The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIVE. TO DEDICATE . NEW SCHOOL Community Celebration at the ' Lincoln Building Tuesday • Night { Luncheon Wed. 'Hutchinson's newest and finest gTsde school building will he formally dedicated next Tuesday and Wednesday. It Is the Lincoln school, formerly known "as the Maplo Street building and serves a vast territory In the south part of iho city. Two dedication ceremonies will be held In the school auditorium the first a community utfUr Tuesday evening starting at 8 o'clock and the second Wednesday noon when the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce will hold Its weekly luncheon In the school auditorium. Deun I?. A. Schwegler of tho University of • Kansas will speak on both occasions. A. \V. McCandless, president of the Board of Education will preside at the dedicatory exercises Tuesday evening. Following Is the •program. Program-»Furnlshed by Lincoln school children. 'Music—Ddto Sloan, supervisor ot high schol music. Formal Presentation of Building to Community—Judge Chas. Fulton. Response—Judge R. V. B. Wilson. Felicitation—'Mayor Walter Jones, representing the city, y. M. Wiley, tho Chamber of Commerce. Kcan R. A. Schwegler, of K. U. Tepr. -entlng Educational Institutions of the state. Mr. Morgan to Preside V,'. Y. Morgan, editor of The News and Herald will preside at the chamber of Commerce lunch eon Wednesday noon. The program for this event follows: Luncheon—12 o 'clock. Demonstration showing objectives of education—Children of Lincoln School. Address—Dean R. A. Schwegler, Nnlvcrslty of Kansas. 1 p. m.—Visitation of rooms with children at work. NAME CABIN AFTER MRS. W. G. FAIRCHILD Leader of First Girl Scout Troop in Kansas Honored by Local Scouts. A nnnio Tor the Oirl Scout ihin has' 'sen found after considerable deliberation over a series of prospective ones. It will be called Falrchlld cabin, named after MrB. W. 0. Fulrchtld who was the found, ed ot the first Girl Scout troop in Kansas. All three troops are making preparations for u grund opening which will be held some time around Thanksgiving day. Everyone Is Invited, especially those who built the cabin who ha"o been asked to supper . The troops and their leaders are: Troop one, under Miss Ida Stuntz, composed of girls over 1G years of age; troop two .under Mrs. James Manna, with girls betweei 13 and 16 and troop three uni"?r Miss Marle Brink, from tho ages to 10 to 13. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Ollvs Robsrtf. Barton. DADDY GANDER TAKES HIS LEAVE Stricken With Appendicitis Ernest Womaclt, of Syivia, Is at the Grace hospital, where he was brought In a critical condition wit happendicitls. He was taken suddenly ill, nnd It was found that gangrene had already set in. His father, Joe Womaclt, who has been working at Deertleld, Kan., Is here with his son. "Helpl help!" cried the cook 's voice Just then, as he rushed out of his kitchen waving his arms wildly. When Mrs, Goose grabbed the magic dust-p'an from the peddler In tho yard of tho palace ot the King of Yum Yum Land, she flew up to the tower where the white crow "I've got It!" she cried delightedly. "I've saved Daddy Gander's dust-pan for him. It's a good thing we camo when we did." "There goes Daddy Gander now," said the crow nudging Mrs. Goose with his wing. They could hear Daddy 's voice saying, "Well, good-bye, King. That was a fine dinner we had. But I'll juat put In a good word for home folkB. The dinner your cook prepared with the magic fork was good, but Mrs. John's home-made bread was better." "I agree with you," said the king. "That was tho best bread I—" "Help! Help!" cried the cook's voice just then, us he rushed out of his kitchen waving his arras wildly. "The magic fork Is gone! Someone stole it." At that Mrs. Goose and tho crow •flew down. "It was the peddler," they said. "We saw him putting a fork In his pack." . "Good riddance, 1 ' declared the king. "Let him keep 'both the magic teapot and the fork. Magic never will take the place of hard work. Cook, you hoard what I ,said." "Yes'r," said the cook meekly. "Then back to your kitchen and kettles!" cried the king. "And hereafter when I am hungry, do not serve me crumpets and tea." "Yes'r!" said the cook still more meekly. And ho returned to hi? kitchen. "I hope that old peddler never comes back," said the king. "He'', made more trouble In my kingdon than six barrels of monkeys." "That may be," said Daddy Gan der, "but if it hadn't been for thi peddler and the trouble he made we never would have found the House-Thnt-.Iack-Bullt." "How do you know you've found It!" remarked Mrs. Goose. "Humph! I know that It is right XmasHeadquarters Where Your Xmas Dollars Do Double Duty DUCKWALL'S You will find thousand* of things here you want. ' Buy at our low prices and use our "LAY-AWAY", Plan and your Xmas. shopping will be a great pleasure and a saving. DON'T FORGET—SHOP EARLY Childs Chairs, straight and Rocker; only 25c to $1.65. FORDS—Coupes, touring, sedans and tractors. 