Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 28
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ricks Give Zest to Outdoor Cooking IDA BAILEY ALLEN 1 SHrf> PTHfUhpri PrtflfVtttrt Anao" infn (ha fifnrvof-ftil mac4 IAA *<**» «cut !,«. «,At~» tv«..v. HrtjlOnfttfl** Chi*,* By IDA BAtlteY AtfftVfi, tad active gfowB-ups, too t neefl ftf geed protein in their Today wfc present two de- S, 6tlCk4o-the-rlbs foods lift to rate calls for "seconds" at any outdoor dinner. These 'buyers are great with theif deep-bwwfl flavor and the Wttra juiciness of instant Meat Marinade, and are sure to please everyone. There'll be plentiful supplies of ground beef in supermarket meat depart* »ents all summer and you can tick up a package of the pre- blended dry marinade mix at the same counter. This all-purpose mix needs only water, Then, just before placing the hamburgers on the hot barbecue grill, pop them into the mart. Bade to seal in the flavor. Measurements level CHEESEBURGER TURNOVERS 1 lb. ground beef (chuck or round) legg 1 slice crumbed enriched bread, moistened with % c. ice-water c. grated sharp American cheese 1 pkg. Instant Meat Marinade 2*3 c, cold water Blend Hghlty, but thoroughly, the ground beef, egg, crumbled bread and' y 4 c. ice water. Di< vide into 4 portions. Using the top of a Mb., coffee can as a guide, draw a circle on waxed paper. Place one of the meat portions in the center of the circle and pat gently to fill the circle. Sprinkle grated cheese over half of the patty; turn the meat over the cheese, like a turnover, and seal around the edges. Repeat with the remaining meat portions. In a shallow pan blend the contents of a pkg of Instant Meat Marinade and remaining cold water. Dip the cheeseburger turnovers and "burger dogs" into the prepared mari nade. Set the grill 1" above the coals and cook the turnovers 4 to 6 mln. per side, basting with the marinade. Serve on long rolls or hamburger buns to 4, 'BURGER DOGS Ingredients: 2 ibs. ground beef; 1 peeled small onion, minced; 2 eggs; % c. ice water; Instant Meat Marinade; 8 stuffed green olives, sliced; 1 tbsp. chopped parsley, to Prepare: Blend together thoroughly the ground beef, t ton, eggs and ice-crater. Form into 6 or 8 long-shaped patties to lit hot dog buns. Dip into the prepared Instant Meat Marinade, as above. Remove and cook immediately. Set grill 1" above the coals and cook the 'burgers a total of 8 to 10 mln., turning and basting with marl' nade. Garnish with sliced olives and chopped parsley; serve on hamburger buns to 6 to 8. OUTDOOR SUNDAY DINNER Mixed Fruit Juices 'Burger Dogs on Buns Big Bowl Potato-Egg Celery- and-Scallion salad Ice Cream on sliced Pound Cake iced Coffee Lemonade ftiES CMEf SUGGESTS TOMORROW'S SUPPER Barbecued burgers are a welcome at an outdoor supper. Add to the menu the following favorite go-alongs: sweet pie kles, carrot sticks, celery, rad lanes, green onions, potato chips. Fluffy coconut "cake makes a spectacular finale, and don't forget plenty of ' beverages! mmpmrn womm AS MXON ^OOLS IT M By Carl T. Rowan FRIDAY . . ; IN THE TELEGRAPH WIN up to $2000.00 Wtfc? iiwAYsrowiif N« Nrehttst Nte*»*ary «•"•«• •"; Kflfl o- 2 'Hfcpii See How Much You Save on Dinette Sets! r I '•.""'•* ; At Schwartz SAVE $10! 5.PC. CHROME DENETTE 30x40" Table extends to 48", has SALE PRICE •elf-edge cherry woodgrain plastic top. 4 chairs quilted vinyl with contrasting woodgrain vinyl mmm-m 5 PCS, backs. •' • •' *^'.^^ .;- ; . '' AFTER-SALE PRICE $69.95 $5 MONTHLY SAVE $20 1 7-PC. BRONZETONE 36x48" Tabk extendi , DINETTE * Jw. .Woodgrain plastic top, 6 extra eomforUble chwr» huve bronze 7 PCS Tinyl oorering. Vrl^F » r ^ a - AFTEK-SALE PRICE 9109.95 97 MONTHLY BANQWET-ISIZB AND Q CHAIRS ?V f, ^?.'