The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 3, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1918
Page 10
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t»Af!K TF,N, THE HTJTOHISfSOH KB » f REMOVAL SALE On account of our lease havinR expired, we will hold a Removal Sale. Everything in stock at a biff reduction. Watches - Cut Glass Jewelry Silverware Clocks White Ivory Leather Goods M. WELCH; Jeweler 18 North Main RESINOL ****** ****** & •"WtktHti Use esinol irst for skin "troubles T')el;iy in the f>ref>?r treatment id skin troubles is dangerous. Kvery day spent in trying unproved remedies may only let the disorder spread and become more and more deeply seated. The value of KcsinolOintmcnt is known. For over twenty years it has been used as a soothing healing remedy (or the akin. If applied in time, it usually checks the itching and reduces the eruption right away. But even in stubborn, long-standing cases, it la surprising, how quickly this-penile, yet effective ointment brings results. All drtitffUu sell Resiool Ointment. Jlftn with ttndtr factt find tkt n\k l.ithrr a/ A>«'**/ S^avinf Stiek dtligki- Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Dillon can be arranged ut any timo by culling my offlco phone, Nlckerson 29 ut my expense. Sept. ,1--Mrs. Long, weflt Nickerson. 3 Bouth and 1 Sept. 4—Mummy and Hedbarn, I miles euwl nnd 2 miles south of Nick- crson. Sept. G— Wilson, 2 east and 3 south Reformatory barn . Sept. G—M. McCorm'.ck, southeast corner of Nlckerson. Sept. 10—Sherm. Thompson Est., U miles southeast of 1'arli'ldge. Sept. 11.—Jaul Iluskijk north end of Monroe street, Hutchinson. Sept. 12- Will Wiltmer, 5 miles west and Vi nille north on*17th street, Hutchinson. Jesse Langford School Teacher Needed Brains "I never have had such a 'God-send' come to me as when I took the first dose of Mayr'a Wonderful Remedy. I was afraid I would have to give up my school because of severe stomach, liver and bowel trouble which caused such a pressure of gas that 1 could not use my brain at times, and my heart would palpitate awfully. Since taking a treatment of Mayr'a Wonderful Hemedy a year ago, all this has disappeared." It is a simple, harm less preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the Intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal ailments, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. Uuvall's Pharmacy ami druggists everywhere. INFANTRY ACTIVITY Not So Much ol It In the Lasl Two Days on War Front. IT IS SOMEWHAT LOCALIZED Changes In Conditions ol the Battle front Have MatlS This Necessary. ALFALFA SEED For Hall Planting $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas grown. Non- irrigated—write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson, Kaiis. Blsonte Barber Shop Located In the Disonte Hotel build lng, south entrance. We do your work as you want It done. No long wailing. If you shave yourself lot us sharpen your razor Work called for and delivered. Give .us a trial. JOHN URBAN, Prop. A DAGGER IN THE BACK That's the woman's dread wl.t-n she RI M H up In the morning to atari the days w"rk. "Oh! how my biu-k ueM'S." HOJJJ MISOAI J Hanielm OH Capwietf i:il;en |o- tiuy tta -SQ th« buckacho »-r tomorruv — UiKen every <h«y t-tuls iho bir.'ka.*.na lot* ail Um*\ 1 'on't delay. What'ih* 1 **se or HurforfiiB? Hefiln taking GOLD MftDAJ* Haarttm Oil Capsules ltd ay JIII J bo relieved tomorrow. Take thret; ov tour every day and bo prmnitntly free Trum wi ending, tllt-lres-sinc boc'ik paJn. Uut be sure to pot CSOLD MKDAI,. Since 1C1W GOLD MEDAL IKmiiom Oil has been the National k*>m*<iy or Holand .the Goveni- iiifiU of the Netherlands having granted n.sptH:tal charter authorising Its preparation and sale. The housewife of Holland would altnoHt as soon b*' without bread aa she would wlthut her '\Uwi-l Dutch Drops," OH she quaintly rails GOLD MKDAL Haarlem OH Capsule*. This la the one reason why you will find the women and children of Holland HI * sturdy and rbust. GOLD MKDAL are the pure, original Haarlem Oil Capaules imported dlreet from the laboratories In Haarlem, Holland. Hut bo aure to get GOLD MJ-JDAL Ijook for the name on even' box. Sold by reliable druggists In sealed package*!, threo slaes. Money rufunodd if they do n«-t tielp you. Accept only the GOLD MEDAL. A! others are imitations. * Let Me figure on Monarch Weather Strips for your home. Save fuel, keep warm. No obligation to show you. G. T. Bronleewe 120 l4tli West I 'lione 5.23 METHODIST MID-WEEK MEETING. a, f «j <•> ^> <$> <j> <5> <!