The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 9, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MOW>AY, JULY •, ItM ,THE PAWS NEWS. Hews Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information »• ID th* ottie* of ot UU*r tk« p. Pui* For 1 Tiro* t C »O •oro. Kord. »or<L word* , cbarz*, 30c_ acmb*x of or line* l on ti* lk« iin«. ID e ol ~ Contract tmte* epos »ppltcatlou -ui &* jel»*n Out- of- tows. ord«r« tor eia*»»- for «r«or« o» copy tor ta« b*et tat*r**t» 'Box £* fiY«o tLdv*rtlser» CMtlrlsc tlind a,d<lr«UB*- T*l*Dboc* your «.o» to our c*»- will trr**" 1 voo t*» «or<ll»« *b* 30P». Pbone 1»* OR J.W. Announcement* DEMOCRATIC PR131ART July 2S. l»34 For ftepresentative from tb* Distrtct- A- 31- AiKl^^. JK. -XR«-election Second Prof«M«oa*J tnAime For Sale for «t wasied- LJKCOLiN head p«nnl«s Will pay up to »2.Q0 each if ov«r}";" , ten years old. Certain Indian Head j ane "' TftAJDE: Complet* nay outfit," also press and Fordson." S. B. to pennies worth $45-00 each.. Send 10 cents for catalog. U. S. COIN CO.. Milwaukee. CHAKLES PRICE Pboc* S9S * West Houston St Special Notice* BUY TOUR- MIXXOWS AT IiAKJfc: CROOK 15c wad 2Sc Per I>ozen W« have all kinds of bait and give prize of 200 minnow* each month for largest fish caught with our shiners. H. W. EARLY Auto Repairing and Painting 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on into painting, fender, body and wreck -work. Ask about it- Grand Are., *t l»tl» Street Morse Bee line Station Telephone 803 I £.stomobile* tor Sale It For Representative C. C. CANON {.Re-election second term.} For County 3&. D, EM-ERSON FRANK D- WEAR 'HESiBEKT ? L: JONBS <|RAD-T STUKGHON. KOS SALS OR TRADE—1333 model ChexToIet pick-ap. in g-ood condition. See It at 28 S- 33rtl St. l-'or County . c. A. MARTIN . .X M_ BKASWEIi. VAN D- ANDERSON. Fo* Sheriff; CLYDE {Re-election, second t»mu) Soperinttiiideat La mar Co. School*; WAJLTSR TUHMAN JSIABT JONES CRe-eitrctioa. Second Terra-> X C. 3RUNSON. - CHAHJLJS R. DUGOEK- B. L. CHISil. For Coonty Clerfc: - K- V. (BOB> HAililACSL For District Clerk: BOS JLATTIilORE. JHl nd terrn.) o* -Assessor - Taxes; DOROTHY CX,TD"E .KU^PHRET and Collector of Foar . . ROPhtRT L- BAl^t-A.RD . ' ^ CFor Rc.-«lfiction- Second Terra.) For Coimaissioncr. Precinct 1: CKORGH; TERRY = ' Tor Commissioner Predzsct 2: SOY - H. DUNAGAN (Jte-eleetloii seccnd term) ; ' J. FRANK JONES. " Prcciact i^$L. ROY CAVINTESS '.. fFor Ke-«I«-ct;or<. Second Tsrsc.) 1TARK KLEN^FKDT J.-'H.' JOHNSON. For Commissioner Prectect 4: T. W. iBELL.) RUSSE3J1. <-R*-eI«wtioSi Second Term). T- H. BOOTH Buy a Good USED CAR at Scarborough** You can look this list over from top to bottom and find every one a good used car buy. 29 Ford Sport Coupe $215 30 Ford Coupe S265 30 Ford Roadster , . . $165 3O Ford Tudor $285 32 Ford Coupe $345 32 Ford Coupe, n«w motor $425 33 Ford Dlx. Tudor. . $595 29 Ford Truck . . . .. $145 29 Ford P*nd ---,-, $145 30 Ford Truck, new motor $245 30 Ford Tmck, new motor, dual wneels $325 30 Chevrolet Coupe. $245 30 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan $245 29 Chevrolet Sedan. . $195 32 Chevrolet CoacB . . $395 33 Chevrolet Coupe . .$525 29 Chevrolet Panel . .$175 29 Chevrolet Panel . .