The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 19, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 4
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PODS THE DAILY MEW, FKEDKUCTL HO., 8ATD1DAY, D] SO COMSSCSRCATZOK of »i^ set or ie- sews e.' *x;reHics of li* cc jtni a- Ta- K-*s »"_. be SATCRDAY. DSCEMBER 19, I9S1. 31ATCBES IN THE WOODS. Record* £t?i bv ;£* C^ ted States tor«s: ier.K« :nc-tate tia-. :c per cen: of ti-e cx/JSt-\ 5 fr-es: f«es ar» caas«l bv carelesfnT^ '-^ the UM- , i cutare f {*·» and notches :n th' lorcsw. Tr.e cigar ace pipe are c^=2r c£r-=cen Tesa eoacu«.'«d by ' x c- Si^reau ol standards sh^w that 'h« diicardtd c^- aretie :s 40 iinies as !'.i- r 'r 'o 'a -' a Sre as the discarded c.gar ..nd t-"jix th-» SrsaWJt menace Irod the u*c cf c g-ir-; and pipes in the woods is £roni t- v ' 1 wiib -arhlth :r.fy ire ^gb'.ea 1?TE5£. £r« are of Incendiary ^i. Nature occasionaliy turns rlre- braad. Cixld^eri and ; J c«a:ouM.'» set zaaay flres. Can:p fires are a menace But the ·worst cSencer is the man or ·aronsan who thrc'^^ a rr.a-cli or c:gar- * ette butt Into a p of dr Jeaves re- foie e«tinga^ Uicm hiisrs. campers, n:ctor_-its uriJ men come under this clai.'15ca:i Thc editor of American Forests tbe question- "Wnich cacs tne more damage, tfcc cigarctic or the aatcn" 1 It is a moot question, but t m?^-' la vic-sr of dsstractlca aroaglit by :or-«: Arc-; t'lf* land. Mo^t Jorc$t*"r? the match OE the arch criminal, come placing the ratio as high as f.\c to one. ·What ·marmrr of man Is he Tvho siien {qresis to hunt and cainp In !s EO thoughtless or heedless as to neglec' the simple precautions npBinst fire' Even the energy recpurcc 'o r. ck a match or pinch the burn", g C-P.Q c! 2 cigarette sscms vs tax h:n5. A sttins jnmiahraent for him in Ddrtc's Ir.Jenu would be a bed o* bamlr-.s fas« and hKifers. HOW CAN THET BE IGVOHED? Jmes W Gerard, lorraer ambassacor to Germany, advocated In 3 recent speech that Uncle Sam maintain an Araiy of 500,000 men. an adequate navy "and a resolution to s'.t tight and mind his own business." Kls formica is at least simple and easy to understand, the only trouble vrlth It IT. gtt coni!- fnani an attempt fa deJine iiwt exartlv what minding his own bu--to'-5s might siclude. Tradlt'onaDy, nothing th^- happoni beyond the seas is Unc Sams business. The Tear o' cntsrsli^g foreign affiance reHects that feeling, presumab- fy It was behind Mr Gerard's advice Tet :t has bccoru; more sid more evident, to recer.t yfars, Cat -Jic nation simply csnnol snut :*s "-ci to c% ec^ In Europe and As^a Whether '.'. lies It ur not, the United St-st-i has a TFJ direct concern in iut«rr,a::ocai affai-t B^nSir and esport«r to half the ' or a--how a the old gcrr:nar! fc rg " :~r^rr the doings cf .15 r r -ly-* The £rs: t.c ;-b t :- c M,-vn i.^ f^een those vho rre ?tx.e cnrre a, tfcaee who "e ni^'tlr sbo-.» :-·· la-- 5Iari tea" be t^o^r.o- but v e COJT."" keep traci cl fo-^r orlds- r.-,r.cii »..U three scandals all at Xie h-ur.b'e arc tr.-ise v u n t^.-k ;· vxteci to be p'CKic or . r;- lies e\-*p" Flapper Fanny Says--- -t?!