The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 4, 1970 · Page 12
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May 4, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 12

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1970
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

-r FOR PARENTS Mother: "Becky, no, .no, you must notary to climb the stairs. Stop or I'll spank," (Later) "It's bedtime. Let's climb''up the stairs like a big girl." Mother: "I've" put a baby gate on the stairs. Becky can climb them when I'm behind her. It's too confusing for her if we let her cjimb some of the time and scold or punish her when she tries to do it at othef times." Be consistent in the things you permit a todaier~t6~a6, so she will not feel frustrated and confused .about your com* tnands. Her Life *s 'Lousy TflH'AGE MAIL Dear Mrs. Ricker: I am a 14-year-old girl who has a serious problem. Will you please tell me why, just because my mother may have had a lousy childhood, she wants mine to be the same way? I'm considering suicide. It's not that I don't love my parents, I do. And, I dofi't really want to die but a life like mine is not worth living. I am losing my friends because they don't understand why I can't ever go out with them and my social life is zero. Above all, I will never . understand how my mother can expect me to. stay home from a movie or something just because (and how does this grab you?) SHE doesn't feel like it — which means I can't go. I cry so much about this problem. Please, Mrs. Ricker, publish my letter and help me. —L. L. M r s. Ricker says: A trustworthy girl of 14 should have some freedom and social activities. She should be allowed to go to girl friends' homes when invited and to invite friends to her home when'her parents are there. She should be allowed to go bowling, skating ang to at- t,end school affairs with adults doing the chauffeuring. She should be allowed to attend chaperoned mixed parties and get-togethers. Of course, when a girl is allowed these privileges she should be mature enough to accept the responsibilities which go with them — keeping a curfew, choosing friends wisely and behaving properly at all times. I do not know how to persuade your mother to give you some freedom but you might try showing her this column and let's hope she, will react favorably. Really Loves Him Dear Mrs. Ricker: I have been going out with a boy for about two years. He is in prep school now but plans to go to college in the fall. He wants to be an electrical engineer. , I will be 17 in August and. he is 18. I love him very much and he loves me. He lives in a nearby town but he has a car. so he comes over every day and he will do anything for me. Well, now he says he wants to break up with me when he goes to college because if something goes wrong and he flunks he doesn't want it blamed on me. WHatrshould I do or say? I really do love him. —Sandi Mrs. Ricker says: Judging by your letter the boy neither loves you nor would he do "anything" for you. I suggest you tell him it will be': strictly his own fault, if he flunks out of college because, as faV as he is concerned, you won't be around. Then start dating other boys -NOW! NEW LASER IS STRONGEST By f fcoifla* (Ffdrtte / .:& f h< vvainritofon Pest. ' trASttlNGTON, O.d. - Sei- enlists lit an industrial lab tofy in Massachusetts Claim they Have developed a laser powerful enough to drill holes in the toughest metals and plastics known to man', , s> . "We have tested a laser'that puts, out 30*000 watts of power- in a continuous, narrow beam\" Dr. Edward T. Gerry of the Avco Everett (Mass.) Research Laboratory -told the spring meeting, of. the American Physi cal Society. "Insofar as we know, this is theJiighest-output laser in Hie world." A color-flashing scarf sparks the neckline. Pattern 4645: Half Sizes lO^s, 12V HVi, 16H, 20%. Size 14% (bust 37). Crochet pretty-girl part- ners—scajf, skirt, beret. Pattern 7273: Skirt, sizes 24-30 inclusive. Beret fits all. For dress pattern send 75 cents (coins) to The Des Moines Register, P.O. Box 131, Old Chelsea Station, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011. For needlecraft pattern, send SO cents (coins) to The Des Moines Register Needleeraft Department, P.O. Box 127, Old Chelsea Station, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address, zip code, style