Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 20, 1962 · Page 7
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 7

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Monday, August 20, 1962
Page 7
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Couple Celebrate 50th Anniversary flrof fifla fWtffftij m vase was ffi* ttfcte «ifrte"rpf6ce fof ------- " tad cently St 4002 E. Pf ieft lali C€lew$trjfif£ froff ^ ding anftivfirsfify $%f£ Mf. Mrs. Jofafi f. fcftgftgto wfo& marriedAtrgBSf 12; 1914 to S Pass, fex. MfS. fchgbam M tfc* former Rosas* Sfrelyfi ' of Sabtn* Pass. Mf. Kttgfca«i is a fetifed fice farfrtef. Hie Kftrgbaffis fww one Johnbie Ljwi Knigfiatn. «on, Mrs. Kinghaa received jfttestt MfS. Wir tfff*, fflfiSl Z6w( flf , ., Ilfiffl, KM Mrs. J. fl*S» flf Mrs. fft sWWfrC WHNJ Mrs. L-. £ ftififf Jf . tf Pftft AfflWtf , fig*., sftrf MM* ffeteft Bofdetrra* 6f feiStfftKfot, f «., foffi M&et of MVs. f&ftfteHh; M&M Arfeeft Bof-- detASfi of Besfcffnont, great ntece of Mrs. f&ghafiu find Mrs. Albert pffjw. Xfi fffeSRls If am dot oi Wtftf fflKf Lai« Charles catfed* dttfimj ffel day. WEEK'S CALENDAR MONDAY, AUG. 20 Adult &&tt« insfrtctitf) fcy Mrs. mes ffefan tfil fel hgfd Itfon- day, 7:30-9:30 p.m., College Oaks rtcreation center. the Sixty Piss fchA meets Monday, 7-itf p.m.. High Schdbl Park reftregtfoft tenter. Civil Air Patrol, senior and cadet squadrons, meets Monday, 7:30 p.m. ( Chennaaft A^B. Ccfarrrlcs classes are taught each Monday, 9-11 a.m. and 1-4 and 8:30-9 p.m., High School Park reef&tioft center by Mrs. MON., AUGUST 20, 1962, late Cfrerte fan MR. AND MRS. JOHN F. KINGHAM Golden Anniversary DEAR ABBY a Mvf bfae dress fcccesnotiei. She also wore a wide gold baud bracelet which Mr. Kinghatt Bad given her on theif wedding day. Her corsage was of white and gold edfoatiotis. Oat of ffros* gftests besides ffttto&d Mr*. C. fc flof<fe<fiaft, Mr. and Mf s. Mar* ftefdetnaft and tetmly. a«d EMfiBtf ftotdemaft, all of Seaw- fnent, fel; Mfs. J. H. Snider of Port Aftfrcr, fex.; Mrs. Curtis P. Catfifl of fidfifcs; find Mfi George r ontenot of De A. B. Nevils. Desk and Derrick clnb meets If He's Shoeing Off, tie's Lacking Something SPADE A'DESIGNER PATTERN By ABIGAIL VAN BUBEN DEAR A&BY: My husband does not drink, but e'very time we go out in public no one will believe he is sobenfrom the way he acts. Last Saturday night we went to a night dab with friends. My bus* hand weigtS 220 and is only 6 ft 7. He spotted the daughter of a friend of ours at another table, so he went over and asked her to teach hlift how to Twist. The manager came out on the f 1 o o r and told them'to please sit down as they were creating a disturbance. (You should have seen them!) Then he went up to the girl who sings with Che band, handed her a ballpoint pen and asked her to autograph his chest f He unbuttoned his shirt and she did. Everyone laughed but I didn't see anything funny about it. He's always doing things like that. When I complain, he says I have no sense of humor. Is he right or am I? WORSE HALF. DEAR WORSE: Your husband must fed unloved and unappreciated at home or he wouldn't try so hard for langhs and applause front fhe general public. Build his GOREN ON BRIDGE t<0 I'tf! Ay TM Chicago Trmunej WEEKLY BRIDGE QW25 Q. 1—As- South you hold:. AA10985 ¥A10G54 * The bidding: North 'East South West !• Pass 1* Pass 3 4> ,Tnss 3 V Pass 4 4« J*ass ? What do you Kd now? <}. 