• <s> <?. <•> The average prayer meeting attendance for August, ut First church, was 124, a little better than ten percent of resident members. Sunday school Interests were considered during the month, and will have soino attention this month. Wod- mewlay night, this week, our subject I will bo "Praising God." l/esson, Acts , 2^41-47: 10:44-18. Come and bring a ;praise testimony for another who cannot come. Ail -ages will have a place ijn this meeting. I Official board meeting; at 9:10. p. m. Important. W. G. LKM.MON, Acting Pastor. Wllh the Trench nrmy In France, Sept. 2.—(By The Associated Press.) —localization In the activity of the Infantry lu the past two days, has given the appearance of the relinquishment of the pressure on the [lying Gorman lines from the Souiinc to Solssons. The altered face or the battle is due lo changes in the conditions of the ground and tactics, and though the lighting has been Confined to comparatively short sectors north of Solssons, north off Noyon and around Nesle engagements of the utmost importance have been in which the Allies have gained advantages that explain the enormous sacrifice the Germans made to hold them off at those points. , Near Solssons. North of Solssons, General Maitgln's forces after three days of furious combats, in which positions were taken and re-taken several times, have pushed forward on the plateau that overlooks the valley of the Allette behind CltcmJn Des Dames and from where the citadel of Laon, one of the stoutest pillars In the German secondary line of defense may plainly be seen. \ The French and Americans met around .luvigny the elite of the German army, Prussian grenadiers storming battalion and hardy mounted infantrymen. They defea^d them decisively, taking an enormous death roll from their ranks and sending goodly number of captives lo the rear. The Associated Press correspondent saw a column of these prisoners filing back over the plateau to the west where white wood crosses over fresh graves marked the scene of other recent defeats. Some were young, but all were sturdy and humiliation and depression showed in their faces, rather than the satisfaction showed by other prisoners over their final treat from the interne of war. American Tanks. Tho Americans co-operated "In the attack on Juvisny with the type of tanks which the French have named "chars D'asBatit", shock cars. These engines of., war have beeu called mored infantry." They have all the suppleness of troops afoot and they advance readily into the enemy's positions dealing death with gruesome profusion from their quick flrers and cannon. One of those cars manned by a French lleutonant killed" 20u Gentians before Juvigny. He had just abandoned a damaged tank' to take the place of a wounded man in another. Ills pilot, whose orders were lo stay by tho disabled car, was unable to resist the enthusiasm ot the charging troops past bis abandoned post and fell in with a platoon of Americans short of officers. • The pilot showed them the route and fought -with thorn all-- afternoon. "It's good to see how those Americans fight," this boy said to the correspondent, "we are glad to fight with them. Together we will get the Germans." North of Noyon. Very sovere fighting.has been going on also north of Noyon, along the Meve river and tho Canal Dunord and around Nesle. After forcing the last, fortified centers ot. resistance around Roye. and Chnulnes, the French arrived at these points, confronting natural obstacles which tho 'Germans utilized lo their 'best ad- vuntage. The course of the river 'Sommo and the canal running pur- TVE TRIED IT OUT, AND I KNOW" A. H. Davit Says "Orgatone Deals Anything I Ever Saw - r In All My Life." WAS SICK TWO •VCARS eels 100 Per Cent Better in Every Way—Eats and Sleeps Fine. Mr. tt. A. Davis, a construction man, one of the bcsl» pleased men in Wichita, and when he talks ot what Orgntbne treatment has done tor him, the genuineness of his enthusiasm never falls to convince his Henrera that his faith It Well founded. "I trlod It out and 1 know," he-until at Dockum's drug store, some time ago," and I want to say right here and now that what the first bottle of Orgatoue has done for me beats anything 1 «ver saw in my life. 1 was actually so-weak and run down that when I 'd got up In the morning I would feel'more tired and, worn out than when I went to bed. 