The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 24, 1969 · Page 10
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July 24, 1969

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 10

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1969
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Vows Said Elizabeth Ann Tracy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Tracy, 3308 Second ave., was married <ip Howard Richard Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs, Clarence R. Stewart of Dallas, Saturday morning at AH Saints Catholic Church. The bride Is a senior in Mercy Hospital school of nursing. Her husband, a graduate of Iowa State University, Ames, is employed by Bert B. Hanson and Associates, Inc., in West Union, where the couple will live. Mrs. Howard Stewart Baked Beans: Great Anytime! By Dorothy Yeglin (Th» Register's Food Editor) S EASONAL FAVORITES come and go, but here's one hot dish that holds its own through snowy days and sweltering ones: Baked beans! Maybe il's because this old-fashioned standby exudes warmth and hominess that are never .out of style. It's a welcome contrast to light, chilly foods — a dish of substance that lustily fills the second-place spot alongside many of our outdoor favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, steak. Too, beans are often cook's choice because they're among the easiest dishes to fix. She can vary them at the drop of a hambonc, a few peach slice!), green pepper bits or — in this case — some applesauce. That's right — the mellow canned sauce is the mystery ingredient that gives a tangy undertone to this casserole. There's also a nip of mustard as well as vinegar, onion and the richness of molasses. - To send the pot off to the table in company dress, deck the top with crisp bacon curls. Baked Beans with Applesauce 1 slices bacon 2 cups canned applesauce Vi cup minced onion Vz cup molasses 2 cans (1 Ib. 12 oz. each) 1 tablespoon Worcestershire pork and beans with to- sauce mato sauce 1 tablespoon vinegar 2 teaspoons dry mustard Cook bacon until crisp. Drain on toweling; crumble and reserve. Drain all but 2 tablespoons of bacon fat from skillet. Add onion and cook until soft but not brown. Combine beans, applesauce, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar and dry mustard in 3-quart casserole. Stir in onion and crumbled bacon. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees 1 hour 15 minutes. If desired, garnish with additional crisp bacon curls. Serves 8. Substitute ABM Plan to Senate WASHINGTON, D.C. f AP) Opponents of the Safeguard antiballistic missile brought their substitute plan—limited to research - before the Senate Wednesday, claiming they have 48 votes — or three short of a majority in the 100-mernber body. Senators John Sherman Cooper (Rep., Ky.) and Philip A. Hart (Dem., Mich.), leaders of the bipartisan opposition, called up their amendment to block ABM deployment but said they haven't decided when to seek a vpte. They ruled out July 29—next Tuesday—as too soon, and Senate leaders may decide next , week to put aside the ABM issue j long enough to dispose of the J House-passed income surtax extension. Bomb San Salvador Airport, Then Strafe Border Village Larger Watermelons GARDENING- Continued /rom Page Nine from a watermelon vine, those that remain will become larger and have better quality? A. Yon can get larger melons by reducing the number on the vine, but it is doubtful that quality (sweetness) can be much improved. If you want extra large melons, pick out two well-shaped melons to each plant and. cut off the rest. Do this pruning when the melons are about four or five inches in diameter. Use a sharp knife to cut the stem (make the cut close to the . melon) because a dull knife may bruise the vine. The best way to get good quality in watermelons is not to harvest them until they are ripe. They will not ripen much after you remove them from the vine. There are several ways to 'determine when a watermelon is ripe, Experience counts for more than anything else. You can judge ripeness by the sound of the melon when you thump it, and by the change in color and appearance. A good sign of ripeness is the change from white to yellowish color on the underside of the melon. If you are not sure whether your melons are ready to pick, cut one. In harvesting melons, cut the stem as long as possible. Use a sharp knife to cut the stem. Never pull the melon from the vine. Be careful not to bruise the skin of the melon as you harvest it and take it out of the field. Do not leave the melon in the sum Officers Protect Sunken Ship AUSTIN, TEX. (AP) - Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Sadler sent a boat loaded with law enforcement officers into the Gulf of Mexico Wednesday after he heard mini-submarines were nosing around a sunken Spanish j galleon. Sadler said he ordered the boat and officers out after hearing reports that a pair of two- man submarines appeared on radar in the sunken ship's vicinity. ' " Millions of dollars may be involved, some officials say. The Spanish galleon is believed to have sunk during a hurricane that lashed the area in 1553, a year when Spain was taking enormous amounts of gold and silver out of Mexico. Parents Allow Child to Starve PORT ELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA (REUTERS) - Making the punishment fit the crime for a couple who let their baby starve to death, a judge Wednesday ordered that they go hungry in jail. He said two days a week in solitary confinement on a restricted diet would be a suitable extra plenalty for