The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 19, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY IBWI, FBXDBBICK. MB, tATUEPAT. P1CTMBBE II, M8L AS Stints' Chnreh. Rev. Douglass HooS. rector. SusSav irefwre Christmas: K-?lv C?nmun:an. 7.30 a. ts. Church schorl. 9.43 a. x- Semfe and sermon, .1 a m. Serv.ce and sermon, 7.30 p. m. Christmas Da: CeateaBial Memorial C. B. Charth. Rev. DeWitt P. Zuse. minister. Church school 3 30 a. at: Yoan» Text: I Jobn 4:7-18. SUPREME GIFT OF LOVE WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The International Ccifone Sunday · School Lesoc for Dec. 20. Tne Sap- Mes-s class 1= charge of schoot ! reme Gift of Love I John 4.7-!». ; Worship. 10.45 a. s:: tb«ne, "Where j · * * * '· ·J, Ke?" { BY WM. E. GtLKOT. D. ». ·- l^r^r'SSl E-H« * The C^necatl^a**. on the supreme gift fl* i vc- 'oint service, e 30 p. at. Special _,,, ,, -so a as j Christmas carol «r.;:«. | TT.:* *wca on ice .upim* *« « Full Srv^TanT HoTy comKunxc,' Worship. 7.30 ?. m ; taeaae,-The Fl»t | ; OTe Is designed especially t«' Christ s n ^t-*t c "r 1 ---- iw-«^- «.- -- . 1 «·_.; :^« f i A*. ** *** Jfc5tOr'* CiJ er "6 Chr.5:zi ter^j.^ia:en: by :be begin i?C»iOG» !TO£--«· - - Christmas Service, and en- i Wednesday. 6 45 p. cias. ' j We tura wtth earnest hearts to the j *·* pri- ' 7 *5 P- ~- Chr^tmas prayer and praise ! pj^aunc serasoc »I John on the nature "is "the Mrr.oe: S 45 p. m.. church scisool board. s ac( ofelijatjona of broiaerly love. "Let ai s St. Barnabas' ChapeL H?v. IXJ^'.isi K?o3. recto-,. Churcn srhool, S.30 a. as. T^ere w_:; be -? ssrrtce on Tuesday St. Timothy's Cfcap*L K«T "wLliam Owings Stan*. «car 2r» prayer and sermon. p. re. Fr-dar, 6 a. m . Christmas dawn *er- : .^ ^, V e one another," h* *»y*. "because ' r.ce; a "cantata. -The Christmas Can- ' v,ve U God." The measure of our 5o?* , cle." w-^1 be presented by the Chris- ; o ; r^ another is the test of our godJJ- ' t'jtn Er-d«voT choir. ' re*s. for God is love, and the man who j ! professes to be godly and yet haa not ' Chureh Of The Brethren. [ lov« In his heart toward others. dx» ' Rev M G Wl^on. pastor. ' -lot inow God at al!. i Ch--cb. school 945 a. m. j How do we know that Ood lore* n»? i "Whit* Gift Service." daring worahJp i We know. John says, because he Jent bl« ' *.. ! «r*n »rt »K-- wft-'rf »ha*. vf miffhi live 7 30 i --«« ST? celebration of the , ^,'1'- o-:'ar.i s*rz9B. 11.30 p.: ^^ »-0rld that we might i ""cK-ii-msi "pla~ "They that Sit to ' through him. The ideal of love Is not ' Darkless " 7 30 p m. i found in oar owa action* or In our own T isptration*. It is higher than that. We might love w:th aU the power of oar and yet faU short of the love of Cnlon G«cpel Mheon. prayer Calory Methodist Epl«op»I Church. r.:ns at 7 30 o'cloci. West Second street al Memorial Park. ! street. R«v Dr. G. EUa Williams, minister.; Church school. 9.45 a. ».: Casper E. j Cl^t. superintendent. 38 South Market, that he son to be tion for our sins. If God so love* us then, he says, w* ought also to love one another, for It Jn loving one another that we can be liSce God and that we can reaBy Christian Endeavor News BY GORDON F. PALMER- About Sony attended the C. E. work- . eW dinner and conference held !n Use j mas play wffl be presented by **** ' v ^^ _ . . . . _ i- *«.-!_ t_A_J I... ^AWA* M PUN CHRISTMAS PLAY !