Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 14, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1961
Page 5
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WENSETTC IA Short Short Storv » '*' * *«* i*. MOM ffAft, MOM, AtiANlAI A Short Short Storv THE THIEF By CHALMER DELONG WEST Mr. Melvin was a likeable old .^cim who worked as a night ifwalchmari in a large department '| store. He was so kind that he |evcn shared his sandwiches with gtlie rats in thc basement and the J|pigeons on the roof. For many years he had been nc of thc most trusted employes p-^'th a long record for honesty. !&' 1Gn ' aftcr a series of personal * iisforluncs, consisting of betting jwroiig norsee, he found hitn- . deeply in debt. This was the Jomeni when Mr. Melvin sub- litlecl to temptation. fSfLikc many thieves, Mr. Melvin :>Md himself that he would steal -iW'y enough to restore himself to •iSBlvency. After all, thc store had !-wen kind tu him in supplying ••p n °y for him to bet on horses. ,;>JW why should he take it out OH tore for losing? made careful plans. t ''irst he built a false bottom in lunch pail, in which hc could hide .small but valuable items stich as wrist watches, transistor radios, small cameras and sup- 'plies, jewelry and silver. Then hc began a scries of thefts taking items in such a way that .the store would suspect shoplifters j rafner than the kindly old night t watchman. s' f He disposed of his loot to and neighbors, explaining he was able to obtain the -'goods at a discount and could sell ^thcm at a ijroat saving. He rcal- '_]/ul this was risky business, but "lie believed hc was clever enough 'to escape detection until he re, 'coupcd his small but precious pcj^oiial fortune. "I won't make a permanent habit of this," he said, and he thought he meant it However well Mr. Melvin's path was payed with good intentions, it led nowhere. He did nut'quit when he was even. He did not quit when hc was ahead. At both of these slop- piflg points, he obeyed his urge to^go on, to protect himself f against possible misfortunes bc- f cause no one seemed to suspect ; him. Thus lit continued his dis- ' honest pursuit. • Thefts were, as Mr. Melvin intended, attributed to shoplifters at first. Thc store manager increased his staff of detectives. Some p c tty shoplifting was Fireman Rtteut Three Children FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP)-Twtf firemen crawled t h r 0 u gh a smoke-filled house to rescue three children after their mother had leaped to the ground Monday. Fire Capt. Richard Broyles said two of the three girls were unconscious when he and Fireman Gene Wise reached them in an upstairs bedroom. The mother, Mrs. Hcrtha McBroom, 37, was found unconscious on the ground when firemen arrived. She and all 'three children were in good condition in a hospital. Broyles said he and \Visc found Lee Ann, R, and Charlc'ne, 5, unconscious. The third girl, Carolyn. 13, was still conscious. They revived when the firemen got them outside. WontsWotch on Requests for Money He built a false bottom in his lunch paiL brought to light, but in every case the detectives decided that l\ic culprit wasn't responsible for the large thefts. Security regulations were tightened; employes were watched closely. The store even hired detectives to watch the store detectives. But the big leak wasn't stopped. Finally employes were searched Anyone with a large parcel was stopped and asked to open the parcel. The employes often resented this, but the management explained that innocent employes need not worry and the mtasure was only intended to curb one case of dishonesty. Even Mr. Melvin was stopped and his lunch pail opened, but no oncsuspcctcd it had a false bottom in it. Besides, he was such a nice old fellow. Then one night, when Mr. Melvin reported for work, a detective was waiting for him. He was taken into custody. Where did I make my mistake?" Mr. Melvin asked. Explosion Rips Section of Italy BOLANO, Italy <AP)— Violent predawn explosion ripped half a dozen communities of the disputed South Tyrol today, spreading darkness and terror in the area. A later explosion killed a road worker. Police said the road worker had found a dynamite charge and was about to report to police when it exploded. He was the first fatality of a long-smoldering dispute between Italy and Austria in which extremists demand that Italy grant autonomy to the large German-speaking population. The blasts destroyed a number of steel and concrete towers supporting electric lines. With repair crews forced to trudge for miles