Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

I ALTON EVENING TfiLEGRAPtt t HtmSftAV, JUNE 27,1888 DONT BE BEAT JOIN THE ELITE PAUL'S FOOD BUYS REALLY NEAT II mm zs< Sandwiches, Casserole for Outdoor Lunch UJ.D.A, FRESH!! I WHOLE i I I FRfiStl GROUND BEEF . By IDA BAILEY ALLEN Measurements level; recipes tot t . Egg UMI caper Sandwiches 6 hftfd-cooked eggs,' chopped fine 4 tbsp. drained capers, >. .. rinsed with cold water 1 tsp. table mustard 6 strips chopped crisp bacon Mayonnaise to moisten . (about % c.) Salt and pepper to taste i 12 slices day-old white bread fit a bowl, combine all liigred- ientii except bread. Gut off cruets and save to use in making: croutons. Spread half the bread slices to the edges with filtifig. Press on top slices. Serve cut In halves diagonally. WHS CHEF'S CRABMEAT CASSEROLE BALTIMORE Ingredients: 4 tbsp. butter; 2 c. fine bread crumbs; 2 cans (6% oz.) crabmeat; 1 tsp. salt 1/16 tsp. nutmeg; i tsp. lemon lines; 2 tbsp. dry sherry (of* tional); 1 can (10 02.) cfab bisque; Qttick &uce Moraay (see note); 1 c. tfcy croutons, to make: Melt butter and stir into the crumbs. Remove any shell from the efab. Flake crab* meat. Add salt, nutmeg, lemon julcfe, shewy, eTato bisque and half the Quick Sauce Mornay. Put thin layer of this mixture in buttered, low 3-pt. casserole. Cover with thin layer of crumbs. mm ftypts until utt in- Bents m used, eteept % c. cfllfflbs. •- i, . &p with iayef of nemafttlng Quick SattW Monay; then caver with remaining Mad crumbs. CoVer and bake 28 mln. in & moderate oven, 378 degrees f. Uneavftt the last Id mifl, to brown. Garnish: sizzling tiny crdutons sauteed in butter. Bev* erage eafi be a white, dry Call forma wme. NtiBi QUICK- 8AUOB Htm* NAV - To i (tflfc <&.) « cream M cheese soup stir to can measure warm water and tsp, WottsestetBWft, :.HHt until smooth. Use »g direct Turkey with Nut atid Bread Staffing - Sliced Beet and shredded eabbajr&iid - tee ,, Cfeatti Pound ckki . - Sandi wicfcw * Mot«1664 Coffee or T6i .— Milk, SUPPER (hot « chilled, homemade a ptfehasedj^ Crisp Crackers - Cold Roast Cooking Cue* tot ft handy to**!* push o» or two tpong* half FRESH GROUND 3 $1.391 CHUCK . . 3 $199 C.S. CHOICE BOILING U.S. CttOtCfi CHUCK. BEEF . . . . 4 S11ROAST . . . . 49<r FRESH fc MEATY FOR BBOII SPARERIBS U.S. CHOICE BEEF |§j U.S. CHOICE BEEF RIB STEMS - - - - 89ciCLUB STEAKS ••• 99c ^ H ^ HHHBIBHMIIMBMBaHHinHaiHH CUDAHY THRIFTY SLICED BACON•••49e L.U. PALACE THICK SLICED BACON- - - - 2 • "• 99c R. B. RIOEU MEDIUM • HOT • MILD CLOTH BAG PORK SAUSAGE 69c CHAMPION SBRVETTES BONELESS HAMS 88c ,*. MORRBLL'S B-Z GUT COOKED HAMS ROYAL ROCK Junior Turkeys. % to 39c ..FOR A "PICNIC" OF I CHAMPION FINEST WHOLE HAMS "S 49c Lb. HAM SALAD... 