· Be Gtwa At Farkwar Seta*l PoOowing a brief bcsmess meeting of ihe Parkway School P. T. A. Asfleberger, Marguerite sanrmer Irene Boutafan. Anna HeUecsteli BSataoc Kehee, Louise Thomas. Keef« StuU, I/x»is WiSes, Ernest Jackstn Margaret Baer, Dorothy Leslie. Mat EaineE. Kathleen Newton. Chart* Virginia Barber, Tfcein icorunx. Charlotte Schaffer, Dean Ai [Margaret CJary, Jean Collmus. Audit ;immoc Maple or Christian Ecdeavorers to do this j Those saving part* are: Hilda and} Raymond Sando, Nancy McLare: The county union is planning Barbara, two wasis, anily Thomas Henry Orth, Melvin Cook, Mildre to send each society a list of our coun- j and Ea£y Myers: Palry Godmother. Ba-tgis, Jewel Study. Helen Kin y superintendents' goals. If any · Dori Btzler; O!e Shat Bye. Carroll i re;pJime Waldsehniidt, Helen Hoope societies are having trouble with the | Hesdrickson: nursemaid. Anita Shipley: Trpr-e Tomlin, Betty Blumenmue work of any department write to that' children. Dorothy Ford. Eva BracshaT.; xheresa Gerricc, Loti^e Roberts, .EJzs supenstendent and the? will be glad to · Dorothy Shipley, Jane McComas. Ar- ' uch disappomted to find that Dr. j Glenn Orrisoa. Thomas MScisae!. VsoSet i Beatrice Cook, John Williams, Georj ol!ng would aoc speak in Eagerstown · Murphy, Tnuryle M"*"*. Alice Stocks: ; ^av. on Wednesday evening. Dr. Po!iE« · Boys and Girls With Yule, Francis | was unezpeetediy called back to New ; Gaitker. Ar^na. Margaret AIJ^ Fran- fork but hopes to fill his engagement ;cs Miller, Mary Frances Werteahaker. Hagerstown at a later date. The I Allen Quyna, Marie Pomeroy, Mar- that John stuns !t all up by js.: sacred cantata. "The Adoration. T.I; be cresented by Vested Chair, un- d»- the"ejection of James R Harris.. Thursday. 11 p. T. , Christmas Bve ! ser-lce. Special rr-tsic. 1 S.3Q p. re., th-e children's can- ; COUNTY CHURCHES plain words that there is no as loving God unless men The man who says. I love God." and hates his neighbor. John minds as that there is no fear John says, is a liar; the truth is not in selfish, limited with the business ot gettisg without having ventured to discover the meaning and truth that i Ls more blessed to give than to rectire The measure of our llring. if we be- lleve these words, is the measure of our tata. entitle * "·"·· - -- - ----i A Real Christmas." w'.U : TT,» c; the church Chareh. ' fither or mother having any fear where St. Paul's Episcopal Parish. Rev. W. Owinss Stone. ^^ j :he sa . etv or ^nger o j their child n . m ! concerned. If human love : n love, but perfect love casteth out fear, j him. for how could he love God. whom loving. Life takes on its depth and its ' This is a great saying and a very true h e hath not seen. If he does not love . meaning; it becomes enlarged as the We could hardly think 6f a Point of do um- 10 a. m . a. m dlvine r - thn)U|th up(ja sTSSrw^^. ft nTp-l Christ^ Day. Holy Communion and J ^^T^ ! sermon. 8 a. m. i his brother, whom he hath he says, is the command we God that "he who loveth God loves his brother also." -- - .. This is the human side of Christmas. If It has no meaning for us. Christmas has never really touched our lives. It I Is for us something that is narrow and i seen. This. S0! ii grows large wit i-e have from j^ve Christmas all with love. If we couU the time the world would be a very much better place. The mesaing of Christianity for this world is to establish, in all the relationships o men conditions of mutual love tha would make every day the day of the Savior's birth. _ sermon. "Bethlehem." Musical program from the cantata. "Bethlehem," J. H. Maun- ! der. Luther Leagues. 6.15 p. m. Glade Reformed Charge. Rev. F. A. Rosenberger. pastor. St. John's Church. Woodsboro-Sunday school. 9.15 a. m.; worship. iO.30 ft. m.; sermon theme. "The Heart Jf.30 p. m. -- -(-· 11 m.e. t service, j Chris December cembcr -5. C4. Evangelical Befonned- . chllrcs Walkersville-- Sunday school. 