The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 3, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 3, 1918
Page 8
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THE It U1' 0 H'l N'SON ' m ftM T 'a • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING nAT*. • ONE CBNT A WOKD KACI1 IN SMI• TION. Abbreviations and scries nt In • Rials or numerals count as one word. • Under Una plan rlswslIlMl iwlvorllseis • can tell in advance the e*act cost of • their nd. News classified nds are ; • taken by phone tor jour apcomm"oa- • ton, and nil hills are due and payable • the day following the date of Inner• lion. You can assist us materially it • you pav tho collector promptly on pre- # • senlatlon of statement. . A 84 . 1) S3 , )•} 83 U »• -It 83 I 83 n 8t It 83 T 83 U 83 X 83 '.'.'ti ...I 1 1 1 WANTED— MAt -B HBLP. Hutchinson and "Xon I nu : mK a 'i'>-li''r uiSeri! Ueimr?: $£>•'' Ma« l ""!e'rk". * C!»vrrnm«nt '«""«J^ ': riagc". "dining chairs,' rUEsTsoft cm'il heot- 9 p. m', U without fall. a " a FOR SALt—MIBCKLLANIOU*. F DS H B®S aid a IBair ^sinnD »66t> Slelnwny ft Son uprlghl plnno at a sacrlflre. J360 Cable & Nelson plnno at a bargain $28o . loiburn piano If sold at onee at a bargain. See or call UrVIHn K. Hunt, plono tuner and salesman,. 40H Sherman west. I'hone 735. iH-tl POU 3AI..K—llnuw<hn:ij furniture, rugs. brd room su'te. bllll.ird tnbU\ rofriRera- tor, piano, flno shotgun, hl^li Kriwic- carpenter tools .heavy maple top work bench with heavy vise; must be c'oxed out by Thursday. 1,107 Norlh Poplar. I'bnne 1037. 2-3 JIAT1U1TB—Ilnbblls. liaise rabbit* and conserve meals. No fner meat !>• wirth than lures. fiO head breeding stock for sale . All .knlds. 118 l*;aal A. rhone 2300. SIOCONDH AND tires and tube's, alt sites. We ouy old casings. For guaranteed repair work see us. Mid-State Motor Tire Co., opposite Miaouil Pacific depot. •-If Htltohlnson Typewriter Co. UOYAIj TYI'KWltrTUItS Hnrgtilns In Rebuilt Machines. 507 llurabaugli-vuloy Uldg. l'hono 3OS0. 23-U POIt KAI,E—nlrdseyo maple dresses and immode, sanitary couch ,b:iby car WANTED—Thrcu - • 1 jipers tour first-class hamly men wiMTim-iwv over IS or man on 'arm. V MHJ be able to run and euro tor P°rd. Wrlto It X caro Now. and wU. you. £iul ur flour m>U exigence preferred, p. O. IJox &t >3. WANTKli-HuU and bus boy^ good pay bum! mul room . Appiy Z6 .[ut l.oeai manager. .. . News olfice. ^ • wAMTii -11—Bos- between 10 and 18; apply *ri N pe!wn. Model Steam mundry.^ WANTKD -Married mall to work op W farm. ocu. M. Kewltn. Phone 33-^-0. «rIrKS^TlT^^od" all around man at ,m«. K.". wuh^Kllmwuod. K»ns..«-U \v^i.™t7^A~bTw about IB years of nee; V ||g^n work; inquire 413 South Main. i-i YV.wNTl.I Willu I'. O. .Married man for [arm work- k llox 303. J - Jt WANT1.D— I nshwaslier I.unch No. 1. at the Andoiwon STEAM DOIL.EU. Wo have a low pressure boiler for steam heating plant, will be sold at a very low figure. See It at News Oftlcu. l'Ort SALE—Twelve horse steam engine one 16 Inch Ensilage cutter. Inquire, J. it. Borders, Lnman, Kansas. Aug 14- SoptB. FOR HALE—Somo good spring pigs; also some sowa that will soil soon ami some good fresh milk cows; one young calf. P. H. 1-chr, Itiona 537-J. i'4-tt SEED RYE. .. Ueeloaned seed rye for sale at tho Kan Bas UroJu Co. $2.00 per bushel bulk. _7-l'_t I_ADY'S bluo sorgo tailored suit and black plush coal, size 3D; man's dress suit, si_o 38. 406 A east. --3t AUfOMO«l_.lm, SECOND-HAND »«eond-_uum automoblieli. . . rfMl* 4 "** buyers Should watdh thla column for eoln^ plete ll«t of barcalna. ... j) .^^^o^rnp^cr^^p^o-Easl,iath r {' , W ^-f<^'«M ^^S^^<lin -'^UiVm 'feast ifftli, gootl sna<le^a'nd '1t *l'n»ii, Vt • «Uk, Ml.time.' •"?vf!