Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 4, 1965 · Page 9
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 9

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1965
Page 9
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CUgB yEW840TONAl > Tuesday,May 4,1068 wp-^BY- ."»/^yy • *° «Bmgp»uumiaLU; j.nesnay, raay », iwt New Publication Tells Cattle Grub Control UNIVERSITY PARK - Four methods of treating cattle for grubs are explained in a new publication released by the New Mexico State Cooperative Extension Service. It Is Circular 382, "Get R i d of Cattle Grubs in Beef Cattle." and explains the procedures for spraying dipping, ;pour-on. and feet] additive methods of controlling the insect pests with different systemic insecticides. Author Stanley Coppock extension enlflmologist at NMSU, said the insecticides must be used before the grubs be g i n growth in the backs of cattle to prevent damage to meat and hides. This means that the ma- terial must be applied as soon as possible after the heel fly activity is over. In southern New Mexico the treatment should be made about July 1 and in the 'northern part of the state the treatment should be in mid • jAugust or later. i ! The cut-off date for grub con- 'trol is October 1 in the south- |ern portion of the state and November 1 in the northern por- 'tion. i The cattle grub is one of the worst livestock pests in New Mexico, Coppock states in the publication. It causes losses of hundreds of thousands of d o I- !ars annually and in the adult stage as the heel fly, the pest frightens cattle, making them restless and causing them to lose weight. Much more serious, however, is the damage done by the in- jsect in the grub stage when It | reduces the value of the carcass 'for meat and makes holes ^throughout the hide. | I The adult heel fly, which !darts rapidly from animal to | animal laying eggs on the hair jof the legs near the heels ; is | seldom seen by man. Upon hatching, the grubs work their way through the skin and burrow through the muscles and tissues for eight to ten months before they appear •as warbles in the b?.cks of the 'animals. In late fall, the grubs icut holes in the hide and emerge during the winter. Tucumcari To Host NMSU To Host State 4 _ H Woo | Teams Agriculture Meet UflHCA CA&A UN1VERSITY I'AftK -emeritus of NMSU's school of ^•wl^SC 'PCTC Members of the New Mex i c oj engineering; and Everett Brown- Stale Department of Agriculture ir >S. associate agricultural edi TUCUMCARI — The N e w'will meet at New Mexico State! 101 '- NMSU agricultural infer Mexico State 4-IIorse Show and [University May 11-12 for the' malio " scrvice ' Rodeo will be at the Quayj inth annua , conference of lhe | The State Department of County Fairgrounds here June 3-5, according to Bob Powell, To Compete Flying Squadron Makes Surveys Three separate aerial survey? by the Department of Game and Fish in mid-April piled ui- a lot of information useful in game management. Waterfowl surveys are held monthly from September through April, and the three- day stint took place April 1416. covering the 1 waterways of the state. Orville LuUrell /.< the pilot of the Department plane John Goixhvn found the waterfowl population down considerably as compared with la.>t year this time. lie attributes this to drought condition-; in the northeast par: of the state Over the weekend of Apr;! 17 and 18. the men flew the Tres P'.edras area where e'.k were 'tagged and neck-banded some weeks earlier. Of the 47 ani- mils that had been fitted with ;eck bands visible from t h e air the survey party spotted .1 They also counted 370 head >f elk. ' A heavy snow cover was seen >ver the Lagunitas. Lug u n a Largo and Hopewell areas, with numerous drifts estimated to be 12 to 15 feet deep This much -now in mid-April is better than isual. Goodwin said. On April 19 and 20 an ante'•>!>*.' survey was made over the !.E ranch area east of Roswell. Goodwin and Project Lead e r Parry Larjen accompanied a commercial pilot in a helicop- :or. in &'"• hours of flying time. On the northern half of the LE ranch they counted 16 bucks and 128 does. Over an area south of the ranch the count was 39 bucks. 