2-rA$ South you hold: A863~: + A62 4AKQJ982 The bidding: North East South West Pass Pass 1* Pass 14 Pass 3 4> Pass 3 4 Pass ? What do you bid now? Q. 3—As South you hold: 45 VAJ Vl0862*A97542 The bidding: East South West North Pass Pass Pass 1 Double ? What do you bid now? Q. 4—As South you hold: AJ72 VKJ62 +A932*J10 The bidding; East South West North Pass Pass IV 14 Pass ? What do you bid now? Q. 5—As South you hold: 4K5 VA8 4A1087632 *J5 The bidding: North East S6Uth West 1* Pass 2* Pass 2 T Pass ? What dp you bid now? Q. 6—As South you hold: 4AJ987 VQ8 +K8*K875 The bidding: South West North East 14 Pass INT Pass 2 4 Pass 3 4 Pass ? What do you bid now? . Q. 7—As South you hold: 4AQ VK876 f 654 *AK9G The bidding: West North East South Pass IV Piss 2* Pass 2 • Pass ? What do you bid now? Q. 8—As South you hold: 4A8 VAKQJ72 49734-K3 The bidding: East South West North Pass IV 14 Pass 2* . . ? What do you bid now? ego a little and lessen his need to show off for strangers. DEAR ABBY: How old do you have to be before you can go to the movies with a boy if your mother says yes but your father won't let you? ALMOST 12. DEAR ALMOST 5 Yon have to be whatever age yon reach when your mother and father both say yes. DEAR ABBY: My family is very "profession-conscious." They don't care what a man is like as long as he's a doctor. 1 started dating an intern who turned out to be a Jekyll and Hyde type. In the company of others he is perfection itself, but when we are alone he is aggressive and brutish. My parents refuse to believe anything bad about him. My brother interns with this fellow and says I am childish and old- maidish about his friend's advances to me. (This is a loving brother?) I am 23 and don't want to be shopworn before I marry. When I told my family why I wasn't going out with this animal again, my father laughed and said, "He is only a man," and my mother said it is time I was married. Am I wrong? SAVING MYSELF. DEAR SAVING: Keep saving yourself. You will find dishonorable men in honorable p r o f e s- sions. Select a man for what he IS, not what he does. Unload your problem on Abby. For a personal reply, send a self- addressed, stamped envelope to ABBY, care of this paper. For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Monday, 7 p.m., at the P i i t a House (formerly Green Frog). Night Circle of Woman's Missionary society of Twelfth tsreet Baptist church meets Monday, 7:30 p.m., in the home of Mrs. Clara Bourgeois, circle chairman, 3403 Rose street TUESDAY, AUG. 21 The SPEBSQSA meets Tuesday, & p.m., 1710 Hwy. 14. Social Dancing night for adults only, High School Park recreation center, 8-10 p.m. Ceramics classes for beginners taught each Tuesday, 1-4 p.m.. High School Park recreation center. SEAMS TO ME Bed Capelette QoodforBazaar By PATRICIA SCOTT , ing 10 inches free at each center" If you've ever been ill yorji f ™nt end for Ues - Slip-stitch rib- strips of rib- long, to th« Civil Defense Women's Police unit meets Tuesday, 7 p.m., in appreciate how wonderful it is toi™ 11 lo ca pelette. court house basement. i have a bed jacket that is not only ' , 5> Securc fy Advanced Ceramics classes: pretty, but is easy to slip into. ^ bon - each 4 taught Tuesday. 9-11 a.m. and 1 Most of them are difficult toi llr ! in S where y°u have marked . frort I to 4 p.m., High School Wear because of their narrow ^ t}l X - ^ 8tri P* 6 ? ribbo* for Park recreation A. B. center by Mrs. sleeves. This capelelte solves the, problem. You can wear it as a i ChennaaU AF Base, Skyway 1 loose cape, or tie it under the Service Club: 8 p.m., Family Fun Time; and 8:45 p.m., Social Mix. The Southwest Louisiana Coin arms for a sleeve effect. sleeve effect. (Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc.) Miss Scott is always dad to tel. Second Wednesday of each club meets Tuesday, 7 p.m., at Trim both with lace'and ribbon. the Calcasieu Savings and Loan By the \vay, this would make a For a very soft cape, make it| hear fr °m her readers, and when- in flannelette. Or, if you prefer! f, ver P° s sible wiH^use^thejr qws- a crisper look, use quilted Nylon.'"""" '" ' ""' tions in her column, but becaus* of the great volume of mail received daily, she cannot answer building, 1155 Ryan street. There .nifty item for'the bazaars coming' individ . u ^' lelters »«Till U*% A iMnrliu.