The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 23, 1986 · Page 22
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 22

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1986
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

6-C THE BAYTOWN SUN Wedne«day, April 23, IMi Television guide WEDNESDAY EVEMMO YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEW- 338PORT8CENTER • MACNEN. / LEHMER NEW8HOUA O CD SHOwnue HONEYMOONERS.- THE LOST EPISODES ~l .CBS NEWS ) RADIO 1980 } BARNEY MILLER LATRAMPA MOVIE "High School U.S.A." • (1983) Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon. . 9 S) $100,000 PYRAMID O (D MONEYLINE DBENSON fB DIFFRENT STROKES 6:30 O WHEEL OF FORTUNE QD DANGER MOUSE (B STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS Division Final. (Live) (NOTE: Starting time Is tentative. Game is subject to blackout.) (D NEWLYWED GAME 52) © WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS O CD BOB NEWHART ® CD $1,000,000 CHANCE OF A LIFETIME @ CD CROSSFIRE Q9 THREE'S COMPANY ffl THAT'S MY MAMA 7:00 O HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN (D TWENTIETH CENTURY O BUSINESS REPORT (S CD SHOWTIME BROTHERS (D FAST TIMES (B MACGYVER 5Z) 38 WRESTLING TNT ® (D MOVIE "The Slugger's Wife" (1985) Michael O'Keefe, Rebecca De- Mornay. O CD MOVIE "Callow" (1971) Yul Brynner, Richard Crenna. ® © MOVIE "Fuego En El Mar" (No Menu* Ofad*. Norm* Herrer*. 33 NBA BASKETBALL Ptayoff Gam* (Team* To Be Announced) 740 £ AFRICA ON THE RECORD WITH SUSAN WRIGHT B CD SHOWTHUE BIZARRE • TOUGH COOKIES • CARSON'S COMEDY CLASSICS 9 CD FAMILY FEUD BPM MAGAZINE MO • BLACKE'S MAGIC O BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY 5 CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Best Defense" (1984) Dudley Moore, Eddie Murphy. O MOVIE "The Seduction Of Glna" (1984) Valerie Bertinelli, Ed Lauter. 09 MOVIE "Alex: The Life of a Child" (Premiere) Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia. OD (E) BOXING Bret Summers (25-2, 16 KOs) vs. Jeff Bumpus (20-4, 16 KOs) in a lightweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds from Lynnwood. Wash. (Taped 4/21) 89 MOVIE "The Chosen" (1981) Maximilian Schell, Rod Steiger. ® Cffi MOVIE "Hot Resort" (1985) Tom Parsekian, Debra Kelly. 6 CD GREATEST HEROES OF THE BIBLE Taunted by the giant Philistine Goliath (Ted Cassidy) and goaded by his curses against God, the young Israelite David (Roger Kern), armed only with a slingshot, volunteers to light him. § CD LARRY KING LIVE MOVIE "Prime Cut" (1972) Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman. 83 MOVIE "Big Mo" (1973) Bernie Casey, Bo Svenson. 8:30 CD ICEBOUND IN THE ANTARCTIC: SHACKLETON Wednesday On "Tough Cookies," Cliff (Robby Benson, 1.) lets a former drug dealer (Larry Hankin) hide out in his condo. The CBS sitcom airs Wetlnesday, April 23. THEATRE GUIDE CINEMA SIX 4on JootvtQ Moll 421-2953 BWIG HO {PG-13) 7:35-9:50 PRETTY IN PINK (PG-13) 7:30-9:30 SLEEPINfi BEAUTY (G) 7:00 DOWN& OUT IN BEY. HILLS (R) 9:00 9V 2 WEEKS (R) 7:00-9:30 WJRPHYS LAW (R) 7:40-9:40 OFF BEAT (PG) 7:20-9:20 CINEMA TEN 42 1.2953 LEGEND (PG) 7:15-9:15 NUTTERS (PG-13) 7:20-9:20 LUCAS (PG-13) 7:30-9:30 CARE BEARS II (G) 7:00 APRIL FOOLS DAY (R) 9:00 GOOSECRKK SIX 491 •*M Oott, •_* H * I " »*M Gatt, (anrf OUT OF AFRICA (PG) 7:45 THE COLOR PURPLE (PG-13) 8:00 BAND OF THE HAHO(R) 7:30-9:40 THE MOKCY PIT (PG) 7:20-9:20 RAD (PG) 7:30-9:30 POLICE ACADEMY 3 (PG-13) 7:40-9:40 ••••••• WINNER 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Inetvdmq BEST PICTURE Our OFAFRKA Kb Bfl OF flfl •» • OK *"& f-« N THE N L f H 1 n^sttfa. D D ATK-Sl* 0. WMMft 1 HB(L£*a ItaVM The original cost is coming to save their school... • MMMR4Q * HAVf YOU MM TM» NMON7 Devid and MwwftH Bejrter Binwy no^t tMt tatoot •dMfton t^^yMMno ** '* -"*- -* Trrirrt mHilno chl and adults, and encouraging MwWt Inter- ! d) MOV*I "The MW' (1M4) MM (E) TMAPffM JOHN, M.D. JOtmANKLM 9) MOVIE "A»i Et Ml Ttarr*" (No to contact aulha matton about mJaaJno paraon*. LIVE FROM THE MET (D MOVIE "Remember The Day" (1042) Cteudette Colbert, John Payna. <£B 3D BOD NEWS 9 (S) MOVIE "El Seminarist*" (No Date) Pedro Infante, Silvia Derbez. O CD GREATEST HEROES OF THE BIBLE After 40 years in the desert, the Israelites arrive at Jericho's impenetrable walls where God enables Joshua (Robert Gulp) to lead Ms army Into the city: Chasrubal: WiHiam Daniels. 