^*- * *vjy* ^ $£irr \ rvvty ajteraoon except Soada; »S Tfc« Kf»s-Pos« Bu..a_5S. Court «'«!. rI3d, by SOCTM2RS PBaTTBia AICD oo. 7K£ INQUIRING REPORTER Aak* Five Penoas a Prevention Of Cancer SATURDAY YOU BEAT IT Bv Kettx lor C. C. Xcfatntr. M. D, City Md Omiaty SwUh Tbe was the beat ChruUnai you THE GI31. ABOUT TOWK Thews »u»Je in the *ir"-- music tit mui:c The O y DAL-GHSRTY When J ·*i* iii venn old. I tame OOFRKMR si.; se* tbr i»,g r-eiscs dot. I h»l jrt-a vu.:.3i ».. Use tar There isc ' sw a -» CiTiiUria* ' Juc it. ' 1.5I-53 RVTH PHEBUsj ' Th* 3r*t C- -«t o-a» I *T6» here a. »y o*n »ooj '. .t.. :_i*. e*r;oj.t »it so doe t« MISS MARY L/OCTSE LOCHXBR "The C _rji'nis^ or 132s There ·*«"«. lo'.a «·· pl-ic-t* !o gs and Ms oJ ne« acc -- ojs'an *s ' MARTHA PLYXN ' TaeyX* all *i « giot. I COG t xrrt* a hleh "»as i th* CaJted SWU» PubUe Health 8er- j c«nji«*ai medial u^t Sor the - tld( , ··-..y. one ot the r«i*ao* why so ns«iy !tU»! Ttoe i»U«rt must give lull co- ' U£K) j^^g,^ ,^ v type peop'e oj! of caoctt- lk» W tbtr l*et ' oj«»ttoc to !h* laKUoU prctese'oa, cnrtstiaa* in Vhlch all cesses of ' the dl$ev« ucuaUy *xlst6 for for U U obvspusiy i»poc*lb lor Mime time before u '* recossUKd aad phjsieiaa u render any help It has then proKreiaed tram i th* pauent aitpliea for U. The firtt cancer lo !rgc thjig, then, v fee- the public to learc uc* I*. V. uitrrfore, the C»n^er i-'jfn»'jv o cacccr and re- th4t everyone Ahouud P^ft £KniH£dsaU:ly to ft ptnybelan upo prtr^eot of liBpecdiiig. U a o*«uiBln« w«ew *» as |«ia- ""^ a** 01 " 1 * * »M«ck u. rotearcb. lul aa a »tuw «-iiy people w«£d «« I Ms * '*«* · 1 * UV «^*«r need W he dis- t».'x«ajtly to a physiu*n and w re- »w«*d. ho* »ad^ why U occurs, by nd cured Tnere ib a vreAt deal ol al- ekke u, svirpatM- * by Tr.t lam;i_ir sight ot holly sn CATHERINE POOLE ^'.Tsi* ».':* Utt s.y !or in* pt cwve Uic «i Cret there U The s ii'\ Asy luaip. etpeelaily raeJ *hirh eoro» «nd Bui petn or Uwonve*- In for ! c ***» Aid ·n« I"* 1 * 6 *"-" to to Chrj*i»»» * ttoo estn be cured. tf the gen- '·* J "y co-opera- p«ore«ion SOYA BEANS AND CABINETS POINT A MORAL FOR ROGERS ~? the RUua of Th* New D.«.irr". !· IS.--Tnere Is plenty it r r :\* mei.t .'. lft«ic count-let ·^ car.'i ».v«r h^vc »ry -ucit hit Ti* U.-KT. .'H^db,- ioutoiupoo PS-JU- Oo« »»«««! go a c.,-!«*ec« phy«lcian. to or ca»«r «rUI ha\« be«9 Pnyne»l «wmte»u»B» at periodic to but It M the best w be aafe. i «*"*-» ««»« » 1£ft »» «?« »»«* to »i»- toi ttr 1 CW ' "^ one ^ the ·»*« »M»ns ot m P«r- » ppovctton ^^tnst ihl« d*ea£e. Such care sare ,Mn* doee «»e« cr particularly , esas: ;)'a.!i-rc * r.r"i. b^ crO{ of soya ';*^r^ end tiwy h j » e n t told the ; TO ·· ars cro' Don't thiC .- d tx.i-- .', :i«- -A hi .it ar.d - ·: a: S-Hi'- 7 Yet we WILL ROGERS be gtvea to « spot where a tooth is i or where ther« Is an UJ.AUaC piat* «hlch hw pibbed until a ' aare hBw r9Mt)U?d : A-'iy UTcgxilw W«4uig or body i* a danger signal be jjmmpO h«*xied 1 Peralsieflt iQdJgecUoa with low oJ ^eifht ts a «ympum of c«nrer of Uu ·'s'omach, 'AhJch P 1 to fr«juent a« to nsafce !