number and size, if needed. Add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing. Dr. Gerry said Avco engineers have used the laser to cut through ceramics, plas- 11c s and high-temperature steel that smaller lasers could not dent. He said men using the laser have formed precise geometric shapes on alloys and plastics that had resisted all but diamond saws and drills. The way Avco devised its laser, Dr. Gerry said, was to use a small rocket engine as its original power source. The rocket heated a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas forcing the heated gas through narrow nozzles into a chamber where'they cooled down somewhat. Once cool, the nitrogen molecules returned to their normal state, but the carbon dioxide molecules continue to vibrate and move about. . This room-temperature "agi tation" caused the carbon dioxide to "lase," or emit a powerful beam of invisible' laser light so thin that it burned holes in steel no wider than three hundredth? of an inch across. Cuts Metallics The 30,000-watt beam has been used, Dr. Gerry said, to cut metallic fabrics that could not be cut before with anything. The news of the 30-000-watt laser was the highlight of a symposium here on high-power lasers, which produced other developments in the laser field. One was the development by the United Aircraft Co. of a carbon dioxide laser using electric power to "excite" the carbon dioxide molecules to . a stale.- where they produced a laser beam with 11,500 watts of energy. 1,000-Watt Laser "This isn't as powerful as the Avco laser," said A. J. DeMaria of United Aircraft research laboratories, "but then you don't neecf a jet engine as power source either." De- Vfaria said United Aircraft had produced a laser no bigger than a small desk that creates 1,000 watts of power. "The power source is an out- et in your wall," DeMaria said. "You plug it in and,-it runs." A Dog Is a Dog) Butt... MILWAUKEE, W1S;~(AP) — A pet goat owned by the John P. Fulton family would become a dog —for official records only -^ under a resolution to be considered this week by a committee of the Milwaukee Common Council. Any animal that chews its cud is outlawed under a city ordinance. After receiving an anonymous complaint, the City Health Department said the Pultons' goat — named Stoney — would have to go. However, the department agreed to postpone action pending a. decision on the nominal metamorphosis proposed in a resolution sponsored by Alderman Mark Ryan. KILL WITH KINDNESS BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (AP) - Police rounded up 700 stray dogs for extinction on Argentina's annual Be Kind to Animals Day. ADVERTISEMENT One Pound Count on a pound of beef short ribs serving one or two persons. W. Art Still Hw Aftir SPECIAL Udie*' Dresses ,..1J$I 2 Men's SuiH ...... 1.75| NATIONAL CLEANERS 1150 Keo 24343131 72 Yciri THOSE HORRID AGE SPOTS RUG CLEANING CO. J54|.7tb »." 243^15 FADE THEM OUT •Weathered *pols on. the surface -— of your hands" and *** fell the vorld you're .getting old-Hperhspg before you reafly are. Jade them away with ESOSERICA, that nedl *»ted cream that breaks up masses of pigmeot on the sfco, helps mak« hands look white and young again. EauaUy effective ,oa the fa?e, neck ana arms. Not a cover-up. Acts w the skin— not on it Fragrant, greasetess base for saCtenuw.lubri- catmg skin as it clears up those bleiss. If you have these age- Surge itt Genetic Counseling: ; 'i By Jane Stein WASHINGTON, D.C. "People often blame their doctors, themselves or God for their defective child. We try to act as a rational third party." Sojfays Dr. Cecil Jacobson, it new breed, of doctor, a breed that is coming of age. J/acobson is a genetic counselor, a specialist in a new social-medical phenomenon: Advising potential parents whether the child they will bear will be one of the 200,000 born In America every year either mentally retarded, deformed or with biochemical abnormalities that are often fatal. Genetic Counselors use modern equipment and knowledge to deled abnormalities in fetuses in early stages of development, or in identifying parents who seem normal enough but who are carrying defective genes. There were "20 genetic counseling centers in the nation in 1955. Today, there are more than 100. Dr. Jacobson is head of the Reproductive Genetics Unit (R.G.U.) at .George Washington University Hospital. He is seeing some cases like-these:_ —When he was six months old. Peter showed signs of having tay-sachs disease, which causes degeneration of the nervous system and early death! He died before he was 2. His parents, now in their •late twenties, have a one-in- four chance, statistically, of having another child with tay- sachs. Should they take the ,chance? —A mongoloid child was born to a schoolteacher,. 