The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1932
Page 7
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THB DAILY NEWS, nXDEBICK. MD., TUESDAY, MAY 17,1932. SEVEN BIT WM. E. McKJESNET Americas Bcidfe It a not always the bidding and aiai- :sg of pTrx* and slams that produces j . ·aicn«s m toamaajesit play «t contract j bridge. It is far more important t o j maie the two or three odd--if that is f ,all that » is the hand--or to defeat a contract of one or t»x. than it a to taaie sarse on what bridge players Again we sa* youth break through ,, KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY NEA S*rtKt Writer ;es are one of the rirst of the summer available for canine presentng and the hotaeAtfe welconses them enthusiastically. Taken care of earlj ^i the teason. they are out of the way before the rush of np!r_jr and pronnse delicious add-t.ons · spoon Allr* '.."iree-fa^rtrj cup Change «aier sexeral tim^ until all, of sand and grit are re:noi?d Drain. And fruit is reacy tor urf j After berr.cs »re tnoroushlj Cashed. ! pack them into s'-enLaed jars adjust ! tested rubbers and pour over medium ! syrup to cover fr_i:. Half-seal arid process to rule--q-iart ;.xr* 16 ·minutes in hot »3tor oath. 35 minutes !ia heat-replated ou-r. at 2*0 Jk^rees .cooker at 5 to 10 pounds press-re. Bei isore ;ars at end f pro-essing per.od fully i^al and cool quickly. Pack t^e fruit cl**. 2-1 tike care not to ma»h or cross Fill cans f within one-half inch of V? To make »--r.t?. boil tnree cups of sugar and f*o c-lps of -a'ater for S\e mmutts. or until svrjp clings to ire«-:\i:is kettle co-er ai'.h a »a\er making "The M.raile Min" t«i»\'t sugar ar.d c?r.tjiue '·»«· for layer' feature u the Tnoli one of the out- L-ntU all is used Let s-land oier night. .standing picuire*. of the j-eiMX' 1:. , la the morning put o\er a slow flnr»the cast are Chester Morr-s. S\lM.-. snd b.-.r.g to the boilin; point Resnov* jSicuey Hobart Bosworth and Robert so 1 --. as .*. ri^es ind let bo:", gectly Jor'Coosm A ne»s r f.\e 2tir.-_tes P?ur out ?cto large p-at- t»r. »r.d cover with glass or mosquito nettle; Plaoe- js t ~ e sjn Cooit in t.-w ,n--jiitil *ne syrup is thick, stir- r.tii o, cas-rii.l'.-. If glass a used to .'u.n :*·-' Fr:?.r. iC'.v-.. ·'. -- :.».' M- U - » x o - -·· · rno ds L r.J.pj of a': «*r ' in y.~v«r: to tnc ' .'ro'a s-t Import.'- t ^:- crr ^ jr.trx :· ta» debtor naUons ' from lex recej-.l Bkwsooi FVfrt.xal a:ul aao.her old T.-JHK ' sre the short hits FEEL FINE FOR 10 the fruit it 21 .tot be reasoxed and dr«ed fresjuestlj Tae'.xe hours cf dl- re-.-: hot ^irishlr.* wtll cwk the fruit a::d ; to the d«.red :hi.-kr.ei* Pour .: to iten.-is-d g'.as a:-.d tars ar.d seal Tomorrow's Menu. Breaifit: Ci-if^rn.a onerr.e* -er- j o»:. cream *o:t cooiec eg«s cr^p '..-vast. j city Open House. i Downey Mac-kail'.. supported u.- - HuT.phre;. Bogart «-ul be teeu hert to- i^y m -Love Affair.' a stor- tf ..-." ; c \ ? affairs of an heiress »hi i:.ed : p; s the K-irr.e ui a -11^1:1 s «.;} A Georse IX-x\« . \Vah :utoc ; and a vo:«°o a.e '----- cLri fer«w gusky. a-e college sradeais. They ce- the. :o"o»in5 hand in aiasterfui A10-3 V1O-8-5 4A-J-1O-6-3-2 *A-Q 4A-K-Q- NORTH CO UJ m CO Dealer SOUTH AJ-9-4 : VA-Q-J 4Q-7-5 A8-6-3- 2 A 8-6-5 V 7-6-4-3-2 The Bidding. South was the deaier ans West bid one spade, Xorth overcallec with two diarccnds. East bid two spades. wmch "ooug'ht the contract. The Play. In the play of the hand. Mr. Goldsmith held the North hand and ilr. k« Soa;h hand. Mr. Goldsmith opened with the see of diamonds and South's Sing fell. The lack of diamonds was continued, declarer made a \ery good play by refiisis? to cover with the queen in dummy, but played the seven spo-t. Mr. Xagusky in the South, refused to allow his partner to hold the trtcfc. and trumped with '.ie £ve