9.30 ». m.: Christmas vesper ^ j sen-ice, 7 p. m.: "The Christmas Story Re- D^'^er-i'L. G Kicffer. pastor, in Word and Sons" Christmas program Rev". Charles D. Shaffer, officiating, j by Sunday school. Thursday evening. . Rev. E. A. G. Hermann, visiting mln- December 24. WalkenrUIe United Brethren Charge. Her. John W. Fisher, minister. Walkersville--Sunday school, 9.30 a. m.: worship and preaching, 10.30 a. in.: Junior and Senior C. E, Wednesday. 7.30 p. m.: Christmas sen-ice December 25, 7.30 p. m. Mt. Vemon--Sunday school, UO p. m.: worship and preaching, 2.30 p. m.: Christmas service. "I'he Star of Glory," December 24. 7.30 p. m. BurklttsvUIe Lutheran Church. Rev. H. C. Erdman. pastor. BurScittsvlUe--Sunday school. 9.30 a m.: worship. 10.45 a. m.: sermon subject. "The Fullness of Time." Knoxvllle--Sunday school. 10 a. m.: Young People's service, 6.45 p m.; wor- Church Of The Brethren, Thnrmoot. Eider T. S. Fike, minister. Sunday school. 10 a. m. Preaching-, 11 a. m. ejp you in any way possible. Obri-stian EadesvoreES were · tfcur very '. Bidle: Yager; Grandmother. Grace GraadehlWrec. Fairy rwralL heth Phelps. Geraldine Summer Mary Frances Mercalfe, Evelyn Ui glebower. Irene Phelps. Margaret Stin Allied Campaigners are a real j garet Marion Grove. ESsie Ma- White Gift Service. A Whi'JS Gift serrice will be give Sunday mominx at the Church o! tl campaign and every endeavorer should ; honey; Mummers. Richard Radclifle,' Brethren. featured by a pag help by signag his enrollment Kank at j Gilroore Lescalleet. Charles Roelke.! ant ent'tled "On Christinas Day in tl OBC«. j Julian Delpaey. John Baer; Christmas j Morning." Music will be furnished The Christmas season Is here. There · Angel, Peggy Kieffer: Shepherds, Ro- j the Junior Choir. Sunday night tl are plenty opportunities of giving this · bert Smith, Rockward Nusbaum, Carl j Young People's Department will gi rear BO help make a Merry Christmas \ Brusi. Arthur Co:e. Grove. Billy for others by giving to those in need, isiemmer: Kings. Harry Perry, Wilnser a. Christmas play. "They That Sit : Darkness." The play is in four ac! CHRISTMAS PROGRAM |Kehne. Edward Schade; Joseph, Don the first three being at Bethlehei ! Williams; Mary. Peggy Stauffer: Elves, j and ihe final scene being a tablea ·Florence Schaeffer, Beulah Mun- irith fuli costumes. The children's program will be give Christmas night. A special feature this program will be a pantomirr. ·The H9!y City." The soloist for ti number is Donald Leazherman. T Molesworth. Ser^ee, Annoyed For Woodsboro Be- |SS3* J S,. 1I SS. S«S formed Church. {--lary Elizabeth Alexander. Helen _ . ,, . . . . _. _ ,_ . iBaugher. Geraldine Bradshaw. Thomas The Christmas program of St. John's ; MnV^^th Heformed Sunday School. Woodsboro, Rev. Frank A. Rosenberger. pastor, will be held in the church on Friday night at 7.30 o'clock. The program will be in two parts. Tjie primary department will render the Choir--Charlotte Blumenauer. Ruth j final program for the Christmas se Quins. Mary Newton. Ruby Study, j sen will be Sunday night. Decemb Schultr. Ethel Angleberger, 27. when the choir V.-S1 present a. pr Solt, Caroline -^JtVy Peggy My- j gram of Christmas music, includi; "followtog^ program" i ers - ^orma Adams. Grace Fbgle, Mary jsome of the classical numbers, as egion of the Christ- i R^^to. Jeanette Anders, lots Sim-1 as the farnUiar 'carols. Tbe Jun! Damascus M. E. Charge. Rev. W. Clark Main, pastor. ship. 7.30 p. m.; sermon subjett. "Ap- ! Damascus--Sunday school, 10 a. m.; preciating God's Supreme G i f t " ister. Sunday School. 9.45 a, m. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. "White Gifts tor the King" service. y p. in. Doubs Lutheran Pastorate. Rev. C. H. Shuli. Ph. D.. pastor. Manor--Sunday school. 9 a. m ; Sunday school Christmas program, DC- Church Of God, Brunswick Charge. i Rev. Wm. A. Hcrpich. pastor. i Locust Valley--Bible school. 10 a. m.; j preaching by pastor. 