- • •which -sea*: done some time J and thst !f Si -eras done be- ; cause- the council thoudit St di*i | sat Iwuvc the counci nance enact e<5 ^"h ich -K*c«31 d CCK •form to a. decision of the suprcTiw edurt Jtud that -wouM jrive property •which he fett th"y i\-*r« «?n?itl"d. Alderman Guthrte th«?n moved to . defer decisiOTi one •nr.'e»**k. and by Alderman ?»Ioorp. it SOUeadOf | Prisoners Livestock Make Their Used Daily Escape Good ; With 3;ij»roxiniateiy ">0 head of' : catt'.o beJnsr pr€xr^^>»-j each day; 1 iisgr daily. Paris* canning i»<ant! | now is OT*er;it3ni; on a ixilJ tinie. } i fu2J j?5w?d .jicnJe, Tuesday seven i • Onf>- Reed, f ITussion' and B. E. Gicsecke off I Fort Worth. aai appointee of j 11.tent, Governor Eorcrar E. VTilt, ! t tv-erc- present, \ i The .corrcpiissioner for montlis j I has been sharply^ divided over a, \ ?^ate relief director, -tlie dissension "startiss: -Tvhcn th* * majority refused to appoint Reed, former cctin|r director, to the»position nnd selected." Adajn 3i Johnson, f^r- Austin city TnanaS"frr. "Reed,,.later " i: ^^as a.pj?onited to the coirimission an5 made the TTIO- Jiois that ^isrnlssed Johnson last April ? after Spcalcer Stevensot! VThile three of the prisoners [ yoasrht to remove K- I* Holliday who escaped frorn the county 5ai! f r>£ Hi Paso r one of his appointees, herv Sunday nigijt were seen] from the i^ard and aopolTited Jul- northvrest of P'aris Monday, local j lus Dorenfle'd. Jr.. of ATtia^-illo to officers Tuesday morn ing: •«*xprtass- i { succeed .him. The cd the opinion a"s had niade their I court ruied HoTGday'? | BY "W=EXT>OX B- ABBOTT j ^- >->• i^Ji,. -a, =.s.i e is | erstertainin^ "one of her increas- -, • ingly numerous native celebrities | j Frank O-sven Jr., and Mrs. Owen ; j having arrived Monday night to I \ x-isit Z\Ir. Owen's relatives at his) j old home here. They are accom- ; I panied by Miss I^ee Blomcvisr < I Jersey City, >T. J. From a cnalk-piate artist on, I weekly newspaper to -delineator ot \ | humor for a national magazine is I s. t\-ide gulf to be bridged" by one . ' who never had any format ecuca- | tion in art. But in less than ten years. Frank Owen" has success- y. accom plished the feax ?; the nation reads." a3s and ! POLO GROUNODS. !N t 1 '^J—Coming from behind Vith. i- j batting- attack that Blasted -'£fen | Wameke off the mouna and »fao i drove Van Mung-o to cover, the I American league" aH-stars Vhlp- j ped the Nationals Tuesday^ 5 to T; { for their second straight tttamph. A croTt-d of 52.000 fans saw JoW i Cronic^s cre-cv clinch the ^cain* ? -with s. six-run rally la the fifth, I after which young ilel Harder, i Cleveland righthander, held "the ; Xatiouals in complete j Harder, reJievinrr ILefiy [•and Red Kuffing. Tankee I aces ivho yielded six runs izc the ; first five innings; held the 2£atI<Hj- | a!s to one soUtary: hir for _t&* rV- ; mainder or the game~ as ne com; pletely beftrddied the big-- hitters : rushed isto the fray by Manager- BH1 Terry. : Official hox score: - * J4.B H. H PO A E 2b2 0 1 ^ . . ." 