of spaces. As it looked to h::r. that his partner should have something in clubs in order to justify an overcall of two cLamonds ?fter his pass. South then led the jack of clubs. ~ii:~h North won with tae queen. ~-e:ore leading another diamond so j as to give his partner a ruS. North clearer his hand 'f the ace of clubs and then *ed a diamond, which South trumped wish the six of spades. South then cashed his good king of clubs and North and South had taken six tricks before tie declarer could get in the i*ad, thereby defeatirg the contract one tn:i for to? score o= tie board. erase home kttche:: They will "keep" if canned by the old-fashioned open kettle method, but they lose their vi- C content. The heat-controlied oven offers one of the easiest means of canning: many fruits and tomatoes. Tee ·aa'.er-bath canner. the steam pressure cooker anc any of the "steamers" and "waterless cookers" on the' market are suitable for the canning of fr.ed in ^r.^. IT. ;ir.i pack in It is important that fruit for can- irss or preservm? be perfectly ripe out not :he Seast bit overripe. So sort berries carefully and use the large perfect ones for straight canning and fine preserving, and the imperfect berries. Trhich require cutting, for old-fashioned strawoerry jam. Bruised and blemished berries cnust be- trimmed and made usable because the canning and preserves processes'cannot correct any .mperfections in the fruit. B-rri« Ane Easily Bruised. batch of If the are pre-cooted for rve age is pre-.en-.e-; Add no iis-ii; sna put fruit over a !:* £rr. Siarsier for £ve minute^ and t.ien ^cc: syrup. L eight or ten hours and then stemmed ;ars and proems Stra-a'berry presene^ made ac:ord- ^-.g to the :o"y.\:n; ru.e are especially ·siell S-i.c-red .»r.d re-a.-i ·--.e.-r br:;.T. color Strawberry PreM'i-'iest. One quart 3 cups sugar Put 1 !-2 cups s.:sar ^ith fr^tt and boil five aiinutes. Aii ro.-uiinins sugar and boil 10 to 15 min_:«e A ua- tery fruit must ^ co-i-.-a loi.ger. Tarn into an earthenware ;ar anc j f . stand C4 hours Stir occasionally. Seal cold .a steriUaei jars. The small quantil} of fruit and short cookin; period are sliced, tn-li. tea D^iner Boned blue pii ieep fat. potatoes au gratis 10-ai^iute cabbage, cottage cheese and carrot salad. cxtage pucding mith 5tra»Merry ,»auc. =ii.f. coffee CALL ON HOOVER Rill Brotherhood^ Disclose I O\cr Montorium. Theater News St?r. ia. I?--Sharp ' labor Dro-.herhOk.xi-. .ner a proposed for » ;5-year n-.^ra: r:un-. oc debts oare! | -he failed Stat*s »as toda w- ;rr" t H-joe: l"5ie leacers of M.V ra.ta'ay labor \ grocps assertei. alter a cor.ferenc*- I t-"w chief executive li^e th^. afver- ATTENTION Mvp to »oi »re ih* » ALBERT C. PALMER. Agent ·J * \\nl lilh ^lr«« reut S1S« . P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 Dra.TJi ;oin hands in · to she rr.ori: jr.-r.i plus Strawberries must be handled very' the secret of the deliciousaess of thes* carefully. There is a gijssarcer-like! p«sene*. Of course, you uncerstar.d covering ox'er the berry that is easily : thit jou car. "do" as rr-any Quarts as broken. Por this reason, when -A ash- in? berries, do not pour water directly onto the fruit. Rather, drop berries into a bis pan of cold water or into a cee? colander placed in a larger pan of water. Lift colander gently up and n the water, letting berri-es settle slo^rly together Tnthout any violence. Pa tne ;sr will hole, but only one Quart must be cooked at a t_a». Sunshine strawoerr:. are always delicious and are etsy to make \Vei;h the frj.t aft-'r hulling and wasti- ing artel us* thrce-f pound \.