11 a. m.: C. E..! j 7.30 p. m.: Christmas entertainment. Christmas da-sra service Christmas j cembcr 27. 7.30 p. m. as 6 o'clock. Ko midweek service. Grace Reformed Church. Second street, east of Market. BST. Ralph E, Kartman. pastor. Church school. 9.45 a. m. Momiasr worship. 11 o'clock; sermon theme, "The Most Beautiful Story Ever Told." Junior sermon, "Christmas." The choir will sing. "Rejoice. O Daughter of Zion." by Wooler. Miss Elflc Moore Tsi!i siag "Angel Voices." Young People's meetiag. 6.45 p. m.: leaders W Louise Day and Anna Dutraw. Doubs--Sunday school. S a. m.: Christmas sermon. 10 a. in.: Sunday school Christmas program December 24. 7.30 p. m. Point of Rocks--Sunday school. 10 a. m.: Christmas sermon. 2 p. m.: Luther I/eague. 7 p. m.: Christmas pageant. 7 30 p. m.: Sunday school Christmas program. December 25. 7.30 p. m. Mt- Pleasant Reformed Charge. Rev. George K. Ely. pastor. Grace Trinity--Church school. 9.30 a. m.; services. 10.30 R. m. Mt. Pleasant--Church school. 9.30. a. m. BnyldocV Lutheran Church. Rev. E". C. Erdman, pastor. Sunday school. 1.30 p. m. i Preaching. 2.30 p. m.: pageant entl- j December 24. 7.30 p. m. j tied. "The Angels' Message to the j Brunswick--Bible school. 10 a. m.: i World" will be given Christmas night, i Senior C. E.. 7 p. m.: preaching by the ' pastor. 7.30 p. m.: Junior C. E., Wednesday. 6.15 p. m.: prayer arid praise, Christmas en- m. 2a. 7 30 m. UUca Lutheran Parish. Rev. P. R. Seibel. Jr.. pastor. Utica--Worship, 9 a. m.: Sunday srhool. 10 a. m.; Christmas service. De- ; Burltittsville Church Of The Brethren. Evening worship 7.30 o'clock, at this service the Christmas pageant, "The Star Carne."" w3! bs presented. Miss Rudy's orfean numbers-. "Christ- CUca Reformed Charge. Rev. Seward R. Krcsgc. rr.inisler. Grace. Pleasant HUI--Sunday school. Lewistown-Liberty M. P. Charj*. Rev. Owen W. Prince, pastor. Catoctin--Sunday school, 2 p. m.; Christmas eaterlain- m. w=^"·' TO«--v C'are" by Gaul- ' 9 30 a. m.: worship. 10.30 a. m. ..MKc^SSe^^-Sn.SS:! 2*=-*. Charge-Sunday school, tique de Xoel" by Adams; "The First '30 p. m.; worship. ..30 p. m. SoweU." Traditional: the "Midnight Carol Service." Christmas Eve. begin- ii.15 o'clock and closing 12.05 i trcas mornisz. Christmas carols i tT cossregation. The Story ol the Na- ! aorslup. 3 ?. m : Chrvstn tirity will be read. Mi« Effle Moore 1 ment Wednesday ...30 p. will sin; "O. HolT Night." Th« service j LewlsWra-Sunday school. 8.30 a. w-j: be preceded by a 15-as!aute organ | m.: worship. 10.30 a. m.: Chnsjnm. en- re-i-j' br Miss iknora Rudy. begLn- ' tcr:aimnen-. Friday. 7.30 p. m. rag 1! p. m.. featuring the "Medley of i Libertr-own--Sun Chr.?::r;as HTmns" as arranged b y ; m.: Junior C. E.. Paalhes. Annual "White Gift Service" ! C. E, 6.30 p. mi worship. .JO p. m.. o- Chris^nas evening. 7 o'clock. Pro-! prayer service Wecnesdar. ^raras by departments of Children's i Christmas worship. S Diviiion of the church school. Special i White Gift offering far Hoffman Or- p cember 24. 7.30 p. m. Bethel--Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.: worship, 10.30 a. m.: Christmas service. December 26. 7.30 p. m. Crcagerstown--Christmas service. December 25. 7.30 p. m. Waikersvilte--Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.: Luther League. 6 p. m.; worship. 7 p. rn.: Christmas service. December 27. 7.30 p. m. Adamstorrn Trinity Keronned. Kcv. H. S. Shue. pastor. Sunday school. 9.IS a. rn. Worship service. 10.30 a. rn. C. E. White Gift sen-ice. 7.30 p. m. Junior C. E.. Saturday. 2 o'clock. | sen-ice Christmas Eve. I Rev. John S. Bowlus. pastor. Sunday school. 9.30 a. m. Worship. 10.30 a. m.: sermon subject. "Have You Tested Your Christmas Spirit?" preaching. 