the parents while they serve 18 months apiece for homicide by negligence in the death of their 5-month-old child. . The parents, Bobby Titmus and Maria Claasens, are not married. SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR (AP) - two Hondurtn warplanes bombed San Salvador's international airport early Wednesday and then strafed a border village, Salvadoran military sources said. No casualties or damage were reported. The reported attack wag the flrit action In the war be* tween the two Centra) American nations since • Sinday when Honduras claimed Sal* vadoran troops captured live more of Its villages. It also came only six hoars after the end of the N-hour cease-fire order by the Organization of American States (O.A.S.). The cease-fire, which was supposed to have begun last Friday night, ended officially Tuesday at 10 p.m., the O.A.S. deadline for withdrawal of troops from foreign soil. That order was aimed at El Salvador which occupied over 1,000 square miles of Honduran territory in a week of fighting that began July 14 and has taken at least 2,500 lives. El Salvador announced it would not withdraw from the occupied territory until Honduras guaranteed to protect the lives and property of some 300,000 Salvadorans who migrated to Honduras. Salvadoran Foreign Minister Francisco Jose Guerrero said Wednesday he was reforming the O.A.S. that inch guarantees had not been presented. The implication wai his country would continue to defy the withdrawal order. O.A.S. foreign ministers decided in Washington to meet formally Saturday for the first time since 1M4. An O.A.S. spokesman said there appeared to be enough sentiment against El Salvador to put through sanctions against her. • It appeared, however, as if the first step would be a call for withdrawal of Latin-American ambassadors from San Sal vador in the hope the warning would prompt El Salvador to withdraw its troops. One O.A.S. official pointed out that Salvadoran leaden were enjoying strong support for their stand la El Salvador and a pnllout from Honduras might be seen as treason. "You have to understand," he said, "that the government is under terrific pressure not to back down, as a matter of national honor." Negro Marine Seeks Dance With White, 3 Hurt in Fight "In" Items 7282 WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) hospitalized, one of them with racial fights involving 44 black jeune, N.C., a Marine Corps spokesman said Wednesday. Reports from the Marine base indicate the fights occurred Sunday night and followed an Incident at a service club In which a Negro Marine tried to cut in on a white sailor dancing with a white girl. Spokesmen said that, so far as is known, this is the first major racial incident at Camp Lejeune, one of the Marine Corps' biggest installations. The incident is un der investigation and no charges have yet been placed, he said. Stab Wounds The reports to Marine head quarters said one of the three hospitalized Marines is in poor condition with three stab wounds in the back, the second is in fair condition with a concussion and a third is expected to be released soon. His injuries were not described, but it was said he had been beaten up. After the service club, incident, which led to an early closing of the recreation site, some 30 black Marines engaged in a series of fights with some - Three white Marines have been stab wounds in the back, after and white Marines at Camp Le- Cite Dramatic Change in Attitudes Toward Epilepsy By George Gallup PRINCETON, N.J. — The last 20 years have brought a dramatic change in the American public's attitudes toward epilepsy. In 1949, only 45 per cent of American adults believed epileptics should be employed in jobs like other people. Today a large majority. (76 per cent) hold this view. One-fourth of all adults (24 per cent) in 1949 said they would object to •"•"" having their children GALLUP POLL go to school or play with epileptic children. Fewer than one person in ten (9 per cent) say. this today. Twenty years ago, a total of 41 per cent thought epilepsy was either a form of insanity or expressed no opinion on the question. Today the comparable figure is only It per cent. The disease now afflicts an estimated two to three million persons in this country. Dr. William F. Caveness, a neurologist at the National In' stitutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., cites five major factors which he feels have led to a more favorable public attitude toward epilepsy: 1. More enlightened views of the public toward "dread" diseases, such as cancer, tuberculosis, insanity, syphilis and epilepsy. 2. Improved medical control of epileptic seizures. 3. Educational'efforts on the part of the medical profession and lay associations concerning epilepsy. 4. Areasonable modification in legal restrictions concerning epileptics in terms of immigra- tion, marriage and the operation of motor vehicles. 