-' nne granula'-ed sugar to eacn pound of fruit a layer of berries into a smooth ^ Banking Service on a personal basis End Season On Local Lots. MacKenzie. red-headed Frederick sandlot southpaiir · pitching sensation, may eventaaHj- end the season on the local lots, bus he is making the "aes; of his stay -Kith she big boys. MacXenzie, who was farmed oui to the j Los Angeles club of the Pacific Coast ! League several --eeks ago by the Chi- i cago Cubs, was turned back to t.hs ! Brains last Fndsy and is now tossing 1 'em plateward in batting- practice to · the Chicago hitters. The Cabs haven't; decided what to do with the slim left- ! .lander since he is too green to remain i :r- the Nations! League and clubs in | t-to hish minors are overstocked with j ercsenenMti E believe that personal contact is the basis of satisfactory banking service, and we consider every customer as a friend whom we are glad to know and anxious to please. Interest Paid On Savings i; Little Betty had been bad and her j ! mother made her si; on a chair in one j j comer o: the room. | | "And cson't yo-a dare get down until j 55 you are gad." her moier told her. | g After a while the mother saidi I "Betty, it's time for you to go to ' bed." [ "Oh, no, mummy! I'm no: good i ]| enough yet."--Answers. COMMERCIAL BANK OF MARYLAND H g^syg^yyt^jysyBysy^ SUPER SERVICE BEVERAGE SETS ! "Smart Crystal Etched Effect" j SET CONSISTS OF 6--5 oz. Tumblers for toms- to or fruit juice cocktails, etc. 6--9 oz. Tumblers for water. 6--10-oz. Tumblers for iced tea, lemonade or other refreshments. 1--HAND MADE BLOWN ICE LIPPED JUG. 19 pcs. 45-Piece Glass Dinner Sets 25x50-inch RAG RUGS B"aur:: -^ rsl rs :E several ^ p-.nk. O-.-^n ?.rA de^iw: Dinr.r - $2-98 H All SET EACH i i The Parsons Company j 205-207 North Market St. (Doll Bros. Bldg.) | r-rr^i^^^-^rifr^^ i Notables In The Public Eye WALTER E. SINN--State's Attorney Walter E Sinn, xrho so ably hokis the office of State's Atfrnex :-.jit cope -»:th all the Sefrt legal asilny arid someiunft. be p:tt«i agsiiist a aa:ter- of these legal lights There are some State's At;orneys -*ho uou'.c; conxict in all case^. regardless of extenuating circuniiWnces. the;r de-.:i f-r persona! asgrarxiizenxent being too great io '.emper tneir x:e»s with tn- ·lemands of real jusi^e. Mr. Sir^t lias the vwa-pomt his office i » -jblic tr*ost aral not a machine to lift him to dizzy he:gh'-s in ihe political jrena. using unloriunate souls ·aho hax - e erred a^aLi-j,'. society as rr.err ·juppeis to i-erxe as stepping stones for his personal advance. Xot Walter E Si:-.n: If the crime is the first offense or committed under circmc- ^·.irices that seem to condone it. due consideration is six-en ay Mr Sinn I: is such fairness and humaneness that makes hini to ovloved ar.d feared .it the same tirr.e, for the hardened offender suffers fram ha unmitigated prosecution, xhich is both thorough and eflectix-e After a", such n-.c:- deserve political preferment all the rcore although sh»y do not a^k .'. Mr. Sinn is a man -nho indeed well merits a place higher up in ;:ie realm ·f public service. THOMAS A. CHAPLINE--County Treasurer Frecenck county may ae'.l ooast of a real of finance .-. 1h:m2S A. Chaplir.e. county treasurer. H^ tireless energy has made him one of the best-loved and respected characters in the county's rr.ib'.i.- .iffairs. His associate officers are proud to be ·aiUh him in the sen-ice of such a progressix-e commtmity and has sagsestSoris are carefully -welshed by ail concerned, for well do they know his experience as an expert in finance enables him to foresee many thing:. But above all they are aware that tact is his middle name. Publx: demands are exacting and oftimes vs*y ·worrisome But ivith this popular official, those wants sr~ considered trith that charm of judicious cairn possessed :n such full measure by Treasurer Chapllne. He is a man who llices :o be where responsibility Is thickest and the problems seem the deepest. There AO . ran find Treasurer Chaplme wading through and enjoying it. A man