11 a. m. Cedar Grove--Preaching, 9.30 a. m.; Sunday school, 11 a. m» Kemptowi) H- P. Charge. Rev. E. E. Coieman. pastor. Mountain View--Sunday school, 9.30 a. m. Montgomery--Sunday school, 9.30 a. tn.; preaching, 11 a. m.; reception of new members. Ketnptos-n--Sunday school, 1.45 p. in.; preaching, 3 p. m. i Pleasant Grove--Sunday school, 10 a. rn.: preaching, 7.30 p. m. Kemptown charge is invited to participate in a union sunrise Christmas service at Damascus Christmas morn- Recitation. "The Legion mas Road." by Aramatha Bowers; exercise. "Together." Phyllis Houck, Gene Smith. Margaret Stitely and Judith Bowers: exercise, "Christmas Signals." Franklin Hitchcock, Richard Bair, j Robert Smith and Harold Hoack: reci=-| taiton. -Her Speech," Virginia Holbren- j ner; exercise, "Busy Bees," Marvin i Houck, Edward Stitely, Gloria Ebaugh. 1 Charmaine Weddle. Elaine Bair. Ken- j neth Eyler. Junior Arnold: recitation, i "In a Hurry." Mary Louise Smith: ex- ! ercise. "Like Jesus." Mary Elizabeth j Reddick, Ada Hoff. AtvlUe Bowers. The remainder of the school will present a Christmas pageant entitled "At The Manger." and the parts will be taken as follows: "Youth." Mildred Wills: "Spirit of Bethlehem." Frances Wills: } Shepherds, George William Smith. Chas. | Hoff. Markell Holt, Curtis Holbrenner. i Glenn Eyler. Raymond Otto; The Wise ' Men, Lester Dutrow, Dutrow Winebren- I ner. Han-ey Harris; Angels. Henrietta | Bair. Patty Feiser, Dorothy Stitely: j Burden-bearers, Mary Crum, Virginia i Bowers. Mildred Reddicfc. Mrs. Wm. J Anders; "Mary". Mrs. Bra Houck; j "Joseph," Wm. Anders. j The committee consists of the mem- j hers of the 3C class. Edna G. Smith, teacher. The superintendent of tfce school is Ira G. Houck. mons. Mary Englebrecht, Billy Brown, i cJwir wiH aJso hare a part on Evelyn Smith, Price Jackson, Preston t musical program. BETHEL TABERNACLE West Ninth Street. Near Market EVELYN D. BECKER, Pastor Sunday School 9.45 A, M. Classes for all ages. Adult Class taught by Pastor. Charles H. B. Hagan, Supt. 11.00 A. M. Morning Worship--'The Restraining Hand of God." 7.00 P. M. Missionary Message by Mrs. Eleanor Bowie, returned Missionary from Africa. 7.45 P. M- Evangelistic Service--"TWO GREAT QUESTIONS." Morning and evening messages by Evangelist "Rmma van. Dalea, Seat- lie, Washington- Tuesday, 7.45 P. M. Preaching by Pastor. Friday. 7.45 P. M. Christmas Service. Sermon by Pastor. Gracehara Moravian Church. Rev. K D. Bender, pastor. Sunday school. 9.30 a. m. Litany and sermon, 10.30 a. m. Y. P. C. E,, 6.45 p. m. Sunday school, 7.30 p. m., illustrated lecture. Thnrmont U. B. Charge. Rev. H. E. Krone, pastor. Sunday school. 9.30 a. m. Momlag worship, 10.30 o'clock; sub- Rideevifle M. P. Cbarre. Rev. B. I. Barnes, pastor. . ( Walkersville Christmas Vesper Service, j j A Christmas vesper service will be j held in the Glade Reformed church, j WalfcersviUe, Rev. Frank A. Rosen- j berger, pastor, on Sunday evening at | 7 o'clock. The service will be "The ; Christmas Story in word and song." R'.dgevilie--Sunday school, 10 a. tn.; xhe order of service: Organ prelude, ||i|j a. rr.. Friday: -jtrnas entertainment Saturday, 7.30 phanage. Church "O, Come All Ye Quartet wUi sing. Trinity Southern Methodist, Hev. Nat G. Bamaart, pastor. Church school. 9.45 a. re. Worship service with Christmas ser- Lothrran Charge. Rev. George H. Scilcr. p,istor. S:. Paul's--Church school. 9.15 a. m.: worship. 10.15 a. m. Mt. Zion--Church school. 9.30 a. m. St. Luke's--Church schaol. 1 30 p. n:; Midnight 11.30 p. ra. i jert. "Virgin Birth." Christmas service Christmas night. c_ E. programs. 6.30 p. m. 7.30 p. m. No evening service. Christmas program by the Sunday Christ Reformed Church, Mlddletown. 