The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY NEWS, nUEDXRICK, MD, TUESDAY. MAY 17.1932. NINE BY MABEL -AteELLIOTT HUHTGR/ TEMPERATURE UP AGAIN degree upheeisu! :ri.tu earl\ Monday | urtvl alxut 230 O C \ X K in the a f t e r - ' AY ueA fftrict I the expected telephone call had, did Mr*. Milton designate Ernest. he was muttering. Wanted to tell 'tailed to come through before she I Heath In private) for his money: j ou." left the house? She felt now that She dismissed the thought. Susan S Susan bent over him *itb a rush she could act possibly wait to know '-wasn't that kind. she decided.' O j j,,-,- - it's all r.shi." sh* as- ot Ben's condition until returning · Nevertheless there was some'.hins · sared h:m. * It wasn t rea!!y your home. She stopped at a pay sta- \ grieving the girL j fault." BEGIN HERE TODAY SUSAN CAKE*, prttty tttf7 wfc* £· !· Io%e vcltB BOB DL'VBAR :*· a proposal of mmr- riace from BE LAMFMA.V pea- BilevB younjc KtxuicUuL. Sae if- ·eweral wc*fe» later wkea Suun , - - - - j - , to marry ERXEiT HEATH, , tlon and called the number of j At six Heath telephoned again I Those had been tie right wordi. .Heath's dab. After long wait He said. "If I send a car for on at 5. e saw t -_ a t histantly and was «»» lo »'5- f** ACKROYD ka» lafanaed Bob (ami OKNISE during which her heart palpitated! 7; 30 will it b« all right r' Some- · g; at }. JACK W A R . «tl» Bob taat Saun U »slll tree. Bob tri«t ta *·* arr bet raa not. SBUB'» aaat wfco Im III CO** »ootk mn Suam *iay» vrlth riend«. Sae 4«ra not get Bob** me**acr. SOW GO OX WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XXXVI r, too. tLat she had eriingly she heard his voice. '_ thing in his tone frightened Susan.' spoken the truth. Bea had beea J "How is bet" she asked f ear-1 -yes, of course, but what is I t f ' t b e - -siotim of a fever, a maduess. '·fully. j sne asked. ! S^e understood that. She had felt \ "He had a bad night," Heath told. His voice was very low. "I can't something very like it that night her. "and he's running a high j t e u you just now." j » h e n she had seen Deals* with Bob. fever, but Blake says It's not alarm- j » » · , jealousy was a fearful thing. It 'ing acd you're not to worry." JOIMOX was too well trained to was a beast that drove you to un- j -Where are they keeping him?" *· speak of the events of the night; expected ·. :ole=ce. I Sasaa wanted to know. Heath! before. Susan rode along wonder-. She wa* glad she had said that. BalurxTv voco AS ·. e ol:icu; 'her- nuor'.e: V-iv^'-o SO C"ir*«s at 4 o'clock--19J-'s. Jjott** 1 . sa so Jar Cteudy ML.*S ar.d Ii.:.u:s barometer at ; sunset -.- WO-HT lold vl rajn ai-.Q r- .--i :u-m: ! turec by ^ - N--v v. 1 The m : jz .-r · - ». · ix :* , Jav «J^ 6! cei-v~ '^-x ^c 1 at i The n a\-i -·" .' ^r wea'.her ou.Wu h*s y: be slK\e So oiv:^x E i Mat ttimed » · · ': · j ci*y --5 arvv a: v ^v *.v ·he ^^'Ji;: :U«' a. ^ · 'sp:te frvn the ^ '.a Capt Albert \V S'ot -- of "it U S 331 rj-l^ss Wh*n ;·» thlak «f STRING IHVI-SG CHICKOS trj »«T K*ck »!!,. »r 4r«*»*4 r«md; e- n«* Bab* chlckn pfcoo. ·»«*. ** Ai*av*. Fatt of Fairground*. and «i» tVrml ^onth Mr«*t. FADA RADIO M1ONE SM--SS6TO RELIABLE RADIO SERVICE ROGER F. LIPPS EXFERT RADIO StJKMCE HOIS£ W1R- IN'U. F1XTIRE1 AVD BEPAIRS V* J»k TM Small--\»n* Too Tiy lyijn E Mi Jresh did cot sleep at all the · mentioned the name of small, prl- to ^ right . ne -There's co Blake has fixed night after the shooting. She lay te-ise and shivering, wondering j (o! ^' ^ e ° what would happen oa the dorrow. j C eed to worry. Each time she closed her eyes she · everything." conld see that horrible scene again, i » · · Ben with the gii= raised-in the air' CCSAN understood and was grate- firing at Heata a=d then at him- j "^ ful, bat she was not entirely eelL How could she have dreamed j reassured about Ben's condition. A came to meet her. ing what her destination might be.' The sick bov's face lightened. "Bet- Her heart beat rapidly when sha ter now,'^ he muttered. "Think I observed they were turning into the. can s!eep." street on which she kzew the hospl-! "That's nee." the tal was located, \\~hat could have _ posed. "That's :ust love:-. Sleep hanoened. Was Ben dead? She , is what you se«d rsgh'- now " She . .: · ,, Sied £9 »-egrv- '.J«. !da\£ 'op J ^ - r r A 9I-%.iX*« snari. ! earlier :ha n-x-.'