$145 29 Pontuic Coupe . . SI 65 32 Pontiac Coupe . . $395 29 Chryiler Sedan. . . $225 22 Dodsr* Sedan $35 23 Reo Sedan $195 31 Marmot* Coupe . . $225 29 Dod^e Truck $145 31 International Truck $245 For Ptsblic Wether. Pl»c« 1- THOMAS 1on S«tx>nd Term.) For Cotton Flats S CLJVRENCS SECRICS H. T. < EOB> N-kSH. at Part*, j Real Eitate For Rent Furnl*hed Rootn* • 1 by] City coaacir 'of Tb» City "of P*rJ»* on the Stb. d*y of JoJy 19S4 1 »v«- aotic* tfc*t ,*n «t*etiott by o,iialifi«<! votora of tb« City of wbo OVCB t&xab!* j»rop«rty Ms «*id City a.nd who aav« «J«Uy * " ~" ' JHEAVENER BALL ) PLAYERS INJURED Car Overturns Near -.Antlers tor b* b«ld be- hoars of S:OO o*e!oek. A. 2«f., und 6; do o'clock. P. M., OB th« Tcb <t»y of August. 1934. for th« purpo** of d»- ANTJLERS, OkJta. — Sox T*I TO in. Phone 1223. -»^.,^. S »* close ) » sal! | the city in folio wine propoaitlonj: or not tb* city of to bccue. Bocds of sum of S*v«»ty Tbou_ ally, ace pitcher, and Swede Larson, third baseman of the H«avener LARGE, comfortable room, close } in. Private bath. red. TeL 1202, Aparuneats for Rent 5 Rm. Fam. Hra. and Dap-—SS6J Blues, were treated by a local phy- | 5 siclan Iiere Sunday morning for | • injuries suffered in a car -wreck, IS { I miles northeast of Antlers, as they ! . I'J were en route to-Hugo. i f rOK* i - ' ; xx -t j*sr e«tit i McAnally received cuts about the ! anaum. !at«r«st j>*y»««, ««=il-aar.u»lly. hea<J and LarsoP Said bocd« maturing »*ria.ily at tb» r*-"i «.«« uu«/£- sp*ctir* times *nd ia th* resp*eUve < e»* about the back and. l&ft arm. assosnts. as may "b dale at a. rate sot ha/llv Hr*tle »a<3l5 Druls- arm. foot. THREE-ROOM apartment. private entrance, garage. 365 East. \ t Houston. Eupha Marsin. sad. mil parpos*. of baildiot 5 posa.1 Piaats. construction, and *rilarx«ca*nt FURNISHEO APARTMENT- — All conveniences, and garage- Call 652-TV. apartKient. bills paid. $12.00 per month- 111 North Houses for Rent FIVE room ftsmished house, close in. Phone 704 . although us '^^^J \ Tvas ba dly shaken up. Their car man-bo|«! turned over -arhen two, tires blew -ement of otit ar the «ame time. None of the Bo=d£ 1 other occupants of the car was in- Godbold. presiding officer; of the a;>the Real Estate For Sale "onse* tor Sale FIVE-HOOM house, bath. 441 E. Cherry, Apply Jcnoivn as S*ir*r Cocitmctloa Series "1934," The polliar p!ac«» *in± pr*sidi=s officers of, said. *teetios mha.ll b« re«i>«e- sively. «i foHo-w.. ^ s ,,-I.N t s. ft General Election ' Oatra.5 Fir* Station. 3X P. Star*. :a so far as zh» sarr.e sr p;:cabi* and aot in confJici _ provision* of t5t« City Cbarz*r \V. H. XVrUtfct. ure»j<iiii» officer: . Er*.ry own«- of taiabls T>rOT>»*-±y in \\'ASJD 3: Court Hoa»e. A. W. NeviJle. ! -h* City o? Paris, who aa« duly rend- oJfic«r; «r«a said property for taxation. * arid . 4: Paris H2si School. L. W. J who is Qualified to vot« for reemb«TS i Jas-kson. presldine officer. i of tb» !