24, and her businessman husband. Two years later, they had a normal baby girl. Now, at 32, the mother is again pregnant, faced with the question of whether this child will or won't be mongoloid, too. —A former model and her husband, a government lawyer, had bad cases™ of food poisoning while traveling in Europe. A local doctor gave them a myriad of drugs. The next month, the wife found out that- she was pregnant and had been when she 'took the drugs. Remembering the stories of deformed babies born to women who took thalidomide, this couple questioned whether their baby, too, would be deformed. In the first case above, Dr. Jacobson plans to do an amniocentesis on the mother — draw- ng amniotic fluid from the fetal sac to find out whether tay- sachs'is present. / "With this/test," says the wife, "we'll know early enough whether we'll have an affected child or not — early enough to have a therapeutic abortion." If the fetus shows signs of tay-sachs, jt will appear as an accumulation of abnormal materials and lack of needed enzymes in the cells grown from the amnUtic fluid. In the second case, studies rom the amniotic fluid showed there was no extra .chromo- Olf the Record STAFF •• HECREWION ROOM KENNEDYRULES OUT RACE IN 72 WASHINGTON, D.C.,(AP) Senator Edward M-. Kennedy insisted anew ..SUnday that he will not Seek -the Demotf atlc nomination for President in 1972, and "i would not ae r cept a draft." But he; left 'the door open be-" yond that year, "Any*-, of , ui who are involved in public life have a difficult enough time looking forward from year to year or from election to elec- tioij, and I think I gave my response to the questions about i«V2," Kennedy "Will you marry me and be my telephone answering service?" suited in genetic damage and extreme deformities. A risk existed, thenrthat the child the woman was carrying would be deformed. The couple decided to have an abortion. The fetus was examined later. It did show chromosomal damage, which probably would have resulted in either physical or mental deformity. ' Most couples who seek genetic counseling at George Wash- i n g t o n University Hospital come after they have had one or more defective children. Seven of every 10 patients come after the fact. Another 20 per cent or so come because' they are pregnant and have been exposed to -which up to four firms control risks, such as drugs, radiation, or German measles. the remaining 10 per cent come because of a family history of genetic disease. ("These are .usually couples who want to get married and have children," says Dr. Jacobson). ASKS PROBE OF - 'MONOPOLIES' By David Vienna (O The Washington Post . WASHINGTON. D.C. - Senator William Proxmire (Dem., Wis.) has asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to determine if a lack of competition among manufacturers is .resulting in higher consumer prices. Proxmire, in a letter to FTC Chairman Casper Weinberger last week, said the commission should investigate industries in EDWARD KENNEDY "Beyond that I have thought very little about any future political activity" except seeking re-election to the Senate this year. ' . The Massachusetts Democrat also said,, "I will not be a candidate for the vice-presidency either" in 1972. He said he had not planned to. run for the presidency or vice-presidency before the accident at Chappaquiddick Island in which Miss Mary Jo Des Moines Men., May 4. Kopee&ne died in the which S As to Judge Jjnieli A.Boyie'jj statement that- he did hot believe the senator aft$ the &cfe- tary were, headed tat fat Chap, patquiddiclc Inland, f*»fy 'when Kernel's cat plunfId ffom ^ narrow bridge, Kfintedy Would bffef no new comment. Atop Pd/e Ended OSAKA, JAPAN (AP) - A! y o u n g,,,. Japanese man was seized by police Sunday atop the 230-foot "Tower of the Sun at Expo '70 near Oslkai ending his week-long- protest against! the world fair. The rnari, about 20, wearing a helmet %ith-"Rrd Army" written in Japanese characters, refused to disclose his identity.