The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 4
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PACK FOUR, THEJUJTCHINSON NEWS Published Dally t>y The N«w« Company W. V. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. Kn tared in itiw IVitutTire m tiuich- Inaon, Kannutt, for trAnsm.n»|nr, through tho mulls «• i.eron-1-c.Rfta matter. TELEPHONE 4400 I'M vat* hrahrh pxclianifei wjien operator itiiffon, five person or department wanted. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION First, Second *nd Third Zones By mall, nno year .H-Uii ity mail. «t:: months.... 2.t>u Ry mat!, three months By mull, onn month .bu Fourth. F.fth. Sl*th, and Seventh 2onca. By malL one yi-at.i J<J o > By mall, six mnntha 3.On By mail, three month*. i.w By mall, one month Hy mirier. Pel week 1 -lu Weekly Ncwi, mir» yvar I 5'' MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS* ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF ASSOCtATEC PRESS The Associated I'r:>aa 1? t»xoll..*lvtM> •ntltled to MM * uae for miubllenMon »f All news ';r*rttti'il '.n U or W <mi*»r- visa credits fn 'lit* nuprr. an A BI»" lho local tiPWB piiiiltshi-d IwrHn. All rlnlit of numl-'u-ation of api^.a dllDHlr-luB h'Tfin alf" 1 rr-ttfv.-.l The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Tatenhont »i. No. 1? rVurtfi Main Street. Hutchinson THE HUTCHINSON NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 19Z* lure clioso Curtis ns Ills successor. Ho wus re-elected but In 1911! (he Hepuhllcuns of the stale failed to nominate Curtis. Altliougli lie re- J celvod a majority ot the votes In ; tho, primal'}', his opponent, Cov\ ernor Ktttbbs, received a mujnrlly [ nf ilio loRlslatlvo districts anil the j law nl. Hint time was that thin I countns a 'nomination, j Curtis was out of the Senate ; from HMH to 11115. In 1011, two years after his defeat hy Htubbs, he was nominated and heat C!eori,'e Nei'ley of Hutchinson, the lK-mo- oraiic candidate, hy it large majority. In l!'2(l he was again nominated ami elected. Daily Thoughts • That the aged men Be eoner, grave, temperate, sound In faith. In charity, In patience.—Tltu« 2:2, rr • • Natures that have much heat, and great violent desires and perturbations are not rlpo for action till Ihey have passed tho meridian of Iheir years.--Bacon. A Puzzle a Day Chicago. "How many persons," nsked tho professor, "know that Chicago begins with a "C" and ends with an "B?" None of the students believed him, hut he flnnlly proved that his statement was correct. Can you figure It out? Yesterday's' answer: THE WINE BARDS wine. Iheir Bidden *|iiie president sends for the small ilnK hi costiuics fbie. . Km|1| , „ f scmitor(s l0 consult with * Old poets were sinitlnir for * ever * words rinir * With port and canary their * tummies were filled, anil, " * i -hiT-rftil and merry, Ihey buoy- * " antly trilled. t)h. wine la the * * magic thai smooths out our * * path, and water is trae/ic, ex- * " eopt for a bath. And wine is " * rnmpcHin", ;i reason of peace. * * and water's the dwelling of * * bullfrogs and geese. I seem to " " behold them, Hie bards of ine • * past, S'er fume has enrolled • ' them, their laurels will Inst. In • * hull and in palace they chant * * to the lords, and drink, from a * chalice fermented rewards. The * * lights are all glowing and • * licnuty is there, and incense Is * * throwing its tumes on the air. * * Oh, wine's the lnsplrcr of mil- * * sic and art, and has an mlmir m * er In every gay li"arl. But lo * * la the dawning tie; poets ap- * pear, beshrewing, do.i;goiiing, • * and empty of cheer. Willi,* * heads that arc iti-hiiitr they * * rise from the hay; wiUi nerves * tf thai are flunking they face a * " new day. These singers, so * * nnied, nil groan when they * * stir; their lounges are heeoat- " * ed tviih fundi* and far. The * * hards never Idled of wine when * * they woke, lor Ihey were nil * * wilted, their throats full ot • * smoke. And when you're per- * * using their stanzas of rceorn for * * (horn* who dodge boozing—re- • * member the morn! Kt-mem- * * her the leaking, [he molars on " * edge, the heads that are acli- " * ing, (he signinir the