>£ i \ • •we care What every new bride should know! \ Let's see! His shirts.. .starch or no starch? I His eggs... sunnyside up or over lightly? His coffee... a bit on the strong side? His steak... medium-rare or rare-rare? His favoritepie;«appl6o|<^ \ , -•••• ^"- 1 -' ;'••'- ,, i ..; Knowing these things is important Knowing this is important, too: A&P is a store you can trust Brides have been doing it for over t a century. As a matter of fact, nobody has ever had more brides walk down their aisle than A&P. '., • : •••-. • ;''. : ' •' . • \ , We think it's important for brides, new or old, to find a store they can trust, to know that everything they buy is totally guaranteed. That's A&P Policy. r .-'• .''- •"•*'.' s ' ' ~ ', t ."'.•-• No matter who makes it, if A&P sells it, A&Pguarantees it. Is this a good reason for shopping A&P? It's one of many. COPVHIOHTC THE QIIEAT ATLANTIC C MCtFIC TCA CO.. Super-Right Meats—Your Best Buy "SUMR-RIGHT* FULLY COOKED 16-T018-LB. AVERAGE "Super-Right" Quality Selected 7- to ft-Lb. Large SHANK PORTION Lb. 39 "Super-Right" Quality Selected 6- to 7-Lb. Large BUTT PORTION Lb. 49 "Super-Right" Quality WHOLE HAM or FULL SHANK HALF Lb. 49 CHUCK or PORK "Super-Right" CENTER CUT jj^ ^iW STEAKS SQ « Fresh Fryer Breasts it. "Super-Right" 3 U*. mt Under Boneless Beef Gronnd Chuck Sliced Bacon , Good Season Salad Dressing Borden's Cremora "jgF- Spam Luncheon Meat "&$f Creamettes Elbow Macaroni 2 p^: Kitchen Bouquet '£{; If-.Xf PMIaMphta pL_ nt _ IMMMl 8-oi. ^ran cmp x*neese, Rlt ,i, nt , Eflfl NoorilAC andChtcMii 16-Oz. egg nooqies ^H^ lnn Jir 39c 48c 57e 31 c 49c EuNoodlM and BM( 4eOfl Ub«l poflegelnn mam , Morfon Oven-Baked Beans Gold Medal Flour Pel Monte Catsup Del Monte Tomato Wedges Lightning White Cleaner Jeno's Pizza Rolls 16-0t. Jir 43c 55c 35c 79e 69c u! 55c Fresh Fryer Thighs a. 69c Pork Sausage » 79e Beefsteaks £ 73c Skinless Wieners !£? ^ 2^ M 35 Shrimp Cocktail 49e Sw- Sea Southern Grown IS- ID 20-Lb. ChHhdatHo Erin Charge BL California Santa Rosa Plums California Nectarines California Juice Lemons California Fancy Strawberries Washington Bing Cherries Fresh Peaches * rran 'IMS lMMb««» 29 Lb. •r 6ratn Ptpperi I*. Fancy Cucumbers Home-Grown Green Cabbage Home-Grown Fresh Green Beans California White Potatoes New Yellow Onions 10 3 2/25 19c 29c 99c 39c Swans Down Mixes $100 MYEI CAKE HOB ... M NMw t Dovns wttf GHMM Chocolate w Umon FWki SWB TINS Wc0k With Tills Special Site... Cantaloupe 39 Fresh Sw«»t Blueberriei Wnt Carton 43! White Bread Sandwich RoRs JWM Pirker R«(uiir 29* 4 u^i 99c Chocolate Brownies 2 "ft 49c Fr6s >» Potato Chips <£• 59e A&P Longhorn Cheese A&P Instant Coffee Flexible Elbo Straws Dove Liquid Detergent PenJel M, Nu Soft Fabric Softener Kotex Sanitary Napkins 79e Snack Time at A&P.., 99e Jane Parker Corn Chips ^ Vtf 59c wfb 25c Rippled Potato Chips ^/^r ^ 65e • pf.Sic 59e Cheese Corn Puffs 16 ^ P A *i& 35e 2'pin' 1 35e Jane Parker Popcorn ^ |9 C p 3 i,,°uc 89c Barbecue oA. Potato Chips % 0t - 39e 4% 48c Snack Pack ^p^ 6 ^ 49c Pinea Shamrock Half Sliced Pineapple in heavy syrup..."fir a real treat serve with Ham, on sale... this weekend Sultana Sliced Freestone Peaches Sultana Fruit Cocktail Read's Potato Salad S Deliciom Fnilb 3 29-01. Tint Qirnun Styl« Drink Tin WIN S $ 1140 W • •' H«i An Somi of tbf Many Wlwmt J, HU«HI$ Ul ANDM50N IRA E, MOWN t. IQSJT MRS.J. IROWN pM2' Tropi-Cal-O Juice Drinks f$S£3T A&P Sweet Mixed Green Peas Ann Page Italian Dressing Salad Style Mustard Beauty Soft Napkins Canned Soda Paramount 5$S Pickle* Cream Style Golden Com 2 3 89* 16c 29c 29« - (N Paramount Chili De-Cif t£S* Coffee Breew Oetorgeot Lix Liqiid D0tor|eit SwiH'iiitSborteiiic 9176e ? *1 N Mirgiriie 't^ 28« > £ T Comnand Hair Spray 6 &98o •4" Witk LiiviiDotorint ££ 7li Ball Jan g£ ft Crest Tooth Parte I***

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