The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 20, 1987 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1987
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

THE BAYTOWIN SUN Thursday, August 20, 1987 5-B Recovery possible Permian Basin residents find reason to be hopeful ODESSA, Texas (AP) — Tentative smiles, nervous giggles and crossed fingers — a few favorite West Texas mannerisms these days. The rest of the world will have to forgive the Permian Basin. It is feeling a bit giddy, but nobody's quite ready to celebrate. Maybe prayer is a better course. Now, just what is the mood? Not confident, not by a long shot. Not cocky. Not yet. Not relieved, that's reserved for later. Hopeful? Always. Wary? That's for sure. The oil industry is in much the same shape as a gambler coming off a long losing streak. A few winning bets don't mean a lot. He has to hit a big score before being convinced that the storm has passed. Folks in the Basin have spent considerable time peering into the future looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. By now. their eyes are so weary they don't know if the latest upsurge is a mirage or a miracle. A few months ago, most people in the oil patch thought they would have been singing "Happy Days Are Here Again" if crude prices would only reach the S20- a-barrel mark. Well, that's happened. But most of the party caps and noisemakers remain in storage. Everyone is being tight-lipped. They're listening intently in case the other shoe drops, and they're a tiny bit superstitious — perhaps feeling that talking about the upswing would jinx the whole deal. Has the bust ended? That's the $64 million question. The whispers sound encouraging. The voices say people are being called back to their jobs in the oil fields. The hardy business people who endured when many others were giving up the ghost may get their reward. ("May," of course, being the operative word.) Listening to the economists virtuaJly is useless. One claims a shutdown of the Persian Gulf could send oil prices to the S50 mark. Should that unlikely turn of events come to pass, Odessa would be burning and turning again. Meanwhile, others are claiming that it could be years before communities like this recover from the devastation. A majority of the so-called experts say years could pass before the economy reaches the heady levels of the early 1980s. History indicates that residents will never be able to pinpoint the time when things Modern camera gear easy for anyone to use With today's new auto-everything cameras, picture-taking has become so simple that anyone can press a button and get an image. You needn't fear the camera or the mechanics of taking a picture anymore. Now it's time to forget the camera and concentrate on the picture itself so that you get more than just an image. Last week we talked about composition and how it can be used to improve your photographs, about getting in close and avoiding cluttered or distracting backgrounds. Let's talk a little bit more about composition. Certain shape's or forms affect the subconscious and the way we react to an image. They also can be used to lead the eye to the center of interest. An S-eurve, for example, seems to evoke a feeling of solitude Picture a scenic shot of a valley with a river winding through it forming an S-curve. Triangles give a feeling of strength. Think of bridge trusses holding up that weight. Remove one side of a triangle so thai only a diagonal Hne is left and you get the feeling of instability. There is nothing holding the line up. A photograph of a falling tree or a smokestack being demolished would be an example of this. Picture a series of jagged, tangled lines close together. Disoriented, nervous-energy feeling — which 1 feel when 1 see a photograph of a mass of television roof antennas atop a city apartment building. These are just a few of the forms and shapes that have been : used by artists long before photography was invented and still are being used by artists and photographers today. Tricks of the trade, if you will, that psychologically affect how you react to what you see. They are tricks you can learn to use in your pictures. Visit your local library and check out a book on composition and art. Visit the nearest art museum and study the pictures. Study not only the composition but the lighting too. The soft lighting used so often in portraits by Rembrandt, for example, can be closely duplicated by window light in a darkened room. Take an art ' course at your local community college. Think of your photographs as works of art and learn to apply some of the rules you've learned toward making them more eye-catching. There's no need to get heavily involved in some of the more esoteric forms of composition but it will help you improve your photographs Immensely if only you learn to understand a few of the simpler rules of composition, such as those I've mentioned. You'll become more interested in taking pictures and the more you take pictures, applying what you've learned, the better they'll get, Photography will become fun. not a chore. In a local restaurant recently, an elderly woman sitting at a nearby table was clearly delighted with a new auto- everything camera her husband had given her. To prove its simplicity she proceeded to take photos of her husband, granddaughter, the restaurant owner and some of the other guests, saying she only had a few shots left and wanted to finish the roll Her enthusiasm was infectious and delightful. Finally, the last shot was taken and the camera whirred as the film rewound. "See," she exclaimed, "it even rewinds itself!" Pharmacy Topics By Ktn Roberts Researchers at tin 1 I tmersity of California Davis have come up with ;m AIDS test dun works in 30 minutes and costs only 2/i cents. Should be extra- useful in third-world countries poorly equipped for standard tests. * * * Reminder: yon can t catch any disease G I\'ING blood. Fresh needle is used once for yon. ihen thrown away. * » * Another phis for aspirin therapy: not only will 1 aspirin 11 day lower the risk of heart attack death, but il seems thai 4 aspirin a day will reduce the incidence of strike and cut the severity in those who do succumb, according to doctors from the University of Texas in Houston. * * » Soothing taped music helped, patients in an Intensive Coronary Care Unit to achieve lower blood pressure and pulse rnies •• and lower anxiety, too - according to a musnc therapist at Florida State University. * * * It makes sense to add calcium to your teenager's diet. That's when it's most effective in building bone mass, according to researchers at the National Institutes of Health. * * * If your doctor recommends nutritional supplements, choose from the wide selection available at Medical Pharmacy. MEDICAL PHARMACY 421114* turned around. Right now, most people would be hard pressed to pick the month when the plague descended. That's because hard times struck different people at different times. Permian Basin residents must be a bit selfish. As a general rule, high oil prices create troubles in most of the other portions of the nation. So pardon the denizens of this sandy piece of America for wishing inflation on everyone else. Self-preservation overcomes good will for fellow man every time. In the past weeks, the average West Texan suddenly has become very conscious of foreign affairs. Last year, he might not have even known where South America was located. He might have figured the Strait of Hormuz was a kind of hand you could get ui^pinochle. Today, he's an expert in Mideast dealings. And he's rooting like hell for a few of those countries — who can remember all those names? — to stage a free-for-all that would stop shipping for a few months. Forget the jinx. Superstitions be damned. Somebody just needs to come out and say il. The situation is improving in the oil patch — knock on wood. SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT HUMANA HOSPITAL-Baytown Volunteer Auxiliary representatives, from left, Odlen Gibbs, president; Edna Polker, scholarship chairman; and Ann Frazier, treasurer, right, present a $600 scholarship to Peggy Castilow-Haskins, center, a student at Lee College. (Sun staff photo by Carrie Pryor) Jacobsen wins poets' fellowship NEW YORK (AP) — Josephine Jacobsen has been named the 52nd recipient of a S10.000 fellowship for "distinguished poetic achievement" by the Academy of American Poets. Jacobsen is the author of seven books of poetry, most recent- ly "The Sisters: New and Selected Poems" and "The Chinese Insomniacs." She is also the author of two collections of short fiction and two volumes of theater criticism. In another action, the academy announced that Garrett Kaoru Kongo's "The River of Heaven" had been chosen as the 1987 Lament Poetry Selection. Kongo has been awarded a 51,000 cash prize and his book is to be published in the spring of 1988. The academy said it would purchase 2,000 copies of the book. Comparing AllenPark Federal to AN Y other bank is like comparing apples to oranges to bananas.... ... There simply is no comparison! 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