The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 6
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5SS" /THE JAMS NEWS, \MONDAY, JULY », 1JM4 HOME RUN CLOUTS FAIL TO SAVE ATHLETICS Red Sox Cop Double Bill 74and 7-2 Jimmie Foxx Runs String To 26: Yanks and Tigers Win FANS PICK BIG LEAGUE ACES FOR ALL STAR GAME By HERBERT TT Associated Pre*s Sports JtraTnie F'oxs and Bob Johnson bit 'hom« runs, but the Philadelphia Athletics steadily are losinr toa.ll games, more proof, -were any seeded. that rsaajor leagrue pen- ed. that major leacue pennants can't i>e TTOH irlthont pitchers. TV erst into the -ead in the run derby by clouting "Xos. "5 and "S and Johnson boosted Ills total to 15 Sunday -*hi!e the Athletics dror»>*<3 t?-o Barnes to the "Boston rt^ftox anc fel! a bit deeper into seventh p^ace in the American l^asue, The nvin . Athletic s"l*4ss:ers pickefi the firs: 5jazn»' for their home rat: show but Soston ivon the rrame easily. T-4. «lllio»JE>i ouihlt, 12 to 7. Bill Dietrich,' pltchir.s ?or the A's aSlo-s-od only ^evsn hits but Balked nine meii.arS hit oire. The second grarr.c- a "-- romp for the third place TFfeere •was no change ir: the re"- s.tive stancisE: of the v^"o leaders, zlse Ke-tv York Yankees and Detroit Tigers, boti: of ivhom Tcon- Celebratinrr liis "1st year is the saice, Eabe Ruth drove in four nsns frith his 1 3th. homer and a double as the Yankees topped the "Washington Senators. S-S. TTVO costly errors by Oscar MeilHo, fs~o singles and a pass with the basses filled, - crave Detroit, three rtms 5r, tire, sinth anc a 5-4 victory o--er 'the St. I>ouis Bro-R-ss. thus keeping the Tisrers TV It bin half a rarne of the Yankees. fonrth place, tne Cleveland Indians' TOH their first donble-head- jer oi-the year, beatins -he Chicago ^Vhitesox, 5-1 and 10-5 behind the The', pitching -c- "Willis Htidlin arse nte Pearson, e*I 3TIrzsiiELmOii2 . pitched tire Tork Giants to a 2-0 shutout "Victory over the Brooklyn I>od- Sersi thus boosrrni the Terry-sen's 2«kxioa£l.. leasne lead to T?ro games over tie Cabs, ; Trounced 11-4 in the first. ^z,me, •the -"Cubs came back -with. a. IS-hit Ijarra^e'-'in the nientcap that earned them. x. j-2-3 decision over the foorth . place "Pittsburgrh Pirstes- TJIzzy Uean fanned 1-0 men as the.. ;St- TjOtiiS C^rdlr.a.*Er stopped Cmcimsatii. 5-1. i~ th-e first g-ame of a • r=«rii3 bill but Brother Fetil Tvas 'socadly sneliacked in the second, S-4, 'Eiiei ^'oore. uu from Saltimors. • ; an auspicious debut an he pitched.. The Philiiea to a 5-3 cecis- io-n over Hie .Boston Braves, Leading In State Shoot Break* 98 Out of 1QO Targets In First Day of Shooting ATJSTIX. Tex-~ <£>—Breaking 9S I out of 100 targets Sunday, Koy. J "Wiiloughby ;of Paris took the lead Sat the half-way mark, in th« chase for the Texas' xn'exTs individual championship "in the sixth 'aririual state skeet tournament. Jake Petmecky! Sr., of Austin and Beck 