pledge! " WAI.T .MASON'. * CHARLIE CURTIS The probability that Senator j Charles Cunis will head (ho He- 1 publican organization in the | United .Stales Senate, is it matter | of pride lo every patriotic Kan sun. There are always knocker? | So for thirty two years, except. I ! for the two years ! Charlie Curtis lias represented j either a district or the state. Kor I tltlrl;-two years he has been an i almost continuous resident, of ; Washington. If it had not been ! for his energy and his loyalty to : bis friends and Ihe response which i those finalities secured for him, it ! Is likely that he would have been i replaced by a new man for some ! flimsy reason such as those given j when other Knnsnns have been 'cut short In their legislative car! eers. Hut keeping Curtis in Wash] ineton steadfastly and almost eon! tinnously, tho slate is now- rcpro- | senled by the most Important sert- jator in tho dominant party ot the ] I'nited States. i This means a great deal. AV'hen that Ihey often appear to have no special qualifications as tho basis of this violent effect. Apparently they are Just ordinary looking women with no special gifts. And yet they cannot go anywhere without coming home with a tale (or It they are more subtle) an Inference, of the effect they created on some man, . Having had the opportunity to mentioned, j study one of this type at fairly close. ' range. 1 hnvo come to the conclusion Hint In some case they have n certain basis for their feeling. In tills way: If a woman goes nbout with n come-hither look in her eye and nets In a way that gives men the Impression that she is Inclined lo he i'rieinlly on short acuuaint- anee men are highly likely to follow up thin lead. Perhaps tho lend is Just n pretense. But whether it is or not It brings the woman who gives it a certain amount of attention from men. And this she construes as being the effect of her peculiar charm. All of which doesn't, attempt to deny that there are genuine vamps, women who do seem to have a swift irnestublo appeal to the other sex. Hut they us a rule aren't Hie kind that go about boasting ot it. They can afford to let facts speak lor themselves. The diagram shows tho shortest course taken by the. messenger, who entered each booth only once, and did not cross his path. It will be noted that lie crossed the wide aisles as few times as possible, which aids In shortening the route. Other similar courses are possible. NICKERSON them in regard to legislation, it means Hint Curtis is at tho hoad of the committee. When the program of legislation Is prepared It means that Curtis is not only consulted but is accepted. And while it includes much direct good for the people of Kansas to have a senator of such standing, it Is still more lo their credit and should bo to their pride to furnish to the eonntry u capable and courageous leader. In all the scandals and all the gossip which has come out of Washington for thirty-two years, the name of Senator Curtis of j Kansas has not been included with those who were on the inside. There lire greater orators than Curtis. There, are better scholars than Curtis. There lire economists who excel our senior senator. But ho can present his case logically, his knowledge of business affairs is enormous, and bis good common sense is admired. There la no other senator who can exercise as much personal influence with his associates or with the departments at Washington with tho nffalrs of tho country lis can Senator Curtis. always people ] at home. There are hi it man's own country who n fuse, to believe that he Is what i oilier folks nay he is. Hut these pessimists are in a minerlty, and they ought to he in a slate like Kansas. Tile high rank of oar settlor senator In the greatest leplslative assembly in the world, is not only personal on account of his eslab- J llslied ability and Integrity, but is an evidence of the great sense the people ot Kansas have had ln keeping him in tho Senuto and giving blm tho chance to grow. We have had other men who might have gone perhaps as far but who have been removed from their public careers hy expressions of popular j sentiment which were not cred- ! liable to the voters and not dis creditable iu the men. Senator t'urlb, or "Charlie" Curlis, as he is better kieiwn to ail ' Kansans, entered the congiession- ] al suiviee on tin- lib o; March. 