* ...«.«..!...* I _ ... j_ r» i- .1 t HAfriPia Spnff Make Your Shapely Mark on Mid-Summer Fashion Mileage Anne Klein greets the mid-summer mark with a shape-making model, introducing a flattering new approach to fit-with-e a s e. Moving close to the figure in a low curve. Its skirt is softly gathered into a modified bell sil- ipuette then tapered slimly below the hips. The design was originally HALLS ARE IMPORTANT Entry hall lighting deserves the home owners' best efforts. The hall is the first part of the house seen by v^Hors and introduces {he distinctive personality of your home. It should be made inviting with soft over-all illumination, with a light at the mirror for the convenience of guests. And, naturally, a light in the coat closet is a "must.". DeRidder 6 & PW Club To Observe Week Ocf. 7 When a fe"cipe calls for 4 cups (1 quart) sliced pared apples, buy 1% .pptfnds — usually 6 medium size. Allen Academy Classes Start September 10 There is still time to enroll your son a^ Allen Military Academy in Bryan, Texas, where classes start on September 10. Small closes, outstanding instructors, • special tutoring and complete classroom facilities make it" possible for Allen to maintain- high academic stand- anls. This] prepares students to cnler the college of their choice and gives them a firm foundation on wliich to build their lives. Allen Academy graduates have begu. successful in almost every field of endeavor. Your son Vein a,)so get a better start by attending Allen Academy, which is reeognizrd as one of i the H-adlng"prep schools in the United States. Classes at Allen Academy start in flie seventh grade and continue through high school and junio^' college. Write today for a free catalog for a complete description of the school and its courses. Terms may be arranged. DER1DDER (Spl.) — General plans for the local observance of National Business Women's Week, Oct. 7-13, were made Aug. 15 at the home of Mrs. Nathan Lewis, when past presidents of the club met with Mrs. Creighton Pugh, chairman for that week. Tentative plans include the following day by day events: The group will attend the Presbyterian church on Sunday, Oct. 7. At a dinner at the civic center Tuesday, Oct. 8, the Woman of the Week will be named. The state Amazing N«w Mtdleal Discovery Quickly Fills Out SKINNY FIGURES WITHOUT OVEREATING If ekinny, thin and underweight because of poor HP- or eating habits take \Vate-On _ .. ., „ ... , petite or ppi . - Emulsion orTablota or New Super Fort ificc Wate-Ou. Puts on pounds and inches of firm solid flesh pi money back. WATE-ON is super-rich in weight building ca'loriea plus vitamini, minerals jmd body building nutrient!. Hoipita! tested. Faat-weight gains of (0 to 40 pounds reported. No ove r- eating. Helpi make buatline, cheeks, arma, legs fill out, help* put flesh on skinny figures all over body. Fights fatigue, low resistance, ileeplennet> due to underweight condition. If underweight is due to disease, ask your doctor about we value of Wait-On for you. Satisfaction or money back. Wat«-On KmuUlori, pint, . . *3.00 Wate-On Tablttf, (06) . . . 3.00 N«W Super Watt-On, 16 or. . 3.98 AT Pftua front* tvt*rwHtRt president, Mrs. Lorraine Mule of New Orleans, will be guest speaker. A past presidents' luncheon will be held Wednesday and the club members will take flowers to all patients in the local hospitals. Thursday night the club's bowling team will be honored with a Dutch supper at the bowling lanes. Friday there will be an informal coffee at the home of the president, Mrs. M, E. Nelson, honoring women of foreign countries. A TV program will be presented with radio programs each day. Each business house in DeRid- der that employs one or more BPWC members will have a window placard, and all members will wear name tags through the week. It is explained