Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 19, 1998 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1998
Page 12
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwbod. Ml — Friday. June 19 ; 1998 Page 8 MOM>\Y MINI 38 Wild Discovery G' 40 Saturday Night Live 42 Melcose Place (In Slereo) 44 Biography 'G' 47 Taxi 44 Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 49 Dukes of Hazzard (In Slereo) 53 Lost Ship* 'G 1 T1:03 pm 32 Highlander: The Series (In Slereo) 11:06pm 10 (10) Politically'Incorrect 11:15 pm 15 MOVIE: Body Heat (CC) ;1:S5). 11:30 pm 2 Real Stories of the Highway Petrol'PG 1 14 Mickey Mouse Club G 33 X-Games (Live) 35 MOVIE: The Sun Also Rises (2:15) 47Newhart 52 Unsolved Mysteries (In Stereo) 11:36pm10{10) Married... With Children (In Stereo)'14' 11:37 pm 3 (3) 5 Late Late Show (In Slereo) 'PG' 6(6) 11 (6) 12 Late Night (In Slereo) '14' 11:47 pm 18 MOVIE: Uttle Faus* and Big Halsy(1:43) 11:50 pm 16 MOVIE: Skytcraper (In Stereo) (1:40) 12:00 am 2 Newlywed Game (In Sleroo) (8) MOVIE: Struggle* in Steel (In StoreoJ(CC) (1:00) 9 Simon A Simon 14 MOVIE: A Tiger Walk* (CC) (1:35) 20 (36) Charlie Hose (In Stereo) 23 St. John ol the Cross/St Teresa of Avila 29 Hough Guide 30 In Living Color (In Sloreo) 32 C-Net Central (In Slereo) 'G' 34 WCW Monday Nrtro (In Slereo) 37 News With Brian William* 38 Raging Planet 'G' 40 Dream On'14' 42 Talk Soup 'PG' 44 Poirol 47 Dick Van Dyke 44 Paid Program 49 Prime Time Country (In Slereo) 'G' 53 Panama Canal 'G' 12:05 am 21 MOVIE: King Solomon's Mines (2:10) 12:06 am 10 (10) Jenny Jones (In Slereo) 'PG 1 12:30 am 2 Dating Game (In Stereo) 22 MOVIE: Synapse (In Slereo) (1:30) 30 In Living Color (In Sleteo) 32 Magnum, P.I. 39 Blue Note: A Story of Modern Jazz •PG' 40 Dally Show 'PG' 42 Night Stand'14' 47 Bob Newhart 48 Paid Program 52 Homicide: Life on tt>e Street (In Slereo) 12:35 am 17 Making of The People vs. Larry Flynt (In Sleroo) '14' 12:36 am 6(6) 11 (6) 12 Later (In Sloroo) '14' 12:37 am 3 (3) Dr. Oulnn, Medicine Woman (In Slereo) 'G' 5 Fishing Adventure* 1:00 am 2 Access Hollywood (In Slereo) (8) Going Place* (In Slereo) 'G' 9 30 Paid Program 23 Be*! of Mother Angelica Live 28 Hashing It Out! 29 On the Loose in Wildest Africa 33 Sporticenter 37 Business Center 34 Sleep Files: The Dreaming Brain 'G' 40 MOVJE: Nlnfa Academy (2 00) 42 Howard Slern '14' 44 Sherlock Holmes Mysteries 'G' 47fWxxJa 44 700 Club 49 Monday Night Concerts (In Stereo) 53 Home Again 1:05 am 6<«) Star Trek: The Next Generation (In Slareo) 11 (6) Married... With Children (In Slereo)'14' 17 MOVIE: Down and Out In Severn/ Hill* (In Slereo) (CC) (I45) 1:07 am 5 Vibe 'PQ 1 1:10 am 15 MOVIE: Staying Alive (In Sloreo) (CC)( 1:40) 1:30 am 2 Strange Universe (In Slnroo) •PG' 9 30 32 52 Paid Program 16 MOVIE: Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (In Slereo) (CC) (2:00) 18 MOVIE: Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise (In Slereo) (1 35) 28 Word in the World 29 Outdoor Journal 37 Equal Time 39 MOVIE: Children of Paradise (3 30) 42 Howard Stem'14' 47 Brady Bunch S3 Home Again 1:35 am 14 Reluctant Dragon 'G' 1:45 am 35 MOVIE: Moon Over Miami (1:45) 2:00 am 2 MOVIE: Guess Who's Sleeping in My