5 ± z 1 IvRAXK OVVKX Now Run- \ Seen By Officers, They Smoothly; More ' Dodge Capture In Nor- Cattle Arrivhig \ them Part of Countv Connaflyto Speak Here United States Senator Has Plans to Appear In } ^ Paris Saturdav the yet nameless brat :y in ..Collier's . m The yocng ardst is a native of ; I Clar-fesvIHs and received the • !?r~es-te~ part, of his education here. • I attending: St. Joseph's academy ) j and Clarksvllle hi^h school, being; i I graduated, in 1S24. ; i Th chronicle of his rise to ferae j I is another story of the small to-wn J boy -K-ho mads good ia the big: j city, outstanding largely because > ; h-?* never had a lesson in drawing, j his.-ability being the result of ,ap-! ? iicauon of a natural taJent. Th^ j Younjr Women. Returning oent became evident first in clay! • •— - • *"-"* Three Die In Auto Wreck I Traynor, ' 3b j AfedTv:icfc, If ^ . ,; Kieln,. if . _ . . fCnrl-er. • rf ,„. * Ott. rf ....... Berber, -cf . _ . -. P. Waaer. cf . | Terry. Ib .... i Jackson, ss "- . | VaTi£2ran. ss - . Kartiiett. c . . • I-opez. c " . ___ ! HubbelL p I Wameke, p sro. p if 1 - «> ft 1 O 0 •J _ Paris friends of United States } models of riis doc 1 , and he lovec 1 I so T^ell 'to draw that ice sisters at j ; the academy found it necessary- ! to provide a separate room a.nd an I _. From Bridge Party. Overturn Car i J. Dean, p , . 1 Franlvbouse. p .. -1 Totals ......S5 T S 2T 5 1 zBatted for Subbell Jh".,Srd-an<t Played second for "Frisch later: ?d for Americans— On. account'Of ahsc.:n.-<? *>f Aider- ^arin!; •nrits it was con- «-,-he<iij;£ i d «"ay scross river Into Okla- { •whfcn th«j held some weeks ac te^tlTnony an<l ed fey subrnjttinc: th specifJcatifsrs,* of tli** Moprlns c^.r!oa;is of beef to arj-ivv. At noon four cars had ! J»e-?r! rfc«Jvc«i tvith th? otiiei-y bt—; i^«: expected Uurir*;: th«? afier- 1 ^-^S^- neld for Bo^vie county offi- | Worship, nc-on. < c ^ r ^ on a charge of murder, and i The- flrsr r>a.vroH r.--r- TH* sr-i Rolv?rt **- '* ? rin?^>. held on a fed- 1 HleeaT an<i tha cost the de*c-ic Two of the prisoners. Eugene johri son. -^as r^ot entitled to AB in fifth. : 15 -PO A . 1 station aa<! rirs- ; prox.inta.tely -< Saturday have ! I cral cbsrire of postal !a.w violation. •rras reinstated f-vo a$rc by the^ commission ma- L*l l^** ii3s<j only the Tsrst were spotted by ..tficers j of Cavine>5 Jlori'lay nron?ing. but cal only I oa Warner. county .ajrssjt tor .Sinclair, -n-b-r* idcnti- } ^ avs *J>d s«*te<l that thf statjon would \ n - 0i -,.j^ c<v«*t aSf nroxtjrist^Iy S5.2(?'>. f »- v p Qacst'onSn- by >Ir. Kish-^r of ; administrator. thS:« "Witn«e« developed- that there } The- ad;nJn?¥trator toc»k occa- be I-R-O EOS tanks and pumps | s |<jn Tvsesday to laud the «:>• 9.&~\ . the oth ?T appurtenances u.«ual s ministration and th* Parts and' tjjtJ^n^: Thut th^ sTaTic*n i _.——— _ - -— ,—, i*-y could l>e st ^ L^incaistp-r. charg<yd "with .s se-on by several people ^| near Chi^ola Monday afternoon. his '-andidacv for re- ) * _ c jn the Democratic prima.- I ,^ ries. Senator Ccnnally's address here Saturday nlcht ^'ili be the third of the >lay Cor him. K-e- -will an atldrass Saturday after- T _ j, rominen . te ] Constable John l>?aton -was noii- • fteti and fo-snd whcr*^ he was hid- « o}>«^ from 7:00 9:^9. p. rr>. daily except cha.rch service hour* OTJ Sunday; that h<? did not know th? t-<vndt- ti«>T«i of tf»r contract Ttrith Th^ .'Ctsut-ch f-^c^pt that Sinclair Ttaj? to p*y rental of not lews than 530 a. month for thf lot an<! an tiona! amount K~?cd on «c» 4. month: hi- h^pc to sell an <-var*-«r f lonas, -a montb l*nt Peden In Houston Head of Steel Company In in the 1 river ^>otton>, j ton fired several shots at 1 J ter In-fore the pris«> eluded him j ;r; th»: underbrnsi!. | City ;vr,d ^OUTITV officers guard- j rd both tht*. highway and railroad | inri<icf< a: Arthur City Monday } night until sfter nildaighT, but it ) river into Okl-ihonm. Ixx-al o'fi- j cor?, contintscri the sear-ch Tuey- I dny. though no cliifr as to their I \vhcreabout.s ha<1 been obtp,!r:ed. Th^. m^n fsca^ved frorn the j.iiT . Co!. 4. .