The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 12, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY, JANUARY 12 1948 PAGE TKREE Calendar of Meetings -rs Meet · ' ; illkc .rsoh. 622 West W' 1 ; ( ' 1 , · x ' s lio."U-ss to nicm- O**,"! I - " - ' r u e MmA Workers l« rs o I , . A veiiuc church iio«of M K m ' 1 :...',,, Assisting Slluirsday Mr--. A , , , ! ' I. ftornoon. Assist ing Kdna Piinkey :«m« -.bridge. (oil- resident. "Mrs, Lo- KBth-". jlillwrd, '^i *" ||R V 1 ,-° iu(1 t ) V Mrs. Louise Co!:! i MI ', ,, S i i i d r i s was the lucky JM , -riioon of throe , nc. Planned and con- M i * Ki'ltner and Mis. j,.. During.-- the re- ivshmerits of jel- and Pepsi- to the following those previously lines Mabel Kritts.. v . i - l i n l»» Cal "r . Vonnie Ul 'Vlioni. Sarifd:l Lyon. - · · · , bnnth, Psmkeyvillc W. M. S. Has Monthly Meeting Mrs. Bryant Sadler became a new member of the Pankcyvillc \V. M. S. at its January meeting held Thursday evening at the church. "Sixty Years in Hoyal Service" was the topic for the program, «f which Mrs. Roger Norman was in charge. She used as a scripture loshon, Psalm 138, and prayer was offered by Mrs. John Owen. Jn attendance '.vcre the :ollowing: Mesdames Ilattie Moyer, Kannie Owen. Ruth Gates. Alia Norman. Nancy Saddcrs. Clara Sadler, Fern \Vaddell: Misses Gcr'rude Gates, Phyllis Harris. Barbara Moyer and" a guest, Mrs. Itortha Butler. · The Evergreen Garden club will meet Tuesday at 2 p. m. with Mrs. J5. G. Funkhouscr, 109 Noitn i. ,. , ,.. , ., .. , Granger street. Uaplist Circle E Meets , .\Vilh Mrs. Helen Gidcumb i Notice Masons: Special meeting In the absence of Mrs. M i n a ' o f Harrisburg lodge No. 325, A. Woolard, president of Circle K ; F . A. M., Tuesday at 7 p. m. of the First Baptist church, Mrs. Work in the M.. M. degree. Ke- Boiinie Hoffman, vice president freshments. E. 0. Joy, W. M. presided during the Thursday al'- -- ternoon meeting ot the group. Tho A i,,i ia c i rc lc Members mot at the: home ol M r * . ; , u j h u r c h wi n Helen Gidcumb, .i28 hast Uayton ,]?,, at 7; .j n p , n w j| ·LIf (.'Ol* f i ^ . - . - . t . - . * * ». t * i. ,v l-i/t The devotional was given by Mrs. Stella McNulty. After a business session, a pleasant so cial -hour was enjoyed, during which time the hostess served refreshments to the nine members j in attendance, as follows: 'Mesdames J. A. Musgrave. Amos D o ( i n , Ruth Moore, M a i i c Fear- The Alpha circlc of the Pres- L'i,.ri:,n riinrch will meet lues- Exped Russian Drive Against Allies in Berlin BERLIN. Jan. 12.--U.E--Amer- ican and British officials braced themselves today to meet a threatened Russian campaign of intimidation designed to force them to ri-State Federation Of Men's Bible Classes 'o Meet Sunday/ Jan. 18 The 84th convention of the Tri- tate Federation of Men's Bible Jlasses will be held at 2 p. m. Sun- ay, Jan. 18, at the Christian hurch in Owensville, Ind. This ,roup has members in Illinois, ndiana and Kentucky. 11. G. Putnam of Eldorado will give the response to the welcome iddress and the principal address will be by Judge W. B, Harris of \Iorganfield, Ky. IIyour blood LACKS I R O N ! -mi c"-\ .ii'-d women who .sutler sc f'o.v i'if.'Jli' :mi'im:i that you're pale. n'cii- "draw*! out"-- this may be tw-o ',u-k ot blood-iron. So try gdia E Pinkli:.m\ TABLETS- nae of the b*-t homr ways to help build uu red blood to tfet more tr»ni:t!i'3!id r.i-riry - 1:1 such cases. Prkham's T.iblet.s art- o:w of the greatest bKx-ci-iron tonics 'you can buv! Buy them at any drugstore. '. n- IL ' Lydia E. Pmkham's Dorrisville Intermediate Class Holds Meeting The Intermediate class of Dor- risville .Baptist church met Thursday night at the home of Miss Alia Smith, 1101 West Longley .street, for a pound party and regular monthly meeting. Interesting games were played as a part of the evening's entertainment and refreshments were served by the hostess to the following: Rcba and Mary Dixon, Barbara Yarbrough, Mary Lois Proctor, Wanda Fulkerson, Phyllis Mcllrath, Normalee Mattingly. Donald O'Toolc, Paul Monta, and j Margie Smith. Rev. and Mrs. D. H. Smith: the class leaders, Mrs. Bertha Mattingly and Mrs. Nell Pate; and the hostess. L. N. Davenport and son, Robert, of the Seten Furniture store, \verc in Chicago last week attending the national furniture show. I U'hilc there they purchased new j furniture and floor coverings for i spring showing at the Setcn Furni! hire store. Mr. Davenport states i t hat modern designs in furniture i still top the style parade, closely followed by 18th century designs. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier.boy. ness, Bonnie Hoffman, Nulty. A book review is planned for the next meeting ol the circle which will be on Thursday, Jan. 22, at the home of Mrs. Hoffman. Attend District Meeting Oi 15. I*. W. Clubs at Flora meet Tues- i Miss Ruth \itjy at i .*\i p. '··· . . . » · · » A "; -. Brockelt at the home of Mis. Louis Gall, 114 South McKmlcy street. All members of the executive board of the Ilarrisburg council ol Church Women which comprises the officers, members pi the board of directors, all minis- wives, presidents of all wo- missionary organizations, ana ..... oi the representatives from each such organizations are re_ quested to meet in the library 01 the First Baptist church luesday at 2:30 p. m. Plans for the World Day of Prayer on Feb. 15 will , be made at this meeting. Regular stated meeting of George . * Kcgular suueci meeting « A «· Miss Ruby Thomas, president o f l I i a r L p ast American Legion, r T f n r r i v i t i n r c Rnsinoss Pro- 1 i _ i,_i.i '.,',,:,v,( .,1 rr--*C\ A l l the Harrisburg Business Pro ( . c nciu l(J fcssional Women's club and Misses I j' /c Mary Lois Conovei, Iris Craggs. ( , , CJ . ° c and Mary Richardson attended a b ' district meeting ot the 13th district of B. P. W. clubs at Flora 1 1 C 1 1 U i V / . 7 W j ,, . . * · · , - · -- v - l.-c held tonight at 7:30. All mem jcd to attend. Commander. Pete Am- quit Berlin. The Russians served notice of their intentions Sunday in the official Soviet army newspaper Taeg- liche Rundschau which said "there is no space in Berlin for the supporters of Germany's partition." A few hours later a Russian border guard fired five bullets through a car carrying an American .major and his wife, wounding the major in the finger. American authorities said the officer. Air Force Maj. Richarc R. Baker, was fired on after he had passed through the Helmstedt checkpoint barrier on the interna tional highway linking Berlin with the British zone. Baker and his wife were -travel ling in a small German convert i'ole. The Russian guard permittee them to pass and proceed 75 yard before he opened up with his rifle at the car. Announces for State Central Committeeman J. A. Watts of- Nashville. 111., has announced as a candidate for Republican state central commit- .eeman from the new 24th congressional district. His announcement puts two into the race as John Spence, Geff, present 24th district committeeman, is running for re-election. Anyon'e who will Contribute a Truck for collecting waste paper for a half or entire day on J a n u a r y 17', See or Call f" I I · \. A I* Eddse Wise The Daily Register, 20c a. week. ^·mfnnf WW* 3SS*- 11 *- trict of B. P. W. clubs at Flora |t win meet with Mrs. Sunday afternoon. The dmneV, !,,,,.,,,.,,, Tuesday at 7:30 p. meeting was hciu at the Victory _ Baker, attached to the judge ad vocate general's office at Wies- Thc High School Home Bureau baden, said he halted immediately Ownly meeting was hciu at the Victory cafe and the following program the public library. m. Rev. Alvah Crim, pastor of-the Church of God, will be ui tut i/u'/nv J»»^»M«,.. j vjnurcn OL ouu, win MV Miss Clara Lawrence of Evanston.' \v C T U program over state president, was present and ; i ) ' 7 ^ 5 ' ton j g ht. ihr« rpnortwl on her attendance he reported on her attendance to the International convention held last year in Paris, France. This was the first international meeting in nine years due to the war. Her talk was cnlightenm" to the women her interesting who libtened to remarks. Countries which had representatives McKinlcy school PTA will meet tonight at 7:15. All patrons are urged to attend. W l l b U I l tin-it "i «"- » · . byterian church has been changed. v.,v.o ..uv.i -- --. . 