^ .s :!u» oi-.Ij '^urr j that »urva»es M^::c..i\ ^ :^'.i:-.K The thernjon e-".*r u:idx-r»ent a 33- Had bad dizzy spells A::ud to -cjuc r ^ v ^ . . . «r*'cJ *«- fal dur:crs wo '4 c 4«-c ··c- Lccl orer. bhc r-.Jv L\i:a I K ».! is t nurse Snter- Sleep happened. Was Ben dead? She , is what you seed r^a- now She had never known such misery. As j motioned Sasaa o-t of the room. the car slid to a stop Hea'.h, who! had evidently been waiting »ithia, j ct'SAN felt shaken but somehow j *-* exalted. Heath, pacing up and ttat jealousv would drive Ben to \ high temperature might mean many . "I'm glad you're here." he said ; down the corridor, was startled by such lengths: What if the news- ] things. She never knew how she 'with emphasis. Susan searched , ih e luminous light in her eyea. She papers should hear of the affair? got through that day. It was a. j his face for a sign of what might , took his arm impulsively. Heath's position and hers would ( godsend to have the task of have happened but found none. She · "Tell Dr. B!ake b» must save lend themselves to vivid headlines, i straightening the house after Aunt ' wa s afraid to ask. She might stave | him." she whispered. "They mustn't No. she would not even think of ' Jessie's departure. There were in- 1 off disaster by pretending it did not let the poor boy die." such a thing. Heath bad assured ' numerable little things to do but ; exist but she found as she went up ' Heath looked .puzzled. "He's not her the matter would be hushed , as Susan went about these tasks the stairs, that her knees were ^oing to." he said. "He's going to np. But what if Ben died? It she listened apprehensively for the ! trembling so she could scarcely be fine. It's almost a miracle." would be Ji£cult keeping that J telephone to ring. Ben must get! stand. "Oh." Susan collapsed against quiet. The whole wretched story . better. He simply must! . j "Are vou all right?" Heath , him. He led her icto the little would be blazoned before the world. "I mustn't let Auct Jessie know.' Susan said to herself. "She must leave in the morning without «,,,,».,,» »,,,, -- --------- ,, -- ^^»,« 0 -- ---- -- -- ---- . Ing out anything about it." Some- ' aunt's illness. sent for her. She was led down a | It was sweet to be taken care of how the girl arrayed her shattered j "Tour auafs going to do^fine cow. i narrow corridor flanked on either j in this fashion. Susan wanted to forces. She lashed herself Into a. Don't you think another bit about j side by closed doors. The quiet of J relax in the state of calm EO that the older wo- ' it," Mrs. Milton said. - - " - ---- " ..... ** ·--·· T I V O L I -- LAST DiY'.-- THE M I R A C L E M A N o t t h "Let's you i the place, the antiseptic scent that; affection but something hard within ea. lovey." i hovered in the air weighed on her', her told her she must not. There man suspected nothing. Grumbling · and I have a cup of tea. lovey." i hovered , . a little, but well pleased on the j Mrs. Milton eyed her young com-, spirit. Before one of the doors {was something she must do. Bens whole, the invalid allowed herself | paniou appraisingiy. "You look. Heath paused and knocked softly.; eyes had showed her that. Love to be stowed away in a drawing I mighty peaked to me," she an-, A nurse's face appeared in the aper- was a driving force. It was sorne- - room wi:a the crisp nurse. The nounced. "Did you have any ture. She nodded to him. i thiag fierce and elemental. She train men began to give warning ianch?" ajd Susan, kissed the thin cheek, "i doa't remember. No, I guess feeling a rash of emotion. j r didn't." "Toa ba good cow:" she admon-l "Lord love you! Did anybody fehed. "Do just as you're told and j ever see such a girl." Mrs. Milton you'll be fat and sassr in BO time [-said fondly. at alL" Aunt Jessio promised with, "You'd better not go around i looking like a ghost or your man unexpected meekness. "Yes, you may come In." she said, would be doing Heath a wrong to "He's awake now.' , marry h'm feeling as she did. W i t h v m i t MDNCT CHE-.TFR MOKBI2 T O M O R R O W At 1. 