3iors:an of Texarkami. were next high -with 97. Charles Pickle of Austin, defending state chatnplon and George Debes of Houston -were its the toj> flight cf shooters with 95 hits. Mrs. X. T. PiUot of Houston repeated as State "women's chamr»ion breaking 72 targets to 5" for Mrs. Ed • landsay of Paris. TT. M. Hicks of Houston broke 100 straight targets to lead in the professional competition. J. \V. Alston of Houston, defending state professional cliampicm, missed but tTvo of 100 targets. Ed Lindsay of Paris scored a. S5- Edna. has been selected by officials as the site of next year's tournament. SU\-T»A1TS RESULT* RESUI/TS SATCfiRDAY .. Okjahouia City 4-5, Dallas 3-S «,both sa-nies nine inninss.) Fort \\"orth 3, Tulsa 2, night game. Beaumont 1. San Antonio 0. game. " " Galveston 3. Houston ~, night ame. A31EKICAX Detroit 5, St. Ix>uis 4. Boston^ 7-7. Philadelphia 4 Cleveland $-10. Chicago 1-5, 6. AYashmston 3. NATIONAL. JLKAGUK 11-3. Chicaso 4* Philadelphia 5, Boston 3, New York 2. Brooklyn 0. St. Louis 5-4. Cincinnati 1-5. UEAGUE Pine Biuff 7-4. Shrereport 0-0. Kl Dorado 4-0. Greenville ±-3. Jackson 6. Clarksdale 5. Chocolate to Fight Again Former Feather>velglit Ti- tleliolder Starts On Comeback Trail -^lyl EOW.iCK— Q TT Ker-c ar? ;hs National and clash in tie second annual all-star contest. at the Polo Grounds. •JACrsSON YORK, «>?* — Just 1 i backjrcunc"', N>— Tork. July 1C. teams participating in the 1?SS poll Th= first game, heid last i far Kid Chocolate can progress or. \Vitb a. fe^v alterations by r\ w-,>r!d series, the players represent year in Chicagro, resulted in a. 4; tha cotnebsck trail may be sho'^rn • cers Joe Crontn and Bill Terry, fhe choice of America's baseball to - v;e:cry for the American lea-1 this week, t rhosen bacsuse they piloted the . baseball public as expressed in a rue-rs, ."Associated Press Photos.) j The Cuban. ksocked out bv ' I JYankie Klick and Tony Strongbow Promises to Pin Roebuck Say 5 He ViU Put Tiny Definitely Out of Local Picture Slavonian Catapult Glory With Red Phillips cr ^* 2;O OT>r"C"5e5 ths "-"0 po"i;c To"- if on? of these ca~ be u for s. iocs.: irsatch Ister. STr Irs HIE TTja~ch Is.?" "^-ee-t "* . It buck because th c r:nr rc-r-e loose s.~d is con'iicent h*: C^T NICK EXJTCH GalvestCm Slugger Keep* Tiny Tuss-lay ciarbt. Fast Pace As Beaumont Hurler ^^in* To «limi~a.t" £-~y s'Jic'h r-"- this "^.'e '"rt- the H.reiiB. ri^c ""t By F£LiX R. >' Associated PT^SS Staff Writer TO TSSE. 'T 1 fo youas tnen tagged for sriJp- "\7ir-- E'i'^-"" * v - "-,-~r" raent to the nisjor iearues.. .Beau S^-'^'h-J^naJ^srred i'"riV':' er, ar.-d "He':" Piiiilips. Beau- 1^ _ ;> "- : . f , £r , 5 _'"..^ ,. f j s V- K " .% "3-z Bac 11 try to tarr;? the " Jack O'DeU. en Major Leaders ; "f^- ~f\ **&^ ^ ~r,f Sa~c--L.:ndsa" mate: AMERICAN in the ;ra?i;e vhich Ga;ve*tc-r. -.vor; Iron? Houston. S-r, J-!i& tersth ;ra- TXTSi^ C C" 'i^ t.- i *"* . ^ O ^ ; O "^ ^rO £' .