Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 19, 1998 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1998
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood. Ml — Friday, June 19,1998 Page 4 S\H KI>\N Stereo)'(1:40) 2:00 am 2 MOVIE: Compromising Position* (2:00) * Xena: Warrior Prince** (In Stereo) 'PG' 14 MOVIE: The Sword In the Stone (CC)(1:25) 23 Catholic History tn the U.S. 2> Greet Pr»aehers 29 X 37 M 42 44 M S3 Pa* Program 32 MOVIC: King Ralph (In Stereo) (CO (2:00) 40 Or. Katz. Profe*ston*l Therapist •PO' 47 Happy Days 2:05 am 5 Stskef A Ebert PQ 15 MOVIE: DonnteBrmeco {In Stereo) (CO (2:10) 2:15 am 34 MOVIE: Howard the Due* (2:30) 2:30 mm 6<6) NBC New* NJghtslde 23 Voyage of Feith 2a293037M424«5253 P»W Program 33 Golf U.S. Op«n -•• Third Round (Same-day Tape) 40 Crf«c 47 Happy Day* 2:35 am 5 Viper (In Stereo) 'PG' 2:45 am 17 MOVIE: Demolition High (In Stereo) (1:25) Mf)\ II s •J SAT, JUNE ?0 m MORNING 5:05 am 16 Heck's Way Home 5:15 am 22 The Boy in the Plastic Bubble An immune-deficient teen lives in * slerlle environment. John Travolta Diana HvianrJ. 1976 5:50 am 15 Denlse Calls Up •:00 am 44 The Cockte«he« Heroes Eight Royal Marines (rain for a secret mission. Jose Ferrer. Trevor Howard 1955 6:30 am 18 A Guide for the Married Man A philander er instructs a husband in the art of infidelity. Walter Matrrau. Robert Morsa. 1967 6:40 am 16 The Invisible Kkt 7:00 am 17 Men in Black 22 Toyi A toymakor (oils his relative's plot to market war toys, flokln Williams. Michitol Gambon, 1992 (CC) 40 The Relurn ol the Pink Panther Bumbling Inspector Clousaau investigates a towel ttiefl. Polar Sellers, Christopher Plummer. 1975 7:10 am 15 Joe's Apartment 8:05 am 18 Modern Problems A man is loiokmelK; after being doused witti nu- cloar wasta. Chevy Chase, Pstti D'Ar- banville. 1981. 8:15 am 16 Doc Hollywood 8:30 am 15 Twin Sitters 9:00 am 14 The Land Before Time N: The Great VaHey Adventure Animated Lit- tlelool and friends moet a liny tyranrio- saur Votcos of Jatt Bennett, Heather Hogan 1994 (CC) 17. Real Genius 22 Holy Matrimony A publicity-shy painter assumes the rote of a dead butler Monty Wooiloy Grade Fields 1943 4« The Big Country Texas ranchers involve an Easterner in a water rights feud. Gregory Pock. Jean Simmons 1958 »:40 am 11 M Charing Cross Road A New Yorker corresponds with employees of a London store Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins. 1987 10:00 am 16 Sing 39 Black Orpheus A romantic triangle ignites during Camtval lime ki R«o. Breno Melio. Marpessa Dawn 1959 10:03 am 15 Bustiers'Rhapsody 10:15 am 14 The Sword in the Stone Disney's lancitul account of young King Arthur. Voices ol Picky Sorenson. Sebastian Cabot. 1&63(CC) 10:30 am 22 Weyne's Worid 2 A dflad rock star fells Wayne lo organi?« a btg concert. Mike Myers. Dar\a Curvey 1991 (CC) 11:00 am 17 Domlnlck and Eugene 21 Support Your Local Sheriff! A stranger en route to Australia tames a frontier town. James Gamer, Joan Hackett. 1969 32 Bloodhounds An-author and a detective doggedly trail an escaped killer. CorbinBemsefi. Christine Hamos. 1936 •14'(CC) 34 Weird Science Two high-school nerds conjure up the woman of their dreams. Anthony Michael Hat, Ketty Learoc*. 1965 , 11:25 am 18 Peyton Place Grace Meta- lious 1 iteamy tale of life in a Mew England town, tana Turner. Lloyd Nolan. 1957 (CC) 11:35 am 15 Cop and a Half 11:45 arc 18 Ghosts of Mississippi AFTERNOON 12:00 pm » Buffet* Over Broadway A mob bodyguard secretly helps polish a playwright's work. John Cuiac*, Jack Warder). 