The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 3, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1918
Page 9
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ersan TUESDAY, SEf*MSMBEft 3, 1918. TUB: tttTTGttlNSOtf NEWS. Military Wrist Watches LARGE LIN* Of ALL MARIS. $4.SO to $2S.OO A. LfWlLSOIV Leading Jeweler 1 OS No, Main St. LIVE STOCK MARKETS Kartiil City. Kansas City, MAi, Sept. 3.—HOGS —11XS4G0 hlghtt*; bulk, $19.50© 20.15; heavy, $19 :660 20 .36; packers and butchers, $19.25 ^20 ,40; light, $19 .0013120 .15; pigs, $10.00018.60. CATTLK—Receipts, 23 ,000, includ-, ing 400 southerns; steady; prime fed Biers, $17,25@>18.50; drcBSod -beef steers, $11.00@17.00; weaUsrn steers, $10.00@14.50; southern siecrs, $7.60 &>14.25; cows, $6.50@il2.60; heifers, fa.O0fM4.IJO; Blockers and renders, $7.500116.60; ,. bull*, $7.50010.00; calves, $7.60014 .00. j SHEEP—Receipts,' 8,000; steady; [ InmbB, $16.60©17^86; yearlings, $10.50 I ©11.50; wethers, $10.00013.50; ewes, $8 .00 ^12.60; stockcrs and. foeders, • $7.00(tfl9.00. ^ Chicago. Chicago, Sept. 3.—(U. S. Bureau of Markels).—HOGS—Receipts 35 ,000; generally Btoady to 10c higher; slow on packing grades; bulk of sales not quoted; ljutchors $19.45 0 20 .30; light $19.65020.35; packers 18.40019.36; roush $17.75018?35; pigs, good and choice $18.26 019 .00. CATTIJS—Receipts 19 ,000; choico and prime native steers steady to strong; others and weBtcrn butcher catlle alow, mostly 26c lower; cannurs end,calves steady to lower. | SHEEP — Receipts 31 ,000; fat classes mostly 16c to 25c lowor; feeders opened steady. j i St. Joseph. St. Joseph, Mo., Sept. 3.—HOGS— Receipts 4,600; steady to 16c higher; top $20.35; bulk $19.60020.30. CATTLj!>—Receipts 3 200; slow and lower; steers $9.00018.00; cows and heifers $6.00015.50; calves $6,000 13.60. SHEEP—Receipts 4,200; lower; lambs $11.00 0 17.50; ewes $6.00012.00. grass cows sell at $8 to $11 .56, heifers up to $14.50, eannera $6.60 to $7125 real,calves $10 to $13.60. Local slaughter last week was 46,000 cattle and the steer market closed 25c higher for the week, cows steady, canners strong, calves 50c lower. Bulk or receipts t<5o>y was from Kansas and' Oklahoma with liberal shipments from Texas, Arizona and Oregon. ' Stackers and Feeder*. Plain stock steers closed last week lowed, other grasses steady, feeders firm. Recent rains have developed the situation and sales today "were 10 to 26 cents higher, feeders at $10.50 to $16.00, Blockers $7.50 to $12.76, stock cows and heifers $7.2G Id $10.60/stock calves $8 to $12.25. Hogt. Order buyers purchased more than 12,000 hogs hero last week and. were the chief cause of the adyanco of 50 to. 75 cents In the market during the wek. They bought so many hogs today at 10 to 16 cents higher prices, paying up to $20.25 that packers had to abandon their early stand for steady prices and get In lino with the order buyers paying up to $20.15. Bulk or sales ranged from $19.25 to $10.10. Pigs sold 26 to 50. cents higher today, following the biggest stock pig business In the history of the market, last week about 5,000 pigs going out. SaleB today were at $16.50 to $18.00. Sheep and Lambs. Good western lambs' sold at $17.65 today, choico ones worth 10 to 15 cents more, plain native lambs $16.75, various lota of choice western feeding' lambs recently around $17.75, a big shipment of 44 pound Toxas feeding lambs today at $17.25. Fat weth­ ers sold today up to $13.25, feeding ewes $7 to $9.00. J. A. HICKART, • Market Correspondent Wichita. Wichita, Kans., Sept. 3.