> I'^f-'-HlH i '• I A 5 i, : " •• . FOR MAt.K. . One rieo Truck (.'hajiis, in first-class ondub.n; four practically rieff tMaintts arrtl tulMsl Anyono v. v antlhg a liuck CIIS.MH can save money by toolting Ibis Up. '1 hr« e- qilaitrr ton slsc. h\ W. tlUiH.MNO. 3-lf Sterling. KIUI. Full HA1-B—rraclltally hetf 131. lord tourinp car. Has HaAsior shooK absorbers and l*erry I_OCK. imintaiato d>- llvcry. I'bonc siiu-J. .' *-<• 11ADIATOUS Prompt services on repair work. O. K. Allln Kadlalor Co., i_ Sk.u<ll Wttnumiton. rhone -30. 1917 HUITK louring car, shock absorbers, new tires, speedometer, dash ilffllt ana Yale lock, »62 .i .0i). Menu UUick Co. 2-.f I'OH HAIJ__—(Irani roadslcr , eii«tiio lights, sliu'tei', wire wheels, good lu-rt. Cash or bonds . l'liOnc'-»-0>V. • y ' FOR 8Al,l_—1315 tlve-piUMcnscr, four-cylinder car, electric l«hts and slartcl', 817«. Call 466-W. 3-4 FOR 8A1-K—New Auto Tiro tubes, 20 per cent off. Mayrlcld Radiator Sliop, ill Mouth ^ alnut. FOR SAl-ly—1917 Fonl (fuck, llut-amson I'ouiulry & Muchliio Works. • Ili-n FOItn Touring cur for quisk sale, »3t>". Apply at __» W. Hit: • »!•« FOR SALIv—1'ractUally new super six. lleno Buick Co. . 31-Bt FOR fiAUl'-—Ford touring car. 683-W. Phono 2-6t FOR SALE—Ford touring ca.\ 3526 . l'hor.e _l-3t WANTED—Ford clu-ssls. Phone IU6-W. 30-4 ONE Baxon six, nearly new. 3-OW 13th 3y uni time. ' s , "' ' . ->.->,-, -Toorn 'tnodcHt)UHitlwy. •VtU/UIUm JaWt- (A(t__re. 1th. 660 c 'aah, bal. monthly. 7, room, ntod«rhf';$_,B-(l on lUh'St^-miwy tSftrikiait'iia to sho* yott this,. U room mot)ert(.,»\t-go laf ^ttmi, ttH), .»>• iontt >Aifaitl«li.-clc«c> to Main St., on lSth Ht. H cash bal." llhie. : $4,7Wi WTtPdjVloeatidh; Vo 1 rooln' teachers.' , , 8 room modern »3 ,oo ;i east HtH jgo-d 'loc_JI6rt_(o keep rooreef» v <*t"B fowtt modern cottm-e Jt .oorl. ' ••. .' :"-»••, • i- .» room cottago H.2BI. ' $80.' .'«___hr ^t>»1.! 115 month. i . ?> room modern 7th SW llWtOO,: fnsy term*-. '320 acre farm well improved, close to Hutclilhson, a bargain.. Ask to see (his. MC0 aero farifi 2 Wiles (If «liy.llraits, price $16,0)0,- the .only qumief cioao lh at this price. Good lmproveriients, ... 160 acres near .-Utile ltlvef'f 10,000; Well Improved. Ask us nbout thla. 160 acre* noar Langdhn, Improved e*«y terms, Ijcvrl land, 19,600. 8(1 acros 12 miles north of.llutehlnson iiniiroi'^d good stock farm, $3,600. , 40 acres close IH .small house, $3,U'J.. • ' 2TI'acres close In. unimproved. 80 ncixs norlHca_n of Hiuc,hlnson, small house and barn, fit,0-0. Ask Us aliou ,h ' S ' FULUNn UUlA-iTY DBIT. ,. Tucn-Tluirfl. 007 n-\V fitdg. •and ftrHcno Counlj*. only S miles of Hutchinson; welt lrtiph>ved with ti ?ood woll-i Rp<] wJndmHl.i; all fenced mid croasfenccd; Inrge rataipa grove: alt tillahlo lfUidt ^o acres alfalfa, balance wlieAt and corn Ind. Wheat avorafirod 20 bu thia year. This In a level, dark. Randy loam soil wllh within lioo yds. of dweliitiR. llaa S room liuuap and a milk hou**\ inrgty RTOVO and front yard, K1n« h»»n house, concrete gnrtign. enncfeto Itlatknmlth hh«p, machine shed, a apeclftlly butlt bulWlnR for feeding hops, with concrete floors, n. barn for '2 heAd of horse*., with board floor and HO head of cattle wUh concrete floor; z alios, l Dixie 165-lon. ono wood silo Kt&ton, Everything lu good condition and nrjco ita- sonablo considering Mr n\ tmii u*.infl. ' ,01C®LM 607 R-W Building .'iX '. . 8-lt FOB 8AJ-.I.—leords. McVey Uvcry. 5 tf MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. bicycle, 410 FOU SA-___—Good Tenth. West 2-2t FOll HALE—Bicycle. C;U1 2030. FOH SAI.1S—Horse, buse^ and harness or spring wniron. Phone 3002 or call at H05 lia-lt Sixth street. 