The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 12, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 2
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"OH ,fTT PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY, J A N U A R Y 12, 1948 The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SER1GHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at .the post, office at Harrisburg, Illinois* under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining' counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 fou three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any. statement for use either as a -news item or a paid advertisement. By Williams BUNION I BJBLEVTHOUGHT FOR TODAY The amazing fortitude of Paul in prison, shipwrecks, stonings, hunger, is explained by the faith - that-was in him.--GaL 2:20: "It is no longer I' that live, but Christ liveth in me." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan, 12. Man's Need.--Romans 7:14-25. Out Our Way WELL, ONE WORP FROM US AN' THEY'LL BE HOLLER1M' " JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY " AT US ALL AFTERNOON-- LET 'EM RUIN IT/ THEM SHARP'SHOES JS-'RUINJIN' IT/ IN A- HAFFA HOUR IT'LL BE LIKE ON A TILE ROOF/ 1905 Gov't Cotton Scandal Started Secret Reports somebody, and the word would By MAILMAN W. NICHOLS I'nilod Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 12.--(U.R)-- It's considered bad manners to go back as far a 1905 for the first paragraph of what is supposed to be a red-hot dispatch. But that's where this one started. At that time, a guy we'll call Mr. Insider was high up in the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of griculture. He had all the dope WUJ* * · » · * · --..-- . i i f out and there would be the dickens to pay on the Chicago Board of Trade. Once, one of the crop experts himself fell victim to the lock-up rule. Somebody slipped a censored note under the door telling him his wife had been taken to a hospital. Naturally, the man didn t feel much like adding up wheat. He started to leave but the guard Carrier Mills Register KENNETH 1IAKT Correspondent cs, Now Hurnsidc; Mr. and Kvcrett Oduin of Marion; Mrs. Alma llicgcl, Mr. and Moiulell Hann. Mr. and Mrs. E Keel of llarrisburg. /YL.1K."Hill** v. 11 v u tilt « » » in*- v*v|/^- * *^ ^v*»» » V M ··*- - on crop reports before they were, stopped him. He wrote a note to made public. Stuff that is apt to the Secretary of Agriculture, and m-.L-» »J,P rn.-n-kot -jo no and down, after an hour or so of reel taping. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier bey. BORN THIRTY. YEARS .1DO SOOKl THOS. D. GREGG Graduate and Registered Optomeuto Permanently Located PRICES REASONABLE Barter Keltner Drag Store Satisfaction Guaranteed PHONE 329 FOR APPOINTMENT Junior · Police WASTE PAPER Collection Jan. 17 v. *. »·« MERRY-so-ROUND If »IW f J A t S O M made public -make the market go up and down. Well, what do you reckon this scallywag Mr. Insider did? He put his knowledge to work in the market. And before the boss caught him rcdhandcd with his lunch hooks in cotton futures, he had cleaned up $70.000. They canned him and wrote it into the book as "the cotton scandal." But more to the point, that's why they now have a lop secret day at the Department of Agriculture whenever there is a crop report to hand out. Release Day Like last week, when Secretary Clinton P. Andeison's boys got up a report on stocks of grain lying in bins around the country. The , atom bomb wasn't guarded any ! closer. I In the Department of Agricul- I turc. thev call it "R, Day," short I for "release day." The "day" ' starts before sun-up when crop ex' perls are locked into a little rooni 1 where they shed their coats, sip black coffee and go through the has been deftly noncommittal, reports, which state and county However, Democratic Representa- scents have obtained from farm- tive George Miller of California , C r S . The windows are sealed, the cracked the ice a little the other ' shades are drawn, and all the day when he visited the White | phones disconnected. I House to confer on tlur new Fol| if s easy to get into the lock-up som dam to be built near Sacra-1 Dart O f t he building. But once in. an hour or so of red taping, the worried husband was allowed to rush to the bedside. But they sent'an armed guard along to see that he didn't talk about anything but his wife's operation. T. M. REC. Tl. S. PAT. Off. COPR.19M T" ""· DREW PEARSON'S Cabinet first, quietly put his department to Correspondent Says: Agriculture .work on a meat-rationing program r - - - - ' ·· 'several weeks, ago. He assigned mento. "I think I know the situation IP California pretty well." declared nobody gets out. Not even the Secretary of Agriculture. Several of theni. across the years, have \jdllHjLiiia p i t i i j «-i». ...