'rlic women will meet at the home at this meeting and arc in dire Qf Mrjj R j A i dr i c h, 308 East need of food, clothing, and sup- U Va { nut ' slrcct . Wednesday after- plies are looking toward the Amer- j noon jnslcad of al tr , e home of ·, ,TMi. ,K- 4 /\ Viol r\ t n(^m _ SI1C! -. ... .» i for HOME RIORS ican clubs to help them, stated Organizations already set up in the national B. P. W. are nsking for supplies to be sent ! direct to the clubs in these countries. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ferguson, of Harrisburg, are visiting in Champaign with their son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. Dale Ferguson and son, Mac. - Little Jean Bailey, of Vineennes, Ind.. is visiting here this week cnte . are at the Furniture Mart in Chicago. Mrs. Bailey was the former Ruth Hicks. when the bullets ripped into the back of his car. Baker's finger was nicked, but he was not sure whether it was from flying glass or a bullet. American authorities said the Russian officer on duty at the checkpoint apologized and reprimanded the guard. "England and the United States have entered the dangerous route of violating the control mechanism The meeting place of the Carrie j (Allied Control Authority) which Wilson cfrd? of the First Pres- will unavoidably lead to a change " J in the occupation statute of Berlin," the Soviet army paper said in a page one editorial just before the shooting incident. "It can no longer be tolerated that Berlin becomes the object of separatism. There is no space in Berlin for the supporters of Germany's partition." The editorial was written by M. Sobinov, a Russian army officer. Gen. Lucius D. Clay has stated publicly he will not withdraw from Berlin unless force is used. When asked to comment on the Russian editorial, Clay said he had no comment "for the present." Truman Budget: $39,668,000,000 (Continued from Page One), The Ilarrisburg American Legion Auxiliary will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. at the auxiliary hall. All .members are urged to attend. The Ilarrisburg Business Pro fcssional Women's club will meet Tuesday at 6 p. m. at Schnierle's cafe fo'r its regular monthly dinner and program. The legislative committee will have the program. Members arc' reminded to take ot- fice supplies suitable to be pack- ind.. is visiting HCIW i»« ·-· f j supplies suitable to De pacs- with her grandparents Mi. and »«. u ^ be sent to MrS ' J fi^nd ! M^.tir\y h B ra S;j: clubs in the" European countries. Every pattern smartly styled to bring new mid refreshed beauty to your home. Yes! . . *. you'll find papers in every price range. ,± -· 1. Take advantage "I our free decorating service -SMHftA-tSOR PASTIME WAX A Pt. 49c Rubber Gloves WIPE Tor nnd f.iccs. Minfls sur- Pt. 33c Phone 25 BROWNIE For Cleaning Phone 25 BROWNIE For Cleaning Phone BIRTHS At LiShtner Hospital -V five and a half pound boy .born this morning to Dr. and J.Mrs. James W. Gaskins, ot Har- Irisbtirg. Dr. Gaskins is a local dentist with offices in the Harrisburg National Bank building. A girl born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller, of Har- 1 » M rr 1949, $44.476,862,051. Expenditures--1948. $37.727.775,361; 1949, $39.668,993.983. Surplus -- 1948. $7,482,610,986; 1949. 54.307.368.068. National debt--1948, $250,900,000.000: 1949. $246,200,000,000. Next to the 46 per cent of cold war expenditures, the biggest chunk of taxpayers' .money in this budget will pay for the last war and the one before that, this way: ,,, ul .. War veterans--S6.102.011.398. ¥0 Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Buck-j interest on national'debt--$5,- . . . of Stoneforl. a girl born Sun- 1 day. Marriage Licenses James A. Guynn. 22. Eldorado Route 2, and Joy Raley, 22, Eldorado.. . _,.,i« Eugene Uzzlc. 27. Carrier Mills. and Patsy Marie Thompson, Har- Harrisburg. risburg Route 1. Walter Carter. 59. and Maud L. Hafford. 57.. rado. Eldo- Lightner Hospital Notes New medical patients at the hospital include the following: Oral Webb. Robert Pickford and Alex Vinyard. of Harrisburg: Bill Prathcr. 