- * J _'T: ^'' "Governor's. Jinr^. broke i;p a, Jimm - s ""^' ', ~--"*- —» — --- s. •>•>.- .... _ SIltCE £."-5 O'lJC'li ">.'l;; "=-"T>rk "i>oo-k_ also had the p-easure o- ^ -frne limit -'-r ^'^ 1-0 Gtc'is'^cr. r><?e'ar;"''n: grraDbe-d rrr ate hers fhicr. All-Stars Will Clash On Tuesday uihra^ of the ^vorld champion I stripped of his featherweight title cJa-,ms and appareniir all ants, mre agasnst a batting: or- i ..„• Game Will Go On Air Over -y Berber. K:ki Coyler or Mc-i Ott. THO National Radio ^ BU! T?rr; Trav - 5 - T *<Ason and 'iV* last summer, has been c>r topped by Charley Gehrlr.zer. \ tis:rtuns his ^vay back into condi- H^inip. Manush, Babe Ruth and ? ticn the past month .or so. Th*.Lou Gthri^. \vith Frank Hl^gins. } most intportant test of his bid to >' Simmons. Joe and Bill I regairt his former prestirc takes :.^:k«y brin^inc: up the^rear-sruard ''. him "against Pete Hayes, flashy '•'* tsus'Sers .. Can !_.-eity GorneE. ; X&?r TTork- featherw^isrht, in a ten• ne American league s foremost • round bout at Ebbe« "Kjeld. roundsman. baff2« a line-up b«ad-• Brooklyu% \v«mesday rii=ht. Hayes ed by Frank £ risch. Pic TrajTior^ renks -^ QCfr of th ^ i^^t th<& {«* Joe IVIedxvick or Chuck Kliein. "vVa!- Hookup Gabby Hartn^tt or Al "Lopez? s and Chocolate ^iil rsee^S all his o*d skill to *A*irj. Otherwise the national boxin:: ' program is marked by atsotbs-r 'rnent for Maxey ihese are au^.-::on? that roa.v b<> i ianstver-a at'-h* oat.«t. for ~Go-i ROn - tlrte XZW TORK, ij^. —Shelv;-* fo' ; rnez snd HubbeD have b*en norai-^ Roser - bloom ' lisht ^^»sht a day the strife ajnd strain of -,?"=• j nated ta start the garne. It will } champion. Slavey -R-U] rn^et L«« major leasrue peaiia.nt ra.-?55. a'!- ' be the first •irrro thV twr» rn^«t ; ^^.rn-^SC. San "Dieirc' bea.v;.T.-elght, star team-? of trie A rn erf can ~n ; ' talked-a bout scstithDa-w-s 'n base- i at ^XJP Angeles Tuesday night. jLou NTaticrsa! leagues TV:!] tsk-- 'h* ; b-all have opposed each o:her. -^.-iTb \ B*quii!ard cf ^'orces'.er. Mass.. field Tuesday a.- the ?o;o r---:-f- ; The Tanker star n^a'chir-z his? ! former "welter •^-(•fsjht chsmr»icn. for the sake of s^-eet crianrv s...,:--' j qrreat sD^'rd a^?.;n5t the more sub- rneets AI Gainer^ N*w lisjh* j "screTi- bsIT' of the Giant ace. j to"wn Thursday. On the ba.sis c tse^r iasi per- ; TTiS rv'siio'ns' 1*3zru B r*s~"k "~ - ' • ~ j — r-^ct^d ;o be jammed to its car?..''- ? forma. nc»,«=. on Saturday, -neither? fty -of 53.60? custc-nrers. -'^•--,^~ ; Gomes r,or Hubbeil may be the-; from 55 c^r.ts to ^C._0 to -^ :*r•=•«>: "ball o.f fire" that their followers'' trie all-star fuectarle. snd '"- - : a.nticipa*<=. Tc-rtunately for th? tribatinsr- thereby 10 ?- "^ra 7 -" " •-f ! Ainsric^ns, The Yankee southpaw nearly ?5€*. < ? i 5 4 > fcr the berefi" -: : ' ; «.vas Vit on the risrht elbo"^" iu- *he players' b^nevc'-rn- funo. T v -: :. «tea3 of the 5»ft amr in the a.cci- "ayr--? i 5 ? schedule'! s.