*,«,.---w" QJ^ meiU. ilt-iuao me ^tcuo. nu»«- Miller, "and in my opinion the found themselves trapped. The P X T » _ I I A **r*. +V»««x\ii- ^tf/^n'r 1 nrtOflTl milf*n i _. i _ _ A *- 4 V. n ! - r-\ rl r\f* »·«·*·»£? Department has prepared meat- rationing program; A. F. of L. plots psychological warfare: , . the'planning to Assistant Secretary Charles Branhan and called DIOIS psycnoiugivai «c«»i.a»v,. im... ^..v...^-- ------.-_-- - Democratic chiefs pretend to ig- for a program that must be sun- nore Wallace ! P le - workable and without harass- Notes from vour cabinet corre-'ing regulations." spondent: The Agriculture Depart-' MERRY-GO-ROUND ment is ready with a detailed meat- Wallace threat won't mean much there." "Fm glad to get your estimate, responded Truman, with a confident grin. "That's the way I feel about it also.'' GLENN DAVIS CRITICISM Notes from your keyhole Con- armed guards pat their sidearms and say, "Sorry. Mr. Secretary. Rules, you know." Innocent People Locked In, By accident, though, the guards say ."a lot of innocent people have been locked in. Not long ago. SiU Music Dep't Receives National Ass'n Recognition CARBONDALE. 111.. Jan. 12.-National recognition for the music department at Southern Illinois University has come from the National Association of Schools of Music, University President Chest cr F. Lay has announced. The association, which held its annual meeting in Boston during the Christmas holidays, has elected the University music department to associate membership, following a two-day inspection by an association committee. The music department has been reorganized during the past year and a half by Dr. Maurits Kcsnar. professor and departmenl chairman, and Dr. Henry J. Rchn. dean of thr College of Vocations and Professions. Dr. Kesnar came to Southern in the fall of 1946 from Augustana College, and has had a wide experience as a professional musician "and conductor in both Europe and the United States. | A new professional degree of j Bachelor of Music has been cs- Out-of-Town Friends And Relatives Attend John Baker Funeral Relatives from out of town, who attended the funeral of John "Cappy" Baker, were as follows: Oval Cooper. Beverly Stewart. Mrs. Margaret Curtis. Mrs. Martin Ey- crlcy of Rockporl, Ky.; Orval Robinson of Central City. Ky.; Mrs. Mayme Baker. Earl Baker, Jr.. of ralorville; Ruth Blackman of Chicago: Mrs. Thelma Levclsmier of Carbondale: Mr. and Mrs. Kobl. Shctler of Metropolis; Mrs. Myrtle McSparin of Metropolis; Wayne O'Kecfe. Mr. and Mrs. James O'Kccfe. Vienna; Mrs. Ora Milburn. Mrs. Mary Johns. Mrs. Dorsic Tanner, Mrs. Vcrdus Cox of New Burnside: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown. Mrs. Audrie Trout, of Eldorado: Mrs. Ada Holloway. Ed- dwillc; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Holm- · Not Too Old to Parade NORWOOD, Mass. (U.Rl-i n parade celebrating this town's 7) birthday rode Mrs. Marsha To 105. Norwood's oldest citizen. GETPEPII Why f*l old nt 40. «0 or mor»_ WB7 u l tho victim of th« older yenrsT If llf»,"l iwrently h«» loit IU ic»t. you «KalnaJ,| be Me to enjoy llfo n* you dut I a y 'I QUth. If nddi'd yunr* hnvw nlowij fa I our vim, viUtllty and youthful nliu ur(1 " l\vr« i* ii nimplc mcthod_ ttmt mny chnrif your whole outlook on life. Why not t-f and mini" llll t'lciuure* of l i v i n g ^' onco «njoy«17 Why bo dlMounuui-,!, not regain tho verve mid rest of a m x younircr mntiT Mnny men nre otitnirc aniHKtnit rc*ult« with lioytron t«Mrtj. Jmt. iisk your druKUint for lur-roc. (Each tnblct aenlctl to rctnln h.uh i.| toncy.) Women too iind Ccytroii hU|ifi.|. · STIMULATING TABLETS! Notes from your keyhole Con-, a coup i c O f truck drivers lumbered gressman -- When football hero j inU) the place to ma k e a delivers'. /"M A»n T\-^ir»c* fl*in*1 f f\ tllTTI in IllS I T n . .- t _ : _ ^ . . . l . n t - i i . n f «rt*Tr»_ mem «, ic-uv «,».u i f c s not just a coincidence thab Glenn Davis tried to turn m his Tho guard knowin g what was cora- rat oning program which Secre- the AFL's new organization set up soldier suit for gridiron togs.the , the meany . smilea and bowed _.. 0 ... ; -,-.