64 does. Seven coyotes were also seen on the two areas. I Two antelope bucks were ob;served fighting, with a wire mesh fence between them. One got hung up in the fence, and when the men were on the ground they went to rescue the buck. In the meantime he had 'sot away. There was no evidence of injury to either animal, except a lot of loose hair. HUNTING director, announced today. Attending Iliers o n Iricultiire ' s a regulatory agency organization, Dallas mciaun,; ~ • •• to protect New Mexkco s agricultural producers and cnnsuro- ill he 35 staffjcrs from the sale of mislabeled county agent with the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service. . ** c l . OI vAMOrSuO uikiuiiiji£; i.,i frciavua m iriDlUIon HUM ill(U/um.'iii/n Springs, Colorado, will serve as|NMSU and 12 inspectors who sects diseases and pests. judge for the Morse Show. Ben-1 headquarter in various locations;' npff ic nntv car,,\nn ^^ <!,„ mi. • ., . . The department maintains a ; UNIVERSITY PARK - N'-w .Mexico 4-H won! jiid^in.L 1 teams iwill cnmpc'lo in the aniiu.'i! rnri- ! h'st at RosweM Mav fi. ;uvor<l- ing to J. R. Slander, slieep and wool specialist wild ine N e w jMexico State Univer<i!v Cooperative K.xlensioii Service Mexico iiiw.i.^^.o vi. vi i w uv- ft! i ni t v,n i, i j| <j^njv_ i :> cl i m lu ^ji t- v t;n i. u n." 1,1 in including 2;! persons stationed at trihnlion and introduction of in-1 nett is now serving as the 14th president of the American Quarter Horse Association and calls members of the department,'products and to prevent the dis-j Teams will compete for slate .„„!,.,!,.,„ 1 _-. ._.! ._l__.1.......... ..r ._ || K)n()] . s ar|( j,. | (| ,j |( , \;||j,, n . ial Wool Judging Contest at iSonora, Tex.. June 8-10. The two top senior teams in the contest will win expense-paid trip- sponsored by lhe New Wiiol Growers. Inc. Medals for contestants are'd by the Artesia Wool Coopei-;i!ive. The A. I). Jones 1'Atate of Roswell furnislied the hi.'i, team Iropiy nnA the Pe- linuillet Sheep Breeders Association donates a plaque to the ))Lh individual. in the state. Dr. Roger B. Corbctt, NMSU the Youth Acitivity prog r a m president, will welcome the staff of inspectors who regularly inspect e^ss, fertilizer, public milk, seed, me iinuii Aciuvuy pron r a ml^' ltctlllt " v> ""' «tn.i/mt i u Cjjenin/.er, |>umu; scales, feed, launched in 1961 by the Ameri- ; confercricc members. Speakers insecticides and other commo- can Quarter Horse Association 1 "''" ' nc ' l 'd p Dr. Ralph Slucky, Cities to insure that they con"the greatest thing that eve n director of lhe NMSU Water f 0 r m to New Mexico regula- Resources Research Institute, tions. happened to the Association or the breed that supports the in- Miss Ruth Sncecl> food dustry." jing information specialist with (the NMSU Extension Service; This year's show will include:Claude Leyendecker, manager 14 halter classes and 12 per-iof the Mimhres Valley Farm- formance classes. j c rs Association, Deminsz; Mar- The performance classes will','''", P(>t " Slf S' u^m" **' be divided into junior and sen- ' uir men , of J u ^ c Hl ' aIUl ; San " ior divisions according to age of| ta K>; M " A " Thomas d e a n 4-H members and will include | cutting classes, reining bam race, ropine. Western pleasure! and pole bending. Members of 4-H clubs who wish to enter the contests may obtain entry blanks from tiieir county extenison offices. FOR A.I) TAKER TALI, ferti-lome SASSER Western Wear I.KV1, I.KK KTDF.US AM) WKAN(tl,KIW 311 MAIN FORAGE SORGHUM HYBRID ... fur ail your seed needs Call 763-5895 or see us at... reed & Ranch Supplies, Inc (Tin- Hanlt-st [Mac.