that the purpose of the week's observance is io honor all women in business or the professions. Kitchen know-how: upsidedown cakes made with fruit usually need about 50 minutes in a moderate oven. Here's Hint /or 'Poissort' Sdute "Poisson" is French for fish. Margaret Spader, home service consultant, points out that many French fish dishes are sauteed hi butter. When you try it, remember that butter has a low smoking point and will darken quickly when the temperature is too high. SO use a low flame. DEFROSTING FROZEN MEATS Frozen meats may be thawed in the refrigerator, at room temperature or in the low temperature oven. Appliance manufacturers association recommends the oven for fast defrbsting. Large roasts and when the oven temperature con- turkeys will defrost in 3 to 5 hours shown in cream ba"sketweave wool, buttoned in brass and belted with saddle leather drawn through side slits to mark the waste in its rightful feminine place. This ea'sy-to-make dress is timed for anywhere the going is chic, its present made perfect in linen, shantung or novelty cottons or silks, its future exciting in wool flannel, double knits or jerseys, Silk or rayon crepe. From these corresponding body measurements select the size best for you. Our sizing is comparable to that used for better ready- to-wear. Sizes Bust Waist 10 34 24 12 35 25 14 36tt 26V« 16 33 28 39 18 40 30 41 Hips 35 36 Size 12 requires 2 7 /» yards 36" fabric for dress. To order Pattern No. N-1154, state size, send $1.00. Add 25 cents for first class mail and special handling. Anne Klein label is available for $1.00 each. Available pattern books are No. 20. No. 21 and Duchess of Windsor at 50 cents each. Address SPADEA, Box 535, G.P.O. Dept Ml, New York 1, N. Y. will be a trading session and a Coin Auction. All members are urged to attend and bring a guest. For further information call HE- 9-9616. Business and Professional Women's club meets Tuesday, 7 p.m., for program, at Simpson Methodist church, 1611 Highway 14. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 21 Ceramics classes are taught month is Master Point night, in the Coffee Shop of Majestic ho- Social dance class for adults only held Wednesday, 8-10 p.m., club meets Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Lake Charles Duplicate Bridge High School Park recreation center. Mrs. Georgia Earle, in- Wednesday, 9-11 a.m. a"nd 1-4 p.m., High School Park recrea- structor. tion center by Mrs. A. B. Nevils. Chennault AF» Base, Skyway Service Club: 6 to 9 p.m., Leath- ercraft class; 7 p.m., meeting for Amateur Talent Group. THURSDAY, AUG. 23 Review course in social dancing for adults only, taught Thursday, 7-8 p.m., High School Park recreation center by Frank Blackburn. Golden Age club meets every second and fourth Thursday, 2-4 p.m., High' School Park recreation center. Ceramics classes are held ohursday, 6:30-9 p.m., High School Park recreation center. Chennault AF Base, Skyway Service Club: 6 to 9 p.m., Leath- ercraft class. FRIDAY, AUG. 24 Dude Squares Square Dance club meets every Friday night, 8-11 p.m., at Drew Park recreation center. All area Square danc- of ers invited. You'll Need: 2 2-3 yards of flan- book]et - HOW To ALTER YOUR nelette; or 1 1-3 yards of quilted DRESS PATTERNS, Which gives Nylon and 1 1-3 yards of Nylon ; com P' ete instructions for altering organdy for lining; 8 yards of riif- ;so J«at finished garments will fit fled Nylon lace; 5 yards of satin: Pretty. For your copy of this guide to correct fitting, write to Patricia Scott in care of this news- vv. .. (.um^w •> l *«§ Ul»-l^t U1J1. -tXt CJVT 1 ^\- J . - f -* , tangle 36 x 24 inches. On one 36- dressed - stamped envelope and 25 inch side measure up from bot-i cents '" coin to cover msts of torn 21% inches and mark. This P nntin g a " d is the center front. Place a yardstick on the mark and slide