- - . r a t ° ~ ° g -- " Anderson will pre- o fight the Taft-Hartley law has other day. it stirred up unfavoi-, them in That vvas at 10 m the every student majoring m music to Senator |a ken offices in the Standard Oil 'able locker-room comment on Cap- ni The burly drivers were - performed for the NASM commit" " " the courses ot stuaj tor fl Jlf ' n't allowed to leave" until the crop 10 2CL _ _ . _ *.n)f*ienA o f *? in tVlf 3 in the When your child catches cold, rub his little throat, chest and back at bedtime with warming, soothing Vicks VapoRub. Its special relief-bringing action goes to work instantly .. . and it keeps working for hours to relieve distress even while child sleeps! Often by morning the worst miseries of the cold are gone. Try itl Be sure you get the one and only... sent pnvaieiy iouay iu oeiiawj. lasen om«»,m me oia "" ai ",y" r f ~i TTJ,V \Tn:t nf n; fplt th Ralph Flanders, Vermont Repub- building here-the same building , itol H i U M o s t o f ! u s i f g t t t lican, who is preparing a bill to where Senator Taft's campaign , shouMn t be m such a hurr I out and shut off the motor of then tablished in the College of Vocations and Professions, and the teacher-education degree. Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in music, in the College of Education, has been strengthened. During the recent inspection. mat was at i'j m LHU , every student majoring in music The burly drivers were-1 performed for the NASM commit- £££ anu iiiu tuuioto VJA on*wj *v* the two degrees were carefully studied. Southern is the only state school in Illinois besides the University of Illinois which has been admitted [uo:[ ,to membership in the association, Hipaner meat cuts It sist that Senator vanoenoerg can- «.«."-".., ~ ~.~. TM , The theor-is that some wise guy although a number of private and te'adrSSSteSd Sd'en- not be counted out for the GOP,the Los Angeles Rams might look over the shoulcier of professional institutions or con- thp Aericulture Depah- presidential nomination, even I was curious enough to explore | a man figm -ing up how much. servatones in the state belong, me · rx o__" *· r , .1 v u_ u-,, ^niA v*n ;o r,nf n f ) Ar,nr\r%y intn tHo i-asp nnn turned : , i u nve Then if relcssed,! ---- - bv the griculture D e p a - p r e s e n a , man A the FBI on the prowl though he has said he is out of 'deeper into the case and turned ; h t have tor erious vfolaSons and black the running . . . Vandenberg drew j up some facts that may interest h mi ht run ' LiroHniT ThP nlanners have tak- a laugh at his press conference fooball fans who also pay taxes. Si specS Jains P to" weld ou e t \he last feek when, before he began it seenjs that Davis applied for rg Citations which crept into OPA his statement, he asked, "all r in?" lease from the Army on the left a bad fast" with the pub- This is the phrase that tradition- grounds of physical disability. \et icu a uau i a *( ^^^^ white House press con- he considered himself fit enough tn ration 'fefcnces; being ventured as infor- to take up professional football-to rafaon u -· by p'ress Attendant Bill a bruise-and-batter sport that n asrbSiSss a , , h mi ht run out and b i ab it to ! The Daily Register. 20c a week. Automobile Owners We carry in stock the following items for the most popular cars: i Bearings. Pistons, Pins. Rings! Valves, Fuel Pumps, Coils. Condensers. Points. Carburetors, Spark Plugs, Water Pumps. Distributors, Steering Gear Parts. Kinij Pin Sets. Clutches. Pressure Plates. Universal Joints. Radiator and Heater Hose, Oil Filters, Generators. Thermostats, Fan Belts, Batteries and Cables, Brake Lining, Wheel and Master Cylinders. FIRESTONE AND GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES Let us recondition your motor, or install a factory reconditioned or new motor. SHELL GAS, OiL AND GREASES ITCH ELL BROS. 830 Longley St. SAME LOCATION SINCE 1921 Used Cars Bought, Sold or Traded Phone 283 An. A · H The A i c u l t u r e : -sident when his office appears be"iilled. . abilitv" turned out to be a trick knee "that he injured, not in the but on a ,,,,,,»,«, ,0,0 boys who decision to use the point' passing a graveya was reached after close chiefs still pretend they nosy was r study of the British rationing sys- thing .to fear from Henr \\al- fem which regulates the money face's third-party . movement, Sat can be spent rather than the though the defection is bound to amount of meat that can be pur- hurt the party in such key states chased. The plan finally adopted as New York and California opportunities you've here 0re the asking