'The fact is, 1 haven't felt like a well man in over two years, for my stomach just seemed to go back on me entirely and 1 couldn't digest anything right and 1 didn't get any strength and nourishment from what I 'd eat. My appetite failed mo and things got BO they didn't taste right, and most of my food didn't seem to have any taste at'all. I waB nervous all the timo and couldn't Bleep at nlgbt, and 1 would have pains all over my body and would feel sore and stiff. My right lung seemed to be affected and pained me almost constantly, in fact it was impossible for mo to lay right side at night the pain was severe. 1 had little or no energy and was so blue over my condition that was out of sorts most of- tho time, for I didn't 'oee how I was going to keep up much longer. 'Since 1 got-on to tills Orgatone and tookthe first bottle, I'really •feel much younger and I'm getting just as spry and cheerful as the next one you'll eome across, I'm'over 100 per cent better in every way. The pains have left my lungs as well as the soreness, 1 eat good, sleep good and everything tastes good and don't disagree with mo in the least particle. To make a long story short, all. these old troubles have left" me. feel like a man that has been made all over again: "I'vo told o, lot of people about this treatment, and I know a good many that are taking it. and they are getting just as good results as I am. "I can't say enough about this Or­ gatone —It 's certainly great!'~ . Orgatone is not a so-called patent or Secret remedy but is a new scientific treatment containing no alcohol or other stithdialing drugs and 1 B sold in Hutchinson' exclusively by the A & A. Drug*Co. ; '«ut of town people aro being supplied! all charges prepaid, Upon receipt of price,' $1.S5 per bottle of six bottles for M.25. (Advertisement.). r UNLUCKY FOR. DANDRUFF Ow-ncU ]5ctenmUs>uii condition*, tfnt Dj >fiUfU- liottBtopB thoitcbiiitf — (15) W plica Uou» IwalUvt-lr auaran- td tp kill «*y*ry euf Ui« tlx wil- in iter mi ioftttt- lny tils mrtmgp dandruft ic«,lp. STOPS BALDNESS ]1t« fUnJrul! K«nB uu«t u. bilon iroiir wilt «v*r huv. t ttunu to E MWI, .uonf, li«aUux MiJ UiiuiUnt. WMiy TU»r wmVH BO U(WH. Jtls wfcntlflc, MnUAnr. liupully (wfumiNj. ni c.rUlo O«BUI to nil tcalp uunu.. A»k your Uwl>«r;;<«t4irtil1ii»f"wl»>ok!«l« w,u * LUCKY TIGER DANDRUFF CO. KANSAS CJTV, MO. The Twentieth. Camp Funston. Kan., Sept. 3.—It la something of a distinction, tho recruits of the Twentieth Regiment claim, to be new at soldiering and ftilt belong to Iho oldest regiment in camp. The Twentieth Is by many years seniority, the "veteran legion" of the cantonment. It has a unique history dating back to the Civil War and since that time Its activities Included-control of the Indians lu Dakota, Kansas and Texas. In tho Spanish-American w-ar it Haw service In both Cuba and the Philippines. Colonel! W. 1L Jordan who has seen twenty years service in the army, has prepared a history of the Twentieth of which he now 1 B com. luandlng officer. ollel before the front east of Nesle offered a sub-water line vflth marshy 'ground between. Fording there was so difficult that the roads must bo used and the Germans concentrated artillery and machine gun fire on all the roads; bridges and approaches. The rivulet Ingon presents the same conditions from Nesie to where It flows into the Somme. Further south, in the region of tho tunnel the unfinished part of the Canal Dunor is now full • ot water.' This offered another strong natural obstacle, -which the enemy utilized to the utmost. Aided by splendid observatories on tho heights to the east, well sustained fire of concealed infantry supplemented by frequent counter attocku, made the crossing extremely hazardous. But