2-S11BBQ HAM . . 79<r HICKORY JOWL BACON•-•-.- 29e WIENERS ..3&M 4 *|FRANKS MIOKELBERRY!! Piece BRAUNSCHWEIGER 39c '^^^^^^^^^^^HMM^MHMM^MHMH^HHMMHMMM**** BY LACLEDEJUN THE PIECE!! BIG BOLOGNA 3 Lb. $|49 •09 I Lb. LOW PRICES Prietcqoed through Wed., July 3. Right to Limit LEAN and TENDER Meadow Gold's Finest!! 2% Homo GURN-Z- NBW SWEDEN!! D3AHO FROZEN Meadow Gold's Fiqtst WHOLE MILK •^^•^^IB I MEADOW GOLD'S ir • 2 Half Gab. FRENCH FRIES - .5 & 69c • ORANGE DRINK 5 29c Half 9 1 Gals. I BANQUET FROZEN • MEADOW GOLD'S T.V DINNERS - ^ 39e | BUTTER MILK LUCKY WHIP AIRSOL TOPPING - - I9» Qt. 9-oz, Can SWEETHEART —: 7 FLAVORS • .SWEETHEART — ICE CREAM Gal. STAMPED GRADE "A" LARGE EGOS . »> OLD VIENNA PLAIN OR RIPPLE Me • CHIPS • • ••>"-•'• ft STAMPED GRADB "A" SMALL EBBS • HAS CHIPS OH SNACKS 3 D.I 79c| SNACKS - - I ENERGY CHARCOAL Briquets 20 .'.r. 99c Cnareoal Ofhter FLUID • - - 33c BUTTERMILK Biscuits 12r°98c Block Oleo 6 »• $1 VKGETOLE Shoriening3K;69c OLD LONDON NEW Onion Rings 39C AMERICAN BEAUTY POTATO « 16-ot. »l ... tp Tim • SALAD 8MCCKE1RS 0 VARIETIES Jelly • • • S <•» $1 Dntob Garden SwMt Mixed Ploklet Hunl'» l*-ofc Bottle Ptoa Catsup - - tCc GRADE Mittard • 4 «• $1 JIFFY CAKE ft FROSTING Mixes Fancy Indiana TOMATOES Fancy Tomato CATSUP Fancy Whole Kernel Corn 5 2/45 $1 $4.75 Case Tins I of 24 300 WAX BEANS 300 APPLE SAUCE 300 SWEET POT ATOMS 300 CREAM CORN 303 EARLY JUNE PEAS 303 SHELLOUT BEANS 18e $ Tim •• $3.95 I Cote of 24 300 Sliced Carrots 300 Gr. Beans* 300 Krout 300 Shellout Beam Butter Beans • Spinach Green & White Llmm Chopped Kale Chicken Noodlo Soup Chicken Rice Soup Mushroom Soup 7 15c $| $3.25 Caw Tim I of 24 300 Beeh • Kidney Beam 300 Whole Potatoes Turnip or Mustard Groom Mexican Chill Beam 8 Oi. Tomato Sonet 300 Mixed Vegetables Vegefablt Soup Bean Soup •Tomato Soup .95C of 24 8 lie $1 *2.95Case Tim I Navy Beam • Pinto Beans Northerns • Md leans White of Golden Hominy Baby Butter Beam Macfctyt PMH Shoestring Potatoes Pork * Btfjis • Spaghf 111 8 I for 00 e 12.59 Co* 25c 00 P of 24 CHASE * SANBORN COFFEE 3 X M f|90 DINING CAR FRESH GROUND In 8-Lb. or M«r« Unit*—Lb. 53* Lesstr Quonririts Lb. 59c Lean & Tender Center ,££„ Steak 67c Lean ft Tender "Family" Barbecue Arm Bone Steak.. 77c Leon & Tender Round Bone Center Cut Swiss Steak . . 77c Leon & Tender—Boneless for Barbecue Family Steak . . 97c Lean & Tender Beef Shortribs. . "57c Lean & Tender .Round Bone ' Beef Arm Roast... 