The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 24, 1969 · Page 11
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July 24, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1969
Page 11
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STRIKES CURB G,M, EARNINGS Produce Markets lowa Produce j Following is Wednesday's reeen on lowa cog and poultry markets » reported by Fed-state Market News: l EGOS — Prices unchano'cd; collection we'll? Vnnv »t u- .« | about steady, some, tfecllns du« mainly to NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) —'hot weather; buyer sentiment about OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OFFICIAL PUBLICATION 8' 4 '&.-5Ji8WSfn°£ £y<?k£n1l£?' lh « 'im' »«' h « reln for hearing. = ,9.P-tt« P .A 0 £8ri Ponbft«Jn A rSo\*lfe i>ta\m orooosals, sMIJ b« filed with lh« IF 1C AT IONS AND PROPOSED FORM OF eitv Clerk orior to mt time set forth in STRUCTI EXT steady; farms, price per. doiert paid producers at a.m. today; eggs priced under buyer qual ........ entive; incentive A on c, mostly 33-o.',c; A medium U- 20-22C; 6 large U-23C, mostly Irtles and checks 10-t5c, mostly General Motors Corn Worlnna 'arms, cases exchanged 24 hours.cned 11 V.CHWIO. iTiumia ^oip. wennes- ( a.m. tod»yi egos erlced under buver qual- day reported a 17 per cent in s e c o n d-quarter and blamed it largely strikes. G.M. officials said the lower earnings were due mostly to the 'dropoff in factory sales in this country and Canada which, in turn, was triggered by strikes, ranging from two to 12 weeks in duration, at seven plants. TH KOVgpttr C A°& _. 0 THE MUNICIPAL WA !KS SYSTEM IN AND F.OR 'N OF LAKE PARK, IOWA, TAKING ^> City Clerk orior to tM time set forlh in in,', pyblirriion. urtii shall be on blank R HE AND '• i forms turnlshcd by the Eneiheer and must accoctioanied In a se&arate sealed enve- e by a ci eck certified bv a responsible low.i b:>nk and o.iyabfe to Ihe City Treas- STRUCTION. IOPC by a ci eck certified bv a reSSonsibH! l .i.j-'i'i. c ..'^'J r% J^« 1 V.Vi'.'. ?~\Y io w 'i b^nk «nd payable to Ihe City Trcas- INO OF BIDS FOR SUCH CON- + r tr. Rockwell Citv low*. The c»»tin«l . check shall be in the amount of five per Notice Is hereby given tnat mere are on ctnl (J ^) 0( ln( , amount of the bid, as til* *''!> '!>« s <*f. et ?ry, °! !r,« A M .ri.o°' s^V'.'y in.?l the bidder, jf his b;d isac- mount unt ot Otttht JoTSfK I Ml n—Job* of Intmtt !80,M«n—Job* ef Intiriit Services lor William R. Jones ot 1J50 East Dougl-i-, will r>e Thursday, 3:00 P.M., M Hamilton'i Funeral Home, East 6th and Lyon. Interment Glendalf Cemetery Trustees of the Municipal WBter Works , cepied, will enter inlo . Jf his cnilract in accor- System Of the Town of Lake Parky lowa, i therewith and will furnish * Per proposed plans, specifications and Form j (ormance Bond in the full amount of the 41-MC! A medium 24- i of "Contract for 'the"'cons}fuctjon _of Jm- j contr'acrpricc" Bidder's "BondWin .not be other A'targe or I provernenti and extensions to the municl halt*' •Jft ~*tAV ~~ ~" ~ -'- ... -- •• -- - - I — — • ...«».»- ...^_t. * .... I&.H. i A *•»«! f *• «.*!* 23c, mostly L. .. JO-JJt; C dirties ., .... io-i2c; tmaiis and peeweei I0-I5c, mostly 10-12C. acceptable. No bidder may withdraw a LIVE POULTRY - Values unchanged; some bidding on large volume flocks at higher .price jhao reported; offering and trading slightly improved, but light demand uneven; price paid producers at farms 24 hours ended 11 a.m. today; c per Ib paid for No l quality light-type hens — truck lots «r more 7-»Vse, mostly 9o less than truck lot 3-7c, mostly 5-»c. Chicago Prodace l"CAGQ. WEDNESDAY. (AP)-BUT. prices un• A 67V.c; TER-steady; wholesale buVnV i changed; 93 score AA «7'/«c; .... ... c . . , . I W B 6S'/ic.; cars M B M'Ac; »> C «Jc. Second-quarter net income tO-i EOOS-Steadv; wholesale buying prices unchanged; M per cent or better grade •" mediums 35'jc; standards ; Arrivals 24 cars; on track shipment 173; supplies A whites.48c; 203; total Sp U.S. .. moderate for long whites; demand slow; market fairly steady; California long whiles »3.«5; Calfornla round reds $3.25; ,• Texas r«und reds fair $3.25. Produce Futures CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY (API - Futures trading on the Chlcaflo Mercantile Exchange Wednesday: Prev. High Low Close Close LIVE BEEF CATTLE 29.62 29.22 29.30 29.50 28.00 27.62 27.72 28.00 27.90 27.52 27.57 27.72 27,60 27.35 27.37 27.50 27.55 27.3J 27.3J 27.40 27.50 27.27 27.32 27. .35 2V.45 27.30 27.30 27.42 ua ct Au O Dec Feb Apr Jun Aug Sales: Aug 4,177; Oct 2.357; Dec i Feb 517; Apr 86; Jun 171; Au» '70, 21. taled $448 million or $1.55 a share, down from $540,745,768 or $1.68 a share, for the same period last year. Sales of 6.244 billion in the! second quarter also were below the $6,316,937,765 reported in the same quarter last year. While G.M.'s sales and earnings were off for the second quarter, officials reported that first-half figures were ahead of the first six months of 1968. Net income in the first six months reached $971 million, or $3.38 per share, a 1 per cent increase over the $959,535,706, equal to $3.34 per share, in last year's period. Sales were $12.727 billion, up 9 per cent from 1968's $11,687,429,876. Worldwide factory sales of G.M. cars and trucks in the second quarter totaled 1,871,000, an 8 per cent decrease from 2,031,000 for the same quarter in 1968. "sales: NOV. j/Maywr , . _ .. FROZEN PORK BELLIES Factory sales of G.M. cars July 34.40 33.45 33.40 and trucks produced in the Au9 *>* " J ° *"" Auq Oct Dec Feb LIVE HOGS 25.00 24.8S 22.50 52.45 21.85 21.75 24.85 22.45 21.80 21 95 2? 95 Sales: Jul 0;'Aug 41; Oct 20; Dec '»; 27.90 22.35 21.85 Feb 0. SHELL EGGS 45.10 43.00 42.40 41.60 42.95 42.35. 40.90 40.40 42.15 41.65 40.80 40.40 37.55 37.55 43.25 Jul Aua Sep Oct INov S Dec jJan I Feb . . . Sales: Jul 156; Aug 11; Scp 560; Ocl 24: Nov 103; Dec 11; Jan 1; Feb 0. i FROZEN WHOLE EGGS I Ocl . . ..... 28.90 Sales: Oct 0. IDAHO POTATOES Nov 1 4.75 4.75 4.75 5.61 5.68 45.10 42.40 42.65 40.60 41.95 40.50 37.55 36.50 . 41.80 43.70 40.55 41.85 40.50 38.00 28.90 4.85 5.70 United States and Canada were ,1,476,000 units, a 14 per cent decrease from 1,711,000 in the quarter last year. "An important cause of the lower earnings in the second quarter was the 14 per cent decrease in factory sales of cars and trucks in the United States and Canada," Chairman James M. Roche and President Edward R. Cole sai| in a joint statement. Joint Shipping Rates Permitted © The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Wednesday dropped its long-standing ban on joint shipping rates for goods moving over land and water -between points in the United States and Abroad. The effect of the ruling is that ocean carriers and the nation's railroad and truck carriers will be able to establish rates and services for shippers in international commerce, a privilege already granted to carriers for domestic shjp- mcrits. In the future, the carriers will be permitted to quote -for shippers a rate that would include, for example, shipment by truck to a rail connection, by rail, to a port, and then by ocean-going ship to its destination abroad: Aua Feb Mar May J4JO 36.27 35.72 35.70 34.40 .... 