the French succeeded In forcing a crossing ot the Ingon between Qulquery and - Rouy-La Petit at 0 o'clock last evening, slipping through the enemy's advanced positions to tbr edge of the plateau extending toward Ham and were attacking Hill 77 at lasl accounts, A TEXAS WONDER Tho Texan Wonder fojvkidncy and bladder titmW«», BlBvel, dlabelfti, weak ud luino back rheumatism anil ursjuiarltics of tiiv kidneys and bladder IB both ineti •Pd.women, 'if nut ,<wkl by your druBxWt, • will bo sunt by mull on r«p« »t vt »*•**• *fijie email buttle la two months ll'«-at- •mW. and often curia. Uend for sworn fflmoSlate ti W JUtll. MM 6llv |fi JST St, i<«ul», MO., Sold .by «ti-u*«l»l».'- A "Y" Boxer. Camp Fuuaton, Kan., Sept. 3-— "1" No. 11 has a champion boxer in tlie 138 pound class. Thus far "Kid" Drown has defended his title against all comers. Sergeant Ovorstreet Is heading the boxing program and Is finding some very ; promising talent among the boys, Taking French. Camp FunBton, Kan., Sept. 8.— A number of tho recruits are enlisting In-the French class ut "Y" No. U. Most of these moo aro either high school or college graduates. A live Interest also la being shown In typewriting elussos, more desiring to take litu course than can bo handled. is a real factor in the present public service program. There's NoWasi& it Saves Fuel and Sugar, and it is American- Not (east* it is peliciouua, U&mltjryfxxU CALLED IN SEPTEMBER. Large Number of the New Registrants Are Liable to Be Called Then. Topeka,."Kan..'.Sept. 9,~ The immediate prospect is that a large number of draft registrants who will be classified in Class l under the new regis tration, will be called to the colors during ttoptember. According to Information given out at the office of the adjutant general, Kansas already has reached the limit In her supply of CI BSB V men and it was only through dUlgpnt* reclassification that a shortage of,about l ,0l>0 tor tho August quota was overcome. Aa to juBt what tho September call will be 1 B not yet known at the adju. tant general's offloo, 'but presumably It will ho us large as those of the luat law months. Kansas will encovw ter it with her Class; l< men of the 1917 and tho two 1918 registrations ot 31 to 4—will bo called upon at once. It is estimated that Kansas has 22E 000 men eligible to register in the new registration set for September ,1?, JuBt how many pf these will go Puto- untlcaUy into class 1, it Is not even estimated by tho Attorney General's office, but the presumption is that they will produce perbAUS as many class 1 registrants per 1,000 as did the 1917 registration,: •"••< » Salute and Ride. . Camp Funston, £an., 8ept"-. S.-^The Junction Oity. Rotary Club hq# inaugurated a "Salute and.ltids" system, designed for autolsts to give the soldier pedestrtm. g UH .vbettever ppsr Bible, MclntMrff Studio. The (MoJjiturft BtUdlQ. Is opened again, having ««»p, dtpse4 during tfae jnpnth 9 ( Augtu)t,awW;e A/tt^Jflola, turff was taking a yaca^on'JU - coip. rado. 8Ht b!bm» ot Hut 8>cb*Bam k Man cfcdMi Extra Value, Extra Service in Boys' School Suits They're the New Fall Styles, presenting all styling, patterns and fabrics, cheviots, serges and corduroys, tailored throughout for extremely long wear. The smartest Boys Suits in Hutchinson at $4.95, $5.95, $6.95, $10, $12, $15. Others up to #25. $7.95, See the new fall fashion ideas in Junior Norfolk Suits for the little fellows. They are manly-models unusual attractiveness, in sizes 5 to 10. Exceptional values at $7.95 •• Sweater coats for boys and girls in plain and fancy styles with col- Jars, regular models and ^Jersey Coats with high collars or V necks in long haired Angora, camel hair or pure worsted yarns, at $2.50 to *15 Boys fall' extensive Neckwear assortment in of new patterns, color effects,lit 25c to jjl. ',. School blouses o f madras and percales, with military collars attached, neat, "bright stripes, sizes 6 to 16, at 65c and $1. • Black Cat stockings with reinforced heels, toes and knees, sizes 6 to 11/4, at 25c to 50c. HAVE BEEN FIVE MURDERS WITHIN SIX WEEKS All Were Employes ot British and American Oil Corapanic* in - Oil Fields of Mexico. Laredo, Texas, August 29.