through mountain terrain to reach some of the wrecked towers, parts of the area may be without power for s<Jmc time. Arkmsans in By CORDON BROWN WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. John L. Mr.Clcllan, D-Ark., is again trying to establish a congressional committee that would keep a vigilant and constant eye on the appropriation requests of Lhe executive departments of government. He and Rep. William M. Col. mcr, D-Miss.. have tried unsuccessfully for several years to create a House-Senate budget committee with sufficient staff to check on budget requests to determine if they arc justified. McClcllan contends that under the present system, the administrative departments and agencies send their huge money requests (o Congress and about all the Appropriations Committees can do is hear testimony from the very people m a king the requests. These person?, naturally, arc interested in justifying them— not. in having them trimmed or eliminated. Except in rare instances there is no opposition testimony before the Appropriations Committees. River Commission Group Named LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Gov. Or- r al E. Faubus today named 10 east Afkansans to the state Mississippi River Parkway Planning Commission. The commission, created by the Iflfit legislature, will work with iimilar groups in other states to promote development of a scenic Highway following the Mississippi from Canada (o the Gulf of Mexico. Required by law .to name one member from each of 10 designated counties, Faubus selected: Joe Steel of Monticcllo, C. C. Stewart of Watson, Porter C. Young of Helena, R. VV. Duelled t'f De Wilt, Gordon Love of Hushes, Milton Beck of Marion, Abholt F. Kinncy of Dcrmott, A. ,1. Homer of Blythcvillc, Paul Bonham Jr. of Mnrinnnii and J. E. Allmon Jr. of Clarendon. Faubus raid he feels the parkway, which has been discussed for more than 20 j'cars, will eventually be built. "There's n 1 Bull's Job Minor, Soys MS Council LITTLE ROCK (AP)-The state Merit System Council said Mon- dny that John D. Bull of Little Rock, n campaign fund collector for the governor, held only n minor job interviewing applicants for jobs with the state employment Security Division. Dull testified at it federal Civil Service Commission hearing last week that he had collected money for Gov. Orval E. Fmibus In every campaign Faubus had mnde. Thc hearing was on charge that five ESD employes solicited funds' in April, 1960, from ESD cm- employes for the Fnuhtis campaign fund in violation of the federal Hatch Act. The Merit System Council said Bull was not regarded as a mem- Toxti, Trouble Hand in Hand ENGLAND, Ark. (AP) - Taxes ant) trouble go hand-in-hancl according lo one taxpayer here. The anonymous taxpayer wrote the following letter to the county clerk's office"Dear Sir: "I received your letter mid statement. T did not forgel this lll! '< supposed lo be fort is needed, that a joint budget committee staff could go down into the departments and watch Ihe budgets as they arc being prepared, thus becoming familiar McClcllan says this provides with them by the dollar, rather Conwoy Teachers Get Pay Hikes CONWAY. Ark. .(AP) —Public, school teachers here can expect, salary increases Of $250 to $230 during the next school year, Hays Gibson, Conway school superintendent, said Saturday! He said the extra funds will come from "You didn't slop soon enough," said the dotcilivc. "One of your 'customers returned a watch that , didn't run and asked for a refund. We checked the serial number and found that il was one of the items stolen. Always deal in slate sources. Gibson closed that bids for school construction program he received July 6. the committees with a one-sided picture with the result that the public interest isn't adequately protected. McClellan and Colmer maclo their strongest fight in 1953. That year the Senate passed the bill. Colmer managed to get. it to the House floor—over strong opposition by the House Appropriations Committee—where it lost by I(i votes. Tlic Senate has passed the Mo- Clcllan bill again this year—without a dissenting vot^c. Whether it gets lo a vote in the House is another matter. Opposition of the House Appro- iations Committee is based on the fact that, under the Constitution the House, not the Senate, initiates all appropriations and tax bills. Leaders of the committee have indicated they regard the McClcllan bill as something of an infringement on'that right. Chairman Clarence Cannon, ID- Mo., says the staff of his commit- will quality products, Mr. Melvin." 