The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 4, 1970 · Page 14
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May 4, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 14

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1970
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

WIREPHOTO (AP) - - Former-Vice-President Hubert II. Humphrey arrives in Tel- Aviv, Israel,. Sunday to receive an honorary degree from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Flanking him are Meyer Weisgal, left, for- Humphrey Arrives in Israel mer president of the Weizmaiin Institute, and Dr. Albert B. Sabin, the' developer of the oral vaccine against infantile paralysis and; ttie cufrent president of the institute. Des Moines fte«iiferp£jta 1 4 MM., Mi*_4, 1976 •••___• Waterloo's \eporis Dawn Raiders Leased Wire to The Register CAIRO, EGYPT.- A Cairo military spokesman said Egyptian commandos "completely destroyed" an Israeli encampment on the Sinai Peninsula in a dawn raid Sunday, and an fighting in the Safad area. He put commando deaths at five, Renewed fighting flared Sunday between Arab commandos and Jordanian troops in the northern Jordan Valley after Jordanian forces tried to block Israeli spokesman in Tel Aviv!routes leading to commando announced its warplanes struck bases, a commando spokesman for two hours Sunday night at ' ~ Egyptian targets on the Suez Canal. An Egyptian commando unit crossed the canal and demolished the Israeli base at El Tor with bazooka and rocket fire, the Cairo spokesman stated. He said it was the fifth commando offensive in eight days and the Egyptians withdrew 'with no losses. An Israeli military spokesman denied the raid took place. He said a number of Russian-made Katyusha rockets crashed into the A-Tur region early Sunday, but there were no Israeli casualties. The military in Tel Aviv said the Israeli jets pounded Egyptian mortar and artillery positions in.the northern and central canal sectors that had been firing on Israel installations. All planes returned safely, the spokesman said. " Arab commandos battled with Israeli forces for 15 hours Saturday 10 miles inside Israeli Fourteen persons and 24 have been reported.. have died injured since the two sides first clashed Saturday, he said. In other developments Sunday: — Amman said two Jordanian civilians and five Israeli soldiers were killed or wounded in an artillery exchage at Wadi Elyabis in the northern Jordan valley. Another artillery duel, in the valley's Kuraimah sector, lasted almost two hours but caused no Jordanian casualties, a spokesman said. — Rockets set up by Egyptian troops on a half-sunken ship in the Suez Gulf were fired at the Israeli-held shore by timing devices, causing no damage * a Tel Aviv spokesman said. — The Israeli military command announced an Arab sabotage grenade exploded inside a bus in occupied Gaza City, killing two 'Gaza; residents and wounding eight others. — .Israeli troops killed one Arab infiltrator in a clash in in Amman last week for-broadcast Sunday on ABC Television "Issues and Answers" program, King Hussein of Jordan said the Middle East is moving toward a big-power conflict because of what he called U.S. indifference and a one-sided policy favoring Israel. Hussein, often described as" the most West-leaning of Arab leaders, asserted, in effect, that the U.S. has let him down. He said Jordan has received no Soviet arms but is considering acceptance 1 of such aid. Saturday Night Toll: Four Kitted NEW YORK, N.Y.' (REUTERS) — Two men were shot and killed in a bar in the Bronx Sunday night because someowS look too long oV3f a phone call. •the Ben Zimra sector territory, the PalestinianTV* "f n fh fT? K SeCt ° r Armed Struggle Command said four miles south of the Leban * s * Sunday in Amman, .Jordan. A command spokesman claimed there were heavy losses among Israeli troops, backed by helicopters in the border, an Israeli military spokesman announced. He said four infiltrators and one Israeli soldier were killed in a similar encounter there Saturday. THREE DIE ON -HIGHWAfM (The Register's lows News Service) LOGAN, IA'. — Three