'of Raleigh: Mrs. Laura Mice Pritchard, of Fairfield. and Mrs. Roy Pyles. of Karbers Kidge. Mrs Luclla' Shaw, of Harrisburg. is also a patient, suffering from a broken hip. 59c Lin-0-Flax M^" Lb. 33c Chamois , £, 79( 10 $2 Window Cleaner { lOc 250.000,000. Debt retirement--$4,807.868,068. Those items add up to S16;159.- 879,466 and suggest Sherman was right when he said what war was. Good Sized Surplus Gap There remains of Mr. Truman's budget a little less than $5,500.000.000 for all other government spending--all of 'it In his message the President said that 79 per cent of 1949 budget expenditures directly reflected costs of war, effects of war and our efforts to prevent a future xvar. .Ten years ago that category of expenditure took only 29 per cent. But the Republicans will have a lot to say about the kind of budget estimating which Mr. Truman has done. They will remind him that last year, when he submitted the current year's no-tax cut budget, he estimated a surplus of only S202.000.000, and that now he'es- timates it at a record-breaking $7482.610.986. This represents a good-size gap to a Congress which has had two lax reduction bills! vetoed by Mr. Truman. Mr. Truman asked in his budget i for funds with which to begin or i accomplish the New Deal social j ! security and welfare objectives outlined i'n his annual message last week. He wants to extend old insurance coverage to all gain- including those in agn- leaner '**'» Bottle Clifford Stricklin * X 'Where Saline County Boys Its Paint' Harrisburg, Illinois Phone 151 BROWNIE For Cleaning Phone 25 About Town And Country (Continued from P£ge infested by the sawfly. Deaths during June in Chronological order: ,«r I cuiture"^domestic employes, farm- Roy Horrell. 79. retired farmer ^ lu ^ othc7 self-employed pcr- 0:1 Harrisburg Route 2 Mrs. £- f wouW incrcasc the sum I^V'^C §S5 S-KSS »£ d s; !$£! SSffi^jSg %;X=M .PTM f o Tssrzss*. s/- ·-*,* ssissssAz key bakcir =f "man: Mrs. l^u ..^ . iccs and facilities for Moore, oO, of bannc rour ."»· munily: Mrs. Bob Dunn. 71 Route j. Lonnic Day. 68-year-old U-am- stcr; Clarence Eonncll, 74. assistant principal of Harrisburg Uhip high school where he taught I for 43^ years, and president oi I I he Saline County Historical so- tjetv and member of the library board, at Del Uio, Tex., where lie was taken off a train in critical condition: John L. .larrcll. w. local real estate man: Mrs. w. 1! Von Licncn. 78: Orval 46voar-old Carrier Mills " rural ~^j- ^ v o « ~\f *\» -w*-" -··*·· mail carrier: Robert Allen ^er- M-,n 6 of Carrier Mills: «· n Hull. Carrier Mills: Fred I-iwr. jttircd miner. Governor Green Urges Support Of March ot Dimes ! SPRINGFIELD, III., Jan. 12-- r.£ Illinois residents were asKea today to support the March oi ,, l):mcs campaign bcflinning nav in a proclamation issued oy GoV. Uwicht II. Green. The gov- . o. w . . rnor said the money was needed o fight the highest incidence rate |of infantile paralysis ever record- leu over a five-year period. public health and medical care. His health plan calls for a new payroll tax of one-half ot one per cent on. wages up to $4.800 a year. . He would extend unemployment compensation to employes of small businesses and as many other groups as may be feasible. Housing Program · An item of $100,000.000 was budgeted to broaden federal aid including general assistance and allotment of federal grants for public assistance. Mr Truman's housing program would include subsidies for those families who cannot afford decent" houses. His school subsidy amounting to $290.000.000 would be for elementary and secondary-institutions. . ,Many of Mr. Truman s budget recommendations were repeaters, including creation of a national science foundation and authorization of the St. Lawrence waterway and power project. He also aslced again for a code of fair employment practices to eliminate discrimination based on race, religion, color or national ancestry; and again for in : creased postal rates, principally on second call v mail, to eliminate the postal deficit. , ' 'ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN f OR CHILDREN/ So easy to give right dosage. Orange flavor. Easy to take. 50 tablets. 35c. 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