33.97 .17 36.15 35.70 35.50 _5 30 35.60 35.50 Sales: Jul 1,304; "Aug" 6,123; Feb 6,183; Mar 96; May 53. . Open Interest: Jul 1,362; Aug 8,495; Feb 4,363; Mar 998; Mav 501. B—Bid; A—Asked; N—Nominal. Butter Market Following is Wednesday's report on lowa-Minnesota-WisconsIn dairy bulk butter as given by the Federal-State Market News Service: Values unchanged; demand slow to fair; supplies fully ample with moderately heavy movement of surplus to 67'7x'fgrade'A"(92"score) 46'A-6'7i.i', mostly 66 3 <; grade B 90 score) 65 a /4-66, mostly CCC; fluid receipts dacllnlng. Grade AA (93 score) 66W-67'/?, contracts; S2.80; Mav CHICAGO HOC PRICES STRONG CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY (API-Livestock receipts at principal markets On Laser Beams WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The Federal Aviation Adminis^ tration has warned pilots to stay away at certain times from three localities where laser guns are being fired at the Apollo 11 landing point on the moon. The places declared off limits to aviation at specified hours are those within a few miles of the observatories taking part in Apollo 11 laser beam exper ments near San Jose, Calif., Marfa, Tex. and Tucson, Ariz. Typical of the FAA notices to airmen was that flying was restricted at specified hours within an area four miles to the north, 10 miles to the south, or 13 miles to the east or west of the observatory. Policemen's Pay Raised to $20,500 CICERO, ILL. (AP) - A 13- day-old strike of Cicero policemen was settled Wednesday with agreement on a pay raise to $10,500 a year. Sgt. John Flood, president of the Cook County Police association, announced that the town agreed to raise police pay $1,100 a year effective Aug. 1 and an additional $400 effective Jan. 1, 1970. John Karner, president of the Cicero town board, said the pay increase would apply also to firemen. LAND BANK BONDS NEW YORK (AP) — Closing Federal Land Bank Bonds: i.2Ss Sept 1969 4'is 0 Oct 19« Jan !?7Q 6.30s Feb • 5'is Feb ... 3'JS Apr .. 6.20s June 6.70s June 6.75s June .. 5'«s July ... 6s July ... 8.15 w.l. Aug 4'js Oct .. 6.30s 0 Oct 680s Feb . 3':s MaV a.15 w.i. July 6s Ocl .. <'.s Fjt> •••< 5.70s Feb .. 3'os Sept 5 7 BS Oct .. 4':s Feb 4 ] ss Apr .. 5s Feb .. 5 J es July .. •i'.s Feb .. 5'as Apr 5s Jan .1970 .1970 .1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 .1970 .1970 1970 1971 1971 .1971 1971 1972 1972 1972 .1972 1974 .1975 .1976 1976 1978 1978 1979 99.2) 99 98.24 98.2B 99.25 »9.8 99 Potato Futures NEW YORK Wednesday (AP) - Potato futures: own A n water "works.system in and for said | proposal within .forlv-flva (45). days after II h* rnnrinrlM tM _. _ . _ ees to be <-ak» Park, lowa. at . as hereinafter described. earing will be conducted thereon at a rirn) of meeting of Mid Board held m th« Town Mall, I 7:00 P.M. (COT), on th ucted of Tr ustees ----- . . ......... — the 20th .day of Au- i-.uv r-.nn. IV,L>II, mi gust, l»6», at which firm and nlaea anv oersen may appear and file objections to obje ficati oerson may appear — Ihe proposed plant, specifications and Form of contract for said public improvements. Sealed proposals for the construction, of said improvements will be received Bv the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Water Works System, at the Town Hall, Lak« Park, lewa, untlI 7:00 P.M., COT, on s«ld date and will be, 2P«n«?l •"<• «*»<•!*..«•$ J»v_ «?J? SPAT.?" 1 Trustees immedia ly rt tely .after .the. termlna- ion of said hearlnt and acted upon by the Joard at that time or such later time as may t then be fixed. . ..j nature of said Improvements is described as follows. For a more detailed description thereof reference is made to said plans and specifications which are hereby made a part of this notice and the proposed contract by this reference as surely and certainly as though set out herein In detail. A single contract will be awarded for the work, « 1. Raw water Intakes and pumping station, 2. 300,000 gallon reinforced concrete surface storage reservoir with high service pumping equipment. 3. Salt storage vault. 4. Reinforced concrete and masonry water treatment plant, complete with microstralner, clarlfler, sand filters, pumping equipment, chemical feeders ipme ries; , _______ ........... . ...... the date set lor the opening ot bids. Payment to the Conirar.lor will b« made bv the City in legally available cash or from the future n«t earnings of the water )<OVATS—Services lor C7P. fAlf k,v : vats, 2008 Seventy-third Street wi'i tut Friday It AM at St. Ihoresa Catholic Church. Ros.irv Society Rosary Thursday 4:30 PM and Par ish Rosary Thursday 8 PM at ihr> Westover Funeral Home. Further services and Intermftnt Mondav n South Bend, Indiana. Memorials ac ceiMable lo St. Theresa Buiidino Fund or the Cancer Society. LUTHER—Services for Lyle ..... . ot 6330 Hlckman will be Thursday l p.m. at the Westovcr Funeral Home. Interment Glendale Cemetery, Hamilton's Service. works and facilities, said payments to be made on the basis ot monthly eslimate In amounts equal to ninety percent (90%) of Ihe contract value ot the work completed; Including materials and equipment delivered to the lob. Sucn monthly payments shall, In no way be construed as an act of acceptance for any part f< the work partially or totally completed. The balance of the fen per <enf (lj%) duefM Contractor, will b« paid thirty 130) days afer th« final acceptance ot sai _..vs afe. ..., work by the City, sub- In6 PfL.. _. _..„,-.,. _._ . Code of lowa. No Juch partial or payment will be due until the Cont and accessories; »nd carbon filters and zeolite softeners which are to be moved from the Misting plant to the new structure. 5. All yard piping and interconnecting piping Including raw water.transmis- sion line, finished water lines, and gravity and pressure waste lines. Each proposal shall be made on a form furnished by the Board of Trustees of the Municipal Water Works System of the Town of Lake Park, lowa, and any alterations In the official Form of Proposal will entitle Ihe Board, at Its option, to relecl the proposal Involved from consideration. Each proposal shall be sealed In an envelope and plainly Identified. Each proposal shall be accompanied In a separate sealed envelope by a certified check In an amount equal to ten per cent 00%) of the total amount of the bid, drawn on and certified to by a solvent state or national bank, payable to the Treasurer of the Town of Lake Park, lowa, as security that, if awarded the contract by resolution of the Board, the bidder will enter into a contract at the prices bid and will furnish the required corporate surety bond. This certified check may be cashed and the proceeds retained bv the Town as agreed liquidated damages if the bidder fails to execute a contract or file an acceptable bond for faithful performance thereof .within ten davs after acceptance of his proposal by resolution of the Board of Trustees. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a corporate surety bond in the amount equal to one hundred per cent (100%) of the contract price. Said bond shall be Issued by a responsible surety~an- iect to the conditions and In accordance with Ihe provisions of Chapter 573 of the - • - •• -• - r final has"cerflfl'e'd to the City Cier»f"trfaf the materials, labor and services Involved In each estimate have been bald for in accordance with the requirements stated In Ihe specifications The City shall not Incur any general obli oatlon tor said Improvements and the con tract for the furnlshlnq of said improvements shall not constitute a general obligation of said City or be payable In any manner by taxation. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a bond in an amount equal lo one hundred per cent (10o%) of the contract price, said bond to be Issued by a responsible surety approved bv the City Council and snail guarantee the faithful performance of Ihe contract and the terms and conditions therein contained and shall quarantee the prompt payment of all materials and labor and protect and save harmless the City from claims and damages of any kind caused by Ihe operations of the contractor The proposed work shall be commenced within ten (10) days after award of con tract by Ihe Council and shall be com Peacock. 3SZ Forty-seventh, will be Frldav.3 PM at the Wesfover Fu -i nerai Home, interment Masonic cemetery, Hamiifon's^service. RE60-Services for Mrs. Ahb'ia Reed' of 4JJO Inaersoll, will be Thursday, 1 P.M. at Dunn's on Grand Casket v/ill be open until 12 noon. Inter ment Reslhavi' olcted within the time set out Spec! f-cations. The City will also receive and consider bids for the furnishing of potable water for Ihe use ot the City, and it is estimated that It will require approximately two bil . lion (2,000,000,000) gallons of water per *175 . sary "<ervrces~Tb'f "RaV- mond P. O'Brien of 3*04 Aurora Avenue will be Wednesday I PM at Dunn's on Grand. Funeral serv- ' ".Plus Catholic Church Frl- . r iw» vaiirviit. * ,M.,.Jkitlnwe, >. 7Service, for .,_ i tr.| A !• i T Tn tMch f\f( Ironies in two vtt AHlllQlPr frUriPP^ hi<)n « n001 oroqr,im in thi MU UolCI I I dlMCCO Mankoto ArM yocai'onal-Te< \WAMTCni ' ] nsf '' u ' ? . Apniic-intr, should College Graduates INO EXPERIENCE PF.OUIPI.D! FOP, Management Training Program BY Largest Privately-Owned Adjusting Firm in America Five weeks trainino school, followed! es (haven. —Services for" Mrs. Bertha >»ia» ildrick, 1634 Oakland will be Friday 3 PM at Dunn's on Grand Interment Glejidalc. WEL5H—Services lor Mrs. Mary (Maymc) F. Welsh of 371? Forest Avenue will be Thursday 9:30 o.m at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Laurel Mill. n two year the new Technical .. -old h»ve tr>r*»e vear*. lournovman exoeri rue* Comofns,lllon /*<, per M.MV i- ( .i'o teachers sdiflrv schedule LH'vcd o"i ctnen^flct and triSitrir.o. AnriV 10 0-r«c:or, Mnnkato Area Voc,iticrc3i frchnicfil Institute. 19701 I co Boulel.trrt Nonn Mankafo. .M,nnf«iifl S6001. leieuhone (507) "\7-JJ4l LI rCTRbWI'CS technician"to'"5f'rvice Two Way Rjdics, FCC Systr-ms Co,. Dubuiuc. lowa. Telephone ENGINEERING DRAFTSMAN for position with Qrowinq con^u enqinocrlno firfn. Must be I Excellent frlnqc bcneftti And worKino condition^, VEENSTRA & KIMM Engineers and Planners l 4th St. West DCS Moincs Phone ?'7-«l6t An eoual opportunity employer I SO^Des Moinet Regisfer Thur>., July 24, 1969 11 by "on-the-job" training in field, ase ?l Ihrouoh 30, 4-year colleacl degree required. Due to company's unusual srowlh and expansion, 1 there !» excellent ooportuniiv lor: man who is not "alraid of work." • ; Excellent sUftinq salary and benefit i proqram, Including n.iid vacations.] full expense accounts, companvjtlectncal contractors, un,ui.- vu-u,,-,. , car, d^ability plan and qroup in-, Comm. and industrial Prefer rlp-i surance proqram. including life, at-! gree Will consider ooorienrc. Un cident. health. hOMiiUilitallon. med-l itcr 40. Re»urm- required lor inter ical' ahd surnlcai fee*, retiremenll view ESTIMATOR PROJECT ENGINEER Large volume Prefer Dlfttf, without eh»rtt from •nywfttrt M M«n—Jobt el Intirtit ADEL program. For appointment call MR MILLER--!83-?773 MACY-Services lor Fay Macy. will be Friday 1 PM at Fisher Home. Interment Panther Creek Cemetery. OES MOINE5 LAWRENz — Graveside iervJceVfor William Lawrcnz of 51? Thirteenth Street will be 10:30 AM Thursday at Resthaven Cemclerv. McLaren A~CA"R'D'6F TH APPLIANCE SERVICE : CANNON & WENDT ELhC. CO. | Vl 40?0 No. l«lh SI. i«i .^P.HOENIX, ARIZONA 15013 ^AHrtHSND" -~ m~arYIed~on""dairy r ; anrt hoq operation. Partly modern I 1 "- hous* close fo town. No milking ex• npricnce required, top wages, extras, bonus and vacation. »62-3J*3 Sac City, lowa. LOT-MAN it br experienced Anoiy Good salary flod ben«M,K 4 WHEELS INC. Musi The Reaister and TribunVL is a tlna way to express vourf-ao'Drocia- nar ; tion of floral tributes, qltlv andP eri other kindnesses. Call 284-1141 for sugqested messaoes. Immediate placement for ex route serviceman be experienced in serv ~"jicing washers, dryers, ranges; FOREMAN WELDERS MILLWRIGHT CT(APEL" Jby^__- proved" bV'fhe Board ' of Trustees,' and shall guarantee the faithful performance of the contract and the terms and conditions therein contained and the maintenance of said Improvements in qood repair for not less than two years from the time of acceptance of the Improvements by the Town. Plans and specifications governing the construction ot the proposed Improvements have been prepared by the Howard R. Green Company, Consulting Engineers, Green Engineering Building, Cedar Rapids, lowa, which plans and specifications and the proceedings of the Board of Trustees referring to and defining sav proposed improvements, are hereby made a part of this notice and the proposed contract bv this reference, and the proposed contract shall be executed in compliance therewith. Said plans, specifications and the proposed contract documents are now on file with „...„. the Secretary of the Board and with the Maine closed 1 to 3C lower; sales 340! Enqineers at their office in Cedar Rapids, • • •• J22«; Mar $2.60; Apr I lowa, for examination by bidders. Copies 'ear. Bv virtue of statutory aulhority, preference will be given fo products and provisions grown and coal produced within the Slate of lowa and preference will be given to lowa domestic labor. Plans and specifications qovernlnq the construction of the proposed improvements and extensions, have been prepared bv W. C. Otto Enoineering Company, of Sac City. Iowa, which plans and specifications and prior proceedings of Ihe City Council referring to and defining said proposed im- Drovements and extensions are hereby •rrpHo a part of this notice, and the proposed 1 contract bv reference, ano me proposed contract shall be executed in compliance therewith. Plans and Specifications and Form of Contract mav be examined In the office of lhe Citv C'erk and copies may be obtained from W. C. Otlo Engineering Company, Consulting Engineers, West Main Street, Sac Citv, lowa, upon paymenl of 110.00, none of which will be refunded. The Owner reserves the right to relcct any or all bids, 1 to waive informalities, and to enter inlo such contract or contracts as It shall deem to be to the best interest of the City of Rockwell City, lowa. t. Published upon order of the City Council of the City of Rockewell City, lowa. CITY OF ROCKWELL CITY, IOWA By-L. Lowell Fowler Citv Clerk 1 GAS PLANT have experience in service, sales and Installation. Top salary, plus commissions. Plus prolit-shar- tng plan and other benetits. Please aoplv ontv in writing to Economy Gas Co., Bo« 561. Litchlield, Minnesota. 