persons were killed in a head-on, collision'.Saturday, "night on U.S. Highway 30 one-half mile .south of Logan. . The Harrison County sheriff's office identified the victims as Robert Jensen, 33,"of Council Bluffs, his brother Jerry, 23, of Blair, Neb., and Isabell Tiffey, Dilemma By Jack Hovclson (Register Sftff Writer) !RfcOO, IA. - Many people here believe that the once-vibrant downtown area of Waterloo is dying. MucTTof iirifiejrcTaim, has been, eaten away by a "shopping center cancer" and restoration of its business 'vitality is beyond hope, v Those with large in• vestments in Waterloo's downtown area ha've been worrying for years about its decline. Now, as evidenced at a public meeting here 'Friday -iright,rtlrey~'STe~ speaking In desperate terms. Waterloo's problem is not unique. The case here, however, may be the most serious in Iowa. The downtown business district here is" split by the Cedar River. Department Stores For years, the"section on the west side of the river commanded the bulk of the city's department store trade. Now, however, all three major west- s i d e department stores — Sears, Penney's and Montgomery Ward — all have left for the shopping centers. •The Waterloo-Cedar Falls metropolitan area can now boast of two of the state's newest and i most modern shopping centers. I Both the College Square Cen- I ler in Cedar Falls and the | Cross Roads in Waterloo are 50- store complexes, built around enclosed, climatized walls. Small shops on the downtown's west side had always depended on the three big stores to bring the customers to the area. Now that the stores have left, so have the customers and so have some of the smaller stores. Others plan to leave soon. What Do You Question: What do frou think Paul McCartney's 'new song (Afti#»r* thMintf fh DM LYAKN Harbst> 13,- orghefftsnV eighth-grader at St. JPatHck .School: "tellj I like the song quite a lot. t think 'let it be' mean's that people "should let things the way'they are and hot_try to change then\ too ffljgf. T fhlnlr HA - vw «novi ±— 'vrtliiK II\£ might mean things like" a lot of the problems in the world. I don't agree with this,_..bu£ I'm not. really- sure what he means. I - think he's being serious in this song but-1-think-he's.-unclear, people have really different impressions of what the , song means. He_sn'ould say whathe means." Debbie Niichel, 14, of Sheldon, ejghth-grader at St. Patrick School: "I think the song's a good one and I like it. I think when he sings 'let it be' he's' trying to get across that__people should try and be themselves and not pretend and try* to be anyone else. I think he's being serious in this song because he 'wants to get his point across. I think these~feally are his feelings and he's being sincere. What also comes across in this song is that he's going to say what he believes and doesn't car_e what other people think." Julift Michel, 13, of It B6" weans? Sheldon, efghth-grader at St. Patrick School: "t think,this SoffgTljifetty optimistic, though he doesn't realty say jhat much. Mostly he sings- 'let it be 1 a lot. I suppose by. 'let it be' he is that somcflteg- good will happen SOTI&> day to change 'thing:! in the world, — that we'll, overcome some of pjur_ sefious problems and that things will get pet< ter is people stay cool and'let it be.'I thlntrhe~: also means that people should let.young people their Diane Nelson, 14, of Sheldon, eighth-grader at St.- Patrick School: 54, of-Omaha, Neb. The Jensen brothers were customer caused a scene when he found the phone booth occupied. The bartender threw him out. The man came back with two- friends. They" sprayed bullets into the bar, killing two men in their 20s and wounding five other persons. One of the gunmen was arrested. Also in the Bronx Saturday passengers in-a car driven by Wayne Wakehouse, 22, of Missouri Valley, who was not injured. Mrs. Tiffey was riding in a car driven by Donald Tippery, 30, of Council Bluffs, also not injured. Other passengers, who all received minor injuries, were TIppery's t wife Dorothy and" their children, Brenda, 4, and Donald, 10. Authorities said Wakehouse's car was