—HOGS— Receipts 1,250; Bteady; top $20.10; bulk $19.65020.00. CATTLE—Receipts 2,000; steady; njtgyo steers $10.00017.00; cows and hfefters $7.00010.00; Blockers and feeders $7.00013.00; stock cows and helf- OIB $(i.00@7.00; bulls $6.00 08.00; calves $7.00012.00. LIVE STOCK CORRESPONDENCE. Kansas City Stock Yards,. Sept. 2. —Cattle receipts today were 29,000 head, market steady on-killing steers, nothing prime.offered, 10-to 26 cents higher on Blockers and feeders. Hog supply was 9,000, market lOXto 16 cents higher, top $20,25. Sheep and lamb receipts were 7,000, market steady to-10 cents lower, best western lambs $17,65. Beef Cattle. Packers took their time in getting Into the yards this morning because killing gangs were celebrating Labor Day and there was no rush to get stuff to tho packing houses. As a rule, killing gangs work only/in the afternoon on Mondays so that the fact that today was a holiday had no inverse bearing on tho market prices, '"' merely, giving buyers more time in whlcJi to get a supply of stock to , : pitekmg bouses .ready for Tuesday's killing. Outside.order buyers were in tho" saddle- early and packers' buyers came out rather promptly on that account. No prime cattle were offered but they are quotable up to $18.60, which prlco was realized here last week. Weighty gross steers" sell up 1o $17.00 or a little better, middle weights $12.60 to $15.50, .light steers $9 to $12, good southerns $7 to $8.50, LENS OCCUPIED BY BRITISH; EVACUATED BYTUE GERMANS (Continued from Page \.i WANTED— Experienced ; fl our packers aud mill hands. Good pay, steady work, eiglit-nour shifts. Laiabee Clour Mill Corporation, Hutchinsou, Kas. ' 3-tf Sept. 3.—In heavy fighting last night' beyond tho Drocourt-Queant line the BritiBh reported to have made furthor progress on a front of 13,000 yards. The villages of Saudemont and Re- court, .more than a mile and a half beyond Dury, the capture of. which was announced last night.are reported today to have been taken. The village of Etolhg, two miles north of Dury fell late yesterday at about '^he same time the British further southwest capturing Villers-Lcz- Cagnicourt. These captures were effected after most bitter fighting. On Way to Catnbral. The determined German resistance at tho cross roads north of Villlers- Cagnlcourt was ovcrcomo by the British thjs morning and Haig's men are now shoving forward in the direction of Cambrai. A strong British forco is driving forward on the northern reaches of the Hlndenburg lino. - The British are well inside tho Drocourt-Queant line. So far as learned no organized counter attacks have been developed by the Germans but ffn the extreme British left determined opposition is developing. British troops today advanved wen to the east of Peronuo and aro making steady progress. All Kinds of Jjtovtf repairing. Phope, 3U7j WANTED—A lady roomer in a modern home; 313 EivH-iSoventll. •( »•«» * HAIG MAKES REPORT. ^4><$><&<^<&<3><a><&<&<$^>4>4>4>3> London, Sept. 3.—The capture of the town of Queont, the southern support of the famous German switch line before Cambrai and Douai, is announced in an official statement from Field Marshal Halg today. In storming the Drocourt-Queant line tho Canadians assisted tho English troops and carried everything before them. Along this line the enemy was heavily defeated in his prepared defenses and Is retiring pn virtually the whole battlo front. The British forces are reported io have entered the towns of Pronvifle, Doignles. and Bertincourt POlt SALE— Four' hole cook stoves, also st'n-e repairing dooe. I'hopo 8117. 110 U. WW DO BUG CLEANINQ and tismjs; make your rugs look Ilka new. i'lulf ruga inudo from your old carpet. Hutchinson' KM* Factory; phono 263.