mu.v. ".y.e his work to be able to do that and lovtag one's work means being . -02! student which in turn results in the highest proficiency. W. CLINTON McSHEERY--Atty. for Co. Comm. Some people have the idea thai when a man takes his place in public jSice that he has faUen heir to someining easy and has had political preferment, so that It !s well to put the people right in this respect W. Clinton McSberry has a real job as Attorney for the County Commis- ,-ioners and a job ^hat has plenty of nard work attached. He has mace an impress on the communiiy by reason of his aggressive force. Hss responsibilities have come and he has met them. He has made friends and kept th°m for the original meaning of the word has never been lost to him. Ke works with tireiess zeal and is well grounded in ri£ht thinkine -«hich makes z good citizen as well as a. good lawyer and public official His clientele numbers some of the most important people but he nexer turns z. deaf ear to those of moderate circumstances who nish to be guidexi through some knotty problem. Mr. McSherry well deserves to be counted amons those who ar^ in the public eye' and that eye is one of admiration and appreciation for his public spirited dex-otion to the rights and interests of the people of the community. Although a xery busy man. Mr. McSherry is never too busy to be a factor m any movement that has for its purpose the progress and advance of the city or county and he Is c.iways to be counted upon as a valued aid in any civic movement. CHARLES W. CRTJM--Sheriff Wnen a man fills the office of SheriE of Frederick county he has a real job to fill that carries -Kith It plenty of -work acd responsibility. In such position he must have a fair mind in all he does as well as a wealth of practical experience in this nig-hly specialized Held of endeavor. More :han that he must meet every peculiar problem as it presents itself. Suppose some criminal is to be found and brought to justice. It is up to the sheriff to bring: him to. regardless of whether it is during working hours or in the dead of Ac night. Suppose a man owes us money and we sue for it and the court gives us a. judgment, it :s up to the sheriff to go get that money. In fact were we to attempt to catalog all the divers duties of the sheriff we would have to print columns. Sheriff Cmm has administered his ofSce in a manner that goes on record as being one of the most satisfactory in the annals of local history. Ke has a host of friends because of his fair spirit and his devotion to duty. Since the advent of administration he has proved to be one of the ablest officials ilus county ^a* ever inown. WILLIAM T. STEINER--Chief of Police th« Police stent many years -n - UT . is v,__ .-oose ^ro would mfrln-e on the laws of society. r.e U a rnln of genial nature, always thousbtfu! of the and rizr-.ts of force of men who fcr-.ow tha: their cnief never turns a. cea t is a J I "Si line \\t*;k--iuo and I \ \ O K K \ : JAMES E. SOLT J i.»tr Hi.iiist. or LL Mtr»t-- » H O K K IN B K t N « . BKON/E J VM M I MMl M » Mj^noli^ \ir. Phone :'70-J * M M VK1 C V P C K I L V C E » We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock . Son Fiflh M ml r». R. 8- Phone 90S. .1 .1 .1 1 t I 1 i 1 for all time this record } I When your children, I, like the buds of flow| ers, blossom forth in l, spring attire, just no- J 1 tice how much they } have grown in a year. There should be a new jj: photogi-aph to keep, ! r for all time this record ;fi of change. It must be !|{ made now. Make an !fj appointment today . . . PHONE 799 Edmonston Studio ji "While You An- About It (let a Good Picture" 1: YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust ar.d soil destroy. r.ot only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only S3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS -hem with confidence and co-operative goodfellowshlp is iery commendable. Ke is indeed one cf the ablest pol.ce chiefs in the State. JOHN W. HOLTEK--Pres. of County Comm. F-ed'-.