2-;i ONK 10-20 II. T. Titan tractor. New. never plowed an acre. C*n -,ivc you J200.00. 320 \V. 13th. 27-tf FOH SA1-K l'Jlprht shoa.ts; north of Fourth on l.onaili N-_. CoU'inan Hros. three miles ^; phono 173-if VOli MALI-:-Household ff*Jods and V paaseiiKor .Sludeh.iker in _;ood corwiuion. 42. Osborll street. U-4 FOH HA1.B—One N'o. IC Smallcy ensilage culler, pipe and UiHtiIbuloi". C. K. Durand 1'ialUatlon. 22-eod-lI WAN'l'KU—tlou.1 boy tor dairy South Main. Women. IS and over.-wl pttro for e.xumlnatlon ' ,vork; Ml 3-tt i desire I ) pi>'• positioius as ^oalofflci', I iel*it.rlmeni, (Ju -'ioins, Keve- Ilue Cie.rks, Mauoiis .ritenoKi'aphfrs, Typists, eta., cull and Interview .Mr. i\ A. Grady, a! lleno Hole!. Fruity, Sept. 6, without tall, noon unlii o p. m. 3 -n •WANTKU—Ilriifht .Kills boiwetin 15 and 24 wnu cuJl lutntsn releience. permanent work, food waKe, *hort hours, pay whlie l.aiii.iiy and sioeialid oportuiuty for adv.inevinenl. for cu]»alilo suls. Ap- irson at Telei'liot.i; liutidJnp. FOU 8A1.1.—Tit> Top Broad route .two horses and w..gon. Call 101 7lb west. 31-tl ply In pi 30-51 w7\ NT |.;r.)— Two~.Iiiiln B .room B ii)s ami - 2.-tr one Wiley Tea llootn. . . tween the hours of II anci^U _a WANTBIWA Sirl who e^uus a l «,i; «™ . wiLL't-ii' ur middle a&'xl I*"'J f ir i noustwoVk- no waal-ng; 713 Sixth Hu-sl. I phone 1-I6-.I. j . FOH MAl.K~T -wi »lve foot tablo suitable for store, use. 106 North Main. --:! FOH sAI.lil—Violin and electric" machin KoCMi machine. I'hone 2013. 30-tf 1'\>H SAl.K- lOstey or«an and new sew Inff machine. Phono 2244. 3t-3t FOR SAI.K--Uarue bunch ch'ckellM. 816 2nd ICnsl. younir 31-:it FOH SALE—New Webber wagon, wide tire. L. M. Mayflold. 3 -4 FOH SALK-Delgian and while buck rabbits. S26 Kast A. 31-tl FOH SA1.1';—Almost new delivery Phone S36-J. FOR SAI-F,—Nice Phono 302-W. hops. „00 West H. 31-3t FOH SAl-W—New Zealand 28 1st caat. rabbits. 1 .-tf. of worU; waKeii t hotel. family FOR house- pur w'--k";apply Cballners w «'..o .^Vvr; !'^ : • Kift " wst KAI.K—• Household l-'OH SA1JI_— 223 ofrgr lncubalor. _! 135-H. furniture- 211 2-2t Phone 28-tl WANT10I-—4;olorml reliable bouse maid to ^icavofw Kansa-i City wllh family; I.IUM be permanent. Ca_U_lWH. J '" .VANT7-:O">""B lady: n.Wly », l „ w ' n ; »teitd Kodak I"IIII»IIIII B oll.eo, 2-'* he. Main. , ' " w'vNTKU-A B >rl tor office; ax|Mirlcncu A \'iot neeossV,.^ ;l..nulro 413 Souil. Mam WANTI';l.i--<Hrl lo assist with h In small family; phone .S13-J. wllh housework FOH SALIC—Hed Durham, male call 8115 3-5 FOH SAI-.1_—Stave alio. FOll S.U.E— Solid oak buffet. Call 10-N'-i:. 30-ti Pho nelrt'JC. 30 -tr WANTED—MISCtLLANBOUl. WANTlOH-4-llrlH over 16. At sou. Model Stcti m Luundiy WANTl't'-Cook anil >.wo loaWs at Me.h- odisl IKwpitnl. Sept. I»« > noOliailtL or woman lor BoneraJ house• «•-r' work tl2t Foul lb oust. H„ WANTHD— Bxperlenced sales ludlos. F \V. Woolworlh Co. WANTBIJ—Stenotriaphei. Apply Barton Sail CO' __=rr^:_"-li Phono 971-W. II. G. DoMorrltt. 31-6 WANTED—isvuiy body to know that the place lo buy work shoos is at the ilock Island Shoo .Shop 317 S. Main tit. the fight and vork shoo best In town, And t>uy ticou-l shoes 317 8. Main St. 20-lf. WANTED— A place for tlrl lo slay for (*>nipany niui go to school. I'hone 01.-1.-12. 31 W'AN'l'EJi-C-'ook. Apply at Pay N u "wy; WANTBU—airbi at l.'adnylnnd. VVASTI'M)".-A iflfl at lion Ton. ' SlmON WANTED- MALB WANTED TO ItENT—4 or 5 room strictly modoni house. ltcieruuees given. Phone 2302-.I. 30-tf. 26-tr WANTED—To figure your piaaieriiig and • iialchwork. Slucco work a speoialtty. H- Jl Phono J. L- Green, SSliD. 30-6t WANTED—Clean, bright straw; will pay _-.