— Because five American employes of British and American oil companies in the gulf oil fields of Mexico have been murdered within six weeks, while two others have been seriously wounded, the other employes of thoso companies threaten to Btriko unless protection 1 B afforded them, This information comes from travelers who have just returned here from Tamplco. After tho first four of tho murders, the travelers say, the oil empllyes held a meeting and formulated their demand for protecUon and threat of going on strike unless It was provided. A represoijtatlvo of the oil Interests was sent to Washington but the. result of the mission was unknown in Tamplco when tho travelers left that city. ,Four of the murderB referred to, according to meagf* reportfl that have ' been published.were committed at tho same time, June 30, at. La Caeta, a point near Tamplco, where is situated j a terminal of the Mexican Gulf Oil company. The victims were: L. A. pDunn, Oklahoma City; R. M. Cooper, PorUand, Ore.; L. Jt. Millard, Beaumont, Texas; Alfred Esparcla, San Francisco, Cal. In addition, a Mexican employe of tho company, Natlvl, j dad Floras, of Tamplco, was killed by the same bandits, when they robbed the company's office at La Cajota of 10,000 pesos. i ' Fifth Muridetv , ..;•>. • The fifth murder, was committed July 1, at Tepetnte, south of Tamplco, and claimed the lite of A. W. Steven- sou, cashier of the Texas Oil company. -Stevenson -was murdered when be refused to turn over Uie ompan/s tuads to the pandits. The third pay-roll robbery, 'Which resulted jn Use serious wounding of J, H. Brooks and Charles, Hopjman, occurred June 28 In hi the Panuco river, region. The two men, field em­ ployes pf the Aeulla Oil company, hare Just been discharged (rot* the hospital at TftsapJco. They were shot several times and hacked with machetes. , According tp the travelers' stories, foreigners in the oil reglpa are forced to perforni thetr worfc jn isolated regions without pVoteotlon, .not being pennitted to carry arms, in many, of these outjytnjs districts,?: :\ber 'say. there is mudi an,ti-Ajnericafl feeiing, which is c<insUnt^ ; ^nflani^4 'hyflM., man agents, ;~y : . •;• EWcept for one, weeWv;" pappr- in Tamplco, publlshod in Etng.lisK there are np prc-AHy puWicaMpnj • ljo.- on regions, (be field feeing mononoji*, e4ed by .prcHeennan shftefj. **n is ej(. tremely difficult, according to the travelers, to get.the real facts p( Ute j.pu warn txmim i^pii*w;: The Superba Phonograph Plays all disc records. (Hear one.) A fine Violoiic'ello for $65.00." S ome bargains iu used piauos. A beautiful line of new Schiller piauos and player pianos. Phone 2434 J. H. HARPER 108N.Main Bargains In Used Pianos. 'Thi toft drink with the delicious taste'of hops. At grocers', at druggists', in fact at ail places where good driaka arc sold. FUMP Manufecturera ST. LOUia Htttcilitiion produce Co. Butchiiuoii, Kansas. Bracclteai Dodge City, Kan., Liberal. Kan .V Qfirdon City, Kap, Residents of Uutohlnebn phone 2185 and order case delivered tp your residence. Handled by all first class retail-grocerywen. . inevery tXCbtMCi veluabk The Mexican government troops, tbey assert, contrary to official statements, have not succeeded }n subduing Manuel- I'elaeif, the 'rebel leader reported allied with the forces ot.Fo- T^tlMas. aijd Pelae« sUU fontlmies to tfo'Bjbm '.8* i\9 companies south SliTafflpico, driving away any govern- »ent troons tH«rt uilgbt attempt to mim Ma p^etajjops,- ' ; Olrins to the hope of gott)ng spnje- thing in return Is the poorest specu- lsllon v» fi»a t^nk pi.-r.Atpb.ispn (Hobe, % - A Tonic and Health Builder Take OAJUCJBRBS to rid yourself lot thW weakening, poruistont cpugh, whlph 1» threatoning you with throat or lungs U TOUT bios, Bvon lu auuto cases affecting throat and ipugs, CAUJiililis have sjvun much rqUeMu many cases helplng- Bth to ( health. They give Btrenst (was. Contaw calcium tq restore „ eamhat. U'" , i (a llmaisajt). so cupiponoded as to be easily absorbed.-' Qalcerbs, eq etnts's Box, At.»ll T druan.i»'i or from' manufacturer, psstpaW? S0KMAN I.ABpItATOjfy .VbAelPlt 1 * > M»k»r« ot Eckman's AlWraUv* We build new top*, Tpn-Pepart- Ben ? cmu^ Co,, j; _jitrft

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