1 --^vol scholars Christmas night at 7.30 Rev. Joan Samuel Adam, minister. ! o'clock. Church school. 9.30 a. at. \ Christmas cantata by choir. Deccm- preaching, 7.30 p. m. Howard -- Sunday school, 10 a. m.; preaching. 11 a. m. Mt. Airy M. E. Church, South, Charge. Rev. A. L. Harnsberger, pastor. Marvin -- Sunday school, 10 a. m.; preaching. 11 a. rn. Mt. Airy -- Sunday school, 9.30 a. m.; Epworth League, 6.30 p. m.: preaching, 7.30 p. m. Methodist Episcopal Church. Morgan M. E. Charge. Rev. D. A. Littleton, pastor. Morgan Chapel -- Sunday school, 10 a. m.; preaching-, 11 a. m. Mt. Olive -- Sunday school, 1.30 p. m.: preaching, 2.30 p. m. Worshlp, 10,*5 a. m.: sermon sub- v ier 27. at 7.30 p. ra.: cantata is en-1 \vawrsville--Sunday school, 10 a. m.; ; titled, "The Manger of Bethlehem." | pre3chir!g r. 7.30 p. m. icct. "The Coming of Chriit." Junior and Intermediate C. E.. 6.30 ' Deerfteld--Sunday school. 2 p. rn.: p. m. i worship, with sermon on "Virgin j Senior C. E,. 6 45 p. m. j Birth." 3 p. m.; Christmas program j Union vespers in Lutheran churcfl. ! Dy school on Monday night t 7 30 p. re.: sermon by Rev. Tabor. j after Christmas. December 28. at 7.30 ' ! o'clock. i Bnrkittsville Refoimed Charte. i · Rev. E. A. G. Hermann, supply pastor. · BurkitisvUl-e--Sunday school, 9.30 a. J rr. : worship. 10.10 a. m , with Christ- j West Falls--Sunday school. 9.30 a.m. 10 mis carols, special music and Christ- Thnrmont Reformed Charre. Rev. S. D. Bright, pastor. Creagerstown--Preaching, 9.30 a. m. a Thurmont--Sunday school, 10 a- sn.; ' Poplar Springs M. P. Charge. Rev. John F. Wooden, pastor. Jennings Chapel--Sunday school, m.: preaching. 11 a. m. Union Cnapel--Sunday school. 10 ft. 3. Poplar Springs--Sunday school, 10 SUNDAY, 7.30 P. 31. Candle Light Musical Service « Sacred Cantata "THE ADORATION" By the Choir JAMES HEINLEIN HARRIS, Musical Director ALICE COBLENTZ, Organist 9.45 A. 31--CHURCH SCHOOL. Christmas Services m all departments. 'Holy Night;" processional (choir), "Angels, from the Realms of Glory:" ! invocation, pastor; hymn, "Watchman. S Tell Us of the Night;" prophecy, reader: choir. "O Come, O Come. Iraman- uei;" annunciation, reader; the magni- i Beat, Miss Beattie Stauffer: Bethlehem. · reader; hymn, "O Little Town, of Beth- : , , j U00 A A T -- "TTTE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT.' " lehem;" the nativity, reader; vocal ; duet. "Once in Royal David's City." ! Thelma Graham and Edith Ramsburg: ! shepherds, reader: vocal duet, "The i First Christmas Carol," Miss Teresa ! Jamison and Mrs. H. R. Cramer; the : Magi, Mrs. Clayton Zimmerman: vocal · trio, "We Three Kings of Orient," are ; Ralph W. StauSer, Clayton Zimmerman. | Thomas Cramer: Egypt, reader: gifts ; of the worshipers; Christmas talk. "The ' Eeart of Christmas," pastor; prophecy, j reader; hymn, "Joy to the World. | men by pir.or. 11 a. in.; subject. "Fol- worship. 2 30 p. re. Church school pageaal. "Lasting Glorr." 7.30 p. m. This is a religiCRis. colorful ar.i dramatic program, with children in costumes. WetSnsfdaT. 7.30 p. m., prayer nseet- inr and 3ibl-e srudv. Woodsboro Lutheran Charge. ] Hv. J. Frank F-.!C. pastor. Woodsboro--Sunday school. 9.30 a i rr..; Chr-iiiar. Endeavor. 5 15 ?. =*..: ves- ' per serr;ce. 7.15 p. m. '· Rocky jen-.ce. i 30 _. congregational Chrutrcas service. 11 »-; Petenville--Sunday school. 1.30 p. ; ;rj.; caristmas service bv the Sunday J rr..: worship. 2.30 p. m.; Christmas car- S^CKJ: en Christmas morning al 10 , | -ls and sermon: special Christmas ser- c'ciors. I -. .-· on Christmas Bvc, December 24. Rocky Ride--Sunday school. 