~_-_~~-—•* - - , , 14.0V per ton delivered to the Hutchinson WANTED Place lo work for liuitrU anu; Bux )j ua rd and Paper Co. i«-U room ,uid go to school. I'hone J6-U. i . •' " l I WANTI-1J—$l ,. r i00 prlvatu money on now modern home, north part. Address M.M. care Nowa. 3-5 I.OST—Sunday afternoon, pocket-book. WANTED—To contract your cement 4JN ' .......... .-. I\n 1.,ll /.!„. H Ivor dO lar, -1, _l,1.,.„,c, n _,u,,.l,.ltir Coll fT7 .onlaluiin;- »'-.oo lull, one sllvor dollar, one dime. Somewhere on Vluiu street Ue- S 'm -imcnlli iUid Fouilrur ™/V ur ' 1 '; jjtllivc- at -News olfico or phone 27J7-J. lle- jvai'd. t jTSu^Sourdiiy idBht at Itiyenildu Parki uti vn\oio|.e eontalulug films, kodak ii:"tui'f'» and a letter. Pleasu return to trances Parker at l»el.uxo theatre, i-ll VBSI Ma«'< brown coal in east rail of town; chee klwok on Flint suite Uauk of BlHlloid in pocket; reward; cull 578. i -OST -Solid rubber lire of uulo Irailer on Plum or Ninth Main. Call 111 6 cast or ph""o -iOTtf-W . M-U l .OS'1'-- Lliiinlle French bull dog; split oar. Phon... II. L. JlcVay, m», or McVuy J.ive|>. Ztt-If j,Os>T—ii'intllc or bi'dding' wllh uame - "? Uuih liivms. i J hone .;.>i'j. ••- 3 -at JUO.ST fnuvk o« lluick car. Finder plouao plu.ii- 135S. 2-1 WIULTHY, 1'\>H K.MAl- lirowu laghoin hetta aiul iithor chickens; SUM l<oi or 6 foot poultry wlro v..tb pusis iinil sirinifers. 404, \ east, I'hoi.e 2i'in), 8-3t WANT li 11— 'TO RENT. •• WANTJil-•—Kiv« or u|x IOOUI house by • I'auiily oi 1Y»O; no children; reforeneeiJ; •; j -Uuno 13TJ._ WANTWJ TO HUNT— Flvo room modern ••''"town-' Cull tj»'il'ii «' News office. 8-tf .SJVOK ItEN'T™Vi>ry ao«ii'*M« ruoiiMi with work, sidewalks a stmctalty. Call .77. 7 -ir. WANTED— WashlneB; work guaraiitoert. Phone 20tlli mornintis or evening-,. 2-3t WANTED—A small building suitable for chleken house. Phono 867. 3--C WANTED—.Second hand furniture, nauh Furulturo Co. 'it-it WANTI-D—Small barn to move. Phono 903-b>tl. HlOl'AlltlNG-Typowrltor; call 14211. 3-7 FOR SALE— CITY l »HOP»RTY. For homes 011 paytueuta stje. ii-roouis on 10th »'-000. 5-rooms on l&th $2500, 7 -10011-4 on 4th .'-30.. 5- rooms uu C. east }10M. 7-ioonui on -ill J2S00. Bhluey llviUty Co. 127Vi N, Main Phone Mil 318 west 14th, tit. now five room boiiiw, 1300 ciui.1. balance tnoutldy. —Ask MeNaghten. Phun. 16. 86-U, FOU SALE—Two sloi-y six room re#l- dcni'o. 2U8 13lh Wost. l'i T. Footo, phono 840. 28-tf F1.H I-AI^ET-A largo now buiwiUow, coin ont basurncnt, Mono lu. 1'uotto 13041. FOU SAL.K—Elifht -ioom modern house, »2,60l>; phone 8184; m Fifth WosL 3-11 VOli BALE—JolKht room moOem Uouso. 12,600. JM FlltU wejd, j.« liXlR SAX.15—6 room house; modern. 1HI * Nortlvllfaaiaoil. S9-7 FOR RENT—FURNISH CD ROC.MS. TWO FUIIXISHIOI) room In modern home, board If desired.- Phone n.-^v^ ROOMS In first board next door. cluss modern house. Phone, 2.7. 31-lit FPPXISMF.b HOOM wllh private bath; il'Kiern house. Phono 3-iffr 2-tl rooms, 31-tf KICK Clean modern sleeping Reasonable . I'hone 1257-K. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms, 125 Ninth East. 3-tr LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOR KENT—To students or business people, 3 nice furnished rooms lor sleeping or light housekeeping; modern. Call 324 Slxtli west. Phone 1S97-W. 2-3t - rgt }®tSsiM ; B@nll@ir . F® P .eSsni® Suitable fbr heating tj.ant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable' Inquire at News office. 40 Acres .owned by non-rcsident. about one-half In cultivation, other half In .Brazing land; within two miles or Xtckcrson; a good four-ioom house, 112x34 baru almost new: two g-mnerles, wells ami windmills; this la a dafk sa-ndy losun ideal alfalfa ami stock farm. This tract.of land nrtced to soil; will make easy tvrmfi or-would consider somo northeastern Colorado land or will carry back at ti i«*r cent. 1LHKCOLM §. E)A¥3I§ 807 R.