930 CD RISE AND FALL OF KING COTTON (S NBA TODAY 3D Cffi MOVIE "Creature" (1985) Klaus Kinski, Stan Ivar. •35 CB MOVIE "Suppose They Gave A War And Nobody Came?" (1970) Brian Keith, Tony Curtis. 9:45 © CD SHOWTIME COMEDY CLOSEUP KWO G (D (B NEWS (D GREAT DETECTIVE © NFL FILMS PRESENTS Profiled: Merlin Olsen. © CD SHOWTIME STEVE ALLEN © 05) ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR © CD WKRP IN CINCINNATI 8D BOB NEWHART © CD CD BENNY HILL © CD MONEYLINE ©TAXI 10:30 O TONIGHT © SPORTSCENTER © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Chained Heat" (1983) Linda Blair, John Vernon. OJM'A'S'H (B NK3HTL1NE (O Murphy, Suean Cabo " (19M) Audte MOVIE "Ohms" (1960) Ralph Watt*, DavWBIrney. (8 (H) MOVIE "A Clockwork Orange" (1971) Malcolm McDowaH. Patrick Ma- CJ} TWENTIETH CENTURY d) BASEBALL'S GREATEST HITS The 60s. « TJ. HOOKER MOVIE "Get Carter" (1971) Michael Caine, Britt Ekland. (E> EDGE OF NKJHT MARY TYLER MOORE CD HAWAII F1VE-0 CDNEWSNtQHT POLICE STORY 11:10 3D (H) COPS: BEHIND THE BADGE This documentary takes a look at the working lives of today's policemen and examines the reasons behind the high divorce rates, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide within the profession. 11:30 O LOVE CONNECTION CD AFRICA (D ARM WRESTLING Major League baseball teams compete. (S) CB THAT GIRL O CD MOVIE "Cast A Giant Shadow" (1966) Kirk Douglas, John Wayne. S ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS ALL IN THE FAMILY tt U © CD SHOWTIME MOVIE "Stick" (1984) Burt Reynolds, Candk* Bergen. 12*0 3D ICEBOUND IN THE ANTARCTIC: SHACKLETON I NBA TODAY I CD NEWSNWHT UPDATE I NEWS 12:40 CD MOVIE "Purple Rain" (1984) Prince. Apollonia Kotero. 1:00 O LATE NK3HT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN CD TENNIS MAGAZINE REPORTS ® MOVIE "The Smugglers" (1968) Shirley Booth, David Opatoshu. © (E) DICK CAVETT S3 MOVIE "The Guru" (1969) Michael York, RitaTushingham. ® SD MOVIE "Munecas De Medi- anoche" (No Date) Carmen Salinas, Andres Garcia. SPORTSLOOK OS MOVIE "The First Time" (1982) Tim Choate, Krista Erickson. © GD MOVIE "The Egg And I" (1947) Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray. ffi JIM AND TAMMY CD INDEPENDENT NEWS 1:30 CD RISE AND FALL OF KING COTTON © SPORTSCENTER ID NEWS © CD SPORTS LATENK3HT ® MOVIE "Mysteries Of The Pacific" (1979) 1:35 CB MOVIE "Bang The Drum Slowly" (1973) Michael Moriarty, Robert De Niro. £00 CS GREAT DETECTIVE © WOMEN'S TENNIS Sunkist WTA Championships, final match, from Amelia Island, Fla. (R) ID NIGHTWATCH QCB COMEDY BREAK @ © MOVIE "Las Ficheras" (No Dale) (D MOVIE "The Hunchback Of Notre Dam*" (1939) Cnartea LaogMon. Maureen O'Hara, few • • O CD anomrnm MOVIE "ar*y*to*e: The Legend Of Tamn. Lord Of the Apes" (1964) Ralph Rlchardeon, Christopher Lambert. • 240 '. . '. ID 00 INDEPENDENT NEWS • MAN FROM ATLANTIS : : (5 (ED REMEMBER WHEN: GO, TEAM, GKM - , : V t^^t * * (9 CB MOVIE "Not For Publication" (1984) Nancy Allen, David Naughton. 3*0 . * © QE) MOVIE "Chicken Every Sunday" ( 1949) Dan Dailey, Celeste Holm. ' . . O (E MOVIE "55 Days At Peking" (1963) (Part 1 of 2) Charlton Heston.'AVa Gardner. • • § GD JOE FRANKLIN CD LARRY KING OVERN;QHT 3:30 0 MOVIE "Three Comedies" (t97.4) Jackie Cooper, Ted Besseil. 0 MOVIE "Candy" (1968) Ewa Aulm, Marlon Brando. • • CD MOVIE "The Big Game" (1972) Stephen Boyd, France Nuyen. 3:35 - '•> ® (H) MOVIE "Hot Resort" (1985) Tom Parsekian, Debra Kelly. - • 400 © AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL (R) © GD NEWS ©CD CROSSFIRE ; 4:05 (3) (E) PETE TOWNSHEND Composer- arranger Pete Townshend's latest solo album "White City" is featured. 4:30 ® BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Accessories available Polaroid marketing new instant camera Off BEAT DM hall* Adventure Of A It's about falling in love. For the first time. LUCAS By SANDY COLTON AP Newsfeatures Polaroid has developed a new Spectra camera, film, and a unique array of accessories designed to make instant photography more appealing to the consumer and hopefully sway some back from 35mm cameras and film. The new film has been improved to provide brighter images equal, Polaroid says, to conventional prints made from 35mm films. Picture size has been increased by more than 10 percent over previous Polaroid color prints, and the image area is now rectangular rather than square. The new camera is "user friendly," designed to minimize the need for adjustments and eliminate such human errors as putting a finger in front of the lens or the flash during exposure. Like many of its 35mm