-•ority. comprisiTjc Ytolliday. Tvo'-is- ton Karte of Sa.n Ancelo. Carl Ks- tcs »f Tyler. "&trl F. Adam? of Austin anc ^T. r^, CThrcstTJiaTi o. Dallas. • •was appointed °? Stex-en- E^tes -was appointed by Witt TrTso also appointed w. I ninth of the \ytrard- | tlent Roosevelt a-.] in addition has ; trial accident "board. a.n<? Chr-es'-}'concerns the tntroduction of bene- | m&r.. rhairman of th*c civil jucEic-rJ ! ficial measures. Ke was the first f . ^ . i.. » vt. i^ coancU. w-er*- nainen menioers - r JTLO propose devaluation of the dot- \ „-„ ^ the statute establishing the TOTT: - \~$y- a^ a nteans cl stimulating re- *' eg.nnzng Oi tne career \v nic^i i ^^sx^.^^ i ii^« c :?d ~c national prominence the olc Red River County w published here. His firs* j _ j cartoon for that paper, a.:n<I inci-! Mrs-^^reda Holt. Z for any publication.! 3s.mes ±-o!t. Philips company official. Petroieum Clarksville motorists that he » * he oroiuance i Walsh. Mi : Foxx. 3b I SiTnir-ons, cf-If . | Cronin. ss .... \ Dickey, c ..... \ Cochrane. c .. \ Oom-sz. x? ....» j Averill. cf . .i > cf -. Totals Americans Nationals Runs b 0 11 2 1 ~ n Z 2 S 090 .rs IfrS 939 009—7 —Frfcsch*. S. Cronin, 2. Averill 3, Foxx, Siramorss. Huffing 2, Traynor, mission. Adams and direst mar: j co-very irt cannot r«si^m from the commit- ; _ slort tinless they surrender their j state offices. • tates. Two base hits rili. Cronin. Foxx % Three base ^ Her- and "Reed Tt-cre joined j by G!«ecke and "Brooks in c»?pcs- t ^ng Johnson's reinstatement. j Houston Die* Suddenly; j — : -—^-l-^-i^Aired 66 ! PATMAX STOPS ON partlr»ns of t lh«? church i Mr. Fi:*h<*r th*" th*- contract t>c' *n<J the f?inc?a!r conipany. <^rn introduced In th** trial the suit irs district co-xjrt »aj«t Rrirfly ;hr^^ «atfd that the nil compar.v could yuh-ica*^ th** pr»ml!»c* tv-jthotit consent of the S** CITIZKXS. Pa*:^ 2. Col. 3. HAMMAN TIES FOR QUALIFYING LEAD! 40 Absentee \ 7 otes Cast : titter- \ offender j <;ix none \ — *s managing editor. ; Bv:t from the start, his cartoons I DICTATOR'S SON ARRESTEI> | man. •were characterized by -wild-eyed. ' MADRID. «'.^ — Jose Antonio } chapman, Horn* long-nosed figare?, bizarre slfja- ] Primo de Rivera, son of tiie late ! Frisch. .Stolen tions, originality in gags and clears, j Spanish dictator, was arrested on I Mar.usn. Traynor. Ott. robust humor, cartoons appealing i Tuesday -with about. 200 fascist ! P i a y?—"Lopez and Vaugrhaa. I>ft alike to cail<3ren arid grovrnups. : followers in a raid on the Spanisti j on "^a^e—Americar* 12,* Rational ^v"hea The Revtew susperrdec 1 f-sclst: headquarters. i 5, Base en balls—off Httbbel! r, ptiblication. young O-sven entered; Among those apprehended were j Gobies 1. TVameks* 3. Marsgd S; Dallas university for a year, then i *- e Marquis Eliseda and the trans- { p, U ffi ns: i_ Harder 1. J.