«A cari:-t i*i6»sb'.e detection iro- ix^rtant, Tnsirt Is nj evidence to show that cancer » cantaglout. There Is, there- Sore, no occasion to siiua a person i ·Aht hat cancer, so far as danger ol a-.g the d_^a*e In concerned. I irecaut ons to be taicen by Lhor,e | sre * oaee to oc Fr«3rtcfc IJie ucto that of aluuKigh witn ristag tem- p«-r£"4rea and »j sign of inoa a some- ; tne tur. v t(X qmtt i pre* »us years bud groups fnrfii the cuy noa jn, iricludxg Uu: Empty UiH C"ub 'he Children's Aid an., the Ijegioc Aux- tae BJt=* Club, Fwrd-^.cic High groups th« rYtceriri^ County £rcrrge:scy Relief Aaoet»llOQ Ss4 the annual CtriMniajs niec'lngfc are by the Dsui^hUrrs or ^he Afft^rtmig and naiighters of the Coa- acd the three eervtcc * ·* * and at cure They are effi- and other fcufeg are be'ag by the churches ud vHE draw hun- oredA of PredericlcujRlftzis in vhiQ90 hearta me Cnristinas spirit wtf per» e«!f One of tha tt , , . bre eaaeer is so ! fatal lue in the fact thai attacked are at first IncUnea to i ^^ tne tonditoa. Bonuj i amusement. try home remedies, others put tneir ' lr faith in the advice of persons who know little or nothing about this sub- i CUJ ' Chr-^tmaa r.i«nt, aqd boys dad Four ' ^ «x , .. ^ t r niore for lne ^.j Iepq , ^ « »-Ji vis:wn from «ther , tn:es aho v.'.U be here for part of the ** LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Asks Hour l.m« Fanners Will Submit To Insults Of Dr. Cook. Ti tht Eri jr.- o! 1h N-*5--Sir- T .e 'mccr^^fiitd v» "»t addU'tcd to hf ";^ of Jeltirs to the papers but · .v rci-o-.t Utt*r of Dr. L«on M. Bsu»~ --ook :n r^firrnce to the (kplcrablc ror"'^\tr"v o\er the appointment of a ^·iper^'jci.tu'M uf Enucatii-n for Fre«l- · rl-» ci'in'y. di^er,«t ayjrc Oiar. | -^ i.uU^-f Mv acq.lAln'Anr-- with ;'^r Pri'. S'thl ^r tic Svite Supor- ^.'"j.N.i'.i of E..uL.iiLn '!· a,s liailted as '* t'.at of Dr E»ubrook, so I am mo-e nifrned with the question ot I.-a^fpSe tiiun of pp*5«nality Thc -.nurttcc! iiiibbolc:h of Home K'_.e, tie!c rrv »f t'-.e d!s*!n- ,-'.2i^.-S Gmtno- of th" "Fret State.' t'C"t«5 tidied a holioo. mockl'rj \thrn the c t.iens and 'ttsiwjen. of ·r_5 rr any rthi-r tv J tmt3? are deprived f t! 1 " r*»ht to c. or*e thrtr own p'lb- ' ,- « --, .-··· \,-,o rccM'.«. t «ir tax ·n »t». b.^re-v U;o lime I'JS come for j ·U 1 ~*t I c«rn on the question of Jlowe Ru'e in Frcd-rtck county. Dr. Efta- brovk has i--hjndeQ tnu call Mr. Tas- ·_-i\rr s-id the r"«u'.t is up to YOU! WV"' arr , o ,, KO j rr . to do about, it? Ur' ss 3. c "ic rt'-J ellort Ls made to ·-top tr.'s vi!a rrgy of spusduig and to curb the dictatorial powers of sonic of the autocrats of our educational 6ys- tfm. th s countv Trill be UTvcked. HOM- .fH'3 vill tlie farmers of Frederick cunty suonut to use arrogant insult of one »ho hur'-s defiance at them whl!c ··per.dlrg their liard-t-arji^d tax dollar? "· Wli-sc rn^tto s*vms to be ' TRS- ~.;.or. but noi representation" Upon thr ·aslis of our h'stenc t .rt room tlitre is a brtvize tablet i,ivn v r.ich is jnicrlbtjd th- 1 names of i - l i p ' Immortal Men.' ixUo had thp i n.crlH to t II Klnc Gt-orge III'- t hcna lr. w i t h Ms pollrr of v,,;!-r.i,r rt-pre^er.tauon " It rr'^M tx- a wljflc'iomc Rcsturc worthj- o; o'~ bt"=c tratJuoas '.-. upon the oc- rj.: r. of Dr Cook's r t c\t i»lt to r^-^ltrirk a rojr.nuJtce of c.lizecs es- ro~c Mm ' · the border i^ic ^ith Uip , cp i" 't-r. ' i c"t cs:t st.iv out. MARKELL, H NELSON" lo^ed with Cancer to i: ? pr0%e *l "^- ot producing Phj»fcten. he should select , P n e rot capable .my e!I*ct. -uid persuim! but a ! n-.Utd application. It u desi-itbU: to treat all in Ui«-ir early stages, but In ] tion is it more nw«s»ary than in cancer Tha danger li like that of a fire At hrsi thero is but a t-park «,h'ch can ' ^.vtri. We slnHild I-sten u no \oUx- -raailv be es'ingutihwL As the flames | af dls«our.i«enient It t, bv r.