55355 All inquiries kept in •.irictest confidence LP GAS'SERViCEMAN ! usl have experience in service and hulk delivery. Ton salary Plus com missions, plus nrofit-sharing plan.! and other trinqe benefits Please j apply only in writing to Economy! Oas Go., Box 5*1. LltchfiSd. Min.j w..^. w.w. ... —X....W.. -v ~.~ v » nesota. 55355 All inquiries keot in, •starting salary, benefits ar e ; willm g to travel lowa and! .A'r.^.L?.w!wence Ctmttiry Lot»; Monument! 3 an; | etc . | n addition to good! Must be able to climb dncl; *"' Go "' Bo Florists 60 insurance, bHHAYS. Plant-,. Wednesday: Chicago Kansas City .. Omaha East St.' Louis St. Joseph Sioux City South St. Paul Cincinnati Indianapolis Fort Cattle 6,000 ..1,000 4,500 ..1,500 1,400 2,500 3,000 400 900 400 Peoria 200 Hogs M Sheep 4,000 : 5,000 5,000 3,500 5,500 5,500 900 3,500 100 2,000 CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY (AP)-Offl cial estimated livestock receipts for Thursday are 300 cattle; 3,000 hogs; no sheep. CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) Hogs were steady to 25 cents higher in moderately active trade Wednesday. U.S. No. 1 to 3 200 to 240 pound butchers sold at $26.50 to $27 and up to $27.50 for 1 to 2s. Cattle were uneven with high choice and prime steady to 25 TREND OF STAPLE PRICES NEW YOR K (AP) —The Associated Press weighted wholesale price index of 35 commodities declined to 177.92 Previous day 178.02, week ago 177.85, montn ago 177.27, year ago 161.24. ",. . . 1969... 1968... 1967... 1966 High 178.73 166.72 166.40 180.04 Low 166.29 159.62 160.30 165.57 (1926 average equals 100) cents lower and average choice and below steady to strong. Choice steers sold at $30 to $31 and prime sold at $31.50 to $32. Spring slaughter lambs were 50 cents lower, with choice and prime at $30.50. Wholesale Meat DES MOINES, WEDNESDAY - Fed- State Midwest carlot meat trade — compared Tuesday's close, steer and heifer beef 50c lower; cow beef no comparison; beef primal: choice forequarters $1.00 lower; fresh pork cuts: Boston butts steady; skinned hams steady to 50c lower; bellies il.00-2.50 lower. Steer beet - choice 600-900 Ibs $47.50; good 600-800 Ibs $45.50-46.00; heifer beef choice 500-700 Ibs $46.50; 500-700 Ibs $45.50; primal cuts choice steer and heifer fore- auarters 130-210 Ibs $41.00; cow beef — canner and cutt 0 Ibs ter $43. so. Fresh pork cuts — loins 1-14 Ibs J56.00; picnic 6-« Ibs 136.50; Boston butts 4-8 Ibs $48.50; skinned hams 14-26 Ibs $46.75-47.00; bellies, sdls 12-14 Iba $37.00; J6-18 Ibs $37.00; 18-20 Ibs $34.50; bnls ct butts V/2-3 Ibs S66 50-67 00 CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY (USDA) Trade only fairly active; steer and heifer beef 50c-$l lower; ctow beef .50c lower; spring lambs weak lo $2 lower; pork loins 8-17 Ibs. $!•$!.50 lower; Boston bulls 4-8 Ibs. 50c lower. Steer beef - choice 500-900 Ibs. $48.00; 600-800 Ibs. $48.50, good 500-800 Ibs. $46.0046.50; heifer beef — choice 500-700 Ibs. $47.00; good 500-700 Ibs. $45.50-46.00; primal cuts—choice steer hindquarters 145-190 Ibs. $56.00; choice steer and heifer forequarters 130-210 Ibs. $41.50; cow beef — commercial $40.00; utility (brknq) $39.50; utility (boning) $41.50; canner and cutter $44.00. Fresh pork cuts — loins 8-14 Ibs $57.00; 14-17.Ibs. $55.00; 17-20 Ibs. $54.00; Picnics 4-8 Ibs. $37.00; Bostin butts 4-8 Ibs. $48.50; found vkinilv dov/ntownl loop. Owner Identily.jj/Tjjtn CAT, mal», black, neutered, .... clawed, white throat and feet lost in the CliVc area. Childs pet.i 274*2286. i :OLLIE found near 20th and DCS Molnes. 262-1067 39G — female med. sized, white and brown, found In the vie. SE Pavlon. (SEAMAN 2 sriE 5 pf^ERD female, lost vie. 33rd and Clark. "Sissy'. Re^ (R-4331— NOTICE OF HEARING AND NO- NOTICE That ! of said Plans, specifications, Form of Con tract and Form of Proposal blanks may be secured at the office of the Engineer, or will be mailed to interested bidders I upon deposit of $25.00 per set. The full refund on the first set will be made upon return of said plans and specifications in qood condition, within ten days after 1 receipt of the bids. All work and eguipment Is to be in accordance with the plans, specifications and Form of Contract now on file in the Water Works office and by this reference made a part hereof as though fully set out and incorporated herein. The work under the proposed contract may be commenced Immediately after the award of the contract and shall be completed and ready for operation on or before July 1, 1970, sublect to any extension of time which may be granted by the Board. The Board will also receive and consider bids for the furnishing of potable water for the use of the Town and it is estimated that it will-require approximately ninety- one million (91,000,000) gallons of water per year. Payment for said work vim be made from all or any combination of thr below ces:• ) Cas (a) Cash from past earnings now on hand of said Municipal utility; (b) By the delivery to the Contractor and others of revenue pledge orders, authorized pursuant to the provisions of Sections 397> to 397.19, inclusive, Code of lowa, 1966. Said revenue Pledge Orders shall be payable solely and only out of the future net earnings of said Municipal Water Works Plant and System. The Town shall not incur any general obligation for said improvements and neither the contract, or contracts for the construction of said improvements and extensions, nor said Revenue Pledge Orders shall constitute a general obligation of the Town or be payable in any manner by taxation and under no circumstances shall the Town be in any manner liable-by reason- of-the-fallure-Of said net earnings to be sufficient for the payment of said Revenue Pledge Orders and to the Interest thereon. Said Pledge Orders shall bear interest at the rate of 7% per annum and shall mature on or before December 1, 1974.. Interest will be paid annually to the holders of said Revenue Pledge Orders if not heretofore refunded. Tne Town has made arrangements whereby said Revenue Pledge Orders shall be taken up Immediately from the Contractor, without recourse, at their par value thereof. Monthly payments will be paid to the Contractor based on monthly estimates Jn amounts equal to ninety percent (90%) of the contract value of the work completed. Including materials and equipment delivered to the lob, duri calendar month, and wl an estimate erei the approval of certify to the T ing the b preceding ased, upon sealed . proposals will be received by the Town Clerk of the Town of Shelby, Shelby County, lowa, at