1893. He wa» elected as ropretvin- j ativo from tie; fourth district. 1 which al that lime included Shaw-. flee county, and wa» noted at the , time us being a bright young num.! tuergotic, nmbifions, industrious. | Twice lit 1 wiiH elected as congress-; man from that dixirict and then Shawnee ( county was taken from! tlie fourth district ami put Into That is why it is good to have a man like Curlis In the Senate. That is why it is good m keep liiiu there. That Is why the chatter for a cliango should be disregarded by intelligent voters when an honest and efficient public servmft can 1 be criticized In no pther way. | The country looks upon Curtis ; as a national leader, ln Kansas ,.\ve know lilm as our friend and i representative. Two years front ON SECOND THOUGHT Bv .1. K. House In tho Philadelphia Public Ledger A reader Tefers to the "politics and other trash" about which we have been writing In the column. W r e cravo his indulgence long enough to take a smash at P. B. H., who writes: "What I wnat to know- Is, did any gent who gloated over the best minds in 1920 ever sub- sequetilly admit that he was wrong?" We Imagine not. As far as we know, there was no reason or occa- alon Tor any gent to admit that he was wrong. of the barn and also to make n concrete water tank. Mr. GoorKo White and a friend from Hutchinson wero visitors last Sunday at tho homo ot Mr. and Mm. John 1 -Hnt.t. • Mr, and Mrs. Frank deist have returned home from Enid, Oklu after making nn extended visit with their children at that place. Friend of Mrs. H. A. Creeson wore sorry to hear ot her sickness and hope she will soon recover. Mr. Hoy HIntt*and Mr. Johnnie McAllstor are running a corn shelter. They shelled corn last Wednesday for Mr. II, H. Van Norman. Recurring to tho personal note, which as Qctavus Boy Cohen might i and would say is one of the fondest things we are of, wo quote from c letter from K. A. M.: "Do you thin' It would bo a good idea to Hav" your picture at tho top of your col limn? You know, to one who has beer, a reader and an Interested one. It would add 'much to know what you look like." Well election Is over, and every one seems good natured. Guess they were all pleased with tho parties elected. Tho wirid has been Wowing for several days and a good rain would ho appreciated especially the wheat needs moisture. Mr. William Cllne's funeral was held at the home on November 4th Itev. White conducted- tho services and tho body was laid at rest In Wild Mead Cemetery. The bereaved family have the sympathy ot their many friends In their bereav- ment. Mrs. Mildred McFnrland has taken tho agency for Bibles, Correpondence Cards, etc. and is canvassing tho city. Sho has a nice line of books. Miss Wess Adams is assisting in the telephone office at prosont. Mr. John Haynes ot Wichita is having a new barn, cave, tank etc. erected on his farm northeast of town which is quite an addition to his farm. Mr. Fred Schardine tn doing the carpenter work and Warnock brothers took their mixer and run the concrete for tho foundation CASCAR Aj^QlJI NIN E N SAY 44 BAYER ASPIRIN" —^Qtudne, Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin proved safe by millions and prescriBed by physicians 24 years for Colds Pain Toothache Neuritis Headache Neuralgia Lumbago Rheumatism' , Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proven directions. Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets. Also bottles ot 24 and 100—Druggists. A.plrhl Is th« trade mirk of lU/vr Manufacture of MonoaratLcacldcstcr of Sallcfltcachl We (lo not think it would he i good idea. Wo think it would h deplorable. Thn last time thh newspaper tried to print a picture of the undersigned the result was an almost perfect facsimile of a custard pie. it would Bnve us great personal humiliation It thoso to whom custard pies are nn appealing spectaclo would rely upon the bakeries for their pleasure and entertainment. ! now he will be a candidate for reelection and a lot of politicians will