the up in September! Scott has prepared a • f • ribbon \i-mch wide. To Make: 1. Make a paper pattern following diagram. Draw rec- paper, enclosing a long, seif-ad- • • *"* stick over to the top 24-inch side until distance from mark to 24- inch side measures 21V-J inches. This is the center back. Now ; BacMo-School SPECIAL Allen Military Academy New Maja • DUSTINO POWDER SEVIER'S Twelfth St. Phormocy 2504 12th St. HE 3-5348 Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgef y Stops Itch—Relieves Pain H*v York, N. T. (SpccUl) - For the first time science bat found a now healing enbstenw Vith tjus astonishing ability to »hrink bemor- rboi<J», stop Uchlnjt, *nd relieve pain - without *urg«ry. Ip case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction Uhjiukage) took place. ||o»t aoufttiog of all-result* w«rf go thorough that sufferer* madf astonishing statement* like "Piltf have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new he«lln$ »ub« stance (Blo-Dyue«)'-di»coveTy o| a wprld-ftimous research institute. Tbii irobstanct is now avaflablf in fuppptitortf or ointment /onf under the oaiu* fr«pi<ir»tt»» Wi. M til druf $20.00 PROTEIN 12 EXTRA BODY Pre-Teen club for 9, 10 and 11 year-olds have' classes in ballroom dancing Friday, 7-10 p.m., riigh School Park recreation center. . from the original mark, measure j 1 down 3% inches on center front and mark. Again from original mark, measure down 3^ inches on center back and mark. Join two marks with a curved line for neckline. Join center front and back with a curved line, as shown, for hem edge of cape- lette. For underarm ties, measure in from both bottom corners 10 inches and mark 'vith X. 2. For flannelette, cut 2 pieces, •using pattern. If using Nylon, cut one quilted Nylon and one Nylon organdy. Seam center back of each piece. Mark three rows for yoke trim on outside piece, from center front, around the back to opposite center front. Start V.'z inches from neckline edge with each row iV'z inches apart. Top stitch lave over each marked row. Pin lace heading to right side of capelette around entire bottom and neck edge, with lace facing toward body of cape- lette. Add tucks to lace at squared corners. Machine stitch together just below the lace heading. 3. Pin lining over capelette, right sides together wtih lace between. Stitch over previous stitching line around neckline, fronts and bottom edge, leaving 6 inches open at bottom edge. Turn to right side through opening and slip-stitch opening closed. 4. Pin ribbon over lace heading of three rows on the yoke, leav- LOSE OR GAIN WEIGHT NOW ONLY This offer good Monday* August 20th Through Thursday, August 23rd and Monday, August 27th Through Thursday, August 30th. SOUTH6ATE BEAUTY SALON Soutbgate Shopping Center HE 9.9805 MONtyUE BIAUTV SALON 1937 Prlen Lake Road OR 7-2077 BROADMOOR BEAUTY SALON 1711 Hwy, 14 H£ 1-2690 P,S, Mrs. Bobby Khoury will be back at the Southgate Beauty Salon by Sept. 15th aud weteqirie! §D bfcr old lid new cus tomeri back for hew fall coltfur»s. i Ethan Allen If you enjoy the pleasures of family living and friendly entertaining, you'll love ihe warmth and welcom- FURNITURE ing cheer of our open stock Ethan Allen furniture by Baumritter. Astonishingly lovely solutions to itorage and decorating problems in every room-more than 250 pieces to choose from. Most modestly priced, too. FOR FAMILY UVIHG Ryu* 9096 Slenderizing Speciof COMPLETE MONTHS ONLY $ 19 50 No Money Down 6 Months to Poy Special Ends Wednesday at 8 P. M. "Unlimited Number of Visits!" Your Course Includes: Ail »poi reducing MecjMRlMl mg« Llihf taUnf M«rcltt* Isontttrta E<wlrm**t Com« at your <«nv*nl*nct if GuarorttMd Results, YOU will te** « much M « U>«. in t month*. «r mir moMV kMkl Weight OatMrt dwrwCSf «*i Slenderif/ng 4343 Common 477-2917

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