the Town Hall, Shelby, lowa, until 7:30 o'clock p.m., on the 25th day of August, 1969, for the construction of Water Main extensions and appurtenant work, as described In the plans and specifications therefore, now on file in the office of the Town Clerk. Proposals will be acted upon by the Town Council of said Town at a meeting to be held at the Town Hall, Shelby, lowa, on the day and hour above specified, or at bucn laier time as may then be fixed. At said time and place a hearing will also be held on the proposed plans and specifications and proposed form of contract for said Water Main Extensions and at said hearing, any interested person may ap- peur <ind tne obiections thereto or to the cost of said extensions and improvements. At the samp time and place, the Council will also consider bids for the furnishing of uaier at wholesale for the use of said Town, and it is estimated that the needs of the Town will require approximately 16,362,000 gallons per year. The extent of the work involved consists ot the construction of 6" Water Main Extensions, Valves, Fire Hydrants, together with related subsidiary and incidental work. A 6" Water Main shall be located as follows: Commencing at the South end of the existing Town water main on Highway No, 168, thence across the Highway from the West side to the East side, thence South following the ditch line along the Highway to the Norm side of the Skelly Oil Station on the North side .of Interstate No. 80. ' Items of work Involved are as follows: Water Main extension to Interstate 80 1. 6" Cast iron pipe, inc. blocking, ends, elbows, bend, tees and connection, x complete 4,000 L.F 2. • 6" valves complete with adlustable va'lve boxes (Mueller) 3 Each 3.- 5'V Fire Hydrant with auxiliary 6' gate valve and adlustable valve box complete (Mueller Pumper Type). 4 Eacf 4.-6" Cast iron pipe encased in 12" stee casing, bored under highway. ..40 L.F Alternates 1. Plastic Pipe instead of C.I. 4,000 L.F 2. Asbestos Pipe instead of C.t. 4,000 L.F. All work is to be done in strict compliance with plans and specifications ore pared by Abild Engineering Co., of Atlantic, lowa, which have heretofore been approved bv the Town Council and are now on file for public examination in the office of the Town Clerk, Shelby, lowa, and are by this reference made a part hereof as though fully set out and Incorporated herein. All proposals ana bids in connection therewith shall be submitted to the Town Clerk of said Town of Shelby,- lowa, on or before the time herein set for hearing and letting. All proposals shall be made on official" proppsaL forms Jurnished- - by—the Town of Shelby, lowa, or Abild Engineering Co., of Atlantic, lowa, Engineers for said Town, and must be enclosed in a separate sealed envelope and plainly addressed to Town Clerk, Shelby, lowa. Each proposal shall be accompanied by a certified check in a separate sealed envelope in an amount equal to Ten per cent (10%) of the total contract, drawn on anc certified to by a solvent bank in the State of lowa, as security that if awarded a contract by resolution of said Town Council, the bidder will enter into a contract at the price bid and furnish required bond and proof of insurance coverage. The work under the contract shall com mence on or before September 4, 1969, and shall be fully completed on or before January I, 1970. .?v virtue of .statutory authority, prefer- berry. Black rims, bifocals. 262_2230. HOBj (TAP found/ for"6ulck~WlTdcat; EYS on ring found vicinity of 4th and Locust. Owner identify. CH3- _7l71,_Exi. 75 ; PUPPY—BiacK "wTfh brown""mark"-' Ings, found Sat. at 46lh and Univer- slly. 279-2251. SIAMESE female found'vic. ISt a'nci Maol°. West DCS Moines. ?55-8?78. iETTER and Spaniel mix found, vie. _E. 8lh and Madison. 266-3634. itJNGLASSEs, prescription " 'found Temple B 'nai Jeshurun (rummage sale) call 255-0598 •UfTGTASSrs: day of ilect to ea'ch'm'o'nt'n" b"y"fh"e"Contractor, subl... ' ' f the Engineer, who will ^.,.,., .. .... .'own for payment of each approved estimate on or before the tenth (10th) day of the month In question. Such monthly payments shall In no way be construed as an act of acceptance for any part of the work partially or totally completed. The balance of the ten per cent (10%) due the Contractor will be paid not earlier than thirty-one (31) days from the date of final acceptance of said work by the Town, sublect to the conditions and In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 573 of the Code of lowa, as amended. No such partial or final payment will'be dye until the Contractor has certified to the Secretary of the Board that the materials, labor, and services involved in each estimate have been paid for In accordance with the requirements stated in the specifications. The Board reserves the right to relect any and all bids, and to waive informalities and technicalities and to enter into such contract as It shall deem for the best Interest of the Town. By virtue of statutory authority a prefer- REWARD for return Mido watch, man's gold calendar expansion bracelet. Initials on back. 276-3987 tut n t ence will be given lo Products and provisions grown and coal produced within the State of lowa, and to lowa domestic labor. Plans and specifications, form of contract and proposal forms are now on file at the Town Hall in the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Shelby, lowa, and , copies may be obtained from the Town's Engineers, Abild En lantic, lowa. Engineers, Abild Engineering Co., of At- ence irtu will be given to products • ana provi. spareribs 3-cn $60.00 Ibs. $46.50; $47.00-47.50; e 12-14 Ibs. $37.50. ; .18-2"; bellies, i butts ; skin ned hams 14-18 Ibs. $47.50; 20-26 Ibs. sdls 10-12 Ibs. $35.50; Iowa Cattle DES MOINES, WEDNESDAY (FED- STATE) — Iowa-Southern Minnesota Direct Cattle: Slaughter steers and heifers steady to 25c lower; demand fairly good, although trade on slow side; slaughter cattle bought laugh ights on plant delivered weights or FOB feedlbts with 2-4 percent pencil shrink or the equivalent; cattle bought on carcass basis purchased on hot circass weights. SLAUGHTER STEERS — Loadlots choice 1,000-1,150 Ibs yield grades 2-4 $29.00-30.50, consignment choice and some prime 1,150 Ibs ., and choice 950- slauahter yield 98.18 98.20 98.20 96.28 97.28 100.12 9524 97.28 97.24 92.24 100.12 95.12 91.8 94.8 89 95.16 88. 