45c. Mechanical Toys. Staples and novelties of all kinds. 10c to 59c. DRUMS and PIANOS—Drums 25c to 89c; Pianos 50c to $5.25 TOT-BIKES—Three sjies. 93.25 to $4.50 IRON TOYS all the favorite items. 10c to 89c. AIR RIFLES—"Daisy." All sizes. 79c to S4.85 TRICYCLES Four lines and three sixes to each line; priced at— $2.98 to $13.25 SAD IKONS-Just like mothers. 10c to 45c. SCOOTERS A wonderful all-steel, Rubber Tires, disc wheels with rear stand. only $2.98. DOMINOES, Etc.—A site to suit you. 10c to 35c. TELEPHONES— They really talk. 15c to 98c. , GAMES— Reck, Pit, Touring, etc. Card games for all 5c. to $1.25. Black Boards, real edu­ cators—45c to $3.75. HAM and SAM—they will amuse you. only 89c. Coaster Wagons—Pioneer, five sixes—Express Wagons 65c to $2J9. All steel roller bearing, rubber tired coasters—large sise $6.25 to $7.75 KIDDIE KARS—the line is complete. $1.45 to $2£0. 8PltCU.«i^2piKlS American Flyer Trains. All sixes, both spring and electric 89c to $7.89 BOOKS Booklets and Cards. Our line includes Scout Algier and Popular Fiction Books. 5c to 85c ORNAMENTS And tinsel. See our line before you buy. A most beautiful line. Many Designs. lc to 10c DOLLS-DOLLS Over 60 different kinds. If we can't save you money on Dolls, we'ain't want to sell them. Come see— lc to $5.25 Each • • • OUR FRESH QUALITY CANDIES WILL PLEASE YOU..., up there sitting on that cloud In tho sky," said Daddy. "That's where It blew when Mrs. John's brendsponge raised it so 11—" Suddenly ho slopped talking and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. "It's gone!" he cried staring at the sky. "Tho cloud's gone! And the house and tho Twins with It! Now it's all to do over again. I'll not only have tn hunt for Jack's house but the Twins as well." "You have your appetite to thank for that." scolded Mrs. Goose. "Wheu you brought, the cook,home on your magic dust-pan, you had no business to stay to dinner,'' "But It did smell so good!" said Daddy. "Well," said Mrs. Cioose more kindly. "It's not as bad as you think. Tho white crow here has saved everything. The wind blew the house onto a mountain nnd the brownies carried it down to the earth. The white crow came and told me nil about It. That is why •we're here. Everything Is ready and waiting for you to move the house bnck to Pippin Hill. We'd better hurry it Jack and Jill and Mrs. John nre to have a place to sleep tonight." "I'm ready!" cried Daddy. He Jumped on his dust-pan and Mrs. Goose nnd the crow jumped on her broom and waving good-bye to tho kins and all Yum Yum Land, they flew otf to get the Twins and the Housc-That-Jack-Hutlt. (To Be Continued) (Copyright, 1924, N'EA Service, Inc.) NEW FIRM TO HANDLE FOREIGN SECURITIES The B. C. N. Real Esta'2 Trust, a Wichita firm which specializes In foreign securities has opened a branch office hnre at 46 First National Dnnk building, J. Richard Hunter Is here In chareo of the local office. The firm wan organ­ ized for tho handling of foreisn securities a little more than a yeai ago. German and Austrian bondi and securities from other conn, tries arc bin? handled. mm! When will you find out how good they are ? CHOCOLATES nanBffiHHHH 11. Lowney's Chocolates Can Be Purchased FOLTZ PHARMACIES Finest and Fastest to Florida Starting December 1st The Floridan—ihe DeLuxe Train runs through to Miami daily. Time again shortened 45 minutes faster. Lv. Sc Louis Ar. Birmingham * At Jacksonville • Ar. West Palm Beach At. Miami • • 360 p. a, 5*40 *.m, &50n.m, 7:40 a. m, 1045 a. m, Ax. Tim pa • Ar. St. Petersburg Ar. Sarasota • Seminole "dependable all-year train to Florida with an enviable record ol on-time arrivals—lesves St. Louis 9*32 p. m. daily. Arrives Jacksonville 7:50 a. m. second morning making connections for all Florida resorts. Through sleeping cars with drawing rooms, compartments and open sections to Jacksonville, Tampa [effective Nov 15] Sarasota via Tampa [effective Dec 1] Miami [effective Dec. 28th] and Savannah, Georgia. Observation car, dining car and coaches. • • 530 a.m. 8:00 a.m. • • &00 a. m. All provisions for luxurious travel; observation, dub and dining cars; drawing room, compartment—single or en suite—and open section sleeping cars to St. Augustine, West Palm Beach, Miami, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota. Pullman passengers only. Valet, maid, manicure. On-time arrivals assured by powerful mountain type locomotives and well-maintained roadbed. Illinois Central Service All the Way Our beautiiul booklet "Florida" contains many valuable pointers. Write for it Aiirem mail Inquiries to R. J. Bltatarfeldt, Traveling Paiienf.r Aftnt llllnata C«ntr*l K. It. 431 Rallirir BU(.. 7 IS ud Walnut SU., lulu CUr, M*.

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