-W. Buld. Phone 133. 3-4t FOR RENT—3 light housekeeping rooms unfuinished; one sleeping room tur-4 nlshed; lurnacc boat. Phono 3-167-W FOR RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 3J6 2nd w«st. 17-lt. FOR ItENT—Housekeeping west 1th. rooms, 104 .0-1! Two rooms nicely furnished. First. 21U \Vi.iH 31-lt VOn RENT—Housekeeping rooms ;phono 32*2. .... 3 -tf l.AIUJK ground floor room . 137 W. 2nd. 3S-H FOR RENT— RESIDENCES. FOR RENT—Strictly modern nine-room with two sleeping porches, lur- mue and garage; one block east of Convention hail; phone 1&04. 3-5t FOR KENT—Modern house, except furnace; cigtit rooms and garage; 305 West Tenth; phono 3133-W. 3-tf FOR KENT—Two and threo-room houses, 507 Hast E ajul 500 East F; phone 14>7 or 1D30-W. 3-lt FOR RENT—Five room house, 1018 Eleventh cast. Otto II. Webb phone liSS-W. FOR RENT—Five-room cottage lights; inquire (22 B_East. gas 3-5t FOR RENT—To adults, nine-room house, 42,1 B l'iist. 3-5t FOR RENT—Six room modem house. 211 Fifth west. 2-2t FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR RENT—Excellent store building 20U block Ninth west. Also fixtures If desired. Phono 89C-J or see Ben trftmbom, TFO STORE ROOMS FOR KENT No. ii and 11 east .Sherman for rent, can combine 2-rooms. Coo Thompson Imp. Co. 16-tf. FOH ItENT—Building suitable for suburban grocery. iOi least B. IB-If NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE to Real lCslato Men—My property at 30!) West A la off tho market. Martha 1* I'junsworth. 3-lt C. II, JAMES, contractor and builder, Pluns and specification furnished. Phone 30-F8. H-lf. CASH PAID for old gold and silver. Room 0 Control State Bank Uldg. 20-tr FOR SALE OR TRADE. L.AND BARGAIN. 331 acres s ood wheat land of sale at »1D per acre under the market or would trade and lalie in stock or mbrchandlso in good location, located 3 mles north and 1 mile west ot Spearvllle, Ford Co., Ivans. Call or wrle owner G. 11. Johnson Hpourvllle .Kansas. 1-U. FOll SALE, ItENT or Trade—7-room house, No. 16 Twelflh woat; newly painted, lapereu and rovaruishod; modern except furnace. See or phone Carl Nelson, 037 South Main. U-tf POM SALE OR TRADE—8-room solnl- inodcrn cottage, double garage blue grass lawn, shads tree 60 rt. from, will consider smaller property and difference. Phono 1618. 6"'KOK SAU5 OR TRA45E—Brand new player piano for lots In northeast part. Adress 11, R care News. 2-8t FOll SA1<H OR TRADE—For oar. four ' lots in the eleventh block on Eighth oast; phono 670-W. 2-(it FOR HALIO OB THAI ll'j—Four lou lu tho elevonih Block ou Eighth cast. Phono 670-W. FOR SALE—REAL E8TATE. mT ^LVDo 'cArrUE ItANcTiES For sale, Colorado Catllo lUnchos rang. Ing from 160 to 20,000 acres, several earning from smull aoreuge cultivated in tereat ou Investment , Jiteroi'euca any Colorado Springs Bank . D. V. Donaldsn, 10 & 11 Oaietla Uldg, Colorado. 2«-7t FOU SA1J&—Wo have building locations at all prices. Wo build homos acoordliuj to your own plana and sell them to you on payments JUti tent. The lOnkel Aguuoy. Pl&neMS»Y State B»cliaiuio Bank*Bld«, ood 10-tl ii'Oll SAJJJ—9»0 Acre* Bano comrty stdftk and grata farm; will soil farrn or wUl sell farm and »U stock, tBonw and implements. For particulars BOS (J, B. V-ist, (kbvue TSJ.J, - I'M The vory desirable business r-Tf<in at No. i N. Malu for lease. Inquire o! (C®@°TIh @IMl£f03)!E , KnaapriB ^'iBisBiEuiill Co.' ' Masfinlc Temple. Fire, Theft, Liability, Properly nam- age. collision ami Personal Injury, htvt^ than "lie ]-or ernt of Uu* nioltin cars are recoverttl. Tho sJteudy I nc reive of