12 86 87.16 89.8 79.24 86.8 84.24 99.8 98.20 97.16 98.26 99.4 99,4 97.12 98.12 100.24 96:16 98.12 98.16 93.24 100.28 CARCASS GR Steers — choice 600-800 Ibs $47.50-41.50, liberal volume $44.00; few 500-600 Ibs $47.00- wss^M^u^m Ibs $46.00-46.50, few $47.00 early; good . sions grown and coal produced within the State of lowa, and to lowa domestic labor. Published upon order of the Board of Trustees of. Ihe Municipal Water Works System, Town of Lake Park, lowa. * m TOWN OF LAKE PARK, IOWA ALLAN ARNOLD Chairman-Board of Trustees of the Municipal Water Works System, of the VTown of Lake Park, lowa ATTEST: * MILTON HIELMAN Secretary (R-413)—NOTICE Each successful bidder will be required to furnish a bond in an amount equal lo One Hundred per cent (100%) of tht contract price, said bond to be issued by a responsible surety approved by the Town Council and shall guarantee the faithful performance of the contract and the terms and conditions therein contained. The contractor shall also guarantee the maintenance of sala Water Main Extensions in good repair for a period ol two (2) years from and after completion and acceptance by the Town. Payment to the contractor will be made by the Town from cash on hand from such sources as are legally available or from the future net ea-ninqs of the municipal waterworks and facilities, said payment to be made lo Ihe contractor based on monthly estima'es in amounts equal to Ninety per cent (90%) of the contract value of Ihe work completed, including materials and equipment delivered to the iob during Ihe preceding calendar month, anc will be based upon an estimate preparec on the first day 01 each month bv the con tractor, sublect to the approval of the Engineers. The Engineers will certify to the Town for payment of each approved esti mate on or before the tenlh day of the following month. Such monthly payments shall in no way be construed as an act 01 acceptance lor any part of the work par "allv or totally completed The balance o the Ten per cent (10%) due the contractor wnl be paid not earlier than thirty-one (31) days from the date of final accept ance ot «aid work bv the Town, subject to the conditions and in accordance with the .provisions of Chapler 573 of the Code o Sealed bids will be received until 7:30 i lowa, 1966, as amended. No such Parlia P.M., C.D.S.T., August 4, 1969 at Ihe Town Hall, Mapleton, lowa for Interceptor Sewer, Wet Well, Lift Station, Treatment Plant, Laboratory and Compressor Building and Polishing Lagoon all in accord with official Notice published in the Mapleton Press, Maplelon, lowa on July 17lh and 24th. (R-4271—NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING 'ON PROPOSED PLAN_S AND_S_P_EC- FORM OF fF 1C AT IONS AND P FORM OF C ' CONSTRUCTI IMPROVE- THE CONTRACT MENTS'AND EXTENSION EXISTING MUNICIPA WORKS PLANT AND SYS AND FOR THE CITY O WELL CITY, IOWA AND TH ING OF BIDS FOR SUCH IMPROVEMENTS AND EXTENSIONS. Clf STEM, IN OF ROCK- THE TAK- Notice is hereby given that the City Council of Rockwell City, County of Calhoun, State of lowa, will meet at the City Hall In said City, onthe 25th day 1969, at 1:00 o'clock P.M which time and place the sa._ cil will hold a hearing on and will adopt the proposed plans and specifications and roposeo form ot contract and receive " • " ' if Improvement day of August, .M., C.D.T., at said City Coun- n and will adopt n o and extensions to the existing municipa ids for the construction nd extensions to the e water works plan' and system, In and for the City of Rockwel! City lowa, and enter into contract for the construction of said rnrovementj ana extensions, At said hearing, me City Council will consider any ob' ' to said proposed plans and specifi- and form ol contract. jls wi!' be icled upon at said time ° r at such later time as may then be or final payment will be due until the con tractor has certified to the Town Clerk that the materials, labor and services In volved in each estimate have been paid for in aero - ^ice with the requirements st-'°d 'n the specifications. To the extent payment is not made in cash and as evidence of the terms of jhi; contract, the Town will issue 'and dein/vn to the contractor and the contractor shal accept in payment of (he contract price Water Revenue Pledqe Orders of the Town, bearing interest at a rate of Six per cent (6%) per annum, such Pledge Orders payable solely ano only out of me future net earnings of the municipal waterworki and facilities of the Town Of Shelby, lowa The Town Council hereby reserves the right to reiect any or all bids, to waive informalities and irregularities and to en ter into such contract or contracts as i may deem to be for the best Interests o thp mnn'rloalitv. Published upon order of the Town Coun ell of the Town of Shelby, lowa. Harry p. Pike Mayor- Shirley J. Davis Town Cerk I Bid and asked fractions represent 32nds. Boys Nation Post To Indiana Negro i§j in tcmiM/'ovMiT i-v /-< , An, ' i° r at such later time as may men oe \\norl lINulUlN, U.L-. (Al I —i lixeu Tne said proposed improvements M.4' : Sixteen-year-old Gregory Gray | gi?ow e SS? iions '° be considered are lhe «'« of Gary, Ind., is the new presi- '' ? er e1 l deep dan " e " aooroximalely "«' g.|6 dent of the American Legion 2 ' Furn * h a ^ In5ta " 6SO Qpm sub ' a? Boys Nation. Gray is the sec»o:s ond Negro to be elected to the a?.'a office. 85.24 Hide Market NEW YORK (WEDNESDAY) (AP) raw hide futures closed quiet; No sales; Spot light native cowhides s!6'<-17c; i-nominal. Copper NEW YORK (WEDNESDAY) (AP) Copper futures closed 55 to 65 points lower, sales 226 contracts; Sept. 61.05c; Oct. - . . 59.80C,- Dec. 57.75c; Jan. 56.65c; 55.80c; May 54.90C; July I3.95C. . Mar. . 2. rurnish and Install mersible with apourlenancc-i 3. Construct 10'xl5' tile block pump house. 4. Furnish water main materials. i 5. Install water main materials. All of lhe foregoing work, r/ialerial, and i equipment Is to%e ui accordwlte with the i plans and specifications and proposed form of contract now on file in the office of the City Clerk of Rockwell City, lowa. by this reference made a oart hereof, as though fully set out and incorporated herein. All proposals and bids responsive hereto shall be submitted to the City Clerk of the City of Rockwell City, lowa, on or before Dtatht AKERS -r Services for Mrs. Dorothy E. Akers of 2423 Southeast Eighth will be Thursday 1:30 P.M. at Hamilton's Funeral Home, East 6lh and Lyon. Interment Sunset Memorial Gardens. ANDERSON—Graveside services for Mrs. Viola E. Anderson, 3014 Thirty-fourth Street Place will be held Friday 10:30 AM at Chapel Hill Gardens. Hamilton's Service, East Sixth and Lyon Streets. CHRISTENSKN-Servic'es for Mri. Laura Chrlstensen, 2734 Fitty-sixlh will be Thursday 3 PM at Ihe Westover Funeral Home. Interment ; Chapel Hill. Hamilton's Service-. EGAN-Services for Mrs. Mary (Madge) Egan of 664 Twenty-sixth will be Friday 1 PM at Dunn's on _G r and. Interment Resthaven. GERTSEN W- For~~mforma!ion regarding services for Mrs. Emma Gertsen, of 905 Morton call Ihe Dahlstrom Funeral Home. GORTLER—Services for Louis Gortler of 836 East Ninth street will be held Thursday, 3:30 P.M. at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Jewish Glendale. profit vacation, etc. Apply Personnel Office 9:30 DOHERTY-FLOWERS--j A - M - '° 4:3 ° ?M 5 *° i™ A "L __2lt«57! SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. • FLOWERS BY OLSAN'S 100 ° Mrrl <> H ^ Rrt D " M °"^- '•' 506 E. Grand Lost and Found 80 ACCOUNTING CLERK P.wr ( cli.i Nebraska. TODD& SARGENT, INC. AMES, IOWA Phone 232-0442 FRY COOK Good Wrtnes. Annlv ; Younq man to handle payroll ands ,. . .. « . . /-y\», . , r ' ' ' accounting with chflpcc to' * MAMA LACONA S tKMAN Shepherd female lost. Silver and, black. Vic. of E. 24th and Guthrie 1 . Children's pet. Reward 76_2-4452, 266-05"- Asphalt Paver-Operators