^ -A" WANTICU— A good second-hand writer; telephone 621. type- 3-6 fi>n HALE—Kord touring; l'A miles wuut on Fourth street. Q. U, Martin- , _ _ a-» roil 3A LE-rNatlonal CashRegister, stoves, dressers, single harness, beds, rugs, other household goods. 1» Twelfth west. | , s 3 -Bt WANTED—Cooper; steady. w°rk; apply liarton Ball Co. phuu ur down lowu oijic-a • 3 -tr WANTED—Experienced lady stenograph' er, one w'th'flour mill or'railroad exr iieri,nev preferred, Larubee Flour Mill Corp. ^ 3-tf l-'Oll BALE—Cheap, oiio'poodlwork horse, also one thoroughbred Duroc male hog; enquire 101 Osborne street. 3> v FOIl SAUiWFpSfie-room pansj) and 1w5 lois, walking distance of Soda,A»|i.'Ho* Hoard and Packing plant; $75o .ou. (] ttn u»o Furd on part payment, fhouo WO. 100 Kast A. I i . W111 -2N in need of carpenter work, con- ,-reto or brick for that new furnace room, coal bin, garage, residence or store, rail UB . Now or old- work, any slue. Weather strips. Piano and specifications. Mcleod Hultdlnsr Cow. Co., JQO Fifteenth west. 1 'houe tw. i-i 4» o i> * <$ .< . <s><?> <s> <J> <$> 5 More Big Values for the Second Day <jf $heae Important Bales Crows crime,, crowds bought, and crowds went home yesterday laden with worth-while values. Our Anniversary Prices will make this the biggest and busiest days of the year for us and this year's prices- will mean more in helpful service than ever before." As.each day of the sale progresses other departments will come forward with their choiccstf savings. Many of yesterday's best features are repeated today, while other departments have joined in to make this 4th Anniversary Sale the greatest money saving event this store has eyer held. ( 3m (UBXISSTWZ & -»-MUTC«JJSON.» , KAN4A4.—»- FANCY GINGHAM DRESSES, $5.95 So many pretty styles, in these rich plaid gfngbams. Nothing elaborate or 7 russy but all bear the stamp of style and are pretty glrllRh models. Nearly all are made up in combination colors of pink, blue, green, tan and brown. So If It's QuaUty, Style and Right Prices you're after—Here's the Place. / 8ILK CAMISOLES, $1.25 In wash satin and crepe tic chines, some cut with the straight top with ribbon straps over the shoulders, tiny tucks, touches of dainty hand embroidery; others finshed with the wide lace bands, ribbon straps and lacings. SILK CAMISOLES, $1.95 Flesh Crepe-de-Chlne, has yolto made of a dainty lace Insertion and satin ribbon, with laco edge at top and around arm bole, ribbon lacing, elastic at waist. Another good style is of wash satin. In white or flesh; has a 4-Inch band of lace hemstitched on to the satin, ribbon lacings and draw string. Do Not Fail to See the New AUTUMN DRAPERIES Pretty is no name for them. They arc more than that—this you will agree once you have seen them. You will • have no difficulty in making a choice from them to beautify any room. V , The prices are very reasonable. ' Cretonne Draperies 25c ^iosej spray/ leaf and other floral _ designs in, eveiy wanted colorj full 3'ard wide. Nice Drapery Scrims at 18c Lacy borders, fine centers in nice, choosahle variety, full .yard wide, ecru and white. '"• ; • Mercerized Marquisettes, 39c . A beautiful silken finished drapery in white or cream, full yard'wide; will drape beautifully and well. Voile Draperies, 25c Fine looking /voile draperies with rich lacy borders, and imitation hemstitched effects, fine quality aild good assortment of designs. - BABY BATH ROBES, ' '|1.00 Pink, and blue with a small whHe figure, long ajeove, opened down front, has a tiny pocket, cord at waist, has hood attached, BABY 8ACQUE8, $1.95 Soft silky crepe In white, tiny smb. scol­ lop in pink or blue, little touches of hand embroidery