northbound on Highway 30 when he tried to'pass another car. When, he saw the oncoming Tippery car, he apparently tried to swerve back into his lane, lost control of the car and slammed into the Tippery car, police said. — In an interview recorded over 1968. night 3 young man died wHen he was shot, knifed and battered with a baseball bat dun- ing a street fight and a thief killed a 60-year-old man in the lobby of an apartment building. ITALIAN TOURISM ROME, ITALY (AP) - Some 31.2 million tourists visited Italy in 1969, an 8.4 per cent increase Television Highlights LAUGH-IN. Guest, Carol Channing. NBC at 7. NETWORK MOVIES. "A High Wind in Jamaica," starring Anthony Quinn and James Coburn. ABC at 7:30. "Kid Galahad," starring Elyis Presley and Gig Young. NBC at 8. • • • CAROL BURNETT. Guests, Lucille Ball and George Carlin CBS at 9. _^ FIRING LINE. Guest, David Frost. Educational network Today's TV Log Oit MoineiT 13-Wffa~^6tTT>erMoiii« 8-KRNT(CBS) 7:00 Today 2:3.Q Promise 9:00 Tikes Two 3:00 Somerset 9:30 Concentration 3:30 Floppy 10:00 Sale of Cent. 4:00 Movie 10:30 Hwd. Squares 5:30 NBC News 11:00 Jeopardy 6:00 News 11:30 Who, What 6:30 My World 12:00 Mews 7:00 UugHn 12:15 Cartoons 8:00 NBC Movie 12:30 Movie 10:00 News 2:00 Anoth. World 10:30 Tonight Afflti " 5-WOI (ABO 8:00 Circuit 2:00 General Hosp. 7:30 Jeffs Collie 2:30 One Life . 8.-Q0 Une Banger 3:00 Shadows 8:30 J. La lanne 3:30 Skippy 9:00 Mafic W'-dow 4:00 FUntstones 9.30 Scfeooltime 4:30 Giliigan W:00 Bewitched 5:00 Perry Mason • 10:30 Mode Game 6.00 ABC News 1140 E*rytoifl9 6:30 Takes Thief 11:30 WW. Apart • 7:30 ABC Movie 12:00 Ne*s .. 9:30 Now 1:00 Tnrtfc, Cons. 10:00 News 150 Oatins Game 10:30 Dimension 5 6:30 Semester 7:00 CBS News 7:30 Bfkfast Club 8:00 Kangaroo 9-00 Lucy 9:30 M. Brubaker 10:00 A, Griffith 10:30 Love of Life 11:00 Hean I;, 11:30 Search Tmw. 12:00 News 12:30 World Turns 1:00 Splendored 2:00 Secret Storm 2:30 Edge of Nighi 3:00 Corner Pylt 3:30 Gourmet 4:00 Mike Douglas 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 6:30 Gunsmoke 7.-3D JWss £onf. 8:00 Mayberry 8:30 Doris Day 9:00 Carol Burnett 10:00 News 1:30 Guiding Light 10.30 Movie Des Afloiflw 11-KDIN (Educ.) CHANNEL CHUCKLES By Bil Keane Hijacked Ship Near U.S. Port SAN FRANCISCO, C A LI F. (AP) — The Columbia Eagle, the U.S. ammunitioB ship that was hijacked 'to Cambodia last Mar. 14, is due to arrive today to go into routine quarantine at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. The Columbia Eagle captain, Donald A. Swann, told a newsman by marine telephone Sunday that the whole experience had been incredible. If anyone should tell him that two seamen could hijack his big ship, "I'd tell him he was nuts," Swann said:. .- _ •••-•• Swai?a has said_Alviri Glatkowski, 20, a stewarrj, and Clyde McKay, jr., 25, a stoker, pulled guns^and fook over the 455-foot-long, H,000-lon World War II victory ship on the last leji.of a voyage to.-Thailand . After lowering away 24 of the 39 crewmen in lifeboats, the Eagle sailed to the .Cambodian port of Sihanoukville. McKay and Glatkowski. were given asylum in Cambodia. Two days later, the Eagle was permitted to leave. On the east side, there's still hope, however. Blacks' Department Store is holding firm and the remodeling of several other buildings indicates their -tenants intend to stay. At .Friday night's public meeting, attended by 300 persons, a recent "downtown Waterloo redevelopment study" was unveiled. 0 It was prepared by Jack Melt zer, director 9f the University of Chicago Center for Urban Studies, under contract with,the city of Waterloo and a down town development commltteee. West-Side The study recommends thai the west-side downtown area be written off as a shopping district, with commercal inter est becoming completely cen tered on the east side, along with the city's "governmenta complex." It didn't take long, however, for public discussion at the meeting to center on one specific problem — parking. As much as the downtown retailers and the shopping public would like to see the down- tpwn meters removed, it can't be done. Waterloo Mayor Lloy( Turner said that bonds sole several years ago to finance construction of two downtown parking ramps are bejng pair, off with parking meter revenue The mayor also alluded to t traditional rivalry between easi "Vfculdyou mind terribly if I put on the news/ Splro?" 