1994 22 Vegas. Vacation The Grlswok) dan embarks on yet another outrageous outing. Chevy Chase, Beverly O'An- gefo. 1997(CC) 39 The Pirates of Peniance Free- wheeiing adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta. Linda Ronstadt. Kevin Wne. 1983 12:10 pm 14 First Kid A government agent guard* 9ie president's bratty young son. SlntHd. Brock Pierce. 1996 (CC) 1:00 pm 32 Bloodhounds I An author and a marital artist .track a vindictive husba-Td. Cortin Bemseri, Nia Ps»ples. 1996'14'(CC) 34 Retch A reporter uncovers drug trafficking and police corruption. Chevy Chase, Jot Don Baker. 1985 52 Max Ex-hippias move their family to rural British Columbia. R.H. Thomson, Oenise Crosby. 1994 1:09 pm 21 A Man Called Sledge A gunman shoots aX of his cohorts to protect his fortune. James Garner, D*n nil Weaver. 1971 1:10 pm 15 H Lucy FeM 1:30 pm 17 Buddy 1:4! pm 22 Adventures tr>B«by»lttirtg A . Chicago baby sitter it plunged into a comic nightmare. Elizabeth Shue, Mala Brewton. 1967 2:00 pm 34 Wish Vou Were Here A precocious leen-ag«r comes of age in postwar England. Emily Lloyd. Tom Ball. 1987 2:05 pm 18 A Guide for the Married Man A philanderer instructs a Ixisband in the art of Infidelity. Warier Mafthau, Robert Morn. 1967 2:30 pm 35 Drums Across the River A young man joins a group scouring the plains lor gold. Audte Murphy. Walter Brennan. 1954 2:45 pm 15 Denlse Calls Up 3:00 pm 17 Harriet the Spy 32 King Ralph A freak accident lands an American on t?>e English ttwone. Jonr? Gcxxtna/7. Polar O'Toote. 1991 (CC) 34 The Breakfast Club Five leen-agers make *1no>s toward mutual understanding. Emlio Estevet. Molly Ringwald. 1985 52 A Father's Revenge A father lrte» to save hot daughter fiom terrorists. Brian Dennehy, Joanna Ctssidy. 1988 3:05 pm 21 Tank An Army officer commandeers a tar* lo rescue his son. James Gamer. GO Sprtdtm. 1963 3:30 pm 16 Matilda 22 Empire Records A young man ckeam* ol owning the record store he manage*. Anthony LaPagtta. Rory Cochrane. 1995 (CC) 3:40 pm U Modem Probiems A man is telekinetic after being doused with nuclear waste. Chivy Cham, PaH O'Ar- banvitle. 1981 4:00 pm 35 A New Kind of Love A clottimg buyer finds love at a Parti fashion show. Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward. 1363 39 Waterland A history teacher recaH hit Me through his teachings. Jeremy Irons, Ethan H»**t 1992 4:05 pm 15 Swingers 4:45 pm 17 Free Willy 3: The Rescue 5:00 pm 22 Dear God A con artist becomes an unlikely ambassador of goodwill. Greg Kinnear, Launa Metcalf. 1996 (CC) 32 Three Men and a Baby Three Manhattan bachelors are left in charge of an infant. Tom S«tf«*, Steve Guttonberg. 1987 (CC) 34 The Money ttt A bargain mansion proves to be a financial Wackhoie. Tom Hanks, ShefayLong 1986 40 National Lampoon's Vacation A vacationing family detours into screwball side trips. Chevy Criase, Bevwfy D'Anaeto. 1983 48 Mercy Mission: The Rescue of FHgM 771 The ptlot of a small plane become* tost over the Pacific. Bocwrf Loggia. Scott SsAufa. 1993 (CC) 52 Donate and Daughter Father-and- dauohter cop* unite lo caleri a serial ' killer. Charles Branson. Dana Deiany 1993 5:15pm16RoboCop3 . It Who's Harry Crumb? An inept detective seeks a millionaire'* abducted daughter. Jbnn Candy. Jeffrey Jor»5 1989 5:45 pm 15 Dortnk* Brasco _ EVENING _ 6:00 pm 35 Thunder Bay Trouble erupts between shrimp fishermen and oil riggers . James Slowt rt, Joanne Dm. 1953 6:15 pm 17 Men in Black 7:00 pm «(6) 11 (6) 12 Richie Rich A young billionaire crosses paths with a oreedy executive. Macautey CuK/n John Larroquerte. 1 994 (CC) 16 Universal Soldier 1 8 My Girl A funeral director's daughter has a summer of awakenings . Macaulay Cutoin, Anna CMumsky. 