Bed? (200)(8) Stargaze* 9 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (In Slereo) 'PG' 14 MOVIE: Air Bud (CC) (1:45) 22 MOVIE: Mercy (In Stereo) (1:30) 23 Book of Genesis: Abraham 28 Christopher Closeup 29 30 32 37 38 42 44 52 53 Paid Program , 33 GoW U.S. Open - Final Round (Taped) 44 Law * Order 47 Brady Bunch 2:05 am 6<6) Rick! Lake 'PG' 2:07 am S CBS Up to the Minute 2:15 am 21 Charles in Charge 2:30 am 28 29 30 32 37 34 42 48 52 53 Paid Program 47 Happy Days 2:45 am 21 Family Ties 2:50 am 15 MOVIE: The Accused (1:55) 17 MOVIE: Network (CC) (2:10) MOXII-.S B MON, JUNE 22 M MORNING 5:15 am 18 Every Which Way but Loose A man and his orangutan pal pursue the girl they love. Clint Eastwood, Sondra Lock*. 197B(CC) 6:00 am 17 A Feast at Midnight 22 Children of the Damned Scientists experimefrt on children wfth otherworldly powers. Ian Htndry. Altn Bade/. 1963 8:40 am 15 Staying Alrve 7:00 am 1» At the Earth's Core 7:10 am 18 Rage A rancher's young son is accidentally killed by poison gas. Goorg* C. Scott, Richard Basehart. 1972(CC) 7:30 am 22 Miss Sadie Thompson Three disparate people dash while on a Pacific island. Jose Ferrer, Rita Hayworth. 1954 4:00 am 40 N!n|a Academy A martial arts instructor leachas a motley group. Will Egan, Kolly Randall. 1990 8:20 am 15 Lethal Weapon 2 8:30 am 16 The Hudsuckar Proxy 8:50 am 18 A Big Hand for the Little Lady A perpetual loser's wile wms tack their tosl savings Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward. 1966 (CC) 9:00 am 22 Fools Rush In Pregnancy poshes one-shot lovers into a difficult marnagc. MatthewPerry, Sa/ma Hayek 1997(CC) 10:00 am 3« Gulliver's Travel* An Englishman must save Lilkput from an evil general. Richard Hams, Cathenna Scfiell. 1977 * 10:15 am 15 Vibrations 10:30 am 16 Housesrtler 18 Watertiote No. 3 A larcical tale of a gambler's quest for hidden gold. James Cobum. Carroll O'Connor. 1967(CC) 32 White Palace A young widower has an affair with an older waitress. Susan Sarandon. James Spader. 1990 (CC) 11:00 am 22 The Undercover Kid A boy's pets clue him in on a terrorist assassma • hon plot Bradley Pi»ir.», Melon Htrdtn 1996 34 You Ught Up My Life A novice songstress struggles to make her dreams come lri*» Dtdt Conn. Joe Silver. 1977 AFTERNOON 12:00 pm 15 Sneaker* 21 Deliver Us From Evil Five novice hikers find a skyjacker in the wilderness George Kennedy, Jan-Michael Vincent 1973 39 A Pure Formality A police inspector grills a novelist about a grisly murder. Gerard Depardtou, Roman Potanski 1994 12:10 pm 18 Revenge of the Nerds H: Nerds In Paradise The Tri-Lambdas attend a fraternity convention in Florida. Robert Carradinv. Curtis Armstrong 1987 12:15 pm 16 Ruby Jean and Joe 12:30 pm 22 Battle for the Planet of the Apes Human civilisation battles for survival against ape rule. Roddy McDowall. Claud* Akins. 1973 32 The Thing Called Love An aspiring musician seeks her fortune in Nashville. Tenn. RiverPhoenix, SarrutnttiaMatTiis 1993 (CC) 1:00pm 34 Pat Garrett and Bilty the Kid A newly appointed lawman is forced lo capture his friend. James Cobum. Kris Krislofferson. 1973 52 Face Value: The Maria Hanson Story Based on the New York model who was scarred by attackers Cheryl Pollak. Dale Midkitf. 