5. Programs for the employment of epileptics in a number of major American industries. Following are the principal findings showing the opinion changes since 1949: Do you think epileptics should be employed in jobs like other people? Total Yes* 1919 1N9 45 71 No % 35 12 Don't Know % 20 12 •Includes qualified responses. Would you object to having any of your children in school or at play associate with persons who sometimes had seizures (fits)? Bra-dress — free yourself of summer nonessentials. Pattern 4852: New Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Say "Happy Birthday" with cards, towels. Pattern 7282: Twelve motifs about 6'/4 each. For dress pattern send 65 cents (coins) to The Des Moines Register, P.O. Box 131, Old Chelsea Station, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011. For needlecraft pattern send 50 cents (coins) to The Des Moines Register Needlecraft Dept., P.O. Box 127, Old Chelsea Station, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address, zip code, style number. and size, if needed. Add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing. Total Yes* No Don't Know 1949 24 57 II 1969 9 81 10 •Includes qualified responses. Do you think epilepsy is a form of insanity, or not? Yes No No Opln. 1949 13 51 21 1989 4 SI IS Over this 20-year period, the most favorable opinion has been younger, and urban members among the better educated, of the population. . . ivrt iprar • ditdtvt Jfltfy VfaBt hNta^ SvNyy Now «Ml«U 1*16*1* wfaiib*- CiMslI CfjIsW VrVIJBlljIMV w^^BFwWW rote • bfefcrr, tsmsi MT art prat, louis Xill MM vtttfsr to cool bis cannon*. He knaw tte unutusl praptrtiM of vinegar... and SIMM know nor i about via•gar than snyons . . . M they hmbeesistiMbW' MM tinea 1IM. V SPEAS •M VINEGAR 14 white Marines, the spokesman said. As a result, the three were hospitalized and the other 11 white Marines were injured less seriously and did not require hospitalization. Identify Assailants Nine "assailants" have been identified in the investigation, the Marine spokesman said. The Incident was first reported publicly by Representative Mario Blaggl, (Dem., N.Y.,), who said he had been told about it by Marine con- stltuents assigned to the camp. Gen. Leonard Chapman, Marine Corps commandant, has invited Biaggi to travel to Camp Lejeune to inspect the situation first hand, the spokesman said. Shell Explodes On Ship$ 3 Hurt NORFOLK, VA. (AP) - Atlantic Fleet headquarters confirmed Wednesday a-report that a five-inch shell exploded in a gun barrel aboard the cruiser Boston during operations off the coast of Vietnam. A fleet spokesman said the entire gun crew was sent to sick bay after the explosion July 9, but only three men were treated for minor lacerations. A EC Signal* Show I Soviet Nuclear Te»t WASHINGTON, D.C. (REU> TERS) - The Atomic Energy Commission Wednesday reported picking up signals indicating the Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test Tuesday of low-intermediate yield. Chicago Jury A$ks Extension CHICAGO, ILL (AP) - A federal grand jury investigating street disorders related to the Democratic National Convention In August, 1968, told Judge William J. Campbell Wednesday it needs more time to consider additional indictments and prepare its final report. The report was the first from the special grand jury since it indicted eight demonstrators, eight policemen and a former National Broadcasting Co. reporter Mar. 20. Three of the policemen have been acquitted of civil rights violations. The remaining defendants are awaiting trial. The grand jury was formed in September to investigate possible federal violations. Acting foreman Joseph Glaser told Judge Campbell he could not estimate the additional time required. Plan Red Consul In San Francisco WASHINGTON, D.C. (REUTERS) - The United States has accepted in principle a Soviet proposal to open a Russian consulate in San Francisco, Calif., and an American consulate in Leningrad, U.S.S.R., State Department officials said Wednesday. • Technicalities still have to be worked out, but the consular missions could be in operation within a few months, they added.- ' D«t Moinw ReglittfPMai 1 A ' |W Gun Regulation Misuse Charged WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Senator Mike Mansfield (DenV,, Mont.) accused the Treasury 1 ' Department Wednesday of making gun regulations' more sweeping than Congress intended. He contended in testimony before a Senate judiciary subcommittee that the Treasury Department has required more than the name, age and address of purchasers of guns and ammunition. He urged stiffer penalties for a person caught carrying a gun in commission of a crime, saying the penalties would do more for gun control than registration. Senator Joseph D. Tydings (Dem., Md.), disagreed. "The fact is that most gun crimes now carry stiffer penalties, but they simply have not acted as an effective deterrent," said Tydings. VIET CONG IN CUBA HAVANA, CUBA (REUTERS) — Five Viet Cong women arrived here Tuesday for a goodwill visit. WIN j Butler Kernel Bucks $5000 IN PRIZES j IOWA & UPPER MIDWEST! j ONLY! YOU CAN WIN I I 1604 cath print from |l to $75 aich I I witk ttnuih July 26. No purthue J s MCMMnr. A ntw dnwlnf awry wtik. • 1 Erittr as ofttn as you «M» ty «••*-- i 1 3 Butter Kemtl labtlt, or words "Butter • | Kernel" printed en 3 slips of piper, to J I iddrm below. Prim sent by mill. I SMI l ftMw Kmil Butter , Kernel GOLDEN COR" WATER SOFTENER RIGHT TO LIMIT RESERVED. Ntw labol •Sam* Good Quality! Ivy SIMMS Yintgor Today Booth, Frozen Rust Remover Cleanser Pepsodent Toothpaste Fsmily Size Tubs BLUB BONNET, SOFT DIET MARGARINE . LIPTON BLACK TEA HALLMARK BRAND PRE-COOKED BEANS M e DOWNY FLAKE WAFFLES '/!•". ACe IJPTON »i 00 BLACK TEA BAGS "»,'.' 35° CANDY BARS .... 10-Oz. Pk{, 48-Ct. 39 , io GEDNEY, WHOLE SWEET Pickles Penjel 2 KEEILER, HTTIR MTTIR A «r RICH M 1 OHI'S Cookies^ 1 i »• nam^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^m^mmmm TONE'S IE$T YET IMITATION VANILLA 4 OZ. Btl. TONE'S » U «* B (V.-Oi. JAa TONE'S APPLE PIE SPICE csn 43 I-I-9 SPICE TONE'S 21/0. £-- TONE'S CHARCOAL SMOKE SALT j.r 35 GROUND ONION SALT "tt 1 25 1 THREE DIAMOND Mandarin Oranges I I'M. Cm Hj|. THREE DIAMOND ZZ PINEAPPLE Us. I Can 29*

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