try to take the position from him in order to give it to somebody else who has none of Curtis' experience and will have none of his advantages. Ulglit now while there is no campaign in progress Is a good time to say these things' and two years from now is Hie time to remembers them. W. Y. MORGAN. THE SELF-CONFESSED SIREN. By Huth Cameron. • SN • Life looks up a bit. The young woman who used to flash' us a cheery good morning" across the canyon which separates her office window and this cubicle is back again after an absence of several months. W« do not know who she is. Probably wo never shall know and that is unimportant. The thought thai occurs to us in the connection is that the individual who smiles at the world as it passes hy seldom is forgotten by i.t The gentleman who was the sus- liaud of George Eltot during the last seven mouths ot her life is dead at an advanced ago.. Presumably, it was a happy marriiige, but it had an lidded value in that ll gave the aged htisbund something to talk about In his declining years. It Is the fate of so many elderly men that they are bursting with conversation and have nothing to Bay. On the whole we prefer the bobbed-hair woman to those whose tresses aro unshorn. The bobbed- hair woman quit talking about It after a time. Tho other never does. COLDS "Pape's Cold Compound" Breaks a Cold Right Up Take two tablets every throe hours until three doses aro taken. The first dose always gives relief. The second and third doses completely break up the cold. Pleasant and safe to take. Contains no quinine or opiates. Millions use "Papo's Cold Compound." Price, thirty-five cents. Druggists guarante > it. Your Dream of Owning a Fine\ Baby Grand Piano Can Now\ Come True \ Wo have no opinion concerning the eUiles of the order, but it is our notion that the suppression of free speech In Italy isn't likely to cause anybody lo miss a:n tiling wortli hearing. 1 wonder if there Is any woman in the world more exasperating to her sex than the woman who thinks Hint every man she meets Is in love Willi her. We've till met her. Soinetlines she Just delicately infers her tremendous power over men. Ami then again she Is the un- suhile type and tells you frankly that this man Is crazy over her, and thai man told her there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for her, and the reason the other .man has never married is that he couldn't " f prodigies. l> is satisfaction get her. "Well, no, he didn't acta- 1 enough for us to know that a sir- ally propose to me because I was engaged when be met ine, but everyone could see he was crazy! ,~"T7^, , . „ , over me and he lias hinted us much ! ^ >' 111,1 reiuL a .ttle iib.iiiv Prod- to me several times" I Is.v Kdward Windy, wtm recently How interesting It would bo it' graduated rrom Columbia at tho CORNS In response to a suggestion made In the column, some months aio. tho Pittsburgh Press, and perhaps other newspapers, has taken up lln- matter of tracing the various prodigies to their ultimate walk In'life. We didn't read the page article In A druggist ofshoe dealer, full. We don t care what, oecomes J - Kowl—get relief ir. one minute from corns, callouses and bunions with Dr. Scholl's Zino-pads. They remove the cause—friction and pressure. Thin, easy to apply, antiseptic, healing. Three sizes. Nothing so quick and sure. I gestlon madi lowed. herein has icon fol- DI Scholl's Zino-pads 'Put one on—the pain is gone' the first district, the political idea ^ n „„ being to make Ihe fourth district I one could be present when Air. This | "Ke <>' sixteen. Prodigy Hardy is i> .,„ii., r.,r w,^ in,, time of 1 "'"' - Ml '- T1 " lt ' nm * *"'• Tho Other! Bi'lng In lor eh-,ireli work. Ho says Populist, for that, was the time, of, ^ uM ^ ^ „ ir „ tua . lonHi „,„, there Is too much preaching and Hie People's part>. It was taken , 8lM . w||at tl|e , r roacU , WB wouW oe . not enough leal religion in the for granted ulso that when Curtis; O„ H is sometimes guilty ot won- j church, landed in the first district he ' dering if surprise might not ho f would uieei rivals for the congi 'i Bookkeeper Falls Heir to Fortune 'l.'pon the death of an uncle i