- In Town To Find) One Blwk South of the I mifrpa-, on the Pt»rtuh"» Hiua\ and Two Blocks sco Norrn COLLEGE PHONE PO 3-8256 There /$ A Difference CMC 478 with Industrial Clutch $1,195.00 Fishing Reports NORTHEAST AREA: McAllister Lake had lo»5 of wind but! quite a few fish were taken.! Best baits hellgrammites over! the weekend. A 21 inch bass! wei3h;n? 7 ! -_- pounds was check-) by M;ke Martine/ Several; itht'r H to 4 pound ba« taken •in dark Flatfish At Storrie • J'MKJ: IOTS of crappie. ar'l ha>- uert- taken on a!! IV:K-S <>: ar'::'ic:a! lures; :'.'.e- t)e«t. \''c Lake wa? 1 r>n bas> ar.d carfisij. t h e • :n >",a!l.>w wav>r OP t o p- v.r.z •.•'.:;.:- i.'a':':-h taken on and waterdo^s with : -»•';-••- (".;)•.', in s'.o'A over 1 'At.'<"'kend h i i; h winds, cold • "ads 2f'fM.l, water [•,;•.:'- used were f i r e-!- SJ!:T; <n e^Jv corn, and' ar*i: . SiHTH\VKST A HE A. E!e- li-jtto bass fair on •- P,'.i=.h\vha'-kers and R'ack Worms. Channel catfish fa:r on T:,''::r.e w.'r cu* bait i K.I C/rar.!- h*>!ow dam. best !am"- e_ r .s He-^n! ca'f-'n- piir^-'i good on ra.r.b-i-A Lak'* Hofxr'.i rerently , CJ l '. a River It is a mistake, says I^eo Ritter. to label some of the novc furs "crazy." Hitter, furrier for 32 years, says that a hotter term is "neglected." These "forgotten" furs are coming back, he said, and not for sports clothes alone. The furs he mentione; include persian lamb, blackdycd muskrat, opossum, lynx, and the foxes. NEED MONEY? SAVE NOW 1x8 NO. 3 WPP 1 x8N0.4WPP '.M10 N. PKINCK ( LOV1S. N. MKX PIIONK 7(J2-i:i(MJ OSE FOOD ferti-1. l °"ie rose &V .*> l.h. n<i\ t l.i Lit. n<>\ ; ™ ^fi "-\ \' i~i srrrrvir, I Hi S C11CIC ' worn containing systemic insecticide easy, sure way to feed your bushes and control insects TrFiiliievimp sorar'i? <> n d dusting is tinner: • ruafy !o rmtiol fwMm inwcfs when )"Du feed yo if fn;r"i w:!h nc* Itrti Iflrne Ro'.e Fond contain^; Syr.tcmir Insrrticidt. Monlh'y (crlmr*. »>il p'oduc.? vigorous Imhev rolo;'.;' 1/oom", tnl contioi pierctrj »nrl VKV:n; in^r !-, Th" LyiVmic Iftvcti- ciclr 15 al:soib' v ''1 hy th( rcxil; and givfs invyjii" p<o>-'ttoi in oid and n*w growth »i ;.TI'I',', jf>- .,i\ ijr.f biif/>. leaf hoppers, m-'.i-t |h- p-i w!;:'t>!'i»v tiifch lta( minrf, pcr>f [<p t 1 wr,r.K) wr'jwo'm ltd spider rr.ili", iir>i1 o"i'r t'.crrT,; *t\4 sur.kmg in- if;.t*, ('^ntun^ r ot'ov pf 1 .! nf^> t>'»"^ meal, ir. fsch tvn lo; c«:.y KEFLIN SEED CO. Pile Street and Curry Ave. Clovis, N. Mex nr,:rkv b^it imp'-ovins \V a 11 ;;'- '.u-a';-.<•:• s'^miy r f < a d 5 ' jf,,.<! rfn" ca'< good N.»-j -'fi'-ked last week S*'>rrr.- <••, ~r rhe whole area; •j r ir:r..' w"i.-ki-r.d. but many p<-<i- : P O BOX 5037 IUBBOCK, TEXAS 79417 NEW79.95 OUTDOOR GAS BARBECUE GRILL •••••••^•••••••••m^^^M^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BMBBHBHBB^Hi YOURS FREE IF YOU BUY A BEAUTIFUL NEW GAS RANGE! Y^-' f*^, t -s*. CMC 478 with Truck Clutch $1^75.C» Don'* Be Misled There is o difference in clutch assemblies — and it does make a difference in *ha price. You con buy the CMC 478 with the truck housing and clutch assembly at General Irrigafion Engines, Inc. for only $1,075.00. ... And that's not all — Clip the coupon below and bring it fo General Irrigation fngines, Inc., 500 No. Collage Ave., Lub- c, ond receive on additional J/00.00 on any CMC Engine in thi$ ad. GMC7Q2 l&o&oo $100.00 Uaod thru L urn 1".\ Sl>.'»-i0s»; ' (I'll i UI»Bn ( ' 'I •• 1.1,1 ity.i 7^ ! f t-m .•,• v « n '" '.'i t I'll-- (.i. M. i. TH( PURCI'.A^I Of * C»Vi (J F'HitlD AI J."/i V> OR MOCI PAY AS LITTLE AS A MONTH ON YOUR GAS BILL J PKCf CRiODU VfT fRU WLIVtR» . t»H FOR ONf ¥{AP MODiL 36M4S THIS SENSATIONAL NEHO'KtEFt & MERRITT RANGE WAS«S4CN£DESP£CIALIY fO« SOUTHERN UNION ITS MANY FEATURES INCLUDE * BURNER WITH A BRAIN (FIRST TIME AT THIS PRICE') t Mf W TYPE CUSS OOOfi « SMOKELESS BROiltR . KING SIZE OVEN YOURS FOR JUST '269">NO MONEY DOWN ••••••^•••^^^•••••••••••B PIUS UOfU MA ID CHOCm (ROM tO» EtAMPll iH.i MM Cldlffl k MIXWiI! I ONI i MHO l.. AIM) MflH A IHil OUUAJOH LAb lAHaii ^ I t H,, , 99 09 9 I«iaT«14.ATU>|| THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER-SO COME BY SOUTHERN UNION TODAY! If you want the job done right... do it with gas. COMPANY

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