- . JANE'S Yarn Shop 3510 Cottage drove Des Moines, Iowa Specializing In Quality Yarns-, Fabrics to match. Needlepoint & Quick- point, 7 Also Latch Hook & Punch Needle Rugs! COLLINS RADIO OFFICER KILLED i... ^ (The Register's Iowa News Service)/ CEDAR RAPIDS, IA,— A vice-president of the ^Collins Radio Corp., Edgar/ tf. Fritze, 46, was. killed early Sunday when his southbound car left Iowa Highway 150 two miles north of Hiawatha and rolled over. ./The Highway Patrol said no other cars were involved and the cause of the' accident was not known. . Mr. Collins was a graduate of the University of Minnesota and held a graduate d_egree from the University of Wisconsin. He was a Navy veteran of World War II and was associated with Collins Radio for 21 years. He was a member of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids, the Institute of Electronic and' Electrical Engineers, the Institute of Navigation and the U.S. Naval Reserve. Survivors include his wife, one son, two daughters,' and some, which would have prob- i P are "ts. Services are pending ably indicated mongoloidism. In the third case, that of the anti-food poisoning drugs, the parents learned that the drugs they had taken had never been evaluated as to human risk. But tests with frogs had re- in Cedar Rapids. ST. HELENA DEATHS .UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) - On St. Helena, the principal causes of death are heart disease and cancer. Gasoline is Only 2O J\ Regular You Save 8c per gallon HOLLYWOOD ^P MM IBB 9^& ea^R (HI B^b 9ff 279-773* 2700 Douglas. Slacks, Sweaters & Skirts Special or 3 for $2.09 ^m ^^( (YOU MUST HAVE A HOLLYWOOD CLEANERS APPROVED INVOICE TO BUY GAS AT THE ABOVE PRICE) YES. you can buy gas the tamt d«y you leave your cleaning more than-50-per~cent of sales. Preliminary studies indicate a number of industries are dominated by as many as,four firms. . / They include such major in- dusftjes as autos, ..steel, oil, chemicals and electronic equipment, and such't'onsumer product industries as drugs, soap and detergents, home refrig- erators'arid laundry pquipment, household paper products and -television picture tubes. Most economists believe firms that dominate industries frequently act together as if they wore a single monopoly company. Economists contend true competition pressure to hold that without there is less down costs, so companies pass on price increases to consumers and contribute to inflation. Senator Philip Hart (Dem., Mich.), chairman of the Senate anti-trust and monopoly subcommittee, has said that between 30 and 40 per cent of all consumer spending is "wasted." 'He said that as much as $231 billion , of annual consumer spending buys "no product value." Proxmire's request will come before the commission .' this week, and FTC sources indicate it might be favorably received. REFUGEES NEED AID BANGKOK, THAILAND 1 (REUTERS* — The Laotian! Red Cross is running out of! funds "to care for 700,000 refugees who have fled from Com-1 munist-occupied areas of the^ country, its president, Dr. Sou-! vannavong Oudom, said. i FRANKELS PRESENTS ACT III Surprise her with this Mother's Day with an exciting new Spring dress from Frankels. New Act III is 100ft" tcx t u f e d polyester. Hand or machine washable. In a beautiful array of Spring colors and styles. The long print scarf adds a touch of color. Dresses from $28 Scarf from $2.25 Sizes from 8-16 WOMEN'S DEPT. DOWNTOWN 612 LOCUST Open Men. Evening till 9 P.M. . - browa spot*, blotches, op it you want clearer! lighter yftm use ESOTEEIPA. At your favorita I drug and toiletry counter. ^2.00. BY KURTZ JUNIOR HIGH A% III IP 11 STUDENTS MAY 4-15 VALLVf BANK AND TRUST COMPANY WAUNUT AT FOURTH t Repair tAltving '-Refringing ' Blndln 9 t Siting Right this way ... The Reliable Way For Spring Cleaning \ • THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT , • THE RIGHT CLEAN!R FOR YOUR CARPET • AND SKILLED EXPERIENCED WORKMEN Re//ab/e has a//these, p/us . . . * Your Carpets art Specially Treated with Soil Retardant for Lasting Protection against Future Soiling! * All Work Fully Insured for Your Protection! THIS (S YOURS WITH BIGELOW'S FAMOUS "KARPET KARE SERVICE" Looking for New Carpel Shop «t RelitbVt Carpet City where you get more selection, more quality, inert value, more service.

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