\- iprcad the lir.. beromcb more and ur.ding th- p-^tr.t centers o' ca-cer m rw unmacageabJ. At last * oon-; research a«d oy creatng new centers ing fire dei c-ops and control to no , ih*t W cce«s wi!l be attn-ncd The 'f.T* BTTf.riln IAttYYIl*i rw-kTt*A- ( i-k.. .1.. u --^ » . . ._ good B ut jyjt, even a chat is btgun or i l ..J!i. . per ^ rs .*? en ' lEd wfcout reference w the present; of economic affairs of both the I one country at large and Frederick county! i mep.t increases rap.dly, tis! for that reason 6teps are to · Daily Lesson In English GLANCES George C!a misused: Do not say, ." Sav, "I co not re- agreed torts are nnanc^il d fSru'tiei Tr:ist Corr.panj o£ to contribute. Efla untengie the i of tn^ Central! Maryland, it hap' public He4!yj Service Jonger »-ithln human power The orgBnUwi » Br agamst cancer i most to contribute to the fullest extent ·UUch is oeluK carried on In aU civj- i O f :ts faciliues and personnel to the ..z. .. co-mules aims U» dscovcr all In- result «hlch wi!! be f-aught with such 'udual c the I incalculable benefit been announced by these interested in the projec-; if the new Federal tax do 't ut- plan becomes effective, Frederick may cases, of the disease at HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHBETN. r.aI or!can Mrdlcftl aud of Hxgi-ia, The Malaria Blamed. Sst* and author.tjes in medicine have a'trlbuted the fall of the Romun and Grecian ctvtl'csiioBS U) the drveloproect o' nxtiana among the population Certainly a constant incidence of this disease «^I devitalize bites the md.viduai the person is a possible convenor of ma- !a-ia Since die paraiitst remain in the blood for months pro\.oJbg that the individual Is not proue.-. treated, anyone who is not undtr?om? regular treatment is a menace to those around him Children suffer more severely v.:th the disease than does no asult Ne- '£n,"s. apparently are k-s offecttd by I {he disease thra are the Wiute people Malaria las been practically , stamped out of northern commumtks. ar.d cases are rarelj seen even in large , . . ,. . chariu hospital m tne northern part ^?. tv ' 3nti *'ta ^ Kake Cnnrtmas. Often mispronounced: Apparatus Pronounce tnira a as in · cay. · and at^eri a.*t«rr third a the pnyr Synonyms" Contusion, embarrassment, abashment, bewtltier- pay arnual'y approximate!}' $117,150 i men: In ."·'tra taxes, and if further syst£- i Word study "Use a sore three *-iirf$ ipitic g.ving on th part of Uicse able i and it is jours." Let us increase our to do so becomes effective, the local i vocabulary by mastering one word each situat on YIill be charged considerably i day. Today's word. Proffer -- 'for better or for -xorse." as the i an offer "He made a proffer of Good Boo'-c says B'lt some of the i services" l-*;c of a!! revs is that regarding the' * c';£r of the Commercial Bank of Varv!ar.! Today In History And Uius Chr-stmas gleortss and i fddoess mir.g!es' Thus the heart £ and pocke; book strings axe not far apart' Tr.'.is the da-.i ull Chlrst- 1 mas becomes more fe.