Asphalt Roller Operators To work in Iowa. Ph. 515-981-0208 or write MIDWEST PAVING CO. P. 0, Box 124 Cummlnq, la. lAMfcbb cat found Urbanrtale vicin- learn da I a processing. Some book-i kccpinq experience preferrp^, but j will train riqht person. Excellent | starting salary and fringe benetitsj with lots ol opportunity (or rfd-i vancemonf.. Call for appolnfmenf 285-6821. Den-Tal-Ez Chair Mfg. Co. I'JSPCCTOP: PtceMcnt ipol with! some travel, oood orowth, honelrts ' C,ir AAA FREH $fl$00 Call Ted' Biown ?94 6950 Sncllinq & Sncilinn i INSURANCE POSITIONS- ; If you are A college graduate or have 2 years of college plus related work experience, we are in-! terested in discusilnq tht following positions wrth you: lo tench nifichine ihop and tool . die making in no'.t high school Irvrl program n new vQc«iftorMl-ftfchn<- t,il institute. Applicant should h«ivr fnm mum of three vears iournrv ! man cunonrncc. Compensation : hflsod on MtinkAto tear ner\ JH'-TV srhcdulo and exnrrir-me and tram inq Apply to Director, Mflnkfllo; Arr.i Vocfltional Technical Institu'r \ 1930 L rc Boulrvarrj, North Man KMo. Wnnriotrt 56001. Telepho"" MAINTENANCE 1 WORKER: General factory maintenance In met- at labricBtinti olan!. Factory maintenance experience preferred Good opportunity with local metal manufacturer. Good salary andj complete program of company ben-! efiti, Call J44-/7H6. OR APPLY BOB DeGEEST i DICO CO., INC. l 300 S.W. 16lh DeS'Molnes MAN With lumber and torklill enPerience. Good pay.,, ASSISTANT MANAGER Man who can quickly develop Inlo an assistant manager with our company. Must Jie 21 or over. No experience necessary. Good salary and employee benefits. POSTAL THRIFT LOANS !ioi7wainut , ft72 "' 2121 805 Locust Des Moines —— &*-M™±JS«« »307, , Our personalized trainino proqrams MAN with ?nd class engineers will readily prepare you for pro-! cense. Contact W,iyn« Wheeler, ductlve work and advancement. 1 3665131 Write or call ...... ,>,-,» HAWKEYE SECURITY I MANAGER INSURANCE COMPANY ATTENDANT KITCHEN HELPER Service station. Par! time, perienced. Salary open. DOUGLAS STANDARD 64Th ANO DOUGLAS Temple B'nal Jeshurun. OWEL WRAPPED fringed prescription found 255-0598. bag wi money, found Sunday, at 6th and Allison. Owner identity. 243-5523. Attendant—Service Station Good wages, Insurance benefits. 25 years or older, bxperience Preferred. Apply in pe'rson to Harold Henning 1441 2nd Ave. ATTWDANT7WoFp"arrtime. Johnson 51. 42-Univ. No Ph. calls. . . hair Terrier lost. male, black, brown, white, I icense Reward. 288- AUTO Body Painter position open for experienced man. PHIL WINSLOW LOST brown andgotd collie female ndgol nfield vicinity Greenfield Plaza area or So. Side. Reward. 285-6174. 243-8666 1Z4J und < FREE, You can run a found ad Three Lines for Three Days , call an Ad-Visor 2S4-8141. YOUNG female German shorthaired pointer found. DM area. Liver and white. 468-2311: Adel ' FOUND female Siamese cat near E 14th -•"f Euclid. Owner identify 262-4121. Notices 90 WE AREno longer responsible for obliaations incurred for The Anlma Shelter by anyone ofher (than present board me one o mbers of United Humanitarians, 9105 N.E. 29th St. Rte. I, Ankeny, la. Chairman of Board, Yale C. /Vloeller. _ NOTICE OF SALE USED 1966 Chevrolet serial no. 136176F 153554 to be sold at public sale Thursday, August 7th, 1969. _L1:.00 J A.M.J>t ZMLHfckman Rd._ , Donald L. Crowell, 5545 fTw. 6Vst PI., will not be responsible for debts other than mv own. Leland Edward Davis. 4409 s.E. 6th, will not be responsible for debts other than my own. . BARTENDER Dominies Restaurant and Lounge 4_21 Lpcyst_ _ 243.9678 "BARTENDER For evenings. Apply In person Che* Bon Restaurant 4685 NE 14th When Shall We Go 110 - KENNY HOFER Pf-iday._A m erlcan_Legiqn pskaloosa HI Fl's — SATURDAY Vacation Quid* III FOR RENf^Modern cottages near ake with dock. Sleeps 4 to 12. kwood Grocery and Cottages. Pmonals 140 Single—Widowed—Divorced Men and women 25 to 50. For information about Country Club for single people write COSMAW 6851 Bloomfleld Rd. or 285-97JI FILMS DEVELOPED 39c B Exposure Black and White, 39c; 12 Exp., 50c; Color reprints 19c ea. DEAN STUDIOS 913 WALNUT ST. DES MOINES, IOWA 50302 LOWEST AUTO INSURANCE RATE FOR CANCELLED. RE.IECTFO OR SR22. Immed. SR22 filing EZ terms. Call, write Mike Anania Ins., 407 Court ave., Des Moincs, 243-8666._ LOW aulo, cycle or Fire Ins. Rates. Even if cancelled. Fast S.R. Filing. SADORE RISSIEN 321 East 5th 288-1043 274-1794 24 Hr. Service A GOOD BOOK ANYTIME — HOW ABOUT ONE FOR YOURSELF? A YELLOW CAB COUPON BOOK. $5, $10 SIZES. 243-1111. Px. | To work in spacious modern air-con- i diti'.ned hospital kitchen. Co-OPcr- alive stable workjnq companion*,. 40 hour week. Vacation, • sick leave and other benefits. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. IOWA MFTHOhlST HOSPITAL i to manage complete operation of a new country club for unmarrieris Must be unmarried, 35-45 years old. capable of interviewing and training interviewers. Must have a orn- uine Interest and Jikino tor people. Potential carninns unlimited. CaM ip1.9;,ll .1.9 PM tor interview LEAD ELEVATOR MAN Experience preferred. All fringe ben AUTO MECHANIC Experienced. Modern shop, good working conditions. Guaranteed salary, bonus. Good fringe benefits, For appt. call Mr. lee. 288-223' AUTOMOTIVE MACHINIST Experienced. Write aivlng experience and references In 1st letter. Modern air conditioned shop. Salary open. Hap's Auto Supply 206 DCS Molnes Ave., Ames, town BARBER WANTED HAIR STYLIST This is an excellent opportunity lor the riqht man. 255-4963 255-7439 POPE'S FASHION CENTER ___ 3509 'ngersoll , BAR"B~E"R~apprentice, JI50 or mbre per wk. Ph. 424-3153. Mason Citv BARBER WANTED Council Bluffs. 712-366-1313. BODY MAN AND PAINTER ___EjtEerleneed._2U4_Wpod!and. _____ Body Man end Painter Better than top wages. Air conditioned shop and best ol 'workina conditions. Sheibtev Auto Body ihon, 11)2 E. 14lh,_266-3922. '' clitiL Contact Mor. COOP SOCIETY, Ph. Rockwell, lowa. FARMERS Linen Supply Laundry ^reduction work, sfeadv employment. No experience necessary. Apply F. W. MEANS «. CO. T100 Grand Ave. MATERIAL HANDLERS :Several openings in Receiving, Warn-' hominfl and Shipping. 5 days ri; week 7:45 a.m. to 4:\S n .m. Apply . in person at Dempster Bldq. corner of "?th .ind Cherry. NATIONAL HANDCRAFT ! INSTmjTE_ : MECHANICS i 4 EXPERIENCED jDuc to our expanding business in our modern shop In Clinton, lowa. Lat- Lineman or Lineman Trainee -or city of approximately 3.000 population. Conia/:t director ol public works CITY HALL, Bloomfleld, lowa. LINOTYPE MACHINIST . est equipment, top wages and liberal company benefits. « WE WILL BE INTERVIEWING AP PLICANTS IN DES MOINES, IOWA. Call collect for appointment Interviews, 1-1319) 242-7011. LEE PAASCH FORD Clinton, lowa t MECHANICS For immediate openinq on night-shift. 37V; hour week with full fringe benefit program. Must b« experienced TTS Elcktrons and intertypc. Apply to Personnel Office. 2nd floor Des Moines Reoister and Tribune Company. 