on sleeves and on front. Sewed in sleeve or butterlly style. BABY SACQUES, $2.29 White wool cashmere, butterfly style edge nil finlshnl with a liny embroidered scallop in pink and blue, ribbon ties, dainty sprays of flowers embroidered on front. Anniversary Sale of Hosiery Women's BurWn Fashioned Hose, knit to fit, without a scam, narrow liem top in black and white. Pair -..39c Women's Wayne Knit Gauze Lisle Hose Seamless, 3 inch hem top, double Kfl n heol, sole and too. Pair UUl» Boys' Iron Clad School Hose, Pair 50c With triple knee, doublo heel, solo and too, fast black, 6% to 11. Kfl" Pair Women's Fine Cotton Hose With 6 inch garter, Vtop. double heels, too and soles, in black nnd white. OQn Pair *.*•» Children's Fine Ribbed Cotton Hose With double heel, toe and sole, QQn> in BUes 6 to 10. Pair 03l> WOMEN'S SUITS chtaiter/ $25.00, $29.50 and $35.00 Character is the thing that goes st acter is just what those suits have in th their fabrics, their linings and interim braid, etc., so often scamped. They hav little individualization that make them character in their tailoring,.a character care, and gives a lasting fit, that retains its wear. raiglit through to the very bones. And char- on 1 fullest measure. They have character in ings, in those matters of buttons, thread, c character in their designing, for they have seem custom made. Above all they have that sets even the most hidden stitch with the shape of the garment to the last day of See these Anniversary Values—They are the best values for the price in town. BTHE CURTIS STORE CO.; ii itBNT-j-flae modern keeping room; iterate button-hole niaeblpa, J-tf • GERMANS F(GHT HARD. * <8> <3> <t> t> <t> <j> Q 4> <J> <4> •$> <$:• >i' <t> London, Sept. 3.—Southeast of l^ng- nicourt, the southern most point at which, the British have a hoiij on the Hlndenburg line, Uie Germans today fruitlessly, throw.In what is believed to liefovery roBerva available,, Most of the reserve troops, however, have been worn out In the recent fighting and put up a weak resistance. The seoond Prussian division, considered ono bt the enemy's best, was rushed up from Cambrai, but the men, wero so worn 9Ut that they were/ easily pushed back. 1 Hundreds of prisoners were taken today, but.probably not so many as yesterday. Opinion here Is that' the Germans b&YB few, if any, frosh reserves available on this front, It is not believed the line of the Sensee canal can be. strongly defended. s " 1 — More Gains. London, Sept. 3.—(Via Montreal)"- (gattle Proffl)—The towp of Jlertln- court, about midway between Bapaume and Murcolng has been taken by the British, uccordlng to reports today, Uojgnlcs, about 9% miles northeast of Bortlncourt also 1^ reported taken, • packing Up. Paris, Sept. 3.— (Ham A«ep.qy)-r Coestant, mgvgments toward Ute rear of the German lines on the Somme front in the roglonB of Ham and Guiscard are reported. Hospitals and dressing stations ore being* hastily cleared, while convoys are moving northeastward harassed by entente airplanes. Sunk {by Torpedo. Paris, Sept. 3-!-(Haras Agency)—Tho French steamship Pampa of 1,471 tons was( sunk by a torpedo on the night of August 26-27 whilo on a voyage from Blzerta tq^, Salonikl. Four Serbian soldiers out of 359 persons on board fire missing. Wheat. Corn ,. Oats .. ^atflr A Steamship Change,' Washington, Sept. 3.