1991 22 Midnight Express American Biily Hayes Is (ailed in Turkay on drug charges. Brad Davis, Randy Ouald 1978 32 Mobsters Based on the rise of young Lucky Luciano and his pals. Christian Slater. Patrick Dempsay. 1991 (CC) 34 Trading Places Two men's lives are altered by a bet made between tycoons. Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd. 1983 40 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels A British con man challenges his American rival lo a contest. Sieve Martin, Michael Caine. 1988 48 Voyage of Terror A doctor loams that a cruise ship harbors adeadiy virus. Lindsay Wagner. Brian Dennehy 1 99B 'PG' (CC) 52 Thicker Than Biood: The Larry McUnden Story A man s«eks custody of a boy who Is not his biological son ' Peter Strauss. Rachel Ticottn. 1 994 'PG 1 8:00 pm 10 (10) Consenting Adults A suburban coupM falls prey to a psychotic neighbor. Kevin Kline, Mary Elizabeth MastrarilorHo. 1992(CC1 15 Curdled 35 WiH Success Spoil Rock Hunter? An Bdm«nartemp!slogamas«xy movie star's enoorsement. Jayne MansteU Tony Randan. 1957 (CC) 3» The King and I A governess M Siam to tutor the king's children Brynner, D*cora/i Kerr. 1956 42 The A high-school student uncover* his teacher"* sordid past Amano* Donohoe, Marky Mark. 1993 •:30pm 14 First Kid A government agent guards the president's bratty young son Sinbad, Brock Pierce. 1996(CC) a :4S pm 18 Bachelor Party A bus driver** pals Ihrow him a no-hold»-barred partv Tom Hanks, Tawrty Kilaen. 1964 1:00 pm 1 6 LE.T.H A.L. Ladies: Day of the Warrkx 21 Chisum A rancher battles an evil Und baron h 1870* New Mexico Jonn Wayne, Forretl Tucker. 1 970 22 Behind Enemy Unee An ex-Marine en»er» Vtetnam to rescue a captured cotwade. rnorrxi Ian Gntlilh, Chris Mu*ey. 1997(CC) 32 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Cy bor js battta tor a youth who holds the key lo the future Arnold Schwar^eneo- g+r. Linda Hampton 1991 (CC) 44 CUee A prep-school student ha* a fling wrtri r>»» roomies mother Rot Yul Lowe, Jacqueline Bissel. 1 983 48 Trie Night Visitor An incarcerated madman plots revenge against his enemies. Max von Sytfow, Trevor Howard. 1970 52 Secret Sin* of the Father A police chief suspects Ns father murdered his mother. Beau Bridges. Lloyd. Bridges 1994 9:30 pm 1 5 Cellbiock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars 34 Phantasm M A man finds the sinister mortician who killed his brother. James LeGros, Reggie Bannister. 1988 ' 9:45 pm 35 Portrait In Black A bedridden tycoon is marked lor murder by his wife . Lana Turner. Anthony Quinn. 1 960 (CC) 10:00 pm 20 (36) The Chalk Garden A governess tries to give a teen-ager frie love she needs. Deborah Kerr, Haytey Mills. 1964 • 10:30 pm 9 Murder In Coweta County A sheriff goes after a man who thinks he Is above the law. Joonnv Cash, Andy Griffith. 1983 18 Revenge of the Nerds Harried college freshmen strike back at their tormentors. Robert Carradine Anthony Edwards. 1984 22 Carnal Cruise A couple take a cruise to stunuJata their sex life. Charter* Smith, Wesley O'Brian. 1997 39 The Pirates of Peruance Freewheeling adaptation of Gdbert and Sullivan's operetta. Linda Ronstedt. Kevin Kline. 1983 11:00 pm 13 Sabotage A theatrical explosives expert plots to terrorize London. Sytvia Sidney. Oscar Homotka. 