- Dean t. the Mexican border oil ! atlantic flier. Capt. Julio Ruiz de I Fraufchouse I. Stnx* out—By i JCJein. Will Rogers HOUSTON <*P r '~-E. ,v p^d.-n. **, oh^lrirViin of th** t^oard of th** F**?- dcn rompsny. died sadd^nly <*AV at hi^ home hrro. Hf h?t<J b*M*rj ill To- ^ WAY TO TEXARKANA i SA2CTA MONICA. CaJif,. — S*e by the psp^r* Hitler took a vacation. Most people doinj? the name would h»\-f loofe one too, yo« take a nJc* rf »t for MJbout 60 dny*, »»d some morntnj? at day- Jijrht the warden will call you^ and Tront then on y»u can rest Mr. CordeFI Hull paid a compliment to linl« Finland, Mr. PtvJ^r! *»erv*»d as FrdTal frt<>d a<iminifftrator for TVxas ««r- inp th* -tvortd war and latrr •xvcnt If* *fTVf** »s Chairman of th<» \ i .h<*ri it wa.."* i« its Infancy. Ko has 1'^^n identified with th.' Hou»t«>n chsmhrr of oommrrce ff»r irt*ny | Thr company n-jjh •n'htc); h* j irtoorpornt***! in lt*ftl tintlfr th<? ' nan\*» of IV-dotJ Iron and Stc«J r^Tmi>«ny. Th* nam* was chan^frd "Ti roiit" to hi? 5 T%" right Patman. honie at Texsr!cn.Ti!i c a convention of I .-U'saMr:-*} World War veterans at ] <wrr !.*5 Paris Monday night, re] mnininp until aboal t p. m. Tues- j day. • He saw numerous visitors on f i ari«»i:s lvuK*n*s» connected with 5 hi* offif*. ar»fl rtsid from Texar* j knna he exported to mske tour «>f ttw aisrtrlc; tn connection with di«ib!<«t1 vet^mns v^laims and CITY. (^—TTiTh a. 73. three over par. Rodney T>Iisy of Otnaha. rur;- n*nip last y^ar, srrabbed the !es£ away from Ed 'White of Bor.harrr. Tox.. who had * 74, for the firs: IS holpy of the qtEalifyinjr test ?^ the 3Sth annual "Western Amateur «r<*lf tournament here Taes- day. t Heaviest First Day In OTCL.\HOMA f Years I* Reported By Qerk See- OXVRX. Page 3. Co!. 2. \ Alda. both rnernbers of the fascist I directorate Absentee votirts: reported by ' f tj- C2erk K. V. Hamrsack forj; »nd incidentally did *H h« could to in»k« the oth^ra but Mr. H«H you ar« juat breath hy in 1&30 to th« Cotniw*ny. Mr. F<*d«n. besides b*»!tt|r connected ^«*ith tJws Fi»dcn Cornpan:,'-. had for years* tK**n » dirr^or cr int*r<«(*t*d In n. larst* number of eorponttJ on*. H*« 1* survived two **t>n«, Ed and by hist \vl»J<yw; AHpn. nn<J two ha.v« trtwn | dausrhlcr?, Mr*, LonR M»*t«?r- und it Yi«vtrr t.xon « R «J Mi-s, Hal O0nt,«-r, xh<» Int- t«r 0f Bomb*>v Tndin; on* broth- T<»urs W1UU «r. D. I>, JTr. F*atwan said h* had no *n- nounc«»m«nt to malt* 1 st this time revrarrtins; permanent appointment of a ro^trnastf-r h«r?, although he est>*ct<*d to do so within thf« next threi* or four dajis. H«* *xpres»«d appreciation for the assistance of friends piven hini toward r*aehinfr a dtpciston and said that **th*r« *r« ifood Tncn tn the r*cr, *ny of 'whom,. T f*^l s\ir* to th« r»eoi>}* was heavier than the first! day for several years. Forty bal-} lots were cast and mailed out at | the office Monday. Mr. Kammack >, said. Other absentee votes were 5 being cast Tuesday and Mr. Hara- ! mack also had requests for ma.iltni: ballots to ether absentee voters who expect to b<« oat of the r on primary election day. 'otirsir will continue Ha?