715 Locust 284-8212 An equal opportunity employer LINOTYPE OPERATOR Experienced for model 14 settinq classified and corrections. Small city daily, 40 hour week, 'j day Sat. Good wages and fringe ben- ATLANTIC NEWS TELEGRAPH, Atlantic, lowa. New and last growing IHC motor Truck dealership needs experienced mechanics, gas or diesel. Fringe benefits and wages to lit Ability. Write or call MIDWESTERN TRUCK SALES CO. Denison. lowa 263-4149 After 5:30 p.m. 263-2062 MECHANICS (?) Experienced. One tor traclorv 'one for cars. Good working condi tions, all new eguipment. Group insurance Available. AND QUALIFIED MEN. Pay commensurate with ability. Apply: UNITED TRUCK «. BODY CO. 129 NE 17th _ 266-5148 BRICK AND BLOCK LAYERS AND TENDERS. EXPERIENCED. YEAR AROUND WORK. TOP WAGES. 2769458 _ BUS BOYS Must be 16. Apply to Mrs. Saylor after 4:30 p.m. Michael's Rest. 244-6231 BUS BOYS-NIGHTS See Mrs. Jenny Lafferty THE POLYNESIAN LOUNGE 265-8291 255-9724 .ali CAB DRIVERS RUAN CAB CO. "CANVASSERS 28-28-111 Door-to-door, home improvement lield. Call Paul. 285-U79, CLEANUP MAN To clean display showrooms. ACME CLEANERS 6th and Euclid b INS COUNT PRICES. ROBINSONS, E. 14TH AT EUCLID D . _ 265-2567 CASH FOR DIAMONDS, OLD GOLD, JEWELRY. SEE MR. LEVICH. ROGER.S.JEWELERS ___ ^,,, transportation, Tfravff Collector- Interviewer - Installment loan Dept. 'Credit or loan or auto finance experience required. Good starting salary and fringe benefits. 5 day week. Apply in person to Mrs. Marsh or Mr. Acuff, 3rd floor. lowa-Dos Moinns National Bank. An equal opportunity employer 150 WANTED — Rider fo New York area. Leaving Aug. 4. 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JACKSON Construction Co., Inc. 6004 Fleur Drive Des Moines, la. Ph. 315-285-0315 An equal opportunitv_empjoyer CONSTRUCTION MILLWRIGHT-FOREMAN Grain storage and handling equip. Steel bidg. Must 'be experienced at running crew, reading blueprints, planning and handling own work. Good growth opportunity. Many benefits. 'Write B-244, Register and Tribune. LINOTYPE OPERATOR 'EEKLY newspaper. Experienced on Ad machine Air conditioned shop, pleasant town. Little maltef—Northwood-Anchor, wood. la. 324-1051. . L&HINC. OOWS, IA. PHONE_I52-4U1 OR 854-7261 WILLIAMS MECHANIC spcciali/ina in automatic transmissions wanted lor Ford-Lin- coin-Mercury dealership. Excellent workina conditions in clean, busy shop. JO-50 commission. 11.00 Hat rate. Family man preferred, must furnish references. Permanent. 5 days per week. University town of 25,000. Heart of excellent flshinq _ and hunting. Contact Harry Small, -North 5ervic«-M<»na«er-7—L-«r*mie—Molof* Inc., 502 So. 3rd, Laramie, Wyoming 82070. Continued on Next Page OR as little as $1. you can advertise almost anything T for sale. Call JUNE BELL, JM-8141, Want Ads. S^ Metal Working Machine Operators Numerical Control Machining The Omaha Nebraska division of Confrol Da»« Corporation hat immediate openings in its new numerical control machine (hop for: MACHINE OPERATORS MECHANICAL PARTS INSPECTORS If you are experienced in either N/C or conventional nn*- chining such ai lathes, mills, drills, etc. and would be interested in investigating opportuntiet in the rapidly growing computer industry . . . now it the time. A company repreientative of the Control Data Corporation will be in Dei Moine> on Saturday, July 26th at the Holiday Inn South, 2102 Fleur Drive,. so come in for a personal interview anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Excellent starting salary and fringe benefit pactage. We invite you to explore these opportunities iin Omaha. 10 remember . . . Holiday Inn South Saturday, July 26th— aik for Mr. Ken Fielding, Control Data Corporation. COOK. Friendly atmosphere. Apply mornings to Manaqer, Holiday Inn South 2101 Fleur Dr. CUSTODIAN for church. Couple desired. Apartment furnished. Write E-609 Register and Tribune. jraj iCC .do 80202. ACCOUNTANT: Challenging opoty. Career spot with malor A-A firm. Pleasant 58.000 FRE" - " -"• Grey 294-6950 Spelling ANIMAL CARE Caring of laboratory animals. Farm background required. 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday. Fringe, benefits Include profit sharing program. Apply to PERSONNEL MANAGtK Diamond Laboratories, Inc. 2i38 S.E. 43rd Des Moines Notices 90 DELIVERY- Dry Cleaning. Married, Immediate Opening. Permanent job. CORWIN CLEANERS 1930 COTTAGE GROVE DESK CLERK EXPERIENCED 4 PM to 12 shift. Older person preferred. Must be sober, able to meet people. See Manager Harlan Hotel. REGISTER NOW FALL QUARTER STARTS SEPT. 29th Write or phone for free catalog U«l Gr»n« 24J-84W Dei Molnes, low* DRAFTSMAN Immediate openinq for person with training in mechanical and basic mathematics. Liberal employe ben- e ""' IOWA POWER , & LIGHT CO. I 8.'3 WALNUT, DES MOINES An Equal Opportunity Employer ! cDP INSTRUCTOR !0ne EDP instructor needed lo complete three man computer programming stall in i ew vocational technical institute Candidate should have S-360 experience, three yeari experience in data process mg, programming experience in either RPG. BAL, COBOL. FORTRAN languages. Well compensated position oased on experience and assignment. The attractive new facility is equlPpco with a 360-25 disk system with 24K. Apply to Director. Mdnkalo Area Vocational-Tecfinical Institute, 1920 Lee Boulevard, North Mankato Minnesota 56001. Tele phone 15071 38?-3441. LOOKING tor a brighter fu ture. . .through a belter iob? Read today's iob offers and employment agencies advertisements. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS THE FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY We are expanding rapidly in all locations and need management personnel to fill new posts or replace personnel promoted. ADVANTAGES OFFERED 1. Opportunity for rapid advancement. 2. Bonus based on performance. 3. Liberal retirement program. I. Annual paid vacation. 5. Liberal insurance program covering employees and dependents. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS 1. College Graduate Preferred but not required. 2. Should have present or prior sales experience. 3. Must present good appearance, have good speaking voice and be aggressive. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS 1. Retail Sales—Selling inside store. 2. Commerical Sales—Selling to Business. -'}. Service Mgr.—Tire and Service Sales. I. Office and Credit Manager. Interviews will be held I-'ort Des Moines Hotel Friday, July 25th—.") to 8 I'.M. Des Moines, lowa Contact: W. L. Band or J. L. McGee Phone for Appointment 515-21.3-1161 In Kquid Opportunity Employer ON* (IMS* with w A N T A D S SELL Antique* Boati Cameras Dogs Electric Ranges Furs Guitars Horn* Furnishings Indian Clubt Jacks Kettledrums Luggage Motors. Nozzles Oboet Pets Quilts Radios Sporting Goods TV's Umbrellas Valves Washers Xylophones Yachts Zi'rcons Air Conditioner Bikes Cribs Drums -Embroidery Fishing Rods Golf Clubs Highboys ln$ulation Juvenile Furniture Kodaks Lamps Microscopes Nursery Furniture Organs Pianos Quivers Refrigerator* Stereos Tables Ukuleles Vaporizers. Winches Yard Tools Zithers Call 284-8141, or Us. tht ALL IOWA LINE 800-362-1836 IT'S FREE

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