1936 40 The Return of the Pink Panther Bumbling Inspector Clouseau Investi- galss a |ewel theft. Peter Sailers. Christopher Plumme r. 1 9 75 11:05 pm 15 Joe's Apartment 11:25pm21 Hour of the Gun Wyatt Earp and Doc HcJliday pursue bushwhacking rustlers. James Ga mer. JasonRobards 1967 11:45 pm 35 Pittsburgh A man relentlessly strives tor power In the steel industry. Jonn Wayn«,MjrftfrwD(«fr7c/) 1942 ' 1 1:50 pm 34 The Beast Wrthln A rape victim's child resembles his otherworldly father. Paul Clemens, Ronny Cox. 1 982 12:00 am (8) Nicholas NlcUeby A resolute lad irles lo save his family from an evil unde. Cedric Hattiwicka jm Rat- colm. 1*47 14 Summer Magic A widow searches • (Of an affordable family home. Hayley Mills. Burllves. 1 963 (CC) 22 Uve Nude Girls Female friends share secrets at an overnight get- logether. Dana Delany. Kim Cattrat 1995(CC) 32 Three Men and s Baby Three Manhattan bachelors are (eft in charge of an Infant. Tom So/lock. Steve Guttanberg. 1 Jo/ (CO) 42 A Climate for Killing A recent murder victim supposedly died 16 years before. John Bock. Steven Bauer 1 991 12:01 am 18 Modem Problems A man is telakineu: after being doused with nu- dear waste. Chevy Chase, Part; D'Ar- banvtfte. 1981 12:10 am 18 The Pamela Principle 2 12:15 am 17 Don't Look Back 12:30 •"' 'W (10) AH In a Martin. Shi.ley 195« in. BltMt. 1963 ' 1:50 em 16 Nowhere to Run 2:00 am 2 Compromieing Positions A housewife sleuths the murder of a wom- aniztng denfist. Susan Sarandon, Raul Julia. 1985 . 14 The Sword In the) Stone Disney s . fandful account of young King Arthur. Voices of Rlctcy Sorenson. Sebastian Cabot. 1963{CC) 32KingRa*phAfre*kacod*rrtlamisan American on the English »>rone. John Goodman, Petef orooff. 1991 (CC) 2X» am 15 Oonnle Brswco 2:15 am 34 Howard ttw Duck A laser beam transports an oU*r-*pace fowl to Cleveland. /.M Thompson, Jettrey Jones. 19«6 2:45 am 17 OwnotMon High 3:00 am 3« The PtratM of Penzanc* Freewheeling adaptation of Gilbert and SuHrvan'* operetta, Und* Ronstaift. KevmKHn*. 1983 44 The Coeioe«fM« Heroes Eight Royal Marinas train for a s*cnrt mission . JoMFemr, Trevor Howmrd. 1955 3:10 am 18 My GUd A funer* director's daughter has a summer of awakenings. 22 Ruby Theories about Jack Ruby's part in the JFK uscMirujtion. Danny Aieikj. Sherifyn Finn. 1 992 (CC) 3:30 em 16 C*ddy»h*ck 35 The S«g« of Hemp Brown An Army Meutenanl. is framed lor • payro* robbery. Rory CMhoun, B+verty Garland 1958 4:10 am 17 Trial by Jury 4:15am15Th»TrW 4:55 am 1i Pocket Money Two diitters try to swindle a guttble rancher. Paul Newman, Le* Marvin. 1972(CC) 1:40 am 21 Marlowe A band Willis praises Muslim leader NEW YORK (AP) — Like a character in one of his movies, Bruce Willis came out blazing with both barrels in a George magazine interview, calling Bob Dole a "nitwit," pronouncing Louis Farrakhan "a hero of mine" and declaring that organized religions are "dying forma." The "Die Hard" star told the political magazine edited by John F. Kennedy Jr. that if he were black, "Fd be with Farrakhan, too." "A lot of people feel Louis Farrakhan stands for a lot of negative things," Wtllia said of the Nation of Islam leader. "But he is raising hia voice againat inequality. Anyone who stands up against injustice i* a hero of mine." Willis also said he switched from Democrat to Republican in 1992 and supported President Buah for re-eJection because he felt Bill Clinton's campaign was too divisive. But he sat out the 1996 election between Dole and Pre«ident Clinton because' he conmdered the Republican "a nitwit." Willis also criticized organized religions, which he called "dying forms." "Modern religion is the cnii trail of modern mythology," he •aid. "But there are people who interpret the Bible literally. Literally! I chooM not to believe that's the way. And that's what makes America cool, you know?" Willis latest film, the action movie "Armageddon," come* out in July.

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