traffic makes the hazard of UrlvlnR sreater everj- tiay. Lrft u.s Insure you u£uin »t thej»e rinks Ht lowest rates. Ready for You New Mi crothin^ for Men and Women Small Payment, Down, Balance $1.00 A WEEK Ladies' Waists Ladies* Dresses Ladies' Coats Ladies' Suits , Misses' Coats Men's Suits Ladles' Skirt; Ladies' Shoes Boys' Suits, Boys' Shoes Men's Shoes Men's Pants v BOYS' NEW FALL SUITS 50c A WEEK Buy your Boys'School Suits and Shoes on credit, s small payment down/ balance 50c a week. 1 Youths' Long Pants Suits, $1.00 a Week Ladies' Shoes $a50, $4.50, $4 98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50. Smoli payment down,'balance 50c a week. Boys' Shoes 50c A Week COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Men's Shoes 50c A Week BITTER soil, north part of city, one block from Adams St!, Paving. $850 per acre. See o.wner, 529 W. 9th Two ot the best built homes In Hutchinson are In our hands tor snlo.. Wo rerer to No. 1006 North MaJn.'and No. 610 Bast A. Space will not permit a detailed description or these splendid homes. They are' modern, Up .to the minute; well located; terms U you doslre; price right. TO TRADB. NOT TO LIMIT CHRISTMAS. Council of National Defense Modifies Its Plans. Washington, Soiit. 3.—Children will get their Christ inns toys this year regardless of'the'war. The Council of National Defense has amended its plan to have Christmas gifts confined this year to* Liberty,..Honda aud War iSnvinns Stamps. In explaining its modification of the Qhristmas: buying reslrietions the council said yesterday It had been advised in conference with representatives of the leading industries and retail interests that the. manufacture and delivery to point of sale of goods for the coming holiday season has been substantially completed.. Moreover, the council learned that much of the materia] uspd for Christmas purchases, especially In the' manufacture of toys, is the waste tnalerial derived from prior process of manufacture, "The retail interests;"' the; defense council explained, "haye agreed not to increase their warkltig forces by ^(reason ot the holiday bushiess over the average force employed by them throughout the year, and not to Increase the normal working hours of their force during the Christmas .season. "They also agreed to use their utmost efforts to confine Christmas giving, except for young children, lo useful articles, and to spread Ihe period for holiday purchases over the months of October, November and December. "In order lo relieve the transportation facilities of the country from a congestion in the latter halt of December, which would be so hurtful to the interest of the Nation, the retail interests represented at this hearing have- agroed to co-operate further in the campaign being carried on under the auspices of the war industries board to restrict deliveries and to induce their customers to carry their own packages wherever possible." Retailers have agreed to begin their advertising for Christmas buying early In September. The council suggests that organized business bodies ot every nature join actively in themovo- ment to carry out the suggested measures so that "co-operation between the government and the people can bo had, which alone will permit tho continuance of the holiday business in such form, on such scale, and by such methods as are consistent with the national welfare." TRADE l'"01t WKSTBKN LAND. Three houses on A lOost, close In; two fourr-room rottuifeti, modern except tur- nacc; one six-room coltuse .modern except rumsce. Those buses will rent tor JM.eO per month by the year; are clear and In tine shape; owner preloi's clear wostern land, l-'or turther Inronnat'iun see Orilo 1'owolsOn, 357 Klrst Natl, flank HWs- l J hone 576. ' 3-6-0 WANTKl) TO TRACK—Good Maxwell louring cor Tor younic team, harness and wngon. C. W. EirgleSton, Houth Hutchinson, i blocks west or Wells sloio. Also one pair or two year eki mules; ono 2 year old Jack and 1 head of jennies. 