*sis!aicr* of irie slat* and! Tfa« form of ballot to b* csed !n ]-who has resided in the Uauts of rh« i said election for rh,ose voting !n fa.vor I City for six <5) monibs. an<! in tb*> ! of Use issua=c« of bonds chai! bs &s | 'n'ard in which he offers -o vote for j thirty (20J days, next precftdius tie! "For the fsssx2C« of Sever COE- •trJicxioa -Bonds. S*rf«» -1334." Th* forin of ballot to b* m«d in said. *l*ctioa for tfeos* TotlEy a.jt*is»t issuance of boads sba.ll b« as follow*: "AyainPt tb* issuance of Ss-sccr Coo] tractios Bonds. S-ri«s -133*.i Th* «l«ciion to b« beld 1= *.ccord*ae« election • is entitled to Givea under say hand •Jri'li the Seai ; of the City of Paris affixed tbis the ' 3th daj- of J2-y. A. Z>.. 1S34 i X SI. CKOOK j ilayor. City of Paris { Attest: Mrs. Odoas Park, * City secretary, city of Paris- COURTS McCCTRTAIX (Idabel, Okla.).;: Marriage Uc«nses Xs«tt«d Floyd Bright and Mis» Loren* Travis. Idabel; T. M. Jones and Miss Virginia God bolt, Hope. Arlc- aiisas; Clarence Benton and Mi** •Opal G-sistry. Broken Bow; 3. G. \ l§ro and 3liss Eurilla. r>ill«w. I Clarksviile; Doll's- Shaolts and: •Miss Lillian Compton. Broken Bow; | Cornelius Johns and Mis* Betsy ••Mitchell. Kulljttiklo; Curtis Jack|son and Miss iblir.ple | Good^-a-er: Reeder Reed and j Ella Xee! Jones. Shulrs. "" " { < Civil Cases Filed f Betty CoIi-ins vs Hood Colvins, I suit for dlrorce- One of the tnany persons clubbed over the head In the fierce San Francisco rioting is shown slumped cr> the ground, with a policeman apparently examining the. extant ef hi» injuries. (Associated Press Photo) Warm Weathe- Calls for Cold Drinks and Cool Cloth« Send your light weight suits to us for cleaning. t Southern Cleaners 1OO Lamar Avenne TeL 1 Thimble Thcatrcr rtarring POPEYE Many Hands Make Light Work By E. C. SEGAR wru, KEXT v^f^SE U>E CfsK GET A JOB TOR A Bf\P SPELL OF A T€U-OW BV TH A SPOT you (5)~<g^ f< THE BUNGLE FAMILY By HARRY YES.MT HEAR SOMETHJMS ASOOT E BUKGLES TA.<iNS TRIP I L£ STOPPED f >E HALL I ?*ZI HADN'T THE socis Y/ELL SHE: JUST BOILED AND.THEN WITH TO»eD nscK SHE V 5NTO i -•.-••' : --::<'^-. - 1 ^^v^5^ ?^- i*:'^'^^""*^^^^! UTHILlf Street DIANA DANE Bargain Da^ For j FOR SALE OR TKAI>E—Packard I car. sood mechanical condition: .. [ ^S9\v *5r*«, run less than thirtj- i or the Peace Precinct i ihocsand roiles. yourj I, PJare No. I: { prop*»s:ri^n to O. B. "White, t«Ie- XV. SHEFFIELD. r35-W, or care of Paris For Justice of the rcacc. Precinct 1. Place 2. l>antar Coonty. J, A. (Arthur> JOHNSON. For r<?-iRl9r?{<^n. s^^c^Tid t CHARLES PAR.ROTT ScrrJce otor re- Co. 26 For Con5-«M*r. Precinct I: SAM GARLAND. «'Re-En*ciicm, S-econd T<? j. c. rjOHN> An Stn-fcf*r?» and I ELECTRIC FAN and I North Main St. i Financial \ ln»nrajtK» and Bond* l 1 GALBREATH, DEWEESE ; AND PROCK i , General Insttraac* S57 SE&sSl HH SAID D vou TrfeH - - HOJYit-K HOOFKE A Little Kidding is a Dangerous Thing Mb STAR ?*R:S^UTO LOANS, INSURANCE ^irrt T? I RUSSELL OLIVER A TAXCET w*'r<»m« WT* : Larnar S**t« B<uxk Bids. TeL 429 so. „ .. r » 5«fl » h tr.ontb corrtUiUr .. H <1 :SO See AUIO LO2.RS. 4 RavMowe SCORCHY SMITH F««d Plant* and v*i«rtn« Sir I. rterv' O J. Kntcbti* T:X*| I'M .'TTO JU f?rtc 1*» -i» o tn pfl .1 t Par*or.i» s O V. TMK Queen of Dixie Poultry Naff Stock Scrd — Garden r«medl«s, BoHe S#*<J, Bird R*m#«lea and ' *ad Poppy Food ChjuMsr, GtJ*r»ct*«d to K*«p th» ChJmt*r» Off HARRY BOOK Ttl. A Discover> ?»*•• -\ntnuiK TO U. ML O. WAIT/ £.\T OF? -THEY Look MOSS HOURS i-ATCR, wrm j>tFF«cuLTy THE "n?A*t- — SCORCHy

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