15-3-- 7.15-9 DANCERS £ DARK -- \ Pjirimo'jnl Hit Huh-Miriam Hopkins Jack Oakie Wm. Collier, Jr. An Unusual Opportunity Build a Bu*ine» of Your Own A ci'AE-»-NTr.ri) U A K K t r i x THICK IV* par .ta T5r to III (or «a«b r*t»r«l uiutcr iit/rral ctfiatrmt. · *xp«rtrnf* i* nr«(lrct ·* Mr ·uppl,v I'rdlcrrr*! Itr^rvliac *«tock lv*cb £*au to m!«#- Ihf-tn. ««! tltr» vmr toa 154* I I* prr |Huntl tor mral mbblttt. or ££ Iw flS c-acb far brretl- Inr Mork. All )«a Brf4 U tt Mnsll InvrBtntrnt · p«c« in b*rk «*r«l. career tir »hr«l t«L vocir tiankrr lu tftir»Ilrvt« Ihl* .r write U. f..r lt,I,.r,,,Mi,.n O OPEK \TIVF. KAIII11T A M \ K K K H N i , V---OCI \TII.S. Inc. I0«-o: Colorado UIOc. VVivh. D. C 101 NORTH MARKET STREET tomer Chunh and Market Streets GRADUATION DRESSES 1 Susan entered on unwilling feetJ She began to speak but he She scarcely dared to look at the stopped her. , "Don't talk now," he face on the pillow ol the high hos-1 said gently. "letter you can tell pital bed. Ben's eyes were open.' me all about it." starinr In her direction. Susan i Susan hesitated. She hated to -^c.^ ^..^ ,,,.,,-.-» o glanced around her wildly. Heath', hurt anyone. She would bide her I feel »asy about vou as lo"g as'won't like it." Mrs. Milton had! had vanished and only the nurse., time, but of one thing sne was cer- 1 . . .. . - - businesslike and cool, remained a t ' tain. Marriage without love seemed CITY OPERA HOUSE yoa're staying -svith'the ililtons." 1 been taken into the secret of Su- the foot of the bed. [an impossibility. "You may have two minutes." What about Aunt Jessie If she she said in "a matter of fact voice., decided to take back her promise to she said. | san's engagement. Susan dashed to the platform.; The girl flushed. "He won't stepping oTM just before the train j mind." she said wearily. began to move She raa after it, Mrs. Sliltoa went about the- busi-'-and that will be all. The doctor." Ernest Heath? waving"for 2. minute or two. Then!ness of making tea bnt her heart!she added to Susan, "doesn't want At the thought Susan shivered. ' suddenly it dwindled into a mere'was not in her work. She was'him to become escited." j Was ever a girl so torn? No mat- sp»ck along t£- track. She felt puzzled over Susan. The child! Ben's voice sounded unnatural, ter which way she looked the way forlorn. ! didn't look happy. There were no' strange. She had to go very close seemed black. She did not Soe was quite alone now. Was two ways about that. Could she,to understand what he was saying., what to do. It or was it not a bad omen that 1 be marrying this old fellow (thus! "Sorry, sorry. Terribly sorry."! _( To Be Continues) Hollywood Gossip BY DA^J THOMAS Dong Wnnts A Tan. Hollj-s-ood. May IT.--Just, scrolling )round: Karen Morley wear Jig rose- )iric velvet pajamas -or tfcepnotograph- £· . . . BOD Montgomery r.r.d Doug fairbanSa. Jr, off on a rsx weeks hunt- fcg trip m Met-co - - '^7 ~ e going by ioa; so tha; Doug can acquire- a tan Fhicii will pu; him some^a; _ri Joan Drawlord s class . . . her bro-vr skin cre- »tes plenry of talk ts-herever she goes these cays Irving Thalberg burrymg ws-arc :he cutting room «T.ere "5'range Inierlude" is being assembled . . . no's- thai' Grand Hotel" has been released :h:s -5 ELS pet . . . Marlere D^rrich. genng a caeer from those standins ji l^;e in iron: of *. theater . tl-ose bnes are get.-Ing rare these days . . . Kay France fcci- Ing none KX haooj O'.ar her re-- p'c- ture, oh, ;he p.ciare -s all r'.gn; . . but it cut In on her Taca:.on. Buster's Xo Partner. Bus'er Kca'on tryir? to --hile away his spare :.TMs OT pa:nt:ng his studio statement that she isn't going to divorce Joseph Schenck . . . ail :heir friends figured that Gilber; and Norma e-.enaiallr wouki be married . . . but Loret-,a Young is the girl who is capturing aU of ins at:«ntions these days, avaiyn Knapp paying one of her daily Y-si:s to me hospital to see Donald Cook . . . Don was pre;;y seriously injured .11 an auto accident . . . but tne doctors now say hell recover. * * * The Olympic Problem. Numerous huddles, reminding us of football season, on the part of studio executives who are 10 determine j!ist whas to do curing the coming Olympic games . . . it's a tough problem . . pictures must be made . . yet the town will be over-run with persons who win wan- to v sit the studios . . . and many wJI be too important to turn down . . . Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks espi-ct to have all kmcs of visitors about that tune . . . they even have added a few extra rooms to Pickfair John Boles and Irene Dunne having lunch together . . . A'S perfectly legitimate since they are working in the same picture . . . John's favorite lunching companion really is his wife . . . that goes for breakfast and ctnner, too. WakeSeld, were held Wednesday afternoon ai 2 o'clock Trom S:. James" II E cnurch. Rev. John J John. Ne^ Windsor, officiated. Iniermen^ was in St James cemetery. --Jonn Goodnin. wnD vras burned --nea Ins home was destroyed by Sre is iniprovxrgr at tne Un.on ilerr.3r:al Hospital. Bait-cnore --The follow -ng members from Wic- fielc Homemakers Club atter.ded the County Council meeu.g in Wes;mui5^r on Friday: Mrs. Henry Frecer. Mis Frederick; F^ik. llrs Leslie Barnes ILrs Artr.ur Snipley. Mrs Henry Heintzman. Mrs O^.rs Wilson. Mrs Edward Wagxit. Miss Ivy KnauS Miss Mamie Farrer. Mrs. Howard Hortor.. Mrs Sewell Easton. Mrs. Ro^ind Grimes. Mrs O. B. Pickeu. Mrs Edgar P.ckett. Mrs Mary Will and Mrs John Goodwin. --M*5S Margaret Waltz Philadelphia. i spent the «eek-eni at the home of her j parent. Mr. and Mrs C M Waltz. | --Mrs. Ellen M. Danner celebrated I her 82nd birthday en Frjdar at the home j of ner daughter. Mrs. O. B Pickett. ! Sr.e n^s been m bad health but is : ab'.e to be around She receded a i number of cards and also potted plants and cut flowers A btrthaar cake was presented witn 82 candles Visitors included M.SS Marv Louise. Cook. Balti- nvore. Mr. and Mrs. H. C!ay Danner. Mrs Char'.es Graham. Reese Danner. Medford" Mr ana Mrs James Danner. Mr and Mrs Edward Giioert Wake' Sdc, Mrs W-lliam Deviloiss Oak Or- j chard. Mr ana Mrs Paul Rooertson. , Warfieldsburg. i --Miss Alberta Cover. Westminster. J spent Sunday at the home of her moth' er. Mrs Laura J. Cover. 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Lindsay -sho died Sun-cay night at the hom§ near lending library read more books--- berger's library offers you a large selection of the latest books at rates which will save you money, try berger's. berger's book mart gift shop 145 north market street i A GODSEND for the Prudent Family Building and Loan Association shares stand out as INCOMPARABLE IN- |j VESTMENTS in hard times as well W as in days of prosperity. ·i Those of limited means have no right Si g to take chances in speculative fields. Jjj Security is the first requisite for their !· investments. of the par.t cr. ·.- v^h.'e CUCKS he g§; bo'jEht for tr.-" 1 occa^ ci - - af'er or.e ga her set oy p--· ·.·:· 5-:~ rea. y '·cr.o'xs g how to uie a --rs-cr. - e- . . . «ne uses g : o finger ana makes plenty o. f§ «nrna i\cr. .y G. cr.- Iu,.-..-.i j-:. ; ior- =' ii .Xarraa Ta-taadges f± The 18th Series Starts June 4 The Fidelity Building Loan Assn. OFFICE AT FREDERICKS-OWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION The Federal Government Has Recognized Their Merits! T^e Frdr-al IHCOTIC Tax I^w profit* from BaHdinc \s«ocii- ··The amount received by an individnal is dividends or intercut from d o m e s t i c Bcildins and Loan association*, sob^tantiatly all the bDMncs^ of whirh is confined to tnakinc loan*: to members, bat the amotmt evrlndfd from gross income nnder thi* parajrraph in any taxable year shall not exceed S300." kit TEMPERATURE REGULATOR: On. of ihe moit important features contributing to the exceptional endurance of OHsroobile engine* ii the oil temperature regulator. Thii device keeps the oil at tfte best lubricating temperature, sommer and winter, assuring a free- flowing, full-b=3ied film of oil that prolongs the life of all bearing surfaces. 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