2-u l-JQUITY 5 aero orchard. Borne improvements, good location Trade for team, cuw&, holt'ors. Balance terms . Address U-ti. core Nowa. . 31-3-6 TO trodo Flvo room house In Partridge 1C0 acres. western land for Hutchinson property. —Ask MeNaghten. Phono 16. 26-lf, TO BXClIANG|i>—Will take In good cor us port payment on five room collage, Kor particulars call W56-^ atfor 3 p. m. JJ-3 l'Orj TltAniS—Colorado potato land ror stock or groceries or good auto, tiep O. W. Alrord; phone 1931 3-tr TO TltADE—liiulty In .4 rom house, 50 ft. lot, on Wost 7th. for vaeunt proiwrty, l'hono 1306. 30-tr FOR TUA15W—U>t* on North Mala and llydo Park ror residence. Call Ml lW TMrd. *-«l MONO TO MPAM ' on city homos, lion* terms on monthly nay mout plau. Farm loans. < ' TH13 KINKJJB AOHNOV. phone 2056, Btale Exchange Bank l^Wj. 1)0 YOU NBKtO »«0t Private loans on furniture, piano,.etc. Easy payments. 1 Sherman west. FAKM LOAN8T OlTJt LiOAJMST MeWU«hlen| J/lrst {Jatl.g^eUJ*. I, Smith's Grocery and Market, Plione 1500 for fresh celery, head lettuce, summer squashes, yellow wax beans, mangoes, tomaloes, parsley, Carrots, egg plant, cabbage, beets, onions, peppers, sweet potatoes and ixrtatoes. , 3-lt The First National Building has a new service flag on which are seventeen stars. pillfM^ First Aid for Laundry Troubles If everjr wash-day is a day {or the "JJJues"—tiia right, blue wUi send then; soutUlng away Red Crou Ball Blm , li tl«> secret ot suocessful wash, log;— Sure White, d^Ung (list le»ve» tho Jisj w siuiw of sajU isfootlon ftt Uto <wd of » d»y of - luwi) work. . PROFITS Retail Section of Distribution oi I'eriihubles Says Dealers MAY HAVli 5 TO 6 CENTS The Local Dealers Have Acting in Accordance Willi Tins Ruling. such other peuulty as the law provides. ,i- , CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS. To Enter Technical Training School at Hayes, Kansas. A call has been, leaued tor men to volunteer to go io Port Hayes, tor training September 19. Only white men are wanted this time that hnvo the physical qualifications and a grammar school education or its equivalent. They must have some aptltudo for mechanical work. It la expected that the volunteers must coiiio from (ho deferred classifications because all of the Class I men will bo taken In Ihe next call. These men will be needed behind the linos as auto mechanics, bench wood workers, blacksmiths and carpenters. PLAN TO DIVIDE BALANCE AMONG ALLIED NATIONS ltulo 1 ot tlie special reguiatioi.-s covering manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and commission merchants in butter, giving the legitimate prints of retailers in butter, is as follows: "Butter to be sold at reasonable advance dver cost. The licensee dealing iu butler shall sell such butter without regard to the market or replace- 1 ment value at the time of the sale at not more than a reasonable advance over cost to him of tho particular butter sold. Provided, that any dealer may average the cost of all cold storage butter of the same grade placed by him In a cold storage warehouse lu any calendar mouth, and may sell such butler at not more than a reasonable advance over such average cost. When a dealer averages the cost of any butter stored iu a calendar month, ho must average the cost of all butter stored In that month. The cost for the purpose of this rule shall include: 1. Purchase price. 