~ '2:"i f ' 7.'. rn. ; oen". that marked h;s be broadcast* over NBC ^nd '; r ;:- : ,i:ja,jn?t the Senators. Or; itiv •sairj-^ D1X1JC Palestine 3-5, I^ongvlew. 0-3. Jacksonville 12-13. IS-ler ± r 3. Henderson ~-i. Lufkin 4-2. STANDIXOS TEXAS UEAGUE Team— "\N^. L San.-Antonio 50 3' Galveston 45 Beaumont ... .. 45 TuJsa, 44 Fort "Worth Dallas Houstos ... -. . Oklahoma City 41 42 Pet, .575 .541 .533 .530 -4SS .453 .447 .400 Team — JCcTv- York "Detroit . Boston .. Cleveland AMERICA?: LEAGUE VT. t. Pet. 45 2? .639 47 rrs .sis 42 3S- -54S 33 35 33 33 31 33 45 St. Louis . . Philadelphia Chicago "5 51 .52 .505 .443 .400 ,323 XATIONAL LEAGUE Ttani— New York Chicago . . , . St. Ixmis . . Pittsburgh . Boston - , . . . Brooklyn . , Phi iade? p»h>a Cincinnati 2$ 30 45 47 45 Pet. .532 Henderson Lufkin ' . .. JLKAGLTE AV. 1^. EAST T eases.- — DIXIE GreeaviUc Pine Blufl? El I>orado ClarksdaSc Jack .son .. .535 .»! 3 .40* .3S« .333 Pet, .53S -4ST .457 .3S5 Pet. .=43 .571 ,S7! . ~> 0 0 .357 .3S7 Turf Crown on to Be Settled ' _ ' ' • * [Twelve Three-Year-Olds I Expected to Start lit | Arlington Classic j CHICAGO. 43 s )—The .three-year old championship of the "American turf T\-il! be decided beyond all <n:estion of a doubt, if any exists^, wjth the sex'enth running of th» J45.000 Arlington classic at Arlington Park next Saturday. The prospective field shapes up with twelve starters, bat with th* "bis four" naturally dominating for the mile and a quarter 'test. They are: Mrs. ,3saDeI Dotl^e Sloane's CavaJcade, winner of -the" Kentucky r^erby, American 3>erby. Detroit I>erby and Chesapeake stakes, and second, beaten bv: a nose, by his stable mate,' Hi^h Quest, in" the Preakness. Joseph" B. Widener** .Peace Chance, winner of the Belznont stakes in the fastest time in th« history of .ihe miie and a half race, . .-.-.'. /. ,•,.•-.' Alfred G. Vanderbilt's ZJiscoverv. victorioajs in the Brooklyn Hanai- cap, and second In the Kentucky Derby, American I>ei l by. and third in the Chesapeake Stalces and • Preakness. - . . ..;. \ I Mrs. Sloane's other three-year-' fold star. High. Quest, winner- of ' the Preakness, "\Vood .'Memorial'. stakes and second in the \Beimont. The other starters possibly b% Gallant Mac. Riskulus. Howard. Thomasville. Xe-wr Ros-v Cross and Patchpocketst"• sarn* little filly. Mati Hari, challensred Cavalcade thre& this "year -nrill probably b* the rnissisjr -^seT, nbc star colts line up for the classic. F"or th* last six years ; the''.Arl- ington classic has decided -th* three-year-oJd championship. 4»s- cept possible- the year -when J- M. Bost-wlck's Ma.te beat- Twenty Grand, and the argument as .to theme rits of thos« tivo colts *s three- year-olds is ..still rzsi «»-•, . ...'',"*" Toesltcli Toa are probably suffering: .vTTil^STS'S yOOT. Tbis a, form cf ring-worm that i» I- imbedded. In the inusr layers of the skin, causing ^raall that thread the <3ls?a»s- opened by scrafc$hin?. B.ROHV??