\ . ar.d thoughts . of Chrtatni?s Day become more real. So. in the midst of sorro-v remember joj. and in the micjs:. of hilarity, re- niember the sobering influence of ad- 1731- Todar's Anniversaries. -Thomas Willing, noted Fhila- of the United Stotes Howler, the I ciseaie appears leirly frequently on | the coastal pla ns of tne southwestern Today enough is knonn about wa- !a-ia to make It possible for any community that Is ·willing to spend s-tlli- _ _ ,, _ _ c^nt monev to stamp out tae duease. ' states and ii the lliss-'s.ppt valiey be^ I of this fact malaria is btcom- i ov St. Louis. also m Texas Louisiana. ' ins ieis rmn-lent In the United States Arkansas, southern Missou-i and Caj- e-u h i ear It has been argued that a fo-nla Malarm in Porto R co and in nitHmn peop m the United Stat«s t r, c Philippines ,4 .-. serious problem (xwart.y suffer from malaria, but j _. vi mc*t fttithonl'es believe tnat this stata- inert ji in exaggeration. . 1931. a Ch-istmas lorg to be remem- berca ' -1IARY ESTHER. Luf s Stuff 8Mr : ! not ; tartly failing Tl;e jihjsician cuamose» malaria by the chi-act«ristic symptoms, which · mr'udo regtilariv recurring attacks of chili» and fe^er, the presence of en- Shop Plentj--And Earl}. In the more serious types of malaria Th f Da? o£ Cara-tinaa is approaching, d. anywhere from ' pnd WU--Vy °« our tune encroaching Ou- ihoppir.g we're reminded daily be accomplish***! soon, if gaily. Far as the rata" mopistit nears us deiphia. merchant and patriot, bom 111 PhUade'pha. Died there, January 19, 1831. 1814--Edward M Stanton, Lincoln's noted Secretary of War, bom at Steubermlle. Ohio Died in Washington, D C. December 24, 1859. 1821--Mary A. L-vermore. reformer, abolitionist. suffragist. born hi Boston. D'ed at Melrose, Mass, May 23. 1905 1831--Jane C. Croly ("Jennie Juise"), probably the first American nevspa- per woman, bom in England. Died in New. York, December 23. 1901. I 1852--Albert A Michelsor, fa:nou5 i American scientist, born in Ger-1 many Di£d at Pasadena. Cal, May 9, 1931 ^_ _ * - . - » f 2!. . -~r- .^ i- ' j SES. U S PAT. OFF ! 3 1S31 BV NEA S£SVIC INC. of the disease become chronic, and the fatality rate mav be less than five per ccr.t In controlluiR malar a, patients \»jo, 1 ?'* res "° wmscling tnought that sre sick with the disease are pro-'ected cheer5 «*. unless ve"ve done from the bites of tne mosquito It has Cnr sUnas bee n erfabLshod that the regular use , ch; » cc of sapping. enough to see Today In History. | 1776--First number of Thomas ! i Paine "s "Crisis"-- "These are the ernes j that try men's sauLs " i "Somehow, Charlie, she, don't seem to set them rs^s »ff like she used I'm afraid she's beginning to show her a^c." "hutted" j larzed spleen and the presence of the ' of sufficient dcscs o' qulnme will con- ' malarial parasite In the b'^ood trol the condiicn A ar- Nothing seenis q"l*« so unless as .· n W£iei3 the rcmpan? .-". t ary s:osc- "Hust Pay SI! Per Month Jj*it' P Mvcrs. thj city, wa; ··^·tx. Tl-.r^^a% c\emn«; at Eoyds. M^TTTTV cc'i.i'v. on a charge of - r-s'ipp-v* f J^ e!\ers a three months' -e "Mutter .- P«vp'es Cocrt F"iday -.-'-r^e :he ^e-.'.cncc to be suspenciod :i pv,HiT." o' $12 per month bv Mj- "-·; ;.T the s-pport of his wife and four r"!rnr ch crtn Cor^table Charles W Sr-;th who nrrr-t~d M-.c-s, wer.t to R-T-NT. -l.e ;ai'- ?V cia to bring ^aj-'i Lee r."ar Buck L^dste. ^ho tas arreststl f ' r movir.g pc-cH-is urJch v,e-^ · '-dcr ». ·*-". of iLsTair.t ir. this Twenty Years Ago Today L-cal tena from the columns ct Tre *c-s, December 19. 