«man. tfte lightweight contender frcvTn ^tVaco. Tex., who b*st«-d Jo-hnr.y Ooodman irt the finals of the Tr»ns-Mississipp : . tournament at "Dallas recently. caroe in wJth » 35-S7—73 to tSc BHs» for th« lead. Th« Texans* card incldoded bsr- die» decuces at the seve-nth »rtd fourteenth holes. Hawman o«t 45-1 45^ S55—-3*5 I through July 25. The number to H&miniin in 444 5t4 S45—ST-T3 1 owt absentee vot«» this year Is «jx~ Charles Kistcnmachrr. Jr-, ?f p^^^ to ^ larser than lt xra, Paris had 5S-40—7$. two years aj;o. as more people ar* reported to be paanning vacations thi* year, Anyone -who expects to be absent fro-m the county. Jul> m 2S. primary election day, may vote at any time until July IS by to th«iv county clerk's office presentius: thr^ij" poll tax receipt «r exemption c«rtificat*. X HHJLS. OKUAHOMA CITY. tVPv,—EtI White. tJntversicy of Texas sharpshooter from Bonham «.nd runiter-iip Jn the national intercollesiait* championship, *so:«t- <xl * 74» four over p*r, to take an «*rly lead in, th* nr»t half of th* 3*-hol« qimlifytnir t«*t for the \Ve*t«j-tt Amateur itolf tournament 30 Office Seekers File $4,646 As Cost Of Race Thirty county citi;*ns hati spent a. total of S4,->46.53 to July S this yea-- seeking to become the "serx-ants ot" the people/* acc*>rdii5i.r to county candidates" expense accounts filed with County Clerk R. V". Hamnv-ck. Amous.ts included in expense accounts tiled rartgecf from $5 to S3£5 As all candidates are still spending liior.ey in pursuit of tht, a'1-lmp^rtant, but often unavailable vote, a second expense j»cc«mr:t ra«st tw fil»<J -with the county c'erk not before July 16 and not later than Jury ^0. Candidates for couoty otf'ces are limited to an expenditure of $500 each, t'our-fizrhs of -wi-ich may be spirit before th« first primary and one-fifth in the second prii«?ar>'. However, assessmrents by the county T>s:no<:ratic committee for putting names: on the ticket is i»t?t to he incJ«<3ed in the expenses allowed. Several of those candidates who filed expense accounts with County Clerk Hammack included the cost of havinsr their names put on the ticket. The- largest Us'n in candidates" expenses, according to account* filed, is newspaper advertisJiig:. Another lars*> item of expense is priotinsr of card.;. TVhile mar-y candidates have only the usual rec- tamrular bit o? cardboard »^iated_ some of thein have ymisira! shapes, *izes an«i colors. Some have the votinjr strength of the var- toias voting bux«* on tht-Ir cards aad «>rne have the roundup dates printed on the reverse ^fde-. ' Final expen.-«e accounts for the first primary must b« filed not betor* July 1* *.nd not later than July £&, accordittK to the Texas election law. : Hiabbell 5: Gonsez 3: Warneke 1; I MxiTigo I: Harder 2: J. Dean •£. { Hits—Off HubbeH 2 in * incings: } off TVaraek* 3 in I (none out TO j fifth >; off Mungo 4 in 1; ofr J. i I>eaa 5 in 3.: off Fraakhouse none j in one: off Gomez 3 tea 3; off Ruff- Hng 4 In 1 <norte out fit fifth); 1 Harder 1 in 5, Winning pitcher. Harrier. Ijosing pitcher: Mui>yo. Usnpires—Ffirmar., Stark < National league): O^'ens and Mo- riarcy (American !eag««,> ?5rst 4% innings: Owens. Stark. Mortar- ity and Pfirman. second 4H innings. Time of game—2r44. WEATHER With mid-summer approachinsi have -been afforded Qttte Cronr h*at the la»t few d*y«, s»> however, are cooi«r*and drives are a pl«*sor*. Tsn>-»tttres Monday ranged from 72 to £i deyreesv EA^T TEXAS: <^etwr«Ilj f»*r to p*trtJy ciowdy

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