1 75c Lean & Tender Boneless Beef Boston Roll Roast • 87c Lean & Tender Boneless Shoulder Rolled Beef Roast ' 77c Medium Sim 8 to S UM. Average Fresh Spareribs.. Lb 58c Fresh Pork — Grill-Ready Barbecue Flats..., m 88c Fresh Pork—Lean and Meaty! Country Style. Spareribs . . . 68c Fresh Pork — Individual Barbecue Strips... 68c FULLY COOKED BONELESS HAM 18 to 20 Lbs. Whole—tb. Half-a-Hotn ................. Lb. ffe Wholt Ham Sliced ........... Lb. 1.Of HUNTER. MAYROSEOR MICKELBERRY HAM FULLY COOKED Select Shank Portion IB. 35 COFFEE n lllt 59cr„ WISHBONE COFFEE Lb. 89 TIGER COFFEE . Betsy Row FRESH BREAD 6 FOLGER/S INSTANT COFFEE 10 ^ M TENDER LEAF INSTANT ff A S- 02 TEA • Jar TENDER LEAF TEA BAGS HOME TOTER TIDE • . KING SIZE BOLD REAL BUY!! BROOMS.. 89c- Large Fancy Shank Portion (7-8 Ibs.) Ib. 48o Callie Style Picnic Fresh Pork Roast 38c Fresh Callie Style—Short Shank Sliced Pork Roast "48c 12-o» Bottle* Exchange Select Butt Portion (4-5 lb«.) Ib. 48c Hunter or Mayrose Fully Cooked 18-20 Ibs. Av. Whole Ham . ..' 48c Hickory Smoked EXCHANGE l»-oz. Seven-Up 2 U J. No. 1 Ntw WHITE POTATOES 10-68- ICE COLD Watermelons 79°* flOf A*M' T»- *<0° DAILY—OPIN FRIDAYS ftM A,M, til liOO P.M. Center Ham Slices "1.18 U.S. tirade A Breast Quarter or Lei Quarter Fresh Chicken... L 38c U.S. Grade A Finest Chicken Fresh Split Spring Broilers.. "38c SAVE J5cON3 CANS1 Large Fancy Butt Portion (6-7 Ibs.) Ib. 58c U.S. Grade A Chicken Legs, Thighs or Fresh Breasts....'48c U.S. Grade A 3 to 4 Ib. Australorp Fricassee Hens... L 33c I.QJP. Atlantic Ocean Whitefish Fillets..' 88c I.QJ*. Pacdflc Ocean Ocean Perch Fillets'68c Campbell's PORK and BEANS U.5.60VT.GRADBA JR. TURKEY 38° Small—6-8 Lbs. "Golden Glow" Lb. TOP OF THE MORNING Thick-Sli. Bacon 2-99° mm && Top of the Morning Fancy' Siloed Breakfast Bacon .... }L b 68c Meadowdali PORK & BEANS 8' 16-OZ, CAN ARMOUR STAR SKINLESS Sports Franks 58« Armour or Swift Family Pack Sliced Bologna Lb. 5Tc Armour or Swift AC By the Piece Brauiuchwelger Lb. 40c VERY FANOY BANANAS IB'- All AUTHOHIIIO POOD STAMP ITOMII >l tars NEW R|D C 'POTAT^H °., .. f i». «to NKMwr.Tr...-. -storm .. .A POUND OP NIW CAIIAftR Yow ., -A IUNCH Of WUN ONIONI Chtlw ... A IUNCH OP UB iAMIHIS I GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS • • Z tot, 29c Regulwr o»c Ripple or Plato KuPotito l^ifular ^ F««ito Milo" 4/MOBrtrtcmroChim _j • • • • t ill 45« IPj W^^i^f^' • ,™ NtESH PICNIC PORK ROUST * to I IN. § Tit* 4* B«rb«m kb. 47 Vest Cuie^Sfldi BiichniiBPje KoriTkurlj m f A '*** ftQt i III CflM D9* 9 W <HWB1^ 4W 3 Mm HUH POtK ARM ROAST 58' rtiih Cubtd Park Cutton U, Ue Ixtrt Uat-tb.

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