for ture with former terminate "Doc" Blanchard. Called the "Spirit of West Point," it paid the pigskin-1 packing lieutenants 340,000. Although they were under contract to Uncle Sam at the time, the ,±sr ss. 35 snjssft ss arts t Thousands of Veterans of all the U. S. Armed Forces have said they'd .like to join the Regular Army, IF they could have certain enlistment privileges. Today the Army has four attractive opportunities for Veterans of any of the U. S. Armed Forces to get into a well-paid job with lots of chance for advancement. . . . stationed where you want to be, doing what you want to do. that compulsory Democrate -«i __ «. u_ _ n s. n r- rrt,r rvurtrtl enough, -* * _ The battle over film rights to se in uiu ii^xt cittuuu (two "backfield aces were still at To White House callers. Truman (West P6int. Astor Pictures filmed 'some of their football adventures ENSM N U A L ·» some of their football adventures t under Army-Navy jurisdiction.' ,Thc shots were blown up into a two-reel short, called "Games of Games." j Later Bro-Rog Pictures produced the "Spirit of West Point.'' featuring Davis and Blanchard without benefit of the Army's blessings. When both pictures hit the box office about the same time. Bro-Rog fired a sharp letter to Astor. I "The right of commercial mo! tion picture exploitation." wrote [Bro-Rog's lawyers, "of the aclivi- 'tics of "Doc* Blanchard and Glenn , Davis is owned exclusively by Bro- Rog Pictures Corporation. The attempted release and advertising of the so-called 'Game of Games" 'is completely unauthorized and must be ended forthwith." j Astor shot back a countcr- jcharcc, demanding to know how] Bro-Rog picked iip scenes from the 1946 Army-Navy game which sup- ] I posedly was lilmcd by official j , cameras. Identical scenes, taken I by the Navy Athletic Association | cameraman for AMor Pictures, ap- jpcarcd in the Bro-Rog production, said the Astor lawyers. The fur is still flying, but the Army has its ov.-n troubles. It is ;sbori of second lieutenants--with or without trick knees. S E R V E for 3 years -*-ith your choice of 8 famous combat divisions now :,Uiti9Rcd m the U. S. if you are a Veteran with o\ cr- scas since September 2.1945. Here's the opportunity to take part in helping to build up the defense of the nation at home ... to help train new recruits. RETURN to an Army job in your old specialty and in a grade, if you're a Veteran. If yours is one. of the needed specialties, you can enlist in the grade appropriate to your training and experience. Veterans can also enlist lor service in Europe, the Far East or Alaska. STORE HOURS Week Days 9 to 5 Saturdays 9 to 8 {Large Attendance at iStoncfort Singing Meet t A large attendance was on hand . for the Stonefort Community! ing. held yesterday afternoon a t ' the Sloncfort Baptist church. The I Tanner quartet was the ieaturc at( traction at the mcctinc. The , ·group \\jll meet the second Sun- 1 day in February at Newcastle . church. | . The Saline County Sinuins association will meet at the Stono! fort Melhodist church the first .Sunday in February. Vcrncr Joy- ,ncr. president, announced. Bow and Arrow limiting Hunters in Sun Valley. Ida., find sport in Irantin,* die trith a bow and arrow. L E A D our way into hit;h-paJd. high-ranking jobs through Army Po'nti;il l/adcrs' School. Army Technical Schools. O^ifcr C. ndicJntc School or the U. S. Military Academy at V.VM TV-jnU o;x^n to every Army man who can meet the re- qu-.r'-c; iv.cntal. phv'jcal and age qualifications. CHOOSE Japan. Korea. Experience overseas gives your career a broad backcrround. When you cnht. you'may sign up for 3 years with your choice of 5 famous Far Eastern divisions. You earn 20% more pay when serving overseas--in addition to all other Army benefits. Bhc Veteran--and the man who has never been in the Armed Forces--has more choices open lo him in an Army career today than any applicant in history. Ar.d after you're a member of this great Army team many more open up. Thin): this over, loo: a Private First Class with his $30 a month plus benefits- ment plan. food, clolhing, lodging, medical and denial care--has more net take-home pay than the average civilian who is paying for equal benefits':. CITY HALL, HARRiSBURG Also: 700 Missouri Avc, E. S. Louis, West Frankfort, Ccntralia, CAREERS WITH A FUTURE .: ' ^ f ; __ ',, ~r^_ · ·- U. S. Army and U.S. Air Force C*t the fact* NOW »» your marcft U S. Army and U. S. Air Fora Recniitlnt SUrtton

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