competitors, it's an auto-everything camera. All you do is point . it and push the buttdn. Auto-focus is accomplished through a unique three-element lens system, with the middle element a kidney-shaped lens that moves horizontally to lock in any of 10 overlapping zones of focus ranging from two feet to infinity outdoors, or two feet to 15 feet indoors — the effective range of the camera's built-in flash unit. The flash unit has the fastest recycling time of any I've ever seen. Recycle time ranges from 0.2 to 1.2 seconds. No more missed pictures waiting for the flash to recycle. In low natural light, flash exposures are based on camera-to- subject distance determined by the sonar system and light reflected from the scene. In high natural light, the flash unit pro- vides supplementary "fill-flash" lighting to balance the exposure by a ratio of 3:1, just the right amount to fill in harsh shadows. The ambient light aperture range is from f41.8 to flO; strobe aperture range is f31.5 to fio. Shutter speeds range from 1-245 second to 2.8 seconds. All are set automatically by 'the camera's electronics system. Total or full-flash exposures are fine-tuned by the camera's rapid-response photometric system. It commands the flash circuitry to shut off power to the strobe when the proper exposure has been recorded. Flash output can be terminated, or quenched, in as fast as 20-millionths of a second. When taking pictures beyond the effective fill-flash range of the strobe, the system automatically shifts to a full ambient exposure mode. When the natural light level is too low, electronic circuits automatically shift the Spectra exposure system to full-flash mode. The camera's unique viewfinder, designed to almost eliminate parallax problems, is bright and easy to use even with glasses. Three LEDs located just under the viewfinder frame automatically adjust to natural light intensity to insure display visibility. A blinking yellow alert indicates "too near," "too far for flash," "autofocus off" or "flash off." A red digital display shows numerical distance from subject in either feet or meters, and as an out-of-film indicator; and a green display indicates satisfactory photographic conditions. An audible beep or chime backs up the warning signals and the camera's built-in 12- second self-timer. For creative photography, the system control panel on the rear of the camera allows the user to override the automatic functions. It's a well-designed and very easy-to-use camera that along with the new improved film should attract consumer interest, but it's the camera accessories that I believe will generate the most excitement. One is a radio remote-control system allowing photography from remote locations for surprise photos at a party, action shots involving potentially dangerous camera positions, or in situations where the photographer's presence is distracting, such as wildlife studies. It operates at distances of up to 40 feet. Another is a special-effects filter kit created especially for the camera by Cokin. A filter holder clips over the lens into which any one or two of five filters can be placed, including a motion filter, red center spot, multi image 3, multi image 5, and starburst filters. Pictures I took with some of these generated more excitement among friends than the camera itself. For those who will want additional copies of their photos, Polaroid has established a new laser print service to provide high quality copies in sizes ranging from 2x2Va to 11x14 inch gallery prints. The camera will list for $225, Spectra film for $11.75 per 10- exposure pack, wireless remote control for $36 and special-effects filter kit for $26. BENEFIT DANCE I Saturday, April 26, 9-1 a.m. ANA RODRIGUEZ Liver * * Music by: The Baytown Recreation Hail SAINTS, SINNERS Donation- 00 person * * * * for more information call...421-2140 ********************* LEGEND •CTftfAOYratTNC MM Ot TOM UK RAD RADICAL FUN Owners: Steve and Sandy Brodine Prestige West Restaurant Is proud to present our new menu featuring the largest menu in the area. All food is prepared fresh daily by our chef Steve Brodine and staff. In observing National Secretaries Week April 21-25, we will treat you to a delicious FREE SHRIMP COCKTAIL with any dinner entree J 5.00 or more. (Lunch & Dinner) Exp. 4-25-86 1007 N. Main Baytown Mon.-Thur. 11-10, Fri. 11-11, Sat. 5-11 Closed Sunday All Major Credit Cards honored

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