2. Transportation charges, If any. 3. Storage charges actually incurred on cold storage butter. - 4. Insurance charges actually Incurred on cold storage butter. 5. Interest,, on money Invested nt Ihe current iiita, while butter Is In cold storage. 0. Actual cost of printing If the butter is put In print' from tubs or cubes. Cost shall not include any allowances for shrlnklnge in weight, commissions or other expensos than those herln listed. Under the above rule* the Retail Section of of the Distribution of Perishables of the United States Pood Administration has invcstigaled the cost of handling butter at retail and has determined that an advance in excess of 5 to C cents per pound over cost (as defined in rule 1) is unreasonable, and will bo considered evidence of violation of Rule I. The flvo cents poT pound represents- the maximum margin for stores conducted on the cash and carry, service plan, whllo (Pceuta per pound Is the maximum mtirkln for the extra service Blorea extending credit and delivery. Dealers whoBe delivered store door cost figures In fractions may have the benefit of such fractional cost. li"or examplo, butter cOBtlng at store door 46}4c per pound would carry a maximum margin of %c per pound for the cash and carry and no service stores and 0V4c per pound for the extra service or credit and delivery stores. In detei'mlnlngjmarging at So and 6c a pound on butter with tho fractional costs In dealer's favpr, the United States Pood Administration has given due consideration to the rising costs or operation which must ba met by Ihe dealer. This maximum margin no doubt will exceed in some instances the normal prewar margin, In addition to the above margins the retailer who carries butter In cold storage more than two full calendar months may add not more than lc per pound and an additional >^o a, pound for each calendar month thereafter during which he carries the butter in cold storage. The total amount (or carrying butter in cold storage BO add- cd, however, shall not exceed 2c per pound. . v The Food Administration will consider any sole of butter by a ratal! dealer at a greater margin than herein outlined as evidence subjecting the to a revocation of his license ojr National Surgical DresaingsCo^ miltce Hus About $60,0.0 ' " to Spend. A report has recently been Issued concerning tho balance In tho treasury of the National Surgical Dressings Committee of America, nnd sinco this committee has rlshanded and is now working in conjunction with the American Red Cross, this money Is to be divided among worthy orders. The treasury has a balance of something like $60,000. The local committee sent in the balance which they had on hand as did other branch committees. Tho National Oommltteo proposes to expend $16,000 In Prance, $1,2,600 in England, $16,000 In Italy, $7,800 in Uelgium and $4,000 in Servln. There will then remain about four IhouiSnd dollars and tho committee that was has been asked to suggust the name v of any particular hospital which they were vitally interested In. An inves- ligation would be made concerning the worthiness ot the hospital suggested and a donation would , be> given. However, the ladles here have no suggstlon to make and will leave the matter entirely in the handa ot the otdcers. - L«t us put that light in your back curtain. Reno lluick Co. 30-61 USED FIFTY YEARS FOR RHEUMATISM AT ALL DRUGGISTS WashOutTiiefore; With Culicura Soap I And hsve a clear, ftph ccmrlotlon; five WW WW redness/or vtutiauufc Hp> RlW *V!!!* ""*** i v COM!"* *" J Wwlqn o| the peru. B*e«r tb,.? v«K CutlcursOlntraeot. loaf«Y( wtmt,? wajh 1 off vith Cuilcur. Soap «nd h»tw$?;

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