In..among these emotions, or amuse- j And Ibiu, Ibv the way. is about ! herited $00,000. I gave up my pos- i nieiii, or aniiovanee. '. what we'd expect a prodigv lo snv. - ition and intended enjoying nivself lonal nomination win, would do, ll( ., ,-|,. v .»r story In wliieh this > i when I was stricken with a severe leal him. As n mailer o| faci, i lie t >-]>,> is pictured, the irresisl ibb-\ "Tie fact thai. Andy (lump ran for ease of stomach Iruublo and colic the first district siren, on being asked by a girl , President without taking Hie pre- j attacks, Two of these attacks cliuui how many men have propos- caution of seeing to it thai his! niade'ine lose consciousness. Afler , ed lo her, answer: "How many? utiiiie w-as on Hie ballot eonvincoH j treating with our best doctors with issue HiiKiiiih several contests, and wl ,_ v rv „ ni , v „,. „„., „ mnIl who ' us that Mr. (.'limp Is i.u Intelleelitttl for many years It was I he question | didn't propose to me. Laura." : and wo are very glad Hie column time whether Curtis would' And when Laura, not unnal orally _ didn't support him Itepiihlirans of fought the Curtis and aiiti-Cuilis T HIS exquisite Baby Grand can bring new charm and beauty to your home, ^ The Brambach Baby'Grand is an instrument of 4 superb tonal qualities'. For generations—since 1 1823—it has been the choice of Conservatories of Music and Music Schools—as well as the borne. Limited space need no longer deprive you of a Grand. The Brambach requires no more space and costs no more than a good upright piano. As little as $50 will be accepted as a first payment. The balance on easy monthly payments you will find very convenient. Cal), or mail the coupon fof.a beautiful free booklet and paper pattern, which shows the exact floor space required. Convince yourself how easily a Brambach will fit into your home. BABY'GRAND $ \ brambach is the world's targett exclusive manufacturer of Baby I G)and$ — which accounts for Bram- ^Jmch quality at such a bv prt€9 635 every ,,,,,, ,,, : begins to fear for her own single. go back lo the House or return (",,,„ ( , ll , u| ,, u , „„. ulllm ,, his law office In Topeka. . comments: "Women who have Dill the people of the first ills- i never beep fllris bellovotoo naive. Irlct kept Curtis In Congress until; l"« I'«'»'<'r of self-confessed , . sirens, a vacancy occurred in the Lulled Ono of „„, remarkable things States Semite by resignation of J. [ about those women with tho every«*i«o, Hurfrtu uud then tho leglsla- 1 imui-in -luvu -wlUMhoiu complex- Is We do not agree with the political writers In the view thai the death of Mr. Lodge ends the rule ot the "Old Guard." When one "Old Guard" drops out It takes only two or three mon'bs to organize a new one, and one already Is in process of forma lion. Mule benefit, I decided to try M'tyr's Wonderful itemody, and It helped me al once. I hnvo been entirely well for past-year." It Is a simple, harmless preparation that removes Ihe catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the Inflammation which causes 'practically' all stomach, llvor and iutestluni ailments, Including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. At nil druggists. J-'USO&HOSKCO. 122 North Main Mm** litis coupon for Beautiful Frre flooWcf J. W. -JENKINS SONS" MUSIC CO. Please send mejiapor pattern showing size of the Brambach Baby Grand. Name Address ; Do your HOT faucets tell the truth? When yon torn the hot water faucet in your bath room do yon get hot water—instantly? Or do yoa have to wait to see whether it's going- to be hot at aO or not? Hie Pfttoborg lion Storage Water Heater n making thousands of faucets honest Tore them and get piping hot water any hoar of the day or night. The water is dean, pure and sparkling. 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Large capital not necessary. Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Price. Call SNYDER'S PLANING MILL FOR Lumber, Slormsasb or Weather Strps Phone 184 THE SNYDER COMPANY Lumber Yard Planing Mill, Office and Paint Stor« 8-10-12 Weit A. „ 23-25-27 West Shermin. ' Lumbermen and Manufacturer*. V:

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