—H. B. Walker, president of thp Old Dominion steamship line, today was placed in charge of all coast-wise steamships operated by the railroad admin- tratlon and will succeed' tho railroad administration coastwise steamship advisory committee, of which "H. J. Spence is chairman. . t . --"Hiram Dillon Dead. "* "' Chicago, Sept. 3— Hiram Dillon, tho Topeka, Kansas, milllonairu, who has been.Ill at a hotel here, died last night. His wife"was at his bedBide. Dns, Gage ft Hall having entered tho service would, greatly appreciate prompt settlement of accounts. Bills may be pdld at their office or at Dr. Gage's residence, 506 Ave, A east. 3}-il GRAIN MARKETP) mm, . I .. ===SS' '» -f 7 ^ RANGE OF OPTIONS AT CHIPAO* Whutt. No prlpes quoted. Nov... Sept.. Oot... Nov... Sept., Oct., Oct., Open 1.611 .63'.i ,71H 43.40 Hlflh um Corn. 1 .64H 'lM* i .E6 Oats. .74 .7214 ,70% .6914 .78 .71 W*m Porfc- "tUi 43.49 ^-Closed-. ToO*y ra»» 1.66 'i 1.67% 1.631 1.65» .73 "A .7(1 'Z •W 43.46 ,6'J', .711 RANGE OF OPTIONS AT KANJ^8jBITV pptn Hlah 0(> l-9W Tod«y V'dM Nov.,. .73 .74tt *!78% .74 com. 1 ' Nor. 1.66 . . 1.68 • 1.66 J.57J4 Sept... 1.6214 1.6114 1.60 \-W Oct.., 1.60'A 1.63 1.6914 1.02 1.00 'A Kantae City R»c«ipt«. Today Year »6 »<» 13'J ,.', 277 0 2S 170 1 I GRAIN AND PRODUCE. BHAN—*1.42©1.50. KISCBIPTS—Wheat, 80S cars. Chicago. Chicago, Sept. 3.—Although frost in the northwest had some thing or a, bullish effect today "on corn, tho market spon underwent a setback. Important fresh victories for file Allies tended materially to easo prices. Besides receipts were on a big scale, Opening Quotations which ranged from '•be off to 3c advance) with Sept. $l .B3V4 to $1.64 and October Jl.55% to $1.5014 wero followed by slight further gains and then a decline ull around to well below Saturday's finish. Subsequently, bullish crop. "i-tj, mates and a decreaso In tho vlsiole supply totalled to''!ded upturn, j The close was strong'tV4c to 1'ic net i higher with Beptember $1 55 tu 41.55Vi and October $1.57V4 to He. Oats paralleled the acUon of corn. Heavy deliveries on September contracts operated as a weight on values. After opening a shade lower to %c UP with October 71&c to 71%c the market hardened a little, and then suffered a general sag. Proyislons were neglected. Higher prices oh hogs failed to stimulate and buying. Later tho market developed a lltUe strength owing U> an increased demand for ribs. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City Mo., Sept. 3,—WHEAT —Stcady_to ?4c lower; No. 1 hard $2.19@2.19%; No. 3, »2.16%©8.V7; No. 1 red $3.18%) No, 2, $2.15y». CORN—Bteady; No. ? mixed »1.0» 01.70; No. 3 nominal; No, 2 white $1.82® 1.84; No. 3 nominal; No. 2 yellow $1,71(B>1.72; No. 3 nominal. OATS— Vi<8> He lower; No. 2 white 72c; No. 2 mixed, 70tie. BY&~$1.73@1.74. KAFFIR and MIW) MAIZB—$3.49 @3.*5. HAY—Unchanged. . Kansat'City Closing Prices.' ' Kansas City, Sept. 8.—CORN—September $1.62%; Oct. $1.02; November $1.57%. Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, Sept, 3.—CORN—September 1.55®%; Oct. 1.57%; November OATS—September 70%c; Oct. 72c; November 73i4e. PORK—September $43.40; October $43.15. 1ARD— September $28.92.; October $2(1 87, SORT III BS—September $24.60; October $24.75. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Sept. 3—BUTTJCR—Hlghor; creamery, 42^p4(S%o. BGC'S—Unsettled; firsts, 39<8>40%e; ordinary firsts, 37fl>38%c; at mark ca*8es included, 35#39c. POTATO10S — Higher; Minnesota early Ohios, bulk, $2.2002.25; sacked, $2.40$!i2.45; Wisconsin, bulk,- $2.00© $2.25; ditto, Backed, f2.254ii-a.35. pouuntv—Aijve, higher; fowls. 29%c; springs, 30o. New York Produce. New York, Sept. S— BUTTER— Firm; creamery higher than extras, 49049%. BOGS—Steady; fresh gathered extras, 51@52c. CHEESE—Finn; Btate freah specials. 27o. I4VK PODLTftY—Flrmeri dressea firm, Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. S.