1 30 p. . Ciixolt U. B. Church. Protestant Episcopal Ch«rch. Rev. W. E. Glanville, rector. St. James. Mt. Airy--Service, 3 p. m. ?. St ~ Paa: ' s ' ?Opiar *' Christmas Pageant ·; The Christmas program of ihe Sun- ! day School of the Giada Reformed j Church. Walkersville, will be fceM in I the church. Thursday night at 7.30 p. , m. The Christmas pageant entitled "At , The Manger" will be presented. Those taking parts include w*J following. Xel- , | He Witter. Teresa Jamison, Ralph ,W Stauffer, Cnas. Burner, Sylvester Bur- , rier, Elwood Hummer, Bruce Ramsbirrg, ; Charles Hoke, George C. Stauffer. : i Thelma Graham. Edith Ramsburg. i! BEAUTIFTIL DECORATIONS CHBIST3IAS MUSIC CALVARY 8 ' CHURCH West Second Street at Memorial Park 'G. ELLIS "WILLIAMS. D. D., Minister ANNA M. SCHAUTZ. Assistant Services that help you, prepared.-srith you asd your problem in mind. Thursday, 11.00 P. 31., Christmas Ev e Service Presbrterian Church. Rv. ciarles E. Wehlc:. D. D.. pastor. Haushi--Sunday school, 9: rcreh;?. 10.30 a. n:. H^v. B. F. Blubaugb. pastor. \tdcllctown--Sunday school. 8.30 --.: worship. 7.30 p. rn. schwl. 930 St. John's Ev. Lutheran. Thnrmont. Rev. Charles H. Corbctt. pastor. Sunday school. 9.30 a. m. Worship. 10.45 a. m. the pas «;nrKs. rr.; -orship. 10.30 a. rn : Senior C. E.. Vesper*. 7 30 p rr.: cantata. "Proph- j 10 a. ra.; 6 3^ p. m. -:::es and Fulfillment." i P'.cssant Walk--Sunday school. 2 p. : chr-jtmas S-.c, 7.30 o'clock, service j rr..: worship. 3 p. ra ; Senior C. E. 7 ' o ; ; - n; Sunday school. ] Bcthanr Southern Methodist. Hint Bin. i p. rr. : prayer meeting Wednesday. 7 30 j Christmas. 6.30 a. m.. da-sm serv-.ce. j Nat G. Bamhart. paitor. Rocky SpriBfts ChapeL Sunday school. 2 p. m. Speciai Christmas service. Thursday evening. 7.30 o'clock, ea- itl-ed, -Caadie Light Service.TM COLORED CHURCHES 7 .im Lotheraa Ch.rrch. .1 -V ,-V.fV- pis- as ·, -rsluie, Ciristztis Pastorale- 's-.-.-- a Chr_' orsran recital, as f5"ow«- "FT-niaSia On Old Christmas Ca-.^." ^uli«. -I--E Petit S--r?er." Xte'cusFr: ' Christmas in Sicily." Yor.; sli"-'. HindkT^- ^irch o! the Masi 2.n?£" Uu'ccis. Tile ch-xr --^1 sin? -- ^ ^ '~~~~*^^ oV\bc Bir-h of · Woodboro-Edtewood Chnrch Of God. 30 a m.: Rocky Ridif Church Of Brethren, i C.iAr'.es A Sio-.rr. elder in c.isrjs. ; S-uniav school. S 30 a. m : C.--r;s=nas ' 10 a. m.: rr._=3ior.»ry scrv.of. a - bv Slisr anc Mrs. I. E., W-?TShir!. 1045 a. rn : sermas sub;.:. 'The Peace o' God" I^ea^u: and C. EL, 6.30 p. m. W-r*h:p. 7.30 p. m : sermon sublet. Hoards and 5U Mark's Lutheran. Rev. Cliarlcs H. Cortctt. pastor. Prsa--hlr.R servlcfi (every oth« Sr ?-\ S 3D a m. S-ir.iay school. 9 30 a. m. ' 'Virginia Craraer, Mildred Cramer, Ruth ! i Wiaebrenner. Mary Winebrenner. Katn- j erine Burrier. Mary Grimes. Mary EUza- j hetii StaufTer. Helen Witter. ; The Primary department wiH sing a . group of Christmas carols at the open- , ing of the program. The program committee consists of ', JMrs. EiizaiKth Lindsay, chairman: Mrs. R. Ward Stauffer, Mrs. Frank A. Ros- enaerger; costume committee, Mrs. H. R. Cramer, Mrs. Annaielle Grantiiam, Miss . Helen Wit-ier. The Superintendent of tha school is · i Karry S- Craraer. I Onr Lady Of ML Canoel Chorch. Kcv. J-xcr"'" !- Curraa. pastor :av. wriror. sr.d bcr.cdlctior.. fol- -^e5 ^- Sur-.Say sc"~Xil. 9 a. ~. Ma.^ caCv. S a. rn. Myrrsrine Lotberan Charje. j St. Paulo."Myers-.-.lie--Sunday school. Methodist Episcopal Chorch.Tharroont Qoinn A- M. E. Chorch. Rev. M. B. Simpson, minister. Annual awn's dav. Junior ser«-icc. 13 a. re. Sermon. 11 a. re.: nunister's theme. . ·------- A Sm-ere Wish.' Serrices Ctos« Snndar. Special serrEoa. 