1911 ) The plasnwdium o* malaria, uas dis- ' q\iir!lne. called p'_^troJih 'vrea by the famous «:ient!st La-'jerted into the bl«xxi and P'actleally \i-rai5. who recei-.txi the Nobel pnze for sterilJc tne blood of those uho carry lh» adult sexual form of ;.e pa'asite. The real cor.trnl of malaria comes , thr,v u gn proper i^ncl ne of me breed- in? p'does of the iae.s3uK-»v. ' H at carry 'he disease. Oil poured ojs the water that canriot be remo-.«! h\ draining o- bv oth-r sr:r, tary measures ^-i!l prevent the development o' the m--«quito \ special form of I t s time thal " e ^^ 1J P ^d doing, I untecrs. ooh'n ma be in- Ior s " ^-"^ v%el! «» n oe rueing! J ·d and P'actleally ! The Joys of Christmas time are | f .»_ _ . %_ _. __ nszirinc n t^m n«~» n:.crrin * *« v.« 1 1777--Washington's army i as Valley Forge. ' 1864^-LjicoU-. called for 300 000 vol- J IN NEW YORK tnt a_«co\er}. It var. sbo^ii by Ross anct Grass! Uiat (he organism of ma- 'aii3 is transmit'ed from one human be.n; t- another thro-'igh the bite of th" an-jphe!t\« mosq'iito. -Vs long as the adult parasms are tr.t in the blood of the individual i-affir-.ent to infect the -X A LCFBURROW Lewistown Today's Birthdays. States Senator Gerald P Ne, of North Dakota, born at Horton- i ille. W-xS . 39 vears aeo todav ^ \ Ambrc-sc Ss«asey. not«d retired Cleveland tool and instrument · maker, philanthrop^t. born at Exeter, j eaiv hereabouts *o | birthday ol · AI.ce ci Wr.irn - s a --r^ nas oass fi^r^g- n^ broadcans -rorranis was son about. Arc \TATTTT?T?'Q J N A l U J l l i i O Ter- M- ana Mrs Georw McBnde and -au -- te- Audrey and 1L- ,Mc3~,d«tt, ^oi^r-a-lj*. all ,-f 3a.ti3iore. Mr a --- Mrs. Charles Fr^i," a.l of Thur- waSLt. Mr and Mrs W-lior actress, bom , n New Orleans. 6S years ago todav. O'lver La Parge, author, born ! Vork 25 years ago. today. bom in Xe . 01 -.he si ; f -5-; , -\ · J :n?e be f T_. Ian - _ -,-d with -r'liC.t t-ne Sla» sanator '-- - ·-» "-·· Mr arc Mr= - jj ·--- ·"" ^r adl--"-~'° r ti ^"s".- ·S-,-f .·· ,- -.· 3 "ar'» at a re- ·; i s* ". of -- 'S' Of S riir-ri t ^ ,,' a . * .r = F" c - * \ Htva P -..ncJ Mrs H t -r. K^-.^. M Fr -- Mr^ C Rons Nail in pjs-er S-_nf M^ii.;t,v the M J Gro-.f I..T« ,,- o -.-e 2'--. Foot- 1 an e= Today's Horoscope. Tae persoji borr. on Uts cav w. ?nt ,iave hterary abi3tiss of a high" orcer ' ihe trend be^ng to^rard romance or some lack of direction ot force and pc-ssioly of It ELST be that a i dispostifin to w-ork o-er old material · aoav prevent the best results, fr 1 - mere ' s r-iam indication of merit Quotations OPPOKTCMTIES TO HELP PF.OVIDE HAPP\ CHRISTMAS ! Ta peoo'o ' of tit tunej. :-. CJT z--s : a^d .--jdy -±£ --3 A- Ko.fe. orcaeatra leacer Sl^ra: "« Ch '-. T sr. j -"-·*- '^rsr^, S Mi ev »t» siF-.-ct. r»e ' i_.c -ap» sg -«es .. ESSS asd an- » * T ' l^ 3 ^ " 3 " e x r -- "- -- : Co --: ·»= - ^ t r - s i " csij--. -r: £sf c^s- 7re ""^ ^KUESE I e*e? kBe^ aises «-r-TierE--- ir_-a -- . 3- heli r- ,-a» .-.. irtrj Saci"-. 'ce asw: ' » assr BJS= cut ai see ,mon-- in rr.^-nory -;. lxi;ccr-s :_r_-. ~ -'^'--r.c:.r,£ ~^-^.-- _v »»z» .^ted --Clar'se Gaole nu~v.e sc^or : » -- TC tn ap- to ra^e «n..-per. Kz?e esis S2o..y ae*^.' ^"^~_" j -- Be. 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