7 THE ENiD CopVri9ht 1961 by N c wspapcr Enterprise Assn- also clisr- j tee is capable of making the nee u $075,000I essary checks of the budget re- 'quests. In fact, after the 1953 do- foal of the McClellan-Colmcr bill, Cannon did increase the size of his staff for the avowed purpose of providing more complete formation on budget requests. But McClellan maintain that a a n d Colmer lot of interest being expressed In b ? r of , thc Mcri b .V Rlcm « lilf It nil the way from Canada to ?' nc , c hc wns employed only about New Orleans," Faubus said. t2 ^ s 'V' CI ",' " S "" ° pnl ?? nm , 1 ' tier to give tests to applicants for the job of interviewers with the stale ESD. Thc council said Bull had no authority to hire anyone and no o f f i c i al appointment. He was picked because he had worked with the ESD for about five years and had thc knowledge needed to screen thc applicants. Thc Merit System gives examinations for jobs in the ESD and other sthte agencies thai use federal money. John 1. Hoguc, thc council sup crvisor, said the council maintains a list of about 20 men and women who assist thc council, on call in holding oral examinations. They receive $15 a day and are used usually one lo three days al a session and for not more than three or four times during .'i year. Hc said Bull had been employee three clays in the past 15 months- as an oral examiner. Houge saic Bull came inlo contact with only 5'1 persons being tested out 01 about 0,532. mine. I done my best to keep up the lax and find the place. "1 spent so much money trying to find the place and keep up the taxes I gave up. But I would be to gliul to pay thc lax up if thc stale would give me back Ihe money 1 spent and take the lots back. "My dad did not ever see the lace before he died anil mother ept them up thinking she would jet a chance. She died. And 1 lone my best so I guess I will nvc lo give up loo." than by the millions of dollars. They also take thc position that such a committee would in no way infringe on thc Constitutional rights of the House, that thc joint committee would merely be the money eyes and cars for Con- gross and would have nothing to do with making up the appropriations bills. McClcllnn, discussing his proposal recently, said that "while the President is clearly aulhor- i/ed lo propose, it is equally clear (hat the responsibility lo dispose rests with Congress." It is one of Congress' most Important responsibilities to control the appropriations. Hc questions if it is. discharging that responsibility under (ho present system. "If the Congress is to discharge its responsibilities with respect to the expenditure of public funds, it must develop the necessary machinery well as adequate procedures," he said. "Only then will the Congress have the facts and background information lo enable to act judiciously on requests for funds from executive branch agencies and departments. "This machinery must be designed so as to enable the Congress to analyze more thoroughly and s c r c o n more effectively year-round - cf- spending requests." Awards Luncheon at Harding SEAHCY, Ark. (AP) — Ai awards luncheon will highligh today's final session of the 1711 annual Arkansas' Writers Confer encc at Harding College. Th three-day affair has drawn 100 writers from II states. Clovis Copcland of thc Arkansas Publicity and Parks Commission wus 'among speakers Sunday. Thinks Aid lill to Get Through WASHINGTON (AP) - DeifW crntic congressional leaders pre* dieted today that President Kennedy's foreign aid progrliftl will "come out In pretty good shape" in Congress, The lenders, after a conference with Kennedy, said they discussed a \vldc range of questions, with particular emphasis oh the 'foreign aid program. Houso, Speaker Sam Ttiiyburn of Texas described the Kennedy plan lo put foreign aid on a long-range rather than a year-to-year basis !w the most controversial. Rayburn I old newsmen he nful Dllicr Democratic leaders regarded the foreign aid program, including the long-range feature, as vitally necessary. Tell Difference LITTLE HOCK (AIM — Stale \c\). Virgil T. Fletcher of Saline lounty has asked the Legislative Council to study possible Icgisla ion requiring high schools to each the differences between communism and democracy. The council will consider the request at a meeting here Friday. It will also consider a proposed resolu- .ion to set up a legislative speak crs bureau. HAROLD NINOKIX PULPWOOD DEALIM Buyer* of Pbw and Horn Yard Uth A La. 7-4M1 Pr.icoft Vartf N. on Hwy. 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