*S. LOTION" will stop the itchisty instantly and heal any case of ATH- LSTS'S FOOT within fonrt«sn dayat' or your mone" -?elll b« -ire- rs: EROTTN'S ,IX>TICN- SOc an<! SI. 1 ?? jj«?r bottl» a.t- , ; tb» False* BTUJ? Store and »I1 drug: stores •v ' in^ 1 or tor* inos roI-JTnr<s of Fta.'i April to October. -XL! Sore Bleeding Gums | r; ls »! Only or•» bcttle I.eto*s Pyorrnea ?]•:.; j Remedy :s needed to convrece any- : .-n. j case, 5«t a bottle, -use as directed..! |i;.-, Jand if yoi: are not satisfied <5rug-I joists ws;! return your mor.ey. Pa5-i ^-^!ace Driij? Store.—Adv. j ^ir •ma.t-ch. luddi'- .* — Fois. Athletics. for ti».r*r€ at }•* c f . "*::'< u*r<I to <r';;rr:t- up . The Dallai ?*.-:.:crs-, j firt« raJlies to ^•-•p -,;•..*: i of a. double b3i." frc-m League Leaders Bv th* AssC'Ciatc-i ?re-s« Sins Kfnere Ki.-v«-. Okji- Jt3Otte<i the second ga-rrie score «.r:d t.hen the Steers w er.* er. to shove across tv o tn the r' to f-:r. ^ar.' bar. Ar,:"oriW "s57 •""E^-'lJ-h Kerb Kel;r. Incltsii outfielder. ' Galvestor:. .24?. fractured hia leg: ^'her; rour.c;r-g Tcttl H-tt. Ee3I. Galvestc-r;. ^n'i first b«,sc after crackirg cu: a Morgan. Sar, Antosio. I2-4. .r,<2 Ti-li! b* or. th« *-r.*.'.t Doi:r>1^5: B' 1 ';, G*.{v«*tor>, S*. for '. r-.f? rer.iair ^-?r o5 the Triple?.; J^ook.*. T«J*», an-J B;r. NATIONAL s. .cvL'. rstci, — Ott, Giar.t r.a'iS. and He Cfcii-f Iiu6>' Tork, thf- For: WortJj Factftcr's s-1 urging: Indi&a •.srardener, salted out far out of the lot to give the Cats a S-" cc'r.yior over tb«- Tuisw* O:jer». K-CTJ?. ; Bet!, Western Amateur to Hold Qu*lifyin|r On S-rll, GaSveston. •.-•<.» r.t. CS. M*ost Oam^t "Won; Phillips. un--om. «n< JIilJ, San Antorsio, PhilJies, ?4. Borne runs-— O'.t. Giants, 21. ^r-r^i!, PbHIi**, It. ching— J. Dear,. Cardinals F"raT>kl3oae-e. Brav**, IS-3. OK.I-A.HOMA CITY. i<9*— i of ntair 1 di&cirtguysbed S"O wJ ?he «-*cn r»irn'ays of the ; i ' Kills ffojy course, here Mori- i trike-outs: Kennedy, Ok- lo fc'ult is. careta-k'er's heart, 5* in «*c«n<?n; coTidiiioh; 4,n<3 th* entry f;s-:f-R atrsBtevr" list ha> yaijj<=4 T»T* v ho!<rh ,5 rounds., tdwi. Q" the trc&tcrn srolf *sfcc*cia.- taurs*. u^ms^.^d jwwjsdj-jt^wu- -VOTJCE ^O WATER T"»"atcr .bills 'trjufft foe y>s&$-'on CT M«y It'th *n or<J*rr to •**»« JSO per <*en OI WOBKA Round-Trip Fares Tstt as help yt>n plan yoor trtp this Tbc ern ••nfj-tj- to trar- Mineral Wells, Texas . Hot Springs, Ark. Galveston. Texas San Antonio, Texas . . New "Orleans, Ls Corpus Cfiri??i, Texas . Chicago, 111- rZolorado Spring-, Colo.. Miami, F!a Los Angdes, Cal. - - - Dixie Motor Coach Corp. Hotel Gibraltar BWi- PlwM HO Ut ITS vfclt thvfn ...for 1 4^r...f*r 1O ^^y»...f^ SO 4w»...f*r POt 4* 0AT1...TMIM At! THI M»lDlllt »tA» IN TMI WAt u> develop thin cjuwp*l«ti Into IMI «jr* f*d«! OVII Ctty.

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