1991 1:40 pm 18 Rage A rancher's young con is accidentally kilted by poison gas. George C. Scott, Richatd Basohan 1972(CC) 2:00 pm 16 Infinity 17 Hero 22 Second Sight Two detectives rely en a partner with psychic powers. John Larroquette, Bronson Pinchot. 1989 (CC) 39 Silence of the North A woman finds loneliness, and hardship in remote Canada. Ellen Burstyn, Tom Skerrin. 1931 2:10 pm 15 The Gambler 3:00 pm 28 Scandal In a Small Town A teacher is taken to court over his anti- Semitic views. Raqu«< Welch. Ronny Cox. 1988 35 .The Emperor Waltz A salesman tries to sell a phonograph to Austna's emperor. Bing Crosby. Joan Fontaine 1948 40 Bull Durham A baseball groupie gives pointers lo a brash young pitcher. Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandori. 19B8 3:25 pm 18 The Woman In Red An otherwise happily married man obsesses over a model. Gene Wilder, Kelly LeBnxk. 1984 3:30 pm 22 Jingle All the Way A father tries desperately lo find a special Chnsf- mas toy. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sinbad. 1996(CC) 4:00 pm 16 Meatballs Part II 17 The Secret Garden 39 The Elusive Pimpernel An Englishman helps French anstocracy escape the guillotine. David Mven. Margaret Leighton. 1950 4:05 pm 15 Wind 4:55 pm 18 Tell Me That You Love Me, Junle Moon Three mislrts make a go al living together. Liza MinrxtHi, Ken Howard. 1970 5:00 pm 22 Til There Was You Tha meeting ol two fatedloversisconlirujally prevented. Jeanne Tripplehorn. Dylan McDemotl 1997(CC) 5:30 pm 16 Late for Dinner 35 The Spirit of St Louis Charles Lindbergh reminiscBs during his Atlantic crossing. Jamas Stewart. Murray Hamillon. 1957 EVENING 6:00 pm 14 Air Bud A lonely boy discovers a dog witti a nose for basketball **c/»»V Jew, K»vm Zeyers. 1997 (CC) 6:15 pm 15 Summer School 7:00 pm 16 Basic Instinct 17 The Peoo*e vs. Larry Fh/nt 18 Sophie's Choice A death-camp survivor makes a home in 1947 Brooklyn Meryl StrtMtp, K«vv) Kline. 1982 22 Maximum Risk A cop assumes th« identity of his murdered twin brother Jean-Claud* Van Dammit, H»nsindg« 1996 (CC) yy A Pure Formality A police inspector .grills a novelisl about a grisly muider. Gerard Depaidieu. Roman .Polanski. 1994 40 Bull Durham A baseball groupie gives poiniers to a brash young pitcher. Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon. 1988 8:00 pm 15 Summer Lover* 28 Jesse A nurse is tried for practicing medicine without a license. LeeRemick. Scott Wilson. 1988 35 Chief Crazy Horse Crazy Hotse becomes the greatest ot all the Sioux. Victor Mature, Swtan Ball. 1955 52 Moment of Truth: A Mother's Deception A troubled woman is lured into her therapist's curt. Joan Van Ark, Daniel Hugh Kelly. 1994 9:00 pm (8) Struggle* In Steel Tracing the history of black steelworkers in America. 1996(CC) . 22 Single White'Female A woman develops a deady fixation on her lemale roommate. Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh. 1992(CC) 39 Children of Paradise A pantomime artist and a nobleman's mistress fall in love. Jean-Lows Barraull, Arteny 1945 9:15pm 16Crtl*en Ruth 17 Turbulence 9:30 pm 21 The Searchers A Civil War hero spends five years searching tor his niace. John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter. 1956 . 