3 p. m.: Bev. T. K- The series of evar-ssli^c serricer, Bu::lsr. Mt. Pleasant. i which haire been cosducted by Mis Ansusl mer/s da? program, 8 p. m., j jsmxa var. Daler.. SeaUle, Virasr... ar.a Charles S. BrooSs presiding. ; Mrs. Elsar.or Bo^:e. CJevelasd and Tuesdav. s ?. x . union class. ! locrnerly o' Soutii Africa. IB":;! come to Fr-.dav. a a. re.. Christmas carols. ! a cJose Srscay evening -R-hen Miss Tan mot.on pictures o' birta of Carls.. , Dalen will preacii on the subject. " China. the Sancla- school Woois:»ro-^5-==ay _scSool. :o a. m.: nil hcli li'rir Chriiiias service or. ser\ .or. 7.45 ^p. _~ R ?V . Esrl S Hester. past;r. Chr-st ar.i th-- Pr^Slcx R^irr. " ' And There rhildrcn ?'. r,Tca:h-ns ST-..K. 10*0 a. rr. First Baptist Chnrch. H«T. W. C. Roval, pastor. Bible sthocl, S4o su m. :\rornlr-g -s-crsiup, 11 o'cl-oci; pastor , -.11 preach on "A World King Need- ' a j r.i s. -- : Ju-.-r C. E. 10.30 a. as : :r.:-:rn-.riia:e C E . 6 p. rr..: Ser.xr C. ;! . 6 3'- p. rr. : -S'v r r?h.r. 7 30 ?. re. Car.-i;c l^s:hi scrv:cc: Sun- clay 5rh-?l Chr.,-:o--A5 prosrrsm. Tauis- St J--hr/y. C.varcri H." -- S-'jnday .scltool. 9 a r.-..: Scr.ior C. E. 630 p. m. St. Msrs . WoiriTille-- Sunday scJwoi. : o cloc's at Err.x.itsburg. 9 3? a ~ : Tcrjh.p. 10 30 a ra On December 23. Christmas pageant. ··Christmas at Ycur church." Sari? Chr-^ morning sc j Great Questions." At 7 o'clock Mrs. Christmas Service . Bowie ·sr^l give a nifesionaty message. CSiris " service will be held at , Describing some of her experiences tn -- "Jesus Rocky Hill church Sunday evening at . ae cor^o. Regular services on Tu^s.... ^T Finding 745 i'cloci. A pageant by primary and j^y a^^ Friday w.ll fee rssumed next '^5 No Soctr. in -.unior departments, also a can^ta, "Tlae ' W9E ,- S ip. charre of the pastor, Miis Story »f A ChristrrjK Gilt." The Chris'.- [ E Ve - c ,-n D. Becker. ;an Endeavor wiU inect at Woodsboro ; .--.--. Lutheran church at 6.15 o'clock vespers at 7.15 o'clock. Special Christmas Program. ! A special Chnstrcas proeram will be ! presented by the elementary grades at . E-.-en.mj s-orsrup. 7.30 o'clock. White G.:'- -Mrship s:rvi^i special Jefferson Reformed Chanre. ?^v A'.Till Connor. rai"xT. ' ^^ j^'jr,,_,.-.., church siir.:Uv sch-^l. 9 Reformed Church. SaMllasviBe. m": chiirc.-i sen.«. 7.20 ?!m.: Cnrist- 1 Rev. C. H. Cwl. ?as:or -i: .^rv^ce C'--a-Tas sssraing. i Si. John's. SftbUlasrtBe-Churth ""rteaeavU'.c Church-Sunday school. ! school. 9.30 a tn ; worship sad senaon. Mt. Airy M. E, Chars;*. R«v. O. B. Langrall. psstor. Mt. Airy ! the reg-jlar rnoctily meeting of the . 9 30 a rr. , cr.urci semco. 10.30 a. m : j 10 3C a. rn Cliris-jnas ser%-ice, Cira'jnas Ex'e. 7.30 [ Jacob's. Karbaush's Valley--Worship Z£ Peop'^'s Societies, 6^0 p. m. i p. B»- and sermon. 2 p. sn. 1 ' To Give Plays. ', The senior and junior classes of Lin- j Libertrto-im P. T. A. December 22 in j 1 coin high schoi vr^l present two ooe- j Lsbertytow-a high school. The busi- ! :unday school. 930 a. m.: ' act plays at ttia school Monday night. j ness nieet-j-,? win be held at 7i30 j 1 a. rn. The seniors T:E givr "Mattie Plans Al o - c ;^x:k. foiso-ed by the prc^rams o f ; Prospect--Sunday school. IP 30 a. Merry Christmas" and the juniors will entertainment. The address will bs '. rr. : Epsrorth Lecc-ie. 3 p. rr.. present "Uncle Van Dome's Merry ·) delivered by Prof. L. M. Brumbaugh. , New Market--Sunday school. 10 a. Christinas." Patrons and friends are! O f the faculty of Western Maryland j m ; Christmas entertainment, 8 p. m. ·· invited. } CoEege. Join Our Christmas Club The Family's Christmas Problem Solved! Have l£oney When Wanted. Club Now Forming Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clubs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook. Start with 25c, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, S5.00 or more. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK 'No. 1 North Market Street Where Banking is a Pleasure

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