-^-iBUTTER Creamery 47c; firsts 45%c; goconds 44 %c; packing 37c. ISCKrS—Firsts <0c; seconds SBc. 1K)UL,TRY—Hons 24%c; roosters 18e; springs 26cj brQilers 25c • • 4> LOCAL MAhKET PRICEB, O • • *>««>«>••>• • » 0 • • • • • 4> UOCAU GRAIN MAHKET. (Fvmished \>r tha Huicotoaoa E«j«pr Ulia Co., a B 4'>M wnol^«liHc»*)„. WHEAT—CftBh, No. X Um t I8.Q8, CQRN-Cwrt, (1,64. FEED. BRAN—$1.47% por 100. CHOP—$3.70 per 100. FLOUR—$5.56 por 100. HAY. \ (Prices given by tbo % Heas Feed Cotupany.) Alfalfa hay—$20 a ton. HIDES. (Furnished by J. F. Rohledor, hides and furs.) GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 1, 19c. GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 18c. HORSE HIDES—$3 00 to $5.00. SHEEP PWLTS—25c :o $2.00. OHHEN mulcts —3c less thau cured. HALF CUREIi— l%c leess than GREEN SALT GLUE—10c. GREEN SALT BULL HIDES—No. 1, 16c. GltEEN SALT BULL HIDES—No. 2, 16c HUTCHINSON PRODUCE. (Wbulcsulo prlcuB furnished by Cart Nelson.! HliNS—21c. BROILERS—1918 hatch, 23c. OLD UOOSTERS—15c; DUCKS—Full feathered, i6c YOUNG TOM TUllKBYS—12 lb*, and over, 22o. TUltKEV HENS—8 lbs - and orsr 23c. No. 2 and small turkeys, half price. GEESE—Full teathered, Uc OLD TOMS—30c GUINEAS—25c EGGS—Candle loss off, $9,60. DAIRY. BUTTER FAT—Alamito, 60c; deliT- ered In Hutchinson. Prompt D.Ih Tvpewritet- writs,. pr ",„nUy SJt"- •S "P"t iMtSS^. *"fj"'r Boou to Buriaea, for the year. Other notoworUiy gains included low priced rails, such as Missouri Pacific unit Rock island. Dealings In mocks at tor thu double holiday WUH characterized by a con- tinuancu of the firmneBs, especially lit rallH. Tho group ruglslered many substantial gains in the first half hour under lead of Union Pacific, Great Northern preferred, New Haven and Southern Railway, although Reading ea6ed slightly. Steels, coppers, ship­ pings and equipments weru fractionally over last week's final quotations. International 'bonds as well aa domestic issues wore steady to firm ulso General Eloclric, American locomotive, American car, American sugar and tobaccos. Liberty bonds were strong, especially the 3.%'s. Another spirited advance In United States steel and a five point gain in Hide and Leather preferred wero the striking features of the active final hour. The closo was strong. WALL STREET New York, Sept. 3.—Stimulated by further favorable war news, broader buying for both accounts attended today's consistently strong stock market, Important rails and Industrials making high strong records of the year. Sales approximated 600,000 shares. + Slocks materially enhunceil their gains buforo noon, the sweeping retreat of the Germans prompting further covering and tuYestment purchases. Hails remained in tho foreground hut industrials secured a stronger footing on United Btutos steel's rise to 113, an extreme advance ot 1% points. Steel and Union PacUlv were among tho important stocks, allowing tor. recent dJy.Weuda, t£ fttUi* new; m^xlBnuftfl New York Money. New York, Sept 3.—Mercantile paper 6 percent. Sterling 60 day bills 4.72; commercial 60 day bills on banks 4.72%; commercial 60 day bills 4.71%; demand 4.75.60; cables 4.76%. Franca demand 5.47%; cables 5.46. Mexican dollars 78. Government and railroad bonds strong. Time loans strong 60, 90 days, 6 months 0 per cent. Call money: High 6 per cent; low 0 per cent; ruling rate 6 per centT closing bid 5% percent; offered at 6 percent; last loan U percent. Now York Sugar. New York, Sept 8.—'Raw sugar steady; centrifugal 6.055; refined steady; cut loaf fl.00; crushed 8.75; mould "A" 8.00; cubes 835; xxxx powdered 7-70; powdered 7,65; fino granulated and diamond "A" 7.60; confectioners "A" 7.40; No. I 7.3J. I

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