-c -s on- of the best known counties in the Sta'^ for it is t p-.-^ess.-.e and is a'^o one cf the m-»t prosperous But. tr.crc " natural reason for this It is ^ell managed. What a. happy slot-, ^w *3ur T»ords re-.eal. It is theref;re a pleasure io call attention to t." j.^.'lv-v t - c people of the county are giving txj the splendid and r-c- ac-iv.t;es of a prc-rninent public cfficial. County Gossraisstw Hclter. -shose adrr_r.^trati3n of his jfScs has been pr^duc'JT- and efScten to ''-« nig^est desree. He has been su-h a personal success that he .-.a. beccrae an outstand^: Ssr-re of He ha- a-ways found f-rr.- -,; devo'.« :s tl-e acvancsr.ent of his comrr.unr.ys fundamental tateres-v and the conservation thereof, beside wJdag tune frequently to assist hr ^^j-s-^-jsrits in their incl*. xiual problems It. is not hard to understar.c ho-- tr.e personal abilities of Mr Holier has been able *.o win and seep tr.e aan-.irat.on of a whokr rour.ty as Commissioner Hol'cr has beer, ab'- -.j ,;.., jz e ;cr;-ws his c^untv and h-i peotle lifce a boot, ar.d he too'zs a ?-^." s?nf.ol adrr.inistrat'.sn n-.=sns in -.he -say -,'. reduced Tst of There 7s No Substitute For Quality A large loaf of GABBER'S BREAD gives you more nutrition than a dime will buy in any other form of prepared food. Order it from your grocer; he is your most dependable source of bread supply. The Garber Baking Company RANGES PRICED AS LOW AS 50 Installed $5.00 DOWN EASY TERMS O N L Y T H E Westinghouse FLAVOR Z O N E RANGE or? the Money-Saving Flavor Zone Principle A. H. DERR--County Commissioner -s n;t t.-.c 'Land of the Free" but f -- ' '* ur.cer tr.e s ;n where an amo.t o :s :zc rr.ay attain '3 a..v :--:?-'-= if -~r j r--?.dv -5 take his ooport-n:t.» as ne fir.os thera and cor_«c.'r-.''. ~~.y x.z'z' -.;-. rr.o?' of ·--.err. A =-5 v r.d.d example » A H D.:~. w.-i f.z-- -· truer, t-t do wttrs Fr»cfr - o-nty the splcnd.d.v rr.?nar-i .-3-- i- is todav. ESSc.:r.ry and eccnorr.y of cperat.or ar.d a --.;· -ora-d" to t.-5 .nterests of the pcsple. ha-.e made Corr.rr.-^ Dcrr--^tration on? that is outstar.---.z B:t.i t.-.f puol.c a' lar;c as well as hjs constif.ents hizhly rezard h.s s--r-.i;'- ar.d snow l-.trr. the greatest respect ar.d c-^nf.dcr.c'- A H. Derr is a O-n-ty Corr.rr._=- si-r.?r of which the peop'e of Frederick may we" Ie*\ tr;jd. for -.t .s gra'.if",,-.£; ti have su:h i .ind r.ardasrk..'..- man in cffi^f Oursne hy ajsoc;at.or. -R.ih thi? ^f.ce. h^ has sno^-n a c--jr.;trurt.-'' :rc~. of rr.jnd i.iat has ·jftimf-^, el.".'*c 'he remark i.iat ' hv -· .r.Jec! tn- -·-. : ar ofS f hoki-r ar.v cornrnu.i.ty r.ecd.- H;s career '.s Dinted t-i a- or" .\fll wo'tr.v of ar.d e?r'?- rlv or.e r.d? :-y'.f to V-.r^r -^"-; =; ?. '-.iT.dld example of the .d^a 1 , off. · h^Ictr From $^.00 to $150.00 per year . . . r- V\ ED. Ye*, there's an actual rash sav- inr i 'w'iiS^ thi- improved and perferted ·-.v.Kin; m"Sh'vl ... a saving that j~ p^s-.i. : .- onK w i t h Westinghoiis^ Flavor Zone Ovikin;:. Fr*-ui~ =hrink le?^ in the vren "f th- f l a v o r /IT"* Hans'-. You're *w of better re-ult* from cheaper meals and vecf-tabli'- . .. there"? a money value, too, in lh* cleaniine^^ of Flavor Zone Ookins; ansl in the freedom from kitchen cares thai it brine- }»u. Add up a" these ?av- ing- . . . no rtliT rooking ?nethod is so economical . . . so com enient. E L E C T R I C I T Y IS THE MODERN, FAST, E C O N O M I C A L W A Y TO COOK THE POTOMAC EDISON CO. 26 W. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. Mount Airy--Taneytown--Union Bridge--New Windsor N^ 1 ^ srAprR"

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