8:30 Sign Lang. 9:00 Sesame St. 10:00 Educ. TV 3:00 Sign Lang. 3:30 Sesame St. 4.30 Kadipuiland 5 30 Mr. Rogers 6:00 What's New 6:30 Going Places 7:00 Wld. Press 8.00 NET Journal 9.00 Firing Line 10:00 Travel film 10:30 10:30 Show FM (megacycles) 88.1-KDPS' (FM>r UeTMoineV; educational 90.1—W01-FM, Ames; educational; stereo 11.7-KSUJ CFM), Iowa City; educational; stereo 94.9-KFMG (FM), Des Moines; stereo 97.3-KDMI-FM. Des Moines 100.3-WHO-FM, Des Moines 104.1-Kl.FM (FM), Ames, Stereo; ABC-FM AM (standard kc) 640—WOI, Ames; educational 910—WSUI, Iowa City; educatiana) 940—KIOA, Des Mqines 1040—WHO, Des Moines; NBC 1150— WM. Oes Moines ISSOr-KftNT, Des Moines; CBS 139<MCeBCv Oes Moines; Mutual 1460—KSO, Des Moines; ABC "MEDICAL CARE" • What's Right • What's Wrong with Dr. Ralph Hines Dr. Lawrence Ely on Paul Rhoades' PEOPLE'S PRESS CONFERENCE 7:30 Tonight KRNT-TVtS simulcast on KENT KAD10 f J.35 MOVIE TONIGHT at 10:30 EH* Aim Ladd "SASKATCHEWAN" After making pudding out of Custer, the Sioux Indians Jiead for Canada where "tvlountie" Ladd and his Indian friends discourage further den> onstrations. — At 10:30 tonight following RMS Van Dyto, Al Buch and P«to Taylor TV KRNT* DES MOINES DEBBIE NIICHKL DIANE NELSON md west-side interests, that ave split the business commu- lity and spelled the downfall of i number of proposed down- own improvements. . "Forget Split" 'Now is the time to forget he east-west split and get to[ether on this problem. As yet, haven't -seen that co-opera,ion," Turner said. According to the study, the assessed evaluations of many downtown firms have declined more than 40 per cent since 1961. ITALIANS CHEER ELLA BOLOGNA, ITALY (REUTERS) - Singer Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basic's prch- sstra were given an enthusiastic •eception here Saturday night at the start.of an Italian con- :ert tour. ; Potential Champ Elvis Presley stars as an ex-GI who becomes a professional boxer in "Kid Galahad" on "NBC Monday Night at the Movies." Gig Young, Lola Albright, Joan Blackman and Charles Bronson co-star. 8 :OQ P.M.! body's rushing and j}onT really know w I think it's a good song and I like what he's saying. I think 'let it be' means that maybe he's tryJnfcJo .tell people thaL .they should quit rushing around and take life a little easier. I think he's referring to things like riots and demonstrations and violence. I think partly he means that people should try to work out their problems and problems of the world peacefully. Every- joing somewhere but they. "DIMENSION 5" » a scries that provides an in-depth look at the forces that shape our modern society. The scries ivill investigate economic, social and politico Toniffhfs Topic "Communities of Hostess, Betty LJU McVay MONDAY, MAY 4 PM telewion I forces. Tomorrow" in full color EARLY SHOW SCIENCE FICTION WEEK Channing Cavorts On Laugh-In Carol Channing guest stars as half of the world's richest couple, and as Sally Sunshine White, former child star now at the U.N. on "Kowan and Martin's Laugh-In." 7 :OOP.M, Johnny's Guests Visiting "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" are Charlie Callas, Tony Randall, Peter Nero and GoreVidal. 10;30 P.M. Science Fiction On Early Show Today, SATELLITE IN THE SKY with JCienan Moore and Louis Maxwell. Tomorrow, X... THE. UNKNOWN with James Garner and Virginia Leigh. 4:00 P.M. COLOR 4 PM WEEKDAYS •t - Monday SATELLITE IN > Kienan Moore THE SKY ....**..._.- -. .. -_ Louis Maxwell X . James Garner Tuesday THE UNKNOWN Virginia Leigh Wednesday IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE Richard Carlson Barbara Rush Thursday ; THE BLACK SCORPION Richard Denning Mara Corday •Friday ' THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US Jeff Morrow Rex Reason flllHO ^^^Bl^^^ ^^SHBIW^ SBHBBJUI ^^f^JJf^. READ THE WANT AD PAIGES TODAY

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