35 Helen of Troy A kidnapped queen is the spark lhat ignilos the Trojan War. Rossana Podesta.Jack Semas 1955 9:35 pm 18 The House of the Spirits Forty-live years in the life of a South American family. Jeremy lions. Meryl Strecp. 1993(CC) 9:40 pm 15 End of Summer 10:00 pm 34 The Philadelphia Experiment II A modem-ciay fighter plane is whisked back to Nazi Germany. Brad Johnson, Marjean Hotden. 1993 10:50 pm 22 Scorned 2 A husband's illicit affair unleashes a wile's tury. Tana McClure, Wendy Schumacher. 1997 11:00 pm 17 Bone Daddy 28 Jesse A nurse is tried tor practicing medidne without a license. Lee Remick Scon Wilson. 198fl 11:15pm15 Body Heat 11:30 pm 35 The Sun Also Rise* An mnpolont war veteran is reunited with a .former love. Tyrone Power. Ava Gardner. 1957 11:47 pm 18 Uttle Fauis and Big Halsy A sfow-witted motorcycle racer befriends a cocky compatriot. Robert Rediord Michael J Pol.'Md. 1970 11:50 pm 16 Skyscraper 12:00 am (8) Struggles In Steel Tracing the history of black steclwoiV.ers m America. 1996(CC) 14 A Tloer Walks A sheriff is ordered to destroy an escaped tiger. Brian Kenr> • Vsra Miles. 1964 (CC) 12:05 am 21 King Solomon's Mines A legendary Alrican treasure attracts two people. Richard Crtamberkiin, Sh.iron Stone. 1985 12:30 am 22 Synapse A gunrunner's brain -is transplanted into his lover's body Karen Outfy, Matt McCoy. 1995 1:00 am 40 Ninja Academy A martial arts instructor teaches a molley'group 'Will Egan, Kelly Randall. 1990 1:05 am 17 Down and Out In Beverly Hills 1:10 am 15 Staying Alive 1:30 am 16 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead 18 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise The Tri-Lambdas attoml a fraternity convention in Florida. Rotitut Carradine, Curtis Armstrong. 1987 39 Children of Paradise A pantomime artist and a nobleman's mistress (nil m \ovR.Jean-Louis8arraull. Arforty. 19-15 1:45 am 35 Moon Over Miami Two Im- tune-minded sislers search lor millionaire husbands. Don Ameche. BettyGt t < tie. 1941 • 2:00 am 2 Guess Who's Sleeping in My Bed? A woman'spenniless ex-husbnn;] arrives with his new family. Barbai;i Eden. Dean Jones. 1973 14 Air Bud A lonely boy discovers a doij with a nose lor basketball. Micraet Jc ter. Kevin Zegers. 1997(CC) 22 Mercy Kidnappers play a psychological game with a wealthy lawyer. John Rubinstein, Amber Kain. 1995 2:50 am 15 The Accused 17 Network 3:00 am 44 The Pumpkin Eater A woman learns, her third husband is having an affair. Anne Bancroft, Peter Finch. 196-1 3:05 am 18 The Woman In Red An otherwise happily married man obsesses overamodel. Gene Wilder, Kolly LeBrock. 1984 3:30 am 16 Children of a Lesser God 22 Heavy Metal Animated. Tales ol fantasy surround a mysterious green orb. Voices ol Richard Romanus John Candy. )981 35 Sin Takes a Holiday A wrfe apart from her New York husband finds love m Paris. Constance Bennett. Basil Rathbone. 1930 . 4:35 am 18 Tell Me That You Love Me. Junle Moon Large enough to meet your needs, small enough to care. Our Dedicated Team Of Health Care Professionals Are Committed To Those We Serve. Come Visit Us. Health & Rehabilitation Center .__., (715)561-3200

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